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AD2000 Article Index - 2008


Volume 21 Number 1 - February 2008 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Can Catholic schools recover their 'salt', Michael Gilchrist
Spe salvi: Benedict's second encyclical calls for a rediscovery of hope in Christ, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Grace under fire: ordinations, and first Holy Communion in Iraq, Babette Francis
Technical school: Salesians continue to help post-tsunami Sri Lanka, Michael Lynch SDB
Paganism: 'New Age' activities continue in Brisbane Archdiocese, Tim Pemble-Smith
A remarkable father remembered, Maria Rankin
How to reform Catholic education: get the world view right, Chris Hilder
The need for solitude and reflection amid today's cacophony, Andrew Kania
What the social reign of Christ means today, Bishop Peter Elliott
Letters: Dissent, Frank White
Letters: Natural Law, Fr Bernard McGrath
Letters: New look Mass, Jessie Roger
Letters: Virgin Birth, Eamonn and Pat Keane
Letters: True Church, John Frey
Letters: 'Schoolies', Fr. M. Durham
Letters: Poor communication, Don Gaffney
Letters: Vatican II, Anthony Bono
Letters: From India, Fr. A. Alex Prabhu
Books: NO PLACE FOR GOD: The Denial of the Transcendent in Modern Church Architecture, reviewed by Tony Evans
Books: WHEN MIGHT BECOMES HUMAN RIGHT:Essays on Democracy and the Crisis of Rationality, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: A YEARBOOK OF SEASONS AND CELEBRATIONS, by Joanna Bogle, reviewed by Eric Hester
Books: Books available from AD2000 and Freedom Publishing
Reflection: Devotion to Our Lady: eclipse and revival, Br Barry Coldrey


Volume 21 Number 2 - March 2008 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Man-made global warming: new religion?, Michael Gilchrist
Tribute: B.A. Santamaria: ten years on, Cardinal George Pell
News: The Church Around the World
Man-made climate change: another great hoax?, Peter Finlayson
Recovering the sacred in modern church architecture, Moyra Doorly
40 Years On: Vatican II at its mid-life crisis, Br Barry Coldrey
Easter: The Sacred Triduum in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (1962 Missal)
Crescat amor: What is the nature and purpose of theology?, Fr John O'Neill PP
La Sapienza: Benedict XVI: the papacy and the university, Pope Benedict XVI
Vocations: The priesthood: a special relationship with Christ, Fr Pat Stratford
Vocations: Signs of hope in US diocese
Letters: Christ's Church, Frank Mobbs
Letters: Married clergy, Frank Bellet
Letters: Canadian Lectionary, Matt Walton
Letters: Language, Kevin McManus
Letters: Liturgical abuses, Dennis Macdonald
Letters: Response, Richard Stokes
Letters: Homosexual 'marriage', Arnold Jago
Letters: Altar rails, Corinne O'Loughlin
Letters: 'Re-ordered' churches, Brian Tooley
Letters: Abortion laws, Robert Prinzen-Wood
Letters: From India, Fr. A. Joseph
Poetry: Time-Warp, Bruce Dawe
Books: GOD AND CAESAR: Religion, Politics, and Society, by Cardinal George Pell, reviewed by Catherine Sheehan
Books: SEARCHING FOR AND MAINTAINING PEACE, by Father Jacques Philippe, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: JOURNEY OF A FAITH COMMUNITY, compiled by Tom Johnstone, reviewed by James E. Scarlett
DVD: NO TURNING BACK: Confessions of a Catholic priest, by Fr D. Calloway, reviewed by Fr Martin Durham
Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
Reflection: Benedict XVI on Lent: 'authentic conversion to the love of Christ', Pope Benedict XVI


