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Judicial activism

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 Contents - Sep 2006AD2000 September 2006 - Buy a copy now
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A Dutch judge in The Hague has ruled that the recently-formed pedophile party, PNVD, (Partij voor Naastenliefde, Vrijheid en Diversiteit - Party for Love of one's neighbour, Freedom and Diversity) has the right to exist since the democratic freedom to form political parties is enshrined in the Dutch constitution. The Party's motto? "Sapere aude" - Dare to be wise.

The Dutch noun "Naastenliefde" (in PNVD) means "love" as in "the love of one's neighbour". Thus naastenliefde is anything but love in a carnal/romantic/sensual sense.

Not only does the PNVD seek a lowering of the legal age of consent to 12, it seeks the eventual phasing out of any arbitrary age of consent as well - except in dependent or intra-family relationships. Once the age of consent has been lowered, the PNVD wants to make it legal for 12-year-olds to act in pornography; it also seeks the enactment of a law that legalises prostitution for youngsters as young as 16.

During a recent opinion poll, 82 percent of the respondents made it clear they wanted the Dutch Government to stop the PNVD from taking part in elections.

The judge's decision draws attention to the freedom (the liberty?) of the Dutch judiciary to reshape the moral landscape of the nation, while ignoring the freely-held and expressed wishes of the vast majority of the adult Dutch population.

Beacon Hill, NSW

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 19 No 8 (September 2006), p. 15

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