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1 - Dec 2015 - Ordinariate Missal: "Divine Worship: The Missal" preserves Anglican patrimony, Fr James Bradley
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With regard to this internal importance Archbishop Di Noia says Just as it would be unthinkable to describe the Catholic Church without reference to its liturgical and sacramental life so too it would in some sense be for every ecclesial body.
2 - Dec 2015 - China: New clampdown on believers in China, Bernardo Cervellera
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So far this year Yu Zhengsheng Politburo member and previously Xi Jinpings successor as Shanghai party secretary has made several visits to representatives of the five official religions (Buddhism Islam Taoism Protestant Catholic).
3 - Dec 2015 - Germany: Pope Francis deplores decline of Catholicism in Germany, AD2000 Report
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He noted in traditionally Catholic areas a very strong decline in Sunday Mass attendance and the sacramental life.
4 - Dec 2015 - Apostolic voyage: Pope Francis supports Catholic church during Africa visit, AD2000 Report
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The pastoral visit by Pope Francis to three countries in central Africa Kenya Uganda and Central African Republic was an expression of the Holy Fathers deep pastoral concern for Catholics in this fast-growing area of the church.
5 - Dec 2015 - Education: Religious education: parents' responsibility or school's?, Fr Pat Stratford
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In an article in the October issue of AD2000 entitled New Perspectives in Catholic Education we read that a group of Catholic parents have written to the Catholic bishops of Australia urging urgent action on deficiencies in religion education in Catholic schools.
6 - Dec 2015 - Religious freedom: Catholic bishops face more than prosecution over marriage leaflet, Pat Byrne
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The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) and Archbishop Julian Porteous are facing prosecution under Tasmanias anti-discrimination law after the Archbishop distributed the ACBCs leaflet Dont Mess with Marriage.
7 - Nov 2015 - Reflection: We are all called to be saints, Archbishop Julian Porteous
Archbishop Porteous is the Catholic Archbishop of Hobart Tasmania.
8 - Nov 2015 - Unity and Beauty: The genius of Vladimir Soloviev, Fr Lawrence Cross
As his vision gazed upon the Roman Catholic Protestant and Orthodox communions Soloviev both mourned the loss of unity while emphasising unity as the fundamental ground of the Christian life.
9 - Nov 2015 - Salvation: "All Israel will be saved": Romans 11:26, Andrew Sholl
In the late 1960s when I was doing Bachelor of Education at the University of Melbourne during one of the lectures the lecturer (a nominal Lutheran of Hungarian background) asked: What does the Catholic Church teach about salvation?
10 - Nov 2015 - Marriage: SSM will threaten religious liberty in Australia: Archbishop Fisher, AD2000 Report
Already one Catholic bishop has been briefly gaoled for refusing to apply the state-approved LGBTIQQ Safety Protocols and Awareness Program to the schools in his diocese; and parents at Jewish and Muslim schools have been advised that they may not withdraw their children from such programs.
11 - Nov 2015 - Anglican Ordinariate: Radical ecumenism – the Ordinariate’s new Catholic Missal, Fr Ramsay Williams
On the First Sunday of Advent this year (November 29 2015) a new Missal of the Catholic Church will be used for the first time in parishes of the Ordinariates in Australia the United Kingdom and the United States and Canada.
12 - Nov 2015 - Synod: Pope Francis confirms Synod guided by the Holy Spirit
It was about showing the vitality of the Catholic Church which is not afraid to stir dulled consciences or to soil her hands with lively and frank discussions about the family.
13 - Nov 2015 - Synod: Synod reaffirms Church teaching on sexuality, marriage and the family, AD2000 Report
Despite repeated claims in the secular media and on some Catholic blogs that the Synod of Bishops meeting in Rome had radically changed the churchs teachings on marriage and the family the Final Report of the Synod reaffirmed the churchs teaching with a new emphasis on understanding the difficulties in living the Christian life and of providing effective pastoral care.
14 - Oct 2015 - Books: HOW THE REFORMATION HAPPENED, by Hilaire Belloc, Paul Simmons
60) In this short book published originally over 85 years ago the famous English controversialist Hilaire Belloc presents a most interesting perspective on the Protestant Reformation a perspective very different from most previous Protestant Catholic and secular accounts of that great religious movement whose effects have been felt down to the present day.
15 - Oct 2015 - Books: ABORTION AND MARTYRDOM, edited by Aidan Nichols OP, Paul Simmons
Fr Aidan Nichols who participated in the meeting and has edited the papers into this book is one of the most prominent Catholic writers in the world today having written over 20 books including Catholic Thought Since the Enlightenment.
16 - Oct 2015 - Letters: Audrey English responds to Dr Mobbs ..., Audrey English
The Catholic Church teaches that Scripture and Tradition are the two sources of Revelation.
17 - Oct 2015 - Hebrew Catholics: “Salvation comes from the Jews” (John 4:22), Andrew Sholl
As a Hebrew Catholic I am particularly taken by Jesus saying to her that salvation comes from the Jews (v.
18 - Oct 2015 - Russia: Church and State in contemporary Russia, Fr Lawrence Cross
The Moscow Patriarchate largely because it is the largest in size of the Orthodox Churches assumes a right to throw its weight around amongst the smaller Orthodox Churches and even to tweek the nose of the Roman Catholics with impunity as did Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk during the Roman Synod on October 16 2014.
19 - Oct 2015 - APREL: Wake up the world - Religious Life back on the map, Anne Reeves
One thing to be thankful for is that by the grace of the Holy Spirit this manifest failure-rate has set in motion a new interest among young Catholics in the traditions of their Faith and this includes an interest in the religious life as the Church has always conceived it.
20 - Oct 2015 - Pastoral visit: Positive outcome of Pope Francis’ visit to Cuba, AD2000 Report
The visit by Pope Francis to Cuba last month following in the footsteps of his predecessors St John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI is already leading to a rebirth of Catholicism in a country where Catholicism has been persecuted since Fidel Castro seized power in 1959.
21 - Oct 2015 - Call to action: Call for urgent action on Religious Education
A lay discussion group called New Perspectives for Catholic Education convened by John Kennedy with members from six parishes and four dioceses in New South Wales has written to the Catholic bishops of Australia urging urgent action on deficiencies in religious education in Catholic schools.
22 - Oct 2015 - Pastoral statement: Marriage Reinvented?, Bishop Michael Kennedy
Bishop Kennedys pastoral statement on same-sex marriage issued in July discussed the major challenges the Catholic Church individual Catholics and society face if the law in marriage is changed.
23 - Sep 2015 - Reflection: The proper celebration of the Mass, Cardinal Robert Sarah
This translation was made later by Catholic World Report staff.
24 - Sep 2015 - Books: YEAR OF THE LORD’S FAVOUR: A Homiliary for the Roman Liturgy, Aidan Nichols OP, Paul Simmons
Fr Aidan Nichols is one of the best-known and most prolific Catholic writers in the English world at the present time.
25 - Sep 2015 - Hebrew: The Sign of the Cross, Andrew Sholl
All Catholics Eastern Orthodox and many other Christians are quite familiar with the Sign of the Cross: the sign of our redemption by Our Lord Jesus Christ.
26 - Sep 2015 - Concordat: Catholic Church signs concordat with East Timor, Peter Westmore
The process of evangelisation accelerated dramatically during the 24 years of Indonesian occupation (1975-99) at the end of which the country of just over 1 million people was overwhelmingly Catholic.
27 - Sep 2015 - Apostolic Letter: Pope Francis proclaims Year of Mercy, AD2000 Report
In a formal apostolic letter addressed to all Catholics Pope Francis has announced a Jubilee Year of Mercy beginning on 8 December 2015 the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception and 50th anniversary of the close of Vatican II.
28 - Sep 2015 - Preview: Mercy and compassion: focus of Synod of Bishops, Peter Westmore
The draft document The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and the Contemporary World has been circulated among the bishops conferences of the countries of the world as well as the Synods of the Eastern Catholic Churches the dicasteries of the Roman Curia and the heads of religious congregations.
29 - Sep 2015 - The Americas: Cuba: new centre for evangelisation, AD2000 Report
Although most of its people are Catholic Cuba has been a communist state since Fidel Castro seized power in a popular uprising in the late 1950s.
30 - Sep 2015 - The Americas: Pope Francis’ challenge to American Catholics, AD2000 Report
Perhaps most importantly he engages American Catholics through attendance at the World Meeting of Families his canonisation of Blessed Junipero Serra the apostle to the Indians in the 18th century and through meetings with the poor and marginalised.
31 - Sep 2015 - Refugees: Give priority to Syria’s persecuted Christians: Archbishop Fisher
Echoing recent calls of Pope Francis to the Catholic community and to international leaders to respond generously and effectively to the developing refugee crisis in the Middle East North Africa and Europe the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney called upon the Commonwealth Government to increase the number of Syrian Christian refugees being received into Australia.
32 - Aug 2015 - Reflection: The doctrine of the Assumption, Pope Pius XII
Actually it was seen that not only individual Catholics but also those who could speak for nations or ecclesiastical provinces and even a considerable number of the Fathers of the First Vatican Council urgently petitioned the Apostolic See to this effect.
33 - Aug 2015 - Books: THE 33 DOCTORS OF THE CHURCH, by Fr Christopher Rengers, Paul Simmons
Fr Rengers provides chronological biographies of 33 Doctors of the Church officially recognised by the Catholic church up to the year when this book was originally written.
34 - Aug 2015 - Books: THE EAR OF THE HEART: An Actress’ Journey from Hollywood to Holy Vows, Michael E Daniel
Although she had Catholic relatives one relative being a nun Dolores herself is a convert.
35 - Aug 2015 - The Holy Land: Believers in Israel, Andrew Scholl
As co-founder of the Association of Hebrew Catholics (AHC) I am often asked as to the number of Christian believers in Israel.
36 - Aug 2015 - Africa: Nigerian bishops decry “propagation of the homosexual lifestyle”
The Catholic Bishops in Nigeria have released a statement Our Stand On Marriage family and human society in which they denounce the recent rise in Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender activism and encourage leaders legislators and judges to shun all pressures and protect all Nigerians from the growing but dangerous influence of pro-homosexual propaganda coming from the West.
37 - Aug 2015 - Obituary: Fr Greg Jordan: an exemplary Jesuit, AD2000 Report
Father Jordan as he was known to generations of Catholics was an extraordinarily energetic pastor and mentor right up to the moment of his death.
38 - Aug 2015 - Pope Francis’ rallying call for the poor
He is forcefully restating Catholic social teaching which goes back to Pope Leo XIII in the 19th century and was reinforced by later popes and bishops but which has been downplayed for the past 50 years.
39 - Jul 2015 - Books: Contemplative Prayer: a New Framework, by Dom David Foster, Patrick Nolan
The Catechism of the Catholic Church includes a very useful summary of Catholic teaching about prayer which will help us understand contemplative prayer and how it fits into church belief and practice.
40 - Jul 2015 - Books: THE CREED IN SCRIPTURE, by Stephen J. Binz, Paul Simmons
Stephen Binz is a Catholic biblical scholar psychotherapist popular speaker and award-winning author of more than thirty books on the Bible and biblical spirituality.
41 - Jul 2015 - Books: THE MYTH OF HITLER’S POPE, by Rabbi David G. Dalin, Paul Simmons
Nonetheless at the end of World War II Pope Pius XII was regarded as a hero who had protected both Catholics and Jews from the savagery of the Nazis during World War II.
42 - Jul 2015 - Letters: The Pope and “climate change”, Charles M. Shann
It is amusing to note that the media are quoting His Holiness The Pope with regard to Climate Change and seeming to suggest that the Prime Minister a practising Catholic ought to agree with him.
43 - Jul 2015 - Marriage: The slippery slope to same-sex “marriage”, Anne Lastman
It has been on the periphery of our vision since the 1930 Lambeth Conference strengthened by Margaret Sangers involvement with contraceptives and brought to birth in the pill in 1960 then strengthened by the rejection of Humane Vitae (1968) in the Catholic- Christian world and thus the devaluation of marriage and its raison detre that is a union of a man and woman for the delight and the welcome of children into their life.
44 - Jul 2015 - Religious freedom: Gay lobby targets Tasmania’s Archbishop Julian Porteous, AD2000 Report
The national director of the same-sex marriage lobby group Australian Marriage Equality (AME) has threatened to invoke anti-discrimination legislation against Tasmanias Archbishop Julian Porteous after 12000 copies of the Australian Catholic Bishops Pastoral Letter Dont Mess With Marriage was given to Tasmanian high school students to take home.
45 - Jul 2015 - Family Synod: African bishops pledge to uphold Church teaching on marriage, AD2000 Report
One of these The expectations of the synod was read to those present by the theologian and anthropologist Edouard Ade secretary general of the Catholic University of Western Africa with campuses in Cotonou Benin and Abidjan Ivory Coast.
46 - Jun 2015 - Reflection: Faith: dialogue of mind and heart, Audrey English
As Catholics we know better.
47 - Jun 2015 - Books: THE UNICORN IN THE SANCTUARY: New Age and the Catholic Church, Br Barry Coldrey
New Age spiritualism in the Church THE UNICORN IN THE SANCTUARY: The Impact of the New Age Movement in the Catholic Church by Randy England (Tan Books Illinois U.
48 - Jun 2015 - Family: Pope Francis upholds Church teaching on the family, Fr Ken CLark OLSC
The Ordinariate was established by Pope Benedict XVI in 2012 to enable former Anglicans to maintain Anglican traditions within the Catholic Church.
49 - Jun 2015 - Sacred Heart: Burning appeal of the Heart of Jesus, Archbishop Julian Porteous
Last Friday the Catholic world celebrated the Feast of the Sacred Heart.
50 - Jun 2015 - Cardinal Pell, Archbishop Fisher respond to Ballarat allegations, AD2000 Report
After the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse heard extremely distressing accounts of victims of sexual abuse by several priests and brothers in the Ballarat diocese in the 1960s and 1970s a Four Corners TV program featured a British Catholic Peter Saunders attacking Cardinal George Pell and calling on him to resign.
51 - Jun 2015 - Canonisation: Pope Francis canonises four heroic nuns, AD2000 Report
St Mary of Jesus Crucified Baouardy was born into a Greek-Catholic family living near Nazareth on 5 July 1846.
52 - May 2015 - Books: RESURGENCE: Revitalising Western Catholicism, by Fr James Grant, Peter Westmore
Fr James Grants call to arms RESURGENCE: Revitalising Western Catholicism by Fr James Grant.
53 - May 2015 - The situation of Catholics in China is worsening, Lina Chan
The Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese is concerned about the situation of the Catholic Church in mainland China.
54 - May 2015 - Centenary: Armenian genocide must not be forgotten, Pope Francis
The Holy Father had previously addressed the Synod of the Armenian Catholic Church in Rome condemning the genocide of Armenian Christians whom he called martyrs and calling for reconciliation.
55 - May 2015 - Vocations: The Call of Young Men to the Priesthood, Bishop Robert McGuckin
For the definitive teaching on this I would refer you to Pope Saint John Paul II Apostolic Letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis (22 May 1994) addressed to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on reserving priestly ordination to men alone.
56 - Apr 2015 - Books: Order books from
95 The Catholic Guide to Depression Aaron Kheriarty M.
57 - Apr 2015 - Books: THE MASS OF THE EARLY CHRISTIANS, by Mike Aquilina, Paul Simmons
Together with St Johns emphatic statements of Jesus asserting I am the bread of life (Chapter 6) and Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life and I will raise him up on the last day the Catholic Church and the Orthodox churches have accepted that this is literally true and refers to His real presence at the moment of consecration in the Mass and in the communion of the faithful.
58 - Apr 2015 - Books: MARY: A CATHOLIC-EVANGELICAL DEBATE, Dwight Longenecker & David Gustafson, Michael E Daniel
Mary in the mystery of salvation MARY: A CATHOLICEVANGELICAL DEBATE by Dwight Longenecker and David Gustafson Gracewing PB ISBN: 0852445822 2003 pp.
59 - Apr 2015 - Letters: Critique of secular psychology, Eileen Cronin
It merely reported a conference where I met many American Catholic psychologists with whom I had a wonderful intellectual and professional rapport.
60 - Apr 2015 - Letters: The Holy See's relations with China, Francis Vrijmoed
Therefore although Catholics in China can freely worship the Catholic faith as the sacraments are administered by validly ordained priests loyal to the Pope the Holy See still cannot start discussing the Popes right to appoint its Bishops notwithstanding the Government in Beijing hinted that There can be some flexibility on how Catholic bishops are appointed provided the Holy See cuts its ties with Taiwan first and recognise Beijing.
61 - Apr 2015 - EWTN's new app for smartphones and tablets, Peter Westmore
The Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) in the United States has released an app for iPhones and smartphones which includes the full Bible the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSV-CE) as well as a quality audio recording of the Gospel of Mark and access to EWTNs web content.
62 - Apr 2015 - Religious schools may teach the faith: Canada's Supreme Court, AD2000 REPORT
The court ruled that the province infringed on religious freedoms when it refused to allow Loyola College in Montreal to teach Catholicism from its own faith-based perspective.
63 - Apr 2015 - Pilate's inscription on the Cross, Andrew Sholl
This is the one we use in the Catholic Church in the acronym form I.
64 - Apr 2015 - Our homeland is in Heaven, Audrey English
Audrey English teaches about Heaven at the Centre for Catholic Studies Polding House Sydney.
65 - Apr 2015 - Contemporary challenges facing Catholicism: Interview with Cardinal Robert Sarah, Élisabeth de Baudoüin
Q: Your Eminence in your book God or Nothing you mention several times the liturgical war that has been dividing Catholics for decades.
66 - Apr 2015 - Tu es Petrus: From John XXIII to Pope Francis: Four recent stages of Catholicism, Patrick Morgan
Catholics brought up in Victoria after the Second World War had for decades the unchanging leadership of Archbishop Mannix Sir Robert Menzies and Pope Pius XII whose reigns went on so long that by 1960 many people could remember no others.
67 - Apr 2015 - Designer babies: Dolce&Gabbana versus Elton John, Fr Dwight Longenecker
Most non-Catholic pastors adopt a dont ask dont tell policy or recognising that they have no definitive answers throw up their hands and admit that the family game is now a free-for-all.
68 - Apr 2015 - Vocations: Australia's seminaries flourishing in 2015, Br Barry Coldrey
Within the Catholic Church in Australia there is a hidden story of immense importance: the vocations ferment across Australia.
69 - Mar 2015 - Books: Order books from
Munro This is the biography of the Pearl of York wife mother and martyr for the Catholic Faith during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
70 - Mar 2015 - Letters: Persecution in China, Christopher Rule
Father Raymond de Jaegher a missionary in China from 1930 till 1949 in his book co-written with Irene Corbally Kuhn The Enemy Within: an Eyewitness Account of the Communist Conquest of China makes it clear that persecution of the Catholic Church by the Communists commenced well before the total conquest of China in 1949.
71 - Mar 2015 - NACF: National Catholic Families Conference attracts 400 to Albury, Kathleen Horsfall and Marie-Louise Fowler
The Lake Hume Weir Resort just outside Albury in NSW was bustling over the Australia Day weekend with over 400 people from at least 70 families drawn from twelve dioceses attending the inaugural national conference of the National Association of Catholic Families.
72 - Mar 2015 - Apps: Smartphone apps to bring you closer to God, Peter Westmore
A quick way of getting an idea of what is available is to simply type the word Catholic in the search box on iTunes or Google Play.
73 - Mar 2015 - Seventh iWitness Retreat: another youth ministry success, Br Barry Coldrey
On the weekend of 11-14 December 2014 over 250 young adult Catholics attended the Seventh Annual iWitness Retreat held at the Collaroy Centre on Sydneys Northern Beaches.
74 - Mar 2015 - The linen cloth and the Second Coming, Andrew Sholl
(Jn 20:7) Every time I read these verses I am astounded that I have never heard a Catholic priest bishop or Protestant pastor comment on their significance.
75 - Mar 2015 - The parish priest and parish school, Fr John O'Neill
The parish priest is to have a special care for the Catholic education of children and young people (Canon 528/1).
76 - Mar 2015 - Rediscovering the spiritual dimension in modern psychology, Wanda Skowronska
Catholic psychologists and social workers attended a conference held in Arlington Virginia last October.
77 - Mar 2015 - News: The Church Around the World
He encouraged the Catholics of the Philippines to develop active lives of prayer resting in the Lord in order to build up strength to protect family life.
78 - Mar 2015 - Synod: AFA calls for Synod to strengthen support for families, AD2000 Report
Although not Catholic or religious as a lay organisation working to protect promote and support natural marriage and family the AFA sought to draw the Synods attention to the very important areas of the interface between the family and government and public policy.
79 - Feb 2015 - Books: Order books from
It is so far-reaching that it could be considered an education in Catholic doctrine.
80 - Feb 2015 - Books: MY BATTLE AGAINST HITLER, by Dietrich von Hildebrand, Kate Veik
At a political convention in Paris the Catholic philosopher declared Germanys 1914 invasion of neutral Belgium an atrocious crime.
81 - Feb 2015 - Books: AUSTRALIANS AND THE CHRISTIAN GOD: An historical study, by Hugh Jackson, Michael E. Daniel
Indeed Jackson argues that convicts with the exception of Irish Catholics were largely composed of urban poor who had lost contact with organised religion and for whom religion had little meaning in their lives.
82 - Feb 2015 - Letters: The Church in China, Paul Simmons
Dr Anthony Clark spoke of the appalling savagery inflicted on the Catholics of China after the takeover in Catholic World Report 14 March 2014.
83 - Feb 2015 - Letters: Catholic education, Allan Choveaux
AD2000 (April 2004) reported: Data obtained by ACU Australian Catholic University researchers in Sydney found that 97 per cent of young Catholics abandoned the practice of their faith within 12 months of completing high school.
84 - Feb 2015 - What Pope Francis really said to the Roman Curia, AD2000 Report
I want to thank you most heartily for your daily commitment in the service of the Holy See the Catholic Church the particular Churches and the Successor of Peter.
85 - Feb 2015 - The Eighteen Benedictions of Judaism ... and Christianity, Andrew Sholl
A very religious Jew recites the Shemoneh Esrei the Eighteen Benedictions on a daily basis: a bit like the Catholic clergy are meant to read the Breviary.
86 - Feb 2015 - Brisbane: powerhouse of Catholic young adult ministry, Br Barry Coldrey
Since 1976 Catholic Brisbane has been energised by the Emmanuel Community led by Shayne Bennett and his wife one of the fruits of the Charismatic renewal in the Church.
87 - Feb 2015 - The Pope and the Holocaust: why did Pius XII not speak out?, Robert A. Graham SJ
whenever the way we were treated became more brutal the Protestant pastors among the prisoners used to vent their indignation on the Catholic priests: Again your big naive Pope and those simpletons your bishops are shooting their mouths off .
88 - Feb 2015 - Martyrdom: Would I have had their courage?, Cardinal George Pell
Recent studies by historians such as Eamon Duffy have given the lie to the propaganda of hundreds of years that Catholic life in England in the sixteenth century beginning with Henry VIII was an empty shell weak when it wasnt corrupt.
89 - Feb 2015 - Vatican report lays bare problems in US religious life, AD2000 Report
It said Since the early days of the Catholic Church in their country women religious have courageously been in the forefront of her evangelising mission selflessly tending to the spiritual moral educational physical and social needs of countless individuals especially the poor and marginalised.
90 - Feb 2015 - The survival of the Church, Fr John O'Neill PP
There are all sorts of proofs for the Catholic Churchs claim that she is the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by God the Son when on earth Our Lord Jesus Christ.
91 - Feb 2015 - News: The Church Around the World
EWTN News Latest worldwide Catholic statistics The worlds Catholic population increased by 15 million in the past year with some growth on every continent according to new statistics from the Fides news service.
92 - Dec 2014 - Books: Order books from
It is so far-reaching that it could be considered an education in Catholic doctrine.
93 - Dec 2014 - Books: AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC YOUTH MINISTRY, by C. Fini and C. Ryan (Eds), Br Barry Coldrey
94 - Dec 2014 - Books: IN THE HOUSEHOLD OF THE SPIRIT: Guide to the Sacraments in the Byzantine Church, Paul Simmons
95 ISBN: 978-0-97756-999-1) This is one of a trilogy by Archpriest Lawrence Cross raised and educated as a Latin-rite Catholic but who loved the liturgy and devotional life of Eastern Christianity so much that he is now an ordained Eastern rite priest and pastor of the Russian Byzantine Catholics in Australia.
95 - Dec 2014 - Letters: Toowoomba trouble, Tristan Ross
The priests and laity need to support him in his role by being united as one in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.
96 - Dec 2014 - Obituary: Fr Benedict Groeschel, aged 81, dies in New Jersey, Peter Westmore
Childrens Village His first priestly assignment that of interim Catholic Chaplain at Childrens Village in Dobbs Ferry New York a residential facility for troubled children was a post he expected to occupy only for a few months.
97 - Dec 2014 - Separation of church and state: the position outside Australia, Frank Mobbs
This is a tax whose proceeds go to certain registered Churches mostly Lutheran and Catholic.
98 - Dec 2014 - Cardinal Pell: Synod rebuts 'secular agenda', Catholic News Service
We wanted the Catholic people around the world to know actually what was going on in talking about marriage and the family and by and large I think people will be immensely reassured Cardinal Pell prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy told Catholic News Service on 16 October 2014 the day the reports were published.
99 - Dec 2014 - Economic justice: The Catholic Church explains sexual mores - with economics, Emma Green
I think theyre using this economic language as obviously as they are because they suspect this is a language that a broader range of people can understand - this is the language of the modern world said Stephen Schneck the director of the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies at Catholic University.
100 - Dec 2014 - The Long View: Catholicism today and the lessons of history, John Young
There are many Catholics who just dont see how serious a crisis the Catholic Church is in.
101 - Dec 2014 - Vocations: Young Men of God Retreat for 2014 another success, Br Barry Coldrey
The YMG is a movement closely associated with the Missionaries of Gods Love which arose from the charismatic side of the Australian Catholic Church in 1986 with early members often drawn from the flourishing Disciples of Jesus Covenant Communities.
102 - Dec 2014 - Dissent: New controversy erupts in Toowoomba, Peter Westmore
We feel they would be an excellent asset to the Catholic community.
103 - Dec 2014 - News: The Church Around the World
The Catholic faith is spreading rapidly in Africa and the faithful believe that after generations of learning from European missionaries their communities now have something to teach the West.
104 - Nov 2014 - Reflection: The meaning of life and death, Archbishop Julian Porteous
Each November we Catholics turn our attention towards the final things: Death Heaven Hell and Purgatory.
105 - Nov 2014 - Books: EASTERN CHRISTIANITY: The Byzantine Tradition, by Laurence Cross, Paul Simmons
His great area of interest is the Eastern Christian tradition and he is pastor of the Russian Byzantine Catholics in Australia.
106 - Nov 2014 - Letters: China and the Holy See, Francis Vrijmoed
Referring to a recent report by Catholic News Agency: Pope Francis pursues a thaw in relations with mainland China it is my hope that some background information may be useful.
107 - Nov 2014 - Scripture: Is the Hebrew Bible incomplete?, Andrew Sholl
Andrew Sholl is co-founder of the Association of Hebrew Catholics.
108 - Nov 2014 - Why we make the Sign of the Cross, Cedric Wright
Known as the Trinitarian FormulaIn the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit is a familiar and beautiful sequence of words and a powerful and significant feature of all Catholic worship.
109 - Nov 2014 - Why be a priest?, Fr John O'Neill
The priest of the Catholic Church by the Sacrament of Order keeps going on earth God the Sons eternal love for God the Father and mankind whom He created; and that love is in the Divine Nature is our whole source and purpose of existence and so absolutely necessary.
110 - Nov 2014 - Youth: Ignite Conference fires up 1,200 young Catholics in Brisbane, Br Barry Coldrey
In September Ignite Youth a ministry of Brisbanes Emmanuel Charismatic Community once again hosted the largest and most dynamic Catholic youth event in Australia Ignite Conference 2014.
111 - Nov 2014 - Formation: 'I used to be a Catholic', Audrey English
What do we do when someone tells us: I used to be a Catholic but now I go to a Christian church.
112 - Nov 2014 - Law: What is the separation of church and state?, Frank Mobbs
The framers of the Constitution had in mind the Church of England in England the Catholic Church of France the Lutheran Church of Sweden.
113 - Nov 2014 - Human Life: Surrogacy: what the Biblical precedent tells us, Anne Lastman
As mentioned in my past writings I am reminded of Professor Salvatore Mancuso of the Catholic University of Rome who said that beginning from the fifth week gestation an infinite number of messages pass from baby to mother through chemical substances.
114 - Nov 2014 - Anglican: The Ordinariate in Gippsland: the first year
Early in October last year we were looking for a place to worship our minister was awaiting ordination as a Catholic priest and our congregation was enthusiastic but at the same time apprehensive.
115 - Nov 2014 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency Cardinal Mller: dont deconstruct Gospel In a homily preached in Cordoba Spain on 1 October Cardinal Gerhard Mller the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) warned the faithful against trying to make Christian life easy.
116 - Nov 2014 - Episcopacy: Bishop Anthony Fisher OP appointed Archbishop of Sydney, AD2000 Report
Speaking on behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference its President Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne welcomed the announcement.
117 - Oct 2014 - Reflection: The Lord hears the cry of the poor, Fr Paul Glynn SM
Early in 1968 our church council at Takada Japan decided to borrow money using the decrepit store-church as surety and build the citys first Catholic church in a location that had been settled when Taima Temple was built nearby in 684 AD.
118 - Oct 2014 - Books: A POSTCARD FROM THE VOLCANO: A novel of pre-war Germany, by Lucy Beckett, Michael Daniel
His request to see a priest on his deathbed when unbeknown to his favorite pupil he had been a Catholic raises the question of his religious background.
119 - Oct 2014 - Books: PRAYER FOR BEGINNERS, Peter Kreeft - WAYS OF PRAYING, John Edwards SJ, Br Barry Coldrey
He is a vigorous author of numerous books as well as a popular writer of Catholic philosophy theology and apologetics especially the last.
120 - Oct 2014 - Students: Young adult ministry on Australian tertiary campuses, Br Barry Coldrey
There have been some recent exciting developments in ministry at a number of Catholic tertiary institutions.
121 - Oct 2014 - Dissent: Bishop Bill Morris: gone but not forgotten, Peter Westmore
In Bishop Morris words the book is the story of my dismissal as the Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Toowoomba in Queensland Australia.
122 - Oct 2014 - Art: Sacred art: window into eternity, Tommy Canning
In addition it may be a symbol of the illumination which is going to come upon the whole earth when we see our souls as Our Blessed Lord sees them accompanied say some Catholic mystics by an illuminated Cross in the sky.
123 - Oct 2014 - Hebrew Bible and the Septuagint: What's the difference?, Andrew Sholl
Since most Catholics and other Christians in Australia are used to a multiplicity of English translations of the Bible I often have to point out that there is now only one Hebrew text of the Old Testament or Tanach: acronym of Torah (Law) Neviim (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Writings).
124 - Oct 2014 - The implications of Anglican women bishops, Fr Dwight Longenecker
Im not I repeat not a Roman Catholic and I dont want to be!
125 - Oct 2014 - Do we construct the Church in our own image?, Fr Ken Clark
to many who belong to the Catholic laity and to the ranks of the priesthood itself who .
126 - Oct 2014 - News: The Church Around the World
Malawis First Lady congratulates Church The First Lady of Malawi Gertrude Hendrina Mutharika has hailed the Catholic Church for complementing the governments efforts in uplifting the lives of people in the country.
127 - Oct 2014 - Pope Francis' pastoral focus in visit to South Korea, AD2000 Report
In his third overseas trip since being elected pope last year Pope Francis celebrated Mass for 800000 people canonised 124 Catholic martyrs in South Korea and attended the sixth Asian Youth Day for young Catholics from throughout Asia.
128 - Sep 2014 - Reflection: The Christian life: more than Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly, Audrey English
Even good Catholic people who have no intention of offending God do this unthinkingly.
129 - Sep 2014 - Books: JOURNAL OF A SOUL (John XXIII) and POPE JOHN, BLESSED JOHN XXIII, Br Barry Coldrey
A London reviewer remarked that many Christians not merely Catholics - will welcome this new edition of one of the most original interesting and inspiring revelations of intimate personal experiences ever written which ranks well with the classic spiritual autobiographies.
130 - Sep 2014 - Books: A CIVILISED DEBATE ABOUT RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, by Arnold Guminski & Brian Harrison, John Young
But the present book is a debate between a Catholic priest and a former Catholic who now describes himself as a non-theist.
131 - Sep 2014 - Letters: Sola Scriptura, Cedric Wright
He makes a most convincing case for the essential nature of Catholic tradition in support of the Scriptures with three main irrefutable arguments: 1.
132 - Sep 2014 - Transmission of the Catholic faith in crisis, Peter Finlayson
If further evidence is needed to support my position ( AD2000 March 2014) that religious education (RE) catechesis programs used in (some) Catholic schools have been seriously flawed the disturbing results of a recent survey among parishioners of St Columbas Parish Ballarat North Victoria reported in the Ballarat Courier (15 July 2014) should leave us in little doubt.
133 - Sep 2014 - Students: ACSA Conference: 'an inspiring experience', Br Barry Coldrey
While the corrosive message of the dominant secular culture and the uncertain - lowest common denominator - focus of some areas of Catholic secondary education have all played havoc with the faith of many young Catholics this sterile malaise was absent from the Lake Hume Resort Albury NSW during the recent 4-6 July weekend.
134 - Sep 2014 - Christian witness in a secular world, Fr Paul Rowse OP
This is a shortened version of the address given by Fr Rowse at the recent Australian Catholic Students Association Conference in Albury (6 July 2014).
135 - Sep 2014 - Association of Hebrew Catholics: its role and mission, Andrew Sholl
This monastery is remarkable for me because it lies at the western end of the beautiful Carmel Range (Carmel is Hebrew for Vineyard of God) with the Mediterranean Sea on three sides below and it was here that I first met Fr Elias Friedman OCD with whom I eventually founded the Association of Hebrew Catholics (AHC) in 1979.
136 - Sep 2014 - Is the US vocations crisis finally over?, Fr Dwight Longenecker
So here is my prediction: the vocations crisis in the Catholic Church in the United States is over.
137 - Sep 2014 - News: The Church Around the World
Popes August visit to South Korea Catholics in South Korea were hopeful the Popes August trip to the country would ease tensions with North Korea and work toward a long-awaited reconciliation with its northern adversary.
138 - Sep 2014 - Vatican: Cardinal Pell unveils Vatican financial reforms, Edward Pentin
As chancellor of Oxford University Patten is one of Britains most prominent Catholics.
139 - Sep 2014 - Editorial: Don't pigeon-hole Pope Francis, Peter Westmore
This it is said is to attract the unchurched Catholics who have stopped the practice of their faith evangelical Protestants our separated brethren of the Orthodox tradition the homosexual lobby the feminist network and no doubt others.
140 - Aug 2014 - Reflection: The Assumption: Mary leads us to Heaven, Bishop Anthony Fisher
According to a Catholic story a pebble then flew through the air landing near the woman.
141 - Aug 2014 - Books: NEW OUTPOURINGS OF THE SPIRIT, by Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, Br Barry Coldrey
At a time of turmoil in the Catholic Church these movements provided intense points of light during a winter of discontent when many priests and religious left their ministries and there was widespread dissent from the Churchs Magisterium by some theologians.
142 - Aug 2014 - Books: IN SEARCH OF CARDINAL STEPINAC: A Complete Biography, by Fr Zvonimir Gavranovic, Fr Steven Ledinich
That is why the Catholic Church has always condemned and condemns today all injustice and all violence whether committed in the name of theories of class race or nationality (p.
143 - Aug 2014 - War of words: changing society through language, Audrey English
Catholics wake up!
144 - Aug 2014 - Miracle on death row, Cedric Wright
Millions of Catholics around the world wear the Miraculous Medal the beautiful symbol which the Blessed Virgin Mary commanded Sister (now Saint) Catherine Labour to create at three apparitions in 1830.
145 - Aug 2014 - Pope Francis discusses the Church's moral teachings, LifeSiteNews
Catholic News Agency has provided an English translation.
146 - Aug 2014 - Eyewitness to history: the canonisation of St John Paul II, Wanda Skowronska
The Irish had once been the greatest Catholic Diaspora in the world.
147 - Aug 2014 - Pope Francis condemns 'Gender ideology' as 'demonic', Patrick Byrne
Bishop Laun auxiliary bishop of Salzburg wrote about the words of Pope Francis in March in an essay for the German Catholic news publication Kath.
148 - Aug 2014 - Factors in the success of Australia's young adult ministry, Br Barry Coldrey
In 2002 after World Youth Day Toronto Canada a number of returning Catholic pilgrims approached (then) Archbishop George Pell to establish a regular weekly hour of adoration for young Catholics in St Patricks Cathedral in Melbourne.
149 - Aug 2014 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic Muslim joint declaration on life Catholics and Shia Muslims oppose actions that endanger the life health dignity and welfare of others according to a joint declaration signed by US bishops and Iranian religious leaders.
150 - Aug 2014 - Culture: US Supreme Court's landmark decisions support faith, AD2000 Report
EWTN the largest religious media network in the world was founded to uphold the Catholic faith and objects to providing or facilitating these products and practices which violate Church teaching.
151 - Jul 2014 - Reflection: The Pope meets ICEL: a bishop's reflection on Vatican II, Bishop Arthur Serratelli
Undoubtedly the Second Vatican Council still remains the most significant Church event in modern times not just for Catholics but for all people of good will.
152 - Jul 2014 - Books: RACE WITH THE DEVIL: My Journey Racial Hatred to Rational Love, by Joseph Pearce, Michael Daniel
However there is one major difference namely that Pearces autobiography is a conversion story from the hatred that characterised radical right political groups to love which is at the heart of Catholicism.
153 - Jul 2014 - Letters: Human rights priorities, Richard Congram
An extraordinarily melodramatic statement issued by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference on 8 May 2014 accuses us of dehumanising those people and with complicity in institutional cruelty.
154 - Jul 2014 - Boko Haram: Christians and Muslims unite against Nigerian terrorists, CNA-EWTN REPORT
Boko Harams April kidnapping of more than 300 schoolgirls has brought Nigerians as well as people across the world into solidarity with each other across religious divides one of the countrys Catholic archbishops has said.
155 - Jul 2014 - Apps: Smartphone Catholic apps for all purposes, Peter Westmore
While good Catholic booksellers and piety stalls often have an excellent range of books to nourish the spiritual life there are an increasing number of very useful apps available for download to your iPhone or Android smartphone.
156 - Jul 2014 - Life: a gift of inestimable value, Anne Lastman
The Catechism of the Catholic Church (2271) adds: Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion.
157 - Jul 2014 - Summorum Pontificum: Growth of Latin Mass parishes and chaplaincies in Australia, Michael E. Daniel
In the Catholic Church most parishes are territorial parishes that is the parish priest is responsible for the pastoral needs of Catholics who live within a clearly defined area.
158 - Jul 2014 - Dubai: is this the largest parish in the world?, Patrick Byrne
Marys Catholic Church has 300000 to 400000 parishioners making it possibly the largest Catholic parish in the world.
159 - Jul 2014 - Nigeria: Oka Obulu Uzo: leading by example, Madonna Brosnan
Fortuitously for Fr Raphael donations arrived from a Catholic priest in Sydney and a number of other Australian donors funding the compound fence and a new roof on the presbytery to make the building waterproof.
160 - Jul 2014 - Youth: Young adult ministry flourishing in Australia, Br Barry Coldrey
In 2014 there are three organisations which arrange inform and energise peer ministry to Australian youth and young adult Catholics: the Youth Mission Teams (YMT) the National Team of the Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Association (CSYMA) and the National Evangelisation Teams (NET).
161 - Jul 2014 - News: The Church Around the World
The apostolic nuncio to the Arab Republic of Egypt Archbishop Paul Gobel responded to the request by inviting the patriarch to send a representative of the Coptic Church to the next assembly of the Synod of Catholic bishops to be held in October and dedicated to the theme of the family.
162 - Jul 2014 - Editorial: NSW child sex abuse report released, Peter Westmore
The wide-ranging special commission of inquiry into the police investigation of child sexual abuse allegations in the Catholic diocese of Maitland-Newcastle conducted by NSW Senior Counsel Margaret Cuneen has handed its four-volume report to the NSW government.
163 - Jun 2014 - Reflection: Eucharistic adoration: path to union with the Holy Trinity, Bishop James Conley
Christianity was viewed as a symbol of Western colonialism so Chinese soldiers were ordered to destroy Catholic churches across the country.
164 - Jun 2014 - Books: Order books from
95 ISBN 978-0-87486-800-6 Persecution Without Martyrdom Leo Gooch An important study of post-Reformation English Catholic history focusing on the 18th century a period of persecution without martyrdom.
165 - Jun 2014 - Books: THE CAMPION SOCIETY: Lay Catholic Action in Australia, by Colin H. Jory, Br Barry Coldrey
THE CAMPION SOCIETY The Growth of Lay Catholic Action in Australia by Colin H.
166 - Jun 2014 - Books: A CATHOLIC ETON? Newman's Oratory School, by Paul Shrimpton, Br Barry Coldrey
167 - Jun 2014 - Books: HANDING ON THE FAITH IN AN AGE OF DISBELIEF, by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Br Barry Coldrey
The challenge of transmitting the Catholic Faith today HANDING ON THE FAITH IN AN AGE OF DISBELIEF by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Ignatius Press 2006 169 pp Hardback $39.
168 - Jun 2014 - Sisters of St Paul of Chartres and their global impact, CNA REPORT
They realised that the children did not know much of Catholic tradition - Catholicism in Korea was very young - so they started planting the seed of the faith in the childrens minds by teaching chants and catechism.
169 - Jun 2014 - Religious freedom and same-sex 'marriage', Fr John FLynn LC
Further pressure from the Equality and Human Rights Commission came as they described as mistaken a decision to allow a Scottish Catholic adoption agency to place adopted children only with parents who are Catholics.
170 - Jun 2014 - Why England's churches are empty, Nick Hallett
The effect has been that Roman Catholicism a denomination once outlawed in England is now the most popular in terms on regular attendance.
171 - Jun 2014 - US Catholic school embroiled in dispute over Church teaching, Kirsten Andersen
Controversy erupted at an American Catholic school after students and parents reacted with outrage to Church teaching on sexuality as presented at a school assembly.
172 - Jun 2014 - Fr Des Byrne: priest and catechist extraordinary, Bishop Peter J. Elliott
Desmond Grayem Byrne was born into a strong Catholic family on 11 December 1926.
173 - Jun 2014 - UK Bishop speaks out on secularism's debt to Christianity, CNA REPORT
He was invited to give his lecture by Fr Joe Evans the universitys Catholic chaplain.
174 - Jun 2014 - Frassati Australia: dedicated young adult ministry, Br Barry Coldrey
In 2011 Fr Paul Chandler and five young Brisbane Catholic men founded Frassati Australia as another exciting arm of Australian young adult Catholic ministry.
175 - Jun 2014 - News: The Church Around the World
He told the congregation that Catholics must recognise their role in caring for the supernatural environment of faith and love within which each new generation grows.
176 - Jun 2014 - Saints John XXIII and John Paul II canonised, AD2000 Report
Before an audience of hundreds of thousands in St Peters Square and an even greater crowd spilling over into the Via della Conciliazione in Rome Pope Francis canonised two of his predecessors John XXIII and John Paul II who exercised a great personal influence on him as well as on the Catholic Church and the world.
177 - May 2014 - Books: Order books from
Craughwell This beautifully presented book includes over 60 full-color photographs a fascinating in-depth biography foreword by Cardinal Sean OMalley first homilies as Pope and supplemental sections on Catholic beliefs practices and traditions.
178 - May 2014 - Books: HOW THE WEST WON: The Neglected Story of the Triumph of Modernity, Rodney Stark, Father John Flynn LC
Law and morality He concluded by saying in words that echo many statements made by the Catholic Church that: If we no longer make a distinction between law and morality if we rely entirely on the market economy on laws and on regulatory bodies we will have the kind of economic malfunctioning that we have today with greater and greater inequalities and economic behaviour that should be unacceptable.
179 - May 2014 - Books: SCRIPTURE AND TRADITION IN THE CHURCH, by Patrick Madrid, Carmel Westmore
For those who do not remember Yves Congar Bishop Anthony Fisher OP has written an illuminating foreword which describes his contribution to theological debate before during and after the Second Vatican Council particularly on the vexed issues which have divided Catholics and Protestants since the Reformation in the 16th century.
180 - May 2014 - Priestly Fraternity of St Peter: progress report, Fr Damonn Sypher, FSSP
Fraternity priests offer the traditional Latin Mass ( Roman Missal of 1962) and provide wide-ranging pastoral care to the larger Catholic community.
181 - May 2014 - Cardinal Burke: The Gospel of Life in the defence of freedom, Cardinal Raymond Burke
Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura Cardinal Raymond Burke gave an address at the Catholic Media Symposium late in March titled The Gospel of Life and the Defence of Freedom.
182 - May 2014 - After the turbulent years: the Church renewed, Fr John O'Neill
The conditions were primitive but he got the job done giving us his Catholic Family Catechism.
183 - May 2014 - Apps: Check out religion apps for smartphones!, Peter Westmore
This is largely a matter of personal preference but one way to get an idea of what is available is to type the word Catholic into either the iPhone App Store or Google Play (for Android).
184 - May 2014 - A new cathedral in the Muslim world
Bishop Camillo Ballin an Italian-born missionary heads the Catholic Vicariate of Northern Arabia.
185 - May 2014 - Sister empowers northern India's women with education
Im convinced that girls and women have to be educated she told Catholic News Agency (CNA).
186 - May 2014 - US bishop discusses his new pastoral letter on contraception, Kathleen Nabb
It is a teaching that the legal battle over the HHS mandate has in a sense spotlighted showing forth what bishops already knew: that too many Catholics are ignorant about what the Church teaches and even more so why.
187 - May 2014 - Missionaries of God's Love: Vatican recognition lifts status, Br Barry Coldrey
Today they have the youngest average age of any Catholic religious institute in the country.
188 - May 2014 - Friday abstinence gains support among Australia's bishops, Matthew Biddle
In 2011 the Catholic bishops of England and Wales restored Friday abstinence.
189 - May 2014 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Ministry to fallen-away Catholics launches call to confession This Lent a ministry dedicated to fallen-away Catholics launched an initiative specifically geared to bring Catholics back to the practice of confession (www.
190 - May 2014 - Slavery: Churches join forces to launch anti-slavery campaign, AD2000 Report
A campaign initiated by Australian businessman Andrew Forrest has brought together leaders of different faiths Catholic Anglican and Muslim to end modern slavery and human trafficking.
191 - Apr 2014 - Reflection: Lent: our preparation for Easter, Bishop Anthony Fisher OP
But theres another Catholic view of asceticism.
192 - Apr 2014 - Books: Order books from
Craughwell This beautifully presented book includes over 60 full-color photographs a fascinating in-depth biography foreword by Cardinal Sean OMalley first homilies as Pope and supplemental sections on Catholic beliefs practices and traditions.
193 - Apr 2014 - Books: WHEN HITLER TOOK AUSTRIA: Memoir by the Chancellor's Son, Kurt von Schuschnigg, Br Barry Coldrey
In a way there are two stories in the book: the first is a biography of the authors father a deeply religious Catholic layman Kurt von Schuschnigg Chancellor of Austria 1934-1938 at a time when the nation was emerging from the Great Depression and menaced by extraordinary political turmoil and threatened by its powerful neighbour Germany in the grip of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialists.
194 - Apr 2014 - Books: Jorge Mario Bergoglio: Francis, Pope of a New World, by Andrea Tornielli, Br Barry Coldrey
Available from Freedom Publishing) Francis Pope of a New World is an attractively produced biography of the new pontiff who has made such a striking presence on the world stage and within the Catholic Church.
195 - Apr 2014 - Books: Pope Francis, Our Brother, Our Friend, by Alejandro Bermudez (Editor), Br Barry Coldrey
The interviewer-editor Alejandro Bermudez is a leading Catholic journalist in the Americas both North and South and he deftly guides his subjects to keep their thoughts focused on major issues.
196 - Apr 2014 - Letters: Appreciation for Anne Lastman, Errol Duke
This extraordinary Catholic lady has gone through her own issues with this journey personally (and she has expressed this story publicly) and since then has worked tirelessly in counselling those who are in the same situation in an effort to preserve the sanctity of life and change our thinking about Gods gift of his creativeness for this and future generations.
197 - Apr 2014 - Letters: Asylum seeker statement, Richard Congram
In January 2014 Bishop Christopher Saunders as Chairman of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council issued a media release asserting that the only purpose of government policy on asylum seekers is to condemn desperate people to persecution and danger.
198 - Apr 2014 - Conversion and confession, Cedric Wright
I was 27 when I was received into the one holy catholic and apostolic Church - and my induction started with confession.
199 - Apr 2014 - Radicalism in Islam: the Christian response, Father Samir Khalil Samir SJ
This interview was conducted by Mark Riedemann for Where God Weeps a weekly TV and radio show produced by the Catholic Radio amp; Television Network in conjunction with the international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need and is reprinted with permission.
200 - Apr 2014 - Communicating the Faith with C.S. Lewis, Fr. D. Longenecker
It is difficult to communicate effectively at the best of times but to communicate the Catholic faith is a complex task not only because of the vast and complex nature of the faith but also because of the vast and complex nature of peoples assumptions about the world religion and Catholicism.
201 - Apr 2014 - Vocations: Australia's flourishing seminaries 2014, Br Barry Coldrey
Thanks to Bishop Brennans pioneering reforms the Wagga Wagga Diocese enjoys the best ratio of priests to Catholic people in Australia and the youngest average age of its clergy.
202 - Apr 2014 - Marriage: Don't trust media reporting of Synod on marriage, Philip F. Lawler
From the perspective of the secular media the key question pending at the bishops meeting - really the only question that the media consider worthy of coverage - is whether the Catholic Church will back away from her traditional teachings on contraception homosexuality and divorce.
203 - Apr 2014 - Russia: the rebirth of religious belief, Peter Westmore
Those churches which refused to accept government control including the Catholic Church the Baptists and others were suppressed.
204 - Apr 2014 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Archbishop Fulton Sheen miracle approved The Bishop of Peoria Illinois has welcomed a Vatican medical panels unanimous approval of a reported miracle attributed to the famous TV personality and evangelist Servant of God Archbishop Fulton Sheen.
205 - Apr 2014 - Cardinal Pell appointed to senior Vatican post, Peter Westmore
The bank was established to serve Catholic institutions religious orders clergy and employees or former employees of Vatican City but its scope widened over the years to permit others to use it.
206 - Apr 2014 - Editorial: Ukraine: blessed are the peacemakers, Peter Westmore
The letter was signed by the leaders of the Ukrainian Orthodox Catholic Baptist Evangelical Christian Lutheran and Seventh Day Adventist churches as well as Kyivs Chief Rabbi.
207 - Mar 2014 - Reflection: Archbishop Chaput's homily on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput
The great French Catholic writer Georges Bernanos defined hope as despair overcome.
208 - Mar 2014 - Books: Order books from
Craughwell This beautifully presented book includes over 60 full-color photographs a fascinating in-depth biography foreword by Cardinal Sean OMalley first homilies as Pope and supplemental sections on Catholic beliefs practices and traditions.
209 - Mar 2014 - Books: WHERE WE GOT THE BIBLE: Our Debt to the Catholic Church, by Henry G. Graham, Michael E. Daniel
WHERE WE GOT THE BIBLE: Our Debt to the Catholic Church Henry G.
210 - Mar 2014 - Books: TEN AFRICAN CARDINALS, by Sally Ninham, Michael Gilchrist
A fabulous introduction to the state of Catholicism in Africa TEN AFRICAN CARDINALS by Sally Ninham (Connor Court Publishing 2013 367pp $29.
211 - Mar 2014 - What Jesus teaches us about prayer, Audrey English
Often we hear people say Thank God for our Catholic faith.
212 - Mar 2014 - Private revelations: Are they reliable?, John Young
That is recognised by all orthodox theologians and the Catholic Church has officially approved some of these communications: notably the appearances of Our Lady to St Bernadette at Lourdes in 1858 and her appearances to Jacinta Francisco and Lucia at Fatima in 1917.
213 - Mar 2014 - Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Association: a new force for good, Br Barry Coldrey
The Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Association was established in Canberra in 2007 by Peter Woods Director of Mission and Life at St Edmunds College Manuka.
214 - Mar 2014 - The McCabe affair in context, Lucy Sullivan
The release of the last part of the 2009 Murphy Report on the Catholic Churchs failure to expose and prosecute the predatory activities of Fr Patrick McCabe casts new light on the response to child sexual abuse within the Church in Ireland.
215 - Mar 2014 - Whither religious education in Australian Catholic schools?, Peter Finlayson
It was refreshing to read (December-January AD2000) Paul McCormacks albeit edited address delivered at a Catholic mens conference in July 2013 Catholic school education: returning to our roots.
216 - Mar 2014 - Pope Francis puts indelible mark on College of Cardinals, Peter Westmore
The Population Reference Bureau published a 2005 analysis of the distribution of Catholics around the world and likely trends over the next 30 years.
217 - Mar 2014 - News: The Church Around the World
Revival of US Catholicism The story of the US Catholic Church in the early 21st century is one of excitement and renewal say two authors of a book that examines successful dioceses bishops and priests.
218 - Mar 2014 - Holy See responds to unfounded UN Committee attack, Peter Westmore
The report by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child attacking the Catholic Churchs actions in relation to sexual abuse of children repeatedly cites instances of child sexual abuse which occurred in Ireland decades ago without conceding that the Church had addressed these issues.
219 - Feb 2014 - Reflections: Australia Day: A time for thanks and commitment, Cardinal George Pell
For Catholics and indeed all Christians Australia Day should be more than a holiday and rather be-come a day when we give thanks and ask for Gods continued blessings on our activities now and during the coming generations.
220 - Feb 2014 - Books: Order books from
Craughwell This beautifully presented book includes over 60 full-color photographs a fascinating in-depth biography foreword by Cardinal Sean OMalley first homilies as Pope and supplemental sections on Catholic beliefs practices and traditions.
221 - Feb 2014 - Books: TO BONEGILLA FROM SOMEWHERE, by Wanda Skowronska, Michael Gilchrist
The majority were Catholic some were Protestant but all had no illusions about the brutality of the Soviet Union.
222 - Feb 2014 - Books: THE IMITATION OF CHRIST by Thomas a Kempis, Br Barry Coldrey
It should be in the libraries of Catholic secondary and tertiary institutions and religious houses.
223 - Feb 2014 - Letters: Climate propaganda
Recently one of our grandchildren attending a local Catholic primary school showed me some of his Grade 3 project work.
224 - Feb 2014 - The transforming power of Eucharistic Adoration, Fr Joel Wallace
It seeks to share the joy of being Christian as opposed to privatising faith which leads to a kind of Catholic ghetto mentality.
225 - Feb 2014 - The Holy Spirit: "Lord and Giver of Life", Anne Lastman
In my work as a Catholic post abortion grief counsellor I help my clients to learn about meet and fall in love with the baby/s they have aborted and learn of a God who has never abandoned them.
226 - Feb 2014 - Art: Interview with Tommy Canning: art in the service of truth
Scotland was intensely anti-Catholic as a consequence of the Reformation with both the Church of Scotland and the Presbyterian Church shaping the religious character of the country and although those sentiments are not as strong today they remain even in a country where these sentiments have weakened.
227 - Feb 2014 - iWitness 2013 retreat: another young Catholics success story, Br Barry Coldrey
Almost 300 young men and women attended the cream of Catholic young adult leadership in the Archdiocese of Sydney.
228 - Feb 2014 - News: The Church Around the World
Vatican document on Catholic schools identity A recently released Vatican document has called for a fresh commitment to Catholic identity within what it calls an increasingly secularised educ-ational environment.
229 - Feb 2014 - Victorian Inquiry: First report into clerical sex abuse released, Peter Westmore
The Victorian inquiry is the first of three current inquiries involving the extremely distressing issue of the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Churchs care and the Churchs response to it.
230 - Feb 2014 - Evangelii Gaudium: The Joy of the Gospel: Pope Francis' challenge, Peter Westmore
The letter is addressed specifically to the Catholic faithful bishops clergy consecrated people and lay men and women rather than the wider world.
231 - Dec 2013 - Books: Order books from
Craughwell This beautifully presented book includes over 60 full-color photographs a fascinating in-depth biography foreword by Cardinal Sean OMalley first homilies as Pope and supplemental sections on Catholic beliefs practices and traditions.
232 - Dec 2013 - Books: POPE FRANCIS: The Pope from the End of the Earth, by Thomas J. Craughwell, Br Barry Coldrey
As well as the biographical and historical information Craughwell includes some supplementary insertions concerning vital Catholic beliefs practices and traditions.
233 - Dec 2013 - Books: HOLY SEE, UNHOLY ME by Tim Fischer, John Barich
Conferences were held in Semarang in Indonesia in Manila and in Madrid and on the margins of the World Parliament of Religious Freedom in Fiji when nine Methodist and one Catholic leader were arrested.
234 - Dec 2013 - Letters: Errors, Peter D. Howard
The need is for the clear formation of youth in families schools parishes and Catholic media of these virtues and values so clearly taught by the Magisterium for virtuous family life and for that to be re-emphasised by pastors.
235 - Dec 2013 - Letters: Right of conscience, Marian Grima
I get very upset when I see prominent Catholics (especially in politics) using their conscience to express anti-Catholic ideas.
236 - Dec 2013 - Letters: Morality of contraception, John Ramsey
By divine ordinance those who call themselves Catholic must subscribe to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church of which the Bishop of Rome is the visible head.
237 - Dec 2013 - Schools: Catholic school education: returning to our roots, Paul McCormack
There were many discussions during my Graduate Diploma of Education about what a Catholic school should be.
238 - Dec 2013 - Catechesis and liturgy: an unbreakable bond, Bishop Arthur Serratelli
Unfortunately some educators and politicians who profess to be Catholic advocate positions contrary to the gospel.
239 - Dec 2013 - Inspirational Young Men of God retreat, Br Barry Coldrey
Stand and be counted The Young Men of God movement emerged from the network of dedicated young Catholics inspired by the charismatic Missionaries of Gods Love.
240 - Dec 2013 - Benedict XVI corresponds with an atheist mathematician, Joseph Trabbic
But he rejects an analysis of the crisis that presents it as a stain unique to Catholicism.
241 - Dec 2013 - Obituary: Cardinal Pell's tribute to Bishop William Brennan, Cardinal George Pell
Bishop Bill Brennan was one of the most individual and interesting Catholic bishops of his generation with an influence far beyond Wilcannia-Forbes and Wagga Wagga.
242 - Dec 2013 - News: The Church Around the World
Zenit News Agency Korean Catholics warned on secularism At a meeting with Korean lay representatives in October Cardinal Fernando Filoni the Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples expressed gratitude for the tremendous growth of the Church in South Korea over the past five decades while warning against three threats.
243 - Nov 2013 - Reflection: Bishop Anthony Fisher: Do you want to be a saint?, Bishop Anthony Fisher
If one billion Catholics were really trying to be saints wouldnt the world be a rather different place?
244 - Nov 2013 - Books: Order books from
YouCat Study Guide YOUCAT the Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church now has an easy-to-use companion Study Guide.
245 - Nov 2013 - Books: THE CRAFT OF CATECHESIS, by P. Wiley, P. de Cointet and B. Morgan, Br Barry Coldrey
95 ISBN: 978-1-58617-221-3) The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Craft of Catechesis is a vital book for catechists because it explains and explores the strengths of the Catechism of the Catholic Church as the modern reliable reference for the faith.
246 - Nov 2013 - Books: WHO NEEDS GOD?, by Barbara Stockl with Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, Br Barry Coldrey
In addition to his extensive pastoral duties he is the General Editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and a prolific writer.
247 - Nov 2013 - Letters: Clutching at straws, Anne Lastman
In response to Dr Mobbs latest letter maintain my belief that failure by the Catholic population and clergy to receive accept preach and practise Humanae Vitae has led to the holocaust and immorality we are seeing today to the moral turpitude which overshadows our society.
248 - Nov 2013 - Letters: Australia's new Prime Minister, Arnold Jago
Does this mean the Pope is about to back away from the Catholic Churchs established position on the sanctity of human life and family values?
249 - Nov 2013 - Letters: Pope misrepresented, C. O'Driscoll
On 20 September the Pope addressed a large number of Catholic doctors who had attended the Matercare International Conference in Rome.
250 - Nov 2013 - Marriage: English bishop warns on same-sex marriage law, Bishop Philip Egan
As Catholics like Israel in Egypt we now find ourselves in an alien land that speaks a foreign language with unfamiliar customs.
251 - Nov 2013 - Marriage: Humanae Vitae: for an excellent love, Anne Lastman
This encyclical attempted to curb the sexual revolution and sought to convince Catholics that it is very sinful to contracept for this breaks the covenant promises made and opens the doorway for marriage to be destabilised.
252 - Nov 2013 - Interview: G.K. Chesterton's cause for sainthood, Dale Ahlquist
It is ironic because long ago when I was still a Baptist I once said that if Chesterton were canonised Id become Catholic.
253 - Nov 2013 - Youth: Emmanuel Community: youth ministry powerhouse, Br Barry Coldrey
Australias largest Catholic Youth Conference Ignite took place at the Mueller Performing Arts Centre Brisbane over four days from 26-29 September 2013.
254 - Nov 2013 - Schools: The future of Catholic education, Archbishop Timothy Costelloe
On 20 August 2013 Perths Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB gave a public lecture on the future of Catholic Education in WA at the University of Notre Dame Fremantle.
255 - Nov 2013 - Culture: Cardinal Pell: defend religious freedom, Cardinal George Pell
In societies which purport to value diversity the way Catholic teaching on contraception provokes some people to fury is very interesting.
256 - Nov 2013 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Catholic-Jewish relations at a new high The World Jewish Congress provided a summary of its presidents September meeting with Pope Francis saying that the Holy Father reiterated that to be a good Christian it is necessary to understand Jewish history and traditions.
257 - Oct 2013 - Books: Order books from
YouCat Study Guide YOUCAT the Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church now has an easy-to-use companion Study Guide.
258 - Oct 2013 - Books: THE FREEDOM OF LOVE, by Rafael de Santiago, Br Barry Coldrey
ISBN: 978-085244-779-6) This is a clear strongly Catholic treatment of a well-explored subject.
259 - Oct 2013 - Books: COURAGE AND CONVICTION, by Joanna Bogle, Peter Westmore
After the Reformation when Sweden became Lutheran the order declined although in the late 17th century it provided the home of the exiled Queen Christina of Sweden who was forced to renounce the throne after becoming a Catholic.
260 - Oct 2013 - Books: A Book of Saints and Heroes, Heroines, by Joanna Bogle, Val Prendergast
And these two offerings on saints and heroes/heroines from Joanna Bogle a renowned English Catholic author broadcaster journalist and Dame of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St Gregory the Great are no exception.
261 - Oct 2013 - Church of Divine Mercy in Singapore: an amazing discovery, Kazimierz Kozlowski
An additional crucial role undertaken by him is that of editor of the local Catholic newspaper.
262 - Oct 2013 - The priesthood and the Catholic faith, Fr John O'Neill PP
It is vital for Catholics to understand that their religion comes out of the nature and the action of God who is infinite and loving.
263 - Oct 2013 - Interview: Why science needs faith, Professor Dominique Lambert
But Professor Dominique Lambert a respected expert in theoretical physics and the philosophy of science at the University of Namur Belgium believes not only does the Catholic faith when correctly applied not hinder science but gives it vital intelligibility meaning and purpose.
264 - Oct 2013 - The Catholic Church is holy, despite its members' sins, Audrey English
We proclaim the Creed every Sunday and profess that we believe that the Catholic Church is holy.
265 - Oct 2013 - Frassati Australia and the New Evangelisation, Fr Paul Chandler
In 2011 I was privileged to form with five amazing young Catholics the founding group of Frassati Australia.
266 - Oct 2013 - News: The Church Around the World
Zenit News Agency US survey: Catholics moral confusion Only 13% of US Catholics and 12% of Americans believe that in vitro fertilisation is morally wrong according to a recent survey.
267 - Oct 2013 - Pope Francis to consecrate world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Peter Westmore
On Sunday 8 October 2000 upon the completion of the ceremonies for the Jubilee of the Bishops John Paul II and the bishops consecrated and entrusted themselves and the Catholic Church in the new millennium to Mary.
268 - Oct 2013 - Editorial: Postscript on the Australian elections, Peter Westmore
The election of a new Liberal-National Party government in Australia led by a prominent Catholic layman Tony Abbott has attracted attention around the world.
269 - Sep 2013 - Books: Order books from
Compendium of the Catechism This Compendium in the words of Pope Benedict is a faithful and sure synthesis of the Catechism of the Catholic Church containing in concise form all the essential and fundamental elements of the Churchs faith.
270 - Sep 2013 - Books: WAYS OF PRAYING, by Father John Edwards SJ, Br Barry Coldrey
ISBN: 978-0-85244-798-7) Originally a publication of the Catholic Truth Society (England) some fifty years ago Fr Edwards work was updated and reprinted by Family Publications in 1982 and reprinted in 2012 with only minor changes.
271 - Sep 2013 - Letters: Causal connection, Francis Young
It floored me to see this assertion from an academically capable observer of Catholic teaching and the world since well before the 1960s.
272 - Sep 2013 - Letters: Anti-life values, Andrew Foong
Catholic historians even see its prohibition in the context of instruction from the Didache (attributed to the Twelve Apostles): You shall not use magic.
273 - Sep 2013 - Letters: Contraception is harmful, Anne Lastman
I maintain that rejection of Humanae Vitae by much of the Catholic population the failure of the hierarchy and priests to teach on it and the false theology and reason behind this failure have led to the sexual chaos we are witnessing today.
274 - Sep 2013 - Letters: Anniversary of Humanae Vitae, Ken Bayliss
Jesus send Your Holy Spirit upon us and all our brothers and sisters for the grace to have great love and fidelity for Your Vicar Our Holy Father Pope Francis so that we will always obey the teachings of Your Holy Catholic Church.
275 - Sep 2013 - Frassati: The Holy Terror: a model for young Catholic men, Br Barry Coldrey
He was active in the Catholic Student Federation Catholic Action and the Populare the forerunner of the Christian Democrats which promoted the Churchs social teaching based on the principles of Pope Leo XIIIs encyclical Rerum Novarum.
