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AD2000 Article Index - 2009


Volume 22 Number 1 - February 2009 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Liturgy: 'Reform of the reform' on track, Michael Gilchrist
The Statement of Conclusions: any signs of progress after ten years?, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Culture of death: US bishops confront Barack Obama's sweeping abortion agenda, Paul Kengor
Vibrant retreat: Young adult ministry builds on WYD: iWitness Conference in Sydney, Br Barry Coldrey
Christian-Muslim dialogue: glimmerings of hope, Babette Francis
Melbourne's 'timely' new pregnancy assistance centre
Foundations of Faith: Protestant Reformation: origins and beliefs, Frank Mobbs
Flying into the Wind for the new evangelisation, Fr John Fowles CCS & Fr Joel Wallace CCS
Fundamental flaws in Bishop Robinson's book, Andrew Kania
Letters: Clarification on new Missal translation - final text has been approved, Archbishop Denis Hart
Letters: South Brisbane parish, Frank Bellet
Letters: Christ's divinity, Tom O'Keefe
Letters: Inclusive language, Eamonn Keane
Letters: Jewish conversions, Andrew Sholl
Letters: Teilhard, Grahame Fallon
Letters: Thanks from India, Fr S. John Joseph
Books: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Pope Benedict XVI, reviewed by Siobhan Reeves
Poetry: Renée, Will Elsin
Books: Books available now from AD2000 Books
Reflection: Pope St Gregory the Great's advice to bishops and priests, Pope St Gregory the Great


Volume 22 Number 2 - March 2009 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Lent: preparing for the risen Christ, Peter Westmore
Lefebvrists: Benedict XVI's bold move for Church unity, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Vocations: Indian priests: still plentiful but fewer available for overseas, AD2000 Report
American seminaries mostly 'healthy', but many problems remain
Did Antonio Gramsci have second thoughts?, Babette Francis
Pope welcomes election of new Russian Patriarch Kirill, Michael Gilchrist
Foundations of Faith: Protestant Churches: origins and beliefs (2), Frank Mobbs
Obituary: Fr Richard Neuhaus (1936-2009): bringing the Gospel to public life, Fr Raymond J. De Souza
The recession and Catholic social teaching, Mark and Louise Zwick
The family and the culture of death: a challenge for Christians, Fr Dennis Byrnes
Marian Valley, spiritual oasis for young Brisbane Catholics, Br Barry Coldrey
Letters: Pivotal question, Fr M. Durham
Letters: In communion?, Errol P. Duke
Letters: Cure for AIDS, Ben Veitz
Letters: Generosity, Fr A. Joseph
Poetry: Collages
Books: Labour and Justice, by Gavan Duffy, reviewed by Peter Westmore
Books: THE BIBLE AND THE QUR'AN, by Jacques Jomier OP, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: Books available now from AD2000 Books
Reflection: Benedict XVI: why kneeling is central to Christian worship, Benedict XVI


Volume 22 Number 3 - April 2009 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Confronting the long march of secularism, Michael Gilchrist
Benedict XVI addresses a Vatican conference on evolution and Christianity, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
US Catholic universities: how not to observe Lent
American women religious: Vatican apostolic visitation, AD2000 REPORT
Red Mass Homily: Catholics as 'bearers of light' in a secular culture, Bishop Peter J. Elliott
Anti-life platform: Archbishop Chaput: President Obama and the challenge for US Catholics, Archbishop Charles Chaput
Foundations of Faith: The Mass and private devotions in Catholic life, Br Barry Coldrey
Andrew Cichy: A bold project to reinvigorate Church music in Australia, Anthony Barich
Events: Holy Week 2009 - Traditional liturgy in Melbourne
Conversion: Peter has spoken through Leo: why I became a Catholic, Michael Daniel
Letters: Active Catholics?, Rev Edward P. Evans
Letters: Hippies, Stephen Hemingway
Letters: Dissent, Peter D. Howard
Letters: The Pill, Denise M. Cameron
Letters: Capitalism, William Briggs
Letters: Church unity, Alan Baron
Letters: Love and truth, Frank Mobbs
Letters: Church in China, Francis Vrijmoed
Letters: Bush fires, Maureen Federico
Books: RENDER UNTO CAESAR:Living Our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life, Charles Chaput, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: LIVING BIBLICALLY, by Archbishop Barry Hickey, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: AD2000 Books for April
Reflection: The Resurrection: confirmed by faith and reason, Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli


