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A must read for faithful Catholics

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 Contents - Dec 2006AD2000 December 2006 - Buy a copy now
Editorial: The first Christmas - Peter Westmore
Benedict XVI challenges 'de-Christianisation' of society - Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Sydney RCIA conference for 2007 on authentic formation of new Catholics - Paula Flynn
'Lost!' controversy: Archbishop Bathersby's reply - AD2000 Report
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: the Montessori method for RE - Anne Delsorte
A 'best practice' guide to priestly vocations
Modest dress: Suitable attire for Mass: the moral dimension - Bishop John W. Yanta
Religious Life: Tyburn Sisters' communities spread around the world - Tess Livingstone
2006 National Church Life Survey: important questions overlooked - Michael Gilchrist
Shrines: Marian Valley: Queensland's centre of pilgrimage - Peter Westmore
Letters: Vatican guidelines on Holy Communion for politicians - Vincent Bemowski
Letters: A must read for faithful Catholics - Frank Bellet
Letters: Liberal Catholicism - Paula Gartland
Letters: News from India - Fr Francis Pinto CSsR
Letters: Church teaching - Mark Moriarty
Letters: Infant Baptism
Letters: Community? - Peter Gilet
Letters: Christian differences - Alan Barron
Letters: True Church - E. Makaus
Letters: Linguistics - Matt Bruekers
Letters: Liturgical language - Ted Hayhoe
Letters: Why apologise? - Concerned Catholic
Books: The Shroud Story, by Brendan Whiting - Peter Westmore (reviewer)
Books: COME, LORD JESUS:Reflections on the Advent and Christmas Seasons, James Tolhurst - Michael Gilchrist
Events: Advent and Christmas Ceremonies - Priestly Fraternity of St Peter
Books: SACRED PLACES, PILGRIM WAYS: Catholic Pilgrimages in France and Belgium - Michael Gilchrist (reviewer)
Books: New Titles from AD Books
Reflection: Jesus' law of love and the Ten Commandments - Fr Dennis Byrnes

Michael Gilchrist's book Lost!, which covers the sorry tale of a generation or more who have been lost to the faith in the Western world, which includes Australia, is a must read for those of us who look on our Catholic religion as a loving mother.

Those who show obedience to the Pope and the Magisterium would be upset to read some of the sad anecdotes, but heartened by the promising stories surrounding the initiatives of quality bishops and the consequences of producing properly trained young men in some of our seminaries where orthodoxy prevails.

We all have our own horror stories at the local level, but Michael Gilchrist, in his position as Editor of AD2000, is able to tap information from around Australia and beyond from reliable sources, indicating that the 'cancer', although not yet terminal, is further advanced than many of the faithful suspect.

I am both amazed and amused that some bishops could preside over falling numbers, both in congregations and seminaries, and be under the illusion that they are on track. Those who have cast aspersions on Michael's book could very well be saying, 'Do you believe me or your own eyes?'

Comparing their 'efforts' with those of a company executive, you would be justified in asking: 'If any managing director (bishop) who continually ignored his company's constitution (Magisterium), took little notice of his chairman (the Pope), whose managing style chased away most of his patrons (congregations), and found it difficult to attract any interested workers (seminarians), would anyone believe he should sit back with free board, telephone and car, overseas travel, great respect and a job for life?

Petrie, Qld

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 19 No 11 (December 2006 - January 2007), p. 14

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