276 - Sep 2013 - A covenant: essence of true marriage, Anne Lastman
The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that The entire Christian life bears the mark of the spousal love of Christ and the Church.
277 - Sep 2013 - The Church's crises old and new, Bishop James D. Conley
In the wake of the Council one of Europes greatest bishops wrote that the Catholic Church had become like a naval battle in which the ships are driven to and fro by a raging tempest while thick darkness falls from the clouds and blackens all the scene so that watchwords are indistinguishable in confusion and all distinction between friend and foe is lost ( On the Spirit St Basil the Great).
278 - Sep 2013 - Oasis: Finding rapprochement and peace among the Abrahamic religions, Patrick Byrne
Vatican II The work of Oasis is based on the teaching of the Second Vatican Councils Dogmatic Constitution of the Catholic Church Lumen Gentium (1964) which is a declaration of the Churchs extraordinary magisterium.
279 - Sep 2013 - World Youth Day 2013: Pope Francis inspires Rio, Peter Westmore
For the millions of Catholics living in Brazil and the young people from around the world who travelled to Rio for World Youth Day 2013 Pope Francis visit was a live-changing experience.
280 - Sep 2013 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Encyclical bridges pontificates The director of LOsservatore Ro mano Giovanni Maria Vian said Pope Francis encyclical Lumen Fidei could be considered a bridge between two successors of St Peter.
281 - Sep 2013 - Hobart's new Archbishop ready for the challenges of leadership, Michael Gilchrist
The President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Archbishop Denis Hart responded to the announcement on behalf of the bishops: I warmly welcome the appointment by Pope Francis of Bishop Julian Porteous as Archbishop of Hobart.
282 - Sep 2013 - Editorial: Catholic voters and the 2013 Federal Election
Participation in the democratic process is a moral minefield for the Catholic voter.
283 - Aug 2013 - Books: Order books from
Compendium of the Catechism This Compendium in the words of Pope Benedict is a faithful and sure synthesis of the Catechism of the Catholic Church containing in concise form all the essential and fundamental elements of the Churchs faith.
284 - Aug 2013 - Books: ALIVE IN THE SPIRIT, by Fr Ken Barker MGL, Michael Gilchrist
Fr Ken also points out that the faith of many individual Catholics has been brought to life through the gift of the Holy Spirit.
285 - Aug 2013 - Books: FROM BROTHERHOOD TO PRIESTHOOD: Memoirs of Msgr William A. Mullins, Michael Gilchrist
It is especially valuable as a first-hand account of Catholic Church history in this country over many decades and in addition will be of great interest to those many bishops priests religious and lay people whose paths have crossed Monsignor Mullins at different stages of his long and distinguished career.
286 - Aug 2013 - Books: CATHOLIC APOLOGETICS: a course in religion for Catholic high schools, Michael E. Daniel
CATHOLIC APOLOGETICS: a course in religion for Catholic high schools and academics by Father John Laux (Four volumes first published 1928 with illustrations 1934 reprinted by TAN Books 1990.
287 - Aug 2013 - Books: FRANCIS: POPE OF A NEW WORLD, by Andrea Tornielli, Br Barry Coldrey
There are four dimensions to a full Catholic life: belief worship lifestyle and service especially to the poor marginalised and excluded.
288 - Aug 2013 - Letters: Catholic statistics, John R. Barich
Thank you for publicising the world Catholic statistics (July AD2000).
289 - Aug 2013 - Letters: Pope's advisory board, Ken Bayliss
Keeping the Catholic Church Catholic was Fr Purcells constant theme.
290 - Aug 2013 - Letters: Liturgical abuses, Michael Apthorp
The 2004 Vatican instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum (section 184) simply states Any Catholic .
291 - Aug 2013 - National Assembly: Order of Malta renews and grows, Damian Wyld
Sessions at the Assembly covered topics ranging from the Orders work around the world to evaluating the role of Catholic leaders and to some of the pressing life issues in Australia today.
292 - Aug 2013 - Sacra Liturgia 2013: Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith: interview on liturgy, Zenit News Service
The liturgy of the Catholic Church is unique and special.
293 - Aug 2013 - Common good: St Basil the Great: outstanding doctor of the Church for our time, Jordan Grantham
Catholics today often feel the need to legitimise the Faith by touting its contribution to the common good.
294 - Aug 2013 - Understanding Syria's religious war, Fr Paul Stenhouse
Bashar al-Assad his fellow Alawites and the moderate Syrian Sunnis and most of Syrias ethnic and religious minorities Armenians Assyrians Circassians Kurds Turks and Druze Ishmailis Orthodox (Chalcedonian Syrian Armenian) Catholic (Melkite Assyrian Armenian Syriac Maronite Chaldaean and Latin) who are their allies are in the cross-hairs.
295 - Aug 2013 - Lumen Fidei: The great gift of Faith: Pope Francis' first encyclical, Damian Wyld
A number of prominent Catholic bloggers including US-based Brandon Vogt and Fr Z (Father John Zuhlsdorf) have been issued with formal cautions over potential breach of copyright.
296 - Aug 2013 - University: In the lions' den: Catholic ministry on secular campuses, Br Barry Coldrey
Catholic students in Australian secular universities confront a religious wasteland which can leach away any expression of their faith.
297 - Aug 2013 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Book addresses identity crisis of fatherhood Several prominent Catholic men offer advice in new book on how to respond to the modern uncertainty of what it means to a father and a man.
298 - Aug 2013 - Holy See announces canonisation of Blessed John Paul II, Peter Westmore
As the first non-Italian pope in nearly 600 years John Paul II became synonymous with the universality of the Catholic Church visiting 129 countries during his 27 year pontificate celebrating Mass for millions of the faithful and personally meeting hundreds of thousands of people.
299 - Aug 2013 - Editorial: Church's clear opposition to all same-sex unions
How disappointing then at a time when Catholics in Australia and abroad are working with others to state the case for marriage to have the cause undermined by a prominent fellow Catholic.
300 - Jul 2013 - Books: Order books from
Compendium of the Catechism This Compendium in the words of Pope Benedict is a faithful and sure synthesis of the Catechism of the Catholic Church containing in concise form all the essential and fundamental elements of the Churchs faith.
301 - Jul 2013 - Books: ST JOSEMARIA ESCRIVA AND THE ORIGINS OF OPUS DEI, Br Barry Coldrey
The author William Keenan is a prolific English Catholic writer journalist playwright and novelist.
302 - Jul 2013 - Books: SAINTS WHO RAISED THE DEAD: True Stories of Four Hundred Resurrection Miracles, Br Barry Coldrey
Available from Freedom Publishing) Father Albert Hebert an American Marist has been a prolific writer of popular and accessible works of Catholic devotion.
303 - Jul 2013 - Letters: Christian civil rights, Name and Address Supplied
In the US Catholic charities have been removed from vital social services because they refused to agree to policies or procedures which violate moral principles.
304 - Jul 2013 - Letters: Offensive advert, Helen F. Daniel
I explained that as a Catholic I found it highly offensive and asked what made them consider Catholicism a worthy target of such blasphemy?
305 - Jul 2013 - Letters: Finding true unity, Didymus Astle
He seemed to think that Eastern Catholics were jumping the gun so to speak resulting in ordinary villagers being divided between those ready to unite and those who are not.
306 - Jul 2013 - Parody?: Anti-Catholic hate speech, Aussie Style (Move on, nothing to see here), R.J. Stove
All readers of this periodical will by now have heard about the US Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training brief which lumps Catholicism with Hamas with Al-Qaeda with the Klan and with whichever telephone booth now houses the Aryan Brotherhood.
307 - Jul 2013 - Musicae Sacrae: The essential role of music in the Mass, Ronan Reilly
Where the pagan aspires to the worship of the transcendent the Catholic is inspired in the worship of God.
308 - Jul 2013 - Obituary: Vale Fr Paul Duffy SJ (1931-2013), Anna Krohn
Father Duffy was here touching upon a recurrent and important vision of his the need for an ethos of a continuously educated historically conscious imaginative and engaged Catholicism.
309 - Jul 2013 - Formation: Future priests learn about the RCIA process, Rev Dr Elio Capra SDB
The second course is offered through the Catholic Theological College (three hours per week over 12 weeks) focused on catechetical formation.
310 - Jul 2013 - Social media: Catholic activism and the AussieMite affair, Damian Wyld
To quote the legendary Bill Donohue of the US-based Catholic League You stuck your middle finger up at the Catholic Church and we just broke it pal!
311 - Jul 2013 - Paul VI: Humanae Vitae: still prophetic after 45 years, Anne Lastman
Humanae Vitae has been the most rejected and reviled document both within and without the Catholic Church.
312 - Jul 2013 - Youth: Melbourne's young adult ministry continues its revival, Br Barry Coldrey
After World Youth Day 2000 a number of young Catholic pilgrims approached Dr George Pell then Archbishop of Melbourne to establish a weekly hour of Adoration for young Catholics in St Patricks Cathedral.
313 - Jul 2013 - News: The Church Around the World
A four-year-long review expressed concern over certain radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith that were in some presentations sponsored by LCWR.
314 - Jul 2013 - Cardinal Pell's candid responses to Victorian Parliament grilling, Peter Westmore
He frankly admitted that during the 1970s and 1980s as more and more allegations of sexual abuse came to light the Catholic Church continued to mishandle the issue.
315 - Jun 2013 - Books: YOUCAT: Youth Prayer Book, by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Peter Westmore
Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church published in 1997 YOUCAT has a foreword by Benedict XVI and a series of four chapters which answer the basic questions of the Christian life.
316 - Jun 2013 - Letters: Liturgical heritage, 'Temple Policeman'
This year two Eastern Catholic Patriarchs have visited the churches of their diaspora in Australia and their liturgies have been very well attended.
317 - Jun 2013 - The elephant in the sanctuary, Paul MacLeod
In launching the book in Rome in March Cardinal Raymond Burke said he agreed with Fr Bux that liturgical abuses lead to serious damage to the faith of Catholics.
318 - Jun 2013 - Why we need the Rosary, Cedric Wright
Kneeling round a young English priest Father Thomas Byles Catholics were joined by those of other faiths and no faith in the beautiful supplication: Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death!
319 - Jun 2013 - The strange story of Mr Douglas Hyde, Damian Wyld
Each spouse had in their own way been flirting with Catholicism but in secrecy for fear of what the other would think.
320 - Jun 2013 - Redefining marriage: what of the rights of children?, Denise Hunnell
In spite of the political and cultural momentum favouring this radical new paradigm for marriage there is still a strong opposition in France that is supported and encouraged by Catholic Jewish and Muslim leaders and laity.
321 - Jun 2013 - Farcical history: the 'Gospel of Jesus' wife', Frank Mobbs
She maintains it is one of a number of gospels circulating in the first centuries of Christianity documents which the Catholic Church allegedly tried to destroy but which were secreted in desert sites until discovered in the past century.
322 - Jun 2013 - Youth: Melbourne to host Australian Catholic Youth Festival, Br Barry Coldrey
In the Sydney Archdiocese Cardinal George Pell has promoted young adult ministry for many years with a cluster of projects designed to involve Catholic youth while his two seminaries have provided almost thirty new priests for the Archdiocese since World Youth Day 2008.
323 - Jun 2013 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Rome-SSPX talks at a standstill Bishop Bernard Fellay the superior of the Society of St Pius X (SPPX) has acknowledged that the traditionalist group has made no major progress towards reconciliation with the Holy See despite intensive talks last year.
324 - Jun 2013 - Pope begins reform of the Vatican Curia, Peter Westmore
Some commentators were quick to claim that the advisory group was the sign of a new collegial Church as though previous popes had not established groups and commissions on every topic from the future of the Catholic Social Studies Movement (1957) to the legal status of the Traditional Latin Mass (1986).
325 - May 2013 - Books: Order books from
South Vietnamese-born priest Fr Peter Hung Manh Tran provides an analysis of the contemporary debates and a response from Catholic moral theology.
326 - May 2013 - Books: SAINTS, SACRILEGE AND SEDITION: Religion and Conflict in the Tudor Reformations, Michael Daniel
What is often referred to as the Whig interpretation argued that by the time of the late medieval period the Catholic Church in England had become so corrupt moribund and despotic that it was easily swept aside at the time of the Protestant Reformation which was enthusiastically embraced by most English people because it stood for liberty and freedom.
327 - May 2013 - Ancient Greek contributions to Western Church music, Christopher Warner
Therefore each eight mode tradition must be studied separately in order to see any congruent systematic musical variation between modes but the three major Christian chant traditions are the Syrian Byzantine (Greek) and Roman Catholic.
328 - May 2013 - Church unity and the Anglican Ordinariate, Archbishop Gerhard Müller
The following are extracts from an address given by Archbishop Gerhard Mller Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to members of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter one of three ordinariates so far established to welcome former Anglicans into full communion with the Catholic Church.
329 - May 2013 - Legacy: An Act of Faith: AD2000 after 25 years, B.A. Santamaria
As Michael Dummett Wykeham Professor of Logic at Oxford University - admitted by his antagonist Professor Nicholas Lash to be one of the senior Catholic scholars in the English-speaking world - states in the concluding article of their current controversy in Blackfriars (December 1987): I do not want to revive the Inquisition or the anti-Modernist oath: I only want an authoritative pronouncement of the limits of the admissible reinterpretation of the articles of the Creed.
330 - May 2013 - Youth: Reasons for Hope retreat for young adult Catholics, Barry Coldrey
On the weekend of 8-10 March Chittick Lodge Gerringong was packed to the rafters with over 100 enthusiastic young Catholic adults for their annual Retreat.
331 - May 2013 - News: The Church Around the World
New pope embodies Churchs future: author Catholic author and scholar George Weigel believes that Pope Francis embodies the type of Catholicism that is needed for the Church to thrive in the modern cultural context.
332 - May 2013 - Francis: pope of paradox, Damian Wyld
Many media outlets conveniently ignored the fact that the few statements of Pope Francis even available at that time in English were soundly Catholic.
333 - Apr 2013 - Reflection: Easter: the centrality of faith in the risen Christ, Fr Dennis Byrnes
In the Catechism of the Catholic Church we read: Faith is the theological virtue by which we believe in God and believe all that he has said and revealed to us and that Holy Church proposes for our belief because he is truth itself.
334 - Apr 2013 - Books: Order books from
South Vietnamese-born priest Fr Peter Hung Manh Tran provides an analysis of the contemporary debates and a response from Catholic moral theology.
335 - Apr 2013 - Books: THE SEVEN BIG MYTHS ABOUT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, by Christopher Kaczor, Father John Flynn LC
THE SEVEN BIG MYTHS ABOUT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH by Christopher Kaczor (Ignatius Press 2012 164pp Hardback $34.
336 - Apr 2013 - Books: REDEEMING GRIEF: Abortion and Its Pain (2nd and Revised ed.), by Anne R. Lastman, Fr Paul Crotty
With her commitment to Christ as a Catholic Anne Lastman describes the forgiveness of God which is life-giving for many of those she sees who had been living a destructive life of self-hatred.
337 - Apr 2013 - Letters: Child abuse, Arnold Jago
Theres a well-funded industry devoted to pretending that it does and mostly in the Catholic Church and wanting the Church punished bankrupted and hastened into non-existence.
338 - Apr 2013 - Letters: The Second Coming, Andrew Sholl
However regarding chapter 20 verse 7 of this Gospel as a Hebrew-Catholic it astounds me that in my 73 years I have yet to hear a bishop or priest preach on the significance of this to me a most significant verse.
339 - Apr 2013 - Venerable Fulton J. Sheen's insights on the priesthood, Martin Tobin
Martin is now Deputy Principal of the Catholic Agricultural College in Bindoon WA having left Trinity College East Perth where he held the position of Head of Senior School.
340 - Apr 2013 - Child sexual abuse: looking beyond the institutions, Anne Lastman
There is a sense of shame which hovers over the Catholic Church at this moment.
341 - Apr 2013 - Returning beauty and sacredness to churches, Art Lohsen
A major portion of the firms work has been for the Catholic Church in the design of new churches and renovations.
342 - Apr 2013 - Pilgrimage: A Holy Land pilgrimage with Scott and Kimberly Hahn, Wanda Skowronska
Between 4-14 January 2013 four buses of praying singing Catholics travelled from Mount Carmel to Nazareth from Bethlehem to Jericho from Jerusalem to the desert wilderness where Jesus fasted and prayed for 40 days.
343 - Apr 2013 - Obituary: Vale Dr Lyn Billings AM, DCSG, MBBS (Melb), DCH (Lond), Joan Clements
She works as Office Manager at the Vocations Office of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and teaches the Billings Ovulation Method at the Manningham General Practice in Lower Templestowe.
344 - Apr 2013 - News: The Church Around the World
He expressed gratitude for the Popes understanding of the problems which impede the full normalisation of Orthodox-Catholic relations especially in such regions as western Ukraine.
345 - Apr 2013 - AD2000: the changing of the guard, Michael Gilchrist
However by the time of his passing in 1998 AD2000 had justified his bold decision to found a religious monthly a decade earlier being well established as a significant force for orthodoxy within the Catholic Church and Christianity generally in Australia.
346 - Mar 2013 - Books: Order books from
South Vietnamese-born priest Fr Peter Hung Manh Tran provides an analysis of the contemporary debates and a response from Catholic moral theology.
347 - Mar 2013 - Books: HOLY MEN AND WOMEN OF THE MIDDLE AGES AND BEYOND, by Pope Benedict XVI, Michael Daniel
Available from Freedom publishing) This volume is the latest in Benedict XVIs reflections on the lives and ideas of significant Catholic writers and thinkers which were originally delivered as short addresses in his weekly audiences from January 2010 to 2011.
348 - Mar 2013 - Books: BECOME WHAT YOU ARE: Growing in Christian Character, by Bishop Julian Porteous, Brother Barry Coldrey
He has had pastoral experience in a number of Sydney parishes is a vigorous promoter of the new evangelisation particularly among young people and is a regular and popular speaker at retreats and conferences involving committed young adult Catholics.
349 - Mar 2013 - Books: CONTEMPLATING CHRIST WITH LUKE by Cardinal George Pell, Brother Barry Coldrey
Cardinal Pell has been a major presence in the Australian Catholic Church and a force for orthodoxy when many Catholics have drifted from the truths of faith influenced by the secular agenda of the dominant culture.
350 - Mar 2013 - Priestly celibacy: being one with Christ and His mission, Father John O'Neill PP
The Catholic priests motivation for celibacy lies in his fascination for his privileged call expressed perhaps in the following attempt at poetry: Among the Apostles Ah!
351 - Mar 2013 - Obituary: Creos Roman: may he rest in peace, Bishop Anthony Fisher OP
Contact with the Missionaries of Charity in Fitzroy and Wagga Wagga and the experience of World Youth Day in Rome eventually brought him to full-cream Catholic faith and reform of life and he found more positive ways of channelling his energies.
352 - Mar 2013 - True reform in the Church: Yves Congar's golden mean, Andrew Kania
Lauded by Cardinal Avery Dulles as being one of the great classics of 20th century Catholic theology Yves Congars True and False Reform (1950) originally found itself on that dubious shelf of works which the Vatican officially discouraged people from reading.
353 - Mar 2013 - Women priests and bishops: Anglicanism's crisis of identity, David Wetherell
The Church has frequently claimed that it is a bridge church between Catholicism and Protestantism.
354 - Mar 2013 - Religious persecution occurs in democracies, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
Thus we are presented with the pressing question about whether the devoted religious believer let us say the Catholic can have a right to exercise citizenship in the most robust fashion when his or her views on civic concerns are informed by the faith.
355 - Mar 2013 - 1000 UK priests sign joint letter against same-sex 'marriage', AD2000 Report
On 11 January 2013 in one of the biggest joint letters of its type ever written over 1000 British Catholic priests almost a quarter of all clergy in England and Wales signed a letter to the London Daily Telegraph arguing that same-sex marriage would restrict the freedom of Catholics to teach the truth about marriage.
356 - Mar 2013 - News: The Church Around The World
Catholic World News Pope meets Vietnamese Communist leader On 22 January Pope Benedict XVI met with Nguyen Phu Trong the secretary-general of Vietnams ruling Communist Party.
357 - Mar 2013 - STOP PRESS: Vale, Pope Benedict!, Peter Westmore
The low-key announcement of retirement by Pope Benedict XVI was characteristic of the brilliant but humble style of a man who served faithfully as Holy Father of the Catholic Church for the relatively short period of eight years.
358 - Feb 2013 - Reflection: The cathedral: symbol of Christ's authoritative teaching, Bishop Michael Kennedy
For the bishop as a teacher of Catholic truth guarantees the unity of the diocese of its priests and of its faithful be it amongst ourselves be it also in communion with the Universal Church past present and future.
359 - Feb 2013 - Books: TAI CHI, REIKI: A Guide for all Christians, by Br Max Sculley FSC, Br Barry Coldrey
Belgium is a nominally Catholic country but its people are increasingly secular in practice.
360 - Feb 2013 - Letters: Shared faith?, John Frey
For the celebration of the month of Ramadan a recent meeting of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference suggested the following prayer be included in the Prayers of the Faithful.
361 - Feb 2013 - Letters: Royal Commission, Arnold Jago
Could the focusing on Catholic priests be - in part perhaps - the brainchild of persons at least as interested in discrediting the Church as in protecting children?
362 - Feb 2013 - Letters: Church unity?, Richard Congram
Every true Catholic deplores the grievous sins committed by some priests and religious paedophiles.
363 - Feb 2013 - Schools: Drawing pupils to God through the true, the good and the beautiful, Rosemary Anderson
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School based in Denver Colorado has nearly doubled its enrolment in one year after introducing a classical curriculum.
364 - Feb 2013 - Religious freedom: The widows of Kandmahal: anti-Christian violence in India, Babette Francis
The sting is in the miserable failure of the justice system - Catholic Archbishop Raphael Cheenath started writing letters to the state government in the 1970s warning that sporadic episodes of targeted violence against Christians in his diocese were building up to something bigger and urging justice be done to safeguard against this.
365 - Feb 2013 - Events: iWitness Retreat: a celebration of young adult Catholic faith, Br Barry Coldrey
WYD Madrid has come and gone and now hundreds of thousands of young adult Catholics are looking forward to WYD Rio de Janeiro in 2013.
366 - Feb 2013 - Parish Renewal: New springtime for Catholic faith at St Mary's, South Brisbane, Jenny Davies
In the months preceding Fr Howells administration at St Marys in April 2009 negotiations had taken place between Fr Howell representing the Catholic Archdiocese and Fr Peter Kennedy and his congregation representing a new church comprised of Catholics and religious non-Catholics believers non-believers artists musicians singers writers social workers and teachers.
367 - Feb 2013 - News: The Church Around the World
Pope to bishops: improve charities supervision Benedict XVI has released an apostolic letter on Catholic charities that asks bishops to improve their supervision of local charities and ensure that these groups work does not contradict Catholic teaching.
368 - Feb 2013 - Royal Commission: The Church in Australia faces moment of truth, Peter Westmore
The year 2013 commences with the establishment of the Australian Governments Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse - an inquiry triggered by police allegations in New South Wales and Victoria that there had been a cover-up of claims of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy despite the Catholic Churchs internal processes set up to address the crisis.
369 - Feb 2013 - Editorial: AD2000 25 years on: the challenges remain, Michael Gilchrist
Responding to what Blessed John Paul II described as a genuine crisis of belief within the Catholic community the magazine aimed to uphold and defend orthodox Catholicism in faith and morals as taught by the popes and bishops and set out in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
370 - Dec 2012 - Reflection: Feast of the Holy Innocents: Rachel weeps for her children, Anne Lastman
December is the month when we will again celebrate the Feast of the Holy Innocents (28 December) an important but seemingly forgotten feast in the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church Church of England Lutheran Church Maronite Church Chaldean and Syro Malabar Catholic Church and Syrian Orthodox Church.
371 - Dec 2012 - Books: Order books from
00 ISBN 978-0-85244-771-0 A Civilization of Love William Newton This book guides the reader through the major themes of Catholic social teaching by drawing directly upon the primary source of this doctrine the social encyclicals of the popes from Leo XIII to Benedict XVI.
372 - Dec 2012 - Books: ADAM AND EVE AFTER THE PILL, by Mary Eberstadt, Brian Peachey
In the years since Humanae Vitaes appearance numerous distinguished Catholic thinkers have argued using a variety of evidence that each of these predictions has been borne out by the social facts for example Msgr George A.
373 - Dec 2012 - Books: A BIBLICAL SEARCH FOR THE CHURCH CHRIST FOUNDED, by Linus F. Clovis, Michael Daniel
Why the Catholic Church is the one that Jesus founded A BIBLICAL SEARCH FOR THE CHURCH CHRIST FOUNDED by Linus F.
374 - Dec 2012 - Letters: Old Testament, Fr Brian Harrison
In his reply to my latest letter Frank Mobbs (October AD2000) makes no attempt to counter my central point namely that in denying the truth of certain assertions of the biblical authors he is taking a stand not just against some aberrant personal opinion of mine but against the firm and constant doctrine of the Catholic Church according to which all such assertions in both Old and New Testaments are coauthored by the Holy Spirit who cannot err.
375 - Dec 2012 - Letters: Bob Santamaria, Brian A. Peachey
Yet when an invitation of his Archbishop to dedicate himself and his remarkable talents totally to the lay apostolate to the dynamising of the Catholic laity was received this truly great Christian man responded immediately.
376 - Dec 2012 - Letters: Abortion silence, Thomas M. Kalotas
The electronic media brings instantaneous reports of calamities earthquakes and sufferings of peoples around the world and quite rightly we in our Australian Catholic churches (and probably in others as well) pray for and remember them at our Sunday Masses and services.
377 - Dec 2012 - Advent and the Second Coming: a forgotten article of faith, Br Christian Moe FSC
Although practising Catholics recall this belief at every Sunday Mass as do those devoted to the Rosary every time they recite the introductory Creed - not to mention that at nearly every Mass in the Eucharistic Prayer or the seasonal Prefaces we recall this mystery - yet somehow this basic article of faith seems to make little impact on our imagination or on a consciously-lived faith.
378 - Dec 2012 - Caroline Chisholm Library: Melbourne's hidden gem, Angela Schumann
Some years ago freshly arrived in Melbourne from an Irish Catholic rural community and a convent school education Caroline Chisholm Library committee member Terri Kelleher wandered upstairs from the Catholic bookshop on Elizabeth Street and found herself in the Central Catholic Library.
379 - Dec 2012 - History: Parish life in the Middle Ages (Part 1), Frank Mobbs
Remember everyone was a Catholic.
380 - Dec 2012 - A different fire: Vatican II and the new evangelisation, Archbishop Mark Coleridge
It requires at least in this country a recognition that tribal Catholicism is at an end.
381 - Dec 2012 - Catholicism: The Year of Faith: time to revisit the Catechism of the Catholic Church Church, Audrey English
Pope Benedict XVI has proclaimed a Year of Faith a call on the faithful to wake up and rediscover the riches of our Catholic Faith.
382 - Dec 2012 - Pilgrimage: Crossroads: young people spread the message of life and love, Angela Schumann
Crossroads is a Catholic group that sponsors annual summer pro-life walks for 18-30 year olds across their countries.
383 - Dec 2012 - Young Men of God 2012 Conference showcases Christian leadership, Br Barry Coldrey
Many are also concerned at the inadequacies of religious education in Catholic schools and at the paucity of priestly vocations.
384 - Dec 2012 - Sectarianism: Dignitatis Humanae Institute: Christian values in public life, Babette Francis
In 2004 Italian politician Rocco Buttiglione was forced to withdraw his nomination as a candidate for the European Unions new Commissioner for Justice Freedom and Security because of his Catholic views on homosexuality and abortion.
385 - Dec 2012 - News: The Church Around the World
Patriarch Bartholomew recalled how the opening of the Second Vatican Council 50 years ago paved the way for a thawing of relations between Catholicism and Orthodoxy after generations of division dating back to the 11th century.
386 - Dec 2012 - Culture: Western crisis is spiritual: Russian Orthodox leader, Metropolitan Hilarion
In an important address to the Synod of Bishops in Rome in mid-October Metropolitan Hilarion head of the Russian Orthodox Churchs Department for External Church Relations called for the Catholic and Orthodox Churches to work together to address the crisis of Western civilisation and the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.
387 - Nov 2012 - Books: Order books from
00 ISBN 978-0-85244-771-0 A Civilization of Love William Newton This book guides the reader through the major themes of Catholic social teaching by drawing directly upon the primary source of this doctrine the social encyclicals of the popes from Leo XIII to Benedict XVI.
388 - Nov 2012 - Books: A MIDLIFE JOURNEY, by Gerald O'Collins SJ, Frank Mobbs
I found this section somewhat clogged with detail although the familys Irishness and ardent Catholicism were impressive.
389 - Nov 2012 - Books: CATHOLICISM: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith, by Fr Robert Barron, Michael Gilchrist
The greatest catechetical tool of our generation CATHOLICISM: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith by Fr Robert Barron (Image Books 2011 Hardback 291pp $30.
390 - Nov 2012 - Letters: Catholic quotations, Mike Lovett
I am offering a free service whereby Catholic quotations are sent weekly by email to anyone who is interested.
391 - Nov 2012 - Letters: People of God, John Frey
In her the human is directed towards and subordinate to the divine ( Catechism of the Catholic Church 771).
392 - Nov 2012 - The new evangelisation: restore a sense of the sacred, Andrew Kania
I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people attending Mass and as I walked the good distance between where I had parked my car and the church I mused at how wrong the perception is that few Catholics now attend Mass on a regular basis.
393 - Nov 2012 - Worldwide religious persecution continues, Cardinal Timothy Dolan
The following are edited extracts from Cardinal Timothy Dolans address at an International Religious Freedom Symposium on 12 September 2012 at the Catholic University of America Washington DC.
394 - Nov 2012 - Hong Kong's Catholic Bishop interviewed
Five percent of Hong Kong residents are Catholic and this number under his leadership is growing.
395 - Nov 2012 - Shanghai's new auxiliary bishop: a prophet and a hero, Bernard Cervellera
A prophet and a hero this is how many Chinese Catholics - and we with them - define the first steps of the newly elected auxiliary bishop of Shanghai Msgr Ma Thaddeus Daqin.
396 - Nov 2012 - Ignite Conference unites young practising Catholics, Br Barry Coldrey
The annual Ignite Conference 2012 - hosted by Brisbanes Emmanuel Community - attracted around 1000 Catholic teenagers and young adults from across Australia to connect and worship with young fellow Catholics.
397 - Nov 2012 - News: The Church Around the World
Benedict XVI: Liturgy is Gods action not ours Benedict XVI has reminded Catholics that the liturgy belongs to Jesus Christ and his Church and should not be changed according to individual whims.
398 - Nov 2012 - Pope's Lebanon visit sends a message of peace to Middle East, Michael Gilchrist
The official signing ceremony took place at the Melkite Greek Catholic Basilica of St Paul in the coastal town of Harissa.
399 - Oct 2012 - Reflection: The Year of Faith and the Church's missionary role, Fr Dennis W. Byrnes
That men and women may come to the fullness of grace and truth in this our historic one apostolic Catholic Church is the desire underlying our missionary commitment.
400 - Oct 2012 - Books: Order books from
00 ISBN 978-0-85244-771-0 A Civilization of Love William Newton This book guides the reader through the major themes of Catholic social teaching by drawing directly upon the primary source of this doctrine the social encyclicals of the popes from Leo XIII to Benedict XVI.
401 - Oct 2012 - Books: Manual of Minor Exorcisms, Prayers for those in Spiritual Affliction, Porteous, Fr Nicholas Dillon
MANUAL OF MINOR EXORCISMS (Catholic Truth Society 2012 80pp $14.
402 - Oct 2012 - Books: AN AMAZING LOVE, by Father Ken Barker, Br Barry Coldrey
The primary focus of the new evangelisation is on those Western nations where most of the baptised have lost any active sense of their Catholic faith.
403 - Oct 2012 - Letters: Biblical assertions, Frank Mobbs
Fr Brian Harrison continues to maintain (September AD2000) that a Catholic must believe every assertion (proposition) in the Bible including such trivia as that Ruth married Boaz.
404 - Oct 2012 - Letters: Real Presence, Cedric Wright
For any sincere Catholic the solemn moment of receiving the Blessed Sacrament in Communion is one of humble adoration and gratitude.
405 - Oct 2012 - Letters: Christian unity, Andrew Sholl
One of the most significant contributions of Aquinas to Catholic theology was I believe his formulation of the term transubstantiation by which he meant the process of the change of mere bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus during the Consecration of every Mass following the command of Jesus at the Last Supper known as Holy Thursday the day before Good Friday when he suffered his Passion and death on the Cross.
406 - Oct 2012 - Schools: Saint Mary MacKillop Colleges, Wagga Wagga: progress report, Charles Morton
Bill and Jo Andrews had educated their four children in Catholic primary schools home schooled for years 7-10 and finally re-entered the Catholic system for Years 11 and 12.
407 - Oct 2012 - Liturgical Music: Vatican II: Singing nourishes faith ... raises minds to God, Bishop Arthur Serratelli
Why few Catholics sing Yet for some reason when Catholics go to church not many of them join in the singing.
408 - Oct 2012 - History: Melbourne Catholics: Dr Mannix's impact, Patrick Morgan
His latest book Melbourne Before Mannix: Catholics in Public Life 1880-1920 will be launched by Connor Court Publishing on 16 October and be available from the Freedom Publishing Bookshop.
409 - Oct 2012 - Missions: Father Raphael: dynamic Nigerian parish priest, Madonna Brosnan
Some years ago the government took possession of all Catholic schools.
410 - Oct 2012 - The Year of Faith and true unity of faith, Cardinal Raymond Burke
A new evangelisation is teaching the faith through preaching catechesis and all forms of Catholic education celebrating the faith in the Sacraments and in their extension through prayer and devotion and living the faith through the practice of the virtues all as if for the first time that is with the engagement and energy of the first disciples and of the first missionaries.
411 - Oct 2012 - Universities: Cardinal Pell's tertiary ministry at Sydney's universities, Br Barry Coldrey
The Cardinal initially reformed ministry at Sydney University and the new model was then applied to the Catholic chaplaincies at UTS (Technology University) Macquarie University and the University of New South Wales.
412 - Oct 2012 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency Nigerian scientist warns against birth control push Obianuju Ekeocha a biomedical scientist who is currently working in England has warned Melinda Gates to reconsider her push for birth control in poor countries explaining that African women neither need nor want contraception.
413 - Oct 2012 - Anglican Ordinariate: Melbourne ordinations: historic day for Church in Australia, Peter Westmore
The ordination of eight men to the Catholic priesthood in Melbourne on 8 September four of whom were former Anglican priests who have joined the Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross is a historic event for the Catholic Church in Australia.
414 - Oct 2012 - Editorial: The Year of Faith and Catechism of the Catholic Church, Michael Gilchrist
The starting date of 11 October 2012 also marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
415 - Sep 2012 - Reflection: Fatima: Mary's appeal for penance and conversion, Bishop Arthur Serratelli
When Mary appeared to the three children at Fatima Portugal was no longer the strong Catholic country that it once was.
416 - Sep 2012 - Books: Order books from
00 ISBN 978-0-85244-771-0 A Civilization of Love William Newton This book guides the reader through the major themes of Catholic social teaching by drawing directly upon the primary source of this doctrine the social encyclicals of the popes from Leo XIII to Benedict XVI.
417 - Sep 2012 - Books: THROUGH SHAKESPEARE'S EYES: Seeing the Catholic presence in the plays, Pearce, Michael E. Daniel
THROUGH SHAKESPEARES EYES: Seeing the Catholic presence in the plays by Joseph Pearce (Ignatius Press 2010 hardback 207pp $39.
418 - Sep 2012 - Books: A COMPANION TO CATHOLIC EDUCATION, by Leonardo Franchi (Editor), Gerard O'Shea
Teaching the faith in Catholic schools: a valuable new resource A COMPANION TO CATHOLIC EDUCATION Leonardo Franchi (Editor) (Gracewing/Freedom Publishing 2012 252pp $30.
419 - Sep 2012 - Letters: Old Testament, Fr Brian Harrison OS
It is clear that in openly denying the truth of Old Testament assertions that he finds unpalatable (August AD2000) Frank Mobbs quarrel is not just with me but with the Catholic Church.
420 - Sep 2012 - Letters: Article of faith?, Jean-Leon Shanks
I understand that there is a dogma of the Real Presence that it is an article of faith namely that Christ is present body blood soul and divinity in the Blessed Sacrament (see Catechism of the Catholic Church no.
421 - Sep 2012 - Letters: Appreciation, Frank O'Connor
The Catechism of the Council of Trent states that the admirable change that takes place at the Consecration the Holy Catholic Church most appropriately expresses by the word transubstantiation.
422 - Sep 2012 - Letters: Achilles' heel, Fr John George
Dr Frank Mobbs (July AD2000) displays some Achilles heels in his poor mouthing of transubstantiation as a post-Scripture post-early Christian accretion: Not all Catholic teaching is explicitly stated by Christ though detectable by a sensus plenior (fuller sense) magisterial hermeneutic of Scripture.
423 - Sep 2012 - Letters: Media bias, Anne Lastman
I agree completely with Fr Michael Shadbolt (July AD2000) about the medias ongoing prejudice towards the Catholic Church for all manner of reasons but most of all because of the sexual abuse by clergy.
424 - Sep 2012 - The Church's mission priority: to search for its 'lost sheep', Andrew Kania
Yet Congars analysis points to a real problem that exists not only within the Catholic Church but in any Christian community wherein a toxic blend of hubris and self-righteousness begins to undermine the Gospel message that Christ came not to stroke the ego of the saintly but to lead the sinner to salvation (Luke 5:32).
425 - Sep 2012 - Australian Catholic Students Association Conference 2012, Br Barry Coldrey
The Australian Catholic Students Association (ACSA) was appointed by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference to represent Catholic tertiary students and young alumni.
426 - Sep 2012 - Letters: Archbishop Chaput: how to meet the challenges to religious freedom, Archbishop Charles Chaput OFM
This is the edited text of an address by Archbishop Charles Chaput OFM Cap of Philadelphia on 20 June 2012 in Indianapolis to a group of Catholic journalists on the eve of the Fortnight for Freedom a national campaign of teaching witness and prayer against the US Governments abortifacient and contraceptive mandate and in favour or religious freedom.
427 - Sep 2012 - Interview: Egypt after Mubarak: 'Christians feel excluded', Father Andrzej Halemba
Volker Niggewhner discussed this with Father Andrzej Halemba head of the Middle East Section of the international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).
428 - Sep 2012 - Noted UK doctor slams BBC program's anti-Catholic bias, Robert Walley
Though the programme was billed as a debate it was nothing of the kind as it was more as I have learned to expect of a diatribe against the Catholic Church.
429 - Sep 2012 - Survey confirms crisis of faith in Ireland, Michael Gilchrist
Until recent decades Ireland was widely regarded as one of the jewels in the crown of the Catholic Church.
430 - Sep 2012 - Film: 'For Greater Glory': an inspiring message for today's Christians, Babette Francis
Catholic bishops and many leaders of other denominations have been active in opposing gay marriage and insisting on the conscience rights of priests and pastors to not be involved in such marriage celebrations.
431 - Sep 2012 - News: The Church Around the World
In June this year he came into conflict with leaders of the Catholic Association for Gay and Lesbian (CALGM) ministries who refused his request to take an oath pledging to uphold Church teachings regarding human sexuality.
432 - Aug 2012 - Books: Order books from
00 ISBN 978-0-85244-771-0 A Civilization of Love William Newton This book guides the reader through the major themes of Catholic social teaching by drawing directly upon the primary source of this doctrine the social encyclicals of the popes from Leo XIII to Benedict XVI.
433 - Aug 2012 - Books: THE NEW EVANGELISATION: Issues and Challenges for Catholic Schools, Br Barry Coldrey
THE NEW EVANGELISATION: Issues and Challenges for Catholic Schools by Richard Rymarz (Connor Court Publishing 2012 192pp $29.
434 - Aug 2012 - Books: LESSONS IN A ROSE-GARDEN: Reviving the Doctrinal Rosary, by Aidan Nichols O.P., Peter Westmore
Fr Aidan Nichols is author of about 30 books and is probably the most controversial Catholic writer in England.
435 - Aug 2012 - Letters: Women priests, Francis Vrizmoed
As Ireland is known as a country with an age-old solid Catholic culture the conclusion of this survey could be that the overall proportion of Catholic priests favouring womens ordination would be roughly be the same (70%) if not higher.
436 - Aug 2012 - Letters: Transubstantiation, John Young
There is an appalling casualness in the attitude of many Catholics to the Real Presence and surveys have shown that many of them deny Christs bodily presence.
437 - Aug 2012 - Letters: Old Testament God (1), Fr Brian Harrison OS
So did the early Fathers (except perhaps Origen) St Thomas Aquinas other holy Popes and Doctors of the Church and countless millions of other orthodox Catholics over two millennia - not to mention Orthodox Jews.
438 - Aug 2012 - The Virgin Mary's key role in our salvation history, Cedric Wright
Mary is also said to have made private appearances to many of the saints and this ongoing communion with Our Lady has become a powerful tradition in the Catholic Church supplementing and clarifying the teachings of the Gospels and playing a vital role in leading mankind to God.
439 - Aug 2012 - Marriage: Archbishop Hickey: the Eucharist and the Christian family, Archbishop Barry Hickey
Christs truth The wisdom of the world has chosen to ignore even ridicule Catholic teaching on the matter of openness to children and has taken a different and tragic path.
440 - Aug 2012 - Events: Equipping Christian leaders for the challenges of secularism, Philippa Le Feuvre
Cardinal George Pell has described the upcoming inaugural John Paul II Australian Leaders Forum as an important milestone for the Catholic Church in Australia.
441 - Aug 2012 - Vocations: Australian religious Sisters: 'In the true spirit of Vatican II', Kate Cleary MGL
As they prayed they experienced an outpouring of the Spirit that is now seen to be the beginnings of the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church.
442 - Aug 2012 - Religious freedom: US Supreme Court upholds Obamacare, Babette Francis
We know this administration has stirred up unprecedented unified opposition from the Catholic Church and many other denominations over another of the Acts mandates one forcing religious employers to pay for abortion-inducing drugs sterilisation and contraception regardless of moral or religious objection .
443 - Aug 2012 - Youth: Young adult Catholics peer ministry in WA and Queensland, Br Barry Coldrey
One of the NET groups called Freedom provides an effective Catholic chaplaincy at both campuses of the Queensland University of Technology.
444 - Aug 2012 - News: The Church Around the World
Anglican prayers for Personal Ordinariate The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in the UK is about to publish its daily liturgical prayer book as part of its mission to incorporate Anglican traditions within the Catholic Church.
445 - Aug 2012 - Benedict XVI sets up Anglican Ordinariate for Australia, Monsignor Harry Entwistle
The first ordination to the Catholic priesthood to serve in the Ordinariate took place in Perth when the present writer was ordained and also named as the first Ordinary.
446 - Jul 2012 - Letters: The Year of Grace and the New Evangelisation, Fr Dennis Byrnes
On Pentecost Sunday 2012 the Catholic Bishops of Australia officially invited all members of the Church to participate in a Year of Grace with a theme best described as Starting afresh from Christ.
447 - Jul 2012 - Books: Order books from
00 ISBN 978-0-85244-771-0 A Civilization of Love William Newton This book guides the reader through the major themes of Catholic social teaching by drawing directly upon the primary source of this doctrine the social encyclicals of the popes from Leo XIII to Benedict XVI.
448 - Jul 2012 - Books: ANSWERING THE ANTI-CATHOLIC CHALLENGE, by Robert M. Haddad, Angela Schumann
Addressing Protestant challenges to Catholic beliefs and doctrines ANSWERING THE ANTI-CATHOLIC CHALLENGE by Robert M.
449 - Jul 2012 - Letters: Patron Saints, Fred Preshaw
This information can be authenticated by a Google search on the Catholic Enquiry Centre of Australias patron saint.
450 - Jul 2012 - Letters: Communion reception, Ken Bayliss
Such Catholic illiteracy is always totally unacceptable.
451 - Jul 2012 - Letters: Anti-Catholicism, Fr. M. Shadbolt
There is a massive media campaign of vilification and hatred against the Catholic Church at the present moment.
452 - Jul 2012 - Letters: US religious women, Richard Congram
Now we know very well that Rome never acts in haste and we can be sure that the CDF decision was based on solid evidence of infidelity to true Catholic teaching.
453 - Jul 2012 - Letters: Transubstantiation, Frank Mobbs
I suspect that most Catholics who do not doubt the Real Presence have never heard of the doctrine.
454 - Jul 2012 - Letters: Reasons for Hope, Anthony English
I recall especially Mrs Christine de Stoop who worked with others in the parish to present the true Catholic faith to many enthusiastic young people.
455 - Jul 2012 - Benedict XVI: Grave threats to the Church's moral witness, Donald R. McClarey
That is why they are promoting a de facto schism in the Catholic Church and why they have attempted to promote Sandra Fluke that summary of all that is wrong with Jesuit-run Georgetown as the White House sponsored symbol of an alternate magisterium for American Catholics.
456 - Jul 2012 - 'Born again': how to change from a nominal to a "living" Christian, Andrew Kania
The film depicts how a peaceful Catholic religious community lends medical assistance to an Algerian village consisting predominately of Muslims.
457 - Jul 2012 - Austrian Chancellor's son: How faith helped to survive the Nazis, Michelle Baumann
Kurt von Schuschnigg Jr son of the former Chancellor of Austria says that his Catholic faith helped him get through difficult times during World War II and now guides the way that he looks back at past events.
458 - Jul 2012 - Benedict XVI calls for reform of US Catholic higher education, Hilary White
Against a backdrop of institutionalised opposition to Catholic teaching in much of American Catholic academia Pope Benedict XVI told visiting US bishops in May that Catholic colleges need to return to being bastions of orthodoxy against an increasingly hostile and aggressive secular world.
459 - Jul 2012 - Obama and same-sex 'marriage': Shaking his fist at God, Babette Francis
This is the same Biden who claims to be a staunch daily-Mass-going Catholic who always carries a rosary in his pocket.
460 - Jul 2012 - Campus Life: A new model for Catholic university chaplaincy in Brisbane, Br Barry Coldrey
In the June AD2000 my report concerned the new Catholic peer ministry of the National Evangelisation Teams (NET) in secondary schools parishes and youth groups.
461 - Jul 2012 - News: The Church Around the World
Anglican Personal Ordinariate for Australia The President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Archbishop Denis Hart announced in May that Benedict XVI had approved the establishment in Australia of a Personal Ordinariate for Former Anglicans to commence on 15 June.
462 - Jul 2012 - Religious Freedom: Prague's Cardinal Duka thanks Australians for helping religious prisoners, Peter Westmore
Cardinal Duka was very interested in the state of the Catholic Church in Australia and in the battle over same-sex marriage here particularly the efforts of all those working to preserve the institution of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
463 - Jun 2012 - Reflection: Benedict XVI: Pentecost and the Church's universality, Pope Benedict XVI
Universality With this we are told something very important: that the Church is catholic from the very first moment that her universality is not the fruit of the subsequent inclusion of diverse communities.
464 - Jun 2012 - Books: Order books from
00 ISBN 978-0-85244-771-0 A Civilization of Love William Newton This book guides the reader through the major themes of Catholic social teaching by drawing directly upon the primary source of this doctrine the social encyclicals of the popes from Leo XIII to Benedict XVI.
465 - Jun 2012 - Books: OUR GLORIOUS POPES, by Catherine Goddard Clarke, Michael Daniel
Available from Freedom Publishing) As a schoolboy studying European history at a non-Catholic school I recall reading about a number of egregious popes some of whom vied with each other for depravity.
466 - Jun 2012 - Books: DEFEND THE FAITH, by Robert M. Haddad, Jennifer Nowell
Available from Freedom Publishing) Nowadays it seems that the Catholic faith and individual members of the Church are constantly under attack in the media.
467 - Jun 2012 - Books: ABOUT BIOETHICS: Philosophical and Theological Approaches, Angela Schumann
rather than being classified just in terms of my profession the media generally insist on mentioning that I am a Catholic though they do not as a rule mention the religious beliefs of other participants .
468 - Jun 2012 - Remembering the Catholic priests on board the 'Titanic', AD2000 Report
Three Catholic priests including one hailed at the time by Pope Saint Pius X as a martyr for the faith were among the victims of the Titanic disaster remembered during its 100th anniversary on 14-15 April this year.
469 - Jun 2012 - Latin: Pope John XXIII's document on Latin: 50th anniversary, Salvatore Cernuzio
In recent years tentative beginnings have taken place within the Catholic Church in terms of renewed interest in the study of Latin.
470 - Jun 2012 - American priest's work for the protection of life in Russia, Eva-Maria Kolman
For such emergencies thanks to the support of the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) Father Shields has been able to furnish an apartment in his parish for young mothers with nowhere to stay.
471 - Jun 2012 - Australian student campaigns for US college's Catholic identity, David Walsh
At The College of St Scholastica in Minnesota - a college that is said to have been shaped by its Catholic Benedictine tradition - the College logo has not fulfilled its purpose.
472 - Jun 2012 - Faith and Reason: Cardinal Pell debates Richard Dawkins on Q&A: a commentary, Frank Mobbs
Instructed Catholics do not belong to that camp and a very well instructed Catholic in the person of Cardinal Pell was quick to reply that there has been development but his audience would not have understood because he had no time to explain what he said.
473 - Jun 2012 - Christendom: Hungary's new constitution a rebuke to secular Europe, Edward Pentin
In addition to these criticisms the mainstream media has largely misreported the Constitutions content which has then been mistakenly repeated in some Catholic outlets.
474 - Jun 2012 - Women Religious: Vatican takes action against dissenting US nuns, Babette Francis
Its 1500 members represent over 80% of the 59000 Catholic women religious in the US.
475 - Jun 2012 - NET Ministries: Another Catholic youth ministry success story, Br Barry Coldrey
Young Catholic men and women seeking to discover their purpose in life often find their focus by embracing activities which separate them from their comfort zones.
476 - Jun 2012 - News: The Church Around the World
Some proponents of same-sex marriage have argued that in the event of marriage being redefined the Catholic Church and other religious communities will be protected or exempted from being required by law to perform same-sex marriages.
477 - May 2012 - Books: Order books from
It was Msgr OConnor who guided Chesterton along the path to Catholicism and received him into the Church.
478 - May 2012 - Books: A COMPANION TO CATHOLIC EDUCATION, by Leonardo Franchi and Stephen McKinney (ed), Angela Schumann
A COMPANION TO CATHOLIC EDUCATION by Leonardo Franchi and Stephen McKinney (ed) (Gracewing/Freedom Publishing 2011 232pp $30.
479 - May 2012 - Books: THE GIFT OF INFALLIBILITY, by Bishop Vincent Ferrer Gasser, Michael Daniel
Available from Freedom Publishing) One doctrinal teaching which separates the Catholic Church from the various Christian denominations is that of papal infallibility that is the teaching that when a pope in his office as pastor and teacher defines a matter of faith or morals that must be believed by all the faithful he does so without error.
480 - May 2012 - Letters: Genuflection, John Frey
In the Eucharist the Church believes in Christs real presence under the Eucharistic species through transubstantiation ( Catechism of the Catholic Church 1413 1376).
481 - May 2012 - Letters: Year of Grace, Ken Bayliss
In response the organisation Catholics United for the Faith (CUF) was soon formed first in the United States then in Australia New Zealand and England.
482 - May 2012 - Letters: Pro-life apathy, George Simpson
I would go as far as to say that Catholics through their apathy are the main cause of the success of the anti-life movement.
483 - May 2012 - UK Catholic schools under fire for 'homophobia', Hilary White
The British Government is allowing homophobia to be promoted in religious schools in the form of a booklet distributed to students at some Catholic schools in Lancashire says the UKs largest trades union.
484 - May 2012 - The Church's dogma of transubstantiation, John Young
The view seems to be rather widespread that transubstantiation is a theological opinion but not an official Catholic teaching.
485 - May 2012 - Religious Freedom: Catholics in Iraq: a struggle for survival, Archbishop Bashar Matti Warda
The following interview with the Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil in northern Iraq Bashar Matti Warda about the situation of Catholics in Iraq was conducted by Mark Riedemann for Where God Weeps a weekly television and radio show produced by Catholic Radio and Television Network in conjunction with the international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need.
486 - May 2012 - Young adult ministry 2012: more reasons for hope, Br Barry Coldrey
The annual Reasons for Hope Retreat at Chittick Lodge Gerringong from 16-18 March was an impressive celebration of faith for the eighty young Catholic men and women who attended.
487 - May 2012 - The culture wars: Archbishop Chaput's call to Christians, Ben Johnson
However Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia ably carries it off in his new ebook A Heart on Fire: Catholic Witness and the Next America.
488 - May 2012 - Benedict XVI builds on John Paul II's historic Cuba visit, Michael Gilchrist
Following his highly successful visit to Mexico Benedict XVI completed a three day visit (26-28 March) to Cuba Latin Americas least Catholic nation where fewer than 10% practise the faith.
489 - May 2012 - News: The Church Around the World
Victorian Bishops speak out on same sex marriage Victorias six Catholic bishops issued a pastoral letter on 29 March setting out the true meaning of marriage and calling on parishioners to lobby federal parliamentarians in opposition to same-sex marriage.
490 - May 2012 - Episcopacy: Brisbane's new Archbishop well-equipped for the challenges, Michael Gilchrist
Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett of Lismore who took on the caretaker role of Brisbanes Apostolic Administrator on 14 November warmly welcomed the announcement of the Popes appointment: Archbishop Coleridge already is a distinguished leader in the Church in Australia and his appointment to Brisbane will be of great significance for the Archdiocese and the Catholic Church and community in Queensland.
491 - Apr 2012 - Reflection: Christ's Resurrection: the central truth of our faith, Fr Dennis Byrnes
In the Catechism of the Catholic Church it is stated (646): Christs resurrection was not a return to earthly life as was the case with the raisings from the dead that he performed before Easter: Jairus daughter the young man of Naim Lazarus.
492 - Apr 2012 - Books: Order books from
The Devil is a Jackass William Ullathorne The key figure behind the establishment of a Catholic Hierarchy in Australia and a direct descendant of St Thomas More William Ullathorne rose from cabin boy in the English navy to being the Archbishop of Birmingham.
493 - Apr 2012 - Books: FRANK DUFF: A Life Story, by Finola Kennedy, Donal Anthony Foley
His membership of the SVP brought him face to face with the grinding poverty in the Dublin of that time and opened his eyes to the importance of Catholic social teaching.
494 - Apr 2012 - Books: LIGHT OF THE WORLD: The Pope, the Church and Signs of the Times, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput
He is well aware of the scope of sexual abuse in other religious communities and public institutions but he does not use that as an alibi for the sins of Catholic clergy.
495 - Apr 2012 - Missions: Where the Church's growth is fastest, Bishop John Thomas Kattrukudiyil
The northeast corner of India is the place where the Catholic Church has grown most over the past 30 years with an average of about 10000 adult baptisms every year - and this despite the fact that for many generations missionaries were banned.
496 - Apr 2012 - Archbishop Gomez: 'creative conservative', Giacomo Galeazzi
In 2007 CNN pointed him out as one of the most prominent Hispanics during the Month of Hispanic Tradition and among other roles he is a founding member of the Catholic Latin American Leaders (C.
497 - Apr 2012 - Culture: Christianity's essential role in civilising our society, Bishop Julian Porteous
It has spiritual roots that - it could be argued - are based within the Catholic tradition of thought.
498 - Apr 2012 - Pro-Life: Albury hosts well-attended Family Life International conference, Wanda Skowronska
Catholic professionals This elicited many questions from the audience with discussions highlighting the need for organisations of Catholic professionals which might include medical practitioners nurses psychologists and social workers.
499 - Apr 2012 - eVangelisation: The Catholic Church and the digital media revolution -, Jason Rushton
The Facebook page The Catholic Church has a staggering 309819 followers who regularly share awe-inspiring images of Catholic churches from every corner of the globe.
500 - Apr 2012 - Vocations: Australia's seminary numbers continue their growth, Br Barry Coldrey
It is good that older Catholics realise this as in many areas they worship in greying congregations with few if any younger people to be seen.
501 - Apr 2012 - Culture: US Churches unite against Obama over religious liberty, Babette Francis
In response to the outspoken objections of all 181 Catholic bishops of the US as well as church leaders including Evangelicals Southern Baptists and Jews President Obama offered a compromise: the religious institutions would not themselves have to cover contraception sterilisation and abortifacients but their insurance companies would be required to provide these for free!
502 - Apr 2012 - News: The Church Around the World
US religious leaders opposition to Obama Evangelical and Jewish leaders declared their solidarity with Catholics on 10 February as the Obama administration sought to quell controversy over its policy on contraception and religious ministries.
503 - Apr 2012 - Episcopacy: Perth's new Archbishop Timothy Costelloe ready for the challenges of leadership, Michael Gilchrist
Upon returning to Melbourne he began lecturing in Systematic Theology at the Catholic Theological College and worked in the area of the formation of young Salesians.
504 - Mar 2012 - Books: Order books from
The Devil is a Jackass William Ullathorne The key figure behind the establishment of a Catholic Hierarchy in Australia and a direct descendant of St Thomas More William Ullathorne rose from cabin boy in the English navy to being the Archbishop of Birmingham.
505 - Mar 2012 - Books: MISSA CANTATA: A Chant Mass for the Assembly, Accompaniments by Geoffrey Cox, Christopher Trikilis
MISSA CANTATA: A Chant Mass for the Assembly Accompaniments by Geoffrey Cox (London: Catholic Truth Society 2011 RRP $13.
506 - Mar 2012 - Books: LEAD, KINDLY LIGHT, by Thomas Howard, Michael Daniel
Available from Freedom Publishing) Over the past couple of decades there has been a significant number of converts to the Catholic Church in English-speaking countries.
507 - Mar 2012 - Books: The Spiritual Legacy of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, by Rev. Charles P. Connor, Michael Daniel
As the host of the radio program The Catholic Hour and with the inception of television Life is Worth Living millions of listeners and viewers tuned in to him weekly.
508 - Mar 2012 - Letters: Defending marriage, Mark Szymczak
The side by side articles of Catholic politicians and same-sex marriage and Catholic universities and secularism is a superb juxtaposition (February AD2000).
509 - Mar 2012 - Letters: Atheism, John Gallagher
The Catholic response is that everything that does not contain within itself sufficient reason to account for its own existence must have a cause apart from itself.
510 - Mar 2012 - Letters: Abortion silence, Frank Mobbs
Years ago in Fiji a Catholic friend and neighbour told me that she and other women would within the next few hours abort the fetus of a young unmarried relative using chemicals obtained from the bark of a certain tree.
511 - Mar 2012 - Missions: Bringing hope to Nigeria's abandoned children, Madonna Brosnan
In 2010 he commenced doctoral research at the Australian Catholic University (Brisbane) on the topic of the theology of suffering.
512 - Mar 2012 - The Immaculate Conception and the development of doctrine, Bishop Peter J. Elliott
It is part of the defined faith of the Catholic Church that God created Mary without original sin so that she would worthily and truly be the mother of his sinless Son.
513 - Mar 2012 - Fulton Sheen Cause: progress report, Msgr Stanley Deptula
This is the official documentation outlining the rationale for Fulton Sheen to be declared a blessed and a saint of the Catholic Church.
514 - Mar 2012 - Campion College's Summer Program on Christian leadership, Br Barry Coldrey
Fr Percy returned to the College on the Tuesday evening to give a summary presentation on Catholic spirituality.
515 - Mar 2012 - Extraordinary life of new Czech Cardinal, Dominik Duka, Peter Westmore
From 2000-2004 he was vice-president of the Czech Bishops Conference and is currently president of the Commission for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Commission for Catholic Education within the Bishops Conference.
516 - Mar 2012 - The global financial crisis and the West's fertility decline, Babette Francis
In January he phoned New Yorks then Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan to tell him that all insurance plans run by Catholic institutions will have to pay for contraception sterilisation and some abortion drugs.
517 - Mar 2012 - News: The Church Around the World
EWTN News US joint letter against gay marriage Thirty-nine US religious leaders including four Catholic bishops and a wide range of other religious representatives have signed a joint letter Marriage and Religious Freedom: Fundamental Goods That Stand or Fall Together which was released on 12 January.
518 - Mar 2012 - Year of Grace: can Australian Catholicism recover its unity?, Michael Gilchrist
Last October the Australian Catholic Bishops proclaimed a Year of Grace for the Church in Australia to begin on Pentecost Sunday 2012 (27 May).
519 - Feb 2012 - Books: Order books from
Catholic Thought since the Enlightenment Aidan Nichols OP Leading British theologian Father Nichols explores the theological history of Catholicism over the past 200 years providing a perspective on the present state of the Catholic Church and its institutes of theology.
520 - Feb 2012 - Books: SLO-MO TSUNAMI And Other Poems, by Bruce Dawe, Michael Gilchrist
Available from Freedom Publishing) Australias most popular poet Bruce Dawe is no stranger to readers of this journal as over the years he has submitted numerous poems on themes congenial to Catholic sensibilities.
521 - Feb 2012 - Books: THE RETURN OF MODERNISM:The Second Wave Revisited, by Dr J.N. Santamaria, David Perrin
The book also includes the 1973 Declaration in Defense of the Catholic Doctrine on the Church Against Certain Errors of the Present Day ( Mysterium Ecclesiae) and a short bibliography of publications in Dr Santamarias personal library.
522 - Feb 2012 - Books: HOW TO GET EXPELLED FROM SCHOOL, by Ian Plimer, Michael Gilchrist
Indeed the new Labor-created national curriculum insists that sustainability be brought into all subject areas and Australias various Catholic Education Offices have been organising conferences for Catholic teachers to explain this and other requirements.
523 - Feb 2012 - Letters: Catholic reading, Gerard Wilson
My three Catholic novels ( Castle of Heavenly Bliss In This Vale of Tears Seeking the Divine Spark: A Satire in the Style of Evelyn) are now available from www.
524 - Feb 2012 - Letters: Interest invited, David Forster
Faced with the rapidly deteriorating moral and economic situations in our nation expressions of interest are invited from orthodox Catholics to participate in a community living project located at Combienbar a remote settlement in the foothills of East Gippsland.
525 - Feb 2012 - Letters: SSPX schools, Ken Bayliss
On 8 June 2011 Monsignor Guido Pozzo Secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei told journalists that the themes under discussion were: primary and episcopal collegiality; relations between the Catholic Church and non-Catholic confessions; religious liberty; and the Missal of Paul Vl.
526 - Feb 2012 - Mission UK: Can pagan Britain recover its Christian identity?
Franciscan Sister Jacinta Pollard one of the women profiled in the BBCs recent documentary Young Nuns hopes her communitys prayers and sacrifices can help bring Britain back to the Catholic faith.
527 - Feb 2012 - Missionary outreach: Melbourne parish's gifts for a growing Fijian parish, Christopher Akehurst
Some fittings such as pews could be reused but the parish was in any event ill-equipped with many of the sacred vessels and ornaments necessary in a Catholic church.
528 - Feb 2012 - Youth: iWitness 2011: a celebration of young adult Catholic life, Br Barry Coldrey
In the evening the Cardinal drove to The Tops Conference Centre at Stanwell Park to address the 260 young men and women - Catholic lay leaders - from the Sydney dioceses and beyond.
529 - Feb 2012 - Census: Growth and decline in the churches: research findings, Frank Mobbs
You have already guessed this is not a Catholic congregation.
530 - Feb 2012 - Culture Wars: Catholic universities and secularism, Achbishop Charles Chaput
Instead of Catholics converting the culture the culture too often bleaches out the apostolic zeal in Catholics while leaving the brand label intact.
531 - Feb 2012 - Law: Catholic politicians and same-sex 'marriage', Michael Gilchrist
This was an interesting observation given that as he informs us I grew up in Wollongong in a big Catholic family attending St Brigids Primary School Gwynneville and later Edmund Rice College in Wollongong where he graduated as Dux and School Captain.
532 - Feb 2012 - Religious Freedom: Freedom of religion American style, Babette Francis
The US Catholic bishops have pointed out that attacks on religious liberty are a serious matter for all Christians as meanwhile the Church in the US continues to expend increasing time and money battling attacks on religious liberty as the programs the Church runs are sued for not complying with secular and neo-pagan norms.
533 - Feb 2012 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency New York bishops ad limina Pope Benedict XVI told a group of American bishops not to be silenced by those who seek to muzzle Catholicism in public life.
534 - Feb 2012 - Curia: Benedict XVI names 22 new cardinals for his fourth consistory, Peter Westmore
The Pope also named two leaders of the Eastern Catholic churches as cardinals: Major Archbishop George Alencherry of Ernakulam-Angamaly the head of Indias Syro-Malabar Church and Major Archbishop Lucian Muresan of Fagaras and Alba Julia the head of the Romanian Catholic Church.
535 - Feb 2012 - Editorial: Climate change alarmism in the classroom, Michael Gilchrist
As another school year gets under way with the Year of Faith due to commence next October it is appropriate to reflect on where todays Catholic schools are heading in terms of educating their pupils in the basics of the faith.
536 - Dec 2011 - Books: Order books from
90 ISBN 978-1-58617-423-1 English Catholic Heroines Edited by Joanna Bogle A large group of distinguished authors sheds light on the achievements of 23 heroic English Catholic women from the seventh century to the present.
537 - Dec 2011 - Books: RONALD KNOX AND ENGLISH CATHOLICISM, by Terry Tastard, Michael Daniel
RONALD KNOX AND ENGLISH CATHOLICISM by Terry Tastard (Gracewing 2009 200pp $39.
538 - Dec 2011 - Books: WHY WE SHOULD CALL OURSELVES CHRISTIANS, by Marcello Pera, Elizabeth Lev
Most importantly although the Catholic Church is universal its historic centre is in Europe and it must battle with the rising tides of hostility towards religion on a daily basis.
539 - Dec 2011 - Letters: Action needed, Dick Nolan
In The Church Around the World (October AD2000) I note from the quoted letter from Australian Catholic Bishops Conference that Archbishop Philip Wilson advised of the hands off approach by the conference to the case of the recalcitrant Bishop Morris.
