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AD2000 Article Index - 2001


Volume 14 Number 1 - February 2001 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: New religion texts for Melbourne schools, Michael Gilchrist
Tasmanian priest to be Lismore's new bishop, AD2000 Report
Bishop Wilson of Wollongong to be the future Archbishop of Adelaide, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
New RE texts launched in Melbourne's Catholic schools, Michael Gilchrist
The finest RE texts produced to date, Anthony Cappello
Liturgy: when will the 'Statement of Conclusions' make an impact?, Michael Gilchrist
Religious persecution continues in Vietnam, AD2000 Report
The "priest shortage": natural or artificial?, Larry A. Carstens
Successful Thomas More Spring School in Wagga, Paul Sheehan
A former heroin addict's personal testimony
Archbishop Pell opens drug rehabilitation centre, Dr Joseph Santamaria
Letters: Feminist book (letter)
Letters: Church in China (letter), Angela Martello
Letters: Limbo (letter), John Young
Letters: Waste of resources (letter), Shane Dore
Letters: Vocations (letter), Mrs Irena Nagy
Letters: G.K. Chesterton (letter), Tony Evans
Letters: 'Creating Our Future' (letter), Mrs Jeanette Joseph
Letters: Consecrated life (letter), Sr Mary Augustine Lane OP
Letters: New Age spirituality (letter), Frances Grundy
Letters: Recipe for decline (letter), K. Logan
Letters: Sermons (letter), Bernie Lewis
Letters: Anti-Catholicism (letter), Kevin Tighe
Letters: Christian art (letter), Kim Portelli
Letters: Science and Christianity (letter), Mrs Carol V. Phillips
Books: 'The Essence Of Feminism' by Kirsten Birkett, reviewed by Catherine Sheehan
Books: 'The Sacred Liturgy', 'Discovering the Mass', by a Benedictine monk, reviewed by Christopher Quinn
Books: 'Pope Pius XII: Architect For Peace' by Margherita Marchione, reviewed by Michael Daniel
New patterns of religious vocations in France
Reflection: The essential role of the Catholic priest, Fr John A. Hardon SJ


Volume 14 Number 2 - March 2001 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: ACU theology: prompt action needed, Peter Westmore
New cardinals to continue John Paul II's agenda, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
Seminary numbers up in orthodox US dioceses, Michael S. Rose
How Archbishop Pell will implement Statement on Women in the Church
Elizabeth Anscombe, R.I.P., Robert P. George
ACU theology: how orthodox, how accountable?, Michael Gilchrist
Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter ordinations
How monastic life can reinvigorate the Church, Fr Peter Knowles OP
Cardinal Ratzinger on 'Third Secret' of Fatima
What we must teach our children: Archbishop Chaput, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput
New Catholic radio program to start in WA
The surprise Cardinal: Fr Avery Dulles SJ, Zenit News Service
Letters: Euthanasia in S.A. (letter), Errol P. Duke
Letters: Science and Christianity (letter), Scot Chaston
Letters: Enneagram workshop (letter), Br Con Moloney CFC
Letters: Church doctrine? (letter), Frank Mobbs
Letters: Anti-Catholicism (letter), Frank Bellet
Letters: Old liturgical books (letter), Frank Carleton
Letters: Latin (letter), Karmenu Attard
Letters: Supernatural order (letter), Fr G.H. Duggan SM
Letters: Misguided compassion (letter)
Letters: G.K. Chesterton (letter), Nancy McKelson
Letters: EWTN tapes (letter), John Lovegrove
Letters: Vocations and orthodoxy (letter), John Schmid
Letters: Third Rite in Toowoomba (letter), Mark Power
Letters: Poem to Our Lady, Marion Craig
Letters: Appeal from India (letter), Kevin L. Fernandes
Letters: Catholic education (letter), Daniel Bryce
Letters: Boredom? (letter), Josephine Landsberg
Books: Come To The Father: An Invitation to Share the Catholic Faith, Aidan Nichols OP, reviewed by Christopher Quinn
Books: Streams of Living Water: Autobiography of a Charismatic Leader, reviewed by Anthony Cappello
Books: Why the hopes of the Council Fathers of Vatican II are yet to be realised, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: Why I Am A Priest: Thirty Success Stories, ed. Boadt, Hunt, reviewed by Katie Lindorff
Books: The Pange Lingua Hymnal, compiled by Paul Newton, reviewed by Fr Gregory Pritchard PP
Reflection: Liturgy in the true spirit of Vatican II, Ralph McInerny


