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AD2000 Article Index - 2003


Volume 16 Number 1 - February 2003 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Higher costs force up the price of 'AD2000', Peter Westmore
Vocations: Sydney seminary growth based on orthodoxy, fidelity, Fr Julian Porteous
Confronting today's persecution of the Catholic Church, Bishop Luc Matthys
News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Events: Europe's most influential Catholic lay association coming to Melbourne, Anthony Cappello
John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family, Melbourne: a progress report, AD2000 Report
Liturgy: The sacrifice of the Mass: the Eucharistic words of Christ, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
'Healing the family tree': New Age under the guise of religion (Part One), Fr Peter Joseph
Catholic learning in the liberal arts, Karl Schmude
Brisbane Thomas More Centre: putting faith into action, Sidney Rofe
Perth Rosary Tape authors' successful US visit, Colleen McGuiness-Howard
Letters: Thomas Groome (letter), Bishop Kevin Manning
Letters: Eamonn Keane responds (letter)
Letters: Teaching the truth (letter), Dennis MacDonald
Letters: Infallible teaching (letter), George Simpson
Letters: Threat to schools (letter), Richard Congram
Letters: Women's Commission (letter), June See
Letters: Media distortions (letter), Nell & Rinion Aslikar
Letters: Brisbane Synod (letter), Neville Davis
Letters: Catholic medical practice (letter), Dr Tim Coyle
Books: How To Win The Culture War, by Peter Kreeft, reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Books: The Catholic School In An Age Of Dissent, by Leonard A. Kennedy CSB, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: New year reading from AD Books
Reflection: Lectio Divina: a way to deepen our prayer life and spirituality, Fr Andrew Wise


Volume 16 Number 2 - March 2003 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: War in Iraq? Questions to be considered, Peter Westmore
Sydney Archdiocese RE test: behind one school's success story, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Ten years on former Anglicans enrich Church, Fr Peter Geldard
Vatican tells politicians: Don't hide your light, Michael Casanova
Good priest, bad priest - my faith remains, Frank Mobbs
Religious faith and modern culture: responding to a secular critic, Bill Muehlenberg
Liturgy: The Mass is the same sacrifice as the Cross, Msgr. Peter J. Elliott
New Age ideas: how Catholics should respond, Fr Peter Joseph
The media and evangelisation, Moira Kirkwood
Letters: Brisbane Synod (letter), John F. Nolan
Letters: 'Partner' or spouse? (letter), Peter Hannigan
Letters: Women's Commission (letter), Leon Voesenek
Letters: Church renovation (letter), T.E. Geraghty
Letters: Government proposals (letter), Dr Arnold Jago
Letters: Last things (letter), Kevin McManus
Letters: New springtime (letter), Errol P. Duke
Letters: Apostolate (letter), Barry O'Brien
Letters: Catholic websites (letter), John Carroll
Letters: Third rite (letter), Norm Power
Letters: Invalid (letter), Maria Lossberg
Letters: New Age? (letter), Dr Lance Eccles
Letters: Accountability (letter), John Leach
Letters: Infallible teaching (letter), Peter Howard
Poetry: From Tradition (For my mother), Andrew Huntley
Books: Life's Worth: The Case against Assisted Suicide, by Arthur Dyck, reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Books: Human Cloning And Human Dignity: Report of the President's Council on Bioethics, reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Books: The Self Evident Proof, by Richard Kouchoo, reviewed by Catherine Sheehan
Books: The Latest from AD Books
Reflection: Lenten self-denial - at the very heart of our lives with Christ, Fr F.E. Burns