540 - Dec 2011 - Letters: Devotion to Mary, Cedric Wright
As a young man I was a convert to the Catholic Church in the years before Vatican II and I rejoiced in the Latin liturgy and the overwhelming majesty of the Churchs traditions - not least devotion to the Most Holy Mother of God and the Communion of Saints.
541 - Dec 2011 - Letters: Vatican II, Peter Howard
are only a little different or stronger than previous teachings but all are in the same direction ( Catholic Apologetics Today: Answers To Modern Critics 1986 page 200).
542 - Dec 2011 - Letters: Eucharistic confusion, John Royal
Dr Elich it seems is capable of very expansive reasoning and has no difficulty in asserting that his conclusions on the Blessed Sacrament are superior to that of 2000 years of Catholic tradition and the reasoned defence of Catholic apologists.
543 - Dec 2011 - Letters: Homeschooling, Matthew Buckley
As someone who has experienced most forms of education in my lifetime be it a Catholic school a public school homeschool distance education and finally university and employment as an engineer I know this statement has little truth to it.
544 - Dec 2011 - Catholic Literature: Robert Hugh Benson and Christ's Second Coming, Br Christian Moe FSC
Catholic novel As a stimulus to our practical awareness of what we profess I suggest that we might read something in the way of a novel written from a Catholic background which treats of this theme.
545 - Dec 2011 - Pilgrimage: Young disabled Catholics: new ministry initiative, Fr James McCarthy
As a result of the partnership between the Young Order of Malta Australian Catholic University (ACU) and the Parishes of Sydney Harbour North a new initiative in youth ministry and volunteer service has provided the missing link for young Catholics.
546 - Dec 2011 - Tyburn world tour: A visually compelling new documentary on the monastic life, AD2000 Report
The film begins in London with the infamous Black map which traces the route along which scores of Catholic martyrs were drawn to the Tyburn Tree to be executed during the Protestant Reformation and then introduces a French nun Marie Adele Garnier who fulfilled a prophecy made amid the frenzy of the persecution of how a religious house would stand at Tyburn in honour of the ultimate sacrifices made by Catholics during the Reformation.
547 - Dec 2011 - Religious education: Different worlds: being Catholic in Indonesia and Australia, Phillip Turnbull
I am teaching Catholic religious instruction in an Indonesian private school.
548 - Dec 2011 - Schools: St Philomena's school: a beacon of excellence, Alistair Barros
Run by the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) as an independent school with a focus on classical and Catholic education and situated in tranquil outskirts south of Brisbane in Park Ridge it has consistently outperformed most schools in the state academically.
549 - Dec 2011 - Religious freedom: The plight of Christians in Islamic countries, Babette Francis
The Catholic Church has found such a path inspired by Jesus injunction to render unto Caesar what is owed to Caesar and render to God what is owed to God (Mt.
550 - Dec 2011 - Vocations: Do not be afraid: successful Young Men of God retreat, Dr Barry Coldrey
These young men are a striking inspiration for those older Catholics who see empty pews at Sunday Mass and are concerned at the state of religious education in many Catholic schools as well as the lack of priestly vocations.
551 - Dec 2011 - News: The Church Around the World
That same date is the 20th anniversary of Blessed John Paul IIs publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church a text Pope Benedict said was meant to show the power and beauty of the faith.
552 - Dec 2011 - Ad Limina Visit: Australia's Bishops reaffirm their unity with Benedict XVI, Michael Gilchrist
However Bishop Morris issued an angry rebuttal on 24 October: The statement of the Australian Catholic Bishops contains inaccuracies and errors of fact evidenced by the documentation relating to the issues concerning myself and a number of Vatican Dicasteries.
553 - Nov 2011 - Books: Order books from
00 ISBN 978-1-58617-177-3 Youcat (English) With a foreword from Pope Benedict XVI this Youth Catechism deals with the entire Catholic faith as presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
554 - Nov 2011 - Letters: Advocate needed, Oliver Clark
My wife and I gave consent to marriage together in a Catholic nuptial Mass in St Peters Catholic Church Clayton Melbourne on 8 May 1970 when my wife was 21 and I was 23.
555 - Nov 2011 - Letters: Catholic healthcare for Cairns, Dr Tim and Anne Coyle
Cairns Catholics at present have to endure nearly all surgical procedures at operating facilities soaked in the blood of unborn babies albeit cleaned off.
556 - Nov 2011 - Letters: Vatican II, Kathleen Donelly
Fr Nichols in my opinion would have clarified his position better had he challenged the actual quotes and the reasoning that issued therefrom since he seemed to be the one correcting the ideas of the Confused Catholic.
557 - Nov 2011 - Letters: Climate change, P.C. Wilson
Recently in the Catholic Leader (Brisbane) a representative of Caritas Australia Kirsty Robertson called on the Federal Government to give greater help to developing countries in the grip of social trauma caused by climate change.
558 - Nov 2011 - Letters: Planetary Spirituality, Grahame Fallon
The apostolate of Australias National Catholic Rural Movement was To restore Christ to the Countryside .
559 - Nov 2011 - Letters: First Parents, Fr Brian Harrison OS
Mr John Young commenting on my letter in the October AD2000 says he doesnt think official Catholic teaching completely rules out the origin of Eve by evolution.
560 - Nov 2011 - Letters: Catholic schools, Don Gaffney
Maria Plustwiks account of Catholic schooling is sadly accurate.
561 - Nov 2011 - Saints: G.K. Chesterton: Is there a case for his canonisation?, Karl Schmude
He was not conspicuously devout nor was he fortified by the sacramental graces of the Church for most of his life only formally becoming a Catholic in 1922 14 years before his death.
562 - Nov 2011 - Society: Finding hope in the midst of secularism, Cardinal Raymond Burke
Before the daunting challenge of living the Catholic faith in a totally secularised society he called the whole Church to the work of the new evangelisation to the work of teaching celebrating and living our Catholic faith with the engagement and energy of the first Christians and of the first missionaries to our nations.
563 - Nov 2011 - WYD Madrid: World Youth Day: Becoming sons and daughters of Christ, Sam Rebbechi
It has strengthened my faith and in line with Blessed John Paul IIs challenge has enabled me to become more conscious of who I am as one of Gods children to take up the daily challenge not only of practising but also spreading the faith of Christs Holy Catholic Church.
564 - Nov 2011 - WYD Madrid: World Youth Day 2011: Experiencing Christ's presence, Dr Joe Santamaria
Profound feeling Ben was one of three Australians chosen to meet Pope Benedict and his personal reaction was that of a profound feeling of meeting the Papa of the universal Catholic Church the Vicar of the living Christ the one trusted to reach out to all mankind as Christ had done when he commissioned His Church to teach what he had taught as the Redeemer.
565 - Nov 2011 - The Lion of Munster: Blessed Cardinal von Galen: a voice against tyranny, Babette Francis
20 July 1941: We see and experience clearly what lies behind the new doctrines which have for years been forced on us for the sake of which religion has been banned from the schools our organisations have been suppressed and now Catholic kindergartens are to be abolished .
566 - Nov 2011 - Pastoral visit: Benedict XVI calls his visit to Germany 'a great feast of faith'
The Catholic population is roughly the same.
567 - Nov 2011 - News: The Church Around the World
Archbishop Dolan who serves as president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) concluded the letter by calling upon the Obama administration to end its campaign against DOMA the Defense of Marriage Act the institution of marriage it protects and religious freedom.
568 - Nov 2011 - Ad Limina: The Australian bishops' 2011 ad limina visit to Rome, Michael Gilchrist
At the time of writing the Catholic Bishops of Australia are in Rome (from 10-22 October 2011) for their ad limina Apostolorum (to the threshold of the Apostles).
569 - Oct 2011 - Books: Order books from
00 ISBN 978-1-58617-177-3 Youcat (English) With a foreword from Pope Benedict XVI this Youth Catechism deals with the entire Catholic faith as presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
570 - Oct 2011 - Books: MEDJUGORJE REVISITED: 30 Years of Visions or Religious Fraud?, Michael Gilchrist
Many other respected orthodox Catholic identities such as Sr Briege McKenna have also supported Medjugorje.
571 - Oct 2011 - Books: ROME AND THE EASTERN CHURCHES: A Study in Schism (2nd ed), Aidan Nichols OP, Michael Daniel
The author then shifts his focus to the gradual separation of Eastern Orthodox churches from the Catholic Church.
572 - Oct 2011 - Books: BENEDICT XVI: A Guide for the Perplexed, by Tracey Rowland, Michael Daniel
Marxist ideology Chapter 5 then explores the link between history and ontology in the wake of Martin Heideggers thought which explores material from Cardinal Ratzingers Principles of Catholic Theology arguing that he believes this to be at the heart of the crisis of faith.
573 - Oct 2011 - Letters: Pre-Vatican II, Kevin McManus
I am delighted that groups of Anglicans have been invited to join the Catholic Church.
574 - Oct 2011 - Letters: Genesis debate, Anne Lastman
In my view Genesis chapters 1-3 are fundamental to our Catholic faith and its doctrines.
575 - Oct 2011 - Letters: Cart before horse, John Young
I agree that Eve was in some way formed from Adam but Ludwig Ott quoting the words of St Paul The woman is of the man notes that the saying is and remains mysterious ( Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma p.
576 - Oct 2011 - Letters: One-sided, Charles M. Shann
When I converted to the Catholic Church over fifty years ago I was amazed to find how little the average Catholic knew about official Church teachings.
577 - Oct 2011 - Letters: Bishop Morris, Michael Smith
Fr Brendan Dillon PP (August AD2000) explained that he was the organiser of the forum that Bishop Elliott addressed after which he listened to concerns raised by Catholic parents relating to the shortcomings of teaching religion in Catholic schools.
578 - Oct 2011 - Letters: World Youth Day, Arnold Jago
Two million young Catholics went to Madrid to hear Pope Benedict XVI and hundreds of thousands greeted his arrival with deafening sounds.
579 - Oct 2011 - Letters: Anglican Ordinariate, Bishop Harry Entwhistle
Michael Apthorp raised the question in the August issue of whether Bishop Peter Elliott has drawn the wrong conclusion regarding whether Catholics baptised outside the Ordinariate could become members of the Ordinariate.
580 - Oct 2011 - Catholic Schools: Saint Mary MacKillop Colleges, Wagga Wagga: progress report, Sr Mary Augustine OP
In just over a year Saint Mary MacKillop Colleges Wagga Wagga will be turning out into our relativistic Australian society 20 young men and women who have been formed in good Catholic homes and for the last six years of their schooling in these Colleges.
581 - Oct 2011 - History: Lepanto, history's most decisive naval battle, Bob Denahy
Not only was it divided between Protestant and Catholic but Catholic states were squabbling amongst themselves.
582 - Oct 2011 - Pro-life: Signs of hope from the United States, Babette Francis
(Memo to Catholic bishops and Protestant pastors: work on improving regular Sunday church attendance.
583 - Oct 2011 - Pastoral care: One of the Catholic Church's best kept secrets, Marie Mason
One of the best kept secrets of the modern day Catholic Church is the care and support that she gives to persons and families touched by the homosexual condition.
584 - Oct 2011 - News: The Church Around the World
EWTN News Australian bishops note on Bishop Morris The following note signed by Archbishop Philip Wilson President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and Fr Brian Lucas General Secretary was sent to the Toowoomba Diocese in response to various protests at the dismissal of Bishop William Morris last May.
585 - Oct 2011 - World Youth Day 2011, Madrid: Australia's participation, Br Barry Coldrey
World Youth Day Madrid 15-21 August 2011 has not long concluded having proved to be another stunning success with one million young adults cramming the ancient stronghold of Catholicism for the weeks celebration of faith with youthful fervour.
586 - Oct 2011 - Episcopacy: Cardinal Pell: the responsibilities of Church leadership, Cardinal George Pell
Cardinal George Pell Archbishop of Sydney gave an address on Authentic Catholicism vs Cafeteria Catholicism at the Catholic Voice Annual Dinner in Cork Ireland on 29 July 2011.
587 - Sep 2011 - Books: Order books from
90 ISBN 978-0-89870-404-9 Youcat (English) With a foreword from Pope Benedict XVI this Youth Catechism deals with the entire Catholic faith as presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
588 - Sep 2011 - Books: SNOW ON THE HEDGES: The Life of St Cuthbert Mayne, by Helen Whelan, Br Barry Coldrey
In this role she travelled all over the West Country and as a private hobby began researching the lives of the Cornish gentry during the Elizabethan era especially the Recusants (those Catholics who refused to attend Anglican services) and the first English seminary priests from Douai in northern France who came to minister to the isolated Catholics in the 1570s.
589 - Sep 2011 - Books: THE COUNCIL IN QUESTION: a Dialogue with Catholic Traditionalism, Fr Glen Tattersall
Vatican IIs theological status debated in a new book THE COUNCIL IN QUESTION: a Dialogue with Catholic Traditionalism Moyra Doorly amp; Aidan Nichols OP Foreword by Cardinal George Pell (Freedom Publishing and Gracewing 2011 97pp $19.
590 - Sep 2011 - Events: Ignatian Spiritual Exercises for busy people
The Exercises present the central truths of the Catholic faith: the existence and providence of God the meaning of life on earth and the eternity to which it leads the Saviour of the human race Jesus Christ and how to follow Him in the form of meditations examination of conscience and prayers to find peace of heart rid oneself of worldly attachments and discover the will of God for the salvation of ones soul.
591 - Sep 2011 - Letters: Catholic schools, Maria Plustwik
I write regarding John Morrisseys article Catholic religious education: some grassroots views (June AD2000).
592 - Sep 2011 - Letters: Where is Jesus?, Michael Apthorp
In an editorial in the June 2011 issue of Liturgy News Rev Dr Tom Elich the Director of Brisbanes Catholic Liturgical Commission comes to the startling conclusion that when we receive Communion we are not actually receiving Jesus: The risen Christ no more enters our mouth than he is prisoner in the tabernacle.
593 - Sep 2011 - Letters: Irish child abuse, Arnold Jago
The Premier of Ireland Enda Kenny condemns the Catholic Church about bishops failing to turn over to the police priests accused of child abuse: The rape and torture of children were downplayed or managed to uphold instead the primacy of the Institution its power standing and reputation.
594 - Sep 2011 - Letters: Teaching authority, Fr M. Durham
When all is said and done whatever an individuals virtues attributes or talents there is just one basic question to be asked in order to discern whether he/she is a genuine Catholic.
595 - Sep 2011 - Interview: Pope's brother sheds more light on Benedict's early years, Zenit News Agency
The boys father Joseph Ratzinger Sr was a regular reader probably even subscriber of the most radical Catholic anti-Nazi publication Der gerade Weg ( The Straight Path) whose editor Fritz Michael Gerlich was one of the first Catholic martyrs of Nazi Germany.
596 - Sep 2011 - Sacred Art: Catholic church statuary: a craft in danger, Christopher Akehurst
Statues of saints are a feature of every Catholic church but many of the moulds from which they were cast have been destroyed.
597 - Sep 2011 - Cloyne Report exposes Ireland's continuing sex abuse crisis, Michael Gilchrist
The Catholic Churchs child sex abuse crisis in Ireland has mirrored that nations basket-case economic plight with the scandalous situation providing a field day for critics and enemies inside and outside the Church.
598 - Sep 2011 - Youth: Catholic young adult ministry: Sydney's formula for success, Br Barry Coldrey
Over the past two years since Cardinal Pell re-organised Sydneys Catholic tertiary ministry in the five universities within the Archdiocese - University of Sydney UTS the University of New South Wales Macquarie and Notre Dame Broadway - the Catholic presence on these campuses has become strong and ever more pervasive.
599 - Sep 2011 - News: The Church Around the World
5 million are Catholic.
600 - Sep 2011 - Pope appoints Archbishop Chaput to troubled Philadelphia, Michael Gilchrist
Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver one of Americas most fearless and dedicated Catholic bishops has been transferred to the troubled Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
601 - Aug 2011 - Reflection: The new evangelisation: 'missionary spirit' needed, Fr Dennis W. Byrnes
In addressing the directors of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Rome on 14 May 2011 Pope Benedict XVI said: Catholic activity at every level needs to be infused with missionary spirit.
602 - Aug 2011 - Books: Order books from
Guindon This is the fascinating story of Kenneth Guindons amazing and unusual spiritual journey: born a Catholic then 16 years with the Jehovahs Witnesses 12 years as a Baptist minister before finally returning to the Catholic faith.
603 - Aug 2011 - Books: STANDARD-BEARERS OF THE FAITH: Lives of the Saints for Young and Old, Terri Kelleher
St Athanasius is described as saintly from childhood but he suffered exile five times for defending Catholic belief in the divinity of Christ.
604 - Aug 2011 - Books: PRODIGAL DAUGHTERS: Catholic women come home to the Church, ed. Donna Steichen, Michael Daniel
A book that challenges popular feminist stereotypes PRODIGAL DAUGHTERS: Catholic women come home to the Church Edited by Donna Steichen (Ignatius Press first published 1999 353pp $33.
605 - Aug 2011 - Letters: Anglican ordinariate, Michael Apthorp
It would seem that Bishop Elliott may perhaps have drawn the wrong conclusion from the wording of Pope Benedicts document on the new Catholic Anglican Ordinariate.
606 - Aug 2011 - Letters: Catholic schools, Fr Brendan Dillon PP
I contacted the bishop because I had been told there were many parents allegedly forced into home schooling as a result of so-called widespread abuses in our schools on the part of some teachers - abuses that were inconsistent with Catholic doctrine and practice.
607 - Aug 2011 - Letters: ,, Arnold Jago
The Josephite Sisters the Catholic Order founded by Australias first saint Mary MacKillop (Saint Mary of the Cross) have published a fourth collection of their founders letters.
608 - Aug 2011 - Young adult Catholic ministry: further progress, Br Barry Coldrey
On 17 May over 500 young Catholic adults packed the recently renovated century-old Commercial Hotel in Parramatta to listen to visiting American speaker Jason Everitt.
609 - Aug 2011 - Exegesis: Genesis account of creation and fall: what does the Church teach?, John Young
The Catechism of the Catholic Church (n.
610 - Aug 2011 - Obituary: John Wright (1923-2011): pillar of the Catholic faith, Michael Gilchrist
John Patrick Wright who died last June was an outanding courageous Melbourne Catholic layman who was a tower of strength for orthodoxy at a time when this was often under siege inside the Church under the banner of the spirit of Vatican II.
611 - Aug 2011 - Books: MARY: VIRGIN, MOTHER AND QUEEN: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics, Paul Simmons
The scriptural foundations of Marian devotion MARY: VIRGIN MOTHER AND QUEEN A Bible Study Guide for Catholics by Fr Mitch Pacwa SJ 160pp PB ISBN 978-1-61278-715-2.
612 - Aug 2011 - Defending the Catholic Church against ill-informed attacks, Fr John Flynn LC
Anti-Catholicism might be the last acceptable prejudice in many Western societies today but Canadian author and journalist Michael Coren isnt going to take this situation lying down.
613 - Aug 2011 - Events: In defence of the authentic meaning of marriage - Canberra, 16 August 2011, Babette Francis
Several religious liberty scholars say they cannot even tell whether the language will permit Catholic adoption agencies to stay in business said Brown.
614 - Aug 2011 - Britain's anti-Christian brave new world, AD2000 REPORT
The equality commissioner indicated that Muslim immigrants were integrating better into British society than many Christian populations and said that Catholic adoption agencies were more clearly discriminatory than Sharia courts.
615 - Aug 2011 - News: The Church Around the World
Surveys show that even some priests and certainly more people Catholics too are unsure about the bodily resurrection of Jesus and even of the Virgin birth of Christs divine fatherhood.
616 - Aug 2011 - The Carbon (dioxide) Tax: a religious perspective, Peter Finlayson
Peter Finlayson is an active Catholic in the Ballarat Diocese and an agricultural scientist who has worked in many developing countries.
617 - Jul 2011 - Reflection: Christ's priestly promise: 'I am with you always', Fr John O'Neill
It is strange how it can take so long for the wonders of our Catholic faith to strike home to us but God knows how to time things.
618 - Jul 2011 - Books: Order books from
95 ISBN 978-1-58617-198-8 Youcat (English) With a foreword from Pope Benedict XVI this Youth Catechism deals with the entire Catholic faith as presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
619 - Jul 2011 - Books: A MEMORY FOR WONDERS: a true story, by Mother Veronica Namoyo Le Goulard PCC, Michael Daniel
Available from Freedom Publishing) Some converts to Catholicism have the most unlikely of backgrounds an example being Mother Veronica Le Goulard.
620 - Jul 2011 - Books: STORIES OF KAROL: the Unknown Life of John Paul II, by G.F. Svidercoschi, Br Barry Coldrey
Available from Freedom Publishing) MIRACLES OF JOHN PAUL II by Pawel Zuchniewicz (Catholic Youth Studio Toronto Canada 2006 194pp $39.
621 - Jul 2011 - Books: A TOUR OF THE CATECHISM - Volume One: The Creed, by John Flader, John Young
A lucid balanced explanation of the Catholic Catechism A TOUR OF THE CATECHISM Volume One: The Creed by John Flader (Modotti Press 2011 246pp $29.
622 - Jul 2011 - Letters: St Peter's wife, Francis Vrijmoed
But it seems that judging from the above-mentioned examples and contrary to Mr Youngs suggestion that the traditional understanding among Catholic commentators has been that woman is the correct translation the translation of wife is preferred in most of the cases I looked at.
623 - Jul 2011 - Letters: Conscience, John Mulholland
The Catechism of the Catholic Church states (1782) quoting from Cardinal John Henry Newman: Man has the right to act in conscience and freedom so as personally to make moral decisions.
624 - Jul 2011 - Letters: 'Temple Police', Patricia Byrnes
Meanwhile the orthodox Catholics that remain are looking for leadership.
625 - Jul 2011 - Letters: Lack of vocations, Susanna Vale
And it was true for a comment about an ex-priest in the Catholic Education Office was swiftly followed by threatening legal letters.
626 - Jul 2011 - Letters: Bishop or Pope?, Eric Rickards
However Fr Dorfield forgot to add that Bishop Bill was also untiring in his efforts to promote an inappropriately explicit sex education program in Catholic schools throughout the Toowoomba Diocese with the possible risk of undermining the moral values and ultimately the eternal salvation of innocent young students.
627 - Jul 2011 - What attracts converts to the Catholic Church?, Fr F.E. Burns
Soon after former playboy and famous Hollywood actor (of High Noon fame) Gary Cooper converted to Catholicism he declared to a longtime friend the noted author Ernest Hemingway that was the best decision I ever made.
628 - Jul 2011 - Lübeck martyrs of the Nazis beatified on 25 June, Frank Mobbs
They were citizens of the northern city of Lbeck (near the frontier with Denmark) Catholic priests Frs Johannes Prassek Eduard Muller and Hermann Lange and Lutheran Pastor Karl Friedrich Stellbrink.
629 - Jul 2011 - Hugh O'Flaherty: The priest who converted his former Nazi enemy, Stephen Walker
The documents reveal how Kappler would round up Jews how he helped to rescue Benito Mussolini and what he thought of the Catholic Church and the Vatican.
630 - Jul 2011 - Whatever happened to the virtue of obedience?, Bishop Julian Porteous
In Baptism we are born of the Church which as the Catholic Catechism teaches is Mother and Teacher (see CCC 2030).
631 - Jul 2011 - Steubenville: How a university's Catholic identity was recovered, AD2000 Report
Dr Alan Schreck a professor of theology at the university describes how the 79-year-old priest took a leap of faith to renew Steubenvilles Catholic identity.
632 - Jul 2011 - Universae Ecclesiae: Vatican document strengthens use of the traditional Latin liturgy, Fr Glen Tattersall
All of these provisions for recourse will provide great relief and hope to many Catholics who have suffered having their fundamental rights of worship denied.
633 - Jul 2011 - Events: G.K. Chesterton conference for Sydney - September 2011, Karl Schmude
It is sponsored by the Australian Chesterton Society and titled Faith in the Marketplace: The Social Catholicism of G.
634 - Jul 2011 - News: The Church Around the World
The law of the Church requires Catholics to abstain from meat on Fridays or some other form of food or to observe some other form of penance laid down by the Bishops Conference.
635 - Jun 2011 - Books: Order books from
00 ISBN 978-0-85244-368-2 Youcat (English) With a foreword from Pope Benedict XVI this Youth Catechism deals with the entire Catholic faith as presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
636 - Jun 2011 - Events: Public Lecture - The Catholic Gift to Civilisation, Rev Fr Marcus Holden
The Catholic Gift to Civilisation Rev Fr Marcus Holden Wednesday 22 June 7.
637 - Jun 2011 - Books: HEART OF THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: Thoughts on Holy Mass, by Pope Benedict XVI, Michael Daniel
This old Catholic phrase encapsulates the centrality of the Mass in Christian worship.
638 - Jun 2011 - Books: MARRIAGE: The Rock on Which the Family is Built, by William E. May, Br Barry Coldrey
Domestic church Professor May develops the theme of marriage as the foundational pillar of the domestic church on which the entire Catholic Churchs structure is built.
639 - Jun 2011 - Books: THE STORY OF THE LITURGY IN IRELAND, by Edmond Gerard Cullinan, Michael E Daniel
Available from Freedom Publishing) Mention liturgy and the Catholic Church in Ireland and one is likely to think of items such as the Book of Kells.
640 - Jun 2011 - Letters: Mark Twain, Fr. F.E. Burns
And away down deep in my heart I feel that if they made a good strong unshakable Catholic of her I shall not be in the least bit sorry.
641 - Jun 2011 - Letters: North Africa, Andrew Sholl
On the other hand among the Carthaginians and Romans there was too much infighting: among Manicheans (St Augustine was one for many years) Donatists and Catholics.
642 - Jun 2011 - Moral values and the march of science, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput
Thats why one of the first things we need to do if we want to live as Catholics is to remember what being Catholic really means - and we need to learn that lesson in our identity not from the world not from the tepid and self-satisfied and not from the enemies of the Church even when they claim to be Catholic but from the mind and memory of the Church herself who speaks through her pastors.
643 - Jun 2011 - Letters: Catholic religious education: some grassroots views, John Morissey
A forum on Catholic religious education was conducted at the St Leonards parish centre Glen Waverley in the Melbourne Archdiocese in early April.
644 - Jun 2011 - Cardinal Pell: 'liberalism has no young Catholic progeny', Cardinal George Pell
But as an exercise in loyal dissent it moves beyond the limits of orthodox Catholicism.
645 - Jun 2011 - Archbishop Hickey: tribute to an outstanding Church leader, Brian Peachey
The following year Archbishop Hickey was chosen by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference to launch the English edition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church at the National Press Club in Canberra on 22 June.
646 - Jun 2011 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Scottish bishops welcome new Missal translation Scotlands bishops have become the latest to give their backing to the new English translation of the Roman Missal.
647 - Jun 2011 - Australia's Anglican Ordinariate on track, Bishop Peter Elliott
Bishop Elliott who is a Melbourne auxiliary bishop is the delegate of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and a liaison to the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference for the Personal Ordinariate.
648 - Jun 2011 - Why Pope Benedict removed Toowoomba's dissenting bishop, Michael Gilchrist
This meeting passed a motion that the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference initiate an open honest and professionally-conducted study of the forced early retirement of Bishop Bill Morris .
649 - May 2011 - Reflection: The Resurrection: ultimate meaning of our existence, Fr Dennis Byrnes
The Holy Spirit is sent to us in every liturgical action to bring us into communion with Christ the light of the world ( Catechism of the Catholic Church 1097 1108).
650 - May 2011 - Books: DAUGHTER OF MAN, MOTHER OF GOD, by Barry M. Coldrey, Michael Gilchrist
DAUGHTER OF MAN MOTHER OF GOD: Marys Role in the Contemporary Catholic Church by Barry M.
651 - May 2011 - Books: ELIZABETH HAYES: Pioneer Franciscan Journalist, by Pauline J. Shaw, Br Barry Coldrey
Elizabeth Hayes was born and raised an Anglican travelled through many countries and took up numerous occupations before (and after) her conversion to Catholicism to become Mother Mary Ignatius of Jesus Founder of the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.
652 - May 2011 - Books: CHRISTIANITY IN IRAQ, by Suha Rassam, Michael Daniel
The last forty years have also witnessed fruitful dialogues between the Catholic Church and the Assyrian Church of the East and the Syrian Or-thodox Churches.
653 - May 2011 - Letters: William Wardell, Cambria M. Parkinson
Here his work is everywhere and widely acclaimed from the Catholic Church of Sts Peter and Paul in Geelong West (Ashly Parish) to the primary school Geelong West Courthouse (nowadays engulfed by the modern Library) and the little gem Geelong Wests post office a very self-possessed building sporting lovely little stained-glass windows onto Pakington Street.
654 - May 2011 - Letters: A mixture, Arnold Jago
However Catholic-wise Mrs Keneally is a mixture.
655 - May 2011 - University Life: Australian Catholic Students' Conference 2011 a success, Br Barry Coldrey
Two factors have wrought havoc with the practice of their faith among many young Catholics: the atomic radiation of secularism flowing from the cultural majority; and the uncertain lowest common denominator focus of an unfortunate proportion of Catholic education.
656 - May 2011 - The Anglican Ordinariate: what impact on Catholic worship?, Shawn Tribe
To be clear it is not that I believe these potentialities and aspects are absent from the conversation without the Ordinariate but rather that the Ordinariate bringing with it its own lived experience history and culture brings another and additional dimension to the conversation a dimension that importantly will be a lived one able to be referred to and consulted equally by Catholics within and without the Ordinariate.
657 - May 2011 - Culture: The decline of the Christian West, Cardinal Raymond Burke
The following are extracts from Cardinal Raymond Burkes address on 11 March 2011 as the keynote speaker at the Australian Catholic Students Conference in Sydney (see report on page 12).
658 - May 2011 - Modern martytrs: Shahbaz Bhatti (1968-2011): Pakistan's contemporary martyr, Babette Francis
When I observe Catholics emerging from Sunday Mass they seem cheerful but placid and I wonder if I am living in a parallel universe.
659 - May 2011 - News: The Church Around the World
This is a book that I think all Christians should read be they Protestant or Catholic.
660 - May 2011 - Two million in Rome for beatification of John Paul II, Peter Westmore
He promulgated the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the revised Code of Canon Law and was responsible for a major reorganisation of the Vatican to reflect the universal character of the Catholic Church.
661 - Apr 2011 - Books: Order books from
90 ISBN 978-1-58617-523-8 Catholicism and Fundamentalism Karl Keating Now available again this book is a classic of Catholic apologetics as it rebuts the claims of anti-Catholic fundamentalist Christians.
662 - Apr 2011 - Books: TOWARDS A THEOLOGY OF THE ENVIRONMENT, by Paul Haffner, Barry Coldrey
Available from Freedom Publishing) While each dedicated practising Catholic would have to answer for him/herself this reviewer has the impression that traditional practising Catholics view the environmental movement and so-called creation theology as of questionable orthodoxy at best a distraction from the more important moral issues arising from the secular agenda like abortion euthanasia and gay marriage.
663 - Apr 2011 - Books: HANDBOOK OF CATHOLIC APOLOGETICS: Reasoned Answers to Questions of Faith, Br Barry Coldrey
HANDBOOK OF CATHOLIC APOLOGETICS: Reasoned Answers to Questions of Faith by P.
664 - Apr 2011 - Books: EUROPE AND THE FAITH, by Hilaire Belloc, Michael Daniel
Catholic historian Hilaire Belloc challenges these assumptions in Europe and the Faith.
665 - Apr 2011 - Books: THE RIDDLE OF FATHER HACKETT: A Life in Ireland and Australia, by Brenda Niall, Colin Jory
Father Hacketts main claim to fame will always be that through his Central Catholic Library and his personality he made an indispensable contribution to the Campion Society.
666 - Apr 2011 - Letters: Same-sex 'marriage', Robert Prinzen-Wood
I remember back in the 1970s the Catholic Church arguing against state toleration of sodomy when governments wanted to repeal the laws against 1t.
667 - Apr 2011 - Letters: Conscience?, Thomas & Patricia Watkin
Indeed it does when the faithful are confronted with the written word of priests imprimatur and all that state: after deep prayer and consultation with clergy (a Catholic priest) a man or woman finds that as they are in the utmost good faith albeit in error they must give preference to the primacy of conscience and do what their conscience tells them to do: error has rights.
668 - Apr 2011 - Marian Valley and Penrose Park: spiritual powerhouses, Br Barry Coldrey
Marian Valley A few kilometres from the town of Canungra the official title of the Pauline Fathers property is the Shrine of Our Lady Help of Christians but the place is better known to Queensland Catholics as Marian Valley.
669 - Apr 2011 - Music that elevates faith and worship of God, Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev
The following is an extract from an address delivered at the Catholic University of America in Washington D.
670 - Apr 2011 - Catholic Church's pivotal role in South Korea's pro-life revival, Babette Francis
In February 2011 the South Korean Catholic Bishops Conference (CBCK) announced an inspired practical project to help pregnant women enduring difficult circumstances.
671 - Apr 2011 - News: The Church Around the World
Opus Dei before the Second Vatican Council was the most liberal organisation in the Catholic Church because it talked about the participation of the lay faithful.
672 - Apr 2011 - Homosexual rights trump the rest, especially Christians', Fr John Flynn LC
In fact the Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly states: Deliberate hatred is contrary to charity (2303).
673 - Mar 2011 - Books: Order books from
It brings out Newmans role in the regeneration of English Catholicism.
674 - Mar 2011 - Books: THE AUSTRALIAN BOOK OF ATHEISM, Edited by Warren Bonett, Frank Mobbs
As far as the Catholic tradition is concerned it agrees with his contention that one can know moral truths without believing in God.
675 - Mar 2011 - Books: Theophilos: A Novel, by Michael O'Brien, Michael Daniel
Other facets of the novel that strike the reader are the references to Catholic beliefs and practices.
676 - Mar 2011 - Books: William Wardell: Building with Conviction, by A.G. Evans, Terri Kelleher
Many readers may know that Wardell was the architect who designed both St Patricks Cathedral in Melbourne and St Marys Cathedral in Sydney and that he was a convert to the Catholic faith.
677 - Mar 2011 - Letters: Missionaries of God's Love a welcome initiative, Tom King
May the Holy Spirit now motivate the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference to publicise and support with appropriate resources other God-inspired initiatives like Fr Barkers.
678 - Mar 2011 - Letters: Beatification case for Bob Santamaria, Brian A. Peachey
Yet when an invitation of his Archbishop to dedicate himself and his remarkable talents totally to the lay apostolate to the activating of the Catholic laity was received this truly great Christian man responded immediately.
679 - Mar 2011 - Letters: St Peter's wife, John Young
The traditional understanding among Catholic commentators has been that woman is the correct translation and that the reference (indicated by the word sister) is to Christian women accompanying the apostles.
680 - Mar 2011 - Netherlands: Migrants keep Church alive in Holland, Fr Cornelius van der Geest
Perhaps the three main pillars of our pastoral plan are the following: Pastoral care for the Catholic migrant population.
681 - Mar 2011 - A bishop and his priests: united in truth with Christ, Fr John O'Neill
Presumably sincere educated and experienced men are in strong opposition to each other and in vital matters which are of the essence of our Catholic Faith even such things as the Resurrection of Christ the nature of the Eucharist Christian morality content of religious education and many more.
682 - Mar 2011 - What are the marks of an authentically Catholic university?, Cardinal Raymond Burke
The Declaration on Christian Education Gravissimum Educationis of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council underlines the importance which the Church has consistently assigned to Catholic higher education in order that the convergence of faith and reason in the one truth may be seen more clearly.
683 - Mar 2011 - New Divine Mercy parish and school for Perth, Fr Paul Fox
It will start initially with Kindergarten to Year Two in 2012 and build up gradually each year ensuring a strong Catholic and academic formation for the students.
684 - Mar 2011 - Faith and reason at Notre Dame, Sydney, Fr Richard Umbers
What I think he failed to appreciate was that it was precisely the Catholic faith of the staff and tutors that motivated them to the generosity and dedication that made the college possible.
685 - Mar 2011 - Islam divided over Pope's call to respect religious freedom, Babette Francis
In Frankfurt religious and political leaders of Catholic Orthodox Muslim and Protestant faiths gathered for a memorial service for the victims in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
686 - Mar 2011 - iWitness 2010: an unforgettable retreat for young Catholics, Br Barry Coldrey
The corrosive message of the secular culture and the toxic agenda of the cultural majority has never fazed these young Catholic adults who are confident gifted well-educated and secure in their faith.
687 - Mar 2011 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency Benedict XVI speaks out on religious freedom Benedict XVI has once more urged Muslim religious leaders and repressive governments to do more to protect the rights of Christians and other religious minorities in their countries.
688 - Mar 2011 - Personal Ordinariates for former Anglicans: worldwide progress, Michael Gilchrist
Moves are underway in several Anglophone countries to establish Personal Ordinariates for former Anglicans desiring unity with the Catholic Church in accordance with the provisions of the 2009 Apostolic Constitution nbsp;Anglicanorum coetibus of Pope Benedict XVI.
689 - Feb 2011 - Reflection: The great but neglected harvest of inactive Catholics, Joseph Agius
A large proportion of Australian Catholics (up to 90 percent) no longer practise the faith as is the case in most Western countries.
690 - Feb 2011 - Books: Order books from
Renowned British theologian Aidan Nichols provides a systematic account of the origins development and recent history of the relations between the Catholic Church and all the separated Eastern Christians.
691 - Feb 2011 - Books: Isabel of Spain: The Catholic Queen, by Warren Carroll, Terri M. Kelleher
Isabel of Spain: The greatest woman ruler in all history ISABEL OF SPAIN: The Catholic Queen by Warren Carroll (Christendom Press 385 pp $29.
692 - Feb 2011 - Letters: Apostles' wives, Francis Vrijmoed
(Revised Standard Version Catholic edition 1965).
693 - Feb 2011 - IVF: The Catholic Church and reproductive technologies, Fr John Fleming
In the meantime debate on the new technologies was taking place within the Catholic Church and there were among moralists a variety of positions being explored and taken.
694 - Feb 2011 - Pope Benedict honours Catholic Women's League member Brenda Finlayson, AD2000 Report
Brenda Finlayson Immediate Past Vice President General of the World Union of Catholic Womens Organisations and recently retired WUCWO Board Member Australia was the recent recipient of the Papal Honour of Dame in the (Pontifical Equestrian) Order of St Gregory the Great.
695 - Feb 2011 - Young children: never too early to love God, Bishop Arthur Serratelli
Many make great sacrifices to have their children attend Catholic schools so that they know the faith.
696 - Feb 2011 - Key issues of ecumenism: new Vatican president's assessment, AD2000 Report
Cardinal Koch admitted however that although the Catholic Church is irreversibly committed to the search for unity in some respects the problem is still the same as it was at the point of departure at Vatican II.
697 - Feb 2011 - Vocations: Following in the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi, Kay Cozad
As their patron before them who was called by God to rebuild my house the brothers have begun their spirited evangelical efforts to rebuild the Catholic community in the neighbourhood and around the diocese.
698 - Feb 2011 - Marriage: US bishops signal a tougher stance in the culture wars, Michael Gilchrist
Americas Catholic bishops have departed from normal practice in choosing their new president by overlooking the current vice-president and instead choosing a man seen as more outspoken on family and life issues.
699 - Feb 2011 - News: The Church Around the World
Bishops respond to gay marriage push During the Plenary meeting of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference held from 22 to 26 November in Sydney the bishops discussed at length issues relating to marriage and same-sex relationships and their recognition in law in response to recent moves by governments to change these laws.
700 - Feb 2011 - Book Review: Cardinal Pell and Pope Benedict XVI's interview, Cardinal George Pell
In fact one quarter of all AIDS victims around the world are cared for in Catholic institutions and it is ridiculous to assert that those who are ignoring the basics of Christian sexual morality will refuse to use a condom for religious reasons.
701 - Feb 2011 - Editorial: Challenges ahead for the Church in 2011, Michael Gilchrist
Many Catholics including regrettably some priests have come to regard the Mass as owned by the local community rather than the universal Church with relevance rather than authenticity the watchword.
702 - Dec 2010 - Reflection: Messiah: the one anointed by God to reconcile sinners, Fr Dennis W. Byrnes
In the Gospel of St Luke we have the simple yet awesome account of the Annunciation (Luke: 1:26-28): namely what Catholic doctrine describes as the virginal conception of Jesus in the womb of Mary of Nazareth.
703 - Dec 2010 - Books: Order books from
95 ISBN 978-0-85244-738-3 The Path to Rome Edited by Dwight Longenecker amp; Dwight Blamires In this tenth anniversary edition extensively revised and updated the editors of The Path to Rome have gathered the stories of American and British adult converts to the Catholic faith including several public figures.
704 - Dec 2010 - Books: FIVE SMOOTH STONES: A 40 Day WYD08 Journal, by Stephen Lawrence, Bishop Joseph Grech
Who could forget the enthusiasm the colour the energy the passion and the vibrancy of those days when so many young people from all over Australia and the world converged on Sydney to celebrate in a most overt manner our Catholic identity and faith.
705 - Dec 2010 - Books: THE LAST CRUSADER, by Louis de Wohl, Michael Daniel
Available from Freedom Publishing) In recent years Ignatius Press has made available to another generation of readers a number of the works of prolific Catholic writer Louis de Wohl.
706 - Dec 2010 - Books: EDMUND CAMPION, by Richard Simpson, revised by Peter Joseph, Fr Anthony Robbie
Readers familiar with Fr Josephs masterful representation of the classic work Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine by Archbishop Sheehan will be delighted that he has found a new vehicle for his passionate enquiry and devotion to the Faith for few stories render so much fruit for religious inspiration and sheer excitement.
707 - Dec 2010 - Letters: Ecumenism, Kevin McManus
In the same issue of The Roman Observer that reported on Cardinal Kasper is a full article calling for an alliance against secularism and a further one by Patriarch Kiril of the Russian Orthodox Church calling for an alliance between the Catholics and the Russian Orthodox for this specific purpose.
708 - Dec 2010 - Letters: Lay saint?, Eamonn Keane
This would highlight the fact that for the vast majority of Catholic men and women the call to holiness is lived out in the ordinary things of life: marriage family profession politics friendships recreation etc.
709 - Dec 2010 - Letters: Marriage, Arnold Jago
For example if the 30 percent of voters calling themselves Catholic threatened to vote against any party refusing to redefine marriage as something resembling Christian marriage the Family Law Act would be repealed and rewritten within a fortnight.
710 - Dec 2010 - Letters: Eucharistic faith, Anna M. Silvas
Personally I find it incredible that any Catholic-minded Anglican who looks intently at the progressive deformation of the Eucharistic Prayer by Cranmer could seriously believe in the validity of Anglican orders even provisionally.
711 - Dec 2010 - Catholic origins: Psychology and Christianity: need they be at odds?, Wanda Skowronska
Many Catholics also wondered whether psychology was compatible with Christianity joined in the spirit of critique.
712 - Dec 2010 - Homily: Christus Rex Pilgrimage: Building God's Kingdom on earth, Bishop Peter J. Elliott
This is true of all faith communities but has particular significance in Catholic Christianity.
713 - Dec 2010 - Congress for Life: Catholic orthodoxy: key to promoting the culture of life, Cardinal Raymond Burke
The phenomenon today is popularly known as cafeteria Catholicism.
714 - Dec 2010 - Youth: Another successful Australian Catholic youth initiative, Br Barry Coldrey
The MGL has arisen from the charismatic side of the Australian Catholic Church with many initially drawn from the flourishing Disciples of Jesus Convenant Communities.
715 - Dec 2010 - News: The Church Around the World
The future of Anglo-Catholics Pope Benedict XVI acting through the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus established the Anglican Ordinariate in October 2009 to help Anglicans who wish to become Catholic while preserving many of their unique traditions.
716 - Dec 2010 - Euthanasia: Australia's Christian churches unite in opposition, MIchael Gilchrist
The Catholic Church has been equally active on the issue.
717 - Nov 2010 - Books: Order books from
95 ISBN 978-0-85244-738-3 The Path to Rome Edited by Dwight Longenecker amp; Dwight Blamires In this tenth anniversary edition extensively revised and updated the editors of The Path to Rome have gathered the stories of American and British adult converts to the Catholic faith including several public figures.
718 - Nov 2010 - Books: BLESSED JOHN  HENRY NEWMAN: A Richly Illustrated Portrait, by K.D. and D. Fso, Br Barry Coldrey
He was moving towards Catholicism.
719 - Nov 2010 - Books: Damien of Molokai: the Leper Saint, by Robert Louis Stevenson, Michael E. Daniel
Throughout the letter Stevenson suggested that Hyde was in fact motivated by jealousy in that Catholics rather than Presbyterians were gaining converts due to their work amongst the lepers and also by hypocrisy in that Hyde lived in comfort in his manse in Honolulu while Damien lived a Spartan life on Molokai.
720 - Nov 2010 - Letters: Declarations, Frank Mobbs
The Fathers of the Fourth Lateran Council (1215) who adopted Pope Innocent IIIs proposal to persecute severely heretics and Jews would not have recognised Vatican IIs teaching as that of the Catholic Church as I have already pointed out (August AD2000).
721 - Nov 2010 - Letters: Infallibility criteria, James Bogle
Consequently he misunderstands my reference to Ludwig Ott and the Catholic Encyclopaedia.
722 - Nov 2010 - Letters: Vatican II: infallibility, John Young
This would mean that an Ecumenical Council had not merely taught error but had told the Catholic faithful (and indeed the whole world) that something was good and right which was actually against God s law!
723 - Nov 2010 - Letters: Future Church, Tom King
The summary provided by Dr Frank Mobbs (July AD2000) relating to John Allens recent book The Future Church with its predictions of what the Catholic Church might be like in 50 years time was informative and inspirational in that one can so readily relate to problems evidenced today with their likely potential for the future.
724 - Nov 2010 - Letters: Catholic funerals, George Simpson
The popular press has recently been most critical of Melbournes Archbishop Denis Hart for his stand on the conduct of Catholic funerals particularly in regard to inappropriate music and eulogies.
725 - Nov 2010 - Ukrainian Catholics: Ukraine's University of the Catacombs, Andrew Kania
Overseeing the direction and protection of the Ukrainian Catholic Church for nearly half a century as its Primate Sheptytskyi set in place the structures within his Church that would see its eventual survival against not only the oppression of the Nazi regime but also the 45 years of Communist persecution which were to follow.
726 - Nov 2010 - Saints: Blessed John Henry Newman: why he is worthy of canonisation, Frank Mobbs
At dinner in College he refused to speak to a former Anglican now a Catholic priest whom Newman regarded as an apostate: I was very rude to him I would not meet him at dinner.
727 - Nov 2010 - Vocations: Priestly and religious vocations upsurge in the US, Tim Drake
An appreciation of the inner intelligibility of everything that God has revealed about himself and us; a wholly admirable resistance to all purely moralistic accounts of the Catholic faith; an unfailing devotion to the Eucharist and the Passion combined with an unshakable confidence in the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
728 - Nov 2010 - Liturgy: Catholic funerals: Bishop Elliott explains Melbourne's guidelines, Bishop Peter J. Eliott
This is why a row erupted in the Melbourne Herald Sun when Archbishop Denis Hart dared to issue Guidelines for Catholic Funerals particularly a veto on romantic ballads pop or rock music political songs football club songs.
729 - Nov 2010 - Homosexuality: Courage and EnCourage Chicago Conference: holiness the key, Marie Mason
Having attended last years International Courage and EnCourage Conference for Catholic same-sex attracted (SSA) persons and their families and then just attended this years conference (29 July-1 August) 2010 I could see and feel how much these apostolates have grown and deepened over the preceding year.
730 - Nov 2010 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic-Orthodox dialogue Though emphasising that full unity is still in the distant future leaders from Catholic and Orthodox churches recently indicated that progress is underway in the reunification efforts of the two faith communities.
731 - Nov 2010 - Canonisation: St Mary of the Cross MacKillop: let the truth be told, Peter Westmore
About 8000 Australian Catholics travelled to St Peters in Rome to mark the joyous occasion when Pope Benedict XVI pronounced the canonisation of Australias first saint St Mary of the Cross MacKillop foundress of the Josephite Sisters.
732 - Oct 2010 - Books: Order books from
95 ISBN 978-1-58617-269-5 Real Love Mary Beth Bonacci An experienced speaker on Catholic teachings on marriage family and sexuality Mary Beth Bonacci has assembled the many questions she has been asked on these topics along with her answers offering a comprehensive catechesis on Church teachings.
733 - Oct 2010 - Books: Two upcoming launches of new titles from Freedom Publishing/Gracewing UK
Blessed John Henry Newman: A Richly Illustrated Portrait Editors: Kathleen Dietz and Mary-Birgit Dechant Speaker: Fr Austin Cooper OMI (Head Department of Church History Catholic Theological College Melbourne) 15 October 2010 2pm RSVP: (03) 9816-0888 by 11 October.
734 - Oct 2010 - Books: WEDNESDAY WARRIORS: The St Pat's Ballarat Tradition, by James Gilchrist, Cardinal George Pell
However St Pats mirrors the wider society as it is no longer a power house for faith and has a strong minority of non-Catholic students.
735 - Oct 2010 - Books: THE PATH TO ROME: Modern Journeys to the Catholic Church, Bishop David Robarts
Deeply personal stories of conversion to Catholicism THE PATH TO ROME: Modern Journeys to the Catholic Church Edited by Dwight Longenecker amp; Cyprian Blamires (Gracewing 2010 379pp $39.
736 - Oct 2010 - Letters: Pastoral Council?, Peter D. Howard
The term pastoral council as applied to Vatican II is merely a popular description and does not refer to any specific type of council recognised by the authority of the Catholic Church.
737 - Oct 2010 - Letters: Little Angels, Fr M. Shadbolt
When working there in the seventies I had the impression that the poor loved their traditional Catholic Faith and were suspicious of liberation theology priests who hardly ever spoke of God.
738 - Oct 2010 - Good priests: the Church's essential foot soldiers, Cardinal George Pell
The Protestant call for a return to the Christ of the gospels forced the Catholic Church to take her religious claims more seriously as she incurred enormous losses especially in northern Europe not to unbelief but to an alternative hostile largely non-sacramental form of Christianity.
739 - Oct 2010 - Foundations of Faith: Archbishop Hickey: Time to stand up for Christian marriage, Archbishop Hickey
Gods plan Let us reflect at this time on the vision of marriage that comes to us from Jesus Christ upheld over the centuries by the Catholic Church.
740 - Oct 2010 - New Missal: Why we need the new translation of the Mass, Bishop Peter J. Elliott
Elliotts address given at the Catholic Womens League National Conference in Melbourne on 31 July 2010.
741 - Oct 2010 - Real Presence: Nigerian priest brings Eucharistic Adoration to a Brisbane parish, Bob Denahy
In recent centuries thousands of missionaries have set out from Europe to bring the Catholic Faith to the rest of the world.
742 - Oct 2010 - Youth: Young adult Catholic ministry: hopeful signs continue, Br Barry Coldrey
In 2006 after the Grand Final of the Australian Football League I noticed a flyer advertising the Annual Conference of the Victorian Branch of ACSA the Australian Catholic Students Association.
743 - Oct 2010 - News: The Church Around the World
The latest example of this was the loss by Leeds-based Catholic Care in a High Court appeal on the issue of whether they could continue to deny placing adopted children with same-sex couples.
744 - Oct 2010 - Editorial: Benedict buries ghosts of the Reformation, Peter Westmore
Additionally Britain was for centuries the heartland of a form of Protestantism characterised as much by what it opposed - Roman Catholicism - as for what it believed.
745 - Sep 2010 - Reflection: Accepting the reality of sin: a cornerstone of Christian faith, Fr Dennis Byrnes
In the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1849) we are told Sin is an offence against reason truth and right conscience; it is a failure in genuine love for God and neighbour caused by perverse attachment to certain goods.
746 - Sep 2010 - Books: Order books from
95 ISBN 978-0-85244-738-3 The Path to Rome Edited by Dwight Longenecker amp; Dwight Blamires In this tenth anniversary edition extensively revised and updated the editors of The Path to Rome have gathered the stories of American and British adult converts to the Catholic faith including several public figures.
747 - Sep 2010 - Formation: MacKillop College: Wagga's educational showcase, Joanne Andrews
A common area of concern among young Catholics is that of education.
748 - Sep 2010 - Books: THE TEMPLARS: Knights of Christ, by Régine Pernoud, Br Barry Coldrey
This is an accessible and inexpensive book which should find a useful place in any Catholic library including secondary school libraries.
749 - Sep 2010 - Books: LETTERS TO A NON-BELIEVER, by Thomas Crean, Michael Daniel
Just over one third of the letters look at topics that could be categorised as specifically Catholic for example recognising the true Church and the Papacy.
750 - Sep 2010 - Books: Edith Stein Discovered / Edith Stein and Companions, Terri Kelleher
She had been attracted to the religious life from the time she was received into the Church but her spiritual directors advised against it until she had lived for a sufficient time as a Catholic.
751 - Sep 2010 - Letters: A rejoinder to John Young, James Bogle
Contrary to his primary thesis to assert that the teachings of Vatican II form part of the Ordinary Magisterium means in the language of theologians they are not taught infallibly see Ott Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma 4th ed p.
752 - Sep 2010 - Letters: Infallible teaching, Fr Brian Harrison OS
The mainstream position is that this teaching of the Declaration Dignitatis Humanae ( DH) belongs to the third and least authoritative category of Catholic doctrines set out in the Churchs official Profession of Faith.
753 - Sep 2010 - Letters: Religious liberty, John Young
Frank Mobbs opposes this solution by saying that the pope and other prelates assumed to be true that the Church had a mandate to punish those opposing Catholic doctrine and practices.
754 - Sep 2010 - Vocations: The story of a grandmother and her love of the priesthood, Andrew Kania
I also recall her walking back from the local Catholic parish Church of St Joseph Pignatelli in Attadale (Perth WA) singing as she came down the hill to our home and her lighting a votive candle before a photograph she had of my long-deceased grandfather Jan.
755 - Sep 2010 - Natural Family Planning: Kyrgyzstan leads the way, Paula Flynn
There is no Catholic parish in Karakol but the organisers have made contact with the local Russian Orthodox church and with the local Mullah.
756 - Sep 2010 - University: Another successful Australian Catholic Students Conference, Br Barry Coldrey
While the corrosive messages of the secular culture and the uncertain - lowest common denominator - focus of much of todays Catholic education have wrought havoc with the faith of most young Catholics this paralysing malaise was absent from the Lake Hume Resort Albury over the weekend of 9-11 July 2010.
757 - Sep 2010 - Academia: Challenging times for Catholic universities, Babette Francis
In the USA there is concern among practising Catholics and some bishops about the orthodoxy of numbers of Catholic universities which seem more dedicated to freedom of academic expression than to their Catholic identity.
758 - Sep 2010 - News: The Church Around the World
He said that in 1938 the future Pope who was then Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli wrote to Catholic archbishops around the world to urge them to apply for visas for non-Aryan Catholics and Jewish converts to Christianity who wanted to leave Germany.
759 - Sep 2010 - Britain prepares for Benedict XVI's visit, Joanna Bogle
Joanna Bogle one of Englands leading Catholic writers and commentators analyses the preparations for the Papal visit the secular medias often hostile and ill-informed coverage and the efforts of orthodox Catholics to ensure a successful visit such as through a Sponsored Silence in solidarity with the Pope.
760 - Aug 2010 - Books: Order books from
00 ISBN 978-0-30758-825-8 Handbook of Catholic Apologetics With the truths of Christianity under attack more than ever this valuable reference book provides answers to questions of faith.
761 - Aug 2010 - Books: DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT CATHOLIC HISTORY: From the Catacombs to the Reformation, Terri Kelleher
DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT CATHOLIC HISTORY: From the Catacombs to the Reformation by Diane Moczar (Our Sunday Visitor 2006 176pp.
762 - Aug 2010 - Books: JESUS CHRIST, YESTERDAY, TODAY, FOREVER, by Fr Anthony Percy, Micheal Daniel
The book has a clear focus and a contemporary context namely the Australian Catholic youth scene in the wake of the euphoria generated by the hundreds of thousands of young Catholics who flooded into Sydney for World Youth Day in 2008.
763 - Aug 2010 - Books: BLESSED PIUS IX, by Roberto de Mattei, Michael Daniel
While this action seems incredible to modern sensibilities it was thought appropriate at the time by Church authorities and the boy himself expressed a wish to be raised a Catholic.
764 - Aug 2010 - Books: THE GUILLOTINE AND THE CROSS, by Warren H. Carroll, Michael Daniel
Not only does the constant violence underscore the account but also the attack on Catholicism that became an integral part of the French Revolution.
765 - Aug 2010 - Books: THE CATHOLIC PRIEST IMAGE OF CHRIST: Through Fifteen Centuries of Art, Terri Kelleher
A feast for the eyes: a visual presentation of the priesthood THE CATHOLIC PRIEST IMAGE OF CHRIST: Through Fifteen Centuries of Art by Steen Heidemann (Gracewing 2009 hardback 320pp $120.
766 - Aug 2010 - Letters: Future Church, John Barich
However I question Allens speculation that Pope and Curia may relocate to one of the great centres of Catholicism such as Mexico City.
767 - Aug 2010 - Letters: Definitions by design, J. Loring
True Catholic views on serious moral matters are religious and hence not permitted particularly where they contradict atheistic or paganistic propaganda.
768 - Aug 2010 - Letters: Obama Health Bill, Sr Rose Mary Kinne OP
I understand that Professor Stephen Schneck of the Catholic University of America has said After long and careful analysis I am confident that history will prove this Health Care Bill is the most effective pro-life legislation ever crafted.
769 - Aug 2010 - Letters: Infallibility, Dr Frank Mobbs
Catholics who took up arms against heretics were to be given the privileges granted to Crusaders.
770 - Aug 2010 - Letters: Liturgy
Convinced and committed Catholics who regularly attend Mass - and in fact these days it seems these are effectively the only regular participants - would I hope accept what the Archbishop has to say even if they dont necessarily express themselves as I might here.
771 - Aug 2010 - Vocations: Mother Dolores Hart OSB: from Hollywood to convent, Michael Gilchrist
Dolores Hicks was the only child of the actor Bert Hicks and Harriett Hicks who despite the religious implications (they were nominal Catholics) separated and ultimately divorced when she was three.
772 - Aug 2010 - Foundations of Faith: The Sacrament of Penance: whatever happened to confession?, Br Barry Coldrey
At his modern Catholic secondary college there was little systematic religious education.
773 - Aug 2010 - Liberalism: Christian churches and the 'religious left', Babette Francis
I am not referring to the 1950s tradition of Catholics in Australia voting Labor and in the US voting Democrat.
774 - Aug 2010 - News: The Church Around the World
Benedict XVI: catechesis of the Eucharist needed Addressing participants at the convention for the Diocese of Rome in the Basilica of St John Lateran on 16 June Benedict XVI said that the Eucharist was not sufficiently understood by many Catholics hence a more profound knowledge of the mystery of the Body and Blood of the Lord was needed.
775 - Aug 2010 - Troubled future of the Church in Ireland, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin
What do I say about the future of the Catholic Church in Ireland?
776 - Jul 2010 - Books: Order books from
95 ISBN 978-1-58617-269-5 Handbook of Catholic Apologetics With the truths of Christianity under attack more than ever this valuable reference book provides answers to questions of faith.
777 - Jul 2010 - Books: HANDING ON THE FAITH IN AN AGE OF DISBELIEF, by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Br Barry Coldrey
Ryan respectively Archbishops of Brussels Krakow and Dublin explore the topic: Why does it seem so hard to transmit the Catholic faith today?
778 - Jul 2010 - Books: CONVINCED BY THE TRUTH: Embracing the Fullness of Catholic Faith, John Fleming, John McCarthy
CONVINCED BY THE TRUTH: Embracing the Fullness of Catholic Faith by John I.
779 - Jul 2010 - Books: THE ABBESS OF ANDALUSIA: Flannery O'Connor's Spiritual Journey, Lorraine Murray, Terri Kelleher
Flannery OConnor: foremost Catholic author of the American South THE ABBESS OF ANDALUSIA: Flannery OConnors Spiritual Journey by Lorraine Murray (Saint Benedict Press 2009 233pp $23.
780 - Jul 2010 - New apologetics for the new evangelisation
I hope I can take for granted that it will have its scientific basis in a renewed fundamental theology where faith and reason credibility and truth are explored as necessary foundations of the Catholic Christian faith.
781 - Jul 2010 - Two views: Vatican II, infallibility and the Church today, James Bogle and John Young
John Young rightly points out that this is not a question of mathematics but he spoils the effect of so saying by later suggesting that infallibility might be represented by a moral unanimity of say two-thirds of the bishops in Council as if Catholic doctrine were a matter of some kind of Episcopal democracy at a General Council.
782 - Jul 2010 - FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: What we can know about heaven from Scripture and the Church, John Young
Ludwig Ott: Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma p.
783 - Jul 2010 - Trends: The Church in 50 years: John Allen's predictions, Frank Mobbs
In this review/article Dr Frank Mobbs examines key points made in the recently published book by Vatican expert John Allen titled The Future Church: How Ten Trends are Revolutionizing the Catholic Church (Doubleday 2009 469pp hardback ISBN 978-0-385-52038-6).
784 - Jul 2010 - Book launch: Cardinal Pell's new book 'Test Everything' launched, Michael Gilchrist
One of the books 80 readings (which are divided into eight broad religious themes) comes from 2006 when Cardinal Pell spoke to graduating students at Christendom College in Virginia renowned for its solid Catholicism.
785 - Jul 2010 - Newly discovered World War II documents further vindicate Pius XII
The Pope could only send trusted priests and confidants throughout Rome and Italy with verbal and written papal orders to lift cloister allowing men and women to enter Catholic convents and monasteries and ordered all ecclesiastical institutions to hide the Jews wherever they could.
786 - Jul 2010 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency US survey shows pro-life majority A Gallup poll of Americans views on abortion again reports that slightly more Americans self-identify as pro-life instead of pro-choice.
787 - Jul 2010 - Archbishop Chaput defends the Pope and the Vatican over abuse lawsuits
He writes: In the organisational structure of the Catholic Church in America the Province of Denver includes the dioceses of Pueblo and Colorado Springs in Colorado the Diocese of Cheyenne in Wyoming and the provinces metropolitan (or senior) see the Archdiocese of Denver.
788 - Jul 2010 - Editorial: Religious education: the challenge of secularism, Michael Gilchrist
In this regard the challenge for the Catholic Church is most acutely felt in school classrooms where the large majority of students come from non-practising homes and are constantly exposed to a diet of cultural relativism and in your face violence and sex via TV Internet movies and pop music.
789 - Jun 2010 - Reflection: Benedict XVI on the Church's birth and universality at Pentecost, Pope Benedict XVI
St Luke aims unambiguously to convey a fundamental idea which is that the very act of the Churchs birth is already catholic or universal.
790 - Jun 2010 - Books: Order books from
Living the Catechism of the Catholic Church Cardinal Christoph Schouml;nborn Cardinal Schouml;nborn was editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
791 - Jun 2010 - Books: THE KING'S ACHIEVEMENT, Robert Hugh Benson, Michael E. Daniel
Available from Freedom Publishing) Reviewed by Michael Daniel A century ago one of the most celebrated English Catholic novelists was Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson.
792 - Jun 2010 - Books: SURVIVALS AND NEW ARRIVALS: Old and New Enemies of the Catholic Church, Belloc, Terri M. Kelleher
Hilaire Belloc: attacks old and new on the Catholic Church SURVIVALS AND NEW ARRIVALS: The Old and New Enemies of the Catholic Church by Hilaire Belloc (Tan Books 168pp $21.
793 - Jun 2010 - Passover: Understanding the Jewish traditions behind the Catholic Mass, Gabrielle Walsh
The aim of the event which was very well attended was to deepen understanding of the Jewish traditions that underpin the Catholic Mass given that the Passover or Seder Meal is similar to the Last Supper that Jesus celebrated with his Apostles.
794 - Jun 2010 - American survey of young Catholics confirms Benedict's agenda, Carl Anderson
The establishment of World Youth Day a tradition that has been embraced by Benedict XVI has proven a visionary teaching opportunity a way to reach the next generation of Catholic parents priests and religious.
795 - Jun 2010 - Christians and political action: euthanasia, Babette Francis
He said assisted suicide was a sign of the increasing tide of secularism in Scotland and encouraged Catholics to take an active stand in speaking against it.
796 - Jun 2010 - Ecumenism: Christians and Muslims: peaceful co-existence?, Mohammad Al-Sammak
The conference was organised by the SantEgidio Community an international Catholic organisation that focuses on prayer spreading the Gospel ecumenism and dialogue with other religions and non-believers.
797 - Jun 2010 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic Church: latest statistics The Vatican Publishing House has recently released a new edition of the Statistical Yearbook of the Church comprising information on the main aspects of Catholic Church activity in various countries for the period 2000-2008.
798 - Jun 2010 - Missal: New Mass translation: Archbishop Hart interview, Archbishop Denis Hart
AD2000: Are Catholics in the pews sufficiently aware that a new Missal translation is not far away?
799 - Jun 2010 - Editorial: Pentecost Sunday: the 'birthday of the Church', Michael Gilchrist
In fact the entire period between Easter and Pentecost Sunday was known as Pentecost (and it is still called Pentecost in the Eastern churches both Catholic and Orthodox).
800 - May 2010 - Reflection: Our prayers and God's silence: what Scripture says, Arthur Ballingall
Arthur Ballingall is a Victorian Catholic writer.
801 - May 2010 - Books: INSIDE THE NEW AGE NIGHTMARE, by Randall N. Baer, Br Barry Coldrey
New Age thinking has penetrated areas of the Catholic Church and its seductive side can draw some Christians away from the truth embodied in the Old and New Testament Scriptures Jesus Christ and His Church The New Age movement is a general philosophical and religious approach to life and is shared by many cults and societies in the contemporary world.
802 - May 2010 - Books: BE TO ME A FATHER AND A PRIEST, by Fr Peter M. J. Stravinskas, Michael Daniel
Well known American Catholic priest and author Rev Peter Stravinskas addresses many issues surrounding the Catholic priesthood in Be to me a Father and a Priest.
803 - May 2010 - Letters: Child abuse, Arnold Jago
Following constant media statements about the Catholic Church and child abuse the Popes official preacher on Good Friday quoted a letter from a Jewish friend: The stereotyping the transfer or personal responsibility and blame to a collective blame reminds me of the most shameful aspects of anti-Semitism.
