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Election result (letter)

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 Contents - Dec 2004AD2000 December 2004 - Buy a copy now
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The voice of the people has spoken. Hopefully now we can be spared the endless effusions of the major media pundits about the children overboard or military personnel in Iraq, along with their insulting comments on John Howard.

As a swinging voter and a concerned environmentalist, I would like to congratulate the brave sitting MPs who stood up for the sanctity of human life, definitely against the tide: Minister Tony Abbott, Senators Julian McGauren (Nat), Jacinta Collins (Labor) and the great legend of Australian politics, Brian Harradene (Ind, Tas), for his untiring efforts for the protection of human rights, including those of the unborn child.

As for the anti-life Labor members (and no pre-selection if you are not), this is a scandal if ever there was one. With or without Mark Latham, from whom a straight answer on policy was never given, the party is in tatters, along with the Greens who polled badly considering the defections from both Labor and the now almost defunct Democrats whose former leader, Stott-Despoya, once stood outside an abortion mill in SA to be photographed.

All these three parties have a built in pro-abortion policy, and have ignored the fact that not all of us vote solely on the hip-pocket nerve factor.

On the positive side, congratulations to the Family First Party which came from nowhere and did so very well even as they had to wear the term "Christian" as a form of spiteful put-down.

This is normal for the bad-losers of the Left, living as they do in "never-never land," who are "never wrong, never listen and never learn".

Well that spitefulness will be overcome as it has been for the past 2,000 years, because people with short memories and a faulty sense of history tend to forget that our socially responsible freedoms and privileges stem from Christian values, not parallelled in any non-Christian part of the world.

Frankston South, Vic

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 17 No 11 (December 2004 - January 2005), p. 14

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