Volume 16 Number 3 - April 2003 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Good news on the liturgy, Peter Westmore
Dr Claudio Betti's inspiring visit to Australia, Peter Westmore
News: The Church Around the World
Documents: Church must be outspoken on moral issues: Australian Senator, Senator John Hogg
Documents: Archbishop Hickey on Catholics in politics, Archbishop Barry Hickey
Archbishop Hickey's pastoral letter on marriage, Archbishop Barry Hickey
Ecumenism: Christian unity: major obstacles still remain, David Schutz
Film Review: Why 'Gangs of New York' misses the boat as history, William J. Stern
Education: Chavagnes International Catholic college update, Br John Moylan
Our Lady of Peace: one American parish's successful formula, Arthur J. Brew
Letters: Authentic teaching (letter), Aaron Wright
Letters: Vatican II (letter), Denis O'Leary
Letters: Shooting the messenger, Alan Gill
Letters: Experiential catechesis (letter), Fr. G.H. Duggan SM
Priestly Fraternity of St Peter - Holy Week 2003
Letters: Infallible? (letter), Fr John Crothers PP
Letters: Life Walk (letter), Brian Harris
Letters: Priorities (letter), Jeanette Joseph
Letters: Stem cell research (letter), W. Kline
Letters: Catholic hospitals? (letter), Tom King
Letters: TV report (letter), Kevin J. Kerr
Letters: Novena (letter), Robert Anderson
Books: Newman, by Avery Dulles SJ, reviewed by Peter Westmore
Books: The First Grace, by Russell Hittinger, reviewed by Peter Westmore
Books: Marian Apparitions, The Bible, And The Modern World, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: A Seat At The Supper, by Frank Colyer, reviewed by Mark Posa
Books: A Long Way From Rome, edited by Chris McGillion, reviewed by John Barich
Books: Our books are the cheapest!
Reflection: The road to Emmaus: coming to terms with the hard reality of loss, Fr Dennis Byrnes PP


Volume 16 Number 4 - May 2003 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: The significance of the Resurrection, Peter Westmore
Events: Carnivale Christi 2003 - A tale of four cities, Anthony McCarthy
News: The Church Around the World
Surge in priestly vocations confounds secular culture, Joanne Grainger
Why priestly vocations are up in Perth Archdiocese, Debra Warrier
Brisbane archdiocesan synod: challenges needing to be addressed, Peter Howard
Liturgy: Latvia shows the way on liturgical renewal, Cardinal Janis Pujats
Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan (1928-2002): How faith survived in a Communist prison, Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan
Architecture: 'Re-ordered' and 'new' churches - symptoms of a wider spiritual malaise, Marie Cassey
Language: The forgotten language of adoration of God - through words and actions, Audrey English
Letters: Definitive teachings (letter), Jerome Gonzalez
Letters: Infallible (letter), George Simpson
Letters: Teachings promoted (letter), Pat O'Brien
Letters: Role of bishop (letter), Arthur Negus
Letters: Healing of the family tree (letter), Anne Lastman
Letters: Friday Abstinence (letter), Leo Leitch
Letters: Teilhard de Chardin (letter), Stuart J. Blackwood
Letters: Praying for priests (letter), Denise Kelly
Books: Life-Giving Love: Embracing God's beautiful design for marriage, Kimberley Hahn, reviewed by Leanne and Michael Casanova
Books: Christianity On Trial: Arguments Against Anti-Religious Bigotry, reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Review: The Mysteries of Light: Rosary for Children and Youth on cassette, reviewed by Colleen McGuinness-Howard
Books: Essentials of the Faith: A Guide to the Catechism / Pastoral Answers, reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
Review: Spending The Day With Mary: The Rosary on CD and Tape, reviewed by Joe Padero
Books: Our books are the cheapest!
Reflection: St Francis on individual confession and receiving Holy Communion, Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM


Volume 16 Number 5 - June 2003 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Three Feasts: Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity, Peter Westmore
Liturgy: John Paul's new encyclical on the Eucharist targets liturgical abuses, Michael Gilchrist
AD2000 staff members awarded federation Centenary Medals, AD2000
News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Interview: Vatican II and the liturgy, 40 years later, Zenit News Service
Events: Corpus Christi Procession - Brisbane, 22 June 2003
The environment: rediscovering the balanced Catholic perspective, Michael Casanova
Laity: The role of lay Catholics in a time of crisis, Mary Ann Glendon
Those dreadful old Catholic hymns?, Fr Fabian Duggan OSB
The seal of confession: how a priest put his life on the line, Clem Lack
Letters: Eucharistic encyclical and the priesthood (letter), John Kelly
Letters: Requirements fulfilled (letter), John Young
Letters: Four conditions (letter), Fr G.H. Duggan SM
Letters: Holy Orders (letter), Francis Vrijmoed
Letters: Brisbane Synod (letter), Alistair Barros
Letters: Teilhard de Chardin (letter), Grahame Fallon
Letters: Latin Mass (letter), Philip Robinson
Letters: Death by 'nice blokes' (letter), Lisa-Maree
Letters: Abortion (letter), Betty Griffin
Letters: Prayer to Our Lady of Good Counsel (letter), Marie E. Curtin
Books: Culture and the Thomist Tradition : After Vatican II, by Tracey Rowland, reviewed by Fr Peter Joseph STD
Books: From Physics to Metaphysics, by Fr Francis J. Selman, Michael Casanova
Books: The Story of Christianity : 2000 Years of Faith, reviewed by Anthony Cappello
Books: Family in the Bible, edited by Richard H. Hess and M. Danial Carroll, reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Books: Our books are the cheapest!
Reflection: Church scandals: focus on the message, not just the messengers, Fr Kevin Brannelly


Volume 16 Number 6 - July 2003 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: The pivotal roles of Saints Peter and Paul, Michael Gilchrist
Archbishop Hart defends woman in euthanasia case, Peter Westmore
News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Books: AD2000 to distribute Ignatius Press titles in Australia from July, Peter Westmore
Homily: Bicentenary Mass celebrated in Sydney, Archbishop George Pell
Events: Seeking the face of Christ through the arts: Carnivale Christi goes national, Nicholas Rynne
Orthodox Anglicans close ranks to preserve faith, Nigel Zimmermann
Catholic Literature: Hilaire Belloc's 50th anniversary: is he 'yesterday's man'?, Br Christian Moe FSC
Brisbane Synod ends: Archbishop Bathersby to announce pastoral programs, AD2000 REPORT
The concentration camp prisoner who became a Queensland priest, Warren Losberg
How to start a parish apologetics group, Mavis Power
School sacramental programs: evangelise Catholic families first, Fr John Speekman
TMC: Adelaide Thomas More Centre Autumn School a success, Emma Benz
Letters: Apostolate (letter), Fr Adrian Head
Letters: Obstacles to confession (letter), M.G.A. De Wolf
Letters: Catholic heritage (letter), Sue Russell
Letters: Church design (letter), Michael Baradinsky
Letters: Lenten program (letter), Robert Osmak
Letters: Success in WA (letter), Deidre Lyra
Letters: New Mass (letter), Peter D. Howard
Letters: Misunderstood (letter), Elsie Cunningham
Letters: New religion (letter), Br Jim Ward CFC
Letters: Catholic visionary? (letter), Richard Congram
Letters: Pell biography feedback (letter), Mary Lou Corboy
Letters: Catholic books (letter), F. Carleton
Letters: Research help, Dolores Lightbody
Letters: Conversions (letter), Margaret Holgate
Books: Marriage And Modernization, by Don Browning, reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Books: The Prenatal Person: Ethics from Conception to Birth, reviewed by Dr Ted Watt
Books: Europe: The Exceptional Case: Parameters Of Faith In The Modern World, reviewed by Anthony Cappello
Books: Great books at the best prices!, Anthony Cappello
Reflection: The meaning of vocation for baptised Christians, Archbishop Philip Wilson