804 - May 2010 - Conversion: 'Strangely and suspiciously tall': an Evangelical meets the Mother of God, Terri Kelleher
Mark Sheas overwhelming impression of the importance of the place of Our Lady on his reception into the Catholic Church by way of a no church background childhood and an Evangelical young adulthood was expressed in the words Strangely and suspiciously tall.
805 - May 2010 - Foundations of Faith: The Mass: early centuries to Vatican II, Br Barry Coldrey
In place of the agape a liturgy developed gradually which was strikingly similar to that which Catholics still attend: A service of the Word of God - prayers Scripture readings and a homily - modelled on the Jewish synagogue service.
806 - May 2010 - Obama Health Bill: how liberal nuns undermined US bishops' opposition, Babette Francis
This public split between US Catholic bishops who had consistently opposed the Bill and liberal nuns over government funding for abortion in the Bill under- mined the hierarchys influence on the debate and gave so-called pro-life Democrats the political cover they needed to vote for the Bill.
807 - May 2010 - Parish life: A youth apostolate that works, Fr John O'Neill
Deo gratias for the Catholic child: beyond the excitement of running fast peddling madly on the bike catching waves bowing to loud applause or receiving prizes the central ineffable joy was knowing it was not a piece of bread the priest was holding aloft and that His Mother was always at your side.
808 - May 2010 - Culture: The vocation of Christians in public life, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput
Catholics and Protestants have different memories of American history.
809 - May 2010 - Liturgy: Reform of the reform: a 'shift in liturgical culture', Archbishop Mark Coleridge
If an atom bomb were dropped on the national capital how many of the Catholic churches would you want to save?
810 - May 2010 - Culture Wars: Christians uniting to take a stand: the Manhattan Declaration, Bishop Julian Porteous
Often as these threats have appeared Catholic Church leaders have sought to challenge them.
811 - May 2010 - News: The Church Around the World
To assert that Pope Benedict XVI has done more than any other pope or bishop in history to rid the Catholic Church of the scourge of child sexual abuse and provide for those who have been injured.
812 - May 2010 - Anglican: Anglicans and Christian unity: progress report, Bishop David Robarts
Bishop David Robarts is the National Chairman of Forward in Faith Australia and Bishop of the Southern Apostolic District in the Anglican Catholic Church of Australia - the Australian manifestation of the Traditional Anglican Communion.
813 - May 2010 - Editorial: Abuse of minors: why the Church is targeted, Michael Gilchrist
It is no surprise that the secular media has been targeting the Catholic Church yet again over the cover-up of child abuse crimes most of which occurred many years ago.
814 - Apr 2010 - Reflection: The Resurrection: cornerstone of the Christian faith, Fr Dennis Byrnes
We read in the Catechism of the Catholic Church: The Pharisees and many of the Lords contemporaries hoped for the resurrection.
815 - Apr 2010 - Books: Order books from
95 ISBN 978-1-58617-158-2 Labour and Justice Gavan Duffy Labour and Justice traces the origins and development of Catholic social thought relating to the rights and duties of labour.
816 - Apr 2010 - Books: WEDNESDAY WARRIORS: Doing it for the Jumper, by James Gilchrist, David Perrin
However this book by James Gilchrist a teacher at Genazzano College in Melbourne is a study of the football history and culture at St Patricks College Ballarat one of Victorias leading Catholic schools at least in terms of its footballing prowess.
817 - Apr 2010 - Books: FROM HERMES TO BENEDICT XVI: Faith and Reason in Modern Catholic Thought, Tracey Rowland
FROM HERMES TO BENEDICT XVI: Faith and Reason in Modern Catholic Thought by Aidan Nichols OP (Gracewing 2009 254pp $45.
818 - Apr 2010 - Real Presence: Eucharistic Adoration: ultimate weapon of spiritual warfare, Fr Martin Durham
The Catechism of the Catholic Church also tells us that mans life is a continuous conflict a battle a spiritual warfare against evil (409).
819 - Apr 2010 - Jerusalem: Catholic soldiers' World War I military pilgrimage in the Holy Land, Tom Johnstone
Shortly after the capture of Jerusalem in December 1917 the idea of a Catholic pilgrimage was mooted by the Senior Catholic Chaplain of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EEF) Fr Felix Couturier OP to Major-General Weston the Deputy Adjutant General who was a Catholic and sympathetic to the proposal.
820 - Apr 2010 - Foundations of Faith: How do Catholics relate to non-Christians?, Fr Dudley Perera OMI
Indeed in time both non-Catholic Christians and non-Christians in general would face the same fate!
821 - Apr 2010 - Religious freedom: UK Catholic schools forced to teach homosexuality in the classrooms, Babette Francis
Church support More disturbingly the British Government has revealed that the Catholic Education Service (CES) had assisted in drafting the legislation.
822 - Apr 2010 - Bishop Kevin Rhoades: Tribute to an outstanding American Church leader, Fr John Trigilio
Fr (Dr) John Trigilio is a priest of the Diocese of Harrisburg Pennsylvania and President of the US Confraternity of Catholic Clergy an association of priests loyal to the magisterium.
823 - Apr 2010 - Formation: Young Australian Catholics commit to promoting Judeo-Christian values, Richard Lyons
Visiting clergy such as Archbishop Denis Hart Bishop Elliott Fr Glen Tattersall Fr Joseph Pich and others not only said Mass but gave their own unique view of Catholicism in the public sphere which clearly has a lot to offer the world in motivation love and change.
824 - Apr 2010 - Irish child abuse scandal and cover-ups: bishops meet with Pope, Michael Gilchrist
The Vatican response was prompted by two reports: The Ryan Report released last May which detailed child abuse in Catholic schools throughout Ireland; and The Murphy Commission Report released last November which detailed abuse cases in the Dublin Archdiocese from 1975 to 2004.
825 - Apr 2010 - News: The Church Around the World
Cardinal George Pell welcomed the news in a press statement: Mary MacKillop stands at the heart of the Catholic tradition.
826 - Apr 2010 - More Australian Anglicans respond to Benedict XVI's invitation, AD2000 Report
Three months after Benedict XVI issued an apostolic constitution (November 2009) which makes provision for Anglicans seeking corporate union with the Catholic Church the members of an organisation of Australian Anglo-Catholics Forward in Faith Australia (FIFA) voted unanimously to seek full communion with the Holy See.
827 - Mar 2010 - Reflection: Mary in medieval art: an expression of the Church's faith, Bishop Arthur Serratelli
Mary reversed the sin of Eve and truly became the Mother of the living (Catechism of the Catholic Church 511).
828 - Mar 2010 - Books: Order books from
The documents clearly identify this old time religion with Catholicism.
829 - Mar 2010 - Books: LORETO IN AUSTRALIA, by Mary Ryllis Clark, Katharine Munro
As an educated woman Mary Ward believed that young girls needed a thorough Catholic education similar to that of boys and decided to dedicate her life to God and the education of young women with the watchword women in time to come will do great things!
830 - Mar 2010 - Books: THE GOD WHO LOVES YOU, by Peter Kreeft, Br Barry Coldrey
Peter Kreeft is an American citizen of Dutch extraction and a convert to Catholicism from the Dutch Reformed Church.
831 - Mar 2010 - Books: Adrienne von Speyr: THE BOUNDLESS GOD and CONFESSION, Br Barry Coldrey
Available from Freedom Publishing) Adrienne von Speyr (1902-1967) was a Swiss physician who converted to the Catholic Church in 1940.
832 - Mar 2010 - Letters: Common sense, Maureen Federico
He is male white good-looking fit and of a suitable age and experience; however he is also a married committed Catholic and belongs to the other party which could pose a threat to the ever-smiling PM Rudd who is so often shown on TV that I wonder if he has the spiritual gift of bi-location!
833 - Mar 2010 - Letters: Evil laws, Ken Bayliss
While His Grace cant unfortunately protect all public hospitals in Victoria he has resolutely refused to allow such evil laws to enter any of his Catholic hospitals.
834 - Mar 2010 - Letters: Genuine ecumenism, Rev Fr M. Durham
On 20 November 2009 a very important and relevant new document called the Manhattan Declaration was signed in the US by 140 Christian leaders - Catholic Orthodox and Evangelical.
835 - Mar 2010 - Youth: Summer School of Evangelisation: helping young people's faith, Johanna Banks
In todays secular and materialistic world it is often hard for young Catholics to explore and express their faith in a positive and supportive environment.
836 - Mar 2010 - Conversion: Paul Fitzgerald: my spiritual journey, Paul Fitzgerald
The following is a brief account of my spiritual journey from being a good Catholic lad to becoming firstly an agnostic and finally a very fervent Catholic.
837 - Mar 2010 - Foundations of Faith: What the Second Vatican Council really said, John Young
There are Catholics who see the Second Vatican Council as a disaster.
838 - Mar 2010 - Culture of Life: Cardinal Pell receives pro-life von Galen Award, Babette Francis
He issued forceful public denunciations of the Third Reichs euthanasia programs and persecution of the Catholic Church making him one of the most visible and unrelenting internal voices of dissent against the Nazis.
839 - Mar 2010 - Courage: A Catholic psychologist exposes 'gay' myths, Marie Mason
In conjunction with the Theology in the Pub crew led by Penny Badwal (Marriage Family and Life Office Melbourne) Marie and Alan Mason and the members of Courage and EnCourage Melbourne hosted a public talk late last year by US Catholic psychologist Dr Timothy Lock at the Cardinal Knox Centre and Campion House Kew.
840 - Mar 2010 - Year for the Priest: English-speaking clergy: first ever international conference, Fr Glen Tattersall
The executive of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy resolved to sponsor a gathering in Rome of clergy from throughout the English-speaking world.
841 - Mar 2010 - Netherlands: Remnants of faith in Europe's most secularised nation, Marina Corradi
In reality the fear of Eurabia seems to be simply a consequence of an even more radical phenomenon: the almost complete secularisation of a country that until the last war was Catholic or Protestant but in any case Christian.
842 - Mar 2010 - News: The Church Around the World
During his address Benedict asked the bishops to be generous in implementing the provisions of the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus so as to assist those groups of Anglicans who wish to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church.
843 - Mar 2010 - Secularism: Benedict to UK bishops: resist secularist threat, Michael Gilchrist
A few days later Benedict addressed the Scottish bishops along similar lines during their ad limina visit: A strong Catholic presence in the media local and national politics the judiciary the professions and the universities can only serve to enrich Scotlands national life as people of faith bear witness to the truth especially when that truth is called into question.
844 - Feb 2010 - Books: Order books from
The documents clearly identify this old time religion with Catholicism.
845 - Feb 2010 - Books: SECULAR SABOTAGE, by Bill Donahue, Fr Martin Durham
Available from Freedom Publishing) Bill Donahue has been the president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights (U.
846 - Feb 2010 - Books: FIRES OF FAITH: Catholic England Under Mary Tudor, by Eamonn Duffy, Bishop Peter J. Elliott
Rescuing Mary Tudors reign from grim myths and sinister parodies FIRES OF FAITH: Catholic England Under Mary Tudor by Eamonn Duffy (Yale University Press 2008 263pp $56.
847 - Feb 2010 - Letters: Vale Brian Mullins, Ken Bayliss
I quickly learned that Brian was a quiet devout Catholic who put his complete trust in God as his magnificent family attested at his funeral last November.
848 - Feb 2010 - Indian martyrs: Present-day martyrs in India and Pakistan, Babette Francis
In the meantime more than a dozen of Indias Catholic bishops including the secretary-general of the episcopal conference joined 3000 dalit Christian activists in a sit-in demonstration near the national parliament in New Delhi on 18 November 2009 demanding an end to discrimination against Christian dalits.
849 - Feb 2010 - Catholic Culture: 'A small brave initiative': Campion College's second graduation, Br Barry Coldrey
Many dedicated Catholic clerical and lay leaders supported the College and graduates by their presence.
850 - Feb 2010 - Priest denounces 'deniers' of man-made climate change, Michael Gilchrist
Fr Charles Rue the Australian Catholic Churchs counterpart to Al Gore has written an article for the Jesuit-published Eureka Street (30 November 2009) in which he denounces the deniers of man-made climate change.
851 - Feb 2010 - Climate change: which Catholic response?, William Kininmonth
AD2000 has invited Dr Kininmonth to respond to the claims made by Fr Charles Rue in his booklet Let the Son Shine: A Catholic Response to Climate Change (Columban Mission JPIC 2009).
852 - Feb 2010 - Letters: New priests for the Sydney Archdiocese, Fr Michael De Stoop
Daniel Russo age 19 from Greenacre was born to Catholic parents of Italian origin and has recently completed his First Year in a Bachelor of Engineering at Sydney University.
853 - Feb 2010 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency Archbishop Coleridge: overturn ACT recognition of same-sex unions Last November Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Canberra-Goulburn called on Prime Minster Kevin Rudd to overturn the Australian Capital Territory Governments new laws recognising same-sex civil unions which he warns mimic marriage and will undermine its importance.
854 - Feb 2010 - Editorial: A new decade but the same challenges remain, Michael Gilchrist
As progress reports in this edition of AD2000 indicate there are encouraging pockets of solid committed Catholicism that continue to bring spiritual renewal to the Church in Australia.
855 - Dec 2009 - Reflection: The sacrament of Christian marriage: a nuptial Mass homily, Fr Glen Tattersall
Together with his colleague Fr John McDaniels he is chaplain in the Archdiocese to those Catholics who worship in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.
856 - Dec 2009 - Books: This month's selection from AD Books
90 ISBN 978-1-58617-235-0 Labour and Justice Gavan Duffy Labour and Justice traces the origins and development of Catholic social thought relating to the rights and duties of labour.
857 - Dec 2009 - Books: IMAGES OF HOPE, EUROPE TODAY AND TOMORROW, by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Br Barry Coldrey
His father was a rural policeman and the family moved from town to town through the Catholic countryside with his postings.
858 - Dec 2009 - Letters: Complementarity, Kathleen Wood
In response to Robert Prinzen-Woods letter (November AD2000) the contemporary magisterium of the Catholic Church no longer holds the view that women are unilaterally subject to men and therefore does not include complementarity as one of the fundamental reasons given for upholding the fact that Jesus chose only men as his Twelve apostles.
859 - Dec 2009 - Letters: Women priests, Ken Bayliss
Like the Catholic Church the Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches restrict the priesthood to male candidates.
860 - Dec 2009 - Letters: Saint Damien of Molokai, Arnold Jago
It should be noted that 27 percent of health care for HIV/AIDS victims worldwide is provided by Catholic organisations.
861 - Dec 2009 - Letters: Greens and Church, Kevin Cains
In his article on Father Rues talk on climate change (November AD2000) John Morrissey argues that Catholic institutions continue to be penetrated by the ideas and ideologues of the man-made global warming brigade who seek to use the authority of the Church to consecrate their agenda.
862 - Dec 2009 - Letters: New religion, Peter Donald
I attended the speech sponsored by the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace which was advertised as an Australian Catholic response to climate change.
863 - Dec 2009 - Vatican II: Yves Congar, Vatican II, ecumenism: finding the right balance, Andrew Kania
The noted ecumenist Cardinal Yves Congar once pointed out that the desire to seek unity with all Christians does not lessen a Catholics responsibility to preserve the truth of the Catholic Church.
864 - Dec 2009 - Foundations of Faith: The Eucharist: what the Old and New Testaments tell us, Br Barry Coldrey
Dr Barry Coldrey is a former teacher in Catholic secondary schools a prolific writer and lecturer and presently active in youth ministry.
865 - Dec 2009 - How to get Vatican II back on track: a bishop's prescription, Bishop R. Walker Nickless (Sioux City, Iowa)
The hermeneutic of discontinuity is a false interpretation and implementation of the Council and the Catholic Faith.
866 - Dec 2009 - Episcopacy: Church leadership responsibilities: an American case study, Phil Lawler
After expressing his regret that what should have remained a private matter between two bishops of the Catholic Church has been made available for public consumption Bishop Sample explained that he is the chief shepherd and teacher of the Catholic faithful in Marquette.
867 - Dec 2009 - Victoria: Abortion evil: pro-life forces need to be united, John Morrissey
In this regard Archbishop Raymond Burke formerly of St Louis has insisted that Catholic politicians should be forced to accept that they cannot continue to receive the Sacraments while supporting abortion.
868 - Dec 2009 - News: The Church Around the World
Canberra Catholic hospital controversy The Australian Capital Territory Governments bid to buy Calvary Public Hospital in Canberra could endanger other public hospitals run by religious organisations according to Cardinal George Pell as he gave his full support to Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Canberra-Goulburn who opposes the sale of the 250-bed Catholic-run hospital.
869 - Dec 2009 - Ut Unum Sint: Benedict XVI eases way for Anglicans wishing to 'cross the Tiber', Michael Gilchrist
At a Vatican press conference on 20 October 2009 Cardinal William Levada Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith announced that Benedict XVI had approved an apostolic constitution (see page 4) to assist Anglicans wishing to enter into union with the Catholic Church.
870 - Nov 2009 - Reflection: The Feast of All Souls and the Communion of Saints, Fr Dennis Byrnes
In the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (205) we are told: After death which is the separation of the body and the soul the body becomes corrupt while the soul which is immortal goes to meet the judgment of God and awaits its reunion with the body when it will rise transformed at the time of the return of the Lord.
871 - Nov 2009 - Books: This month's selection from AD Books
95 ISBN 0-89870-843-5 Theology of the Church Cardinal Charles Journet First published before the Second Vatican Council this book remains an authoritative presentation of Catholic ecclesiology.
872 - Nov 2009 - Books: THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD: Essays Catholic and Contemporary, by John Haldane, Tracey Rowland
The collected writings of one of todays UK Catholic heroes THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD: Essays Catholic and Contemporary by John Haldane (Gracewing 2008 215pp $30.
873 - Nov 2009 - Letters: Dissenting views, John Schmid
Sr Ruffing evidently did not accept the Churchs teaching in Inter Insigniores causing one to ask why was she able to speak at a Catholic venue in Australia and why Catholics here were not warned about her?
874 - Nov 2009 - Missionaries: Mary Glowrey (1887-1957): Australian witness to hope in India, Robyn Fahy And Fr Dan Strickland MGL
In 1916 she was elected as the first General President of the newly formed Catholic Womens Social Guild now known as the Catholic Womens League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga.
875 - Nov 2009 - Holocaust: English nun who saved Jews from the Nazis put forward as saint, AD2000 Report
Religious life Mother Mary Richard was born Madaleina Catherine in London on 10 September 1887 and was received into the Catholic Church in Brighton when she was four years old after her Anglican parents Windsor and Louise converted to the faith.
876 - Nov 2009 - Foundations of Faith: 'O happy fault': the Christian doctrine of original sin, Noel Roberts
He recasts traditional Christian belief in the mould of his evolutionary view of the world and rejects the Catholic doctrine of original sin.
877 - Nov 2009 - Schools: How to rebuild Catholic education from the grass-roots, Sr Mary Augustine OP
The religion program which is based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church encompasses all the doctrines of the faith Catholic morality and spirituality and Church history.
878 - Nov 2009 - Campion College celebrates its fourth Year of operation, Br Barry Coldrey
Its Australian origins stem from the Campion Fellowship a national association of Catholics formed in 1973 to provide adult education programs.
879 - Nov 2009 - A Christian response to post-abortion trauma, Julie Cook
However the Catholic Church is well placed to create the social and professional environment needed for health professionals to be able to address the issue of abortion trauma.
880 - Nov 2009 - The work of Courage and EnCourage supported by Melbourne priests, Marie Mason
They decided to first reach out to other Catholic people who experience same-sex attraction and show them that the Church loves them and has two support groups in place with top priestly guidance to give them a safe place and time to share their lives deeply and privately with sympathetic like-minded people.
881 - Nov 2009 - News: The Church Around the World
Zenit News Agency New US guide to Catholic universities and colleges The Cardinal Newman Society has published a second edition of The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College a free online resource for parents and students seeking a faithful Catholic higher education.
882 - Nov 2009 - Climate change alarmism: a new 'religion' for Christians?, John Morrissey
One of the most outspoken and influential proponents of climate change alarmism within the Catholic Church has been Fr Charles Rue SSC a Columban missionary priest who is apparently seen by some as the Churchs counterpart to Al Gore.
883 - Nov 2009 - Editorial: Catholics and Orthodox: improving relations, Michael Gilchrist
After many hundreds of years of tension between the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox churches there are recent signs that relations are on the mend especially with the Russian Orthodox (see report page 4).
884 - Oct 2009 - Reflection: The Mass: priest and people offer sacrifice, Bishop Edward Slattery
Because the Mass is so necessary and fundamental to our Catholic experience the liturgy is a constant topic in our conversation.
885 - Oct 2009 - Books: This month's selection from AD Books
95 ISBN 0-89870-843-5 Theology of the Church Cardinal Charles Journet First published before the Second Vatican Council this book remains an authoritative presentation of Catholic ecclesiology.
886 - Oct 2009 - Books: AFTER THE HEART OF GOD, by Bishop Julian Porteous, Br Michael McMurray CCS
In a simple yet scholarly manner After the Heart of God analyses the social and ecclesial (Church) contexts which make the Catholic Church what it is today as well as the changes that have taken place over the past 40 years.
887 - Oct 2009 - Books: THE QUEST FOR SHAKESPEARE, by Joseph Pearce, Michael Daniel
Was Shakespeare a Catholic?
888 - Oct 2009 - Letters: Galileo debate, David Walker
Dr Roberts is correct in saying that Galileos approach to the interpretation of Scripture was in line with St Augustines in trying to find out the real meaning of its statements but in the early decades of the 17th century challenges to Catholic orthodoxy were widespread and this was not the time for anyone let alone a layman to contend in the absence of overwhelming scientific evidence that the obvious meaning of Scripture should be overridden in favour of an unobvious sense.
889 - Oct 2009 - Letters: Christian divisions, Jack Blair
As another lay Catholic Christian it seems to me counter- productive for Gary Crowthers (June AD2000) and so many others to constantly regurgitate the past in order to blame other Christians for tragedies in church history.
890 - Oct 2009 - Letters: Marriage and divorce, Arnold Jago
Lets hope Catholic schools are doing this job.
891 - Oct 2009 - Letters: Liturgy reform, Paul Martin
The reservation of the Eucharist is a special grace given to the Catholic (and some other Christian) Churches.
892 - Oct 2009 - Priesthood: Why the Catholic Church cannot ordain women, Kathleen Wood OAM
She has a Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies from Murdoch University and presented a paper to the Catholic Bishops Committee for Justice Development and Peace when it visited WA.
893 - Oct 2009 - FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: Cutting edge moral issues for the third millennium, Br Barry Coldrey
Are we going to Hell when we both gave nearly twenty of the best years of our lives to the service of the Catholic Church in Chile?
894 - Oct 2009 - Episcopacy: Bishop Luc Matthys: on being a bishop, Bishop Luc Matthys of Armidale
In the April 1999 edition of Catholic Viewpoint I wrote: When the news of my appointment reached me I was very taken aback and surprised.
895 - Oct 2009 - Youth: RISE: restoring integrity and sexual ethics to Australia's secular culture, Br Barry Coldrey
Pat was a dynamic Catholic leader studying Theology and Philosophy at Notre Dame University (Sydney) and President of its Thomas More Society.
896 - Oct 2009 - Community Life: 'Progressive' leadership and the demise of religious life, Br Paul Macrossan
He was a member of the former Queensland Province Leadership team involved in teacher education in Southern Sudan and worked in the Darwin Catholic Mission.
897 - Oct 2009 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency Chesterton Conference to be held in Sydney The Australian Chesterton Society is holding a one-day conference at Campion College Australia on Saturday 10 October 2009.
898 - Oct 2009 - Priestly Identity: Renewing the priesthood in the Year for Priests, Fr Anthony Denton
Given that most Catholics experience the Church through involvement in their parish anything which affects priests has ramifications for parishes and therefore for parishioners.
899 - Oct 2009 - Editorial: Anglican Communion's moment of truth, Michael Gilchrist
A further sign of the fissures within Anglicanism came with the decision of a community of Episcopalian nuns in Maryland to join the Catholic Church.
900 - Sep 2009 - Reflection: The centrality of the tabernacle, Bishop John M. D'Arcy
The honoured presence of the Blessed Sacrament helps lend a Catholic church building its particular sacramental character.
901 - Sep 2009 - Books: This month's selection from AD Books
95 ISBN 0-89870-843-5 Theology of the Church Cardinal Charles Journet First published before the Second Vatican Council this book remains an authoritative presentation of Catholic ecclesiology.
902 - Sep 2009 - Books: DEIFICATION AND GRACE, by Daniel Keating, Br Barry Coldrey
It is one of Sapientia Presss series of Introductions to Catholic Doctrine which provide readable scholarly introductions to key themes in Catholic doctrine.
903 - Sep 2009 - Books: THE BOOK OF ALL SAINTS, by Adrienne von Speyr, Br Barry Coldrey
Von Speyr (1902-1967) was a Swiss physician who converted to Catholicism in 1940.
904 - Sep 2009 - Books: DOVE DESCENDING: A Journey into T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets, by Thomas Howard, Br Barry Coldrey
Eliot: an American from an East Coast evangelical family who became a Catholic at the age of fifty has taught in many tertiary institutions in the USA throughout a long academic career and has written numerous books on both English literature and his own faith journey to Catholicism.
905 - Sep 2009 - Books: JOHN GERARD: Autobiography of an Elizabethan, trans. By Philip Caraman SJ, Michael E. Daniel
The gripping autobiography of a Catholic priest in the time of Elizabeth I JOHN GERARD: Autobiography of an Elizabethan Translation by Philip Caraman SJ (First published 1951 1956 Family Publications 2006 336pp $44.
906 - Sep 2009 - The Reformation and England's changing Coronation Oath, Tom Johnstone
Queen Marys counter-reformation failed because of her excessive zeal accompanied by fire; while for suppression of Catholicism her half-sister Elizabeth used a penal code with heavy monetary sanctions imposed on recusants.
907 - Sep 2009 - FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: Sola Fide (by Faith Alone): is this sufficient for salvation?, Frank Mobbs
The language here is unfamiliar to most Catholics.
908 - Sep 2009 - Priesthood: Reflections of a newly ordained Sydney priest, Fr James Mccarthy
Additionally in many places in the Catholic world the Easter Season is the time when celebrations of Ordinations often occur.
909 - Sep 2009 - Campus Life: Brisbane hosts 2009 Australian Catholic Student Association Conference, Br Barry Coldrey
The 150 delegates who attended the Australian Catholic Student Association (ACSA) Conference at Duchesne College University of Queensland from 10-12 July represented the cream of the Churchs youthful contemporary leadership in Australia.
910 - Sep 2009 - Christian Life: Courage and EnCourage: a chaste lifestyle for the same-sex attracted, Marie Mason
Courage and EnCourage are movements of the Spirit within the Catholic Church to support and inspire to holiness persons experiencing same sex attraction (SSA) and their families.
911 - Sep 2009 - News: The Church Around the World
The Church of St Paul built as a Catholic church in the 1800s and confiscated by the government in 1943 was used throughout the 2008- 2009 year of St Paul for prayer services by Christian pilgrims.
912 - Sep 2009 - USA: Anglicans fragmenting over homosexuality, Babette Francis
Palace spokesmen said that her letters did not constitute an official endorsement of the Fellowship which is an alliance of evangelical and Anglo- Catholic parishes in Britain and Ireland.
913 - Sep 2009 - Editorial: 2009 Fighting Fund launched, Peter Westmore
Since its establishment over 20 years ago AD2000 has played a very important role in upholding Catholic orthodoxy at a time when it is under constant attack by the secular media which denies the ethical foundations of Christianity.
914 - Aug 2009 - Books: This month's selection from AD Books
00 Theology of the Church Cardinal Charles Journet First published before the Second Vatican Council this book remains an authoritative presentation of Catholic ecclesiology.
915 - Aug 2009 - Books: BECAUSE GOD IS REAL: Sixteen Questions, One Answer, by Peter Kreeft, Br Barry Coldrey
Available from Freedom Publishing) Peter Kreeft is a US citizen of Dutch background and a convert to Catholicism from the Calvinist Reformed Church (of Holland).
916 - Aug 2009 - Books: FLOWERS OF HEAVEN: One Thousand Years of Christian Verse, ed. By Joseph Pearce, Br Barry Coldrey
All the great Christian poets are represented: Hildegard of Bingen and Francis of Assisi from the 12th century; Dante and Chaucer from the High Middle Ages; Teresa of Avila John of the Cross and John Donne from the Reformation period; English and American Romantics such as Browning and Whittier; more recent 19th- century mystics such as Emily Dickenson and Gerard Manley Hopkins and the great Catholic converts of that era Cardinal Newman and G.
917 - Aug 2009 - Books: THE WINE OF CERTITUDE: a Literary Biography of Ronald Knox, by David Rooney, Michael Daniel
A welcome new biography of one of Englands greatest Catholic apologists THE WINE OF CERTITUDE: a Literary Biography of Ronald Knox by David Rooney (Ignatius Press 2009 412 pp $35.
918 - Aug 2009 - Letters: Ecumenism?, Moya and Leo Morrissey
In the official journal of the traditional Anglican Church of November 2001 it was reported that an Anglican priest would take charge of the Catholic parish of Quilpie in western Queensland in the absence of the parish priest who was on extended leave.
919 - Aug 2009 - Letters: Religious freedom, Fr Brian Harrison OS
However His Eminence is incorrect in saying SSPX members dont accept Vatican IIs teaching that the state cant coerce belief even when it happens to be a Catholic state.
920 - Aug 2009 - Letters: Pope Pius XII vindicated, Tony Evans
The unfair charge made against Zolli that he was writing as a convert Catholic and therefore his defence of Pius was prejudiced cannot be levelled at Dalin who remains a practising Rabbi and Professor of Modern History at a university in Florida.
921 - Aug 2009 - Foundations of Faith: Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone): a recipe for doctrinal chaos, Dr Frank Mobbs
I suspect Sola Scriptura is widely held by Catholics.
922 - Aug 2009 - Magisterium: Authentic Catholicism: neither progressive nor conservative, Fr Martin Durham
Without a doubt there are major differences in belief and practice these days between what are loosely described as progressive or conservative Catholics.
923 - Aug 2009 - Is this where 'progressive' religious life is heading?, AD2000 REPORT
In Sydney recently (May 2009) there was a meeting of forty members of a Catholic religious congregation almost all over sixty-five a sprightly group considering their ages.
924 - Aug 2009 - Human rights: Small victories for pro-lifers at the UN, Babette Francis
However due to the valiant efforts of the Holy See Egypt and Pakistan who opposed adoption of this report and the lobbying of pro-life groups such as the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (CAFHRI) and Patrick Buckley of the UK Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) the report was dropped from the final Resolution.
925 - Aug 2009 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency New Divine Worship Congregation Secretary Benedict XVI has appointed Dominican Father Joseph Di Noia as Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments elevating him at the same time to the rank of archbishop.
926 - Aug 2009 - Caritas in Veritate: Benedict XVI's social encyclical: public life needs Christian principles, Michael Gilchrist
It represents a continuing development of Catholic social teaching in the light of new world developments such as globalisation and advances in communications.
927 - Aug 2009 - Editorial: Feast of Our Lady's Assumption, 15 August, Michael Gilchrist
When on 1 November 1950 Pius XII declared infallibly that the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was a dogma of the Catholic Faith he was confirming what the Church had always believed down the centuries.
928 - Jul 2009 - Books: Books available from AD Books and Freedom Publishing
95 The Inner Goddess Josephine Robinson This books sub-title is Feminist Theology in the Light of Catholic Teaching so despite the off-putting cover the book is in fact English Catholic writer Josephine Robinsons interesting and readable theological rebuttal of feminist ideas indicating where they contradict Christianity.
930 - Jul 2009 - Books: LIKE A SAMURAI: The Tony Glynn Story, by Fr Paul Glynn SM, Tim Cannon
7% of the population identifying as Christian the bulk of them Catholic.
931 - Jul 2009 - Books: Before the Dawn, by Eugenio Zolli, Michael Daniel
Available from Freedom Publishing) Perhaps one of the greatest fruits that has emerged in the decades following the Second Vatican Council has been the vastly improved relations between Jews and Catholics demonstrated most recently by Benedict XVIs visit to the Holy Land.
932 - Jul 2009 - Books: The Catholic Church and the Bible, by Peter Stravinskas, Br Barry Coldrey
THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND THE BIBLE by Peter Stravinskas (Ignatius Press 1996 134pp $23.
933 - Jul 2009 - Books: GOD'S WORD: Scripture, Tradition, Office, by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Br Barry Coldrey
The nature of apostolic succession is considered and the author explores the views of non-Catholic Christians while remaining faithful to Catholic teaching and practice.
934 - Jul 2009 - Letters: Vatican II, Valentine Gallagher
In his article entitled US Catholics leaving the Church in droves: what can be done?
935 - Jul 2009 - Letters: Priestly celibacy, Brian Bibby
Despite numerous pronouncements by popes and bishops over the years there are still Catholics who not only believe that priests should marry but actively campaign to this end.
936 - Jul 2009 - Letters: Latin Mass, Anthony Bono
Last year The Telegraph (London) of 14 June reported that the Traditional Latin Mass would be reintroduced into every Roman Catholic parish in England and Wales even where the congregation has not asked for it.
937 - Jul 2009 - Letters: Belloc and Chesterton, Peter Hunt
First it is important for the reader to understand regarding Brother Moes review that Karl Schmudes little booklets on Belloc and Chesterton were reprinted for the centenary of the Catholic Truth Society.
938 - Jul 2009 - History: Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust: revisiting Jewish sources, Fr Michael Butler
It was incorrectly titled Why I Became a Catholic.
939 - Jul 2009 - Foundations of Faith: Galileo: heretic or hero? What are the facts?, Noel Roberts
Catholic and Protestant Christians made the major scientific discoveries of the 17th century and many of them were ordained clerics.
940 - Jul 2009 - India: Christians in India rejoice at election results, Babette Francis
Agatha Sangma 28 Minister for Rural Development is a Catholic.
941 - Jul 2009 - Ryan Commission: Irish report: child abuse in Church institutions, Br Barry Coldrey
Meanwhile committed Catholics are embarrassed and tribal census Catholics might be angry but the latter do little to assist the Church deal with these issues.
942 - Jul 2009 - New Evangelisation: Catholics Come Home: a fresh approach to re-evangelising, Bob Denahy
When visiting Australia in 1986 Pope John Paul sent out a clarion call to those who had fallen away from the Catholic Church Come back come back!
943 - Jul 2009 - Life Marriage Family: The secular culture's flawed view of sexuality, Bernard Toutounji
Bernard Toutounji is the Education Officer of the Life Marriage and Family Centre in the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney.
944 - Jul 2009 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholics Come Home program for Australia Australias bishops have invited the head of the successful US media effort Catholics Come Home (see page 7 story) to bring the outreach program to Australia.
945 - Jul 2009 - St Marys Cathedral: Sydney ordinations and a new beginning for Australian Catholicism, Fr Gregory Jordan SJ
Fr Gregory Jordan SJ is the National Chaplain to the Australian Catholic Students Association whose annual Conference will be held at the University of Queensland from 10-12 July.
946 - Jul 2009 - Editorial: The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul (29 June), Michael Gilchrist
In the Catholic calendar of saints it is one of the higher-ranking holy days during the liturgical year a day on which newly-created metropolitan archbishops who have been named in the previous church year receive the primary symbol of their office the pallium from the Pope.
947 - Jun 2009 - Books: AD2000 Books for June
These talks covered the full range of lifes big questions Catholic doctrines and paths to spiritual contentment.
948 - Jun 2009 - Books: ISLAND OF THE WORLD, by Michael O'Brien, Luke McCormack
While the story commences with young Josips boyhood in a quaint Catholic village full of outdoor adventures friendships family church and his first crush OBrien soon unravels the geo-political tangle of the Balkan states.
949 - Jun 2009 - Books: Catholic Christianity: A Complete Catechism of Catholic Beliefs, by Peter Kreeft, Michael Daniel
CATHOLIC CHRISTIANITY: A Complete Catechism of Catholic Beliefs Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church by Peter Kreeft (Ignatius Press 2001 421pp $34.
950 - Jun 2009 - Books: The Catholic Church and Conversion, by G.K. Chesterton, Michael Daniel
951 - Jun 2009 - Letters: Ecumenism, Gary Crothers
It seems moves are afoot for the Catholic Church in some quarters to embrace Anglicanism with Anglican clergy giving homilies bestowing blessings and reading the Gospel in Catholic churches.
952 - Jun 2009 - Letters: Church in China, John R. Barich
He makes little reference to the underground Catholic Church which since 1949 has kept the Catholic faith alive without compromising with the Communist authorities who have killed and imprisoned thousands of Christians.
953 - Jun 2009 - Letters: Church authority, Paul Fitzgerald
The continuing controversy about bringing the Catholic Church up to date in our modern world and challenging the authority of the Pope and Vatican has been highlighted in the parish of St Marys South Brisbane and in the words of Father Peter Kennedy as quoted in Michael Gilchrists article and in Father Frank Brennans views as reported in World News (May AD2000).
954 - Jun 2009 - Events - July: Australian Catholic Students Association: continuing spiritual impact, Br Barry Coldrey
The Australian Catholic Students Association will host its annual National Conference in Brisbane Friday 10 July to Sunday 12 July 2009 at Duchesne College University of Queensland.
955 - Jun 2009 - Sharia Law: Lights dim for Christians in Pakistan, Babette Francis
The Catholic and Church of Pakistan cathedrals in Lahore were turned into forts by the presence of law enforcement deployment on account of fear of terrorist attacks.
956 - Jun 2009 - FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: The Last Things: death, judgment, Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, Br Barry Coldrey
One newspaper report mentioned that all were or had been students at the local Catholic college St Josephs High School.
957 - Jun 2009 - Laetare Medal: Mary Ann Glendon's letter to Notre Dame's President
First as a longtime consultant to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops I could not help but be dismayed by the news that Notre Dame also planned to award the president an honorary degree.
958 - Jun 2009 - Interview: American Catholics and abortion: the Church at the crossroads, Mariangela Sullivan
The founder of a new law student coalition at Notre Dame says the universitys decision to honour President Barack Obama at the spring commencement reflects a deeper crisis in American Catholicism.
959 - Jun 2009 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Missal translation: Archbishop Harts update Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne who is the Australian Bishops Conference representative on ICEL has provided the following summary of current progress for AD2000: All of the ICEL English of the Missal is complete and Australia has approved it.
960 - Jun 2009 - Vocations: Brisbane's Holy Spirit Seminary: promising signs of growth, Anthony Barich
Msgr Randazzo says that todays seminarians still show much enthusiasm for Eucharistic Adoration rushing back for it from their academic studies at Australian Catholic University every Thursday when they pray for vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life.
961 - Jun 2009 - Cardinal Pell's UK interview: Liturgy, Missal translation, World Youth Day, Luke Coppen
The following are extracts from an interview with Cardinal George Pell by Luke Coppen editor of the London Catholic Herald during Cardinal Pells visit to Oxford University in March.
962 - May 2009 - Books: AD2000 Books for May
These talks covered the full range of lifes big questions Catholic doctrines and paths to spiritual contentment.
963 - May 2009 - Books: Hilaire Belloc and G.K. Chesterton, by Karl Schmude, Br Christian Moe
These booklets originally published here as Australian Catholic Truth Society pam- phlets in the 1970s are now in a revised and updated form re-issued by the English Catholic Truth Society.
964 - May 2009 - Books: Golden Years: Grounds for Hope: Fr Golden and the Newman Society 1950-1966, David Kehoe
The crisis of faith in Australian Catholicism: early influences GOLDEN YEARS: Grounds for Hope: Fr Golden and the Newman Society 1950-1966 Edited by Val Noone et al (The Golden Project 2008 270pp $49.
965 - May 2009 - Letters: Women in the Church, Brian Bibby
Even though Rome has spoken many times there are still those who believe there should be women priests in the Catholic Church.
966 - May 2009 - Letters: One Shepherd, Peter D. Howard
and that includes the Catholic Church.
967 - May 2009 - Letters: Doctrinal differences, John Morrissey
Trent (1546-63) consolidated the teaching of the Catholic Church so that only after its definitions would the faithful be able to verify whether a doctrine was orthodox or the product of some theological adventure.
968 - May 2009 - Letters: Simple faith, Alan Barron
When a person departs this life and finds himself at the pearly gates Saint Peter is not going to ask any of the following questions: Are you a Catholic?
969 - May 2009 - Letters: Fundamentals, J. Loring
If we then replace the italicised words rape and mans by abortion and womans respectively we come up with the position ostensibly held by the prime minister the leader of the opposition and in fact any number of politicians academics and others both Catholic and non- Catholic.
970 - May 2009 - Letters: The Pope and AIDS, Arnold Jago
Condom-promoters sometimes attack Catholic opposition to condoms as an obstacle to disease prevention.
971 - May 2009 - Death of a Child: The Pot of Basil, Will Elsin
Then over that penultimate Christmas (2007) my niece in an adjacent country (who sadly no longer regards herself as Catholic but in reality is in many respects a better practical Christian than many of us) had a friend who found herself in a similar predicament.
972 - May 2009 - Conversion: A Catholic convert's story (Part 2): Are there any regrets?, Michael Daniel
Do I have any regrets about becoming a Catholic?
973 - May 2009 - FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: The Crusades: the truth behind the myths, Frank Mobbs
Originally it referred to military operations undertaken by Catholic Christians at the command of a pope or with his approval.
974 - May 2009 - US Catholics leaving the Church in droves: what can be done?, Fr Joseph A. Sirba
A recent survey of the religious beliefs and practices of Americans shows a large drift of Catholics from their Church to other churches or to no-religion a pattern resembling Australias.
975 - May 2009 - Pro-family culture: AIDS in Africa: science vindicates Catholic Church, Babette Francis
During his visit to Africa in March Pope Benedict XVI responded to the media assertion that the Catholic Churchs position on combating AIDS is unrealistic and ineffective.
976 - May 2009 - Inter-faith dialogue: Jewish leader defends Pope over Bishop Williamson controversy, AD2000 Report
He called ridiculous the accusations that in doing so Benedict XVI or the Catholic Church showed themselves to be anti-Semitic and dismissed accusations that the Holy See had not sufficiently distanced itself from the comments made by Bishop Richard Williamson of the Society of St Pius X on the Holocaust.
977 - May 2009 - News: The Church Around the World
The grounds for the Bishops charge are found in a 2004 statement from the US bishops which calls on the Catholic community and Catholic institutions not to honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles.
978 - May 2009 - Dissent: Rebel South Brisbane priest: new cafeteria church launched, Michael Gilchrist
On 21 February Archbishop Bathersby had removed Fr Kennedy from his position as administrator since he declined to rectify a long list of un-Catholic practices which the Archbishop had listed in a letter in August 2008.
979 - Apr 2009 - Books: LIVING BIBLICALLY, by Archbishop Barry Hickey, Michael Gilchrist
Available from Freedom Publishing) The publication of a new book by Perths Archbishop Barry Hickey has brought into focus the importance of more Catholics picking up the Bible again - and reading it.
980 - Apr 2009 - Books: RENDER UNTO CAESAR:Living Our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life, Charles Chaput, Tim Cannon
Archbishop Chaput: Christians must live out their faith in the public square RENDER UNTO CAESAR: Serving the Nation by Living Our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life Charles J.
981 - Apr 2009 - Letters: Church in China, Francis Vrijmoed
As a Catholic who over the years has attended Masses in Catholic churches of the so-called Patriotic (or Open) Church in Beijing Shanghai and Guangzhou and who since 2001 goes to daily Mass in Shen Zhen (a border town next to Hong Kong) I am surprised and annoyed to observe that AD2000 still prints articles that give the impression that the Catholic Church is persecuted by the Chinese Government.
982 - Apr 2009 - Letters: Love and truth, Frank Mobbs
In the first article I set out the position of the Catholic Church as having the title deeds of Christs Church in that it dates back to Him and is united in doctrine and discipline.
983 - Apr 2009 - Letters: Church unity, Alan Baron
Besides both Protestants and Catholics persecuted us Baptists (Anabaptists) because at that time we did not fit into either camp.
984 - Apr 2009 - Letters: Capitalism, William Briggs
Mark and Louise Zwick The Recession and Catholic Social Teaching (March AD2000) unfortunately pit compassion against capitalism suggesting that the two are somehow mutually exclusive.
985 - Apr 2009 - Letters: The Pill, Denise M. Cameron
Recent newspaper grabs on the president of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations Jose Maria Simon Castevellis claim that one of the causes of masculine infertility in the West is the environmental contamination caused by the products of the pill featured the usual digs about bizarre statements coming out of the Vatican.
986 - Apr 2009 - Letters: Dissent, Peter D. Howard
Two major areas would fit this description in Brisbane: the formation of teachers for Catholic RE and the formation of seminarians.
987 - Apr 2009 - Letters: Active Catholics?, Rev Edward P. Evans
With friends like the active Canberra Catholic Terry Fewtrell (Canberra Times 2 March) who needs enemies?
988 - Apr 2009 - Conversion: Peter has spoken through Leo: why I became a Catholic, Michael Daniel
Half a lifetime ago on 25 March 1989 I was received into full communion with the Catholic Church.
989 - Apr 2009 - Andrew Cichy: A bold project to reinvigorate Church music in Australia, Anthony Barich
Andrew Cichy is believed to be the first Catholic from the Archdiocese of Perth to read Music at the prestigious English university but he needs $60000 by 31 July for the one-year Oxford University course.
990 - Apr 2009 - Foundations of Faith: The Mass and private devotions in Catholic life, Br Barry Coldrey
She lived a devoted family and community-centred Catholic life.
991 - Apr 2009 - Anti-life platform: Archbishop Chaput: President Obama and the challenge for US Catholics, Archbishop Charles Chaput
The following are extracts from Archbishop Charles Chaputs public lecture on how Catholics should live out their faith in the public square.
992 - Apr 2009 - Red Mass Homily: Catholics as 'bearers of light' in a secular culture, Bishop Peter J. Elliott
Pluralist society What then is the duty of the Catholic in a society where unjust and immoral laws are in place?
993 - Apr 2009 - American women religious: Vatican apostolic visitation, AD2000 REPORT
Disastrous decline However in his analysis of the visitations significance experienced Catholic editor Philip Lawler commented Lets be honest: A report concentrating on the vitality of womens religious orders in the US today would be a work of fiction.
994 - Apr 2009 - US Catholic universities: how not to observe Lent
Georgetown one of Americas most prestigious Catholic universities hosted Sex Positive Week from 23-28 February 2009 an event sponsored by feminist and homosexual student clubs such as GU Pride United Feminists and Georgetown Solidarity.
995 - Apr 2009 - News: The Church Around the World
The book which will be available in September from Roman Catholic Books is based on the diaries and notes of Cardinal Fernando Antonelli a key figure in the liturgical reform movement before and after Vatican II.
996 - Apr 2009 - Editorial: Confronting the long march of secularism, Michael Gilchrist
Disturbingly a majority of Catholic voters (admittedly among the non- practising ones) supported Barack Obama in the presidential election despite his well-known pro-abortion stance.
997 - Mar 2009 - Books: Books available now from AD2000 Books
95 Receiving the Lord Bishop Peter Elliott Bishop Elliotts compact publication provides inspirational prayers for Communion to assist Catholics in their preparation and thanksgiving.
998 - Mar 2009 - Books: THE BIBLE AND THE QUR'AN, by Jacques Jomier OP, Tim Cannon
Several chapters have been re- translated from the original French and a number of chapters have been appended including relevant (though brief) commentaries on the relationship between Islam and the Catholic Church by Cardinal Francis Arinze and the late Pope John Paul II.
999 - Mar 2009 - Books: Labour and Justice, by Gavan Duffy, Peter Westmore
It was only in the 19th century some 45 years after Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote The Communist Manifesto that the Catholic Church addressed these issues again in a comprehensive way through Pope Leo XIIIs encyclical Rerum Novarum (literally of new things).
1000 - Mar 2009 - Letters: In communion?, Errol P. Duke
The ongoing saga of the St Marys parish in defiance of their Brisbane Archbishop and the Vatican as to whether or not they are in communion with the Catholic Church is being addressed.
1001 - Mar 2009 - Letters: Pivotal question, Fr M. Durham
To cut through all the kafuffle surrounding St Marys South Brisbane and its administrator Fr Kennedy there is really only one relevant and pivotal question that he and indeed all who claim to be Catholic need to answer.
1002 - Mar 2009 - Marian Valley, spiritual oasis for young Brisbane Catholics, Br Barry Coldrey
Young dedicated Catholic adults can feel very isolated among the mass of non-practising secularised census Catholics.
1003 - Mar 2009 - The recession and Catholic social teaching, Mark and Louise Zwick
God brought Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin together to form the Catholic Worker movement at a time when the world was facing an economic crash similar to todays.
1004 - Mar 2009 - Obituary: Fr Richard Neuhaus (1936-2009): bringing the Gospel to public life, Fr Raymond J. De Souza
With the death of Father Richard John Neuhaus on 8 January 2009 the Catholic Church lost one of its greatest public intellectuals a theologian who brought the light of the Gospel to the world of public life.
1005 - Mar 2009 - Foundations of Faith: Protestant Churches: origins and beliefs (2), Frank Mobbs
Many members of the latter are ex-Catholics.
1006 - Mar 2009 - Pope welcomes election of new Russian Patriarch Kirill, Michael Gilchrist
In a telegram sent to the newly- elected Patriarch the Pope wrote: May the Almighty bless your efforts to maintain communion among the Orthodox Churches and to seek that fullness of communion which is the goal of Catholic-Orthodox collaboration and dialogue.
1007 - Mar 2009 - Did Antonio Gramsci have second thoughts?, Babette Francis
The Vatican has revealed that Antonio Gramsci the founder of Italian Communism and an icon of the Left reverted to Roman Catholicism on his deathbed.
1008 - Mar 2009 - American seminaries mostly 'healthy', but many problems remain
The US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) recently posted on its web site the final report of the apostolic visitation of seminaries in the United States.
1009 - Mar 2009 - Vocations: Indian priests: still plentiful but fewer available for overseas, AD2000 Report
India Vietnam and the Philippines have been among the leading sources of priests according to data compiled at Catholic University of America in Washington DC.
1010 - Mar 2009 - News: The Church Around the World
This deals a harsh blow not only to us Catholics but to all the people across the world that fight against the slaughter of innocents that is carried out with abortion he said.
1011 - Mar 2009 - Lefebvrists: Benedict XVI's bold move for Church unity, Michael Gilchrist
Bishop Fellay affirmed among other things that the SSPX would continue firmly resolute in our desire to remain Catholics and to put all our strength at the service of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ which is the Roman Catholic Church.
1012 - Feb 2009 - Books: Books available now from AD2000 Books
95 Receiving the Lord Bishop Peter Elliott Bishop Elliotts compact publication provides inspirational prayers for Communion to assist Catholics in their preparation and thanksgiving.
1013 - Feb 2009 - Books: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Pope Benedict XVI, Siobhan Reeves
One should realise that this book is not a kind of catechism as its title might suggest and it would be difficult for those who have no knowledge of the Catholic faith.
1014 - Feb 2009 - Letters: Jewish conversions, Andrew Sholl
On the last day in Rome I visited the Church of SantAndrea delle Fratte where on 20 January 1842 a non-believing Jew Alphonse Ratisbonne was instantaneously converted to Catholicism at the behest of the Virgin Mary.
1015 - Feb 2009 - Letters: Inclusive language, Eamonn Keane
For several years going back to at least 2004 people have been baptised in one Catholic parish in Brisbane without use of the words Father Son and Holy Spirit.
1016 - Feb 2009 - Letters: South Brisbane parish, Frank Bellet
The Catholic Church has never claimed to be a democratic organisation.
1017 - Feb 2009 - Fundamental flaws in Bishop Robinson's book, Andrew Kania
Retired Sydney auxiliary Bishop Geoffrey Robinsons controversial book Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church: Reclaiming the Spirit of Jesus (2007) rests on a pivotal point from which Bishop Robinson draws most if not all the strength for his arguments: his perception of the mind of Christ.
1018 - Feb 2009 - Flying into the Wind for the new evangelisation, Fr John Fowles CCS & Fr Joel Wallace CCS
Together they undertook the massive task of fund raising building and pioneering a new Catholic parish in Thurgoona New South Wales.
1019 - Feb 2009 - Foundations of Faith: Protestant Reformation: origins and beliefs, Frank Mobbs
Until recently there was much suspicion and hostility between Catholics and Protestants.
1020 - Feb 2009 - Melbourne's 'timely' new pregnancy assistance centre
It was the result of a Catholic community initiative which quickly became a reality following a meeting addressed by Brian Peachey from Pregnancy Assistance Perth Inc.
1021 - Feb 2009 - Christian-Muslim dialogue: glimmerings of hope, Babette Francis
The Catholic Churchs dialogue with Islam is based on the Second Vatican Councils Declaration on the Relationship of the Church to Non- Christian Religions Nostra Aetate which urged esteem for Muslims because they adore the one God strive to follow his will recognise Jesus as a prophet honor his mother Mary value the moral life and worship God especially through prayer almsgiving and fasting.
1022 - Feb 2009 - Vibrant retreat: Young adult ministry builds on WYD: iWitness Conference in Sydney, Br Barry Coldrey
Young practising Catholics can feel very isolated; at World Youth Day Sydney 15-20 July they came together in vast numbers; they were no longer alone.
1023 - Feb 2009 - Culture of death: US bishops confront Barack Obama's sweeping abortion agenda, Paul Kengor
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has issued a stern warning to president-elect Barack Obama and his incoming administration highlighting grave concerns over what will happen to unwanted unborn human life.
1024 - Feb 2009 - News: The Church Around the World
Cardinal Canizares who is 63 has been a strong voice for Catholic social teaching during a period when the Spanish hierarchy has clashed frequently with the Socialist political leadership.
1025 - Feb 2009 - The Statement of Conclusions: any signs of progress after ten years?, Michael Gilchrist
It is now ten years since the release of the Statement of Conclusions in 1999 following the Australian Catholic bishops ad limina visit to the Vatican.
1026 - Dec 2008 - Books: Books available now from AD2000 Books
90 Poems of Incarnation and History George Every George Every is one of Englands premier Catholic poets and scholars.
1027 - Dec 2008 - Schools: Blessed Mary MacKillop Colleges: 2009 enrolments (Jindera, Wagga Wagga)
The decision to open the school was to provide an alternative for the many Catholic parents who have expressed a desire for a greater emphasis on traditional education in Catholic faith and virtues said Blessed Mary MacKillop spokesman and science teacher Mark Mannering who can be contacted for further information on (02)6041-2711.
1028 - Dec 2008 - Books: Down in Adoration Falling, by Gareth Grainger, Br Christian Moe, FSC
Available from publisher PO Box 391 Bungendore NSW 2621) A prefatory remark: the subject of this work is a former Anglican now Catholic priest who has spent most of his years of active ministry in Melbourne; hence his story might not seem to have immediate interest for readers other than those in Melbourne.
1029 - Dec 2008 - 'Catholic literature': what does this mean?, David Birch
The highly influential commentator on Catholicism in the 20th century Jacques Maritain converted to Catholicism with his wife Ratrade;ssa in part from the influence of French novelist and poet Lon Bloy in 1906.
1030 - Dec 2008 - FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: Which Church did Jesus establish with his authority?, Frank Mobbs
The Catholic Church Suppose I am living in the year AD 200.
1031 - Dec 2008 - Missions: Samoa's Don Bosco School gives students a 'second chance', Br Michael Lynch SDB
The Centre is staffed by Samoans with Fr Petelo Vito Pau a graduate of Catholic Theological College in Melbourne its Principal.
1032 - Dec 2008 - The decline of British Catholicism: the future?, John Haldane
The following analysis of the state of the Catholic Church in the UK has relevance for Australian Catholicism.
1033 - Dec 2008 - Pub life: Young adult Catholic ministry: ingredients for success, Br Barry Coldrey
It is usually not a smart idea to mix food alcohol and religion but recently the Australian Catholic Students Association and its state affiliates have initiated successful ventures in Melbourne (Theology-in-the-Pub) Sydney (Theology-on-Tap) and Brisbane (Faith-on-Tap) to hold religious gatherings for young adults in hotel function rooms.
1034 - Dec 2008 - News: The Church Around the World
He claimed he was making a stand on behalf of recovering Catholics who had walked away from the Church because they can no longer abide this institution which is so oppressive of women of gay and lesbian people.
1035 - Nov 2008 - Books: A STORY AND PAINTINGS by Don Gallagher CFC, Michael Gilchrist
Available from St Edmunds College Canberra see order form below) Despite its mundane looking title A Story amp; Paintings is a gem of a publication from one of Australias great unsung talents and an exemplar of Catholic religious life at its finest Br Don Gallagher.
1036 - Nov 2008 - Books: THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD: Essays Catholic and Contemporary, by John Haldane, Tim Cannon
A rarity among social commentators: an intelligent bona fide Catholic layman THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD: Essays Catholic and Contemporary by John Haldane (Gracewing/Freedom Publishing 2008 221pp $30.
1037 - Nov 2008 - Letters: From India, Fr S. John Joseph
I am an Indian diocesan priest of the Catholic Diocese of Salem in Tamil Nadu.
1038 - Nov 2008 - Letters: Tribute to Bob Ward, Br Con Moloney CFC
Our meeting each Friday evening was at what is now St Vincent de Paul headquarters near St Marys Catholic Church at South Brisbane.
1039 - Nov 2008 - Letters: Turnaround needed, John Schmid
Large payouts have been given to victims of Catholic paedophiles whether they be priests religious or laity.
1040 - Nov 2008 - Letters: South Brisbane parish - Catholic or not?, Richard Stokes
Following Archbishop Bathersbys letter to the rebel church of St Marys South Brisbane on 29 September I attended one of the community meetings intended to work out what to do so as to address the Archbishops letter in which he directs the parish to align itself with the Catholic Church particularly in regard to the norms of the sacraments and the Mass.
1041 - Nov 2008 - Letters: Rebel church in South Brisbane, Bob Osmak
In a letter dated 22 August 2008 Archbishop John Bathersby of Brisbane demanded that St Marys Church South Brisbane bring its practices into line with the Catholic Church or face closure (see October AD2000 page 3).
1042 - Nov 2008 - What happened then: what matters now - Swithun Wells, martyr of England, Rosemary Lucadou-Wells
The celebration of the Catholic Mass was expanded into a charge of treason as revealed by the response of Father Edmund Gennings to Roger Topcliffe on the scaffold: I know not ever to have offended the Queen.
1043 - Nov 2008 - Foundations of Faith: God's gift of sex: building a civilisation of life and love, Catherine Sheehan
According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church The natural law present in the heart of each man and established by reason is universal in its precepts and its authority extends to all men.
1044 - Nov 2008 - Anima Women's Network: giving 'heart' to women of faith, Anna Krohn
Feminine genius In the Catholic medieval tradition and today in the Byzantine and Orthodox rites these women are honoured and each is remembered by name.
1045 - Nov 2008 - History: Cardinal Stafford on Humanae Vitae: how dissenters tore the Church apart, Cardinal Francis Stafford
Curran instructor of moral theology of The Catholic University of America flew back to Washington from the West where he had been staying.
1046 - Nov 2008 - Dissent: Business as usual at South Brisbane's rebel church, Michael Gilchrist
As last months report in AD2000 indicated the Archbishop has called on St Marys under its Administrator Fr Peter Kennedy to decide whether it wishes to be a part of the Catholic Church or go its own separate way.
1047 - Nov 2008 - Human rights: Religious persecution in China, India, Vietnam, Fr John Flynn LC
Underground Catholic clergy also faced repression in large part due to their avowed loyalty to the Vatican.
1048 - Nov 2008 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency Former US abortionist urges vote for life Pro-life activists in South Dakota have launched a television ad featuring Dr Bernard Nathanson one of the founding members of NARAL (a national pro-abortion organisation) who calls on South Dakotans to vote to ban the use of abortion as birth control.
1049 - Nov 2008 - Victorian abortion law threatens Catholic hospitals, AD2000 Report
The passage of legislation which legalises abortion in Victoria is a major threat to the future of the Catholic hospital system in Victoria.
1050 - Nov 2008 - Editorial: All Saints Day and All Souls Day, Peter Westmore
A consequence of the decision of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference in 2001 to reduce the number of Holy Days of Obligation to Christmas Day and the Assumption (August 15) is that the great feasts of All Saints Day (November 1) and All Souls Day (November 2) are rapidly disappearing from the consciousness even of practising Catholics.
1051 - Oct 2008 - Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
00 Receiving the Lord Bishop Peter Elliott Bishop Elliotts compact publication provides inspirational prayers for Communion to assist Catholics in their preparation and thanksgiving.
1052 - Oct 2008 - Books: SACRED THEN AND SACRED NOW: The Return of the Old Latin Mass, Thomas E. Woods, Fr Martin Durham
Woods Jr (Roman Catholic Books 2008 123pp $38.
1053 - Oct 2008 - Books: MARY: A CATHOLIC-EVANGELICAL DEBATE, Dwight Longenecker, David Gustafson, Michael E. Daniel
MARY: A CATHOLIC-EVANGELICAL DEBATE Dwight Longenecker amp; David Gustafson (Gracewing 2003 223pp $32.
1054 - Oct 2008 - Letters: New schools in Wagga Wagga, Kevin McInerny
Whilst I can readily applaud some of the announced goals of the venture I would be alarmed if the schools were not in the last analysis responsible to the Bishop for their licence to operate under the title Catholic.
1055 - Oct 2008 - WYDSYD08: Thomas More Centre Youth follow up World Youth Day, Bridget Spinks
Whether it be by helping the poor becoming a catechist or attending the local Theology on Tap a new generation of young Catholics is weaving its own social fabric of support with others who believe in the same ideals and way of life.
1056 - Oct 2008 - Eugenio Pacelli: The enduring legacy of Pope Pius XII: a 50th anniversary tribute, Fr John Walshe
Lapide wrote: The final number of Jewish lives in whose rescue the Catholic Church had been the instrument is thus at least 700000 souls but in all probability it is much closer to .
1057 - Oct 2008 - Foundations of Faith: Recent Marian apparitions and the life of the Church, Br Barry Coldrey
The experience of many Christians in the charismatic renewal as well as the vast numbers who annually visit Marian shrines such as Lourdes or Fatima is a sign that this element of Catholic devotional life ignored by many is still present for many others.
1058 - Oct 2008 - School humour: If Maths were taught like religion ...
The following is a satire on how religion is taught in many Catholic schools.
1059 - Oct 2008 - In the Public Square: US presidential campaign: Catholic bishops speak out on the evil of abortion, Archbishop Charles Chaput and Bishop James Conley
In the context of the US presidential campaign the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi who is a Democrat and a Catholic expressed views on Meet the Press on 23 August regarding Catholic teaching on human life and abortion that were clearly incorrect.
1060 - Oct 2008 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency Chinese bishop arrested as Olympics close Chinas most prominent underground Catholic bishop was arrested on 24 August the day that also saw the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Beijing.
1061 - Oct 2008 - Response: Archbishop Bathersby's concerns over rebel Brisbane parish, Michael Gilchrist
For many years the Catholic parish of St Marys South Brisbane has been notorious for its continued flouting of the Catholic Churchs doctrines and liturgy.
1062 - Oct 2008 - Editorial: Sesquicentenary of Our Lady of Lourdes, Peter Westmore
It is one of the greatest centres of Catholic pilgrimage in the world a constant source of grace to those who believe and clear proof that Jesus and his Blessed Mother care for every one of us.
1063 - Sep 2008 - Reflection: Archbishop Burke of St Louis: the responsibilities of a bishop, Archbishop Raymond Burke
Recalling the grace of the sacrament of Holy Orders at work in the Apostles and in the first missionaries to our region and witnessing the conferral of the grace in the ordination of our new bishop let us pray for the new evangelisation of his diocese that the faithful under the care and with the guidance of their shepherd may teach celebrate and live our Catholic faith with new enthusiasm and new energy with the enthusiasm and the energy of the first disciples and of the first Catholics who established the Church in what is now the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau.
1064 - Sep 2008 - Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
00 Receiving the Lord Bishop Peter Elliott Bishop Elliotts compact publication provides inspirational prayers for Communion to assist Catholics in their preparation and thanksgiving.
1065 - Sep 2008 - Books: THE WISDOM OF NAZARETH: Stories of Catholic Family Life, Siobhan Reeves
THE WISDOM OF NAZARETH: Stories of Catholic Family Life Editors Sr Crucis Beards FMDM and Anna Schaefer (Family Publications 2008 205pp $26.
1066 - Sep 2008 - Books: Saving Those Damned Catholics, by Judie Brown, Catherine Sheehan
SAVING THOSE DAMNED CATHOLICS by Judie Brown (Xlibris 2007 238 pages softcover $35.
1067 - Sep 2008 - Letters: Vatican II (letter), Frank Mobbs
Is the Catholic faith imperilled if the Council taught non-infallibly?
1068 - Sep 2008 - Letters: Sex abuse apology (letter), M.J. Gonzalez
The demands of some that the Pope and Catholic Church apologise for the scandalous misdeeds of a very small percentage of Catholic priests and religious in recent decades are open to question - notwithstanding Benedict XVIs generous sincere apology during World Youth Day.
1069 - Sep 2008 - Letters: Buddha in church (letter), E. Makaus
The presence of a statue of Buddha in front of the altar in a Catholic church (Richard Stokes July AD2000) coupled with a choir under the banner of homosexuality is indeed reprehensible and surely calls for strong episcopal action.
1070 - Sep 2008 - Letters: Invaluable work of Anne Lastman (letter), Errol Duke
I wish to thoroughly endorse the letter from Fr Raymond Wells (July AD2000) in his glowing report of the remarkable efforts of Victims of Abortion Councillor Anne Lastman and encourage Catholics worth their salt to obtain a copy of her book Redeeming Grief at the earliest opportunity.
1071 - Sep 2008 - Letters: Courage of young Jozef Ratzinger (letter), Frank Bellet
Young Ratzinger made the statement in front of a Nazi officer in anti-Catholic Nazi Germany.
1072 - Sep 2008 - Letters: World Youth day (letter), M. & L. MORRISSEY
Some sections of the secular press branded World Youth Day in Sydney as merely a Catholic jamboree for the young visiting pilgrims and tried to blame the Church for the failings of its clergy.
