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Moral relativism

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 Contents - Sep 2004AD2000 September 2004 - Buy a copy now
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Following Bishop Fisher's inspiring article, one lives in hope that as arsenic was prescribed for psoriasis years ago, so will exogenous hormones, at least at an early age, be seen to future practitioners to be as toxic, and that most married (hopefully) couples will be open to life.

Don't forget that radium liquid was sold over the counter by chemists as a cure-all at about the same time; and later Bex powders, etc. Moral relativism has led to the ridiculous situation in Queensland where legal brothels are seen by hierarchical and leading Catholic legal figures to be an improvement or a "good", and therefore to be supported. (Certainly not to be openly condemned!)

Similarly, many Catholic doctors and chemists see themselves as contributing to social order, indeed even providing a benefit, by making available artificial contraception, condoms, etc. Worse still, many chemists are providing abortion services by leasing associated medical centre premises to abortion-referring GPs.

President Bush complained to the Pope recently that American Catholic bishops were not supporting him in his stand against abortion and his attempts to support normal marriage. Reform requires an increased discernment, a judgemental attitude certainly, a trial of good over evil. It also calls for a greater preparedness to be objective, to put God first, to accept less materially, and to lessen our self-indulgent focus on wealth and property. Masculine generosity, and the nobility of spirit that lurks in everyone needs to be more visible.

St Joseph's Family Clinic
Cairns, Qld

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 17 No 8 (September 2004), p. 16

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