Volume 21 Number 3 - April 2008 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: AD2000 reaches the twenty year mark, Michael Gilchrist
Christ's commandment: Church's 'primary task' is evangelisation: Benedict XVI, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Human rights: Cardinal Joseph Zen: conscience of China, Peter Westmore
Progress report: AD2000's worldwide outreach via the Internet, Francis Young
WYDSYD08: World Youth Day Sydney: look for the wider trend, Joanna Bogle
Timor L'Este: Salesians continue to offer more hope in East Timor, Br Michael Lynch SDB
Church law: Conciliar decrees: what authority do they have?, Frank Mobbs
Apostolic journey: Pope's Washington visit will address key issues, Peter Westmore
Legal Year homily: Truth and the law: legal should also mean moral, Bishop Peter Elliott
Adult education: Sydney's Centre for Thomistic Studies, Donald G. Boland
Fly Away to Heaven project: responding to Christ's call to charity, Fr John Fowles CCS
Letters: Student generosity, Name and Address Supplied
Letters: Inspired life of Peter Gallagher, John Young
Letters: Binding document - On Ordinatio Sacerdotalis responsum ad dubium (1995), George Simpson
Letters: Unwarranted changes, John McLaren
Letters: Church interiors, Marija Sestan
Books: REDEEMING GRIEF: Abortion and Its Pain, by Anne Lastman, reviewed by Charles Francis
Books: THE ENEMY WITHIN: Radical Feminism in the Christian Churches, reviewed by Catherine Sheehan
Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
Reflection: Original Sin, the 'madness' of the Cross and the 'foolishness' of God's love, Fr Dennis Byrnes


Volume 21 Number 4 - May 2008 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Re-evangelising young unchurched Catholics, Michael Gilchrist
Two changes: Bishop Jarrett explains upcoming Mass changes, Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett
News: The Church Around the World
Summorum Pontificum: Benedict XVI's Latin Mass document: a parish priest's response, Fr Andrew Wise
Interview: Positive impact of Pope's decree on the Latin Mass, Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos
Green sisters: New-look US religious: Al Gore's latest 'eco-justice' disciples, AD2000 REPORT
Ballarat: Children's Spirituality Conference at ACU: not to be confused with religion!, Michael Gilchrist
FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: What are the basics of Catholic belief and practice?, Lucy Tucker
Magisterium: When is it infallible?, John Young
Youth: Eucharistic devotions: revival in Melbourne, Br Barry Coldrey
Letters: Church architecture, Terry Parkhouse
Letters: AIDS Prevention, Dr Arnold Jago
Letters: Altar rails, John Murray
Letters: Receiving Communion, Charles Haber
Letters: Stations of the Cross, John D. Wightman
Letters: Brisbane, Franklin J. Wood
Letters: Cosmic Liturgy, Grahame Fallon
Books: Irish journalist exposes 'Kathy's Story' book and movie as fabrications, reviewed by Gary Brady
Books: NEWMAN'S APPROACH TO KNOWLEDGE by Laurence Richardson, reviewed by Philip Trower
Books: THE REALM: An Unfashionable Essay on Converting England, Aidan Nichols OP, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
Reflection: How to recover a sense of the sacred at Mass, Bishop Arthur Serratelli


Volume 21 Number 5 - June 2008 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Man-made climate change: a moral issue, Michael Gilchrist
Education: Pope: Catholic education must uphold Church teachings, Pope Benedict XVI
News: The Church Around the World
Human Rights: China: Olympic rings - or shackles?, Babette Francis
Jury still out on global warming, Cardinal George Pell
Christianity 'lite' with all the hard parts unmentioned: a spiritual dead-end, Alan Roebuck
FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: Reasons for believing in God, Frank Mobbs
Climate Debate: Man-made climate change is a reality, Dr Alex Gardner
Climate Debate: Man-made climate change: politics not science, Peter Finlayson
Letters: Climate change, J. Holder
Letters: Sceptical, Bernard Hoey
Letters: Scandal, Don Gaffney
Letters: Contraception, Tim Coyle
Letters: Baptism formula, Franklin J. Wood
Letters: Adoptions, Tom King
Letters: Abortion and Martin Luther King, Brian Harris
Letters: Ordinary Magisterium, Peter D. Howard
Letters: Infallible?, Frank Mobbs
Letters: Priests needed in Ballarat, Jenny Bruty
Books: RATZINGER'S FAITH: The Theology of Pope Benedict XVI, by Tracey Rowland, reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
Books: FR WERENFRIED: A Life, by Joanna Bogle, reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
Letters: FEMINISM V. MANKIND: Selected Essays, reviewed by Catherine Sheehan
Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
Reflection: Benedict XVI on the mystery of the Body and Blood of Christ, Pope Benedict XVI