1073 - Sep 2008 - Foundations of Faith: Priesthood and the sacraments: Divine help for eternal salvation, Br Barry Coldrey
It is official Catholic teaching defined by the whole Church at the Council of Trent (1562) that Jesus ordained the Apostles priests when he instituted the Eucharist at the last Supper on the night before his Passion and death.
1074 - Sep 2008 - WYD08: Theology on Tap: young Catholics' response to relativism, Patrick Langrell
Theology on Tap through its speakers and atmosphere presents the Catholic faith in all its beauty and orthodoxy - because truth itself Truth Himself has always been and will always be attractive.
1075 - Sep 2008 - News: The Church Around the World
McCorvey is now an active Catholic.
1076 - Sep 2008 - WYD08: Faith: alive and well! - A pilgrim's progress, Catherine Sheehan
What struck me the most was the size of the crowds that converged on Sydney and their infectious joy and love for the Catholic Church and the Pope.
1077 - Sep 2008 - WYD08: Impressions of youth, Bridget Pati and Berni Sullivan
I loved walking the streets singing and chanting and just hanging around other truly Catholic people.
1078 - Sep 2008 - Editorial: World Youth Day 2008: the challenge ahead, Michael Gilchrist
Even those not of the Catholic faith - including the normally sceptical media - could not but be moved by the spectacle of thousands of courteous well-behaved young people from all over the world.
1079 - Aug 2008 - Reflection: World Youth Day: bringing a message of hope to the secular culture, Fr Dennis Byrnes
Mindful of this explanation one notes that the Catholic Church in Australia is aiming through World Youth Day and with Gods help to encourage the virtue of hope among the youth of the world.
1080 - Aug 2008 - Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
95 Receiving the Lord Bishop Peter Elliott Bishop Elliotts compact publication provides inspirational prayers for Communion to assist Catholics in their preparation and thanksgiving.
1081 - Aug 2008 - Books: QUESTION TIME by Fr John Flader, Fr Anthony Robbie
QUESTION TIME by Fr John Flader (Foreword by Cardinal George Pell) (Catholic Adult Education Centre 2008 310pp $29.
1082 - Aug 2008 - Books: MYSTERY OF CREATION by Paul Haffner, Michael Daniel
Environmentalism In contrast to some versions of contemporary environmentalism positing that God/great spirit/mother earth is part of creation and of which we are an element it is clearly taught by the Catholic Church that creation is an entity distinct from God the Creator who created His creation out of nothing.
1083 - Aug 2008 - DVD Review: APOCALYPSE? NO! Why global warming is not a crisis, by Christopher Monckton, Peter Finlayson
Peter Finlayson is an active Catholic in the Ballarat Diocese and a recently retired agricultural scientist with experience advising about farm management across Australia and in 35 developing countries.
1084 - Aug 2008 - Letters: Timeless truths?, John Frey
As an example Pius XII identified the Church of Christ with the Catholic Church in his encyclicals Mystici Corporis Christi (1943) and Humani Generis (1950) reflecting the traditional teaching of the Church: If we would define and describe this true Church of Christ - which is the One Holy Catholic Apostolic and Roman Church - we shall find nothing more noble more sublime or more divine than the expression The Mystical Body of Christ (Mystici Corporis Christi 13).
1085 - Aug 2008 - Education: Progress continues with the new Wagga Wagga independent schools, Barbara Chigwidden
The planning of two independent high schools Our Lady of the Rosary Girls School and Christ the King Boys School began in 2006 as a response to a need amongst many Catholic families looking for a different approach which would ensure their children leave school not only knowing their faith but practising it.
1086 - Aug 2008 - Foundations of Faith: How much history do the Scriptures contain?, Frank Mobbs
Catholic agencies give glowing reports on completed studies of the Bible.
1087 - Aug 2008 - Census shows a strong Church in Singapore, AD2000 Report
The following report is adapted from Catholic News the official newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore which assessed the recent findings of the first ever census of Singapores Catholic population undertaken by the Catholic Research Centre of Singapore.
1088 - Aug 2008 - Holy Land: Middle East Christians face a precarious future, Robin Harris
His article here shortened first appeared in the London Catholic Herald and is reprinted with permission.
1089 - Aug 2008 - Priesthood: St Louis: another US vocations success story, AD2000 Report
In St Louis Missouri Archbishop Raymond Burke has already established himself since his appointment there in 2004 as a forthright fearless leader particularly in warning pro-abortion Catholic politicians against receiving Communion.
1090 - Aug 2008 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency US Bishops disagree on Missal translation The US bishops failed to approve a new set of liturgical translations at a meeting on 12-14 June in Orlando Florida.
1091 - Aug 2008 - Editorial: Humanae Vitae still a sign of contradiction, Michael Gilchrist
While other churches which had long upheld the continuous Christian teaching based on natural law that each sexual act must remain open to the transmission of life succumbed to secularist pressures the Catholic Church remains the major bulwark of Christian morality with Humanae Vitae the symbol of this resolve.
1092 - Jul 2008 - Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
au The Catholic Priesthood and Women Sara Butler MSBT Sister Sara Butler a former advocate of womens ordination provides a clear concise easy to follow defence and exposition of the Catholic Churchs traditional teaching on the subject.
1093 - Jul 2008 - Books: SERMONS PREACHED ON VARIOUS OCCASIONS, by John Henry Newman, Michael E. Daniel
Available from Freedom Publishing) Likely to be beatified soon John Henry Newman remains one of the intellectual and spiritual giants of the Catholic Church.
1094 - Jul 2008 - Books: TURMOIL AND TRUTH, by Philip Trower, Tim Cannon
Origins of the crisis of faith that followed the Second Vatican Council TURMOIL AND TRUTH: The Historical Roots of the Modern Crisis in the Catholic Church by Philip Trower (Ignatius Press/Family Publications 2003 207pp soft cover $29.
1095 - Jul 2008 - Letters: Climate concerns, Dr Brian E. Lloyd
As a Catholic I see social justice in concern for the people of the future.
1096 - Jul 2008 - WORLD YOUTH DAY: Turin Shroud display in Melbourne to coincide with World Youth Day, Max Crockett
Max Crockett is a Geelong based Catholic with a special interest in the Shroud.
1097 - Jul 2008 - Liturgy: Why Paul VI saw liturgical abuses as the 'smoke of Satan', Cardinal Virgilio Noe
When Pope Paul VI spoke about the smoke of Satan entering the Catholic Church he was referring to liturgical abuses according to the prelate who served as his master of ceremonies.
1098 - Jul 2008 - Religious faith and the power of music and song, Andrw Kania
In 1745 the Catholic armies were confidently massing behind Charles Edward Stuart (1720-1788) - Bonnie Prince Charlie.
1099 - Jul 2008 - FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: Jesus: how do we know he was God?, Br Barry Coldrey CFC
The expression Catholic Church first appeared in the writings of St Ignatius of Antioch (69-107) who said Where there is Christ Jesus there is the Catholic Church.
1100 - Jul 2008 - WORLD YOUTH DAY 2008: Authentic Catholicism: a fertile ground for vocations to flourish, Fr Anthony Denton
There can be no doubt that the experience of World Youth Day has had a major impact on those who have attended these huge gatherings of the worlds young Catholics over the past twenty years even if Australias participation in any organised and official way has been a little late have I loved thee.
1101 - Jul 2008 - WORLD YOUTH DAY 2008: Juventutem Australia: young people devoted to the traditional liturgy, Alice Woolven
Juventutem Australia forms part of an international contingent of young people with a special devotion to the traditional liturgy which lies at the heart of the cultural richness of Catholic life and culture.
1102 - Jul 2008 - Selective tolerance: Queensland University Student Union censures Catholic student group, Allison Atkins
The University of Queensland Student Union (UQU) has sanctioned the Catholic student club the Newman Society following its operating three information stalls centred on supporting pregnant women and promoting post-abortion healing retreats.
1103 - Jul 2008 - News: The Church Around the World
The Pew Forum found that Benedicts overall approval rating went up nine points from 52 percent to 61 and among Catholics it went from 74 to 83 percent.
1104 - Jun 2008 - Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
The Catholic Priesthood and Women Sara Butler MSBT Sister Sara Butler a former advocate of womens ordination provides a clear concise easy to follow defence and exposition of the Catholic Churchs traditional teaching on the subject.
1105 - Jun 2008 - Books: FR WERENFRIED: A Life, by Joanna Bogle, Michael E. Daniel
Daniel This short well written biography by leading and highly acclaimed British Catholic writer Joanna Bogle tells the story of Fr Werenfried van Straaten a Norbertine monk who founded the international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need in 1947 and tirelessly directed it until his death in 2003.
1106 - Jun 2008 - Books: RATZINGER'S FAITH: The Theology of Pope Benedict XVI, by Tracey Rowland, Michael E. Daniel
Rowland argues that Ratzingers model is closer to the thought of Aquinas himself and thus more faithful to the Catholic tradition since faith presupposes reason and perfects it and reason enlightened by faith finds the strength to rise to knowledge of God and spiritual realities (p.
1107 - Jun 2008 - Letters: Baptism formula, Franklin J. Wood
I read in two Catholic magazines published three years ago that the same parish earned the same notoriety for the same irregular practice of Baptism having been performing those Baptisms for over ten years.
1108 - Jun 2008 - Letters: Scandal, Don Gaffney
As regards Cardinal Levadas failure to confirm Catholic doctrine regarding the impossibility of women priests whether due to his own decision or to deliberate bureaucratic strangulation there is no Catholic option but to keep fighting to break through.
1109 - Jun 2008 - Christianity 'lite' with all the hard parts unmentioned: a spiritual dead-end, Alan Roebuck
Indeed in some Australian Catholic parishes and schools the dumbing down of the faith continues despite the best efforts of the Pope and bishops.
1110 - Jun 2008 - Human Rights: China: Olympic rings - or shackles?, Babette Francis
Thats John Han Dingxiang Catholic bishop of Yong Nian under house arrest.
1111 - Jun 2008 - News: The Church Around the World
Although the defence of human life has been left largely to Catholics and evangelical Protestants it remains the case that the right of the innocent not to be killed and the right of the unborn to the equal protection of the law are grounded in reason and upheld by those who have no religious faith.
1112 - Jun 2008 - Education: Pope: Catholic education must uphold Church teachings, Pope Benedict XVI
The following are extracts from Benedict XVIs address to Catholic educators at Catholic University of America Washington DC on 17 April 2008 during his recent visit to the United States.
1113 - May 2008 - Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
It shows that Catholic doctrines were in place from the earliest centuries of Christianity.
1114 - May 2008 - Books: THE REALM: An Unfashionable Essay on Converting England, Aidan Nichols OP, Tim Cannon
As its title suggests the book addresses the challenge faced today by Catholics in England a nation very much in the grip of a vacuous and pervasive cult of secularity.
1115 - May 2008 - Books: NEWMAN'S APPROACH TO KNOWLEDGE by Laurence Richardson, Philip Trower
For the Catholic Church on the other hand the word faith has a quite different and much more clearly defined meaning or meanings.
1116 - May 2008 - Books: Irish journalist exposes 'Kathy's Story' book and movie as fabrications, Gary Brady
Publishers profits The media estimated that by the summer of 2006 the publishers had made around A$4 million from Kathys Story yet all this in spite of the fact that Kelly proves that she was never a resident of Dublins Magdalene Laundry (run by Catholic religious and providing work for down-in-their-luck young females).
1117 - May 2008 - Letters: Brisbane, Franklin J. Wood
The hospital was originally established by two Orders of Catholic nuns however during my frequent visits to see my hospitalised wife no nuns or priests were ever visible.
1118 - May 2008 - Letters: Stations of the Cross, John D. Wightman
As a recent report in the Catholic press (enclosed) indicates there are no Stations of the Cross in the newly completed Church of the Holy Spirit Gungahlin in the Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese which was officially opened on 14 February 2008.
1119 - May 2008 - Letters: Receiving Communion, Charles Haber
When I questioned him I learned that he was not a Catholic and informed him that he was not to receive Holy Communion in future.
1120 - May 2008 - Youth: Eucharistic devotions: revival in Melbourne, Br Barry Coldrey
The regular weekly event is led by Father Anthony Denton Vocations Director and managed by the team of the Victorian Catholic Students and Young Workers Association.
1121 - May 2008 - Magisterium: When is it infallible?, John Young
Among other statements Vatican II speaks definitively about the inerrancy of Scripture about the obligation to belong to the Catholic Church about the evil of abortion about the obligation of the State to allow religious liberty.
1122 - May 2008 - FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: What are the basics of Catholic belief and practice?, Lucy Tucker
After seven years of teaching the Catholic faith at the high school level to students from assorted Christian backgrounds and having read numerous books on apologetics I have come to the conviction that there is an essential Catholic apologetic.
1123 - May 2008 - Ballarat: Children's Spirituality Conference at ACU: not to be confused with religion!, Michael Gilchrist
Dr Marian de Souza a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at the Australian Catholic University Ballarat where she helps shape the religious ideas of future teachers in Catholic schools says that spirituality should not be confused with religion.
1124 - May 2008 - Green sisters: New-look US religious: Al Gore's latest 'eco-justice' disciples, AD2000 REPORT
According to a recent feature in the US religious weekly National Catholic Reporter (22 February 2008) large numbers of progressive women religious across North America are embracing environmental issues as the prime focus of their ministry.
1125 - May 2008 - Interview: Positive impact of Pope's decree on the Latin Mass, Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos
The Pope is offering the Church a treasure that is spiritual cultural religious and catholic he continued noting that the Commission has received letters of support from Orthodox Anglican and even Protestant ministers.
1126 - May 2008 - Summorum Pontificum: Benedict XVI's Latin Mass document: a parish priest's response, Fr Andrew Wise
This liturgical opportunity is something new and fresh (even if initially baffling) to most Catholic people today.
1127 - May 2008 - News: The Church Around the World
Since I was little I was aware of the Catholic world because I went to Italian-run Catholic schools in Cairo .
1128 - May 2008 - Two changes: Bishop Jarrett explains upcoming Mass changes, Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett
In the Catholic liturgy there are two postures for praying: standing and kneeling.
1129 - May 2008 - Editorial: Re-evangelising young unchurched Catholics, Michael Gilchrist
A major concern for many parents grandparents and parish clergy today is the massive drift away from the belief and practice of the Catholic faith by the vast bulk of school-leavers.
1130 - Apr 2008 - Reflection: Original Sin, the 'madness' of the Cross and the 'foolishness' of God's love, Fr Dennis Byrnes
In the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church 76 it is stated: Original sin in which all human beings are born is a state of deprivation of original holiness and justice.
1131 - Apr 2008 - Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
It shows that Catholic doctrines were in place from the earliest centuries of Christianity.
1132 - Apr 2008 - Books: THE ENEMY WITHIN: Radical Feminism in the Christian Churches, Catherine Sheehan
In their essay titled The Bishops Dilemma: Radical Feminism within the Catholic Church of England and Wales Christine Kelly and Valerie Riches outline the emergence and infiltration of feminism into the Church in the UK in the 1980s.
1133 - Apr 2008 - Books: REDEEMING GRIEF: Abortion and Its Pain, by Anne Lastman, Charles Francis
Annes strong Catholic faith plays a major part in her pursuit of the healing process.
1134 - Apr 2008 - Letters: Church interiors, Marija Sestan
It is so hard to enter many suburban Catholic churches and be inspired to lift ones heart and soul to the Lord thanks to the often very poor or inadequate architecture internal design crucifixes and religious images (or indeed lack thereof) - not to mention the (mis)placement of the tabernacle.
1135 - Apr 2008 - Letters: Inspired life of Peter Gallagher, John Young
He devoted himself to the spreading of the Faith through the Catholic Evidence Guild in Sydney.
1136 - Apr 2008 - Letters: Student generosity, Name and Address Supplied
So the example of coolies not schoolies developed by one Catholic school determined to be counter-cultural could give rise to similar programs targeting disadvantaged situations by other like-minded schools.
1137 - Apr 2008 - Adult education: Sydney's Centre for Thomistic Studies, Donald G. Boland
The Centre for Thomistic Studies Inc was formed by a group of Sydney lay Catholics in 1985 for the purpose of continuing the work begun in 1945 by the late Rev Dr A.
1138 - Apr 2008 - Legal Year homily: Truth and the law: legal should also mean moral, Bishop Peter Elliott
In the Catholic tradition the former is revered as a canonised saint the patron of the noble legal profession while the latter is reviled as a toady and plunderer of monasteries.
1139 - Apr 2008 - Apostolic journey: Pope's Washington visit will address key issues, Peter Westmore
Pope Benedict XVI will make his first visit as the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church to the United States from 15-20 April.
1140 - Apr 2008 - Church law: Conciliar decrees: what authority do they have?, Frank Mobbs
The overwhelming authority of popes in recent centuries has been exercised to prevent such conflicts within the Catholic Church.
1141 - Apr 2008 - WYDSYD08: World Youth Day Sydney: look for the wider trend, Joanna Bogle
He made Catholics feel that they belonged to a Church which counted for something which mattered.
1142 - Apr 2008 - Progress report: AD2000's worldwide outreach via the Internet, Francis Young
The most viewed pages usually include Church history in the world and Australia philosophers such as Augustine Aquinas and Jacques Maritain saints and inspirational churchmen and women Catholic demographics Catholic education Liturgy Church architecture and a large spread of homilies and book reviews.
1143 - Apr 2008 - Human rights: Cardinal Joseph Zen: conscience of China, Peter Westmore
The appointment was seen as a reflection of Pope Benedicts confidence in Bishop Zen who had been an outspoken advocate of human rights and a public spokesman for the Catholic Church for many years.
1144 - Apr 2008 - News: The Church Around the World
Benedicts new encyclical to focus on social teaching Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone the Vatican Secretary of State has confirmed reports that Benedict XVI will soon release an encyclical on Catholic social teaching.
1145 - Apr 2008 - Christ's commandment: Church's 'primary task' is evangelisation: Benedict XVI, Michael Gilchrist
As a result of such errors the Note continues for a long time the reason for evangelization has not been clear to many among the Catholic faithful.
1146 - Mar 2008 - Books: Books available from AD2000 Books
It shows that Catholic doctrines were in place from the earliest centuries of Christianity.
1147 - Mar 2008 - DVD: NO TURNING BACK: Confessions of a Catholic priest, by Fr D. Calloway, Fr Martin Durham
NO TURNING BACK: Confessions of a Catholic priest by Fr D.
1148 - Mar 2008 - Books: JOURNEY OF A FAITH COMMUNITY, compiled by Tom Johnstone, James E. Scarlett
Available through Central Catholic Bookshop Melbourne (03) 9638-0844) Twenty-five years of parish life is perhaps a brief span to cover in a full-blown history rather than a commemorative booklet but careful preservation of documents and memories have enabled Tom Johnstone to detail at close quarters the journey of Catholics in Mount Eliza Victoria during that time.
1149 - Mar 2008 - Books: SEARCHING FOR AND MAINTAINING PEACE, by Father Jacques Philippe, Tim Cannon
Available from Freedom Publishing) It is easy in this hectic world for even the most well-intentioned Catholics to neglect that most important element of their existence: the interior life.
1150 - Mar 2008 - Books: GOD AND CAESAR: Religion, Politics, and Society, by Cardinal George Pell, Catherine Sheehan
Most people he writes are little aware of the influence of Catholic teaching in social and political thinking but without this the United Nations Charter the constitutions of the United States and other nations and the common law tradition would be very different from their present forms.
1151 - Mar 2008 - Letters: Liturgical abuses, Dennis Macdonald
Indeed in Brisbanes Catholic Cathedral some of the most sacred parts of the Mass depart significantly from the rules.
1152 - Mar 2008 - Letters: Canadian Lectionary, Matt Walton
Do we really have to live with this parallel Church that has developed within the Catholic Church?
1153 - Mar 2008 - Letters: Married clergy, Frank Bellet
The main problem facing the Catholic Church in this country is not just the shortage of suitable priests but rather the lack of parishioners.
1154 - Mar 2008 - Letters: Christ's Church, Frank Mobbs
The document says the Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church (Art.
1155 - Mar 2008 - Vocations: The priesthood: a special relationship with Christ, Fr Pat Stratford
For some their families may be opposed to a change in family lifestyle Mention is sometimes made of the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches.
1156 - Mar 2008 - La Sapienza: Benedict XVI: the papacy and the university, Pope Benedict XVI
The pope is first of all the bishop of Rome and as such in virtue of apostolic succession from the Apostle Peter he has episcopal authority in regard to the entire Catholic Church.
1157 - Mar 2008 - Crescat amor: What is the nature and purpose of theology?, Fr John O'Neill PP
Both it seems want to change some fundamentals of the Catholic faith and practice.
1158 - Mar 2008 - 40 Years On: Vatican II at its mid-life crisis, Br Barry Coldrey
In announcing an ecumenical Council of the Catholic bishops worldwide the first in almost a century Pope John XXIII took the world by surprise.
1159 - Mar 2008 - Recovering the sacred in modern church architecture, Moyra Doorly
You have a background in architecture and are also a convert to the Catholic Faith.
1160 - Mar 2008 - Man-made climate change: another great hoax?, Peter Finlayson
His most recent utterance on the issue in an interview in The Catholic World Report January 2008 indicated his disappointment with the way Australians who like to see themselves as rugged independent rational and democratic .
1161 - Mar 2008 - News: The Church Around the World
Bishops warn on Victorian Government legislation Two Melbourne Catholic bishops have warned against social engineering moves by the Victorian Labor Government.
1162 - Mar 2008 - Tribute: B.A. Santamaria: ten years on, Cardinal George Pell
All were there to pay tribute to his unique contribution while the Christians Catholic and otherwise were there to thank God for him and pray for the repose of his soul.
1163 - Feb 2008 - Reflection: Devotion to Our Lady: eclipse and revival, Br Barry Coldrey
Plainly for many active Catholics in Melbourne devotion to Our Lady has neither waned nor died.
1164 - Feb 2008 - Books: Books available from AD2000 and Freedom Publishing
It shows that Catholic doctrines were in place from the earliest centuries of Christianity.
1165 - Feb 2008 - Books: A YEARBOOK OF SEASONS AND CELEBRATIONS, by Joanna Bogle, Eric Hester
Available from Freedom Publishing) If joy be a sure sign of true Catholicism as it must be then the truest Catholic is Joanna Bogle as she surely is.
1166 - Feb 2008 - Books: WHEN MIGHT BECOMES HUMAN RIGHT:Essays on Democracy and the Crisis of Rationality, Tim Cannon
Available from Freedom Publishing) Australian Catholics and their counterparts in the rest of the increasingly secular West enjoy little respite from the oppressive march of so- called progress.
1167 - Feb 2008 - Books: NO PLACE FOR GOD: The Denial of the Transcendent in Modern Church Architecture, Tony Evans
Available from Freedom Publishing) With Mass attendance declining and young people leaving Catholic schools without the Faith and most churches locked during the day because only vandals would be likely to enter them clergy educationists and interested laity rack their brains for an explanation and a remedy.
1168 - Feb 2008 - Letters: 'Schoolies', Fr. M. Durham
Parents and Catholic secondary schools need to work together to dissuade year 12 students from attending.
1169 - Feb 2008 - Letters: True Church, John Frey
The first is given by Pope Pius XII in his encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi which states (13) that this true Church of Jesus Christ is the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic and Roman Church the Mystical Body of Christ.
1170 - Feb 2008 - Letters: Dissent, Frank White
It is of little wonder that Bishop Robinson gave up his position as a leader in the Catholic Church.
1171 - Feb 2008 - What the social reign of Christ means today, Bishop Peter Elliott
It was this Lord of truth who in less dramatic ways guided countless young people in Catholic Action and the social movements struggling for liberty against totalitarianism.
1172 - Feb 2008 - How to reform Catholic education: get the world view right, Chris Hilder
With the release of the Sydney Pastoral Plan and the recent pastoral letter of the bishops of NSW and the ACT (Catholic Schools at a Crossroads) we now have a renewed recognition and commitment to ensuring that Catholic schools fulfil the evangelising mission demanded by their Catholic identity.
1173 - Feb 2008 - A remarkable father remembered, Maria Rankin
He attended the Catholic school at Lewisham Sydney and subsequently won a scholarship to St Ignatius College Riverview the leading Jesuit school.
1174 - Feb 2008 - Paganism: 'New Age' activities continue in Brisbane Archdiocese, Tim Pemble-Smith
It would be difficult to overstate the depth of the superstition inherent in these two statements reflecting as they do the visionary superstitious shamanistic subjective experience of the Goddess which has in recent times led so many spiritually inclined but theologically challenged Catholics into the New Age wilderness.
1175 - Feb 2008 - Grace under fire: ordinations, and first Holy Communion in Iraq, Babette Francis
Karacosh 67 km from Arbil until recently had 30000 residents more than 90 percent of them Catholics.
1176 - Feb 2008 - News: The Church Around the World
Churchs duty to spread the Faith Acknowledging a growing confusion about the Churchs missionary mandate the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) released a 19-page document on 14 December strongly defending the right and duty of all Catholics to spread the faith.
1177 - Feb 2008 - Editorial: Can Catholic schools recover their 'salt', Michael Gilchrist
As another academic year commences it is timely to reflect once more on the overall state of our Catholic schools and what is needed for a turning of the spiritual tide.
1178 - Dec 2007 - Books: Books available from AD Books
Elliott An essential resource for all those involved or interested in the Catholic Churchs Liturgy.
1179 - Dec 2007 - Books: THE CATHOLIC PRIESTHOOD AND WOMEN by Sara Butler MSBT, Paul Woodbury
THE CATHOLIC PRIESTHOOD AND WOMEN A Guide to the Teaching of the Church by Sara Butler MSBT (Hillenbrand Books 2007 122pp $37.
1180 - Dec 2007 - Letters: Unbaptised infants, Lawrence R. Hurley
The Commissions document is said to have sparked a lot of controversy but is trying to say what the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 1260 1261 1283) has already said: that we have a right to hope that God will find a way to offer the grace of Christ to such infants and trying to provide a theological rationale for what has already been proposed in several magisterial documents since the Council.
1181 - Dec 2007 - Letters: True Church, Peter D. Howard
John Frey concludes that this truth has not been unambiguously stated that Christ has established one Church and that Church is the Catholic Church (November AD2000).
1182 - Dec 2007 - Letters: Latin Mass, Carol V. Phillips
It is pure sacrifice pure worship and pure Catholic.
1183 - Dec 2007 - Letters: Narrow way, F. Thims
Congratulations on a magazine so genuinely Catholic.
1184 - Dec 2007 - Letters: Response, Don Gaffney
As Bishop Robinson has made public his call for alterations to the Catholic Church he ought not to mind being asked to respond in public to one particular point which in fact makes nonsense of his whole position.
1185 - Dec 2007 - Letters: Far-sightedness of Father Purcell, Fr Brian Harrison OS
But on coming to realise that without such an authority there is no credible divine revelation at all I was given the grace to accept in faith the Roman Catholic Churchs claim to speak with that authority.
1186 - Dec 2007 - Letters: Dissent, Brian Bibby
At last I thought something is being done to rectify the problems in our schools and Catholic life in general.
1187 - Dec 2007 - Architecture: Did Vatican II recommend the removal of altar rails?, M. Cassey
Perhaps the saddest fact of all is that there is no mandatory legislation within the Church today requiring that any changes be made to Catholic sanctuaries.
1188 - Dec 2007 - 1962 Missal: Australian bishops support Benedict XV's liberalising of the Latin Mass, AD2000 Report
The dignity and beauty of todays celebration with its timeless Latin and uplifting music remains a vital part of our Catholic tradition.
1189 - Dec 2007 - Britain: British Catholicism: the salt has lost its flavour, John Haldane
Part of the explanation so far as Roman Catholicism is concerned is the ambition to be fully part of society which has made Catholics cautious of being counter-cultural.
1190 - Dec 2007 - Church History: Interesting aspects of ecumenical councils, Frank Mobbs
Catholic writers commonly assert that the number of them is 21 but no one knows for sure because there is no widespread agreement about the criteria of a council.
1191 - Dec 2007 - Catechetics: Religious education in Catholic schools: the role of parish priests, Michael Gilchrist
More than any other single factor the presence of strong orthodox priests is crucial to the calibre of religious education in Australias Catholic schools.
1192 - Dec 2007 - Schools: The state of Catholic education: teacher and student experiences, Br Barry Coldrey
The reality of serious problems in the Catholic school system came home to me under the following circumstances.
1193 - Dec 2007 - News: The Church Around the World
New Missal translation gets support An American priests organisation the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy has voiced its support for a literal and accurate English translation of the Roman Missal.
1194 - Nov 2007 - Books: Books available from AD Books
95 Mere Catholicism Ian Ker A leading authority on John Henry Newman Fr Ian Ker teaches theology at Oxford University.
1195 - Nov 2007 - Internet 'Singing Catechism': catechesis for the 21st century, Fr James Tierney
It has 50 Questions and Answers from the Catholic Family Catechism Disciples Edition on Creed Sacraments Commandments and Prayer which are the core of our holy faith.
1196 - Nov 2007 - Books: ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN by Dale O'Leary, Bill Muehlenberg
ONE MAN ONE WOMAN: A Catholics Guide to Defending Marriage by Dale OLeary (Sophia Institute Press 2007 309pp $40.
1197 - Nov 2007 - Books: Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating: essential reading in apologetics, Valerie Renkema
CATHOLICISM AND FUNDAMENTALISM: The Attack on Romanism by Bible Christians by Karl Keating (Ignatius Press 1988 360pp $29.
1198 - Nov 2007 - Letters: True Church?, John Frey
Instead of stating that the Church of Christ is the Catholic Church - as Pope Pius XII did in his encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi (13) - Lumen Gentium says that the one Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church governed by the successors of Peter and by the Bishops in communion with him.
1199 - Nov 2007 - Letters: Petition
I have just read Michael Gilchrists review of Bishop Robinsons book Retired Sydney bishop calls for a radical overhaul of the Catholic Faith (October AD2000).
1200 - Nov 2007 - Letters: Modern saints and traditional liturgy, Seamus Mahady
The liturgy as celebrated in her time was such an important part of her conversion experience and subsequent prayer life as a Roman Catholic!
1201 - Nov 2007 - Letters: Teachings rejected by Bishop Robinson, Kevin McManus
I read with sadness and alarm Michael Gilchrists report in the October AD2000 on the recent book by Bishop Robinson Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church.
1202 - Nov 2007 - Letters: Bishop Robinson, Eric Carman
The reviews in both the London Tablet and AD2000 of Bishop Geoffrey Robinsons book Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church make it abundantly clear that those who go down the proposed path - as summarised in the AD2000 review of radical changes to Catholic teachings disciplines and structures - should reflect on whether this path is consistent with orthodox Catholicism.
1203 - Nov 2007 - Architecture: How a Sydney parish church was restored, John O'Brien
The parish whilst carrying on with its normal spiritual and pastoral activities is also home to a number of significant Catholic institutions and centres: the Mother House (in Australia) of the Missionaries of Charity; a convent for the Sisters of Mercy; St Patricks Business College; the headquarters of the Servants of Mary; the Benedict XVI Centre for Students and Young Adults as well as the Actors Centre an institution for the general public.
1204 - Nov 2007 - Latin is still the universal language of Liturgy, Bishop Arthur Serratelli
Some of us can remember how much a part of our Catholic worship Latin used to be.
1205 - Nov 2007 - Ora et labora: How monastic hospitality can strengthen one's faith, Br Barry Coldrey CFC
Moreover even committed Catholics - especially young adults in detox from the ravages of the anti- religious aggro of long years in the nominally Catholic education system - can have an exhilarating experience observing the firm commit- ment of the monks or nuns and the daily round of prayer.
1206 - Nov 2007 - Liturgical Abuse: Trinitarian language lost in Brisbane Scriptures, Michael Apthorp
It has been designed primarily for liturgical use in a Catholic parish in inner-city Brisbane.
1207 - Nov 2007 - News: The Church Around The World
In 2001 the Vatican ended years of speculation about the third secret with the announcement by Pope John Paul II that the message confided by the Virgin Mary to the seers of Fatima was a prophetic vision describing a struggle between the Catholic Church and a totalitarian system culminating in an attempt on the life of the Pope.
1208 - Nov 2007 - Australia's Missionaries of God's Love congregation continues to grow, Mary Pidcock
The novitiate house in Canberra has eighteen in training and the seminary house in East Burwood (Bennetswood) Melbourne has thirteen students who do their academic studies at Catholic Theological College.
1209 - Nov 2007 - Democracy: Religious leaders must have freedom to speak, Cardinal George Pell
This Committee inquired and reported on whether Cardinal Pells public comments made earlier this year in regard to Catholic politicians and the Human Cloning Bill constituted a contempt of Parliament.
1210 - Nov 2007 - Editorial: East Timorese to attend World Youth Day, Michael Gilchrist
Last March AD2000 proposed that its readers should help young Catholics from East Timor to attend World Youth Day 2008.
1211 - Oct 2007 - Books: SPANISH ROOTS OF AMERICA, Tim Cannon
We begin with an overview of Spains general policy of exploration and colonisation whereby she sought to improve her prospects for global trade as well as her dominion all the while spreading the Catholic faith at the behest of the Church.
1212 - Oct 2007 - Books: JOHN HENRY NEWMAN: In His Time, Tim Cannon
The exemplary character of Newmans conversion is evident in the great number of individuals who have converted from Protestantism to the Catholic Church under the influence of his person and his writings beginning with his contemporaries and continuing to this day.
1213 - Oct 2007 - Letters: St Therese Church Torquay demolition threat, Charles Haber
I bring to readers attention what seems likely to happen to St Theacute;rse Catholic Church Surfcoast Highway Torquay.
1214 - Oct 2007 - Letters: Teaching position available in France, Br John Moylan CFC
The contract could be for the two Australian academic years from January/February and the applicant needs to be a devout orthodox persevering Catholic.
1215 - Oct 2007 - Letters: Catholic education, June See
Congratulations to Eamonn Keane for his excellent article Rediscovering the real history of Australian Catholic education (September AD2000).
1216 - Oct 2007 - Letters: More on Vatican II, Peter D. Howard
The Catechism of the Catholic Church (88) in its 1997 English translation states The Churchs Magisterium exercises the authority it holds from Christ to the fullest extent when it defines dogmas .
1217 - Oct 2007 - Letters: Moral standards, Don Gaffney
Where the Catholic Church led by its bishops in union with the Pope proclaims and teaches effectively the future is golden.
1218 - Oct 2007 - Letters: Bishop Robinson, Fr Edward P. Evans
He ignores the fact that when several Catholic lay people launched a campaign to gather information about sacramental abuses many of them were ejected from churches.
1219 - Oct 2007 - Protect Our Children: New organisation to tackle doctrinal and moral child abuse, Fr John O'Neill PP
This one is called Protect Our Children Agency having been set up in order to protect Catholic children from doctrinal and moral child abuse arising from the content or the method of teaching in Catholic schools or in any church organisation responsible for teaching the Faith.
1220 - Oct 2007 - Truth: And the Light shines in the darkness: the meaning of true ecumenism, Andrew Kania
Responsibility The famous ecumenist Cardinal Yves Congar once pointed out that the desire to seek unity with all Christians does not mitigate a Catholics responsibility to preserve the truth of the Catholic Church.
1221 - Oct 2007 - Sacred space: Sydney seminar promotes improved church architecture and art, John O'Brien
The seminar was presented by the Liturgy Office of the Archdiocese of Sydney in conjunction with the Architects Association with the aim of promoting the rich tradition of Catholic ecclesiastical architecture and art through its relationship with theology and liturgy.
1222 - Oct 2007 - More of the same: Retired Sydney bishop calls for a radical overhaul of the Catholic faith, Michael Gilchrist
Bishop Geoffrey Robinson retired since 2004 as a Sydney auxiliary bishop has just published a book titled Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church: Reclaiming the Spirit of Jesus (John Garratt Publishing) which presents a list of radical changes to Catholic teachings disciplines and structures.
1223 - Oct 2007 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency Worldwide Childrens Holy Hour Benedict XVI has granted an Apostolic Blessing on the upcoming annual worldwide Childrens Holy Hour to take place on the First Friday 5 October 2007.
1224 - Oct 2007 - Catholic Life: Sydney's Pastoral Plan ready for implementation in 2008, Michael Gilchrist
Overall the Plan is aimed at strengthening Catholic life with a positive thrust as it seeks to strengthen the spiritual pastoral and welfare work of the Archdiocese.
1225 - Sep 2007 - Reflection: An informed conscience: what the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches, Bishop Luc Matthys
Here one can do no better than to consult the Catechism of the Catholic Church .
1226 - Sep 2007 - Books: Books available from AD2000
95 Living the Catholic Faith Archbishop Charles J.
1227 - Sep 2007 - Books: FAITH AND CERTITUDE, by Thomas Dubay SM, Tim Cannon
Fr Dubay proceeds to show how the attainment of faith and certitude to which mankind is naturally purposed is beset by all manner of obstacles: of circumstance such as the prevailing scepticism and relativism of our time; of individual and collective ignorance through error and laziness; and of conflicting advice such as the body of theological and biblical scholarship which dissents from the magisterium of the Catholic Church.
1228 - Sep 2007 - Books: THE BEAUTY OF THY HOUSE, by Mark Alessio, Tim Cannon
Available from Freedom Publishing) Reviewed by Tim Cannon Many Catholics have some understanding of Our Ladys role in the life of the Church but for the most part its various aspects remain disparate both from each other and from the fuller deposit of faith and doctrine.
1229 - Sep 2007 - Letters: African prisoners, John Evans
The prisoners have sent me the name and address of a Catholic priest who visits them and with whom I have also corresponded.
1230 - Sep 2007 - Letters: Religious attire, Tom King
At last a Catholic publication has been moved to print the opinion of the majority evaded by the trendier elements in the Church.
1231 - Sep 2007 - Letters: Preaching, Kevin McManus
Dr Francis Beckwith (July AD2000) remarked on the lack of repository preaching in Catholic parishes as compared to the evangelical Protestants.
1232 - Sep 2007 - Letters: Lapsed Catholics, Robert Garratt
Recently Cardinal Pell warned NSW Catholic MPs including Premier Morris Iemma that there would be consequences if they did the wrong thing and voted for a bill supporting embryonic stem cell research.
1233 - Sep 2007 - Letters: Dr Mobbs' response, Frank Mobbs
Peter Howard claims the conditions are met when the Council teaches that: the faithful must assent to non-infallible papal teaching; the Church founded by Christ is identical with the Catholic Church; bishops in an Ecumenical Council can teach infallibly; and that non-Catholics have a right to religious freedom.
1234 - Sep 2007 - Letters: Vatican II, Peter D. Howard
This Council for the first time in conciliar history defined unequivocally that the sole Church of Christ subsists in the one holy catholic and apostolic Church and that Christs Church is not an end yet to be achieved by all churches and ecclesial communities (LG 8).
1235 - Sep 2007 - Laity: How the Legion of Mary can benefit parishes, Fr Hugh Thwaites SJ
The Legion of Mary is an instrument God has already used to draw millions to a Catholic life - to the faith if they were not Catholics and back to the sacraments if they were.
1236 - Sep 2007 - Catholic education must be 'unashamedly Catholic', Bishop Robert Finn
The following are extracts from Bishop Robert Finns statement for Catholic Schools Week as published in The Catholic Key diocesan weekly for the Kansas City-St Joseph Diocese earlier this year.
1237 - Sep 2007 - Rediscovering the real history of Australian Catholic education, Eamonn Keane
The 6 June 2007 edition of CathNews carried an article authored by Dr Graham English analysing Catholic education in Australia past and present.
1238 - Sep 2007 - 'Thought that has been thought out', John Haldane
Anyone who claims to be shocked by the Catholic view that intentional abortion is objectively a case of murderous killing is either ignorant of the Churchs long-held view or else feigning surprise in an effort to cast that judgement as beyond belief.
1239 - Sep 2007 - New Age: Centering Prayer and other spiritualities: are they Catholic?, Wanda Skowronska
In recent times some Australian Catholic parishes have become involved in New Age activities with churches advertising Centering Prayer sessions a type of prayer related to Buddhist meditation which originated in St Josephs Abbey a Trappist monastery in Spencer Massachusetts.
1240 - Sep 2007 - Rome reaffirms Vatican II's teaching on 'one true Church', Frank Mobbs
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) recently issued a statement which affirms that the Second Vatican Council teaches that Christ established one Church and that Church is the Catholic Church.
1241 - Sep 2007 - A successful quest for vocations in Melbourne, Br Barry Coldrey
The Scripture quotation Pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest is one of the best known in Catholic circles yet the message is not always heeded not always followed.
1242 - Sep 2007 - News: The Church Around the World
And the AsiaNews service reported that Chinese Catholics were pleased with the appointment noting that the bishop-elect has carefully maintained his independence from the government-controlled Catholic Patriotic Association.
1243 - Sep 2007 - Pastoral Letter: NSW and ACT Bishops call for a shake-up in Catholic education, Michael Gilchrist
A timely document aimed at strengthening the religious character of Catholic schools was launched on 7 August on behalf of the 17 Bishops and Eparchs of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory by Bishop David Walker of Broken Bay.
1244 - Sep 2007 - Editorial: How to ensure AD2000's continuing impact, Michael Gilchrist
The role of AD2000 as a national journal that fosters the cause of orthodoxy within the Catholic Church - and Christianity generally - in Australia remains all-important as has been acknowledged by many of our Church leaders.
1245 - Aug 2007 - Reflection: The Assumption: how the Christian arts honour the Virgin Mary
At 22 he converted from the Church of England to the Catholic Church being received there by John Henry Newman.
1246 - Aug 2007 - Books: AD2000 Books
The Truth of Catholicism George Weigel George Weigel explores the distinctiveness of Catholicism through aspects of its teachings our contemporary society finds difficult e.
1247 - Aug 2007 - Books: Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality, Michael E. Daniel
Available from Freedom Publishing) One of the most popular religious figures in the USA has been Mother Angelica the Catholic nun who established Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).
1248 - Aug 2007 - Books: The World's First Love, by Fulton J. Sheen, Michael Daniel
Its author Archbishop Fulton Sheen one of the greatest apologists of the English-speaking Catholic world a pioneer and leader in Catholic broadcasting first on radio and later TV wrote this work at the height of his career.
1249 - Aug 2007 - Books: Jesus of Nazareth: Baptism to Transfiguration, by Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, Tim Cannon
Available from Freedom Publishing) Currently in the third year of his papacy Pope Benedict XVI has in a very short time already established a clearly identifiable and orthodox ministry as the head of the Church a ministry which does not shirk but rather seeks to actively address the discord which exists between the Roman Catholic faith and the social and political climate of our time.
1250 - Aug 2007 - Letters: Fixing the schools, G. Brian Bibby
I refer to Brother Barry Coldreys article (May AD2000) and to the secularisation of our so-called Catholic schools.
1251 - Aug 2007 - Letters: Education campaign, Henry Erftemeyer
A strong campaign or appeal is needed to convince the bishops and the parents that a return to a true Catholic education at primary secondary and tertiary levels is necessary for the continuation of the Catholic Church in Australia.
1252 - Aug 2007 - Letters: Combating AIDS, Franklin J. Wood
I recently attended a meeting of fellow Catholics in Brisbane.
1253 - Aug 2007 - Letters: Study leave, Eamonn Keane
In 2002 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) issued with the approval of Pope John Paul II a Doctrinal Note on Some Questions Involving the Participation of Catholics in Political Life.
1254 - Aug 2007 - Letters: 'Staunch' Catholics?, Frank Bellet
It is interesting to reflect on the language used by some journalists when touching on the subject of the Catholic faith.
1255 - Aug 2007 - Errol P. Duke
It was good to learn that Benedict XVI supported the stance of the Mexican bishops who called on those Catholic politicians voting to support legalised abortion to stay away from Communion.
1256 - Aug 2007 - Letters: Catholic politicians, Patricia Halligan
I would like to thank Marcel White for his excellent article The scandal of Australias anti-life Catholic politicians which I have only just come across in the March issue of AD2000.
1257 - Aug 2007 - Letters: Stem cell 'debate', Chris Hilder
More surprising was the cluelessness exhibited by the Catholic politicians who voted in favour of the Bill.
1258 - Aug 2007 - Letters: Vatican II infallible?, Frank Mobbs
has to be regarded as infallible teaching of the living Magisterium of the Catholic Church who in this case spoke through the ecumenical council of Vatican II.
1259 - Aug 2007 - Catholic students' joyful encounter with the Church's sacred music treasury, Gabrielle Walsh
Thirty-four Catholic colleges and over one thousand Catholic secondary school students assembled in Hamer Hall Melbourne on 21 May to praise God through sacred music and art.
1260 - Aug 2007 - Why Catholic parents choose home-schooling, Leslie Sammut
It was organised by the Greater Milwaukee Catholic Home Educators a home-school support group for over 140 families in southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.
1261 - Aug 2007 - Society: Defending faith and reason in public life, Eamonn Keane
Recently we witnessed the scorn poured on Cardinal Pell by some members of the NSW State Parliament because he had the temerity to remind Catholic politicians that voting for a bill legalising therapeutic cloning had grave implications for their participation in the life of the Church.
1262 - Aug 2007 - World Congress of Families: grass roots ecumenism at work, Babette Francis
Many of the speakers were Catholic clerics and from the (conservative) Polish Government.
1263 - Aug 2007 - News: The Church Around the World
Vatican re-states centrality of Catholic Church In July the Vatican issued a new doctrinal statement titled Responses to Some Questions Regarding Certain Aspects of the Doctrine on the Church with Benedict XVIs approval which confirms the essential role of the Catholic Church in Gods plan for salvation.
1264 - Aug 2007 - University: Australian Catholic students' conference: 'an inspiring experience', Br Barry Coldrey
While the corrosive message of the secular society and the uncertain - lowest common denominator - focus of much Catholic education have wrought havoc with practice of the faith among young Catholics this numbing malaise was absent from the Abbey Function Centre Gold Creek on the edge of Canberra on the weekend of 6-8 July 2007.
1265 - Aug 2007 - Lex orandi: Benedict XVI's liturgical armistice: 'Summorum Pontificum', Fr Glen Tattersall
Benedict draws special attention to the role of St Gregory the Great who made every effort to ensure that the new peoples of Europe received both the Catholic faith and the treasures of worship and culture that had been accumulated by the Romans in the preceding centuries.
1266 - Aug 2007 - Editorial: Census 2006: 'No religion' up, Christians down
The mainline non-Catholic denominations have declined the most while the Catholic Church has remained fairly stable in recent years at around 25 percent of the Australian population.
1267 - Jul 2007 - Reflection: Bishop Robert Finn on what it means to be a Catholic priest, Bishop Robert Finn
Faithfully guard and transmit the whole deposit of faith which is entrusted to you as Catholic pastors and teachers.
1268 - Jul 2007 - Books: AD2000 Books
The Truth of Catholicism George Weigel George Weigel explores the distinctiveness of Catholicism through aspects of its teachings our contemporary society finds difficult e.
1269 - Jul 2007 - Books: The Seven Capital Sins, by Fulton J. Sheen, Tim Cannon
Sheen was the epitome of orthodox evangelisation in his time and achieved remarkable success in bringing the richness of the Catholic Faith into the lives of ordinary Catholics around the world.
1270 - Jul 2007 - Books: ILLUSTRISSIMI: Letters of Pope John Paul I, by Albino Luciani, Tim Cannon
Antonio an Italian Catholic paper to contribute a letter fictional in nature addressed to some or other eminent person every month.
1271 - Jul 2007 - Books: A Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins, by Thomas Crean OP, Tim Cannon
A convincing response to Richard Dawkins The God Delusion A CATHOLIC REPLIES TO PROFESSOR DAWKINS by Thomas Crean OP (Family Publications 2007 160pp soft cover $25.
1272 - Jul 2007 - Poetry: A legacy of virtue: the remarkable Craig sisters, Fr John Lea McDaniels FSSP
With the death of Miss Marion Constance Craig at age 99 in April and of her younger sister Miss Delia Christian Craig who died at age 91 in 2005 a loss has been suffered by the Catholic community of Melbourne on a quiet but telling scale.
1273 - Jul 2007 - Why truth and charity are inseparable, Alice von Hildebrand
This is why Catholics gratefully accept the official teaching of Holy Church because Christ gave the keys to Peter and she alone has the fullness of revelation.
1274 - Jul 2007 - Events: Canberra 6-8 July - Australian Catholic Students' Association 2007 Conference, Patrick Giam
au It has been over five years since the rejuvenation of the Australian Catholic Students Association (ACSA) formerly known as the International Movement of Catholic Students (Australia) which has seen it transformed into a instrument for revitalising the spiritual and intellectual faith of Catholic tertiary students around the nation.
1275 - Jul 2007 - Education: New Wagga Wagga schools take their 'leap of faith', Bill Andrews
The leap of faith reported on in AD2000 (October 2006) involving the launch in 2007 of two new colleges in the Wagga Wagga Diocese fully committed to the teaching and practice of the Catholic faith has become a reality.
1276 - Jul 2007 - Events: Archbishop Chaput in Australia - Melbourne 4 July
Renewing the Church and converting the world: reclaiming our Catholic mission.
1277 - Jul 2007 - News: The Church Around the World
The Vatican is anxious to establish ties with China the Archbishop said noting that there are between eight and 18 million Catholics in the country.
1278 - Jul 2007 - Interview: He could no longer explain why he wasn't Catholic, Tim Drake and Francis Beckwith
That was until he made the announcement on the Right Reason blog of his return to the Catholic faith of his youth.
1279 - Jul 2007 - Pastoral Plan: Cardinal Pell's blueprint for the future in the Sydney Archdiocese, Michael Gilchrist
Cardinal George Pells Draft Pastoral Plan aims to strengthen Catholic life in Sydney and may provide a model for the rest of Australia.
1280 - Jul 2007 - Editorial: Church intervenes in NSW cloning bill, Peter Westmore
A torrent of verbal abuse has descended on Cardinal George Pell following his statement at a news conference that there would be unspecified consequences if Catholic politicians voted in favour of a NSW bill to legalise destructive human cloning and embryo experimentation.
1281 - Jun 2007 - Books: AD2000 Books
The Truth of Catholicism George Weigel George Weigel explores the distinctiveness of Catholicism through aspects of its teachings our contemporary society finds difficult e.
1282 - Jun 2007 - Books: THE SONG OF BERNADETTE, by Franz Werfel, Michael E. Daniel
Available from Freedom Publishing) In my final years of school as my interest in Catholicism was being awakened whilst rummaging through my parents books I stumbled across a Readers Digest condensed version of The Song of Bernadette.
1283 - Jun 2007 - Books: EDITH STEIN, WOMAN OF PRAYER: Her Life and Ideals, by Joanne Mosley, Tim Cannon
A saint of our times Edith Stein is a unique and inspiring woman whose story and works reveal an impassioned soul and a remarkable intellect whose unrelenting hunger for the truth led her to the discovery of the Catholic faith which she embraced with fervent jubilation.
1284 - Jun 2007 - Books: IN THE LIGHT OF CHRIST: Writings in the Western Tradition, by Lucy Beckett, Francis Phillips
Quoting von Balthasar on Shakespeare - All the time he is utterly certain that the highest good is to be found in forgiveness - Beckett shows how Shakespeares sense of the truth of God and of the freedom and responsibility of the will are shaped by the Christian and specifically the Augustinian Catholic tradition.
1285 - Jun 2007 - Events: Archbishop Chaput in Australia - Melbourne 4 July 2007
Renewing the Church and converting the world: reclaiming our Catholic mission.
1286 - Jun 2007 - Letters: Vatican II (letter), Francis Vrijmoed
As the full text of this constitution was submitted to the Council fathers on 18 November 1965 accepted by them with 2344 votes in favour (placet) and six votes not in favour (non placet) and subsequently promulgated on the same day by Pope Paul VI there cannot be any doubt that the contents of this constitution - where the truth of our salvation is concerned - has to be regarded as infallible teaching of the living Magisterium of the Catholic Church who in this case spoke through the ecumenical council of Vatican II.
1287 - Jun 2007 - Obituary: Bill Daly RIP: fearless defender of Catholic orthodoxy in Australia, Fr James Tierney
I remember telling him that no Catholic could possibly do that!
1288 - Jun 2007 - The Caroline Chisholm Library: Melbourne's hidden treasure, John Young
And what of current Catholic magazines?
1289 - Jun 2007 - Sigrid Undset: Revived interest in a remarkable Norwegian Catholic novelist, Michael Daniel
Although largely forgotten in the English-speaking world Undset is rightly one of the great Catholic novelists of the 20th century and deserves to be ranked alongside other greats such as Chesterton Waugh and Greene.
1290 - Jun 2007 - Youth ministry active in the Melbourne archdiocese, Barry Coldrey
Father Denton doubles as Chaplain to Catholic Youth Ministry.
1291 - Jun 2007 - Verbicide: 'Happy' or 'Blessed'? How faith can be drained of meaning, Arthur Ballingall
The Catechism of the Catholic Church under the title Our Vocation to Beatitude (par 1716-1729) presents all of the Beatitudes prefixed by the word Blessed.
1292 - Jun 2007 - New Zealand Catholic college's intellectually challenging RE program, Bernard Moran
Curriculum The full curriculum covers Years 7 to 13 and includes an Introduction to Catholic Christianity Study of Scripture History of Christianity Introduction to Philosophy and Theology Ethics Spirituality and World Religions Philosophy and Theology.
1293 - Jun 2007 - Obituary: A tribute to natural family planning pioneer, Dr John Billings, RIP, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
He reached out first within our Catholic community to help and guide many who had been misled or confused by dissent or disheartened by social pessimism.
1294 - Jun 2007 - News: The Church Around the World
Each Catholic primary and secondary school is to be accountable to the parish priest in its locality for its religious activities including the teaching of RE.
1295 - Jun 2007 - New Missal translation: light at the end of the tunnel, Michael Gilchrist
Cardinal Pell While in England for a meeting of the Vox Clara Committee in March 2007 Cardinal Pell was interviewed by the Catholic Herald.
1296 - May 2007 - Reflection: Teaching children about the Eucharist, Audrey English
For the parents of Generation Y and of primary and high school children are often no more than cultural Catholics: their children are baptised go to Catholic schools and they themselves come to Mass when those children receive the sacraments but their attachment to the Church does not commit them to a full participation.
1297 - May 2007 - Books: AD2000 Books
95 Christian Spirituality in the Catholic Tradition Jordan Aumann Father Aumann provides a comprehensive history of the origins and development of Christian spirituality and the lives and teachings of those who have reached a high degree of sanctity.
1298 - May 2007 - Books: The Heresy Of Formlessness: The Roman Liturgy and Its Enemy, by Martin Mosebach, Tim Cannon
Available from Freedom Publishing) An outsider to the Catholic Church might expect to find among its ever-shrinking core of orthodox believers an emphatic unity given the hostility of our times to religious orthodoxy of any kind.
1299 - May 2007 - Books: The Catholic Church and the Counter-Faith, by Philip Trower, John Morrissey
THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND THE COUNTER-FAITH: A Study of the Roots of Modern Secularism Relativism and de-Christianisation by Philip Trower (Family Publications 2006 327pp $37.
1300 - May 2007 - Letters: Capital Punishment - with Apology, John Gallagher
Mr Gallagher agreed to the addition of a passage from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
1301 - May 2007 - Letters: Ecumenical councils, Peter D. Howard
Dr Frank Mobbs has shown how little Catholics know about ecumenical councils (April AD2000) however this is but a small part of what they should know about what Christs Church teaches how to live and how to explain and defend her teaching.
1302 - May 2007 - Letters: Priest shortage, Dr Frank Mobbs
You report in your April edition that between 2004 and 2005 the Catholic population of the world increased by 17 million.
1303 - May 2007 - Letters: Conscience, Msgr F. Hickey PE
I read with interest The scandal of Australias anti-life Catholic politicians in your March publication.
1304 - May 2007 - Letters: Teachers' conference, Ron Munro
I refer to a local TV news report of protesters at the Sandhurst Dioceses Catholic Education Conference at Shepparton on 15 March 2007.
1305 - May 2007 - The importance of 'holy things' for one's Christian faith, Andrew Kania
A Ukrainian Catholic man in his fifties a father of five walked out of his house in full view of others.
1306 - May 2007 - Vocations: New religious communities flourishing in the United States, Fr James Lloyd
One sunny Sunday morning I routinely announced to a crowded church that nuns would be collecting money after Mass for the foreign missions a rather common pious practice among Catholics.
1307 - May 2007 - Cinema: New movie offers an authentic representation of monastic life, Rosina Gordon
By participating in the daily life and custom of the monks Grouml;ning was able to fully explore and expose the rituals and extremes of their existence and consequently the film stunningly encapsulates the contemplative vocation offering us a rare insight into a part of Catholic culture that many of us may never be exposed to or even be aware of.
1308 - May 2007 - Catechesis: Sydney RCIA conference in June on forming new adult Catholics, Joanne Zwaans
These will include a Liturgy Practices Intensive on 12 June a Clergy Information Day on 14 June and a three-day RCIA Forming New Catholics conference from 15-17 June.
1309 - May 2007 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency US theologian under fire from bishops In a statement released on 22 March and approved by the administrative board of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) the bishops doctrinal committee said that the writings of Daniel Maguire who teaches moral theology at Jesuit-run Marquette University in Milwaukee do not present Catholic teaching.
1310 - May 2007 - Education: How to fix Australia's Catholic schools and colleges, Br Barry Coldrey
In Australia there is continuing concern that most Catholic schools are doing little to foster the Catholic faith in all its dimensions in their pupils.
1311 - May 2007 - Documents: Benedict XVI's new document on the Eucharist - Sacramentum Caritatis, Michael Gilchrist
With so much ignorance misinformation and defective practice evident throughout the Church a solid authoritative teaching document on the Mass and the Blessed Sacrament - the crux of what it means to be Catholic - is more than timely.
1312 - Apr 2007 - Books: Books available from AD2000 and Freedom Publishing
Australias Catholics Today Michael Gilchrist Church statistics show a steady decline in belief and practice.
1313 - Apr 2007 - Books: Aspects of Authentic Church Teaching, by Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM, Michael Gilchrist
His regular reflection pieces over a period of years invariably brought positive appreciative responses from those who welcomed his sound presentations of the Catholic faith.
1314 - Apr 2007 - Books: Catholic Thought Since the Enlightenment, by Aidan Nichols OP, Michael Daniel
CATHOLIC THOUGHT SINCE THE ENLIGHTENMENT: A Survey Aidan Nichols OP (Gracewing 1998 198pp $33.
1315 - Apr 2007 - Letters: Scourge of the West, Kevin McManus
The late founder of Human Life International Fr Paul Marx OSB said a generation ago Future generations will wonder why so many Catholic bishops and priests of the West didnt see contraception as a seminal evil and the chief cause of the Churchs swift decline.
1316 - Apr 2007 - Letters: Capital punishment, John Gallagher
Bishop Christopher Saunders writing in relation to the execution of Saddam Hussein (Catholic Weekly 28 January 2007) refers to the pointlessness and obscenity of the death penalty.
1317 - Apr 2007 - Letters: Catholic atmosphere, Stuart Paterson
In the article on Catholic schools The case for radical surgery the author notes the views of the bishops in the late 19th century who emphasised that providing religion lessons was not sufficient - schools also had to establish a Catholic atmosphere.
1318 - Apr 2007 - Letters: Catholic schools
I wish to comment on the article Australias Catholic school systems: the case for radical surgery (February AD2000).
1319 - Apr 2007 - National Church Life Survey clarification, Bob Dixon
Seventeen different versions of the NCLS questionnaire were completed by Mass attenders in Catholic parishes.
1320 - Apr 2007 - Letters: Money talks, Richard Stokes
I told them I was a Catholic but gave them a small amount of money for their Watchtower publication.
1321 - Apr 2007 - Letters: Church leadership, P.W. English
The report on Bishop Morris of Toowoombas Pastoral Letter (February AD2000) highlights a weakness in the organisation of the Catholic Church.
1322 - Apr 2007 - Letters: Liturgy: what next?, Franklin J. Wood
Before this Mass commenced an individual spent ten minutes reading from a book that seemed to have nothing to do with the Catholic Faith.
1323 - Apr 2007 - Belief: Christian-Muslim dialogue: major stumbling blocks, Fr Richard Umbers
Although Rahner famously quipped that we could dispense with the first chapter on the Blessed Trinity in our dogmatic manuals and popular piety would be none the poorer we do find a renewed emphasis on the three divine persons in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
1324 - Apr 2007 - St Faustina: The Divine Mercy apostolate: a spirituality to transform the world, Eva Kimnes
In 2004 John Paul II told Polands Catholics The message of Divine Mercy is able to fill hearts with hope and to become the spark of a new civilisation: the civilisation of love.
1325 - Apr 2007 - Rockhampton Lenten program: 'whatever that might mean', AD2000 Report
Launching his dioceses Lenten program for 2007 Bishop Brian Heenan of Rockhampton Queensland commented (Brisbane Catholic Leader 18 February 2007) To evangelise does not necessarily mean to convert or lead others directly to the Lord.
1326 - Apr 2007 - Vocations: New survey of successful US dioceses: lessons for Australia, Michael Gilchrist
Results of a statistical survey of the United States 176 Catholic dioceses have just been published in Crisis magazine (February/March 2007 issue).
1327 - Apr 2007 - History: How much do Catholics know about ecumenical councils?, Frank Mobbs
Before writing this article I telephoned ten Catholics and asked them these questions.
1328 - Apr 2007 - Catholicism and secularism in Britain: a test of strength on same-sex adoption, Joanna Bogle
The clash between the Britains Catholic adoption societies and the Government over the question of adoption by homosexual couples has now reached a quiet stage.
1329 - Apr 2007 - 'Equal opportunity' legislation threatens Christian teachings, Babette Francis
The Catholic bishops received assurances from the Hawke Government that the Church would be exempted from having to ordain women and thereafter their concerns appeared muted.
1330 - Apr 2007 - News: The Church Around the World
The yearbook reveals that between 2004 and 2005 the number of Catholics in the world increased from 1098 million to 1115 million a growth of 1.
1331 - Apr 2007 - Book Launch: B.A. Santamaria and Australian Catholicism: Cardinal Pell's tribute, Cardinal George Pell
Santamaria was the best known Catholic in Australia from the death of Archbishop Mannix in 1963 until his own death in 1998.
1332 - Apr 2007 - Editorial: Benedict XVI's document on the Eucharist, Michael Gilchrist
Anti-life Catholic politicians are taken to task on their reception of Communion and bishops are told to clamp down on general absolutions.
1333 - Mar 2007 - Reflection: The Holy Trinity - source of true Christian unity, Fr John O'Neill
There are still a few Catholics left who think at all and fewer whose thoughts are not their own but those of Christ.
1334 - Mar 2007 - Books: Order Books from
He then provides a clear presentation of the Catholic position.
1335 - Mar 2007 - Letters: Ecumenism?, Peter Davidson
It seems that the pursuit of ecumenism at any cost has resulted in the total suppression in our mainstream (pardon the expression) Catholic media of any honest discussion about the origins of the divisions among the Christian churches.
1336 - Mar 2007 - Letters: Abortion counselling, Frank Bellet
In the debate over abortion counselling you would think the Catholic Church is the only body opposed to abortion.
1337 - Mar 2007 - Letters: Modesty of dress, Greg Byrne
In fact it is only through Catholics behaving like Catholics that our society can be saved from itself.
1338 - Mar 2007 - Letters: Suitable wedding attire, Tom and Barbara Phillip
Further to Bishop Yantas reminder (December/January AD2000) on suitable attire for Mass wed like to suggest the introduction of a dress code for Catholic weddings which we believe used to exist at one time.
1339 - Mar 2007 - Letters: Null and void, Fr. G.H. Duggan SM
Every Catholic theologian knows that the Sacrament of Priestly Orders can only be conferred on a baptised male.
1340 - Mar 2007 - Letters: Catholic schools, Kevin McBride
For many decades Catholic schools were recognised and highly valued as an essential rock and nursery of the Faith - an essential feature of our Catholic Australian environment - providing strength and virility showing us how to live our Catholic Faith.
1341 - Mar 2007 - Letters: Reform needed, T. Kalotas
The abysmal state of religious education in Catholic secondary schools is no longer a question for serious debate.
1342 - Mar 2007 - Catholic religion courses and the challenge of relativism, Audrey English
Cult of change In the 70s and the 80s Catholics were bombarded with the cult of change a cult which had for its motto old is bad new is good.
1343 - Mar 2007 - The changing panorama of Victoria's historic 'Rupertswood', Michael Moore
This was a highlight for Melbournes Catholics including Italian families.
1344 - Mar 2007 - Survey of Catholic teachers
The results of a survey of Catholic teachers were released in December 2006 under the aegis of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the Pastoral Projects Office.
1345 - Mar 2007 - 'Professional', a lá carte Catholicism and its papier màché schools, Andrew T. Kania
Dr Andrew Thomas Kania is Director of Spirituality at a Catholic college in Perth WA.
1346 - Mar 2007 - Leadership: The scandal of Australia's anti-life Catholic politicians, Marcel White
A disturbing phenomenon evident during both the cloning and RU486 debates in the Australian Federal Parliament in 2006 has been the number of anti-life politicians who profess adherence to the Catholic faith.
1347 - Mar 2007 - Catholicism flourishes in South Korea, Richard Stokes
Korean Catholicism is different from Australias in many respects.
1348 - Mar 2007 - Formation: Continuing growth of Sydney's Catholic Adult Education Centre, AD2000 Report
The Catholic Adult Education Centre an agency of the Archdiocese of Sydney continues to provide in-depth education in the faith to Catholics and non-Catholics all over the country.
1349 - Mar 2007 - Sandhurst: Goddess worship at Victorian education conference?, Michael Gilchrist
The low belief and practice rate of Australian Catholic school leavers is well-documented and since the effective formation of young Catholics in the faith remains the central reason for existence of Catholic schools coming to grips with this serious deficiency has to have top priority.
1350 - Mar 2007 - News: The Church Around the World
Zenit News Agency British bishops losing same-sex adoption fight Cardinal Cormac Murphy-OConnor of Westminster lodged a strong complaint in January against a new government policy that will require Catholic adoption agencies to give equal service to same-sex couples charging that religious conscience is overruled by regulation.
1351 - Mar 2007 - WYDSYD08: Salesian provincial urges parishes to sponsor Timorese to World Youth Day 2008, Peter Westmore
Speaking at the Thomas More Centre on 8 February Fr Calleja said that unless such support were given it would be impossible for many young Catholics in East Timor to attend World Youth Day which has had a remarkable effect in encouraging vocations to the priesthood and religious life.