Volume 22 Number 4 - May 2009 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: The Virgin Mary's key role in our redemption, Michael Gilchrist
Dissent: Rebel South Brisbane priest: new cafeteria church launched, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Inter-faith dialogue: Jewish leader defends Pope over Bishop Williamson controversy, AD2000 Report
Pro-family culture: AIDS in Africa: science vindicates Catholic Church, Babette Francis
US Catholics leaving the Church in droves: what can be done?, Fr Joseph A. Sirba
FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: The Crusades: the truth behind the myths, Frank Mobbs
Conversion: A Catholic convert's story (Part 2): Are there any regrets?, Michael Daniel
Staying together: Stable families: the best defence against violence
Death of a Child: The Pot of Basil, Will Elsin
Poetry: Moments, Bruce Dawe
Letters: The Pope and AIDS, Arnold Jago
Letters: Fundamentals, J. Loring
Letters: Teilhard, Jeremias Wijeyeratne
Letters: Simple faith, Alan Barron
Letters: Doctrinal differences, John Morrissey
Letters: One Shepherd, Peter D. Howard
Letters: Women in the Church, Brian Bibby
Letters: From India, Fr A. Joseph PP
Books: Golden Years: Grounds for Hope: Fr Golden and the Newman Society 1950-1966, reviewed by David Kehoe
Books: Hilaire Belloc and G.K. Chesterton, by Karl Schmude, reviewed by Br Christian Moe
Books: AD2000 Books for May
Reflection: 'What is truth?' (John 18:38) - The tunnel vision of Pontius Pilate, Andrew Kania


Volume 22 Number 5 - June 2009 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Pentecost Sunday: birthday of the Church, Michael Gilchrist
Cardinal Pell's UK interview: Liturgy, Missal translation, World Youth Day, Luke Coppen
Vocations: Brisbane's Holy Spirit Seminary: promising signs of growth, Anthony Barich
News: The Church Around the World
Interview: American Catholics and abortion: the Church at the crossroads, Mariangela Sullivan
Laetare Medal: Mary Ann Glendon's letter to Notre Dame's President
FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: The Last Things: death, judgment, Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, Br Barry Coldrey
Sharia Law: Lights dim for Christians in Pakistan, Babette Francis
Events - July: Australian Catholic Students Association: continuing spiritual impact, Br Barry Coldrey
Youth: Forming a new generation of pro-life leaders, Patrick Langrell
Letters: Church authority, Paul Fitzgerald
Letters: Superior design, John H. Cooney
Letters: Church in China, John R. Barich
Letters: Persecution in China, J. Loring
Letters: Holy Land Pilgrimage - Association of Hebrew Catholics, Andrew Scholl
Letters: Ecumenism, Gary Crothers
Letters: Prayers after Mass, Ken Bayliss
Letters: Pontius Pilate, Grahame Fallon
Books: The Catholic Church and Conversion, by G.K. Chesterton, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: Catholic Christianity: A Complete Catechism of Catholic Beliefs, by Peter Kreeft, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: ISLAND OF THE WORLD, by Michael O'Brien, reviewed by Luke McCormack
Books: AD2000 Books for June
Reflection: Pentecost and the power of the Holy Spirit for today, Fr Dennis W Byrnes


Volume 22 Number 6 - July 2009 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul (29 June), Michael Gilchrist
St Marys Cathedral: Sydney ordinations and a new beginning for Australian Catholicism, Fr Gregory Jordan SJ
News: The Church Around the World
Life Marriage Family: The secular culture's flawed view of sexuality, Bernard Toutounji
New Evangelisation: Catholics Come Home: a fresh approach to re-evangelising, Bob Denahy
Ryan Commission: Irish report: child abuse in Church institutions, Br Barry Coldrey
India: Christians in India rejoice at election results, Babette Francis
Foundations of Faith: Galileo: heretic or hero? What are the facts?, Noel Roberts
History: Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust: revisiting Jewish sources, Fr Michael Butler
Letters: Climate change, Michael Griffiths
Letters: The unborn, Brian Harris
Letters: Belloc and Chesterton, Peter Hunt
Letters: Latin Mass, Anthony Bono
Letters: Priestly celibacy, Brian Bibby
Letters: Vatican II, Valentine Gallagher
Letters: Women priests, Kevin McManus
Books: GOD'S WORD: Scripture, Tradition, Office, by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: The Catholic Church and the Bible, by Peter Stravinskas, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: Before the Dawn, by Eugenio Zolli, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: LIKE A SAMURAI: The Tony Glynn Story, by Fr Paul Glynn SM, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: Books available from AD Books and Freedom Publishing
Reflection: The full meaning of love: Christ and St Peter in St John's Gospel, Andrew Kania