Volume 14 Number 3 - April 2001 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: 'If Christ is not risen, then your faith is in vain', Peter Westmore
John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family to open in July 2001, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
Former Townsville Bishop's admissions on liturgy practices, Bishop Raymond Benjamin
Is Townsville the model for Ballarat's priest shortage?, Michael Gilchrist
Archbishop Curtiss on implementing the theology 'mandatum', Archbishop Elden Curtiss
US parishioners more outspoken about church "renovations", Zenit News Service
Thomas More Centre Summer School 2001: "Building a Culture of Life", Michael Daniel
How to avoid banal, superficial liturgies, Bishop Kevin Manning
Rights of unborn are inalienable, Archbishop Barry J. Hickey
Tanzania's Father Winfried makes return visit to Australia, Martin Sheehan
Letters: Melbourne RE texts (letter), Barbara Chigwidden
Letters: Sponsorship (letter), Barry O'Brien
Letters: Legal action (letter), Chris Joseph
Letters: Inaccuracy (letter), Fr Michael Kalka PP
Letters: Ambiguities (letter), Valentine Gallagher
Letters: ACU Syllabus (letter), John Kelly
Letters: Stations of the Cross (letter), Charles Bignold
Letters: Good responses (letter), Hyacinth Morel
Letters: Dress code (letter), Raymond de Souza
Review Article: A 'silly book' from ACU professor of theology, Frank Mobbs
Books: Keeping The Faith: Making a Difference by Wilson D. Miscamble, reviewed by Michael Daniel
JESUS - Jubilee Edition Video, reviewed by Johanna O'Farrell
Books: 'Contraception: The Hidden Truth' by Christine de Stoop, reviewed by Katie Forster
Books: The Apostles' Creed, Defend the Faith and other apologetics topics, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: 'The Atonement Child' by Francine Rivers, reviewed by Mary-Jane Donnellan
Books: The Seven Cities of the Apocalypse, by Roland J. Worth, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Reflection: Giving witness to the Gospel of Life, Rebecca van Rensburg


Volume 14 Number 4 - May 2001 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: A crucial appointment to Sydney, Michael Gilchrist
Vatican signals continuation of reform process, AD2000 Report
AD2000 Online, Michael Gilchrist
'Systematic instruction in the faith' program to be launched in July, Bishop Luc Matthys
News: The Church Around the World
The Church in Germany: John Paul II expresses serious concerns, Catholic World News
New WA Catholic schools document stresses orthodoxy
US professor defends papal teaching on universities, Charles E. Rice
Why John Henry Newman converted to Catholicism, Michael Davies
A Melbourne artist's labour of love, Michael Gilchrist
Letters: Different Church (letter), Frank Smith
Letters: Vocation question (letter), Msgr Richard Schuler PP
Letters: Racism (letter), Helen Daniel
Letters: Sydney appointment (letter), Frank Bellet
Letters: Paul Collins (letter), Arnold Jago (Dr)
Letters: Vatican II ambiguities (1) (letter), George F. Simpson
Letters: Vatican II ambiguities (2) (letter), Fr G.H. Duggan SM
Letters: Eucharistic Congress (letter), Basil Lane
Letters: Elizabeth Anscombe (letter), Edward Clarke
Letters: 'Courage' (letter), John Dodwell
Letters: Objectionable cover (letter), Fr Edward P. Evans
Letters: Altar? (letter), D.I. Davies
Letters: Destruction (letter), John D. Pratt
Letters: Queensland Bishops (letter), Dr Tim Coyle
Letters: African reader (letter), Fr Stephen B. Muchemwa
Letters: Scripture truth (letter), Mary Beaumont
Letters: Enlightening book (letter), Br Con Moloney CFC
Books: 'Becoming Fire' by Fr Ken Barker mgl, reviewed by Peter Westmore
Books: 'Great Christian Prayers' by Stephen Redmond SJ, reviewed by Peter Westmore
Books: 'He's Risen' by Phelim McGowan SJ, reviewed by Mary-Jane Donnellan
Books: 'Prayers From The Heart: for the Feasts of the Year', Joanna Bogle, reviewed by Mary-Jane Donnellan
Books: 'A Vacation With The Lord' by Fr Thomas H. Green SJ, reviewed by Catherine Sheehan
Books: Stations Of The Cross (CD), Perth Catholic Productions, reviewed by Colleen McGuiness-Howard
Poetry: The Ballad of Antichrist, Andrew Huntley
Reflection: 'Blessed are the poor in spirit', Fr Ian Falconer SJ