1352 - Mar 2007 - Editorial: How we can help young East Timorese, Peter Westmore
The request to Australian parishes by the Provincial of the Salesians in East Timor and Indonesia Fr Andres Calleja to sponsor the attendance of young East Timorese at World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney to be held in the presence of Benedict XVI gives Australians a unique opportunity to help the young people of this overwhelmingly Catholic country.
1353 - Feb 2007 - Reflection: Why the Church must continue to uphold priestly celibacy, Fr Pat Stratford
Perhaps it is time for committed Catholic parents as well as priests and teachers to start nurturing a new respect for celibacy among the young.
1354 - Feb 2007 - Books: New Titles from AD Books
He then provides a clear presentation of the Catholic position.
1355 - Feb 2007 - Books: B.A. Santamaria's correspondence published by MUP
The book lends new insights into controversies in which Bob Santamaria was deeply involved from his work with the National Catholic Rural Movement in the 1940s and 50s the struggle against communism in the trade unions the Labor split which led to the formation of the DLP and his emergence in the 1980s and 1990s as a foremost critic of unbridled capitalism.
1356 - Feb 2007 - Books: SPIRITUAL DIRECTION: Who Is It For and What Are Its Benefits?, Michael Gilchrist
by Fr Michael de Stoop (Catholic Communications Sydney 2005 64pp $10.
1357 - Feb 2007 - Books: BEGINNING AT JERUSALEM: Five Reflections on the History of the Church, Sr Mariana Handley
Writers such as Alasdair MacIntyre Hans Urs von Balthasar and John Paul II form the basis of a text which uses the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the typology of Irenaeus to renew in our times the story of salvation and our role in manifesting God to the world.
1358 - Feb 2007 - Books: TREASURE IN CLAY: The Autobiography of Fulton J. Sheen, Michael Gilchrist
The many who have admired this extraordinary ambassador for the Catholic faith particularly those who watched his top-rating TV programs in the 1950s or have read some of his sixty or more books will welcome this publication.
1359 - Feb 2007 - Letters: Catholic dolls, Anne Cramer
I would like to inform the AD2000 readers that I sell cuddly plush Catholic saint dolls called Faithdolls.
1360 - Feb 2007 - Letters: Religious materials, J.W. Smith
I have a continuing need for rosary beads and copies of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to send to Catholics in such places as India Papua New Guinea Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.
1361 - Feb 2007 - Letters: Limbo?, Lawrence R. Hurley
It has been the constant belief and teaching of the Church that these pronouncements were infallible (like all teachings of Ecumenical Councils) until the Catechism of the Catholic Church which states that we are allowed to hope that there is a way of salvation for children who have died without baptism.
1362 - Feb 2007 - Letters: Root Cause, Marie Kennedy
While the Australian Catholic Bishops have given clear explanation on the evils of human embryo research is such teaching really relevant when given in isolation from the root cause of all anti-life practices which is the intrinsic evil of contraception (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2370)?
1363 - Feb 2007 - Letters: Lost!, Moya and Leo Morrissey
which sums up the grave decline in the Catholic Church in most clear detail will not be lost to the Hierarchy - please God.
1364 - Feb 2007 - Letters: Shared guilt, Errol Duke
said it all in accurately recording the demise of Catholicism in Australia over the past 30 or 40 years.
1365 - Feb 2007 - Music: Johann Sebastian Bach and the heavenly choir, Fr Finbarr Flanagan
In fact if Bach had been a Catholic his exemplary conduct and inspiring works would have led to his canonisation long ago!
1366 - Feb 2007 - Why we need holy days of obligation, Joanna Bogle
In recent years several national bishops conferences (including Australias) have transferred Holy Days of Obligation - days in addition to Sundays on which Catholics are required to attend Mass - from the dates on which they have traditionally been celebrated to the nearest Sunday or have eliminated the requirement altogether.
1367 - Feb 2007 - The Church and the environment: address the moral pollution first, Wanda Skowronska
1368 - Feb 2007 - Priesthood: Orthodox priests in a divided Church, Fr John Trigilio
These priests Commonweal continued were guilty of adhering to a cultic model of the priesthood that stressed the essential difference between clergy and laity that saw the priest as a man set apart whose job is providing the sacraments teaching the Catholic Churchs doctrine and being a model of faith and devotion.
1369 - Feb 2007 - Fr John Speekman: Vatican orders reinstatement of wrongly removed Sale Diocese parish priest, Michael Gilchrist
Contract broken The crisis was originally sparked by the Morwell parish school Principal with the support of members of the Sale Catholic Education Office.
1370 - Feb 2007 - East Timor: priests threatened with execution, Peter Westmore
The situation is causing deep concern in this overwhelmingly Catholic country which has been run by the Marxist-oriented Fretilin Government since independence.
1371 - Feb 2007 - News: The Church Around the World
In March 1996 Bishop Bruskewitz had announced the excommunication of all Catholics in his diocese who were members of Call to Action or several other dissident groups which he described as totally incompatible with the Catholic faith.
1372 - Feb 2007 - Education: Australia's Catholic school systems: the case for radical surgery, Michael Gilchrist
Have Australias Catholic schools outlived their usefulness as far as handing on the faith is concerned?
1373 - Feb 2007 - Editorial: The Church and globalisation, Peter Westmore
Since Blessed Frederic Ozanam in the 1830s Pope Leo XIII in the 1890s and a profusion of 20th century Catholic thinkers the Church has built up a body of social teachings which inspired Christian democracy in post-war Europe Solidarity in Poland in the 1980s and similar movements worldwide including in our own country.
1374 - Dec 2006 - Books: New Titles from AD Books
He then provides a clear presentation of the Catholic position.
1375 - Dec 2006 - Books: SACRED PLACES, PILGRIM WAYS: Catholic Pilgrimages in France and Belgium, Michael Gilchrist
SACRED PLACES PILGRIM WAYS: A Guide for Catholic Pilgrimages in France and Belgium by Barry M.
1376 - Dec 2006 - Books: COME, LORD JESUS:Reflections on the Advent and Christmas Seasons, James Tolhurst, Michael Gilchrist
Father Tolhurst is an English priest who has written extensively including books on John Henry Newman and A Concise Catechism for Catholics.
1377 - Dec 2006 - Books: The Shroud Story, by Brendan Whiting, Peter Westmore
Scientific examination The Catholic Church has steadfastly declined to make an authoritative pronouncement on its authenticity but has approved pilgrimages to the Turin Cathedral and at the same time encouraged detailed non-destructive scientific examination of the cloth.
1378 - Dec 2006 - Letters: True Church, E. Makaus
She holds the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and her name is the invincible Catholic Church.
1379 - Dec 2006 - Letters: Infant Baptism
The denial of that doctrine is commonplace but it is Catholic doctrine and its denial was condemned by Pope Pius XII in the encyclical Humani Generis (n.
1380 - Dec 2006 - Letters: Church teaching, Mark Moriarty
I have considered carefully how to respond charitably to Don Ford (November AD2000) who has basically stated that I do not know much about Catholic Church teaching.
1381 - Dec 2006 - Letters: News from India, Fr Francis Pinto CSsR
During this time Jim Smith has been sending me rosaries copies of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) back issues of AD2000 and other religious materials.
1382 - Dec 2006 - Letters: Liberal Catholicism, Paula Gartland
When I listen to the beliefs of liberal Catholics I have a sense of deja vu for I hear an echo of the alternative movement of the sixties and seventies and indeed of all those revolutions of the past two hundred years.
1383 - Dec 2006 - Letters: A must read for faithful Catholics, Frank Bellet
which covers the sorry tale of a generation or more who have been lost to the faith in the Western world which includes Australia is a must read for those of us who look on our Catholic religion as a loving mother.
1384 - Dec 2006 - Letters: Vatican guidelines on Holy Communion for politicians, Vincent Bemowski
The American Catholic bishops have been misled regarding Vatican guidelines on the reception of Holy Communion by Catholic politicians.
1385 - Dec 2006 - Shrines: Marian Valley: Queensland's centre of pilgrimage, Peter Westmore
Spanish and Latin American Catholics have erected a beautiful shrine in honour of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Mexican Indian peasant St Diego to whom the Mother of God appeared in about 1532.
1386 - Dec 2006 - 2006 National Church Life Survey: important questions overlooked, Michael Gilchrist
Well over 500 Catholic parishes from across Australia have taken part in the 2006 National Church Life Survey (NCLS) the largest inter-church event this year.
1387 - Dec 2006 - Religious Life: Tyburn Sisters' communities spread around the world, Tess Livingstone
Tyburn Convent was established on Londons Bayswater Road in 1903 by Frenchwoman Marie Adele Garnier (Mother Marie de Saint-Pierre) on the site where 105 Catholic martyrs - including Saints Oliver Plunkett and Edmund Campion - died for the faith during and following the English Reformation from 1535 to 1681 at the notorious Tyburn tree.
1388 - Dec 2006 - Modest dress: Suitable attire for Mass: the moral dimension, Bishop John W. Yanta
Conscience can either make a right judgment in accordance with reason and the divine law or on the contrary an erroneous judgment that departs from them (CCC: Catechism of the Catholic Church 1799).
1389 - Dec 2006 - A 'best practice' guide to priestly vocations
Catholic schools need to ensure that students are thoroughly and unapologetically educated in the authentic teaching of the Church and every morning see that teachers and students pray for vocations and for those in formation.
1390 - Dec 2006 - Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: the Montessori method for RE, Anne Delsorte
Going back to the heart of Christian doctrine they presented themes essential to the Catholic faith: the simplest and richest moments in Scripture liturgical celebration and the sacraments.
1391 - Dec 2006 - 'Lost!' controversy: Archbishop Bathersby's reply, AD2000 Report
Australias Catholics Today by Mike Willesee on 23 October a report on the book by Tess Livingstone - Cardinal Pells biographer - appeared in Brisbanes Courier Mail newspaper on 25 October.
1392 - Dec 2006 - News: The Church Around the World
Cardinal Arinze targets liturgical abuses Speaking at the Catholic Institute of Paris on 26 October Cardinal Francis Arinze the Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship spoke out against the banalisation desacralisation and secularisation of the liturgy.
1393 - Dec 2006 - Benedict XVI challenges 'de-Christianisation' of society, Michael Gilchrist
On 7 November in no-nonsense language that mirrored the thrust of the Statement of Conclusions the 1999 blueprint for reform of Australian Catholicism agreed upon by Australias bishops and the Holy See Benedict XVI instructed the Catholic bishops of Switzerland to get their act together in confronting the crisis of faith.
1394 - Nov 2006 - Reflection: Catholic schools must proclaim the total love of Christ, Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM
The Catholic Church is understandably alarmed at this on-going attack on her faithful who are increasingly overwhelmed or weakened by the pagan pressures impacting on them from every quarter.
1395 - Nov 2006 - Books: Order books from
He then provides a clear presentation of the Catholic position.
1396 - Nov 2006 - Events: Second Annual Victorian Catholic Students Association Conference 25-26 Nov 2006
25-26 November 2006 at the Thomas Carr Centre Well-known speakers will cover issues relevant to Catholic Students at school and university such as Making Study Holy Responding to the Protestant Christian Unions on Campus The Purpose of a Catholic Education Apologetics for Catholic Students and much more.
1397 - Nov 2006 - Events: The teachings of the Catholic Church: an exploration
The classes may interest Catholics wanting to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Faith those preparing for baptism and non-Catholics inquiring about what the Catholic Church teaches and why.
1398 - Nov 2006 - DVD: A Family Retreat, by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Daniel Tobin
The other subjects he speaks about would have a stronger appeal to a Catholic audience and include lsquo;The Meaning of the Massrsquo; lsquo;The Woman I Loversquo; lsquo;Kenosisrsquo; lsquo;Confessionrsquo; lsquo;The Devilrsquo; and lsquo;Our Crossrsquo;.
1399 - Nov 2006 - Letters: EWTN by broadband, Bren Scheiner
com Besides offering the same radio and television programs as are available by satellite the website offers archive video and audio material; discussion and teaching of faith matters news multimedia religious items pilgrimages and a wealth of associated Catholic topics of interest.
1400 - Nov 2006 - Letters: Common sense and married clergy, Errol Duke
A Catholic parishioner has been in a serious road accident and needs anointing.
1401 - Nov 2006 - Letters: Generation 'Y', Kevin Cains
A three-year study of Generation Y (those aged 13 to 29 including Catholics) identified three major categories of spirituality one of them lsquo;Eclecticrsquo;.
1402 - Nov 2006 - Letters: Declining practice, Gerard J. Keane
The October AD2000 contains another timely reminder by Michael Gilchrist about the ever-dwindling number of practising Catholics in Australia and the inability of the Church to arrest the slide of young Catholics away from Catholicism once they leave school.
1403 - Nov 2006 - Letters: Early baptism, John Schmid
Mark Moriarty in reply quoted the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
1404 - Nov 2006 - Letters: Infallible teaching, Don Ford
Mark Moriarty (September AD2000) protests against John Youngs criticism of Catholic parents who delay having their children baptised because they do not consider it important.
1405 - Nov 2006 - Letters: Narrow, Norm Yodgee
Good exegesis in the study of sacred Scripture is accepted by Catholic theology; Church doctrine is no less in need of sound critical analysis in order to avoid the narrowness I find in Mr Youngs views.
1406 - Nov 2006 - Letters: Missal translation, Pat Hurley
Thank you for AD2000 and its contribution to my understanding of the spectrum of Catholic beliefs.
1407 - Nov 2006 - Television: EWTN: now affordable and accessible in Australia, Moira Kirkwood
There is reason to believe that if only EWTN were brought into every Catholic home the drift from the faith could be halted.
1408 - Nov 2006 - Books: Is the Catholic Church in Australia 'lost'?, Michael Gilchrist
Michael Gilchrists new book on the condition of the Catholic Church in Australia and what needs to be done to halt or reverse the present decline was launched by Mike Willesee at the Thomas More Centre on 23 October 2006.
1409 - Nov 2006 - England: British Catholicism's dark night of the soul
The Catholic and Anglican churches accounted for over half of the numbers in the census with each having just over 800000 people in church the day the data were collected.
1410 - Nov 2006 - News: The Church Around the World
rsquo; Vatican Information Service The duties of Catholics in public life Political and community leaders are called to change the world with justice and charity and with a greater love for God than for their careers said Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver at the Red Mass in Harrisburg Pennsylvannia on 3 October.
1411 - Nov 2006 - Living the Faith: What distinguishes a practising Catholic?, Bishop Luc Matthys
A question that comes up from time to time is lsquo;What do Catholics do?
1412 - Nov 2006 - Education: The Spirit of Generation Y: the challenge for Catholic schools, Cardinal George Pell
This article is a part of Cardinal George Pells address at the National Catholic Education Conference in Sydney on 28 September 2006.
1413 - Nov 2006 - Editorial: EWTN and the secular media: fighting fire with fire
A major factor in the secularising of most of Australias Catholics has been the mass media.
1414 - Oct 2006 - Reflection: Philosophy and theology: avoiding the pitfall of human pride, Fr John O'Neill
Please God our bishops will allow themselves to be advised truthfully and thus find genuine Catholic quality in those they choose to hand on the truth.
1415 - Oct 2006 - Books: Order AD2000 books from
He then provides a clear presentation of the Catholic position.
1416 - Oct 2006 - Book Launch: Lost! Australian Catholics Today, by Michael Gilchrist
Australian Catholics Today (hardback 200 pages) Michael Gilchrists new book on the state of the Catholic Church in Australia comes almost exactly 20 years after the launch of his Rome or the Bush at the time of Pope John Paul IIs visit to Australia in 1986.
1417 - Oct 2006 - Books: ARMS OF LOVE by Carmen Marcoux, Jacinta Cummins
Unfortunately for him Church girl is just that: a devout Catholic; but this just ups the ante in his challenge for conquest.
1418 - Oct 2006 - Letters: Church teaching on baptism, C.V. Phillips
In Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine by Archbishop Michael Sheehan the author states: The Roman Catechism teaches that it is sinful to delay Baptism unnecessarily since infant children have no other means of salvation except Baptism.
1419 - Oct 2006 - Letters: Pessimistic view, Francis Vrijmoed
In his article An unbaptised baby may never see God face to face in heaven (August AD2000) John Young gives a rather pessimistic view of the Catholic Churchs teaching with regard to the fate of those infants who die before having been baptised.
1420 - Oct 2006 - Modernism's 'second wave' continues to impact on the Church, Fr Martin Durham
Well because according to the modernist truth is subjective and the Holy Spirit gives ongoing revelation to each individual: there is no limit to change whether in doctrine or discipline; the gospels and letters of the New Testament are only a summary of the experiences of the writers; doctrinal content in catechetics is not important nor is the Catechism of the Catholic Church; the Magisterium of the Church is inferior to professional theological experts; papal documents are of little value e.
1421 - Oct 2006 - University: Campion College: a pioneer in Australian higher education, Stephen McInerny
In addressing friends and benefactors at a dinner in March of this year to mark the opening of Campion College Australias first Catholic college of the liberal arts Pierre Ryckmans related the story of an encounter between a faculty dean at one of Australias major universities and a scholar in the same faculty.
1422 - Oct 2006 - Educating young Catholics: a bold initiative in Wagga Wagga, Michael Gilchrist
Coming as it were in answer to the prayers of many Australian Catholic parents is a welcome initiative by Catholic parents in the Diocese of Wagga Wagga.
1423 - Oct 2006 - Benedict XVI interviewed by German journalists
But clearly your visit focuses attention on the situation of Catholics in Germany as well.
1424 - Oct 2006 - Spanish bishops attack false theologies, AD2000 Report
The aspects of the crisis can be summarised in four points: a rationalist conception of the faith and of revelation; an immanentist humanism applied to Jesus Christ; a merely sociological interpretation of the Church; and secularised subjectivism-relativism in Catholic morality.
1425 - Oct 2006 - News: The Church Around The World
Catholic World News Survey: most women want abortion risks facts A new American survey has found that women want to be thoroughly informed of all possible risks associated with elective medical procedures not least with abortions.
1426 - Oct 2006 - Generation Y: New survey confirms low belief and practice levels of young Catholics, Michael Gilchrist
Surveys over the past 30 years have shown a steady decline in the belief and practice levels of young Catholics (as with other mainline Christians).
1427 - Oct 2006 - Editorial: The way ahead for the education of Catholics, Michael Gilchrist
As numerous surveys have shown over recent decades the young people leaving Australias Catholic educational institutions have been seriously deficient in the belief and practice of the Faith.
1428 - Sep 2006 - Reflection: Cardinal Arinze on the need for Eucharistic reverence, Cardinal Francis Arinze
For due reverence to the Eucharist every Catholic needs proper initiation into this faith and continued growth in it.
1429 - Sep 2006 - Books: Stimulating reading from Freedom Publishing
The Courage to be Catholic George Weigel Noted American Catholic author and commentator George Weigel explores the origins of the crisis of faith in the US as in the Western world generally and sets out an agenda for genuine reform.
1430 - Sep 2006 - Books: Advancing the Culture of Death, by Peter Hung Manh Tran, Peter Westmore
To me the most interesting part of the book was the final chapter in which the author examines the current euthanasia debate from a Catholic perspective.
1431 - Sep 2006 - Books: William Bernard Ullathorne: A Different Kind of Monk, by Judith Champ, Michael Gilchrist
A new biography of one of Australian Catholicisms unsung heroes WILLIAM BERNARD ULLATHORNE: A Different Kind of Monk by Judith Champ (Gracewing/Freedom Publishing 2006 538pp hardback $60.
1432 - Sep 2006 - Letters: Stolen faith, Marie Adamo
A series of informative lectures by Canadian Catholic author James W.
1433 - Sep 2006 - Letters: Baptism, Mark Moriarty
He shows a complete disregard for loving practising Catholic parents who may have lost a baby at birth and through no fault of their own were unable to have it baptised.
1434 - Sep 2006 - Letters: Thomas Groome (letter), C. Hungerford-Morgan
It is obvious to anyone that the system needs a drastic restructure with real Catholic material taught by real Catholic teachers.
1435 - Sep 2006 - Clergy: ACCC Annual Conference focuses on theology of Benedict XVI, AD2000 Report
The 2006 Annual Conference of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy took place in Albury from 10-14 July with 51 resident and eight non-resident clerical participants as well as ten resident seminarians.
1436 - Sep 2006 - Family in Society: Asian and Australian families face similar challenges, Leslie Sammut
We have to educate parents to avoid what is happening in many European countries formerly strongholds of Catholicism and strong defenders of the family which today are almost facing extinction.
1437 - Sep 2006 - History: The Counter Reformation and the Jesuits, John Morrissey
The Jesuit order was a major player during the post-Reformation period that saw significant reforms introduced in the Catholic Church.
1438 - Sep 2006 - Chavagnes: Catholic education in a secular culture, Alexander Morrison
Here he reflects on the education he received at Chavagnes and the kind of counter-cultural education that is needed at Catholic schools today in secular cultures.
1439 - Sep 2006 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency China halts illicit ordinations The Chinese Government apparently decided in July to stop the illicit ordination of Catholic bishops according to a Hong Kong auxiliary bishop.
1440 - Sep 2006 - USA: Liberal Christianity goes into meltdown, Charlotte Allen
This should serve as a cautionary tale for those in the Catholic Church who still see accommodation with secularism as the wave of the future.
1441 - Sep 2006 - Conscience: AD2000 interviews Cardinal Pell, Cardinal George Pell
An opinion piece by former Director of the Melbourne Catholic Education Office Fr Frank Martin was published in the large circulation Sunday Herald Sun on 18 June 2006.
1442 - Aug 2006 - Reflection: The importance of early baptism, John Young
Some Catholics wait many months before having their child baptised simply not seeing the importance of early baptism.
1443 - Aug 2006 - Books: Stimulating reading from Freedom Publishing
00 Catholic Christianity Peter J.
1444 - Aug 2006 - Books: SNOW ON THE HEDGES: A Life of Cuthbert Mayne, by Helen Whelan, Michael E. Daniel
Available from Freedom Publishing) St Cuthbert Mayne the proto-martyr of English Catholic priests ordained in Europe to keep the Catholic faith alive in Protestant England was executed on 29 November 1577 at Launceston Cornwall for treason.
1445 - Aug 2006 - Books: SEEDS OF LIFE: Early Christian Martyrs, Julia Bakowski
Julia Bakowski is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
1446 - Aug 2006 - Melbourne: Caroline Chisholm Catholic library, Barbara Shea
Our library (the Caroline Chisholm Library Inc) is the Catholic lay library for the Melbourne Archdiocese and has been in existence for the past 70 years.
1447 - Aug 2006 - Letters: Funeral eulogies, Greg O'Regan
In so doing the eulogist challenged publicly the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding chastity and it seems without redress.
1448 - Aug 2006 - Letters: What Is The Eucharist?, Rosanna Sherman
The Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church begins its chapter on the Sacrament of the Eucharist with the question What is the Eucharist?
1449 - Aug 2006 - Letters: Tasmania, Justin Kearney
Unfortunately one wonders what the point of this is in light of the menu delivered to our children in some Catholic schools in what could loosely be described as religion in their classrooms.
1450 - Aug 2006 - DIY Mass: Redemptionis Sacramentum revisited, Fr Martin Durham
Any Catholic .
1451 - Aug 2006 - Scripture and Tradition: sources of divine revelation, Fr G.H. Duggan SM
It is a commonplace of Catholic theology that there are two sources (fontes) of divine revelation from which we receive the truths which we have to believe and the moral laws which we have to obey if our conduct is to be pleasing to God.
1452 - Aug 2006 - What makes a Catholic university 'Catholic', Father John Coughlin
Here Fr Coughlin explains the essential characteristics of a Catholic university as laid out in canon law and in the 1990 apostolic constitution Ex Corde Ecclesia and the need for a commitment to the priority of Catholic truth over all other claims.
1453 - Aug 2006 - Does Wollongong's Catholic Education Office endorse dissent?, AD2000 Report
Catholic education offices in some dioceses continue to allow public dissenters access to church facilities to address Catholic audiences.
1454 - Aug 2006 - Victoria-Tasmania: Continued growth in vocations at Melbourne's Corpus Christi seminary, Joan Clements
Working hard to continue this positive trend is Fr Anthony Denton Director of Catholic Vocations for the Archdiocese of Melbourne.
1455 - Aug 2006 - Priesthood: Promoting vocations in the Melbourne Archdiocese, Fr Anthony Denton
The first is SIX30 the weekly youth hour of Eucharistic adoration in St Patricks Cathedral which is sponsored by the archdiocesan agency Catholic Youth Ministry.
1456 - Aug 2006 - Canberra-Goulburn: Archbishop Coleridge: Benedict's first Australian appointment, Anh Nguyen
He also studied at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Jerusalem and later lectured at the Catholic Theological College in Melbourne from 1991-1997 where he was Master of the College from 1996-1997.
1457 - Aug 2006 - Music: Benedict XVI seeks a greater sense of the sacred in church music
Sense of the sacred The Popes stance was endorsed by leading Melbourne Catholic singer and songwriter Juliette Hughes who remarked Theres lots of dreadful guitar music that is a stumbling block to people who want to come back to church.
1458 - Aug 2006 - News: The Church Around the World
Fortunately there was a growing awareness among Catholics of the need to recover the sense of the sacred.
1459 - Aug 2006 - Liturgy: The new Missal translation: Archbishop Hart's progress report, Michael Gilchrist
It is a process that the whole English-speaking Catholic world has been undertaking.
1460 - Aug 2006 - Editorial: Falling Mass attendances and liturgical reform, Michael Gilchrist
Many of todays Catholics differ often passionately about the merits of the post-Vatican II liturgical reforms as well as the reasons for the steep decline in Australian Mass attendances since the Council.
1461 - Jul 2006 - Reflection: US bishop: making saints should be the goal of Catholic schools, Bishop Robert Finn
The work of our Catholic schools is about nothing less than seeing and living Jesus Christ in the midst of everything we do.
1462 - Jul 2006 - Books: Stimulating reading from Freedom Publishing
95 Catholic Christianity Peter J.
1463 - Jul 2006 - Books: Good News About Sex and Marriage, by Christopher West, Jacinta Cummins
This book is a must for any Catholic single or married who is seeking clarity about the Churchs teaching on sexuality.
1464 - Jul 2006 - Books: Theology of the Body for Beginners, by Christopher West, Jacinta Cummins
John Pauls offering of a rich biblical reflection on the meaning of human embodiment particularly as it concerns sexuality and erotic desire may prove daunting to the ordinary Catholic single.
1465 - Jul 2006 - Books: Hell and Other Destinations, by Piers Paul Read, Francis Phillips
Lucid passionate and provocative he is that rare specimen: an educated Catholic of orthodox persuasion.
1466 - Jul 2006 - Letters: Degrees of Homosexuality, Vincent Bemowski
They also frequently attack the Catholic Church because members of the Church often quote Romans (1:26-27) which reveals why God condemns homosexuality as a great evil: For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections.
1467 - Jul 2006 - Letters: Contraception, Richard Congram
This encyclical was met with dissent from many liberal Catholics including priests long before the HIV/AIDS epidemic manifested itself.
1468 - Jul 2006 - Letters: Pope Pius XII, Br Con Moloney CFC
Lapide demonstrates that the Catholic Church was instrumental in saving 860000 lives - more than all the other churches religious institutions and rescue organisations combined.
1469 - Jul 2006 - Vatican concern at Islamic persecution of Christians, Zenit News Agency
The Catholic media can play an important role in educating Christians including those living in Islamic countries.
1470 - Jul 2006 - Re-mythologising: Narnia - faith and fiction: The parallel world of C.S.Lewis, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
This is not only understood in the Catholic sense as a moral law inherent in human nature and articulated in divine precepts but in terms of the way the whole cosmos is constructed for us and all creatures hence the talking animals and mythical creatures are also moral agents and subjects.
1471 - Jul 2006 - Internet pornography: raising the alarm, Fr Stephen J. Rossetti
It is time to publicly raise the alarm with all our Catholic people.
1472 - Jul 2006 - US Archbishop: how to reform the Liturgy
The following comments have been extracted from a recent interview with Archbishop Burke by Brian Mershon a commentator on cultural issues from a classical Catholic perspective.
1473 - Jul 2006 - New Vatican document emphasises centrality of marriage and family, AD2000 Report
Both the meeting and the papal visit are seen as important opportunities for re-stating Catholic teachings in a predominantly Catholic country whose government has advanced a series of policies sharply at odds with Church teachings on abortion same- sex unions and genetic research.
1474 - Jul 2006 - Evangelisation: Strong leadership: US bishop Robert Finn shows how, AD2000 Report
A recently appointed American bishop has shown how strong decisive leadership can help a diocese recover its Catholic identity and goals.
1475 - Jul 2006 - News: The Church Around the World
In defence of existing translations US liturgists had suggested any changes could prove unsettling for Catholics long accustomed to the current liturgical texts.
1476 - Jul 2006 - Salesian Missions: Church protects the victims of Timor violence, Br Michael Lynch
The Catholic Weekly reported Fr Antonio Trans Pinto who works at the Don Bosco Comoro Centre as saying people are looting fighting burning and killing each other.
1477 - Jul 2006 - Editorial: Strong Church leadership: new approach, Michael Gilchrist
Our feature report (pages 6-7) sets out in detail what Bishop Finn has done so far while this months reflection (page 20) includes an outline of his expectations of Catholic schools and their RE programs.
1478 - Jun 2006 - Books: Stimulating reading from AD Books
95 Rome Sweet Home Scott amp; Kimberly Hahn This well known American couple recount their story of conversion to the Catholic faith.
1479 - Jun 2006 - Books: Dear Son, Dear Daughter: God's Plan for Catholic Marriage and the Family, Michael Gilchrist
DEAR SON DEAR DAUGHTER: Gods Plan for Catholic Marriage and the Family by Carol Phillips (St Philomena Catechetics Perth 2006 16pp $4.
1480 - Jun 2006 - Books: The Defamation of Pius XII, by Ralph McInerny, Michael Daniel
Catholic writer and commentator Ralph McInerny challenges what has fast become a sacred cow.
1481 - Jun 2006 - Books: Letters to a Young Catholic, by George Weigel, Michael Daniel
LETTERS TO A YOUNG CATHOLIC by George Weigel (Leominster: Gracewing 2004 240pp $24.
1482 - Jun 2006 - Books: Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Michael Gilchrist
1483 - Jun 2006 - Letters: Priestly celibacy, Tim Coyle
But how can a Catholic priest teach the moral norms of married life when he or his wife have had an immoral sterilisation?
1484 - Jun 2006 - Letters: Disturbing exhibit, Veronica Sidhu
I was further surprised to discover that the curator states in the exhibition brochure that this is not a Catholic nor a Christian nor even a religious art exhibition but rather an exhibition of contemporary art in a sacred space.
1485 - Jun 2006 - Letters: Victory?
Leading Australian Catholic abortion/pro-life counsellor Anne Lastman in her Australia-wide periodical has correctly castigated the champagne-toasting extremist feminist politicians celebrating their victory of sorts.
1486 - Jun 2006 - Liturgy: Catholics at prayer: why we stand and kneel, Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM
Kneeling in prayer has been as common among Catholics for the past two thousand years as it was along with prostration among the Jews (Numbers 14:5; 1 Kings 18:39).
1487 - Jun 2006 - The John Paul II Institute after five years, AD2000 Report
The newly founded Victorian Catholic Doctors Association has close links with the Institute and with the Respect Life Office of the Archdiocese of Melbourne.
1488 - Jun 2006 - Respect: New text book series vilifies the Catholic Church, Kevin Donnelly
In its teachings about medieval life the Jacaranda book presents the Catholic Church in a negative light portraying its teachings as based on fear and its monks as indolent and selfish.
1489 - Jun 2006 - Is dialogue possible between Christians and Muslims?, Cardinal George Pell
This is certainly true of Catholicism and all Christian denominations.
1490 - Jun 2006 - Education: Why do CEOs use Groome's RE method?, AD2000 Report
In February 2004 the Director of the Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Office published a document (Bulletin No 4) reporting on the dioceses involvement in an Inter-Diocesan Religious Education Project with the Archdiocese of Hobart and the dioceses of Ballarat and Sandhurst.
1491 - Jun 2006 - The Da Vinci Code: did the Church vilify Mary Magdalene?, Frank Mobbs
Does The Da Vinci Code lend credibility to claims that the Catholic Church has been an instrument for male domination and control?
1492 - Jun 2006 - Vocations: Sydney seminary's growth continues, Michael Gilchrist
Bishop Julian Porteous Rector of the Good Shepherd Seminary told me that todays young men are really interested in a solid Catholic faith and spirituality and strongly attracted to clear expressions of Catholic identity.
1493 - Jun 2006 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News US Catholic college group promotes vocations A national campus ministry group is inspiring a growing number of young men to enter the seminary.
1494 - Jun 2006 - China defies Holy See to 'ordain' two bishops, Peter Westmore
Following the Chinese Governments decision to appoint two priests as bishops of the Catholic Patriotic Church in China the Vatican has excommunicated the two bishops and also the bishops who ordained them saying Church law mandates this penalty for bishops involved in ordinations without Vatican approval.
1495 - Jun 2006 - Editorial: Pentecost: Church needs a spiritual kick-start, Michael Gilchrist
However over the past 30 years the Christian churches including Catholicism have felt the impact of secularism and many of their members have succumbed to moral relativism materialism and indifferentism.
1496 - May 2006 - Reflection: Oneness in Christ: the heart of the priesthood, Fr John W. O'Neill PP
Coming straight to the point: the heart of the priesthood of the Catholic Church can be discovered in that mysterious incident when the fishing partners Simon and Andrew James and John were cleaning their net after a nights work on the Lake of Galilee.
1497 - May 2006 - Books: Stimulating reading from AD Books
95 Rome Sweet Home Scott amp; Kimberly Hahn This well known American couple recount their story of conversion to the Catholic faith.
1498 - May 2006 - Books: Young Faces of Holiness: Modern Saints in Photos and Words, by Ann Ball, Jacinta Cummins
Available from AD Books) There will always be the classic biographies of pious saints from the early Church and the Middle Ages providing inspiration for many young readers but one must not forget that todays young Catholics are growing up in a world alienated from many Christian values and one in which the concepts of sacrifice and unconditional love are largely foreign.
1499 - May 2006 - Books: On The Way To Jesus Christ, by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), Jacinta Cummins
Much can be learned not only about the Catholic Church and faith and God from these publications but also about the current Vicar of Christ on earth.
1500 - May 2006 - Letters: Warning!
These men will be using formidable weapons like the Mass following the Catholic Church and supporting priests!
1501 - May 2006 - Letters: Phillip Adams, Frank Bellet
It would seem that it is OK in this PC world to write or preach any lie about Christianity in general or the Catholic Church in particular but dont attempt to counteract the lies in this nation of free speech with some facts because your letter wont be published.
1502 - May 2006 - Letters: Modernism, Don Gaffney
Do you believe that Christ founded the Catholic Church and guaranteed it against teaching error?
1503 - May 2006 - Letters: Conscience, Jerome Gonzalez
Regarding your article in the Easter issue about some well-known dissenters complaining about Cardinal Pells stance on freedom of concience it is worth noting that three senior prelates in the United States (Culture amp; Cosmos vol 3 No 332 15 March 2006) have recently responded to Catholic Democrats in Congress on the matter as follows: It is essential to remember that conscience must be consistent with fundamental moral principles.
1504 - May 2006 - Letters: Bigotry, Maureen Federico
The recent political debate on the abortion drug RU486 along with the attacks on Tony Abbotts religious beliefs should be a wake-up call that anti-Catholic bigotry is alive and kicking in some political circles and the major media.
1505 - May 2006 - Foreign priests - a tale of two Brisbane parishes, Bob Osmak
For example in one group it was suggested the priests should teach the Catholic faith to their parishioners.
1506 - May 2006 - University: Students should challenge dissenting teachers, Dr Michael Casey
Cardinal George Pells private secretary has told Catholic students they should stand up to lecturers whose views and course content are contrary to the teaching of the Church.
1507 - May 2006 - Catholicism-lite's Church of convenience, Paul A. Wagner
Moreover never once have I written anything Catholic in tone.
1508 - May 2006 - Benedict's first twelve months: 'We Are Church' delivers its verdict, Michael Gilchrist
As the Catholic world held its breath the eagerly awaited definitive verdict on Benedict XVIs first twelve months was delivered by the international body of ageing dissenters calling itself International Movement We Are Church (IMWAC).
1509 - May 2006 - Events: Carnivale Christi 2006 scheduled for Melbourne and Sydney in May, AD2000 Report
The YouthFest will include the Stabat Mater a World Youth Day 2008 Forum the launch of the World Youth Day 2005 documentary and Praise by Night - a concert of the best of contemporary Catholic music.
1510 - May 2006 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency Hong Kong Cardinal on Vatican-Beijing accord Hong Kongs Cardinal Joseph Zen believes the Vatican can restore diplomatic relations with China but cautions that an agreement may still take some time.
1511 - May 2006 - Papacy: Benedict completes his first twelve months as Pope, Fr Ephraem Chifley
She pursued it with the piety of her original Catholic upbringing rather than her adopted and now discarded atheism.
1512 - Apr 2006 - Reflection: The redeeming Cross: at the centre of Christian faith, Cardinal George Pell
Secularists feared that it would be effective Christian teaching (with all its imperfections I believe it was) while Catholic radicals feared it would give a boost to traditional understandings of redemption which they wish to destroy.
1513 - Apr 2006 - Books: Stimulating reading from AD Books
00 Principles of Catholic Theology Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger The present work was first written in 1982 just before Cardinal Ratzingers appointment as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
1514 - Apr 2006 - Books: Mother Angelica, by Raymond Arroyo, Stephen Hitchings
It is the story of a poverty- stricken girl whose parents were divorced who hated her father hated nuns was poorly educated and had little contact with the Church but who grew up to become the best-known nun in the world and reputedly the most powerful Catholic woman in America.
1515 - Apr 2006 - Books: Swear To God: The Promise and Powers of the Sacraments, by Scott Hahn, Jacinta Cummins
Swear To God the latest from renowned American convert Scott Hahn will not fail to disappoint with the authors refreshingly orthodox approach to the Catholic faith and Scripture scholarship.
1516 - Apr 2006 - Letters: Church of England, Jim Turley
I found this reminiscent of the acerbic wit of Dr Rumble MSC the Catholic apologist and radio broadcaster.
1517 - Apr 2006 - Letters: RU486, Brian Harris
It is good to hear that the Catholic Church and pro-life groups are to receive substantial financial aid from the Federal Government to help pregnant mothers in distress.
1518 - Apr 2006 - Letters: New Age, Yana Di Pietro and Magenta Ray
As ex-long-term New Agers who have recently converted back to the Church we agree with Wanda that the New Age Movement has successfully infiltrated sections of the Catholic Church.
1519 - Apr 2006 - Letters: Action needed, Kevin McBride
Your February issue is of compelling interest for those Catholics alarmed and despairing of our Catholic schools.
1520 - Apr 2006 - Letters: Religious education, Saskia Ebejer
Thank you so much for printing the article titled Latest Research on Catholic School Leavers.
1521 - Apr 2006 - Music and Culture: Benedict XVI, Mozart and the quest for beauty, Mark Freer
The Popes brother Msgr Georg Ratzinger - for thirty years choirmaster of Regensburg Cathedral - recently gave an interview to a Swiss Catholic press agency in which he divulged that Benedict XVIs favourite musical pieces are Mozarts Clarinet Quintet and the Clarinet Concerto.
1522 - Apr 2006 - Has just punishment had its day?, Fr Matthew Kirby
Fr Matthew Kirby an Anglican Catholic priest and an experienced educator addresses the topic of just punishment and its role today from a Christian perspective.
1523 - Apr 2006 - The Domestic Church: The Christian Family Movement: re-evangelising through families, Leslie Sammut
No one can deny that the Christian family as we know it is in great danger of becoming almost extinct and that most Catholics are enormously ignorant of what baptism in Christ actually entails regarding values morals and duties as Catholics in everyday life.
1524 - Apr 2006 - Salesian Missions: Cardinal Pell visits East Timor, Michael Lynch SDB
As part of my work with Salesian Missions I have been undertaking field visits to the country a couple of times a year since 2000 and Br Marcal was in Australia at that time working on his Masters degree in Educational Leadership at Australian Catholic University.
1525 - Apr 2006 - EarthSong: Green Christianity or a new paganism?, Michael Gilchrist
Within the Catholic Church in Australia this has been mostly initiated by a few members of religious congregations that once formed the backbone of the Churchs schools.
1526 - Apr 2006 - Books: Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Copies of the new Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church can now be ordered through AD Books.
1527 - Apr 2006 - News: The Church Around the World
Meanwhile the Popes choice of Hong Kongs Bishop as a cardinal brought rejoicing to the Church in China particularly to underground Catholics.
1528 - Apr 2006 - Conscience: Dissenters' appeal to Rome 'a real hoot' says Cardinal Pell, Michael Gilchrist
Yet on 20 February 2006 reports appeared in the Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald of a complaint by a group of leading liberal Catholics to the Vatican that Cardinal George Pell is teaching inaccurate and misleading doctrine.
1529 - Mar 2006 - Books: Stimulating reading from AD Books
95 Letters to a Young Catholic George Weigel One of the worlds leading writers on the Catholic Church George Weigel conveys to readers the power of a faith that is both personal and universal timely and eternal.
1530 - Mar 2006 - Books: Golden Priest, Wooden Chalice, by Fr Tim Norris, Michael Gilchrist
com) At a time when the Catholic Church in Australia struggles in the face of secularism and declining practice levels it is reassuring to find here and there that the faith remains rock solid often thanks to the leadership and witness of particular bishops priests religious or lay people.
1531 - Mar 2006 - Books: Black Robe And Tomahawk: Fr Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ (1801-1873), Michael Daniel
Available from AD Books) The 19th century arguably witnessed the largest missionary expansion of the Catholic Church and this development was due to men such as the Belgian Fr Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ who laboured to convert North American Indians for almost 50 years.
1532 - Mar 2006 - Books: Edith Stein Discovered: A Personal Portrait, by Pat Lyne OCDS, Michael Daniel
Available from AD Books) While most people are aware of the murder of six million Jews during World War II by the Nazis comparatively unknown are the Catholic victims of Jewish origin who were murdered because they were racially Jewish.
1533 - Mar 2006 - Letters: Gender neutral, P.F. Gill
At a recent Confirmation ceremony at a Catholic parish in Hobart I witnessed another example of the ongoing process of eliminating gender specific words from the Churchs vocabulary in Australia.
1534 - Mar 2006 - Letters: Vaccines and abortion, Judy Law
Just recently I found an article on a website titled Aborted Fetal Cell Line Vaccines And The Catholic Family: A Moral Perspective (www.
1535 - Mar 2006 - Letters: Relic of the '70s, Don Gaffney
One must seriously question Pastor Ignotus understanding of let alone adherence to Catholic doctrine.
1536 - Mar 2006 - Letters: Canadian Lectionary, Matt Walton
This lectionary effectively subverts the presence and action of the word and contributes to moulding from the very Body of Christ a church which is scarcely Catholic.
1537 - Mar 2006 - Letters: Intelligent Design, Peter Barnes
The attribution of such flaws to the operation of secondary causes in nature - natural selection - seems far more consonant with Gods providential and permissive role in Catholic theology than that of a direct Designer as in Intelligent Design.
1538 - Mar 2006 - Letters: New Age, Richard Congram
Four years ago Brisbanes Archbishop Bathersby rather gently admonished a number of Catholic nuns for their participation in Womenspaces then alleged New Age pagan or witches happenings.
1539 - Mar 2006 - Letters: The Eucharist, Jim Howe
We who are looking for a reinvigorated Catholicism must surely begin our search here at the feet of Our Lord who is enacting the great sacrifice of his life so that we might be renewed and more basically redeemed.
1540 - Mar 2006 - Letters: The Fortified School, Chris Hilder
Some advice from St Teresa of Avila to the problem presented by Br Luke Saker and Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett (February AD2000) on the dismal performance of our Catholic schools in instilling love of the Catholic faith in its students could be: What is necessary is the approach of a lord when in times of war his land is overrun with enemies and he finds himself restricted on all sides.
1541 - Mar 2006 - The distribution of Holy Communion past and present: an historical survey, Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM
Communion for the sick In our times it is a common sight to see the priest after Holy Communion handing little silver or gold-plated pyxes containing consecrated Hosts to the ministers to carry them to give Communion to the sick as our medieval Catholic ancestors once carried the Blessed Sacrament to the sick in a Chrismal made of a cloth like a folded Corporal as used at Mass.
1542 - Mar 2006 - Modernism: 'New Church' not true Church: what modernists believe, Pastor Remotus
It is obvious there are two main streams of theology in the Catholic Church today that can be summed up fairly accurately as modernist and orthodox.
1543 - Mar 2006 - Liturgy: Eucharistic faith: why the Mass needs re-enchanting, Alvin F. Kimel Jr
In a recent interview Cardinal Francis Arinze Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship noted the decline of Eucharistic faith in the Catholic Church.
1544 - Mar 2006 - Archbishop Hickey: how to address the crisis of faith, Archbishop Barry Hickey
The following is the text of an address given by Archbishop Barry Hickey at the 2005 Annual Conference of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy (ACCC).
1545 - Mar 2006 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Anglican group seeks full communion with Rome The Traditional Anglican Communion 400000 laity and clergy separate from the Anglican Church has drawn up detailed plans on how to come into full communion with the Holy See according to a report in the US National Catholic Register on 24 December.
1546 - Feb 2006 - Reflection: The hidden treasure of the Holy Mass, St Leonard of Port Maurice
This is an edited and abridged version of The Hidden Treasure of the Holy Mass published in the Treasury of Catholic Doctrine.
1547 - Feb 2006 - Books: Stimulating reading from AD Books
95 Letters to a Young Catholic George Weigel One of the worlds leading writers on the Catholic Church George Weigel conveys to readers the power of a faith that is both personal and universal timely and eternal.
1548 - Feb 2006 - Events: Lecture on the Compendium of the Catechism, Msgr Peter Elliott
30pm Wednesday 22 February 2006 at St Aloysius school hall Catherine Street Caulfield North at the invitation of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy Msgr Peter Elliott will speak on the English edition of the new Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
1549 - Feb 2006 - Events: Virtus - Retreat for Young Men
Virtus is a new group for Catholic men 18-30 years of age (single married or still discerning a vocation) which aims to to provide them with an integrated human intellectual and spiritual formation.
1550 - Feb 2006 - Books: CATHOLIC FAMILY CATECHISM: Disciples' Edition and Apostles' Edition, Fr Tierney, Michael Gilchrist
CATHOLIC FAMILY CATECHISM: Disciples Edition and Apostles Edition by Fr B.
1551 - Feb 2006 - Books: The Pope Benedict Code, by Joanna Bogle, Michael Gilchrist
in a form that will enable Catholics and others to understand his message and relate it to their own lives.
1552 - Feb 2006 - Books: Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, Peter Westmore
The long-awaited summary of the Catholic Churchs social teachings COMPENDIUM OF THE SOCIAL DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace (St Pauls Publications 2005 426pp $39.
1553 - Feb 2006 - Letters: Catholic magazines needed in India, Fr A. Joseph
Would any kind readers be able to send me back issues of Catholic magazines or newspapers?
1554 - Feb 2006 - Letters: Cardinal von Galen (letter), Denise M. Cameron
The practice of beatification and canonisation by the Catholic Church is not so much for the personal glorification of the beatified or canonised but rather for the inspiration and edification of those of us still on this earth.
1555 - Feb 2006 - Letters: Ars priests retreat, Fr Robert Markey
It was organised by Catholic Charismatic Renewal together with the Beatitudes Community France (a Carmelite Third Order community of priests nuns and lay people).
1556 - Feb 2006 - Letters: All Saints Day (letter), M & L Morrissey
The Catholic Church honoured saints long before the first Melbourne Cup.
1557 - Feb 2006 - Letters: Clerical Celibacy (letter), Fr Adrian Head
Philip Holberton in his letter in the December-January AD2000 quoted from the Catholic Encyclopaedia about the intervention of a Bishop Paphnutius in the Council at Nicea.
1558 - Feb 2006 - The Church of England: beyond satire?, Rev Peter Mullen
Some of his remarks have relevance for sections of the Catholic Church where some experts would like to take Catholicism down the same path - and doubtless with similar results.
1559 - Feb 2006 - Blessed Charles de Foucauld: seeking nothing but God's will, Dr Frank Mobbs
Relatives brought him up as a pious Catholic but he had lost the faith by the time he was 16 remaining faithless until he was 28.
1560 - Feb 2006 - New Age paganism's creeping influence within the Church, Wanda Skowronska
These days New Age activities and Eastern religions are proving increasingly attractive to not a few Australian Catholics who are being lured into places which in ages past the well-catechised would have avoided like the plague.
1561 - Feb 2006 - Priestly vocations: the key role of bishops, John Mallon
1562 - Feb 2006 - Liturgical Music: The spiritual impact of Msgr. Richard Schuler's priestly leadership and example, Fr John T. Zuhlsdorf
When Fr Schuler came to St Agnes as parish priest in 1969 bringing with him the Twin Cities Catholic Chorale which he had founded in 1956 he found a solid foundation in place.
1563 - Feb 2006 - Education: Catholic Church and her schools face a 'wake-up call', Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett
What is for instance the real reason for the Catholic Churchs engagement in school education?
1564 - Feb 2006 - Catechesis: Latest research on Catholic school leavers, Michael Gilchrist
Marist Brother Luke Saker has recently conducted research on the beliefs and practices of Catholic undergraduate students intending to teach religion in Catholic schools.
1565 - Feb 2006 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency Cardinal Pell: adult stem cell research grant Cardinal George Pell announced on 16 December that Dr Pritinder Kaur of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne had won the Archdiocese of Sydneys $100000 grant to support adult stem cell research.
1566 - Feb 2006 - Cardinal Arinze on the Liturgy: the Mass is not entertainment, Cardinal Francis Arinze
Referring to a negative tendency in the Western world the Cardinal observed that an increasing number of Catholics have a more Protestant concept of the Eucharist seeing it mainly as a symbol .
1567 - Feb 2006 - Editorial: Catholic schools: how much accountability?, Michael Gilchrist
As another school year gets underway we need to remind ourselves of the essential goal of Catholic schools namely to foster practising Catholic graduates.
1568 - Dec 2005 - Reflection: Journey of the Magi and the search for truth, Cardinal George Pell
Edith Stein was Jewish then atheist before becoming a Catholic then a Carmelite and finally a martyr.
1569 - Dec 2005 - Books: Christmas reading from AD Books
95 Letters to a Young Catholic George Weigel One of the worlds leading writers on the Catholic Church George Weigel conveys to readers the power of a faith that is both personal and universal timely and eternal.
1570 - Dec 2005 - Books: In Memory of Me / Come to Me, My Children, by Christine McCarthy, Michael Gilchrist
Can be ordered through AD Books) Christine McCarthy is the National Convenor of the Society for Eucharistic Adoration and has written and lectured extensively on Catholic doctrines most notably the Eucharist and its associated themes and devotions.
1571 - Dec 2005 - Books: Good News About Sex And Marriage, by Christopher West, Kerrie Allen
GOOD NEWS ABOUT SEX AND MARRIAGE: Answers to your honest questions about Catholic Teaching by Christopher West (Freedom Publishing 2003 192pp $18.
1572 - Dec 2005 - Books: The Cube and the Cathedral, by George Weigel, John Ballantyne
George Weigel - a distinguished Roman Catholic theologian from America and author of the international bestseller Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II - offers a compelling diagnosis of Europes long-term civilisational crisis which he argues first became lethally evident in World War I.
1573 - Dec 2005 - Letters: Catholic journal
It is Catholic it is loyal to the teaching of the Church and the Holy Fathers words are respected.
1574 - Dec 2005 - Letters: Priestly celibacy, Philip Holberton
I refer to the article in the October AD2000 (page 13) by Fr Thaddeus Doyle reprinted from The Irish Catholic.
1575 - Dec 2005 - Cinema: New movie's balanced presentation of exorcism: The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Shannon Donahoo
Shannon Donahoo teaches at a Catholic secondary school in the Melbourne Archdiocese.
1576 - Dec 2005 - The Eucharist: gift of an interventionist God, Chris Hilder
The you in the above sentence refers to the living Church - all Catholics worldwide.
1577 - Dec 2005 - Episcopacy: Archbishop Chaput of Denver: America's plain-speaking Pope's man, Peter J. Boyer
In the years after Vatican II when Catholic academics felt increasingly unbound by Church teaching St Thomas gained a reputation for being particularly freewheeling in its theological approach.
1578 - Dec 2005 - PRAYER: Melbourne initiative: a spiritual approach can defeat drug addiction, Anh Nguyen
The community which observes faithfully the teachings of the Catholic Church does not seek funding from the government lest this compromise its work.
1579 - Dec 2005 - News: The Church Around the World
In his address to them he said that secularisation was a painful fact that is becoming ever more present in Europe and that has not failed to penetrate Catholic Austria.
1580 - Dec 2005 - Synod on the Eucharist sets agenda for Benedict's pontificate, Michael Gilchrist
These Catholics said the Synod belong to the Church which welcomes them and follows them with special attention encouraging them to participate in the Mass though without receiving Communion.
1581 - Nov 2005 - Reflection: The concrete character of Christianity, John Young
In this connection the homilist can explain the Catholic teaching that polygenism (the origin of the human race from many first couples) is erroneous.
1582 - Nov 2005 - Books: More good reading from AD Books
00 The Ratzinger Report Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger This remains one of the most penetrating assessments of the crisis of faith in the Catholic Church.
1583 - Nov 2005 - Books: Stem Cells, by Norman M. Ford and Michael Herbert, Kerrie Allen
Can be ordered through AD Books) Father Norman Ford SDB Catholic priest and bioethicist has been criticised for making questionable comments e.
1584 - Nov 2005 - Books: The Incredible Da Vinci Code, by Frank Mobbs, Michael Gilchrist
Others in our increasingly anti- Christian Western cultures are receptive to any claims - however flimsy - that Christianity (and especially Catholicism) is based on falsehoods.
1585 - Nov 2005 - Letters: Vatican II and Benedict XVI, Jim Howe
The editor in chief of Britains leading Catholic weekly the Catholic Herald writes that the personal writings of Joseph Ratzinger offer a dazzling interpretation of Catholicism that unlike Vatican II might actually succeed in reviving it (August AD2000).
1586 - Nov 2005 - Letters: SSPX response, Timothy Hungerford
I wish to comment on the review by Fr Glen Tattersall FSSP of More Catholic than the Pope (August AD2000).
1587 - Nov 2005 - Letters: Example needed, Betty Griffin
Subsequently I heard a priest criticise the way some women dress at Catholic weddings.
1588 - Nov 2005 - Letters: New Zealand visitor to Brisbane, Leo Leitch
Mind you I was not encouraged by my experience at the Catholic bookshop which is situated in the grounds of the Brisbane cathedral.
1589 - Nov 2005 - Letters: Myths exploded, Nola Viney
In my mind it provides the necessary contrast to the kinds of progressive Catholic ideas which people like Paul Collins articulate via the ABC and which appear convincing to those unaware of the Churchs long past history.
1590 - Nov 2005 - Thomas More Centre: Fifty years from Shadowlands: Childhood memories of the world of C. S. Lewis, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
It is slightly marred by implicit hostility towards Catholicism surprising since he has settled in Ireland.
1591 - Nov 2005 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic News Agency Broader use of the Latin Mass likely Cardinal Jorge Medina Estevez the former Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship is a member of the Ecclesia Dei commission set up by Pope John Paul II to serve the needs of Catholics who favour the Latin Mass.
1592 - Nov 2005 - National Press Club: Cardinal George Pell on the dictatorship of relativism, Cardinal George Pell
Catholics call the universal acceptance of the many basic moral norms natural law - the term simply means that whereas some laws apply only to Australians moral laws apply to everyone who shares a human nature.
1593 - Oct 2005 - Reflection: What the early Church tells us about the celebration of Mass, Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM
During the current year of the Eucharist it is most pertinent for us Catholics to foster a deeper appreciation of the sacred nobility of the Holy Mass lovingly tendered by our Lord Jesus Christ at the Last Supper the night before he offered his life as a victim on the cross for our redemption.
1594 - Oct 2005 - Books: More good reading from AD Books
95 The Nature and Mission of Theology Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger Cardinal Ratzinger responds to the challenges posed by theological dissent and claims of academic freedom by examining the factors which determine the limits of an authentic Catholic theology.
1595 - Oct 2005 - Events: Who's Afraid of Vatican II? Seminars October-December 2005
Forty years after its conclusion the Second Vatica Council continues to have a profound influence on the life of the Catholic Church.
1596 - Oct 2005 - Books: A Beautiful Story to be Told: The Legion of Mary in Oceania 1932-2005, Michael Gilchrist
The names of Frank Duff founder of the Legion of Mary in Ireland in 1921 and Fr Aedan McGrath a Columban missionary and founder of the Legion of Mary in China have become legendary within the Catholic Church.
1597 - Oct 2005 - Books: What is Opus Dei?, by Dominique le Tourneau, Michael Gilchrist
Available from AD Books) Reviewed by Michael Gilchrist With 84000 members worldwide including 1800 priests there is no doubt that Opus Dei has made a significant mark on the Catholic Church since its founding in Spain in 1928.
1598 - Oct 2005 - Books: Your Life is Worth Living: The Christian Philosophy of Life, by Fulton J. Sheen, Michael Gilchrist
Considering Sheens prodigious output of published works on the Catholic faith - not to mention his countless presentations on radio TV and sound recordings - it was difficult to imagine there could be still more to come.
1599 - Oct 2005 - Letters: Anti-Christian media, Frank Bellet
The arch-enemies of Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular (and this includes much of the media) found they could not destroy the Church through bullying or persecution since that was merely fertiliser for the faith so over 50 years ago they devised a more cunning strategy.
1600 - Oct 2005 - Letters: A treasured priest: Fr William Ross, Tom King
On 25 July just such an individual without fuss achieved his 65th anniversary as a priest of the Catholic Church.
1601 - Oct 2005 - Letters: Watered-down faith, Paula Gartland
It was run by nuns and Catholic Education people and consisted of those educational sort of parlour games beloved of public servants and teachers with a whiteboard cardboard signs and handouts.
1602 - Oct 2005 - Priesthood: Christ's call to priestly celibacy, Fr Thaddeus Doyle
First published in The Irish Catholic.
1603 - Oct 2005 - Culture: How the Catholic Church built Western civilisation, Thomas E. Woods Jr
In his new book How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization Thomas E.
1604 - Oct 2005 - Conference: C.S. Lewis: defender of objective truth, Adam Glyn Cooper
The German Catholic philosopher Josef Pieper argued that the dethronement of language presents an immediate threat to the fabric of society.
1605 - Oct 2005 - Dies Domini: Armidale Diocese promotes Sunday observance, Bishop Luc Matthys
The restoration of Sunday as the Lords Day needs the attention and involvement of all Catholics as well as of other Christians.
1606 - Oct 2005 - Society: The latest marriage statistics: implications, Zenit News Agency
By contrast the United States has a lower rate of cohabitation than all but the predominantly Catholic nations of southern Europe.
1607 - Oct 2005 - Youth: The lasting impact of World Youth Day, Sannon Donahoo
Shannon Donahoo who teaches Religion Ethics and Politics at a Catholic secondary school in the Melbourne Archdiocese attended the recent World Youth Day in Cologne.
1608 - Oct 2005 - Juventutem: Young Latin Mass Catholics attend World Youth Day, Fr Glen Tattersall
Certainly the centrality of worship in the Christian life and within this the primacy of the Eucharist and the dignity due to this Holy Sacrament were major preoccupations of Pope Benedict XVI at WYD where the Pontiff demonstrated a remarkable rapport with young Catholics.
1609 - Oct 2005 - News: The Church Around the World
He enumerated some of the positive features of Catholicism in Germany: Many priests religious and lay people carry out faithful service in pastoral situations that are often difficult.
1610 - Oct 2005 - Benedict XVI speaks out on the crisis of faith in Australia, Michael Gilchrist
The Catholic Church is not in such bad shape as the historical mainline Protestant Churches but it also faces the problems of this moment in history.
1611 - Oct 2005 - Editorial: Health of Church and health of family connect, Michael Gilchrist
It is not without reason that the Catholic Church describes the family as the domestic Church for the family is the cornerstone of the Church.
1612 - Sep 2005 - Reflection: Benedict XVI: how to make the new evangelisation more effective, Fr Dennis Byrnes PP
Moreover as any student of St Augustine knows the decisive mark of the Catholic Church is charity.
1613 - Sep 2005 - Books: More good reading from AD Books
95 The Catechism: a concise Companion James Tolhurst Father Tolhurst provides a paragraph by paragraph exposition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church supplementing this with a wealth of background material.
1614 - Sep 2005 - Books: STAIRWAY TO THE UPPER ROOM: Daily Meditations on the Gospel Readings, Michael Gilchrist
In 1948 with his wife and three sons he was received into the Catholic Church.
1615 - Sep 2005 - Books: GOING AGAINST THE STREAM: Ethical Aspects of Ageing and Care, by Peter Jeffery, Kerrie Allen
His three appendices are very useful: (i) To treat or not to treat: the debate (ii) The position of the Catholic Church and (iii) An ethical framework for clinical decision- making at the end of life.
1616 - Sep 2005 - Letters: Simple Catechisms, Rosanna Sherman
Most telling were his statements: Every Catholic must have the courage to believe that his faith (in communion with that of the Church) surpasses every new magisterium of the experts of the intellectuals; and The rule of faith yesterday as today is not based on the discoveries (be they true or hypothetical) of biblical sources and layers but on the Bible just as it is as it has been read in the Church since the time of the Fathers until now (page 76).
1617 - Sep 2005 - Letters: Society of St Pius X, Fr Kevin Robinson
I write concerning Fr Glen Tattersalls review of the book More Catholic Than the Pope by Patrick Madrid and Pete Vere in the August AD2000.
1618 - Sep 2005 - Letters: Fatima and Benedict XVI, Paul MacLeod
The editor of Britains Catholic Herald (August AD2000) suggests that it would be surprising if we hear any more about Fatima during Benedict XVIs pontificate.
1619 - Sep 2005 - Letters: Liberal manifesto, Dr Peter Gilet
Out popped not a head on a spring but a full liberal Catholic manifesto as follows.
1620 - Sep 2005 - A religious response to evil ideologies, John Rego
An imam (Islamic cleric literally teacher) is not a pastor with responsibilities for shepherding a community nor an intercessor with God like a Catholic priest.
1621 - Sep 2005 - BOOKS: The Myth of Hitler's Pope: How Pope Pius XII Rescued Jews from the Nazis, Thomas E. Woods Jr
He is the author of several books the latest of which How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization (a free chapter of which is available at CatholicChurchBook.
1622 - Sep 2005 - Cinema: The Church under Nazism: a sensitive film portrayal in 'The Ninth Day', Michael E. Daniel
This film explores the Nazi treatment of Catholic clergy who opposed its regime.
1623 - Sep 2005 - Education: Catholic schools of the future, Br John Moylan CFC
Br John Moylan BA (Adelaide) MA (Fordham) MEd(ACU) has had a lifetime of teaching experience and written extensively in Australian and overseas journals on the purpose and practice of Australian Catholic schools.
1624 - Sep 2005 - Interview: Benedict XVI and the power of the Eucharist, Fr John Corapi
In order for the Eucharist to effect unity Catholics must be Eucharistic people in fact not merely in words.
1625 - Sep 2005 - Can reverence at Mass make a comeback?, Michael Ryan
As did every Catholic child and adult - even if we were a little careless at times.
1626 - Sep 2005 - Priesthood: America's 'vocation rich' dioceses: latest success stories analysed, AD2000 Report
A recent in-depth feature article in the American monthly Catholic World Report (July 2005) by journalist Jeff Ziegler examined statistics from the 2003 and 2004 editions of The Official Catholic Directory for each of the United States 176 Catholic dioceses in order to determine the ratios of seminarians to Catholic population.
1627 - Sep 2005 - Canadian Bishops' cave-in to 'renegade Catholicism' under fire
From far and near from left and right from Catholics and non-Catholics the actions and non-actions of the Canadian Catholic hierarchy towards Canadian Catholic politicians is coming under fire.
1628 - Sep 2005 - News: The Chuch Around the World
Catholic News Agency Sydneys grant for adult stem cell research The Sydney Archdiocese announced in July that a grant of $100000 was being made available to further research into adult stem cells.
1629 - Sep 2005 - Events: Sydney to host World Youth Day 2008, AD2000 REPORT
EWTN Global Catholic Network provided coverage of World Youth Day including Benedict XVIs first foreign trip beginning on 18 August with his arrival in Cologne and the official welcome celebration.
1630 - Aug 2005 - Reflection: How we will overcome the shortage of priests, Fr John O'Neill PP
This now applies to over 80 per cent of Catholics in Australia.
1631 - Aug 2005 - Books: More Good Reading from AD Books
95 Snow On the Hedges Helen Whelan St Cuthbert Mayne was executed in 1577 and was the first of the overseas seminary priests to give his life for the Catholic Faith in Elizabethan England.
1632 - Aug 2005 - Books: More Catholic Than the Pope, by Patrick Madrid and Pete Vere, Fr Glen Tattersal FSSP
An essential history of the Society of St Pius X in an easily digestible format MORE CATHOLIC THAN THE POPE: An Inside Look at Extreme Traditionalism by Patrick Madrid amp; Pete Vere (Our Sunday Visitor 2004 186pp $27.
1633 - Aug 2005 - Letters: The Mass (letter)
Having closely observed the lives of the Irish people he replied: It is the Mass that matters that makes the difference so hard to define so subtle is it yet so perceptible between a Catholic country and a Protestant one between Dublin and Edinburgh.
1634 - Aug 2005 - Letters: Small Catechisms available (letter), Fr Edward P. Evans
In reference to Fr Duggans letter (June AD2000) regarding Catholic catechisms I would like to point out that there are several small catechisms currently available.
1635 - Aug 2005 - Letters: Origins of the Bible (letter), George Simpson
In his excellent article Why many Catholics join fundamentalist sects (July AD2000) Dr Frank Mobbs mentions the belief of some that the Bible stands alone as the revelation of Gods word.
