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A treasured priest: Fr William Ross

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 Contents - Oct 2005AD2000 October 2005 - Buy a copy now
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The Oxford Dictionary describes a treasure as an item of significant value or rarity. It also specifies a treasure as a "person of high value and one who is beloved".

In this deteriorating society of our making, or toleration, we often fail to recognise or appreciate the treasures in our midst, who seek no special recognition or thanks.

On 25 July, just such an individual, without fuss, achieved his 65th anniversary as a priest of the Catholic Church. Fr William Ross is the man to whom I refer. On a recent Sunday Father celebrated the second Latin Mass he has presided over, during the absence of the regular priest, Fr Jordan. What was so special in that, some may ask?

Let me extend the justification. The congregation filled the church, not so evident in these times. The altar servers were immaculate in dress and deportment, with prayerful reverence. The choir was led in traditional hymns, by Father Ross, from the altar. The sermon was as it had been in previous weeks, worthy of delivery in Saint Peter's Basilica, in a loud articulate voice, that captured the attention of the congregation.

It was the most moving Mass I as a practising Catholic have attended over the previous three or four decades. Christ was present at Saint Luke's, Buranda, church, on the 24 July, as he is always.

However, on this occasion, he ignited the faith and souls of all those who were moved to shed a tear of joy and delight, by his Vicar of the day, Fr William Ross, the Scot, who was raised in both a Christian and Jewish home environment. He satisfies all the criteria as an Australian and Church treasure.

Elanora, Qld

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 18 No 9 (October 2005), p. 15

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