Volume 14 Number 5 - June 2001 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Church reform: from Stage One to Stage Two, Michael Gilchrist
Archbishop Pell installed in Sydney, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Basic Ecclesial Communities: Adelaide's 'new model of church', Michael Gilchrist
Annual women priests protest in Adelaide, AD2000 Report
Denver document addresses challenges to Catholic marriage teachings, AD2000 Report
US missionary risks death in Colombia, Zenit News Service
Anglican defence of Catholic inter-Communion ban, Fr Geoffrey Kirk
How a small rural parish survived against the odds, Paul Newton
Light to the Nations 2001 - Young Australian Catholics celebrate their faith, Mary-Jane Donnellan
Letters: Archbishop Pell (letter), Godwin Brown
Letters: Ballarat Diocese (letter), Fr Gerry Baldock
Letters: Encouragement (letter), John F. Doran
Letters: Consecrated life (letter), Therese O'Rourke
Letters: Indian appeal (letter), Kevin L. Fernandes
Letters: Annunciation (letter), Andrew Scholl
Letters: Altar (letter), Stuart J. Blackwood
Letters: Science and Christianity (letter), Mrs Carol V. Phillips
Letters: Sexual abstinence (letter), Errol P. Duke
Letters: 'Lest we forget' (letter), Marion Craig
Books: The Turin Shroud: Past, Present and Future, International Scientific Symposium, reviewed by Anthony Cappello
Books: 'As One Struggling Christian to Another: Augustine's Christian Ideal for Today', reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Books: 'Blessed Columba Marmion: a Short Biography' by Mark Tierney OSB, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: 'The Wedding Present' by Viscountess Margaret Long, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: Heaven in Stone and Glass: Experiencing the Spirituality of the Great Cathedrals, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: 'The Doctors of the Church' by Bernard McGinn, reviewed by Angela Joseph
Books: 'Praying The Psalms: A Commentary' by Fr Stanley L. Jaki, reviewed by Anthony Cappello
Books: 'Praying with Thomas Aquinas' by Houle, Monshau and Norris, reviewed by Catherine Sheehan
Reflection: The priest: mediator between God and man, Archbishop George Pell


Volume 14 Number 6 - July 2001 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Archbishop Pell receives the pallium, Peter Westmore
New Vatican guidelines call for sound, accurate liturgy translations, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
AD2000 makes impact on the Internet, Francis Young
Thomas More Centre Winter Schools 2001 for Ballarat and Brisbane
Education: National Catholic Education Conference: but who chose the guest speakers?, Michael Gilchrist
Carnivale Christi: an inspiring display of Christian culture, Angela Smith
Archbishop Carnley: controversial Primate, Dr Ian Spry QC
Basic Ecclesial Communities, Archbishop Leonard Faulkner
Report on Marins BECs workshop in Ballarat, Peter Finlayson
The case for more Church History in Catholic schools, Michael Lynch
First Tetum-language New Testament for East Timor
Letters: Australia's Patroness? (letter), Rev W.J. Robley Adm
Letters: Ballarat Diocese (letter), Peter Jenkins
Letters: Ambiguities (letter), Philip Robinson
Letters: Mass media (letter), Errol P. Duke
Letters: New Testament books (letter), Fr G.H. Duggan SM
Letters: De facto relationships (letter), Deirdre Lyra
Letters: Church land (letter), Charles Haber
Books: Testimonies to the Glory of God: World Youth Day Pilgrimage AD2000, reviewed by Catherine Sheehan
Books: 'Five Loaves and Two Fishes' by Archbishop F. X. Nguyen Van Thuan, reviewed by Anthony Cappello
Books: The Gift of the Rosary: How to make and How and Why to Pray, by Brian Peachey, reviewed by Barry Morgan
Music: From the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit:, reviewed by John Miles
Corpus Christi Seminary Inquiry Day
Reflection: An Australian World War II hero, Ron Cowban