1636 - Aug 2005 - Letters: Dissenter's manifesto (letter), Imelda Aslett
Gartland (June AD2000) refers to the promotion within our ranks of a recent publication Priests in Love advertised as a major Australian study of Catholic priests and their intimate relationships with men and women.
1637 - Aug 2005 - London's Balham parish, 'an icon of liturgical hope', Joanna Bogle
He runs The Music Makers an organisation dedicated to fostering good music in Catholic parishes and schools.
1638 - Aug 2005 - Benedict XVI's pontificate: the possibilities, Damian Thompson
Damian Thompson is editor-in-chief of Britains leading Catholic weekly the Catholic Herald.
1639 - Aug 2005 - Feminist translation: Inclusive language and the Trinity: the latest from Brisbane, Michael Apthorp
Both secular and religious newspapers are full of reports of invalid Baptisms being performed at St Marys Catholic Church in South Brisbane in the name of the Creator the Liberator and the Sustainer.
1640 - Aug 2005 - International poll underlines growing secularist challenge, Michael Gilchrist
It underlined how secularised many nominally Catholic European countries have become and how relatively religious the US as a whole remains.
1641 - Aug 2005 - Campus Life: Cardinal Pell's program for a Catholic culture at Sydney's universities, Stephen Lawrence
This will involve at least two chaplains at each large campus with the overall aim of building a Catholic culture among tertiary students.
1642 - Aug 2005 - News: The Church Around the World
Two thousand Catholics are travelling from Australia.
1643 - Aug 2005 - What the Church can teach the secular world, Archbishp Barry Hickey
The West Australian newspaper finished an editorial about the Catholic and Anglican churches on 14 June 2005 as follows: But the big question is what they can offer in the contemporary world to keep those whom they get back into congregations?
1644 - Jul 2005 - Reflecton: The soul: what reason and revelation tell us, John Young
John Young is a Melbourne-based Catholic author writer and lecturer.
1645 - Jul 2005 - Books: The Catholic Community in Australia, by Robert E. Dixon, Michael Gilchrist
1646 - Jul 2005 - Books: Letters To a Young Catholic, by George Weigel, David Birch
Catholicism is a way of seeing things a distinctive perception of reality LETTERS TO A YOUNG CATHOLIC by George Weigel (Gracewing 2004 251pp softcover $24.
1647 - Jul 2005 - Letters: Ecumenism or Indifferentism, Edgar Bremmer
I think John Young is spot on in his view that ecumenism has resulted in less zeal to convert people to the Catholic faith (April AD2000).
1648 - Jul 2005 - Letters: More priests needed, Jenny Bruty
At the same time the number of practising Catholics has been decreasing partly due to the fact that many parishioners dislike attending lay-led services.
1649 - Jul 2005 - Letters: Hard teachings, Dr Arnold Jago
Our new Pope knows that hard sayings are the very core of Catholic teaching.
1650 - Jul 2005 - Letters: Silent apostasy, Fr. G.H. Duggan SM
Other aspects of the phenomenon are the decline in attendance at Sunday Mass and the breakdown in morals with Catholics in developed countries using contraceptives and divorcing at the same rate as non-Catholics.
1651 - Jul 2005 - Letters: Courageous example, Raymond De Souza
The news that US College loses Catholic label (June AD2000) offered encouragement that at least some American Bishops are - finally!
1652 - Jul 2005 - Science: God, physics and Stephen Hawking, Fr Matthew Kirby
Fr Matthew Kirby is a priest of the Anglican Catholic Church and a senior physics teacher at the St Marys Campus of All Saints College in Maitland NSW.
1653 - Jul 2005 - Living Stones: Church architecture: can a sense of the sacred be recovered?, Christian Xavier
In the year 2000 the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) released a liturgical document concerning the construction and renovation of church buildings throughout the United States titled Built of Living Stones (BLS).
1654 - Jul 2005 - Man of the Year: How John Paul II converted a 'Time' journalist,
After years of covering Pope John Paul II up close and personal now retired Time magazine Vatican correspondent Wilton Wynn converted to Catholicism.
1655 - Jul 2005 - Vocations: John Paul Il's Milwaukee connection, Fr John Walter
More to the point Patrick like many of his generation in the West who regarded the institutional Church with suspicion and even with derision was a non-practising Catholic.
1656 - Jul 2005 - Evangelisation: Why many Catholics join fundamentalist sects, Frank Mobbs
Many Catholics are being converted to fundamentalist Protestant groups.
1657 - Jul 2005 - Rockhampton: Year of the Eucharist: a time for clear thinking, AD2000 REPORT
Johns chapter 6) the Catechism of the Catholic Church Pope John Paul IIs encyclical on the Eucharist Ecclesia de Eucharistia his Apostolic Letter Mane Nobiscum Domine and from the works of saints like Francis of Assisi Alphonsus Ligouri Peter Julian Eymard and Padre Pio to mention just a few.
1658 - Jul 2005 - Society: Catholics must play an active role in public life, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput OFM Cap
Chaput OFM Cap of Denver at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast on 20 May 2005 in Washington DC in the presence of President George W.
1659 - Jul 2005 - Year of Eucharist: The Eucharist: heart of our faith, Cardinal George Pell
Similarly today even good Christians can be surprised to hear Catholic teaching that the bread and wine are not just symbols but become the Body and Blood the soul and divinity of Jesus Christ Our Lord.
1660 - Jul 2005 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Chicago Archdioceses ordinations increase During a three-hour ceremony at Chicagos Cathedral in May Cardinal Francis George ordained 16 men to the priesthood - the largest ordination class of any diocese in the United States.
1661 - Jul 2005 - Christianity: Church challenges secular culture of Europe, Peter Westmore
Last January Cardinal Ruini Vicar of Rome and head of the Italian Bishops Conference argued that Catholics should support the existing law as the lesser of two evils.
1662 - Jul 2005 - Editorial: Can Catholic "salt" flavour the secular culture?, Michael Gilchrist
Recently published The Catholic Community in Australia provides considerable food for thought (see review page 18) with its detailed up-to-date statistics on the state of the Church in Australia.
1663 - Jun 2005 - Reflection: Cardinal Nguyen van Thuan: witness to the priesthood and Eucharist, Fr Dennis Byrnes
Cardinal Thuan has been widely venerated as a martyr of the Catholic faith his life a living testimony to the call of God.
1664 - Jun 2005 - Books: More Good Reading from AD Books
95 The Catholic Assembly Book Fr James Tolhurst Father Tolhurst who is a member of the Birmingham Oratory sets out in a prayerful setting the words of Scripture grouping them under weekly themes together with short prayers and sayings from the Church Fathers.
1665 - Jun 2005 - Events: Catholic Doctors' Association Mass and Dinner
The second Annual Mass and dinner of the Catholic Doctors Association of Victoria is to be held on Tuesday 28 June 2005.
1666 - Jun 2005 - Books: John Paul the Great, edited by William Oddie, John R. Barich
Why John Paul II has been the authentic interpreter of Vatican II JOHN PAUL THE GREAT Edited by William Oddie (CTS and The Catholic Herald London 2003 186pp hardback $39.
1667 - Jun 2005 - Letters: Kathmandu school, John E.J. Fetz
St Josephs School a pioneer Catholic English Educational Institution here is in urgent need of financial assistance to help it continue the good work it has been doing.
1668 - Jun 2005 - Letters: Catholic schools, Kevin McBride
I refer to an interesting article (May AD2000) by Shannon Donahoo Religious Education: Catholic youth have their say .
1669 - Jun 2005 - Letters: Outstanding education at Chavagnes College, Br John Moylan CFC, MA, MEd
As a very recent former guest teacher at Chavagnes International College for over two years I endorse Geoff Storeys letter (May AD2000) concerning the value of the outstanding even possibly unique Catholic education the college provides.
1670 - Jun 2005 - Letters: Chavagnes College, Pascale Cotterill
At the school they are studying their Catholic faith through RE morning Mass (Novus Ordo in Latin) daily Rosary and superb spiritual direction under Fr Pilon (resident French- Canadian priest).
1671 - Jun 2005 - Letters: A true shepherd, Lynn Wise
After a long absence from the Catholic Church I have thanks to the Holy Spirit and our Blessed Mother returned to Mass attendance and come to know my Jesus again this time as an adult.
1672 - Jun 2005 - Letters: Unchanging teachings, Greg O'Regan
Some urged from pity others worried about his capacity some saw it as an organisational matter and some within the Catholic Church thought a change would relax strictures of Church teachings in their favour.
1673 - Jun 2005 - Letters: New Pope, Deidre Lyra
He was a beacon of light steadfastly upholding the teachings of the Catholic Church in a secular society.
1674 - Jun 2005 - The previous Pope Benedict and his quest for world peace, R.J. Stove
In that sense political terminology becomes irrelevant since he was and will be merely exercising a Catholic leadership as is his duty.
1675 - Jun 2005 - Papal awards for WA Catholic politicians, Hugh Ryan
The awards were made to the Hon Phillip Pendal formerly Independent MLA for South Perth and Mr Bill McNee formerly Liberal MLA for Moore in recognition of their fidelity to Catholic principles and values in the world of politics and particularly their commitment to the Gospel of Life during long debates in Parliament and the community on life issues such as abortion the destruction of living human embryos for medical research medical care of the dying and related issues.
1676 - Jun 2005 - The Catholic Church's dissenters miss the boat, Chris Hilder
George Weigel points out in The Courage to be Catholic that the Church is not authoritarian but rather authoritative: An authoritarian is someone who makes someone else do something purely as a matter of wilfulness: you do this because I say so.
1677 - Jun 2005 - News: The Church Around the World
US college loses its Catholic label Marymount Manhattan College with ties to the Archdiocese of New York was formally dropped as a Catholic institution on 28 April because it intended to give Senator Hillary Clinton an honorary doctoral degree.
1678 - Jun 2005 - He was my Pope, too: a Lutheran's appreciation of John Paul II, Uwe Siemon-Netto
For the last quarter of a century this non-Catholic has had a pope.
1679 - Jun 2005 - Habemus Papam: Benedict XVI charts course as successor to John Paul II, Michael Gilchrist
The choice of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI after a very brief conclave was welcome news for Catholics keen to see the reforms of Pope John Paul II consolidated.
1680 - Jun 2005 - Editorial: Corpus Christi - the Body of Christ
In various parts of the Church abuses have occurred leading to confusion with regard to sound faith and Catholic doctrine concerning this wonderful sacrament.
1681 - May 2005 - Books: A GENTLE JESUIT: Philip Caraman SJ, by June Rockett, George Russo
Available from AD Books) I met this gentle Jesuit myself in Norway in 1967 when I volunteered to go there and help in the Catholic parish of Oslo.
1682 - May 2005 - Books: Sacred and Secular Scriptures / The Catholic Revival in English Literature, David Birch
SACRED AND SECULAR SCRIPTURES: A Catholic Approach to Literature by Nicholas Boyle (Darton Longman amp; Todd 2004 299pp $49.
1683 - May 2005 - Letters: Latin Mass Times in Hobart, Kevin Tighe
Catholic visitors to Tasmania might be interested to know that the traditional Latin Mass is celebrated at the beautiful St Canice Chapel Sandy Bay Hobart on the first Sunday of the month at 11.
1684 - May 2005 - Letters: Catholic hymns, Dolores Lightbody
Catholics now have means to hear and sing some of the beautiful hymns which have been sung around Australia for decades through a collection of 132 of them recently released under the title of A Heritage of Traditional Catholic Hymns.
1685 - May 2005 - Letters: Private revelations, Anne Boyce
One would wish to understand it better and fortunately a course on it is presently available at the Catholic Adult Education Centre Lidcombe Sydney.
1686 - May 2005 - Letters: Catholic education, Geoff Storey
Congratulations on publishing the magnificent article titled A young Catholics encounter with Latin (March AD2000).
1687 - May 2005 - Letters: Overseas priests, Jenny Bruty
The future of the Catholic Church in Australia must depend - in the short-term at least - on the assistance of foreign clergy even if they stay for limited periods on a rotating basis as with the Neocatechumenate in Perth and Sydney.
1688 - May 2005 - Letters: Theology at ACU, Henk Verhoeven
Perusing Notes from a theology unit at ACU (March AD2000) I at first assumed this referred to a summary of views espoused by I do it my way Catholics.
1689 - May 2005 - Letters: God's Champion, Robert Garrett
It is with sadness but also with joy that we say farewell to Gods champion Pope John Paul II the visible head of the Catholic Church the church founded by Jesus Christ.
1690 - May 2005 - Letters: Appeal to the young, Justin Lynch
It seems many non-and lapsed Catholics are trying to understand why over a million people were prepared to wait for up to 12 hours to see the body of the Pope and why there were so many young people in the queue to see a man who was often portrayed as conservative and out of touch with todays society.
1691 - May 2005 - St Patrick's Church, Soho Square, a spiritual oasis in London, Tess Livingstone
Orthodox Catholicism Christ His Real Presence and the sacraments are very much at the heart of the generous outreaching community Father Sherbrooke leads a community that excludes no-one while exuding a potent and orthodox Catholicism.
1692 - May 2005 - The Da Vinci Code and the itching ears syndrome, John Young
Let us examine Browns technique by considering what he says about the alleged blackening of Mary Magdalenes character by a sinister Catholic Church desperate to keep the truth a secret.
1693 - May 2005 - Catholic beliefs and practices: the challenge ahead for Australia, Michael Gilchrist
According to the most recent Australian Census Catholics remain the largest single religious denomination at 27 per cent of the population.
1694 - May 2005 - Year of Eucharist: Religious education: Catholic youth have their say, Shannon Donahoo
Several spoke of Catholic Youth Ministrys weekly Holy Hour six30 and the impact adoration has had on their faith.
1695 - May 2005 - News: The Church Around the World
Pope John Paul IIs moral influence in US A poll conducted by ABC News in March found that more American Catholics saw their moral views influenced by Pope John Paul II than they did two years ago.
1696 - May 2005 - 'Santo Subito': the impact of John Paul II, Peter Westmore
Cardinal George Pell told ABC radio: Im quite sure that the Popes general line - fidelity to basic Catholic teachings - is absolutely unassailable.
1697 - May 2005 - Editorial: Challenges facing John Paul II's successor Benedict XVI, Michael Gilchrist
This was set down in an amazing succession of encyclicals apostolic letters and numerous other documents and addresses covering virtually every aspect of Catholic belief and practice examined in the light of the Churchs Tradition and the teachings of Vatican II.
1698 - Apr 2005 - Reflection: Pope John Paul II: 'In the risen Christ all creation rises to new life', Pope John Paul II
Courtesy of Catholic Information Network.
1699 - Apr 2005 - Books: The Path to Rome: Modern Journeys to the Catholic Church, Michael Casanova
THE PATH TO ROME: Modern Journeys to the Catholic Church Edited by Dwight Longenecker (Gracewing 2004 240 pages $29.
1700 - Apr 2005 - Letters: Christ the Creator, Gerard J. Keane
Seldom do we hear Catholic priests preach in depth about the Creator.
1701 - Apr 2005 - Letters: Chavagnes International College, Raymond De Souza
Alex Morrissons article A young Catholics encounter with Latin made excellent reading especially coming from such a young person.
1702 - Apr 2005 - Adore 05: Sydney's successful Eucharistic Youth Congress, Nicole Osmak
I was asked by Brother Stephen of the OATH Brothers if I would present a testimony of my experiences during Adore 04 and of issues concerning our Catholic faith.
1703 - Apr 2005 - Letters: Dissent, Fr John Speekman
A recent letter to Online Catholics by Fr Eric Hodgens (see also March AD2000) has been disturbing me for the last few weeks.
1704 - Apr 2005 - Cardinal Ratzinger: Liturgy should be God-centred, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
The author then agrees with the Catechism of the Catholic Church in emphasising that even the supreme authority in the Church may not change the liturgy arbitrarily but only in the obedience of faith and with religious respect for the mystery of the liturgy (Catechism 1125).
1705 - Apr 2005 - Events: Carnivale Christi returning to Sydney with an Easter theme, Liz Arblaster and Anthony McCarthy
From Friday 29 April St Marys Cathedral Sydney will be host to a three-day festival of Catholic art music film theatre and prayer exploring the Passion Resurrection and Christian life.
1706 - Apr 2005 - Vocations: Why some new religious orders are attracting recruits, Fr John Hogan
And studying Vatican II they found themselves called into the Catholic Church.
1707 - Apr 2005 - Exploding myths about the 'pre-Vatican II' Church, John Young
A mythology has quickly grown about the Catholic Church of the 1950s and earlier.
1708 - Apr 2005 - 'Flying bishops' consecrated for orthodox Anglicans, Fr Nigel Zimmerman
(FIF is a traditionalist organisation created to protect and minister to Anglicans who in conscience cannot recognise the ordination of women as priests and are no longer in full communion with bishops who have broken Catholic faith and order).
1709 - Apr 2005 - News: The Church Around the World
Bishop Manning: need to promote priestly vocations Bishop Kevin Manning of Parramatta responded in March to earlier media comment on the issue of Catholic priests marrying.
1710 - Apr 2005 - Australia prepares for World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne, AD2000 Report
Bishop Don Sproxton (Perth Auxiliary) Fr Don Kettle and Lucas Hurley (Catholic Youth Ministry) will be leading these pilgrimages.
1711 - Mar 2005 - Reflection: The Holy Trinity and the Church: the truth will set you free, Fr John O'Neill
Anyone who is not an ostrich will be more than aware of the disunity among the Catholic Churchs members.
1712 - Mar 2005 - Books: Books to read in 2005
95 Divine Alchemy Brother Francis Maluf This collection of previously unpublished poems by a Lebanese convert to Catholicism is graceful in its simplicity and filled with devotional fervour.
1713 - Mar 2005 - Books: THE CASTLE OF HEAVENLY BLISS, Michael Gilchrist
au) Unlike most books these days dealing with Christianity and the Catholic Church - notably The Da Vinci Code - The Castle of Heavenly Bliss incorporates strong and accurate presentations of Church doctrines and practices within its absorbing plot.
1714 - Mar 2005 - Books: DOLLFUSS: An Austrian Patriot, by Fr Johannes Messner, Alice von Hildebrand
Written by someone who knew the Chancellor of Austria - who was later to be murdered by Nazi agents - it makes us realise that this victim of National Socialism deserves to be placed upon a pedestal as one of the very great political leaders of the 20th century - and possibly as one of the finest Catholic statesmen of all time.
1715 - Mar 2005 - Obituary: The passing of a holy, many-talented Jesuit - Fr Victor Ian Falconer SJ, Michael O'Callaghan
He then taught for 15 years at the University of Rhodesia-Zimbabwe and was Catholic chaplain.
1716 - Mar 2005 - Letters: Bible and Church (letter), Frank Bellet
Ignoring the tradition in the Catholic Church these people talk as if the Church came out of the Bible instead of the other way round.
1717 - Mar 2005 - Letters: Orthodox young priest (letter), John David
Recently I attended a Day of Recollection at my Parish church of St Bernadettes Carlton NSW given by Fr Peter Joseph of Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine fame.
1718 - Mar 2005 - Letters: Overseas priests and racism, Fr Peter Joseph
I didnt realise there were so many advocates of the One Nation policy within the Catholic Church.
1719 - Mar 2005 - Letters: Priestly celibacy (letter), Barbara Chigwidden
After listening to an interview on Radio National in which Fr Peter Fitzgerald and Paul Collins openly criticised the Catholic Churchs stance on priestly celibacy I thought it worthwhile to point out a few things they may not have considered.
1720 - Mar 2005 - Adult Education: Sydney Centre for Thomistic Studies continues a great teacher's legacy, Audrey English
The tradition of a teaching which can be understood by the everyday Catholic - with or without higher education - is maintained and just as in the days of the Doc the teaching of the truth continues to appeal to those who search for truth.
1721 - Mar 2005 - A young Catholic's encounter with Latin at Chavagnes International College, Alexander Morrison
My brother and I come from a practising Catholic family but before going to Chavagnes we had not been exposed to anything other than the Mass in English in our local parish.
1722 - Mar 2005 - Culture: Secularism, not religion, is threatened with extinction, David Quinn
Evangelicals voted overwhelmingly for Bush but so did a majority of Catholics and a clear majority of Mass-going Catholics.
1723 - Mar 2005 - Church's future lies with orthodoxy, not dissent, Fr Paul Stuart
The following is a rebuttal by Fr Paul Stuart former Director of Vocations and Dean of Students at the Corpus Christi Seminary Melbourne Archdiocese of the dissenting views of Fr Eric Hodgens in the January 2005 edition of Online Catholics which were widely reported in the media including The Australian Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age.
1724 - Mar 2005 - Dissent: Notes from a theology unit at Australian Catholic University
The following are some of the lecture notes and observations of a student who recently undertook a unit in the Diploma of Religious Education at a Sydney campus of Australian Catholic University.
1725 - Mar 2005 - News: The Church Around the World
Archbishop Hart: importance of Confession In his Pastoral Letter for Lent 2005 Archbishop Hart referred to the tsunami of sin and evil in our lives and encouraged all Catholics to return to the Sacrament of Penance during Lent.
1726 - Mar 2005 - Vocations: Australian diocesan seminary numbers continue to increase, Michael Gilchrist
Wagga Wagga enjoys the best ratio of priests to Catholic population in the country and has the youngest average age for its priests.
1727 - Feb 2005 - Books: A Christian Apocalypse:The Sexual Abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, 1884-2004, David Williams
A CHRISTIAN APOCALYPSE: The Sexual Abuse crisis in the Catholic Church 1884-2004 (Tamanaraik Press Melbourne 2004 $34.
1728 - Feb 2005 - Books: Turning Towards the Lord: Orientation in Liturgical Prayer, Michael Gilchrist
These phenomena highlight the confusion that continues to bedevil the Catholic Church regarding liturgical reform and the gulf that often exists between what the Council mandated and what was later implemented in its name by experts.
1729 - Feb 2005 - Letters: Ten Commandments (letter), Arthur Negus
Where is the turnoff to Catholic graduates in exhorting them to respect human life and to always tell the truth?
1730 - Feb 2005 - Letters: The New Mass (letter), Fr G.H. Duggan SM
In fact when the New Mass first appeared Peter Berger an eminent sociologist - not a Catholic but not unfriendly to the Church - commented that if an evil genius was seeking a means of destroying the Catholic Church this is the kind of thing he would have devised.
1731 - Feb 2005 - Letters: School leavers (letter), Mrs M.A. Ross
The first part of his current contribution to AD2000 (November) was no exception except that he did not go far enough when he said that graduates from Catholic schools are drawn into Pentecostal Protestantism or unbelief.
1732 - Feb 2005 - Letters: Society of St Pius X (letter), Anthony Bono
John Youngs reference to the Society of St Pius X (SSPX) as unlawful (November AD2000) was unfortunate (and debatable) especially for those Catholics like myself who have difficulty finding Novus Ordo parishes where liturgical abuses do not occur regularly even at times putting the validity of Masses in doubt.
1733 - Feb 2005 - Letters: Catholic youth (letter), Jim Brown
What this all adds up to is that on the whole young Catholic people do not believe in God.
1734 - Feb 2005 - Letters: Fiji example (letter), Tom King
The crisis within the Catholic Church in Australia is an issue that must not be swept under the carpet by those laity or management people who have presided over this betrayal and sad neglect over the previous several decades.
1735 - Feb 2005 - Letters: Revival of faith (letter), Errol P. Duke
Similarly when all bishops unite strongly to use the Catholic Catechism as the basis for faith formation in schools and parishes a faith revival may then begin to occur.
1736 - Feb 2005 - Letters: Religion inquiry (letter), Jeff Tan
In the United States modern-day Catholic apologists over the Internet e.
1737 - Feb 2005 - Marriage: Why gay marriage is a self-contradiction, Peter Reynolds
Here at Georgetown the oldest Catholic university in America relativism is all-pervasive.
1738 - Feb 2005 - Events: Thomas More Centre to host US publisher dedicated to Catholic social teachings, Anthony Cappello
The recently published Compendium of the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church specifies a vision of a just society and through its pages it provides a way on how this could be achieved.
1739 - Feb 2005 - Religious Life: Faith and Reason: for a true renewal in religious life and the Church, Sr Mary Augustine OP
Catholics are still suffering under the ministrations of faithless guides who roam from country to country and diocese to diocese spreading dissenting opinions among people who do not seem to scent the incongruity.
1740 - Feb 2005 - Education: State Aid: answering the critics' arguments, Fr Matthew Kirby
Fr Matthew Kirby is a priest of the Anglican Catholic Church and a Years 11 and 12 physics teacher at the St Marys Campus of All Saints College in Maitland NSW.
1741 - Feb 2005 - Timor Leste: Australia and East Timor: a Timorese Salesian Brother's impressions, Br Marcal Lopes
Last February I arrived in Australia from Timor Leste to embark on studies for a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership at Australian Catholic University.
1742 - Feb 2005 - The Church in Australia 2005: can the tide be turned?, Michael Gilchrist
If one wishes to report on positive things happening in the Catholic Church in Australia today there are plentiful examples.
1743 - Feb 2005 - News: The Church Around the World
Cardinal Pell had asked the Catholic agency Centacare to develop the program saying he believed very strongly in the importance of such a service in offering assistance to all women including those who felt they had no one to turn to for help.
1744 - Feb 2005 - Editorial: Year of the Eucharist: a time to get serious, Michael Gilchrist
Meanwhile much of the present-day problem goes back to inadequate teaching on the Eucharist in Catholic schools over a long period including insufficient encouragement of reverence among pupils.
1745 - Dec 2004 - Books: Inspiring Christmas Gifts
95 The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible Scott Hahn amp; Curtis Mitch Based on the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition this study guide leads readers through a penetrating examination of Saint Pauls Letters to the Corinthians using the biblical text and the Churchs guidelines.
1746 - Dec 2004 - Books: Making Sense of Private Revelations, by Fr Paul Newton, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
Available from AD Books) At some time or other most Catholics come across private revelations usually in the form of reports of apparitions of Our Lady with accompanying messages.
1747 - Dec 2004 - Books: Theology of the Church, by Cardinal Charles Journet, Michael Gilchrist
Among his great contributions to Catholic theology was his massive two-volume work of ecclesiology The Church of the Word Incarnate which examined the nature and meaning of the Church according to the categories of Aristotelian causality: material formal efficient and final.
1748 - Dec 2004 - Letters: Nihilism (letter), Robert Prinzen-Wood
Notice also the greatest attack coming from these fanatical nihilists is directed at the Catholic Church.
1749 - Dec 2004 - Letters: Graham Greene a Catholic? (letter), Malcolm Mackinnon
Was Graham Greene a Catholic?
1750 - Dec 2004 - Letters: Catholic youth (letter), Robert Denahy
The nine answers that Father Frank Brennan gives to our searching Catholic youth will not solve the problem of the approximate 95 percent failure rate in Catholic education.
1751 - Dec 2004 - Letters: Orthodoxy succeeds (letter), Fr Adrian Head
We also have among our listeners many who are non-Christian and who convert to the Catholic Faith because through our transmissions they have discovered the beauty and the truth of Christianity.
1752 - Dec 2004 - Archbishop Fulton Sheen: 25th anniversary, Martin Tobin
Sheen: An American Catholic Response to the Twentieth Century by Kathleen Riley Associate Professor of the Ohio Dominican University.
1753 - Dec 2004 - New Evangelisation: Rebuilding a lost Faith, Fr John Walter
Priests throughout Australia are struggling with the hard fact that the numbers of practising Catholics continue to drop disastrously.
1754 - Dec 2004 - Liturgy: Redemptionis Sacramentum on the liturgical rights of the faithful, CDF
It is the Catholic communitys right that the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist should be carried out for it in such a manner that it truly stands out as a sacrament of unity to the exclusion of all blemishes and actions that might engender divisions and factions in the church (12).
1755 - Dec 2004 - English language: Will Rome ensure the completion of an improved Mass translation?, William Oddie
Sometime during the 1970s in Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches throughout the English-speaking world a strange (and for many unwelcome) kind of language began to issue forth from the mouths of clergy and faithful.
1756 - Dec 2004 - Administration: Cardinal Pell: Church administrators must put Christ's mission first, Cardinal George Pell
In each field of every Catholic bureaucracy and in every agency what matters is recognising resources as opportunities for spreading the Kingdom of God.
1757 - Dec 2004 - Gone fishing: Catholic Earthcare Australia adopts discredited Green agenda, Pat Byrne
Policies backed by Catholic Earthcare Australia in Let the Many Coastlands be Glad will put thousands out of work and environmentally damage the Great Barrier Reef and other Pacific reefs.
1758 - Dec 2004 - News: The Church Around the World
The Archbishop recalled that he grew up in a time when being Catholic and being a Democrat almost always went together.
1759 - Dec 2004 - US and Australian election results: the cultural revolution challenged, Michael Gilchrist
The Catholic and Anglican Archbishops of Sydney and Melbourne entered the debate over funding of religious schools high- lighting their important role in preserving a Christian culture in society.
1760 - Dec 2004 - Editorial: Religious literacy: why not a national inquiry?, Michael Gilchrist
Perhaps the Catholic Church should take a leaf out of Dr Nelsons book with the launching of its own national inquiry into the religious literacy and practice levels among Catholics and how any deficiencies might be remedied.
1761 - Nov 2004 - Books: More new titles from AD Books
95 The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible Scott Hahn amp; Curtis Mitch Based on the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition this study guide leads readers through a penetrating examination of Saint Pauls Letters to the Corinthians using the biblical text and the Churchs guidelines.
1762 - Nov 2004 - Books: From East to West You Gather a People, by Fr Russell Hardiman, Brian Peachey
FROM EAST TO WEST You Gather a People Being Catholic in Australia Through Eight Generations From the Convict Era to the New Millennium by Fr Russell Hardiman (Hesperian Press 460pp hard cover $88.
1763 - Nov 2004 - Events: 4 Dec 2004 - International Movement of Catholic Students Australia (Victoria)
International Movement of Catholic Students Australia (Victoria) Meeting at Cardinal Knox Centre 10.
1764 - Nov 2004 - Letters: Extraordinary ministers of Communion (letter), Leon Voesenek
Elizabeth Harrington education officer with the Brisbane Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission wrote in her column Liturgy Lines (The Catholic Leader 22 August 2004): I attended Mass where no extraordinary ministers were used .
1765 - Nov 2004 - Letters: Archbishop Mannix and State Aid (letter), T.A. Rigg
Hoysteds letter (October AD2000) regarding the people who should receive the credit for achieving financial assistance to Catholic and other Independent schools.
1766 - Nov 2004 - Letters: State Aid (letter), George Caruana JP
Catholic schools and all other schools owe the existence of State Aid to Gough Whitlam and his then Education Minister Kim Beazley Snr and not to the Democratic Labor Party.
1767 - Nov 2004 - Letters: Young Catholics (letter), Nola Viney
Meanwhile older Catholics are holding the fort.
1768 - Nov 2004 - Letters: Crisis of faith (letter), Errol P. Duke
Lack of religious practice by young Catholics is not because of a rule book emphasis clerical celibacy or a failure to respect the primacy of conscience.
1769 - Nov 2004 - Letters: Pastoral problems (letter), Fr Frank Brennan SJ
I share AD2000s concern about statistics on the miniscule belief and practices of todays young Catholics (October AD2000 p.
1770 - Nov 2004 - Letters: Reporting abuses (letter), E. Makaus
Abuses that are reported by concerned Catholics are perpetrated openly because too many people are acquiescent while others are either too timid to disapprove or object and find it easier to remain passive.
1771 - Nov 2004 - Letters: The Passion of the Christ (letter), Arnold Jago
But now he says Im convinced that the Church founded by Christ is the Roman Catholic Church.
1772 - Nov 2004 - Obituary: RIP Michael Davies - The passing of a true defender of the Faith, Michael Foley
Michael Foley who provides this pen portrait and appreciation is a Melbourne Catholic who has himself been actively involved in the Latin Mass movement in Australia since the early 1970s and was a personal friend of Michael Davies.
1773 - Nov 2004 - Education: Where secular humanism is triumphing over the Gospel, Fr John Walter
For ten years he was founding Editor of The Priest for the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy.
1774 - Nov 2004 - Liturgy: Ad-libbing in the Mass: Does it really matter?, John Young
This should be enough to cause any Catholic to avoid them for Christ gave the Apostles and their successors the Pope and bishops the power of binding and loosing in Gods name.
1775 - Nov 2004 - Deer Park: Transforming our secular culture: the role of women, Marcia Riordan
com/icon) by young Melbourne priest Fr Paul Newton in the parish of St Peter Chanel Deer Park has sought to give solid Catholic instruction to young adults aged about 20-40 years who have too often says Fr Newton been the forgotten bracket in the Church.
1776 - Nov 2004 - Orthodoxy: Anglican Synod 2004: Are liberal Anglicanism's days numbered?, Rev Nigel Zimmerman
This was due to the combined efforts of the growing Gospel-centred Evangelical conglomerate of Sydney Diocese and the smaller but also Gospel-centred Anglo-Catholics from around the country.
1777 - Nov 2004 - British Catholic writers call for a better Mass translation, AD2000 Report
The Mass is a mess says a British Catholic writers group.
1778 - Nov 2004 - News: The Church Around the World
He mentioned that Sunday homilies can be an appropriate time to explain the teachings and liturgical traditions of the Church - in fact homilies provide the main channel of religious formation for most Catholics.
1779 - Nov 2004 - Ad limina: The Pope calls for strong leadership from New Zealand's Bishops, Michael Gilchrist
The Pope was particularly concerned at the spiritual health of New Zealands Catholic schools especially their catechetical programs.
1780 - Oct 2004 - Books: The Two Wings Of Catholic Thought, edited by D.R. Foster, J.W. Koterski SJ, Br Christian Moe FSC
THE TWO WINGS OF CATHOLIC THOUGHT: Essays on Fides et ratio edited by D.
1781 - Oct 2004 - Books: The Organic Development of the Liturgy, by Alcuin Reid OSB, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
In describing organic development and deviations from it he takes us back before the Liturgical Movement to some surprising attempts at reforming Catholic worship such as the Synod of Pistoia (1786).
1782 - Oct 2004 - Books: The Ceremonies Of The Roman Rite Described, Fortescue,O'Connell, Alcuin Reid, Msgr. Peter J. Elliott
But anyone who reads this classical guide should come to understand why some Catholics are so attached to a noble form of the Mass.
1783 - Oct 2004 - Letters: Catholic Doctors' Association of Victoria (letter), Dr Dominica Ho
I wish to draw the attention of your readers to the recently formed Catholic Doctors Association of Victoria.
1784 - Oct 2004 - Letters: Come As You Are? (letter), Brigid P. McKenna
In taking issue with Cathy Cleary (July AD2000) regarding the parody of Come As You Are Peter Hannigan (August AD2000) seems to misunderstand the concerns of this Catholic mother viz keeping children within the fold of our Catholic faith and its promise of eternal salvation.
1785 - Oct 2004 - Letters: Graham Greene (letter), Thomas A. Watkin
Greene we are told can at once be portrayed as a communist or a Catholic an angel or a devil a man of great confidence or a man at sea.
1786 - Oct 2004 - Letters: State Aid (letter), Alan A. Hoysted
In November 1963 Liberal PM Robert Menzies included in his election policy funding for science blocks in Independent and Catholic schools.
1787 - Oct 2004 - Letters: Pastoral letters (letter), Charles Francis, AM
Pastoral letters from bishops now come on such a variety of subjects that the bewildered Catholic wonders whether the next letter will emphasise the fundamentals of our faith or will it be some pantheistic pastoral discussing the sanctity of the barrier reef?
1788 - Oct 2004 - The Pope's Encyclical on the Eucharist, Sr Mary Augustine OP
Right now we of the Catholic Church are being required by our Pope to make an examination of conscience with regard to our attitudes to and conduct of the Sacred Liturgy - and in particular the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
1789 - Oct 2004 - Society: Why marriage should receive greater government support, Michael Casanova
As the Catechism of the Catholic Church says: The importance of the family for the life and well-being of society entails a particular responsibility for society to support and strengthen marriage and the family.
1790 - Oct 2004 - Books: Be Not Afraid: Cardinal George Pell's new book to be launched in November
In the year 1821 the pioneer missionary priest Fr John Joseph Therry recently arrived in the Colony of New South Wales from Ireland began construction of the first Catholic church to be erected in Australia.
1791 - Oct 2004 - Liturgy: Why priests should stick to the Mass texts, Bishop T.J. Paprocki
A person baptised or received into the Catholic Church voluntarily assumes the obligation to observe the laws of the Church.
1792 - Oct 2004 - University: International Movement of Catholic Students Australia, Aaron Russell
To its critics an international body of young Catholics meeting once a year must seem like a token response at best.
1793 - Oct 2004 - Society: US bishops call on Catholic institutions to oppose culture of death, Patrick Reilly
The incidence of American Catholic colleges and universities hosting abortion-rights advocates has grown so much that the US Bishops Conference recently asked Church-related institutions to refrain from honouring those who act in defiance of Church teachings.
1794 - Oct 2004 - News: The Church around the World
The priests preface their letter of opposition by saying that as Roman Catholic clergy our life and work includes pastoral care for mentally incapacitated people and those close to them.
1795 - Oct 2004 - Today's non-practising young Catholics: are Church conservatives to blame?, Michael Gilchrist
Statistics on the miniscule belief and practice levels of todays young Catholics are undeniable.
1796 - Sep 2004 - Reflection: Why the priesthood is absolutely necessary, Fr John O'Neill
The priest of the Catholic Church by the Sacrament of Order keeps going on earth God the Sons eternal love for God the Father and mankind whom He created; and that love is in the Divine Nature our source and purpose of existence and absolutely necessary.
1797 - Sep 2004 - Books: More new titles from AD Books
00 Letters to a Young Catholic George Weigel One of the worlds leading writers on the Catholic Church George Weigel offers a profound statement of belief and a remarkable tour of the global Church.
1798 - Sep 2004 - Books: Catholic Family Catechism: 2004 Disciples Edition with 50 Questions and Answers, Fr Peter Murphy
CATHOLIC FAMILY CATECHISM: Disciples Edition with 50 Questions and Answers by Rev.
1799 - Sep 2004 - Books: Interrupted Journeys: Young Refugees from Hitler's Reich, by Alan Gill, Michael Gilchrist
Archbishop Mannix and the Catholic Church (including its schools) are involved in a number of interesting episodes with a few less than edifying.
1800 - Sep 2004 - Books: The Decline and Fall of the Catholic Church in America, by David Carlin, Fr James Schall SJ
THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN AMERICA by David Carlin (Sophia Institute Press 2003 300pp hardback $49.
1801 - Sep 2004 - Books: The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity, by Philip Jenkins, John Barich
While Rome was the centre most Catholics lived in the Middle East and Northern Europe had not been evangelised.
1802 - Sep 2004 - Letters: Moral relativism, Tim Coyle
Moral relativism has led to the ridiculous situation in Queensland where legal brothels are seen by hierarchical and leading Catholic legal figures to be an improvement or a good and therefore to be supported.
1803 - Sep 2004 - Letters: Maronite Church, L.L. Booth
Not only was that church packed with standing room only but the number of young people mainly young males between 18 and 25 was greater than one would find in an ordinary Catholic church taking all the Masses on a Sunday into consideration.
1804 - Sep 2004 - Letters: State Aid, George Caruana JP
I wish to comment on the article by Cardinal Pell Catholic education: triumph over adversity (July AD2000).
1805 - Sep 2004 - Letters: Permissiveness, Ena Makaus
Cathy might also re-acquaint herself with the teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (e.
1806 - Sep 2004 - Letters: 'King Arthur' an anti-Catholic movie, Fr Brian Harrison
I have just been to see the new movie King Arthur in the hope that a film based on a famously Christian (even if semi-legendary) hero of antiquity might perhaps present the fifth century Catholic ethos in a favourable light.
1807 - Sep 2004 - Adult education: Latin language course in Melbourne
An intensive Latin course and an adult religious education program based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church are to be conducted by the Fraternity of St Peter in Melbourne.
1808 - Sep 2004 - Why not a little Latin in the liturgy?, Angus Sibley
In the days when Mass was said in words inaudible to all Mass-goers and unintelligible to many or most Catholic churches were crowded.
1809 - Sep 2004 - Events: Carnivale Christi Melbourne to celebrate Graham Greene's centenary, Liam Houlihan
To honour Greene a Melbourne Catholic arts festival - Carnivale Christi - will be screening the cinematic adaptations of Greenes novels: The Tenth Man The End of the Affair Fallen Idol and the Orson Welles classic The Third Man for which Greene wrote the screenplay.
1810 - Sep 2004 - Mission: Sydney seminary's evangelisation program revitalises parish, Bishop Julian Porteous
I think it is important for seminarians to participate in parish missions because it exposes us to the work of evangelisation a work that is a vital part of the priestly life in the Catholic Church in Australia today.
1811 - Sep 2004 - Sydney Catholic Adult Education Centre courses prove popular, Peter Holmes
Readers may recall an earlier report on the launch of new courses by the Catholic Adult Education Centre (CAEC) in Sydney (see Melbourne and Sydney initiatives to educate adults in the Catholic faith February 2004 AD2000).
1812 - Sep 2004 - Mass Attendance: Where have all the worshippers gone?, Fr Martin Durham
It is Catholic teaching for example that the Blessed Eucharist is not just a symbol but that a real change takes place at the Consecration (see John Ch 6).
1813 - Sep 2004 - Terrorist attacks on Iraqi Christians, Catholic World News
Five Christian churches in Iraq including Chaldean Catholic churches were attacked with bombs on Sunday evening 1 August killing 11 and wounding more than 50.
1814 - Sep 2004 - Books: Exposing 'The Da Vinci Code' fraud, James Hitchcock
James Hitchcock is a professor of history at St Louis University and a prolific writer on Catholic topics.
1815 - Sep 2004 - Pulp Fiction: Religious illiteracy and 'The Da Vinci Code', Fr Martin Tierney
Fr Martin Tierney a regular columnist in The Irish Catholic writes for an Irish readership but his remarks apply equally to Australia.
1816 - Sep 2004 - News: The Church Around the World
Vatican document on feminism On 31 July the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) released a 37-page Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and in the World which proposes the Catholic alternative to radical feminism and gender ideology.
1817 - Sep 2004 - Morwell: Vatican decision backs parish priests who uphold Church teachings, Michael Gilchrist
A recent Vatican Decree in relation to an Australian priest has set a precedent of support for priests prepared to uphold Catholic teachings in their parishes even in the face of some opposition or unpopularity.
1818 - Aug 2004 - Reflection: Why teaching in a Catholic school is far more than a profession, Fr Dennis Byrnes
As the Church reminds us: The Catholic school has an ecclesial identity because it is part of the evangelising mission of the Church (The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium 1997).
1819 - Aug 2004 - Books: More new titles for 2004 from AD Books
The Principles of Christian Morality Here are significant contributions from leading Catholic scholars on the link between Christian morality and the Scriptures.
1820 - Aug 2004 - Books: Interview with the author of 'The Da Vinci Hoax', Carl E. Olsen
You feel The Da Vinci Code attacks Catholicism and Christianity.
1821 - Aug 2004 - Books: A Guide To The Passion Of The Christ : 100 Questions, Fr Scot Armstrong STL
The books conversational style and simple direct presentation make it an extremely useful evangelising tool most especially for youth and unevangelised or fallen away Catholics.
1822 - Aug 2004 - Books: DANIEL MANNIX: Wit and Wisdom, by Michael Gilchrist, Hermann Kelly
Irish Catholic reviews Michael Gilchrists Daniel Mannix DANIEL MANNIX: Wit and Wisdom by Michael Gilchrist (Freedom Publishing 2004 312pp $24.
1823 - Aug 2004 - Letters: Gospel dates, Jack R. Nyman
About two years ago I heard an academic from a Catholic institution tell an audience that all of the New Testament had been written after AD 70 and that since this was at least forty years after the death of Jesus nobody would remember what Jesus had said and done and that we could not be sure of the sense in which He was divine.
1824 - Aug 2004 - The Catholic Church and the Greens: why?, Tony Kearney
He was a co-founder of the Federation of Parents and Friends of the Catholic Schools of Tasmania in 1959 and its President until 1964 and a member of several educational bodies in the Hobart Archdiocese.
1825 - Aug 2004 - History: Catholic education: triumph over adversity, Cardinal George Pell
This article is adapted from Cardinal Pells comments made at the launch of From the Murray to the Sea: The History of Catholic Education in the Ballarat Diocese by Dr Jill Blee at St Patricks Cathedral Hall 18 May 2004.
1826 - Aug 2004 - Bioethics: Embryo stem-cell research: time for a moral benchmark, Christopher Pyne MP
I am a Catholic but I think all the churches share a common view of what the theology of the Incarnation has to offer on this crucial question.
1827 - Aug 2004 - Catholic politicians and informed conscience, Bishop Michael Sheridan
Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs responded last June in his diocesan paper The Herald to critics of his earlier strong stance in a pastoral letter regarding pro-abortion Catholic politicians and voters not receiving Holy Communion.
1828 - Aug 2004 - Getting serious about orthodoxy: an American bishop shows how, Michael Gilchrist
Explaining his initiative Bishop Vasa said he connected the scandal of clerical child abuse with the widespread legitimisation of dissent from Catholic teaching: I have become increasing convinced that there may be another much more subtle form of episcopal negligence which also has the potential to harm children not only emotionally and physically but primarily spiritually.
1829 - Aug 2004 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Spanish policies on family concern Pope Pope John Paul II hinted at misgivings over the policies of the new Spanish Government as he welcomed its new ambassador on 18 June 18.
1830 - Aug 2004 - Editorial: New challenges for Catholic education, Peter Westmore
It is easy to forget the vital role of the Catholic education system which alone for almost a century upheld the right of parents to a faith-based education for their children.
1831 - Jul 2004 - Reflection: No time to pray? Try contemplation, Fr Leo J. Trese
the average Catholic probably would answer.
1832 - Jul 2004 - Books: More new titles for 2004 from AD Books
00 100 Activities Based on the Catechism Ellen Rossini This is an invaluable resource providing a host of practical ideas to assist with RE teaching based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
1833 - Jul 2004 - Books: Ethics and the National Economy, by Heinrich Pesch, John Williamson
First issued in 1918 part of its importance to Catholic social teaching is that it served as a bridge between Pope Leo XIIIs Rerum Novarum and Pius XIs Quadragesimo Anno.
1834 - Jul 2004 - Books: An Essay on the Restoration of Property, by Hilaire Belloc, John Ballantyne
It like a brace of other Belloc works deals with the subject of economics from a distinctly traditional Catholic perspective but without rubbing the readers nose in it.
1835 - Jul 2004 - Books: Flee To the Fields - The Founding Papers of the Catholic Land Movement, Peter Chojnowski
The State should rededicate itself to the common rather than the private good FLEE TO THE FIELDS: The Founding Papers of the Catholic Land Movement Introduction by Dr Tobias Lanz and original preface by Hilaire Belloc (IHS Press 2003 153pp $24.
1836 - Jul 2004 - Letters: No kneelers (letter)
Catholic churches should look like the sacred places that they are.
1837 - Jul 2004 - Letters: Parish concerns (letter), Peter Gilet
The Catholic population of our town is small aged and steadily diminishing.
1838 - Jul 2004 - Letters: Abusive letters, Maureen Federico
Recently on the ABC news the Catholic Church (in this case its education system) was depicted in an unfavourable light.
1839 - Jul 2004 - Letters: Gay lobby (letter), Alan A. Hoysted
Where is the Catholic spirit of old?
1840 - Jul 2004 - Letters: Catholic schools (letter), George Simpson
How can Catholic schools provide such a rigorous curriculum and opportunities of deepening of the Spirit when over 40 percent of teachers freely admit they do not believe in the Real Presence and over half dispute other Church teachings?
1841 - Jul 2004 - Letters: Ineffective system (letter), John Mulholland
If she were she would have been aware of a number of supportive articles on religious teaching in Catholic schools that have previously been published by you.
1842 - Jul 2004 - Eucharistic Adoration: heart of evangelisation, Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM
In my pastoral experience I can vouch that years ago a number of converts initially became motivated to become Catholics more through witnessing crowds and families in hail or shine attending Sunday Masses rather than through reading or enquiring about the Faith as much as this is most important too.
1843 - Jul 2004 - Pastoral Letter: The secular challenges to our faith: how to respond, Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett
The context for the Popes concern about the impact of the secular concept upon Catholic practice in Australia so often comes home to me as I listen to many parents grandparents priests and teachers in our schools who tell me of the pain they feel when their children grandchildren friends and parishioners drift away seeming not to know the reason nor feel the privilege of being part of the Mass.
1844 - Jul 2004 - News: The Church Around the World
Vatican Information Service Cardinal Ratzinger: urgent need of holy priests Problems of materialism need to be addressed The Catholic Church today is in urgent need of holy priests Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger said.
1845 - Jul 2004 - Feminist 'rituals': no substitute for prayer, Joanna Bogle
Joanna Bogle who lives in London is a contributing editor to the US-based Voices newsletter and is active in Catholic movements in England.
1846 - Jul 2004 - Liturgy: New improved English Mass translation nears completion, Michael Gilchhrist
The omission in the present translation of numerous expressions in the Latin text that emphasise a Catholic theological understanding has been rectified in the new translation.
1847 - Jun 2004 - Books: More new titles for 2004 from AD Books
This book is particularly recommended to young Catholics.
1848 - Jun 2004 - Books: Catharine With An 'A', by Edna Keir, Joan Graham
The most inspirational underpinning theme is the unwavering strong belief and adherence to their Catholic Faith and how they applied it to everyday living in an unpretentious matter of fact way.
1849 - Jun 2004 - Books: The Outline Of Sanity, by G.K. Chesterton, Peter Westmore
Too many Catholics who should know better reject or ignore the warnings and admonitions which issued from the popes from Leo XIII to Pius XII and have also remained ignorant of the critiques of the liberal capitalist system which have issued from Catholic intellectuals such as G.
1850 - Jun 2004 - Events: Window Shopping for Non-Catholics, Fr Paul Newton
Non-Catholics come by yourself or with a Catholic friend.
1851 - Jun 2004 - Letters: Catholic books (letter), Frank Carleton
Good quality secondhand Catholic books are available including traditional works of Church history hagiography Holy Scripture spirituality Sacred Liturgy etc.
1852 - Jun 2004 - Letters: Faith and reason (letter), John Kelly
Happily with the establishment of Campion College and the progress of the John Paul II Institute students now have the opportunity to experience an academically and spiritually edifying alternative to the post-modern relativism and ideological restrictiveness that in many of our educational institutions undermine both faith and reason as well as the complementary relationship between the two characteristics of the Catholic tradition.
1853 - Jun 2004 - Letter: Signs of hope (letter), Daniel Attard
My generation has been placed at the mercy of the leaders of the previous generation both secular and religious who instead of being guided by Christian values and Catholic doctrine knelt down before the altar of political correctness and extreme feminism (how dare we refer to God as He).
1854 - Jun 2004 - Letters: Behaviour at Mass (letter), Michael Ryan
Many mature age Catholics seem to have forgotten all that they were taught by their parents and by priests nuns and brothers when they were young.
1855 - Jun 2004 - The importance of beauty in the Liturgy, Christopher Pearson
It was an allusion to the philistine provincialism which has long held sway within Australian Catholicism.
1856 - Jun 2004 - Education: Chavagnes en Paillers: a Catholic college with a Catholic culture, Paul Russell
Last year I wrote a short introduction for AD2000 about the new Catholic boarding college for English-speaking boys in France.
1857 - Jun 2004 - Theology of the Body: Why the silence on the Church's moral teachings?, Audrey Dillon
The following article which first appeared in The Irish Catholic describes a situation which has become prevalent in most Western countries in recent decades.
1858 - Jun 2004 - News: The Church Around the World
Affirm and encourage Catholic schools efforts to celebrate important events and hold prayer services in ways that include the faith traditions present in the school communities (7.
1859 - Jun 2004 - Abortion: 'Pro-choice' issue emerges in US presidential campaign, Michael Gilchrist
Bernard Kenny who is New Jerseys State Senate Majority Leader resigned from the Catholic Church in May over his support for abortion rights and embryonic stem cell research and the Churchs refusal to offer Holy Communion to politicians who have supported these positions publicly.
1860 - Jun 2004 - Editorial: Pentecost: As it was in the beginning ..., Michael Gilchrist
The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains (1076): The Church was made manifest to the world on the day of Pentecost by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
1861 - May 2004 - Reflection: Why the world needs Jesus Christ and Christian models, Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM
Besides my gift of Faith I appeal strongly to Christ because I am a contented Christian and a Catholic priest at that.
1862 - May 2004 - Books: AD Books - More new titles for 2004, Anthony Cappello
At the height of his career be becane a Catholic priest and later a bishop working amongst the poor.
1863 - May 2004 - Books: Why Must I Suffer?, by Francis Remler, Bill Muehlenberg
Helpful recent Catholic treatments would include Peter Kreefts Making Sense Out of Suffering.
1864 - May 2004 - Letters: Catholic schools (letter), Elizabeth Alderton
Instead of sensationalising and bandwagonning about the supposed crisis in Catholic education and playing God in your judgement of parents motive in their sending of their children to Catholic schools how about you pause for one moment and look at the power of the Holy Spirit at work in these microcosms of faith.
1865 - May 2004 - Letters: Eucharistic reverence (letter), Carmel Strong
Indeed the Catholic Churchs teaching on the real presence of Our Lord in the tabernacle ought to be strongly upheld particularly by those who ex professio are duty bound to encourage Eucharistic adoration and at the same time to correct abuses in this regard.
1866 - May 2004 - Letters: God's house (letter), Melanie Costabile
As a young Catholic I wonder what kind of religious instruction the children of today are receiving.
1867 - May 2004 - Liturgy: Cardinal George of Chicago examines post-Vatican II liturgical reforms, Michael Gilchrist
It was extremely important he said that the wonderfully complete vision of the Liturgy earthly united to heavenly as set out in the Vatican II Liturgy Constitution and later in the Catechism of the Catholic Church become better known and then internalised and lived.
1868 - May 2004 - Art: Beauty is very much an attribute of God - Sister Wendy, Sarah Macdonald
It was a very fervent Catholic family her grandfather converted at the behest of her Irish grandmother.
1869 - May 2004 - Education: The religious character of Catholic schools: how can it be enhanced?, Br Paul Macrossan CFC
Br Paul Macrossan who provides this analysis of present-day religious education in Catholic schools is the Diocesan Director of Catholic Missions in Darwin.
1870 - May 2004 - Church in UK welcomes abortion documentary, Anthony Cappello
The Catholic Church in England and Wales has said that a 30-minute TV documentary that was to show footage of an abortion could prove a powerful anti-abortion message highlighting the full horror.
1871 - May 2004 - Ethics: Denial of food and water to patients is 'genuine euthanasia': John Paul II, Michael Casanova
Debate The conference was organised by the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations and the Pontifical Academy for Life a Vatican advisory body and had as its theme Life-Sustaining Treatments and Vegetative State: Scientific Advances and Ethical Dilemmas.
1872 - May 2004 - News: The Church Around the World
For the Church not only played a decisive role in founding the first universities but throughout the centuries she has been a workshop of culture and continues in the same direction today through the Catholic universities and various forms of presence in the vast world of higher education.
1873 - May 2004 - New liturgy document: Rome affirms right of laity to complain about abuses, Michael Gilchrist
Redemptionis Sacramentum states that any Catholic has the right to lodge a complaint to the diocesan Bishop or to the Apostolic See on account of the primacy of the Roman Pontiff.
1874 - Apr 2004 - Reflection: Right is right, even if nobody does it (G.K. Chesterton), Fr F.E. Burns
A good Catholic will always be somewhat out of step with the world.
1875 - Apr 2004 - Books: AD Books - More new titles for 2004
00 The Soul of a Lion Alice von Hildebrand Dietrich von Hildebrand was one of the great Catholic philosophers of the 20th century.
1876 - Apr 2004 - Books: An apology for the revival of Christian Architecture, by Augustus Welby Pugin, Michael Gilchrist
Alongside this his sense of architectural mission was enlivened by his strong Catholic faith.
1877 - Apr 2004 - Books: The Catholic Revival in English Literature 1845-1961, by Ian Ker, Francis Phillips
THE CATHOLIC REVIVAL IN ENGLISH LITERATURE 1845-1961 by Ian Ker (Gracewing 2003 231pp $39.
1878 - Apr 2004 - Letters: Catholic schools
My deep gratitude for the editorial (February AD2000) What is the purpose of Catholic schools?
1879 - Apr 2004 - Whatever happened to reverence at Mass?, Matthew Greene
I once observed a staff member of a Catholic university enter its chapel and in front of the tabernacle take a seat and drink a can of soft drink.
1880 - Apr 2004 - Theology: Fr Aidan Nichols to lecture on von Balthasar in Melbourne, Tracey Rowland
Fr Nichols is one of the leading theologians in the English-speaking world renowned for his knowledge of the history of theological ideas and his special interest in the revival of Catholic culture.
1881 - Apr 2004 - Events: Chesterton conference to be held in Melbourne, Tony Evans
Proving that Chesterton is not the exclusive property of Catholics Dr Race Mathews a leading authority on the history development and future of Distributism has been invited to give a paper.
1882 - Apr 2004 - God 'number one' in East Timor, Paul Russell
God is number one then our families then the nation said one adding that throughout the crises that preceded East Timors nationhood The Catholic Church was very brave.
1883 - Apr 2004 - Events: Adore 2004 Youth Eucharistic Congress, Nicole Osmak
Adore 2004 educated me on almost every aspect of my Catholic faith reaffirming some of the less obvious areas about which I was previously unsure.
1884 - Apr 2004 - Film Review: Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of the Christ': a contemporary masterpiece, David Schütz
Mel Gibsons The Passion of the Christ is a very Catholic version of the passion story.
1885 - Apr 2004 - Books: Archbishop Hart launches new book on Dr Mannix - Daniel Mannix: Wit and Wisdom, Archbishop Dennis Hart
Michael Gilchrist highlights the much broader work he did of forming young Catholic intellectuals so that members of the Church formerly from an underclass and working against tremendous prejudice became reliable citizens and moved into their rightful place in the professions and in public life.
1886 - Apr 2004 - Riccardo Piol of Communion and Liberation makes an impact in Victoria, AD2000 Report
In the evening he gave a public talk in Warragul at the Catholic Education Office chaired by Bishop Coffey who welcomed both Piol and the call to evangelisation.
1887 - Apr 2004 - News: The Church Around the World
Bishop McAreavy who is the episcopal secretary of ICEL citing the phrase lex orandi lex credendi (the law of belief is the law of prayer) told The Irish Catholic that the issues at stake were the integrity of the faith and the unity of the Church.
1888 - Apr 2004 - National Church Life Survey: church-going declines further, Michael Gilchrist
Statistics from the latest National Church Life Survey (NCLS) indicate that attendances at church services in the large Christian denominations including the Catholic Church are continuing to decline.
1889 - Mar 2004 - Books: AD Books - More new titles for 2004
The Primacy of the Church of Rome Margherita Guarducci An acclaimed scholar of ancient literature extending her research to other disciplines Margherita Guarducci provides compelling evidence for the primacy of the Catholic Church.
1890 - Mar 2004 - Books: Lord, Have Mercy : The Healing Power of Confession, by Scott Hahn, Paul Russell
Available from AD Books) The Sacrament of Penance (or Reconciliation) is probably the most misunderstood of the Seven Sacraments of the Church - by Catholics and Non-Catholics alike.
1891 - Mar 2004 - Books: John Henry Newman on the pre-eminent place of the Blessed Virgin in Christianity, Leo Madigan
When Newman became a Catholic in the middle of his long life he didnt come empty-handed.
1892 - Mar 2004 - Letters: African Rosary and Prayer Book Appeal (letter), Obour Isaac
I am Obour Isaac a lay leader at St Michaels Catholic church in Ghana.
1893 - Mar 2004 - Letters: Social Justice Statement (letter)
If Mr Barich reads some European African Middle Eastern South American or Asian history he will find that the Catholic Churchs record has itself been soiled by violence.
1894 - Mar 2004 - World AIDS Day: A Cardinal, AIDS and the BBC, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
This was not simply another attempt to compromise a Catholic leader by selecting parts of a longer interview.
1895 - Mar 2004 - HIV/AIDS: A Catholic approach to AIDS: value-based behaviour change, Sr Miriam Duggan
Her article first appeared in The Irish Catholic.
1896 - Mar 2004 - USA: Pro-abortion politicians put on notice, AD2000
Newly installed Archbishop Raymond Burke of St Louis Missouri continues to make the news with his public insistence that pro-abortion Catholic politicians should not receive the Eucharist.
1897 - Mar 2004 - USA: American bishops critical of their RE texts, Zenit News Service
Nearly two-thirds of high school catechetical materials used throughout the United States are not in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
1898 - Mar 2004 - Ad limina 2004: The 'Statement of Conclusions' five years on, Michael Gilchrist
These meetings resulted in a summary document titled Statement of Conclusions which was signed by the Australian and Curial representatives and later endorsed by the Conference of Australian Catholic Bishops in May 1999.
1899 - Mar 2004 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Catholic World News Apostolic Nuncio speaks to Australian Bishops Points to areas of concern for the Church Archbishop Francesco Canalini the Apostolic Nuncio addressed Australias bishops at the opening of their conference on 26 November 2003 identifying a number of areas of concern that required episcopal action.
1900 - Mar 2004 - Editorial: Archbishop Wilson's challenge for educators, Michael Gilchrist
At a time when many Catholic parents - and not a few teachers - seem to have lost sight of the essential purpose of a Catholic school being concerned more about the secular rather than the moral and spiritual aspects of education Archbishop Philip Wilson of Adelaides recent words to a group of teachers and teacher trainees about to enter the Catholic system for the 2004 school year were a timely reminder of the Churchs educational priorities.
1901 - Feb 2004 - Reflection: The ministerial priesthood: 'truly a gift from God', Fr Dennis W. Byrnes
Catholic tradition These words remind all of us that our faithful God continues to promise His people the effective presence of the pastors that must assemble and guide them according to His heart.
1902 - Feb 2004 - Books: The Rosary : Chain of Hope, by Benedict J. Groeschel CFR, Michael E. Daniel
Available from AD Books) One of the most tangible symbols of Catholicism is the rosary.
1903 - Feb 2004 - Books: Mystical Flora, by St Francis de Sales, Mark Posa
Available from AD Books) At a time when we ordinary Catholics are being assailed by thoughts on the Church by learned theologians who speak in a language which can only confuse it is good to read a book written in language which is easily understood.
1904 - Feb 2004 - Books: Anti-Catholicism in America: The Last Acceptable Prejudice, by Mark S. Massa SJ, Michael Daniel
ANTI-CATHOLICISM IN AMERICA: The Last Acceptable Prejudice by Mark S.
1905 - Feb 2004 - Books: Spiritual Combat Revisited, by Jonathon Robinson, Richard Egan
He utilises the Catechism of the Catholic Church effectively to illustrate how the teaching he is presenting on the spiritual life is the ascetic tradition approved by the Church.
1906 - Feb 2004 - Letters: Clarification, August Magdaleno
I think the Catholic Church for its part should make clarifications on the distinction between homosexual and gay because the former is a condition while the latter describes a choice of lifestyle.
1907 - Feb 2004 - Letters: One-World Church?, Philip Robinson
The report is confirmed by John Vennari editor of Catholic Family News.
1908 - Feb 2004 - Letters: Christ's gift, Wendy Francis
Father Sebastian Camilleris Reflection Why the tabernacle should be centrally located in our churches touches the very heart of our Catholic belief.
1909 - Feb 2004 - Letters: Higher calling, Judy O'Reilly
My own Catholic education and formation instructed me in the doctrine that consecrated celibacy was a higher calling than that of the married state and reflection shows that this must be so.
1910 - Feb 2004 - Letters: Social Justice Statement, John R. Barich
No country is perfect but if one reads the history of the Catholic Church in the Kimberley in From Patrons to Partners commissioned by Bishop Jobst (Bishop Saunders predecessor) one gets a much more balanced view of our treatment of our Aboriginal brothers and sisters.
1911 - Feb 2004 - Interview: Scott Hahn interviewed on Dei Verbum : What Vatican II taught about Scripture, Zenit News Service
I think the greatest was the pure distillation of Dei Verbums teaching that appears in the Catechism of the Catholic Church especially Nos.
1912 - Feb 2004 - Melbourne and Sydney initiatives to educate adults in the Catholic faith, Peter Holmes
Amy was struggling to reconcile the content of some of her lectures with her Catholic faith.
1913 - Feb 2004 - Modern church design: 'Spank the architect!', Paul Mees
Understanding architectural modernism as a form of puritanism helps explain why it simply doesnt work for Catholic churches.
1914 - Feb 2004 - News: The Church Around the World
Following this the Holy See announced after a meeting of Catholic and Anglican representatives in December that it was decided that the next plenary session of the International Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission and its work towards the publication and reception of a Common Statement of Faith would be put on hold.
1915 - Feb 2004 - Editorial: What is the purpose of Catholic schools?, Michael Gilchrist
As Australias schools re-open for 2004 a recent front page report in the Brisbane Archdioceses Catholic Leader (23 November 2003) headlined Religion not a factor provides food for thought.
1916 - Dec 2003 - Books: AD Books - A happy and a holy Christmas!
95 Catholic Social Teaching Theodor Herr Professor Herr examines the basic issues in formulating Christian doctrine on social questions the problems of economic and industrial life and the kind of political order needed for full human development.
1917 - Dec 2003 - Books: You Are Peter, by Olivier Clément, Peter Westmore
In that year the Pope issued an Encyclical letter Ut unum sint (That they may be one) in which he requested a dialogue within the Catholic Church and between Christians on the future exercise of the Petrine office as a means of bringing together the disparate components of Christianity.
1918 - Dec 2003 - Books: Adventures in Orthodoxy, by Dwight Longenecker, Richard Egan
Available from AD Books) Longenecker a former Anglican priest now a Catholic writer presents us with a refreshing and insightful look at the articles of the Apostles Creed.
1919 - Dec 2003 - Books: Confirmed in the Faith, by Dora Nash, Joanna Bogle
Here it is at last - packed with good material solidly Catholic attractive to handle and in a format young people will find most satisfying.
1920 - Dec 2003 - Letters: Perth homeschooling conference, Lorraine Haydon
Perth will be holding its second Catholic Homeschooling Conference on Saturday 29 November.
1921 - Dec 2003 - Letters: Unwarranted school closure, Maurice McGrath
Parents students and staff of a Catholic secondary school McAuley College have been shocked by an announcement of its proposod closure at the end of this year.