Volume 16 Number 7 - August 2003 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: 'Do this in memory of Me', Peter Westmore
Documents: Ecclesia in Europa - Pope challenges Christians to re-evangelise Europe, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Bioethics: End-of-life decisions: the moral issues at stake, David Perrin
US research survey: younger priests are generally more orthodox, AD2000
Catalyst for Renewal Address: The legacy of Vatican II, Archbishop George Pell
Church architecture: overcoming iconoclasts and cult of ugliness, Larry Henderson
Is Pope John Paul II canonising too many saints?, Michael Casanova
Priesthood: Clerical celibacy 'for the sake of God's Kingdom': the Church's teaching, John Young
Letters: Catholic hymns (letter), Noel Decker
Letters: Beautiful hymn (letter), Therese F. Sellick
Letters: Confession (letter), Joe Slowiak
Letters: Papal infallibility (letter), Fr Brian Harrison OS
Letters: Sex education in SA (letter), Kevin McBride
Letters: Martyrdom ignored, Tom King
Letters: Orthodoxy? (letter), Brian Dethridge
Letters: Pantheism (letter), Fr G.H. Duggan
Letters: New Mass (letter), Kevin Beck
Letters: Lourdes appeal (letter), Jenny Davies
Books: Will Catholics be Left Behind, by Carl Olson, reviewed by Envoy Magazine
Books: The Divine Primacy: The Bishop of Rome and Modern Eastern Orthodoxy, reviewed by Fr Peter Knowles OP
JESUS: According to the Gospel of Luke (CD-ROM and Book), reviewed by Roberta Wilson
Priests 24/7 : A video documentary, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: Great books at the best prices!
Reflection: The Apocalypse: proclaiming the final victory of Christ and His Church, Fr G.H. Duggan SM


Volume 16 Number 8 - September 2003 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: The future of the Anglican Church, Peter Westmore
New auxiliary bishops appointed to the Sydney Archdiocese, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Dissident US group establishing a foothold in Australian parishes, Mary-Ruth Monsour
Catholic summer conferences in the United States: signs of hope, Richard Egan
Culture: Second 'Carnivale Christi' Catholic arts festival scheduled for Melbourne, Michael Gilchrist
Events: Hearts On Fire Vocations Congress for Melbourne Archdiocese, Joanne Grainger
Understanding the Catholic Liturgy since Vatican II, Dom Alcuin Reid OSB
Pope John Paul II calls for greater use of Latin, Denis Murphy
Homosexual conduct: how Gospel teaching can be distorted, Bill Muehlenberg
Letters: Not closing ranks (letter), Alan Gill
Letters: Hidden agenda (letter), Dr Arthur Hartwig
Letters: Liturgical choices (letter), Marguerite Fennell
Letters: New Mass (letter), Philip Robinson
Letters: Converts (letter), Kevin Tighe
Letters: Selfhood (letter), Robert Prinzen-Wood
Letters: Prophetic words (letter), Errol Duke
Letters: Freedom to be born (letter), George F. Simpson
Abridged Papal encyclicals available, Fr M. Durham
Letters: Correction, Chris Hilder
Books: OLD THUNDER: A Life of Hilaire Belloc, by Joseph Pearce, reviewed by Scott J. Bloch
Books: Some Fell On Rock, by Fr John O'Neill, reviewed by Fr Peter Joseph
Books: The Practical Preacher: Handy Hints for hesitant homilists, by Paul Edwards SJ, reviewed by Anthony Cappello
Books: Great books at the best prices!
Reflection: A Christian response to bereavement: Jesus' ministry to the sick and dying, Fr Dennis Byrnes


Volume 16 Number 9 - October 2003 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: The role of the Catholic in public life, Peter Westmore
After 25 years: the impact of John Paul II's pontificate, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Ethics: Bishop Fisher and Dr Philip Nitschke in Sydney euthanasia debate, Frank Mobbs
Saints: The Beatification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Youth: Thomas More Winter School in Sale Diocese has Eucharistic focus, Michael Casanova
Melbourne Archdiocese responds to John Paul II's Year of the Rosary, AD2000 Report
How fatherhood is crucial to children's faith, Fr Robbie Low
Why Catholic teaching on marriage is 'good news' for all humanity, Eamonn Keane
AD2000 readers' generous response to Queensland Lourdes appeal, Jenny Davies and Nicole King
Orthodox US Catholic colleges and universities continue to flourish, Julia Duin
Letters: Original Sin (letter), Niall Browne
Letters: Individual confession (letter), John Cassar
Letters: Clerical celibacy (letter), Gerard Wilson
Letters: New bishops (letter), Anne Lastman
Letters: Thomas Groome (letter), Dr Susan Moore
Letters: Education crisis (letter), Alex Sharah
Letters: New RE program (letter), Paul Chigwidden
Letters: Inspiring hymn (letter), Kevin O'Hagan
Letters: Footy Show (letter), Alan A. Hoysted
Books: I The Lord Am With You Always: Prayers and Meditations for Eucharistic Adoration, reviewed by Msgr Peter J. Elliott
Liturgical Time Bombs In Vatican II, by Michael Davies, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: Crisis In Religious Education, by Eamonn Keane, reviewed by Damien Tudehope
Books: Great books at the best prices!
Reflection: Why the tabernacle should be centrally located in our churches, Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM


Volume 16 Number 10 - November 2003 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Anglicanism at the crossroads, Peter Westmore
John Paul II elevates Archbishop George Pell to the College of Cardinals, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Social Justice Statements: in whose name should they be published?, Richard Egan
Melbourne on course despite brain drain, Fr Paul Stuart
Vocations: Missionaries of God's Love congregation flourishes in Canberra, Mary Pidcock
Melbourne's Caroline Chisholm Library passes ten year mark, Michael C.C. Ryan
Vocations: Father James Gould and the hallmarks of successful vocations promotion, Michael Rose
Tattoos and body-piercing: the moral dimension, Fr Peter Joseph
Interview: Vatican Cardinal praises Mel Gibson's film 'The Passion'
Letters: Cardinal Pell (letter), Alan Hoysted
Letters: Celibacy (letter), Kim Albertini
Letters: Vatican II, Peter D. Howard
Letters: The Footy Show (letter), Patricia Kelly
Letters: The Mass? (letter), Kevin McBride
Education: The Catholic Church's one Founder, Fr John O'Neill
Letters: Role model?, Br Con Moloney CFC
Letters: Hypocrisy (letter), Frank Bellet
Letters: Letter from India
Letters: Good out of evil (letter), Brian Harris
Letters: Lourdes pilgrimage (letter), Jenny Davies
Events: Vocations Camp, Fr Duncan Wong FSSP
Books: A Grief Unveiled, by Gregory Floyd, reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Books: Built On A Hilltop: Good Shepherd Sisters in WA 1902-2002, by Geraldine Byrne, reviewed by Anthony Cappello
Books: Great books at the best prices!
Reflection: Cardinal Pell on Pope St Gregory the Great and the duties of bishops, Cardinal George Pell


Volume 16 Number 11 - December 2003 - January 2004 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: The challenge of Christmas, Peter Westmore
John Paul II's 25th anniversary: the impact of his teachings, Cardinal George Pell
News: The Church Around the World
INTERVIEW: New Melbourne and Sydney Religious Education texts, Msgr Peter Elliott
VOCATIONS: Melbourne's 'Hearts on Fire' vocations congress a success, Fr Paul Stuart
EVENTS: Adore 2004: a Eucharistic Congress for youth
BOOKS: DANIEL MANNIX : Wit and Wisdom - new edition, Michael Gilchrist
Social Justice Statement 2003: a response from Bishop Saunders
Letters: Social Justice Statement, Michael Barr
Letters: Centrality of tabernacle, Marie Cassey
Letters: Common sense, Michael Barry
Letters: Inspiring article, Thomas Jones
Poetry: Ex Maria Virgine, Delia Craig
Letters: Voice of the Faithful, St Michael's Group
Letters: Heresies, John K. Hannon
Letters: Unwarranted school closure, Maurice McGrath
Letters: Men at church, Rosanne Turne
Letters: Perth homeschooling conference, Lorraine Haydon
Books: Confirmed in the Faith, by Dora Nash, reviewed by Joanna Bogle
Books: Adventures in Orthodoxy, by Dwight Longenecker, reviewed by Richard Egan
Books: Celibacy in the Early Church, by Stefan Heid, reviewed by Fr Peter Murphy
Books: You Are Peter, by Olivier Clément, reviewed by Peter Westmore
Books: Socrates meets Machiavelli, Socrates meets Marx, by Peter Kreeft, reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Books: AD Books - Top Ten Sellers in 2003
Books: AD Books - A happy and a holy Christmas!
Reflection: 'Jesus Christ: the door of our salvation' : the meaning of Christmas, Pope John Paul II