Volume 14 Number 7 - August 2001 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: The Assumption of Our Lady: 15 August, Michael Gilchrist
Melbourne's new Archbishop receives Pallium from John Paul II, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
After 14 years: why does AD2000 continue?, Michael Gilchrist
Denver Archdiocese: the future of Catholicism, David Scott
US bishops implement papal teaching on Catholic universities, Charles E. Rice
Appreciating the Mass: a successful new publication, Fr Robert Egar PP
Australian scholarship for African priest
Letters: Balanced presentation (letter), Denis O'Leary
Letters: BEC success stories (letter), Errol P. Duke
Letters: BECs not new (letter), John Barich
Letters: Radical feminists (letter), Dr T.R. White
Letters: Statement of Conclusions (letter), Mark Power
Letters: Orthodox seminary (letter), Paul Chigwidden
Letters: Finding more priests (letter), Theo Silvas
Letters: Evolution/Original Sin (letter), John Schmid
Letters: Vatican II 'ambiguities' (letter), George F. Simpson
Letters: Choosing life (letter), Mark Whybrow
Letters: St Thomas Aquinas (letter), Valentine Gallagher
Letters: Generous response (letter), Fr Stephen B. Muchemwa
Letters: Mass leaflet (letter), Stephanie McClarty
Letters: Correct statement (letter), Elizabeth Carr
Books: Genetic Turning Points, by James Peterson, reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Books: The Cross of Anzac, by Tom Johnstone, reviewed by Mark Posa
Books: Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God, by Scott Hahn, reviewed by Catherine Sheehan
Books: Learning to Pray, by Julie Keleman, reviewed by Anthony Cappello
Books: The DNA of God: Newly Discovered Secrets of the Shroud of Turin, Garza-Valdez, reviewed by Anthony Cappello
Books: The Christian Travellers' Guides: France, Britain, Italy, Germany, reviewed by F.T. Long
Events: Victorian Thomas More Winter School 2001 in Ballarat, 3 - 5 August 2001
Events: Cardinal Lustiger to visit Australia, 6 August 2001
Events: Second National Chesterton Conference, 30 Sept - 1 Oct 2001
Reflection: Clerical celibacy: Giving ourselves up completely to God and the people He loves, Fr Dennis W. Byrnes PP


Volume 14 Number 8 - September 2001 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: A letter from the Publisher, Peter Westmore
Archbishop Hart's reception at St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne - Homily, Archbishop Denis Hart
News: The Church Around the World
The John Paul II Cultural Centre opens in Washington DC, Alex Sidhu
Successful Thomas More Centre Winter School in Brisbane, Sidney Rofe
Ballarat Thomas More Centre Winter School report
Feminism's broad agenda within the Catholic Church, Donna Steichen
Commission for Australian Catholic Women: Executive members' feminist views, Richard Egan
Why today's secular culture is anti-Catholic, James Hitchcock
Kenneth Bruce Dowding, Australian Catholic hero: his brother's tribute, Rev Keith Dowding
Letters: Celibacy (letter), Mrs A.M. Tilburg
Letters: More on Marins (letter), Peter Finlayson
Letters: BECs (letter), Marie Kennedy
Letters: Charter (letter), Rev A.T. Fitzpatrick
Letters: Adelaide protest (letter), Pauline Pascoe
Letters: Feminists (letter), Margaret Jones
Letters: Formidable mind (letter), Mrs V. Mulligan
Letters: Aquinas (letter), Michael Casanova
Letters: Fatima Family Apostolate (letter), Margaret Grace
Letters: Church teachings (letter), Gerry Keane
Letters: Mind of the Church (letter), Mrs Carol V. Phillips
Letters: God's word (letter), Vic Hall
Books: 'The Book of Marriage', edited by Dana Mack and David Blankenhorn, reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Books: 'The Holocaust, Never To Be Forgotten', Avery Dulles SJ, Rabbi Leon Klenicki, reviewed by Anthony Cappello
Books: 'Padre Pio: In My Own Words', ed. Anthony F. Chiffolo, reviewed by Mary-Jane Donnellan
Books: 'Teens and Relationships', 'Teen Life and Christ', by Jerry Shepherd, reviewed by Mary-Jane Donnellan
Books: 'Lamentations Of The Father', by Ian Frazier, reviewed by Mary-Jane Donnellan
Reflection: Saint Catherine of Siena: how to receive the Eucharist more worthily, Sr Mary Jeremiah OP


Volume 14 Number 9 - October 2001 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Liturgy: light at the end of the tunnel, Michael Gilchrist
Archbishop George Pell: 'The strong family is a religious family', Archbishop George Pell
News: The Church Around the World
Events: Gerry Matatics Visit / Catholic Homeschooling Conference, Parramatta, AD2000
Anglican General Synod 2001 - moves towards women bishops delayed, Nigel Zimmermann
Cardinal George of Chicago sacks leading 'progressive' liturgist, Michael Gilchrist
Can US bishops enforce Papal teaching on Catholic universities?, Zenit News Service
Archbishop Hart opens Thomas More Centre Bookroom, Catherine Sheehan
Salesian Archbishop from India visits Australia, Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil SDB
Education: Mass attendance: a key measure of Catholic schools' effectiveness, Br John Moylan CFC
Eternal Word Television Network's missionary outreach, Michael Daniel
Letters: Liturgy translation (letter), Jack R. Nyman
Letters: Church leadership (letter), Mary Daly
Letters: True picture (letter), Christine Slagter
Letters: Homosexuality (letter), Arnold Jago (Dr)
Letters: Papal teaching (letter), John Young
Letters: First parents (letter), Scot Chaston
Letters: Non-Christian gods (letter), Jane Wilks
Letters: Cult (letter), Wal Maggs
Books: 'Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine', Archbishop Sheehan, Fr Peter Joseph, reviewed by Br Christian Moe FSC
Books: 'The One Minute Philosopher' by Montague Brown, reviewed by Catherine Sheehan
Books: 'The Spirit of the Liturgy' by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, reviewed by Christopher Quinn
Books: Tales Without Reason: Forgotten Heroes of the Apostolate in 1840s Australia, Michael Daniel
Books: Seeds of Life: Early Christian Martyrs; Martyrs of Lyons and Vienne, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Poetry: Feast of St Francis of Assisi (4 October), A. Muir
Reflection: Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharist, Bishop Kevin Manning


