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AD2000 Article Index - 1995


Volume 8 Number 1 - February 1995 - BUY A COPY HERE

Education: How to keep Catholic schools 'Catholic', Tom Kendell
Vatican says 'no' to NRSV translation - 'Inclusive language' setback, Michael Gilchrist
Reflection: Receiving Communion: why the Church's rule should be followed, Christine McCarthy


Volume 8 Number 2 - March 1995 - BUY A COPY HERE

A young Catholic's view of Youth Liturgies, Bernard Finnigan
Aboriginal religion and Christianity: 'fundamentally incompatible', Max Champion
Leonid Federov (1879-1935): Russian Catholicism - a brave vision unfulfilled, Fr Peter Knowles OP


Volume 8 Number 3 - April 1995 - BUY A COPY HERE

New Melbourne R.E. Guidelines: an improvement on the old, Michael Gilchrist
Why Virginia's Arlington Diocese has no priest shortage, Michael Gilchrist
Catholicism: 'revealed by God, not devised by man', Fr Graham Leonard (former Anglican Bishop of London)
Church of England General Synod member joins the Catholic Church, Fr Peter Geldard
How a Catholic scientist stood up for her principles, Marcia Riordan
Reflection: The Resurrection: why the four Gospel accounts 'add up', Bishop David Silk (Anglican Bishop of Ballarat)


Volume 8 Number 4 - May 1995 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Re-defining Christianity through substitution, B.A. Santamaria
Lincoln, Nebraska: how a Catholic diocese was built
Perth's Archbishop calls for liturgical fidelity, Archbishop Barry J. Hickey


Volume 8 Number 5 - June 1995 - BUY A COPY HERE

Why Vatican rejected 'inclusive' New Revised Standard Version Bible, Fr G.H. Duggan SM


Volume 8 Number 6 - July 1995 - BUY A COPY HERE

Understanding the terms of the euthanasia debate, Peter Coghlan
Edel Quinn (1907-1944): Ireland's 20th century apostle to Africa, Michael Gilchrist


Volume 8 Number 7 - August 1995 - BUY A COPY HERE

Fr Paul Collins: seeking a new green constituency?, Michael Gilchrist
Blessed Edith Stein (1891-1942): The most significant German woman this century, Mary O'Neill
Reflection: A Catholic undergraduate faces the future with confidence, Lucy O'Connell


Volume 8 Number 8 - September 1995 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Catholic doctrines and moral teachings: the time for enforcement is overdue, B.A. Santamaria
Saints and heroes: where the difference lies, Lawrence Cross
Alexander Rzewuski (1893-1983): The Catholic Church viewed with 'fresh eyes', Fr Peter Knowles OP


Volume 8 Number 9 - October 1995 - BUY A COPY HERE

Lord Ripon (1828-1909) - I - How to base political life on Christian principles, Fr John Parsons
Books: The Battle for the American Church (Revisited), by Msgr George A. Kelly, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist


Volume 8 Number 10 - November 1995 - BUY A COPY HERE

Evangelium Vitae - Catholicism, the media and the 'culture of death', Bishop George Pell
Post-conciliar renewal? Some Queensland snapshots, Michael Gilchrist
Lord Ripon (1828-1909) - II - How to base political life on Christian principles, Fr John Parsons


Volume 8 Number 11 - December 1995 - January 1996 - BUY A COPY HERE

Beijing UN Conference on Women - How Holy See took on the feminist agenda, Rita Joseph