Volume 21 Number 6 - July 2008 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Significance of World Youth Day 2008, Michael Gilchrist
Liturgy: Archbishop Coleridge calls for an end to liturgical experimentation, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Abortion: A false concept of moral equivalence, Babette Francis
Selective tolerance: Queensland University Student Union censures Catholic student group, Allison Atkins
WORLD YOUTH DAY 2008: Juventutem Australia: young people devoted to the traditional liturgy, Alice Woolven
WORLD YOUTH DAY 2008: Authentic Catholicism: a fertile ground for vocations to flourish, Fr Anthony Denton
FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: Jesus: how do we know he was God?, Br Barry Coldrey CFC
Religious faith and the power of music and song, Andrw Kania
Liturgy: Why Paul VI saw liturgical abuses as the 'smoke of Satan', Cardinal Virgilio Noe
WORLD YOUTH DAY: Turin Shroud display in Melbourne to coincide with World Youth Day, Max Crockett
Letters: Anne Lastman's Remarkable book 'Redeeming Grief', Fr Raymond Wells
Letters: Culture of life, Fr Bernard McGrath
Letters: Vatican II, John Schmid
Letters: Buddha in church in South Brisbane, Richard Stokes
Letters: Climate concerns, Dr Brian E. Lloyd
Books: Cardinal Pell's new Mass Book - This Is The Mass
Books: TURMOIL AND TRUTH, by Philip Trower, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: SERMONS PREACHED ON VARIOUS OCCASIONS, by John Henry Newman, reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
Reflection: The Real Presence: 'an essential element of the deposit of faith', Bishop Arthur Serratelli


Volume 21 Number 7 - August 2008 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Humanae Vitae still a sign of contradiction, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Priesthood: St Louis: another US vocations success story, AD2000 Report
Benedict XVI reaffirms Humanae Vitae on its 40th anniversary, Pope Benedict XVI
Holy Land: Middle East Christians face a precarious future, Robin Harris
Census shows a strong Church in Singapore, AD2000 Report
Foundations of Faith: How much history do the Scriptures contain?, Frank Mobbs
The tragic dilemmas of China's one-child policy, Babette Francis
Interview: Denise Mountenay on post-abortive women: from silence to lawsuits, Luke McCormack
Education: Progress continues with the new Wagga Wagga independent schools, Barbara Chigwidden
Letters: Climate change, Peter Finlayson
Letters: Infallible?, John Young
Letters: Timeless truths?, John Frey
Letters: Tradition, Anthony Bono
Letters: Lebanon, Richard Stokes
Letters: Body and soul, Elsie Cunningham
Letters: Human rights, Maureen Federico
DVD Review: APOCALYPSE? NO! Why global warming is not a crisis, by Christopher Monckton, reviewed by Peter Finlayson
Books: MYSTERY OF CREATION by Paul Haffner, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: QUESTION TIME by Fr John Flader, reviewed by Fr Anthony Robbie
Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
Reflection: World Youth Day: bringing a message of hope to the secular culture, Fr Dennis Byrnes


Volume 21 Number 8 - September 2008 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: World Youth Day 2008: the challenge ahead, Michael Gilchrist
WYD08: World Youth Day 2008: what the media missed, Deborah Baker
WYD08: Impressions of youth, Bridget Pati and Berni Sullivan
WYD08: Faith: alive and well! - A pilgrim's progress, Catherine Sheehan
WYD08: A reflection on WYD, Tim Cannon
WYD08: Memories of homestay hosts, Emidio and Phyllis Restall
News: The Church Around the World
WYD08: Theology on Tap: young Catholics' response to relativism, Patrick Langrell
The physical and mental scars of abortion, Charles Francis
Foundations of Faith: Priesthood and the sacraments: Divine help for eternal salvation, Br Barry Coldrey
Liturgy: No smoke without fire: Benedict XVI and true liturgical reform, David Birch
Vatican: Restoration work completed near tomb of St Peter
Letters: World Youth day (letter), M. & L. MORRISSEY
Letters: Courage of young Jozef Ratzinger (letter), Frank Bellet
Letters: Invaluable work of Anne Lastman (letter), Errol Duke
Letters: Moral equivalence (letter), Leo McManus
Letters: Abortion grief, Anne Lastman
Letters: Buddha in church (letter), E. Makaus
Letters: Sex abuse apology (letter), M.J. Gonzalez
Letters: Vatican II (letter), Frank Mobbs
Poetry: The Sermon at Templestowe, Bruce Dawe
Books: Saving Those Damned Catholics, by Judie Brown, reviewed by Catherine Sheehan
Books: THE WISDOM OF NAZARETH: Stories of Catholic Family Life, reviewed by Siobhan Reeves
Books: SAINT BENEDICT'S RULE: A New Translation for today, by Patrick Barry OSB, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: FAITH AND FIDELITY, by Anthony Meredith SJ, Michael Daniel
Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
Reflection: Archbishop Burke of St Louis: the responsibilities of a bishop, Archbishop Raymond Burke


