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AD2000 Article Index - 1998


Volume 11 Number 1 - February 1998 - BUY A COPY HERE

Vatican Instruction addresses an 'inadequate theology' of priesthood, Fr Ephraem Chifley OP
Reflection: The Mass: the symbolism of 'facing East', Fr Fabian Duggan OSB


Volume 11 Number 2 - March 1998 - BUY A COPY HERE

Vatican Instruction on the role of the laity is binding on Catholics, Peter Westmore
Reflection: Young Catholics: why 'updating' the Church will not bring them back, Rocco Loiacono


Volume 11 Number 3 - April 1998 - BUY A COPY HERE

AD2000's tenth anniversary: an appraisal, Peter Westmore
Holy See rejects the latest ICEL submission
Obituary: Archbishop Pell's tribute to B.A. Santamaria, Archbishop George Pell


Volume 11 Number 5 - June 1998 - BUY A COPY HERE

New Texts the key to reshaping religious education, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
John Henry Newman on liturgical tradition, Cardinal John Henry Newman


Volume 11 Number 6 - July 1998 - BUY A COPY HERE

Inclusive language: 'eventually all nonsense implodes upon itself', Gerald Wilson


Volume 11 Number 7 - August 1998 - BUY A COPY HERE

Pope's new Apostolic Letter puts theological dissenters on notice
Decline in priests 'an opportunity for growth!' says Townsville's Bishop, Michael Gilchrist
Education: Catholic schools: Do they make enough difference?, Br John Moylan CFC
Cardinal John Henry Newman and the development of doctrine, Fr Peter Waters
U.S. Priests and seminarians survey: more vocations in orthodox dioceses, Human Life International
Australian Rosary tape's success story, reviewed by Colleen McGuiness-Howard


Volume 11 Number 8 - September 1998 - BUY A COPY HERE

Archbishop Pell: 'Humanae Vitae' teachings 'are not an optional extra', Michael Gilchrist
Pope John Paul II's new Apostolic Letter on Bishops' Conferences, Apostolos Suos, Michael Gilchrist
Books: Why Christianity must Change or Die, by Bishop John Selby Spong, reviewed by Frank Mobbs


Volume 11 Number 9 - October 1998 - BUY A COPY HERE

Pope John Paul II: the impact of his twenty-year pontificate, Peter Westmore
Perth Archdiocese vocations: an 'optimistic picture', Archbishop Barry J. Hickey
Cardinal Ratzinger: the Church does not require dismantled high altars, Bernard Caesar
Teresa-Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein): new Carmelite Saint, Tracey Rowland


Volume 11 Number 11 - December 1998 - January 1999 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Liturgy: Reforming the reform, Michael Gilchrist
Cardinal Ratzinger presents John Paul II's latest encyclical, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Thomas More Centre's Sydney Spring School, Anthony English
Pope John Paul II calls for more 'balance' in the reformed liturgy, AD2000 Report
Intercommunion: why Catholics need not 'apologise', Kevin Myers
Missionary Brother's heroism in PNG tidal wave disaster, Eric Carman
John Paul II's new encyclical 'Faith and Reason' analysed, Hayden Ramsay
The right to work: what does the Catholic Church teach?, Bishop Kevin Manning
Reflection: The mystery of Christmas confronts a sceptical world, Fr Robert J. Batule