Volume 22 Number 7 - August 2009 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Feast of Our Lady's Assumption, 15 August, Michael Gilchrist
Caritas in Veritate: Benedict XVI's social encyclical: public life needs Christian principles, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Human rights: Small victories for pro-lifers at the UN, Babette Francis
Priesthood: Benedict XVI's Letter to priests: follow example of the Curé of Ars
Is this where 'progressive' religious life is heading?, AD2000 REPORT
Magisterium: Authentic Catholicism: neither progressive nor conservative, Fr Martin Durham
G.K. Chesterton on modernism and orthodoxy
Foundations of Faith: Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone): a recipe for doctrinal chaos, Dr Frank Mobbs
God's Messengers: Angels: what Scripture and Tradition reveal, Susan McKinley
Poetry: Nkosi J, Will Elsin
Letters: Pope Pius XII vindicated, Tony Evans
Letters: Religious freedom, Fr Brian Harrison OS
Letters: Ecumenism?, Moya and Leo Morrissey
Letters: Content of faith, Chris Hilder
Letters: Moral decline, Frank Bellet
Letters: Poems appreciated, Margaret Healy
Letters: Appeal - World Congress of Families, Jenny Davies
Books: THE WINE OF CERTITUDE: a Literary Biography of Ronald Knox, by David Rooney, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: JESUS, THE APOSTLES AND THE EARLY CHURCH, by Pope Benedict XVI, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: FLOWERS OF HEAVEN: One Thousand Years of Christian Verse, ed. By Joseph Pearce, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: BECAUSE GOD IS REAL: Sixteen Questions, One Answer, by Peter Kreeft, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: ... AND YOU ARE CHRIST'S':The Charism of Virginity and the Celibate Life, Dubay, Br Barry Coldrey
Books: This month's selection from AD Books
Reflection: Mary in God's plan of salvation, Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli


Volume 22 Number 8 - September 2009 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: 2009 Fighting Fund launched, Peter Westmore
USA: Anglicans fragmenting over homosexuality, Babette Francis
News: The Church Around the World
Christian Life: Courage and EnCourage: a chaste lifestyle for the same-sex attracted, Marie Mason
Liturgical Books: The case for a new Missal translation, Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli
Campus Life: Brisbane hosts 2009 Australian Catholic Student Association Conference, Br Barry Coldrey
Priesthood: Reflections of a newly ordained Sydney priest, Fr James Mccarthy
FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: Sola Fide (by Faith Alone): is this sufficient for salvation?, Frank Mobbs
The Reformation and England's changing Coronation Oath, Tom Johnstone
Letters: Galileo, David Walker
Letters: Ambiguities in Vatican II?, George Simpson
Letters: Women priests, Name and Address Supplied
Letters: Abortion evil, Diana E. Fox
Letters: Ultrasound, Anne Lastman
Letters: Religious freedom at risk, Tim Rebbechi
Books: JOHN GERARD: Autobiography of an Elizabethan, trans. By Philip Caraman SJ, reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
Letters: Latin Course for Fluency
Books: DOVE DESCENDING: A Journey into T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets, by Thomas Howard, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: THE BOOK OF ALL SAINTS, by Adrienne von Speyr, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Poetry: 11 September, 2001: The Towers, Will Elsin
Books: DEIFICATION AND GRACE, by Daniel Keating, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: This month's selection from AD Books
Reflection: The centrality of the tabernacle, Bishop John M. D'Arcy