Volume 14 Number 10 - November 2001 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Synod of Oceania document imminent - 'Ecclesia in Oceania', Peter Westmore
Tenth Synod of Bishops: Bishops called to courageous witness to the Faith, AD2000
News: The Church Around the World
A young Catholic's views on the state of the Church in Australia, James Connolly
Brisbane liturgy director calls Vatican document "a betrayal", Michael Gilchrist
Pastoral letter: Taking up John Paul II's concerns about the Sacrament of Penance, Archbishop Barry J. Hickey
Cardinal Ratzinger's latest book-interview - 'God and the World', Zenit News Service
Winter school: Evangelising in a "post-pagan" culture, Fr Anthony Mastroeni
Opinion: Catholics before and after Vatican II: separating fact from myth, John Young
Letters: Forgotten teachings, Fr John Speekman
Letters: Catholic women, Errol P. Duke
Letters: Immigration policy, George F. Simpson
Letters: Classification Guidelines, Mrs Carol V. Phillips
Letters: A response on the Creation of Man, Gerry Keane
Letters: Catholic teaching, John Schmid
Letters: St Thomas Aquinas, Valentine Gallagher
Obituary: Lew Bennett R.I.P.
Books: 'The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish Origins of Christianity', Carsten Theide, reviewed by Anthony Cappello
'Those Terrible Middle Ages', by Règine Pernoud, reviewed by Christopher Quinn
Books: My Dear Young Friends: Pope John Paul II Speaks to Teens on Life, Love, Courage, reviewed by Mary-Jane Donnellan
Books: 'Pardon And Peace: A Sinner's Guide to Confession', by Fr Francis Randolph, reviewed by Christopher Quinn
Tapes: Thomas More Center Brisbane Winter School, July 2001
Books: 'The Glenstal Book Of Prayer: A Benedictine Prayer Book, reviewed by Mary-Jane Donnellan
Books: 'STICKY THE DOG', by Robert Wheeler, reviewed by Catherine Sheehan
Bookstore: New Titles from AD Books
Reflection: All Souls Day and a Christian response to bereavement, Fr Dennis W. Byrnes PP


Volume 14 Number 11 - December 2001 - January 2002 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: A Christmas reflection, Peter Westmore
Tenth Synod of Bishops' statement, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Church leaders say 'No human cloning', AD2000 Report
East Timor: how the Church is rebuilding a shattered nation, Peter Westmore
Obituary: Thomas Kendell (1929-2001) R.I.P. - The passing of a great Catholic educator, Nicholas Kendell
St Vitus Cathedral, Prague, and Europe's Christian heritage, Stephen W. Carson
Books: 'Soul Survivor' - Philip Yancey book launch at Thomas More Centre, Bill Muehlenberg
Books: De Lubac's writings in English translations, Tracey Rowland
Letters: 'Familiaris Consortio' 20th anniversary, John Barich
Letters: Huge response, Dolores Lightbody
Letters: St Thérèse, Fr Jim Dunne CSsR
Letters: Pipe-dream, Arnold Jago (Dr)
Letters: Refugees, John McLean
Books: 'Meaninglessness: The Solutions of Nietzsche, Freud and Rorty' by Michael Casey, reviewed by Anthony Cappello
Books: 'Thomas More On Statesmanship' by Gerard B. Wegemer, reviewed by Michael Casanova
Books: AD Books 'Top Ten'
Books: 'Desire Of The Everlasting Hills' by Thomas Cahill, Michael Daniel
Books: The Prayer Of Jabez' by Bruce Wilkinson, reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Books: Daily Gospel 2002, Bible Diary 2002, reviewed by Anthony Cappello
New Titles from AD Books
Reflection: St Thérèse's 'little way', Kate Cleary