Volume 21 Number 9 - October 2008 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Sesquicentenary of Our Lady of Lourdes, Peter Westmore
Response: Archbishop Bathersby's concerns over rebel Brisbane parish, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
In the Public Square: US presidential campaign: Catholic bishops speak out on the evil of abortion, Archbishop Charles Chaput and Bishop James Conley
School humour: If Maths were taught like religion ...
Timor L'Este: Fly Away to Heaven: East Timor and World Youth Day, Sister Terezinha
Foundations of Faith: Recent Marian apparitions and the life of the Church, Br Barry Coldrey
Eugenio Pacelli: The enduring legacy of Pope Pius XII: a 50th anniversary tribute, Fr John Walshe
WYDSYD08: Thomas More Centre Youth follow up World Youth Day, Bridget Spinks
Letters: Sermons (letter), Chris Hilder
Letters: New schools in Wagga Wagga, Kevin McInerny
Illogical nonsense (letter), J. Loring
Books: WHAT MOTHER TERESA TAUGHT ME, by Maryanne Raphael, reviewed by Catherine Sheehan
Books: MARY: A CATHOLIC-EVANGELICAL DEBATE, Dwight Longenecker, David Gustafson, reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
Books: SACRED THEN AND SACRED NOW: The Return of the Old Latin Mass, Thomas E. Woods, reviewed by Fr Martin Durham
Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
Reflecton: Benedict XVI: the natural family, cornerstone of world peace, Pope Benedict XVI


Volume 21 Number 10 - November 2008 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: All Saints Day and All Souls Day, Peter Westmore
Victorian abortion law threatens Catholic hospitals, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
Human rights: Religious persecution in China, India, Vietnam, Fr John Flynn LC
Dissent: Business as usual at South Brisbane's rebel church, Michael Gilchrist
History: Cardinal Stafford on Humanae Vitae: how dissenters tore the Church apart, Cardinal Francis Stafford
Anima Women's Network: giving 'heart' to women of faith, Anna Krohn
Foundations of Faith: God's gift of sex: building a civilisation of life and love, Catherine Sheehan
What happened then: what matters now - Swithun Wells, martyr of England, Rosemary Lucadou-Wells
Letters: Rebel church in South Brisbane, Bob Osmak
Letters: South Brisbane parish - Catholic or not?, Richard Stokes
Letters: Turnaround needed, John Schmid
Letters: Tribute to Bob Ward, Br Con Moloney CFC
Letters: From India, Fr S. John Joseph
Poetry: The Latest Equation, Bruce Dawe
Books: THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD: Essays Catholic and Contemporary, by John Haldane, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: A STORY AND PAINTINGS by Don Gallagher CFC, Michael Gilchrist
Books: Books available from AD Books
Reflection: Purgatory: hope, mercy, love, Bishop Peter J. Elliott


Volume 21 Number 11 - December 2008 - January 2009 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Another Christmas and New Year edition, Michael Gilchrist
Novus Ordo: Vatican approves new Missal translation, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Pub life: Young adult Catholic ministry: ingredients for success, Br Barry Coldrey
Bishops' Synod on Bible concludes: Pope working on Apostolic Exhortation, AD2000 Report
The decline of British Catholicism: the future?, John Haldane
Missions: Samoa's Don Bosco School gives students a 'second chance', Br Michael Lynch SDB
FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: Which Church did Jesus establish with his authority?, Frank Mobbs
'Catholic literature': what does this mean?, David Birch
Letters: Strange 'bedfellows', J. Loring
Letters: Pro-Life, Chris Hilder
Letters: Evolution conference, Grahame Fallon
Letters: The Leonine Prayers, Kevin McManus
Books: The Life of Saint Joseph, by Maria Cecilia Baij, OSB, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: Down in Adoration Falling, by Gareth Grainger, Br Christian Moe, FSC
Poetry: Genealogy, Bruce Dawe
Books: The Scope of Philosophy, by John Young, reviewed by John Whitty
Schools: Blessed Mary MacKillop Colleges: 2009 enrolments (Jindera, Wagga Wagga)
Books: Books available now from AD2000 Books
Reflection: Benedict XVI's Christmas homily: how God became a child for us, Pope Benedict XVI