Volume 22 Number 9 - October 2009 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Anglican Communion's moment of truth, Michael Gilchrist
Priestly Identity: Renewing the priesthood in the Year for Priests, Fr Anthony Denton
News: The Church Around the World
Community Life: 'Progressive' leadership and the demise of religious life, Br Paul Macrossan
Youth: RISE: restoring integrity and sexual ethics to Australia's secular culture, Br Barry Coldrey
Episcopacy: Bishop Luc Matthys: on being a bishop, Bishop Luc Matthys of Armidale
Poetry: A Morning Poem, Bruce Dawe
Seminary Life: Spiritual direction at Sydney's Good Shepherd Seminary, Fr Paul Glynn SM
FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: Cutting edge moral issues for the third millennium, Br Barry Coldrey
Priesthood: Why the Catholic Church cannot ordain women, Kathleen Wood OAM
Letters: Liturgy reform, Paul Martin
Letters: Healthy families, John Carty
Letters: Marriage and divorce, Arnold Jago
Letters: Christian divisions, Jack Blair
Letters: Galileo debate, David Walker
Letters: Prayer for Priests, John Schmid
Letters: Thanks from India, Fr. S. John Joseph
Books: THE QUEST FOR SHAKESPEARE, by Joseph Pearce, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: THE CASE FOR CHRISTIANITY: St Justin Martyr on Religious Liberty, Robert Haddad, Br Michael McMurray CCS
Books: AFTER THE HEART OF GOD, by Bishop Julian Porteous, reviewed by Br Michael McMurray CCS
Update: The 2009 Fighting Fund
Books: This month's selection from AD Books
Reflection: The Mass: priest and people offer sacrifice, Bishop Edward Slattery


Volume 22 Number 10 - November 2009 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Catholics and Orthodox: improving relations, Michael Gilchrist
Climate change alarmism: a new 'religion' for Christians?, John Morrissey
News: The Church Around the World
The work of Courage and EnCourage supported by Melbourne priests, Marie Mason
A Christian response to post-abortion trauma, Julie Cook
Campion College celebrates its fourth Year of operation, Br Barry Coldrey
Schools: How to rebuild Catholic education from the grass-roots, Sr Mary Augustine OP
Foundations of Faith: 'O happy fault': the Christian doctrine of original sin, Noel Roberts
Holocaust: English nun who saved Jews from the Nazis put forward as saint, AD2000 Report
Missionaries: Mary Glowrey (1887-1957): Australian witness to hope in India, Robyn Fahy And Fr Dan Strickland MGL
Letters: Global cooling, M.J. Gonzalez
Letters: Pius XII vindicated again, Arnold Jago
Letters: Women priests, Robert Prinzen-Wood
Letters: Dissenting views, John Schmid
Books: THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD: Essays Catholic and Contemporary, by John Haldane, reviewed by Tracey Rowland
Books: JESUS AND THE EYEWITNESSES: Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony, by Richard Bauckham, reviewed by Peter Westmore
Books: CHRISTIANITY AND THE CRISIS OF CULTURES, by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Br Barry Coldrey
Update: The 2009 Fighting Fund
Books: This month's selection from AD Books
Reflection: The Feast of All Souls and the Communion of Saints, Fr Dennis Byrnes


Volume 22 Number 11 - December 2009 - January 2010 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Benedict XVI: When God entered human history, Pope Benedict XVI
Ut Unum Sint: Benedict XVI eases way for Anglicans wishing to 'cross the Tiber', Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Marriage: A Biblical defence of marriage: Africans take the lead, Babette Francis
Victoria: Abortion evil: pro-life forces need to be united, John Morrissey
Episcopacy: Church leadership responsibilities: an American case study, Phil Lawler
Events: Melbourne - The Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (1962 Missal)
How to get Vatican II back on track: a bishop's prescription, Bishop R. Walker Nickless (Sioux City, Iowa)
Foundations of Faith: The Eucharist: what the Old and New Testaments tell us, Br Barry Coldrey
Vatican II: Yves Congar, Vatican II, ecumenism: finding the right balance, Andrew Kania
Saints: Saint Damien of Molokai: Robert Louis Stevenson's prediction fulfilled
Letters: New religion, Peter Donald
Letters: Stewardship, Peter Finlayson
Letters: Greens and Church, Kevin Cains
Letters: Climate change, A.R. (Tony) Grieve
Letters: Lost opportunity, Maureen Federico
Letters: Saint Damien of Molokai, Arnold Jago
Letters: Women priests, Ken Bayliss
Letters: Complementarity, Kathleen Wood
Books: 111 QUESTIONS ON ISLAM: Samir Khalil Samir SJ on Islam and the West, reviewed by Michael E Daniel
Books: THE MASS AND THE SAINTS, by Thomas Crean OP, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: IMAGES OF HOPE, EUROPE TODAY AND TOMORROW, by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: This month's selection from AD Books
Reflection: The sacrament of Christian marriage: a nuptial Mass homily, Fr Glen Tattersall