1922 - Dec 2003 - Letters: Heresies, John K. Hannon
I hope that my fellow-Catholics are aware that we are living through one of the great periods of world history - the last of the great heresies of the Roman Catholic Church.
1923 - Dec 2003 - Letters: Voice of the Faithful, St Michael's Group
Mary Ruth Monsours warning of the establishment here in Australia of the US body Voice of the Faithful (Dissident US group establishing a foothold in Australia September AD2000) is timely and certainly should concern loyal Catholics.
1924 - Dec 2003 - Letters: Inspiring article, Thomas Jones
This is a shameful act of disrespect towards the Real Presence in the tabernacle which traditionally has always been located in a prominent place in our Catholic churches encouraging frequent adoration visits to the Blessed Sacrament.
1925 - Dec 2003 - Letters: Common sense, Michael Barry
The common sense reasons he provides for this - and Canon Law which the trendoids ignore - I believe reflect the thinking of the vast majority of genuine Catholics.
1926 - Dec 2003 - Letters: Centrality of tabernacle, Marie Cassey
Australia has a proud heritage of churches built in the tradition of our Holy Catholic Faith.
1927 - Dec 2003 - Letters: Social Justice Statement, Michael Barr
The Bible contains passages that can be read in a similar way and the history of the Catholic Church is vulnerable to similar criticism.
1928 - Dec 2003 - Social Justice Statement 2003: a response from Bishop Saunders
It is unfortunate that Richard Egans article regarding the Australian Catholic Bishops Social Justice Statement (November AD2000) presented such a biased reading of a thoughtful and hope-filled message.
1929 - Dec 2003 - BOOKS: DANIEL MANNIX : Wit and Wisdom - new edition, Michael Gilchrist
Lastly I consulted a wide range of contemporary newspapers and journals covering a 50 year period - religious and secular Catholic and non-Catholic - many of which have not been quoted from substantially elsewhere.
1930 - Dec 2003 - EVENTS: Adore 2004: a Eucharistic Congress for youth
There will be talks on Eucharistic themes from Msgr Peter Elliott Robert Haddad (who works with the Sydney University Catholic Chaplaincy) Fr Peter Joseph and several visiting US speakers.
1931 - Dec 2003 - VOCATIONS: Melbourne's 'Hearts on Fire' vocations congress a success, Fr Paul Stuart
There was also a good representation of Catholic groups and agencies that provide services to families youth the destitute aboriginals education the sick and dying as well as sacred art and music.
1932 - Dec 2003 - INTERVIEW: New Melbourne and Sydney Religious Education texts, Msgr Peter Elliott
The texts are based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
1933 - Dec 2003 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News John Paul IIs new Apostolic Exhortation Pastores Gregis sets out the nature and functions of the episcopal office Pope John Paul II signed the Postsynodal Apostolic Exhortation Pastores Gregis on 16 October.
1934 - Dec 2003 - John Paul II's 25th anniversary: the impact of his teachings, Cardinal George Pell
He was always a disciple of Jesus Christ Catholic and Polish as he attempted to explain and relate eternal truths to the tragedy and muddle of 20th century life.
1935 - Nov 2003 - Reflection: Cardinal Pell on Pope St Gregory the Great and the duties of bishops, Cardinal George Pell
Many Australians think of the Catholic Church as a source of many things: nearly everything in fact except genuine religion - worship prayer and spiritual wisdom.
1936 - Nov 2003 - Books: Great books at the best prices!
95 Denzigers Sources of Catholic Dogma In this age of doctrinal latitude and speculative innovation there is a pressing need for a comprehensive source book on authentic Catholic dogma that is both practical and accessible.
1937 - Nov 2003 - Books: Built On A Hilltop: Good Shepherd Sisters in WA 1902-2002, by Geraldine Byrne, Anthony Cappello
00 plus postage) The Catholic contribution to the Australian nation has been both significant and inspirational.
1938 - Nov 2003 - Letters: Letter from India
I am 60 years old a diocesan priest belonging to the Catholic Diocese of Salem.
1939 - Nov 2003 - Letters: Hypocrisy (letter), Frank Bellet
Catholic politicians Laurie Brereton (Labor) and Christopher Pyne (Liberal) when questioned on the Vaticans stance on same sex unions opined: There is a need for the separation of Church and State.
1940 - Nov 2003 - Education: The Catholic Church's one Founder, Fr John O'Neill
Even after 2000 years it is still necessary to defend indeed to explain that the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ our Lord the Incarnate Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.
1941 - Nov 2003 - Letters: The Mass? (letter), Kevin McBride
As a very ordinary Catholic I am sometimes confused perhaps uncomfortable with the galaxy of names presented for what is in my understanding simply the Mass.
1942 - Nov 2003 - Letters: Vatican II, Peter D. Howard
subsists in the Catholic Church (8) Fr Hardon describes as unequivocal (i.
1943 - Nov 2003 - Letters: Celibacy (letter), Kim Albertini
John Youngs article on celibacy being superior to marriage beckons the thought as to why none of this is mentioned in the new Catechism of the Catholic Church.
1944 - Nov 2003 - Interview: Vatican Cardinal praises Mel Gibson's film 'The Passion'
I would like all our Catholic priests throughout the world to see this film.
1945 - Nov 2003 - Vocations: Father James Gould and the hallmarks of successful vocations promotion, Michael Rose
This he says gave him a chance to look into the eyes of parishioners and talk directly to them about fostering and promoting vocations to the priesthood in the Catholic Church.
1946 - Nov 2003 - Melbourne's Caroline Chisholm Library passes ten year mark, Michael C.C. Ryan
Caroline Chisholm Library is a legatee of the Central Catholic Library.
1947 - Nov 2003 - Vocations: Missionaries of God's Love congregation flourishes in Canberra, Mary Pidcock
After finishing their novitiate in Canberra and making their initial profession the students come to Melbourne to undertake studies at Catholic Theological College.
1948 - Nov 2003 - Melbourne on course despite brain drain, Fr Paul Stuart
Catholics in Melbourne who define their Catholicism with the term orthodox and who are labelled by some therefore as conservative are watching with some trepidation the exodus of their luminaries to Sydney.
1949 - Nov 2003 - Social Justice Statements: in whose name should they be published?, Richard Egan
The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference released their latest Social Justice Sunday Statement in September.
1950 - Nov 2003 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
He said he assumed many Catholic priests are homosexual but was not troubled by that fact as long as they maintained their vows of celibacy.
1951 - Nov 2003 - John Paul II elevates Archbishop George Pell to the College of Cardinals, Michael Gilchrist
Catholic population With a population of roughly five million Catholics Australia would normally be entitled to just one voting cardinal since worldwide on average there are about seven million Catholics for each cardinal under 80.
1952 - Nov 2003 - Editorial: Anglicanism at the crossroads, Peter Westmore
In a meeting with Archbishop Williams in Rome Pope John Paul II warned him that new and serious difficulties in Catholic-Anglican relations had emerged as a result of the decisions.
1953 - Oct 2003 - Reflection: Why the tabernacle should be centrally located in our churches, Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM
At the time as he stood up he whispered to me: Dear Father indeed this is a real Catholic church befitting the Real Presence of Christ in the tabernacle; it is a holy place - you just feel it straight away.
1954 - Oct 2003 - Books: Great books at the best prices!
95 Denzigers Sources of Catholic Dogma In this age of doctrinal latitude and speculative innovation there is a pressing need for a comprehensive source book on authentic Catholic dogma that is both practical and accessible.
1955 - Oct 2003 - Books: Crisis In Religious Education, by Eamonn Keane, Damien Tudehope
The summary on the back cover states the books purpose: Throughout the English-speaking world Catholic religious education has been heavily influenced by the ideas of Thomas Groome.
1956 - Oct 2003 - Liturgical Time Bombs In Vatican II, by Michael Davies, Michael Gilchrist
Available from Saint Benedict Book Centre PO Box 100 Bunyip Vic 3815 (03) 5629-6247 fax (03) 5629-6248; also from AD Books) Those familiar with Michael Davies prolific writings on changes in the Catholic Liturgy since Vatican II will need no introduction to the present work.
1957 - Oct 2003 - Letters: Footy Show (letter), Alan A. Hoysted
Presumably he was referring to the Catholic and Anglican Churches.
1958 - Oct 2003 - Letters: Inspiring hymn (letter), Kevin O'Hagan
Faith of Our Fathers is one of the best statements yet for Christian ecumenism and is very catholic (universal).
1959 - Oct 2003 - Letters: New RE program (letter), Paul Chigwidden
Again on 27 March: At any cost we must be true to all that in so important a matter our first duty requires of us - that our schools be Catholic ones not government ones (Vol 1 pp 283-284 Positio of Mother Mary of the Cross).
1960 - Oct 2003 - Letters: Education crisis (letter), Alex Sharah
Having read Eamonn Keanes Crisis in Religious Education I am not surprised at the failure of our Catholic schools to pass on the faith.
1961 - Oct 2003 - Letters: Thomas Groome (letter), Dr Susan Moore
These materials have been used more and more widely in Australian Catholic schools.
1962 - Oct 2003 - Letters: New bishops (letter), Anne Lastman
I first met him many years ago when I was studying at Australian Catholic University and involved in pro life work.
1963 - Oct 2003 - Letters: Individual confession (letter), John Cassar
Now I feel very contented that I am back on my knees at the confessional seeking real pardon for my past sins from our Catholic priest who wants us all to be truly reconciled with God.
1964 - Oct 2003 - Orthodox US Catholic colleges and universities continue to flourish, Julia Duin
Increasing numbers of parents among the United States 63 million Catholics are turning their backs on the traditional powerhouse Catholic universities such as Notre Dame and Georgetown.
1965 - Oct 2003 - Why Catholic teaching on marriage is 'good news' for all humanity, Eamonn Keane
God desires that all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth for which purpose he established the Catholic Church as the pillar and bulwark of the truth (1 Tim 2:4 3:3).
1966 - Oct 2003 - Melbourne Archdiocese responds to John Paul II's Year of the Rosary, AD2000 Report
The Melbourne Archdiocese has responded to Pope John Paul IIs request in his Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae to celebrate the period from October 2002 to October 2003 as the Year of the Rosary by producing a new program to foster the Rosary in Catholic primary and secondary schools.
1967 - Oct 2003 - Youth: Thomas More Winter School in Sale Diocese has Eucharistic focus, Michael Casanova
Social action Another young speaker Marc Florio with years of Catholic Youth Ministry experience referred to the Eucharist as the incredible gift of Jesus on the Cross.
1968 - Oct 2003 - Saints: The Beatification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta
On October 19 2003 Pope John Paul II will celebrate the ancient ritual of the Catholic Church in St Peters Square Rome to beatify Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
1969 - Oct 2003 - Ethics: Bishop Fisher and Dr Philip Nitschke in Sydney euthanasia debate, Frank Mobbs
This debate was part of a program of lectures and other activities which went under the name of Life Week organised by the Universitys Catholic Chaplaincy and co-hosted by three other university organisations.
1970 - Oct 2003 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Catholic World News US Doe and Roe abortion decisions Former plaintiffs appeal for their reversal The two women who were plaintiffs in the Roe and Doe decisions of 1973 in which the US Supreme Court effectively struck down all state laws restricting abortion have now joined in asking the courts to reverse their decisions.
1971 - Oct 2003 - After 25 years: the impact of John Paul II's pontificate, Michael Gilchrist
One way to achieve this was to reach as many Catholics as possible in person - over the heads so to speak of local bureaucrats and the secular often anti-religious media.
1972 - Oct 2003 - Editorial: The role of the Catholic in public life, Peter Westmore
Journalists targeted a section of the document addressed to Catholic politicians which urged them to speak and vote against any such proposal.
1973 - Sep 2003 - Books: Great books at the best prices!
It sets out the value and dignity of the human person explaining the basis for the norms of Catholic social morality.
1974 - Sep 2003 - Books: The Practical Preacher: Handy Hints for hesitant homilists, by Paul Edwards SJ, Anthony Cappello
As the Catechism of the Catholic Church states: Those who are called to the ministry of preaching must suit their words to the maturity and understanding of their hearers as they hand on the teaching of the mysteries of faith and the rules of moral conduct.
1975 - Sep 2003 - Books: Some Fell On Rock, by Fr John O'Neill, Fr Peter Joseph
00 plus postage from Ignatius House Services (07) 3279 7415; Cardinal Newman Faith Resources (02) 9637 9406) Fr ONeill parish priest of St John Vianneys Doonside Sydney is well-known to those who have been struggling for years to keep things in the Church truly Catholic.
1976 - Sep 2003 - Books: OLD THUNDER: A Life of Hilaire Belloc, by Joseph Pearce, Scott J. Bloch
Available from AD Books) What Hilaire Belloc once said about Catholic history and the Church applies just as well to Belloc the writer: you have to see them from the inside in order to appreciate them.
1977 - Sep 2003 - Letters: Correction, Chris Hilder
Correction I wish to correct a mistake in my article The Catholic Churchs dissenters miss the boat (June AD2000).
1978 - Sep 2003 - Letters: Selfhood (letter), Robert Prinzen-Wood
That view does not appear to be consistent with Catholic teaching.
1979 - Sep 2003 - Letters: New Mass (letter), Philip Robinson
My first point was to try to correct a misunderstanding widely held by many Catholics both Traditional and Novus Ordo that the most important aspects of the Traditional Latin Mass are the Latin and/or the Gregorian Chant.
1980 - Sep 2003 - Letters: Liturgical choices (letter), Marguerite Fennell
Replying to Peter Westmore (April) and Philip Robinson (May) I propose that it is time both Catholic reformists who refuse to acknowledge the value of the classical Latin Mass and traditionalists who view with suspicion the Novus Ordo re-examined their positions.
1981 - Sep 2003 - Pope John Paul II calls for greater use of Latin, Denis Murphy
The almost complete disappearance of the once universal Latin from the worlds Catholic churches since the Second Vatican Council was not - as some Catholics still imagine - called for by the Council.
1982 - Sep 2003 - Understanding the Catholic Liturgy since Vatican II, Dom Alcuin Reid OSB
The following article is a shortened version of a paper given by Dom Alcuin Reid OSB to The Gregorians - a Catholic Society of the University of Cambridge - on 6 March 2003.
1983 - Sep 2003 - Events: Hearts On Fire Vocations Congress for Melbourne Archdiocese, Joanne Grainger
From 16-18 October 2003 Catholic Vocations together with the Archdiocese of Melbourne will be conducting the Hearts On Fire Vocations Congress.
1984 - Sep 2003 - Culture: Second 'Carnivale Christi' Catholic arts festival scheduled for Melbourne, Michael Gilchrist
Carnivale Christi is a Catholic arts festival inspired by a similar event in Sydney which has been organised by university societies drama groups and other Catholic youth organisations for the past three years.
1985 - Sep 2003 - Catholic summer conferences in the United States: signs of hope, Richard Egan
Catholics in the United States could be forgiven for an urge to keep a low profile in the light of the furious and sustained media onslaught over the scandal surrounding the failure of some bishops to deal effectively with known paedophile clergy.
1986 - Sep 2003 - Dissident US group establishing a foothold in Australian parishes, Mary-Ruth Monsour
The Massachusetts President of the Catholic Action League C.
1987 - Sep 2003 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
The Sant Egidio Community a Catholic movement sent a delegation of representatives to the Maputo summit meeting to speak with heads of state from most of the countries in Africa.
1988 - Sep 2003 - New auxiliary bishops appointed to the Sydney Archdiocese, Michael Gilchrist
They have also demonstrated in different ways a readiness to courageously and publicly defend Catholic teachings.
1989 - Aug 2003 - Priests 24/7 : A video documentary, Michael Gilchrist
Available from Catholic bookshops) John Santamaria Executive Producer of a new video documentary on the Catholic priesthood - titled Priests 24/7 - explained that his project was a reaction to the constant adverse media coverage of a few bad apples among Australias thousands of priests.
1990 - Aug 2003 - JESUS: According to the Gospel of Luke (CD-ROM and Book), Roberta Wilson
Available from AD Books) Cardinal Jaime Sin Archbishop of Manila wrote: I wholeheartedly recommend Millennium International Foundations Jesus a Catholic film based on the Gospel of Luke.
1991 - Aug 2003 - Books: The Divine Primacy: The Bishop of Rome and Modern Eastern Orthodoxy, Fr Peter Knowles OP
) In Australia Eastern monastic families are sparsely scattered; Europe fares better but in our days it is the USA that provides a place for many genuine monastic foundations (both Orthodox and Eastern Catholic): they profess the life that Pope John Paul II praised so highly in his document Orientale Lumen.
1992 - Aug 2003 - Books: Will Catholics be Left Behind, by Carl Olson, Envoy Magazine
WILL CATHOLICS BE LEFT BEHIND: A Catholic Critique of the Rapture and Todays Prophecy Preachers by Carl Olson (Ignatius Press 2003 394pp $31.
1993 - Aug 2003 - Letters: Pantheism (letter), Fr G.H. Duggan
Graham Fallons description of Teilhard de Chardin as a mystic or seer in the Catholic tradition is much too favourable.
1994 - Aug 2003 - Letters: Orthodoxy? (letter), Brian Dethridge
This is not a straight analysis of the cause of death as a physical fact says my trusty Catholic Edition of the New Revised Standard Bible in its end-notes.
1995 - Aug 2003 - Letters: Catholic hymns (letter), Noel Decker
Thank you for the interesting article titled Those deadful old Catholic hymns?
1996 - Aug 2003 - Priesthood: Clerical celibacy 'for the sake of God's Kingdom': the Church's teaching, John Young
Debate about whether Catholic priests should be allowed to marry often concentrates on secondary considerations.
1997 - Aug 2003 - Church architecture: overcoming iconoclasts and cult of ugliness, Larry Henderson
But increasing numbers of Catholics are now awake.
1998 - Aug 2003 - Catalyst for Renewal Address: The legacy of Vatican II, Archbishop George Pell
Catalyst for Renewal is a Sydney-based organisation of generally liberal Catholics some of whose members have written critically among other things of Vatican centralism and a lack of consultation over episcopal appointments - especially of allegedly conservative bishops.
1999 - Aug 2003 - US research survey: younger priests are generally more orthodox, AD2000
In a recent article in the American journal Culture Wars Fr Brian Harrison OS - a professor of theology at the University of Puerto Rico - analysed the findings of a comprehensive professional survey of US and Puerto Rican Catholic priests conducted between June and October 2002 by the Los Angeles Times.
2000 - Aug 2003 - Bioethics: End-of-life decisions: the moral issues at stake, David Perrin
The recent decision of one judge in the Victorian Supreme Court to allow a woman with a degenerative disease to be starved and dehydrated to death gives us a timely opportunity to renew our understanding of Catholic social teaching about end-of-life issues.
2001 - Aug 2003 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Africa: the Churchs growth point Latest Catholic Church statistics According to the latest statistics released by the Vatican the number of Catholics in the world has increased from 757 million in 1978 to 1.
2002 - Aug 2003 - Editorial: 'Do this in memory of Me', Peter Westmore
In the Catholic tradition the priest stands in persona Christi in offering the sacrifice of the Mass fulfilling the command which Jesus gave to the Apostles and which they transmitted to their successor priests and bishops Do this in memory of Me.
2003 - Jul 2003 - Books: Great books at the best prices!, Anthony Cappello
95 The Acts of the Apostles Commentary by Scott Hahn amp; Curtis Mitch Based on the Revised Standard Version (Catholic Edition) this fourth volume in a series leads readers through a penetrating study of the Book of Acts.
2004 - Jul 2003 - Books: Europe: The Exceptional Case: Parameters Of Faith In The Modern World, Anthony Cappello
While the tendency with such a conclusion is to ring alarm-bells and blame secularisation as the culprit a more enlightened interpretation is that Europeans particularly Catholics are still in the main believers.
2005 - Jul 2003 - Books: The Prenatal Person: Ethics from Conception to Birth, Dr Ted Watt
It will do little to bring the Catholic health care system closer to the prophetic inspiring and challenging role that it could play and should play in Australian medical practice.
2006 - Jul 2003 - Books: Marriage And Modernization, by Don Browning, Bill Muehlenberg
From papal encyclicals of the Catholic Church to the work of Allan Carlson and the Howard Centre in Illinois a number of marriage renewal projects are discussed.
2007 - Jul 2003 - Letters: Conversions (letter), Margaret Holgate
I am collecting stories about conversions to the Catholic faith.
2008 - Jul 2003 - Letters: Catholic books (letter), F. Carleton
A special catalogue of traditional Catholic books is available.
2009 - Jul 2003 - Letters: Pell biography feedback (letter), Mary Lou Corboy
What a great good man and God knows we need a few more of his type in this country - solid sound Catholic leaders of courage.
2010 - Jul 2003 - Letters: Catholic visionary? (letter), Richard Congram
Unlike Stuart Blackwood (May AD2000) Grahame Fallon (June AD2000) clearly regards the late Fr Teilhard de Chardin as a most worthy mystical Catholic visionary.
2011 - Jul 2003 - Letters: New religion (letter), Br Jim Ward CFC
a whole series of reshaping of certain representations or attitudes which seem to us definitely fixed by Catholic Dogma has become necessary if we wish to christophy evolution.
2012 - Jul 2003 - Letters: Success in WA (letter), Deidre Lyra
Christopher is not only young but a young man who espouses the views and wisdom of our venerable Pontiff John Paul II and the traditions of our Catholic Church.
2013 - Jul 2003 - Letters: Church design (letter), Michael Baradinsky
No matter where you travelled in the world you knew a Catholic church when you walked into one.
2014 - Jul 2003 - Letters: Catholic heritage (letter), Sue Russell
Marie Cassey shows great insight into the damage done to the faith when churches are stripped of any semblance of Catholic tradition.
2015 - Jul 2003 - School sacramental programs: evangelise Catholic families first, Fr John Speekman
6) that most parents no longer send their children to Catholic schools for faith reasons it is reasonable to assume that the primary faith task of the Catholic school has become evangelisation.
2016 - Jul 2003 - How to start a parish apologetics group, Mavis Power
One of the sessions was entitled What do Catholics really believe?
2017 - Jul 2003 - Brisbane Synod ends: Archbishop Bathersby to announce pastoral programs, AD2000 REPORT
being solidly grounded in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
2018 - Jul 2003 - Catholic Literature: Hilaire Belloc's 50th anniversary: is he 'yesterday's man'?, Br Christian Moe FSC
Hilaire Belloes fame whether as master of English writing prose and verse or champion of Catholicism has not fared well during the intervening half-century.
2019 - Jul 2003 - Orthodox Anglicans close ranks to preserve faith, Nigel Zimmermann
Evangelical and Anglo-Catholics met at the Passionist Fathers Monastery in Glen Osmond (Archdiocese of Adelaide) for the biennial national conference of Forward in Faith Australia over the Australia Day weekend.
2020 - Jul 2003 - Events: Seeking the face of Christ through the arts: Carnivale Christi goes national, Nicholas Rynne
It was this particularly Catholic understanding he said which would inspire the arts to be presented during the Carnivale.
2021 - Jul 2003 - Homily: Bicentenary Mass celebrated in Sydney, Archbishop George Pell
During the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference in May a special Mass was concelebrated by the bishops in Sydneys St Marys Cathedral on Sunday 11 May to commemorate the bicentenary of the first official Mass to be celebrated on Australian soil in 1803.
2022 - Jul 2003 - Books: AD2000 to distribute Ignatius Press titles in Australia from July, Peter Westmore
By special arrangement AD2000 will distribute titles of Ignatius Press Americas largest Catholic publisher from July 2003.
2023 - Jul 2003 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Cardinal Arinzes hard truths spark US protests Defence of Church teachings at Catholic university considered un-Christian It was something of a reflection on the state of many so-called Catholic universities in the US that Cardinal Francis Arinzes frank words at Jesuit-run Georgetown University (Washington DC) regarding the Churchs moral teachings - made during a commencement speech in May - should spark student and faculty protests.
2024 - Jun 2003 - Reflection: Church scandals: focus on the message, not just the messengers, Fr Kevin Brannelly
Most of us Catholics have been well aware of the terrible scandals afflicting our Church over recent years not only in Australia but elsewhere too.
2025 - Jun 2003 - Books: Our books are the cheapest!
95 Catholic Education: Homeward Bound Kimberly Hahn amp; Mary Hasson Two experienced home schooling mothers present a detailed balanced and practical guide on the merits of home education as well as helpful curriculum ideas.
2026 - Jun 2003 - Books: Family in the Bible, edited by Richard H. Hess and M. Danial Carroll, Bill Muehlenberg
But any orthodox Catholic academic writing on the same themes would come up with mostly similar sorts of information and conclusions.
2027 - Jun 2003 - Books: The Story of Christianity : 2000 Years of Faith, Anthony Cappello
The Story of Christianity represents a collaboration between Catholic and Protestant authors presenting the history of the Christian Church on that basis; but teachers catechists and readers of history will not want to put it down.
2028 - Jun 2003 - Books: From Physics to Metaphysics, by Fr Francis J. Selman, Michael Casanova
From Physics to Metaphysics is especially aimed at students who need to know philosophy in order to study theology but is also helpful for anyone looking for a philosophy that aids in understanding the Catholic Faith for it presents an outline of classical metaphysics built on an examination of the five basic concepts of form substance existence cause and nature.
2029 - Jun 2003 - Books: Culture and the Thomist Tradition : After Vatican II, by Tracey Rowland, Fr Peter Joseph STD
Available from the Central Catholic Bookshop in Melbourne (03) 9639 0844 and Gleebooks Glebe Sydney (02) 9660 2333) This book by the Dean of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Melbourne begins with a study of the treatment of culture in part II of the Conciliar document Gaudium et Spes.
2030 - Jun 2003 - Letters: Prayer to Our Lady of Good Counsel (letter), Marie E. Curtin
I found this one in verse on a very old holy picture in an old prayer book which belonged to my mother-in-law who became a Catholic almost 100 years ago: Virgin Mother Lady of Good Counsel Sweetest Patron mortal ever knew: In all my doubts I fly to thee for guidance Mother tell me what am I to do?
2031 - Jun 2003 - Letters: Teilhard de Chardin (letter), Grahame Fallon
Instead he revives remarks that were made years ago to discredit the French Jesuit Like the Jesuit poet Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-89) Teilhard was a mystic or seer in the Catholic tradition.
2032 - Jun 2003 - Letters: Holy Orders (letter), Francis Vrijmoed
As every Catholic is bound to obey any official teaching of the Catholic Church may I ask what difference it would make for a Catholic whether it had been proclaimed infallibly or not?
2033 - Jun 2003 - Those dreadful old Catholic hymns?, Fr Fabian Duggan OSB
Non-Catholic sources Some of the tunes were also very uninspiring such as that of Faith of Our Fathers but many of the hymns we have borrowed from non-Catholic sources are musically of a very high standard and the words are equally good poetry.
2034 - Jun 2003 - Laity: The role of lay Catholics in a time of crisis, Mary Ann Glendon
The following are extracts from an address by Mary Ann Glendon given late last year at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum on the role and renewal of the Catholic laity.
2035 - Jun 2003 - The environment: rediscovering the balanced Catholic perspective, Michael Casanova
Brisbanes Archdiocesan Catholic Education this year published its Lenten Program book under the title of Attending to the Sacred.
2036 - Jun 2003 - Interview: Vatican II and the liturgy, 40 years later, Zenit News Service
These renovators are rushing their projects through before the Catholic people discover what is in the revised directives - for example the location of the tabernacle.
2037 - Jun 2003 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
On Holy Thursday when the encyclical was being published in Rome Cardinal Karl Lehmann president of the German episcopal conference said the document had been long-awaited by German Catholics to emphasise the unique relation between the Church and the Eucharist and at the same time to confirm the commitment to ecumenism.
2038 - Jun 2003 - AD2000 staff members awarded federation Centenary Medals, AD2000
After a 30-year teaching career in Melbourne Catholic secondary schools and at Melbourne and Ballarat campuses of what is now Australian Catholic University Mr Gilchrist was asked by the late Bob Santamaria to be assistant editor of AD2000 in 1989.
2039 - Jun 2003 - Liturgy: John Paul's new encyclical on the Eucharist targets liturgical abuses, Michael Gilchrist
And the holy Catholic Church has fittingly and properly called this change transubstantiation.
2040 - May 2003 - Reflection: St Francis on individual confession and receiving Holy Communion, Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM
At the same time very very few Catholics frequent the Sacrament of Penance - the First Rite individual confession.
2041 - May 2003 - Books: Our books are the cheapest!
95 Catholic Education: Homeward Bound Kimberly Hahn amp Mary Hasson Two experienced home schooling mothers present a detailed balanced and practical guide on the merits of home education as well as helpful curriculum ideas.
2042 - May 2003 - Books: Essentials of the Faith: A Guide to the Catechism / Pastoral Answers, Michael E. Daniel
ESSENTIALS OF THE FAITH: A Guide to the Catechism of the Catholic Church by Alfred McBride OPraem (Our Sunday Visitor 2002 205pp $24.
2043 - May 2003 - Review: The Mysteries of Light: Rosary for Children and Youth on cassette, Colleen McGuinness-Howard
THE MYSTERIES OF LIGHT Rosary for Children and Rosary for Youth versions on cassette (Available from Perth Catholic Productions PO Box 1779 Canning Vale WA 6970 tel 08 9259-0797 email: infoperthcatholicproductions.
2044 - May 2003 - Books: Life-Giving Love: Embracing God's beautiful design for marriage, Kimberley Hahn, Leanne and Michael Casanova
Leanne and Michael Casanova are a Melbourne Catholic couple and parents of a young family.
2045 - May 2003 - Letters: Friday Abstinence (letter), Leo Leitch
For those of us trying to counter the modern privatisation and personal customisation of Catholic religious practice this has been a disappointing development.
2046 - May 2003 - Letters: Teachings promoted (letter), Pat O'Brien
Our aim is to be loyal to the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and to promote and uphold its teachings.
2047 - May 2003 - Letters: Definitive teachings (letter), Jerome Gonzalez
The wording used by the Pope in setting out this definitive teaching is such that there can be no doubt in any faithful Catholics mind that it is an infallible teaching.
2048 - May 2003 - Language: The forgotten language of adoration of God - through words and actions, Audrey English
In the Hail Queen of Heaven we clearly state that it is to God alone the source of life of grace of love we pay homage on bended knee - a refutation of any accusation that Catholics hold Mary in equality to God.
2049 - May 2003 - Architecture: 'Re-ordered' and 'new' churches - symptoms of a wider spiritual malaise, Marie Cassey
The tinted vine that decorates the plain glass panels of a recently erected church may well suggest to the lay viewer the fruitfulness of Mother Church; or represent the sacramental wine the Blood of Christ a parable even in these days the environmental conscience of Catholicism.
2050 - May 2003 - Liturgy: Latvia shows the way on liturgical renewal, Cardinal Janis Pujats
In a recent Catholic World Report interview (extracts from which appear below) Cardinal Janis Pujats Archbishop of Riga Latvia explained how the post-Vatican II changes in the liturgy were implemented in his country without the range of problems which have been encountered in other parts of the Catholic world.
2051 - May 2003 - Brisbane archdiocesan synod: challenges needing to be addressed, Peter Howard
In reality the Churchs current divisions are not between liberals and conservatives - irrational terms in the context of Catholicism - but between those who dissent from orthodox doctrine and discipline and those who give assent to both.
2052 - May 2003 - Why priestly vocations are up in Perth Archdiocese, Debra Warrier
The following article is adapted from one by Debra Warrier in Perths Catholic newspaper The Record.
2053 - May 2003 - Surge in priestly vocations confounds secular culture, Joanne Grainger
Joanne Grainger is Special Projects Officer Catholic Vocations Archdiocese of Melbourne.
2054 - May 2003 - News: The Church Around the World
Vatican Information Service Kenyan Christian leaders unite on AIDS approach Sexual abstinence outside marriage should be encouraged Catholic and Anglican church leaders in Kenya have united against the use of condoms in the war against AIDS.
2055 - May 2003 - Events: Carnivale Christi 2003 - A tale of four cities, Anthony McCarthy
The festival attests to vitality and life and lets people know in a gentle but creative way that Catholic culture is real and not just theory or dreams.
2056 - Apr 2003 - Books: Our books are the cheapest!
This is a must for all Catholic couples.
2057 - Apr 2003 - Books: A Long Way From Rome, edited by Chris McGillion, John Barich
He makes no reference to the work in Australian dioceses of such groups and organisations as Communion and Liberation Focolare Antioch Ecclesia Dei Neo-Cathechumenal Way Marriage Encounter Marian Movement of Priests Thomas More Centres Charismatics Disciples of Jesus Opus Dei True Love Waits St Egidio Community John Paul Institute for Marriage and the Family Fellowship of Catholic Scholars or G.
2058 - Apr 2003 - Books: A Seat At The Supper, by Frank Colyer, Mark Posa
Available from Lumen Verum Apologetics PO Box L50 Mt Lewis NSW 2200 For those of us who have not had the privilege of visiting famous Catholic sacred sites like Lourdes and Fatima we must rely on the books and stories of those who are more fortunate.
2059 - Apr 2003 - Books: The First Grace, by Russell Hittinger, Peter Westmore
A weakness here is that it has never been accepted by Protestants let alone by non-Christians and has been widely (and unfairly) criticised by many Catholic theologians since the 1960s principally because it underpinned the Churchs teaching on contraception from which they dissented.
2060 - Apr 2003 - Books: Newman, by Avery Dulles SJ, Peter Westmore
Available from AD Books) This study of the greatest Catholic of the 19th century English-speaking world John Henry Newman is written by one of the greatest theologians of the 20th Avery Dulles.
2061 - Apr 2003 - Letters: Catholic hospitals? (letter), Tom King
I applaud the initiative and lay professional leadership illustrated by the Cairns doctor who utilised the AD2000 letters section to inform and endeavour to compensate for the loss of yet another Catholic hospital.
2062 - Apr 2003 - Letters: Shooting the messenger, Alan Gill
Shadbolt (Letters November 2002) has formed a Catholic Priests Anti-Defamation League while Bishop Luc Matthys (February 2003) says: The relentless and continued reporting in news media of criminal behaviour by a few clergy has become more than an attack.
2063 - Apr 2003 - Letters: Authentic teaching (letter), Aaron Wright
I am a new subscriber to AD2000 and want to thank you for providing a forum for authentic orthodox Catholic views to be expressed and heard.
2064 - Apr 2003 - Our Lady of Peace: one American parish's successful formula, Arthur J. Brew
It is not often that a small Catholic church and its pastor are featured in the pages of the Wall Street Journal and a score of religious magazines and newspapers.
2065 - Apr 2003 - Education: Chavagnes International Catholic college update, Br John Moylan
An accomplished linguist and steeped in the humanities theology liturgy and cultural fields generally he was very active at Edinburgh University in Catholic affairs.
2066 - Apr 2003 - Film Review: Why 'Gangs of New York' misses the boat as history, William J. Stern
Irish-born John Hughes the first Catholic Archbishop of New York described Five Points predominantly Irish residents as the poorest and most wretched population that can be found in the world - the scattered debris of the Irish nation.
2067 - Apr 2003 - Ecumenism: Christian unity: major obstacles still remain, David Schutz
In a report in the AD2000 Christmas edition (page 10) a prominent US Catholic academic Robert George responded to Methodist theologian Thomas Odens paper The new ecumenism and Christian witness to society at a gathering of the Institute on Religion and Democracy in Washington DC saying: As a Catholic panelist I suppose that I am expected to say something critical but Im afraid I must disappoint this expectation.
2068 - Apr 2003 - Archbishop Hickey's pastoral letter on marriage, Archbishop Barry Hickey
The Catechism of the Catholic Church captures this vision sublimely: By coming to restore the original order of creation disturbed by sin Jesus himself gives the strength and grace to live marriage in the new dimension of the reign of God.
2069 - Apr 2003 - Documents: Church must be outspoken on moral issues: Australian Senator, Senator John Hogg
Vatican document on participation of Catholics in political life John Hogg is a federal senator for Queensland a member of the Australian Labor Party and deputy president of the Senate.
2070 - Apr 2003 - News: The Church Around the World
He said that Catholics should undertake an examination of conscience regarding the liturgy.
2071 - Apr 2003 - Dr Claudio Betti's inspiring visit to Australia, Peter Westmore
The SantEgidio Community a lay Catholic association was established in Rome in 1968.
2072 - Mar 2003 - Books: The Latest from AD Books
00) Three Approaches to Abortion Peter Kreeft The latest book by the best-selling US Catholic writer.
2073 - Mar 2003 - Books: The Self Evident Proof, by Richard Kouchoo, Catherine Sheehan
Catherine Sheehan is a Melbourne Catholic writer who is completing her Arts degree at Monash University.
2074 - Mar 2003 - Letters: Infallible teaching (letter), Peter Howard
Quite recently Fr OShea claimed that (his) theologians could find no basis in Scripture or theology for the exclusion of women from the priesthood while lamenting that at present the leadership of the Church does not even entertain the possibility of such a change (The Catholic Leader 27 October 2002).
2075 - Mar 2003 - Letters: Accountability (letter), John Leach
Meanwhile until we find a better way the prime reason Catholic schools exist is to give sound formation in the faith to children.
2076 - Mar 2003 - Letters: New Age? (letter), Dr Lance Eccles
To anyone even marginally familiar with New Age beliefs and their insidious influence on Catholic thinking the very title of this program should be a warning of what the attitudes conscious or unconscious of the programs authors may have been.
2077 - Mar 2003 - Letters: Third rite (letter), Norm Power
Events occurred during the week preceding Christmas 2002 that have caused considerable disquiet among members of the Catholic community in the Diocese of Toowoomba.
2078 - Mar 2003 - Letters: Catholic websites (letter), John Carroll
The following are some Catholic websites which I would recommend to AD2000 readers with access to the Internet: www.
2079 - Mar 2003 - Letters: New springtime (letter), Errol P. Duke
the warning of the smoke of Satan infiltrating the highest levels of the Catholic Church.
2080 - Mar 2003 - Letters: Women's Commission (letter), Leon Voesenek
When I read the letter by Gordon Southern titled Radical feminism (November AD2000) I was very concerned about the allegations he made regarding the Commission for Australian Catholic Women (CACW).
2081 - Mar 2003 - The media and evangelisation, Moira Kirkwood
The recent malicious attacks on Archbishop Pell have highlighted the need for a pro-active Catholic media role.
2082 - Mar 2003 - New Age ideas: how Catholics should respond, Fr Peter Joseph
The faithful practising Catholic need fear nothing from the witchcraft and sorcery practised by others.
2083 - Mar 2003 - Liturgy: The Mass is the same sacrifice as the Cross, Msgr. Peter J. Elliott
Aware of this teaching in a superficial way some non-Catholic Christians imagine that we believe that Jesus dies again in each Mass.
2084 - Mar 2003 - Good priest, bad priest - my faith remains, Frank Mobbs
No one in the Catholic Church has ever told me that priests are exempt from committing immoral acts.
2085 - Mar 2003 - Vatican tells politicians: Don't hide your light, Michael Casanova
On 16 January 2003 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith published a 15-page message for bishops Catholic politicians and all laity: the Doctrinal Note on some questions regarding the participation of Catholics in political life.
2086 - Mar 2003 - Ten years on former Anglicans enrich Church, Fr Peter Geldard
Following the Church of Englands decision to ordain women in 1992 a large number of clergy and lay people have entered the Catholic Church.
2087 - Mar 2003 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Bishop of Sacramentos directive Pro-abortion California Governor told not to receive Communion The Bishop of Californias capital city has announced that the States pro-abortion Catholic Governor should renounce his pro-abortion views before presenting himself for Communion again.
2088 - Mar 2003 - Sydney Archdiocese RE test: behind one school's success story, Michael Gilchrist
Since 1998 the Sydney Catholic Education Office has been running a religious education test for Grade Six students in the archdiocese.
2089 - Mar 2003 - Editorial: War in Iraq? Questions to be considered, Peter Westmore
The Catechism of the Catholic Church the best guide on such issues emphasises that all people and all governments are obliged to work for the avoidance of war (2308); but as long as the danger of war persists and there is no international authority with the necessary competence and power governments cannot be denied the right to lawful self-defence once all peace efforts have failed.
2090 - Feb 2003 - Books: New year reading from AD Books
The Truth of Catholicism George Weigel The Catholic Churchs teachings sometimes seem inexplicable puzzling even cruel.
2091 - Feb 2003 - Books: The Catholic School In An Age Of Dissent, by Leonard A. Kennedy CSB, Michael Gilchrist
2092 - Feb 2003 - Books: How To Win The Culture War, by Peter Kreeft, Bill Muehlenberg
He has written many influential books and is in many ways a Catholic version of C.
2093 - Feb 2003 - Letters: Catholic medical practice (letter), Dr Tim Coyle
I am looking for a Catholic doctor to work with me as an associate in my 23-year established practice in Cairns.
2094 - Feb 2003 - Letters: Brisbane Synod (letter), Neville Davis
I agree heartily with the first part regarding Christian and Catholic but respond differently to the second.
2095 - Feb 2003 - Letters: Women's Commission (letter), June See
My thanks also goes to Michael Gilchrist for his article Commission for Australian Catholic Women justifies its existence (October AD2000).
2096 - Feb 2003 - Letters: Threat to schools (letter), Richard Congram
Thus for example a nominally Catholic pro-abortionist could have been refused employment on the grounds that his or her beliefs were anathema to Church teaching.
2097 - Feb 2003 - Letters: Infallible teaching (letter), George Simpson
On 25 October 1995 Cardinal Ratzinger issued a Responsum to Ordinatio Sacerdolatis which contained the following passage: In response to this precise act of the Magisterium of the Roman Pontiff explicitly addressed to the entire Catholic Church all members of the faithful are required to give their assent to the teaching stated therein.
2098 - Feb 2003 - Letters: Teaching the truth (letter), Dennis MacDonald
In his book A Generation Betrayed (reviewed in the November AD2000) Eamonn Keane clearly demonstrates the subversive and anti-Catholic nature of Thomas Groomes catechetical method known as shared Christian praxis.
2099 - Feb 2003 - Letters: Eamonn Keane responds (letter)
) I have the deepest respect for Bishop Manning as one of the chief pastors of the Catholic Church.
2100 - Feb 2003 - Letters: Thomas Groome (letter), Bishop Kevin Manning
Regarding the unpublished article AD2000 originally sought one from Bishop Manning on how the new Parramatta program followed the doctrinal content of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
2101 - Feb 2003 - Perth Rosary Tape authors' successful US visit, Colleen McGuiness-Howard
Fresh from their trip to Washington DC Brenda Croft and Jenny Knight of Perth Catholic Productions returned to WA late last year after a host of unforgettable experiences.
2102 - Feb 2003 - Brisbane Thomas More Centre: putting faith into action, Sidney Rofe
Members from the university-based Newman Society in particular were heavily involved in the renovations to the office late last year and are looking forward to using this new centre for Catholic action.
2103 - Feb 2003 - Catholic learning in the liberal arts, Karl Schmude
It will offer a broad undergraduate education in the Liberal Arts in the light of Catholic truth preparing students for life as well as the workplace.
2104 - Feb 2003 - 'Healing the family tree': New Age under the guise of religion (Part One), Fr Peter Joseph
Much of the book is quite acceptable to Catholics but the summary on the back cover also states that Dr McAll tells how through his medical and religious experiences he has discovered a remarkable new method of healing.
2105 - Feb 2003 - Liturgy: The sacrifice of the Mass: the Eucharistic words of Christ, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
We celebrate in union with our Pope bishops priests our brothers and sisters in the communion of the Catholic Church.
2106 - Feb 2003 - John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family, Melbourne: a progress report, AD2000 Report
Some are teachers who are interested in improving their knowledge of philosophy theology and catechetics; others have a background in psychology marriage education social work healthcare or NFP and hope to work in one of the many Catholic social welfare agencies.
2107 - Feb 2003 - Events: Europe's most influential Catholic lay association coming to Melbourne, Anthony Cappello
For this years Summer School the Thomas More Centre has invited the Vice-President of one of Europes most influential Catholic movements the Sant Egidio to Australia.
2108 - Feb 2003 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Mother Teresa to be beatified Postulator of her cause interviewed A recent edition of the US weekly National Catholic Register has published an interview with the postulator of Mother Teresas cause Fr Brian Kolodiejchuk a Missionary of Charity priest.
2109 - Feb 2003 - Confronting today's persecution of the Catholic Church, Bishop Luc Matthys
The Catholic Church in Australia is being excoriated by enemies of the Church by enemies of religion by enemies of God.
2110 - Feb 2003 - Vocations: Sydney seminary growth based on orthodoxy, fidelity, Fr Julian Porteous
Scrutiny of seminaries The year 2002 has been a very difficult year for priests and for the confidence and trust of the Catholic people in their priests.
2111 - Dec 2002 - Reflection: John Paul II on Christmas: 'the mystery of humanity redeemed by Christ', Pope John Paul II
With acknowledgement to Catholic Information Network (CIN).
2112 - Dec 2002 - Books: Ideal Christmas Gifts from AD Books
00 The Courage to be Catholic George Weigal This is a wake-up call for every Catholic in light of the present sex abuse scandals - a call to live holier lives.
2113 - Dec 2002 - Books: Top Ten AD2000 Books for 2002
Living the Catholic Faith (Archbishop Chaput $22.
2114 - Dec 2002 - Books: Beyond the Blue Glass: Catholic Essays on Faith and Culture, Aidan Nichols OP, Tracey Rowland
BEYOND THE BLUE GLASS: Catholic Essays on Faith and Culture Volume 1 by Aidan Nichols OP (St Austin Press London 2002.
2115 - Dec 2002 - Books: Barb of Fire: Twenty Poems of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, Michael Daniel
Inquire at Catholic bookshops ) The French Carmelites produced two outstanding spiritual writers in the late 19th century: St Theacute;regrave;se of Lisieux and the less well-known Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity - Elizabeth Catez of the Carmel of Dijon in Burgundy.
2116 - Dec 2002 - Letters: Newman (letter), Rev Julius C. Stonehouse
indignation and compassion at the blasphemies of heretics might reasonably have been construed as a protest at the recent 1829 passing of the Catholic Emancipation Act following the repeal of the Test and Corporation Acts a year earlier.
2117 - Dec 2002 - Letters: Visionary (letter), Tom King
The absence of limiting statutes such as have application in other countries and in certain States of the USA should be exercising the minds and talents of the Australian Catholic hierarchy and lay legal fraternity.
2118 - Dec 2002 - Letters: St Maria Goretti (letter), Anne Buchan
I was very disappointed even distressed to read the article by Mary Kenny reprinted from The Irish Catholic referring to St Maria Goretti.
2119 - Dec 2002 - Letters: Bishop Power (letter), Fr G.H. Duggan SM
As you pointed out the Popes teaching on the impossibility of conferring the Catholic priesthood on a woman was definitive.
2120 - Dec 2002 - Letters: Bishops' initiative (letter), Therese Vassarotti
The pamphlet to which Mr Southern refers is derived from the Australian Catholic Bishops Social Justice Statement 2000 a full copy of which can be found on the Commission for Australian Catholic Womens website www.
2121 - Dec 2002 - Letters: Women's Commission (2) (letter), Dr Myles M. Kehoe
My congratulations and thanks to Michael Gilchrist on his excellent article on the Commission for Australian Catholic Women.
2122 - Dec 2002 - Letters: Women's Commission (1) (letter), Sr Breda O'Reilly
I am writing in reply to the article by Michael Gilchrist Commission for Australian Catholic Women justifies its existence (October AD2000).
2123 - Dec 2002 - Letters: Anti-Catholicism (letter), Glenn Talaue
Shadbolt PP under the heading of War declared writes: In America the Catholic League uses a website to monitor anti-Catholicism in the media and organise Catholic resistance.
2124 - Dec 2002 - Letters: Clergy support (letter), Peter R. McNamara
I was fearful the media had won the day and that Australian Catholics had taken to the catacombs until they felt it safe to come out and stick up for their clergy.
2125 - Dec 2002 - The sound of thunder and laughter: Hilaire Belloc re-consideredA.G. Evans, Joseph Pearce, biography, Catholic literature, G.K. Chesterton
Hilaire Belloc (1874-1953) was born in France during a thunderstorm which resulted in his mother referring to him as Old Thunder a description which grew more apposite as the life of this great champion of Catholic Faith unfolded.
2126 - Dec 2002 - 'New' ecumenism fights secular culture: Protestant theologian
An emerging new ecumenism Tom Oden said will depend on theologically-orthodox evangelicals Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox who prefer classic Christianity to left-wing politics.
2127 - Dec 2002 - Brisbane Synod 2003: a leadership challenge, Peter D. Howard
While many church groups in Brisbane are undoubtedly committed to the teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the program of the Statement of Conclusions others have signalled their strong disagreement.
2128 - Dec 2002 - Thomas Groome: his influence on religious education continues, Eamonn Keane
The crisis in Catholic religious education highlighted by Professor Denis McLaughlin in his address at the 2002 National Conference of the Association of Principals of Catholic Secondary Schools of Australia last October (see report on page 6) becomes more intelligible when we note the continuing influence of Thomas Groome over the thinking of leading Australian Catholic educators.
2129 - Dec 2002 - Books: Biography of Archbishop Pell launched in Melbourne: author interviewed
Likewise his visits to China; I wish I could have run more on that but Catholics are still persecuted over there so what he could tell me was very limited.
2130 - Dec 2002 - Education: Most teachers reject Church teaching: ACU professor, Michael Gilchrist
Professor Denis McLaughlin of Australian Catholic University (McAuley Campus Brisbane) made a number of revealing observations about the beliefs and practices of teachers in Catholic schools during his address at the second national conference of the Association of Principals of Catholic Secondary Schools at the Gold Coast from 2-5 October 2002.
2131 - Dec 2002 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Tenth anniversary of new Catechism International Catechical Congress held in Rome On 11 October Pope John Paul II received 220 participants at the International Catechetical Congress which celebrated the 10th anniversary of the original edition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the fifth anniversary of the Latin edition.
2132 - Dec 2002 - Editorial: Christmas 2002: the state of the Church, Peter Westmore
The senior Roman Catholic bishop in England recently stated that England could no longer be regarded as a Christian country.
2133 - Nov 2002 - Reflection: St Maria Goretti's 'perfect Christian death', Mary Kenny
With acknowledgement to The Irish Catholic.
2134 - Nov 2002 - Books: Ideal Christmas Gifts from AD Books
00 The New Faithful Colleen Carroll A highly significant book which documents why many young Americans are embracing Catholic orthodoxy.
2135 - Nov 2002 - Books: A Generation Betrayed: Deconstructing Catholic Education, by Eamonn Keane, John Young
A GENERATION BETRAYED: Deconstructing Catholic Education in the English-Speaking World by Eamonn Keane (Hatherleigh Press 2002 XXII 316pp hardback $65.
2136 - Nov 2002 - Books: The New Faithful: Why Young Adults are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy, Michael Gilchrist
This encouraging trend has been confirmed over a more diverse canvas - affecting Catholics and Protestants alike and numerous aspects of Church life - in a just-published book titled The New Faithful.
2137 - Nov 2002 - Letters: EWTN (letter), Jacqueline Donohue
EWTN transmits high quality programs both content-wise and technically 24 hours a day with regular features covering evangelisation Scripture theology apologetics marriage and family Catholic writers sacred music and lives of the saints.
2138 - Nov 2002 - Letters: Exorcists (letter), Monica J. Hart
I would like to recommend two books by Fr Gabrielle Amorth on exorcisms and the urgent need for good exorcists in the Catholic Church.
2139 - Nov 2002 - Letters: Tough teachings (letter), Mrs Maureen Federico
In the wake of the recent paedophile scandals affecting all Christian denominations it has been disconcerting to read in letters to Catholic journals and even hear from the pulpit oblique references to not casting the first stone etc and that we should exercise unconditional compassion and love towards these offenders so as to practise true Christianity!
2140 - Nov 2002 - Letters: Insulting TV program (letter), K.L. Hanrahan
In this regard I assert that the Catholic Church should lead the way with actions and statements that expose those individuals and organisations who deliberately target our religion as matter for gormless comedy or who use elements of the Christian faith deliberately to distort and ridicule Christian doctrine.
2141 - Nov 2002 - Letters: Headline (letter), Michael Starr
I was dismayed by the headline to your book review of Open Embrace: a Protestant Couple Rethinks Contraception in the September AD2000 Contraception is not just a Catholic issue - it is a Christian one.
2142 - Nov 2002 - Letters: Office of Bishop (letter), Fr Brendan T. Walters MSC
By applying words like re-examining revisiting or re-articulating to issues such as the ordination of women celibacy sexuality and homosexuality Bishop Power has called into question traditional Catholic teaching.
2143 - Nov 2002 - Letters: Radical feminism (letter), Gordon Southern
Last week I sighted the CACW pamphlet under the heading Commission for Australian Catholic Women and titled The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference - Decisions and Proposals of the Social Justice Statement 2000.
2144 - Nov 2002 - Letters: Media war declared (letter), Fr M. Shadbolt PP
Worst was The Age back to its glory days as the dinosaur of anti-Catholicism in Melbourne (Brontosaurus Anticatholicus Australopithecus).
2145 - Nov 2002 - Events: The Fellowship of St Arnou to hold function in Melbourne
The recently established Fellowship of St Arnou aims to promote a Catholic renaissance through worship culture and fellowship.
2146 - Nov 2002 - Australian apologist Raymond de Souza's successful overseas lecture tour, AD2000 Report
Raymond de Souza who is Brazilian by birth and now resides in Perth (WA) recently completed a successful overseas lecture tour on Catholic apologetics.
2147 - Nov 2002 - Catholic schools: restoring a sense of sin, Br John Moylan CFC
In November 1998 at the wish of Pope John Paul II a meeting was held between various Vatican Congregations the Archbishops of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and Chairs and Secretaries of various Conference Committees.
2148 - Nov 2002 - Sydney Archdiocese courses on 'Catechism', Fr John Flader
Fr John Flader is Director of the Catholic Adult Education Centre of the Archdiocese of Sydney.
2149 - Nov 2002 - Australian Bishops' 'complaints protocol' used to uphold orthodoxy, Richard Egan
In his letter of complaint to Archbishop Hickey dated 6 December 2000 Dr Ted Watt set out his formal complaint that statements made in writing by Fr Peter Black were not in conformity with the teaching of the Catholic Church.
2150 - Nov 2002 - Father Fessio: real US crisis is 'spiritual abuse', Karl Maurer
Commenting on the current crisis facing the Catholic Church in the United States and how to navigate a way out of it Father Joseph Fessio SJ appeared in Chicago at the invitation of Catholic Citizens of Illinois on 13 September 2002.
2151 - Nov 2002 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
India leads the world with 10537 diocesan and religious students of philosophy and theology for a Catholic population less than one- third of that in the United States.
2152 - Nov 2002 - Independent inquiry exonerates Archbishop George Pell, Peter Westmore
Reflecting on the personal burden which the allegations had imposed on him Archbishop Pell said My Catholic convictions sustained me during those dark weeks.
2153 - Oct 2002 - Reflection: Devotion to God through the Angelus and Rosary, Fr Fabian Duggan OSB
Anyone who had the good fortune to attend a Catholic school up to the 1950s or 1960s will remember that the recitation of the rosary and the ringing of the Angelus bell at midday were part and parcel of the school program.
2154 - Oct 2002 - Books: New Titles from AD Books
00 A Generation Betrayed Eamonn Keane Confronting error and falsehood in todays Catholic education environment.
2155 - Oct 2002 - Books: Godfaring: On Reason, Faith and Sacred Being, by Francis Clark, Br Christian Moe FSC
Francis Clark here offers a systematic survey of Catholic theology starting from the perspective of a sympathetic consideration of natural theology and including an overview of the great historical and existing religious systems as context in which to present a confident conceptualisation of the Christian mystery.
2156 - Oct 2002 - Books: Completed Jew, by Andrew Sholl, Michael Casanova
Try looking through the eyes of a Jew with a profound sense of being completed by his Catholic faith.
2157 - Oct 2002 - Books: The Courage to be Catholic, by George Weigel, Michael Novak
Papal biographer George Weigel on the underlying causes of US sex abuse crisis THE COURAGE TO BE CATHOLIC: Crisis Reform and the Future of the Church by George Weigel (Basic Books 2002 246pp $44.
2158 - Oct 2002 - Letters: New Zealand (letter), Kevin E. Fennessy
As a no longer young New Zealand Catholic I must admit that the past 40 odd years have been a painful and discouraging experience.
2159 - Oct 2002 - Letters: Good response (letter), C.G. Jarrells
One of those who replied was a priest who has put me in touch with a historian who specialises in the Roman Catholic chaplains of the ANZAC forces.
2160 - Oct 2002 - Letters: Celibate priesthood (letter), Cyril Drew
I was responsible in the early 1990s for lecturing to students taking BSS Family Studies and Pastoral Studies (the theological units) at Australian Catholic University (Christ Campus).
2161 - Oct 2002 - Letters: US theologians (letter), Fr G.H. Duggan SM
Some of your readers sickened by the sexual scandals at present gravely troubling the Catholic Church in the United States may be wondering about their causes.
2162 - Oct 2002 - Letters: Catholic education (letter), Dr Garrick Small
The loss of Catholic culture documented by Br Marcellin Flynns latest work is usually shrugged off by the school establishment as due to the poor example of parents.
2163 - Oct 2002 - Letters: Letters to the Bishops (letter), Mavis Power
AD2000 readers who wish to write to the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference regarding the crisis of faith in Catholic families need to have their letters in to the address below by the last week in October.
2164 - Oct 2002 - Letters: Church re-design (letter), Michael Barry
So instead of being gutted into a cold kennel the church has retained all its traditional Catholic beauty and icons that provide a warm uplifting sanctuary from the concrete and glass silos for all us city workers.
2165 - Oct 2002 - Letters: Church "renovation" (letter), B. Tooley
In reference to recent letters it appears there has been a revival and push for implementation of the 1978 US document Environment and Art in Catholic Worship.
2166 - Oct 2002 - Letters: Shepherds (letter), Br Con Moloney CFC
Even to the casual observer it should be evident that some sections of the media are taking every opportunity to attack the leaders of the Catholic Church especially our Holy Father and our bishops.
2167 - Oct 2002 - Letters: Justice? (letter), Godwin Brown
Under Catholic Church protocols the highest ranking cleric in the country - Archbishop Pell a courageous defender of the Faith - is denied these fundamentals of justice and the media runs riot.
2168 - Oct 2002 - Letters: Archbishop Pell (letter), Eamonn & Patricia Keane
While not wanting to cloud over the vile nature of sexual abuse we are nevertheless convinced that the media-led attack on the good name of Archbishop Pell is an assault on the Catholic Church in general.
2169 - Oct 2002 - John Henry Newman's critique of liberalism, Michael Davies
Michael Davies like Cardinal Newman an English convert from Anglicanism has written extensively on issues concerning the Catholic faith.
2170 - Oct 2002 - Catholic liturgy in the 21st century: major challenges facing the Church, Fr Peter Williams
This is the edited text of a talk he gave at recent conferences of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy and the National Council of Priests.
2171 - Oct 2002 - US billionaire promotes orthodox teaching, Zenit News Service
The recent appointment of Fr Joseph Fessio SJ as Chancellor of the new privately-owned Ave Maria University with the approval of the Jesuit order was welcome news for many Catholics worldwide who have long admired Fr Fessios many achievements notably the founding of Ignatius Press.
2172 - Oct 2002 - Bishop Power: Church teachings need to be 're-examined', AD2000 REPORT
In the 3 September 2002 edition of the Sydney Morning Herald religion commentator Chris McGillion in referring to a perceived institutional meltdown of the Catholic Church resulting from the sexual abuse scandals commended Bishop Pat Powers advocacy for optional priestly celibacy.
2173 - Oct 2002 - Liturgy: Vatican control over ICEL tightens, Dr William Oddie
Dr William Oddie formerly an Anglican priest and an author of several books is the editor of Londons Catholic Herald.
2174 - Oct 2002 - Commission for Australian Catholic Women justifies its existence, Michael Gilchrist
Australian Catholics who have heard of the Commission for Australian Catholic Women (CACW) might be wondering what this body has done in recent months to justify its existence.
2175 - Oct 2002 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Vatican Information Service Installation of new Archbishop of Milwaukee EWTN provides live coverage EWTN Global Catholic Network provided a live coverage of the Installation Mass of the Most Rev Timothy M.
2176 - Oct 2002 - Power without responsibility: the vendetta against Dr Pell, Peter Westmore
This has been particularly so in the case of Dr Pell whose unambiguous defence of Catholic and Christian values stands in stark contrast to the apparent moral agenda of the pro-libertarian secular media.
2177 - Oct 2002 - Editorial: Positive developments in liturgy, Michael Gilchrist
Fr Bruce Harbert in particular had earlier expressed his ideas on the reform of liturgical language in an article in Londons Catholic Herald making it clear that he strongly endorsed the direction sought by Rome (see page 7).
2178 - Sep 2002 - Reflection: The Christian way to spiritual maturity, Fr Dennis W. Byrnes PP
Fr Dennis Byrnes is parish priest of All Saints Catholic Church Kempsey in the Lismore Diocese.
2179 - Sep 2002 - Music: CD specials from AD Books
95 Table of Plenty John Michael Talbot Perhaps the best contemporary Catholic liturgical performer.
2180 - Sep 2002 - Books: The Lost Shrine of Liskeard, by Claire Riche, Michael Daniel
This work details the attempts made to restore the medieval shrine of Our Lady of the Park at Liskeard in Cornwall to Catholic hands and make it once again a place of pilgrimage.
2181 - Sep 2002 - Books: The Arians of the Fourth Century, by John Henry Newman, Peter Westmore
Available from AD Books) Newmans study The Arians of the Fourth Century first published in 1833 was undoubtedly the work which led the most distinguished member of the Oxford Movement to write his later work An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine which in turn led him into the Catholic Church.
2182 - Sep 2002 - Books: Open Embrace: A Protestant Couple Rethinks Contraception, Bill Muehlenberg
After all as I mentioned to the manager all Protestants prior to 1930 shared the same view on the issue as Catholics.
2183 - Sep 2002 - Letters: Vatican II (letter), Valentine Gallagher
Mr Peter Howard contends that the only real confusions in the Catholic Church after Vatican II .
2184 - Sep 2002 - Letters: Shakespeare (letter), John Doherty
Despite having only a vague memory of what he was told of the book and building on the insubstantial foundation it appears to offer him Rayner goes on to maintain it is reasonable to suppose Shakespeare spent time in Lancashire visiting the houses of the landed gentry who were almost entirely solidly Catholic.
2185 - Sep 2002 - Letters: Teaching the faith (letter), Kevin McBride
I was very heartened to read the letters from Fr James Brasier and Mrs Coral Phillips (July AD2000) both pertaining to our school children being short-changed as regards learning the Catholic faith.
2186 - Sep 2002 - Letters: Media complaints (letter), Michael Daniel
Following the ABC screening on 6 June of BackBerner which contained a highly offensive satirical sketch called Havent Got a Cluedo that ridiculed various Catholic sacred symbols - including an implication that a crucifix was used in pedophile activity - I wrote on 7 June to Senator Richard Alston the responsible Federal Government Minister.
2187 - Sep 2002 - Letters: Seminaries (letter), Andrew Sholl
As a Hebrew-Catholic faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church I have always had a great love and affection for Catholic priests who because of their vow of celibacy do not have an easy life as some might think.
2188 - Sep 2002 - Letters: Renovations (letter)
I wish to respond to Sidney Rofes article (July AD2000) which addressed the topic of church renovations - one of concern to many Catholics.
2189 - Sep 2002 - John Paul II and World Youth Day in Toronto: an Anglican perspective, David Warren
I was amazed by all these young faithful Catholic faces including the Canadians mostly from out of town who mixed in with the foreigners as fellow pilgrims.
2190 - Sep 2002 - Australian Rosary CD wins international recognition, Colleen McGuiness-Howard
A Rosary tape/CD (The Rosary for Children) produced by two Perth mothers Brenda Croft and Jenny Knight with no expertise and on borrowed money has achieved international recognition via the United Catholic Music and Video Association (UCMVA) based in Iowa USA.
2191 - Sep 2002 - The strange case of Father Damien and Robert Louis Stevenson, Fr F.E. Burns PE
In 1885 Dr Hyde wrote of Fr Damien in the Hawaiian Gazette describing him as that noble-hearted Catholic priest who went to Molokai in 1873 to care for the spiritual welfare of those of his faith and whose work has been so successful.
2192 - Sep 2002 - The 1960s 'cultural revolution': from self-sacrifice to self-fulfillment, Fr Gregory Jordan
He also serves as National Chaplain to the International Movement of Catholic Students Associations (IMCSA).
2193 - Sep 2002 - CHURCH ATTENDANCE: The family, feminism and the declining role of fatherhood, Richard Egan
Brother Marcellin Flynns recent book Catholic Schools 2000 (see AD2000 August 2002) reports that 71 percent of Catholic school students surveyed cited the example and lives of parents as an important influence on their religious development.
2194 - Sep 2002 - Promoting Catholic vocations in the Melbourne Archdiocese, Joanne Grainger
Joanne Grainger is the Special Projects Officer Catholic Vocations.
2195 - Sep 2002 - Vocations: Corpus Christi Seminary enrolments bounce back, Michael Gilchrist
And the number of inquiries continues to grow thanks to the efforts of the Catholic Vocations office (see opposite page) offering promise of further steady increases.
2196 - Sep 2002 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
A plenary council differs from the biannual meeting of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops in that the latter deals primarily with administrative matters of the bishops conference.
2197 - Sep 2002 - Is the self-destruction of Anglicanism to continue?, Nigel Zimmerman
Unfortunately brilliance pastoral concessions and political correctness are not mentioned in the Catholic creeds.
2198 - Aug 2002 - Reflection: What Catholics should expect of their priests: men 'clothed in holiness', Fr Fabian Duggan OSB
These words may have subconsciously suggested the title of this essay which tells of the holiness every Catholic priest is expected to wear like a suit of clothes both on and off the altar.
2199 - Aug 2002 - Books: New Titles from AD Books
95 The Catholic Almanacs Guide to the Church Matthew Bunson Have a Catholic Question?
2200 - Aug 2002 - Music: 'Live Worship: Lifted', by Emmanuel Worship, Anthony Cappello
Emerging from the Charismatic-Pentecostal movement this form of music is now very well established in Catholic circles.
2201 - Aug 2002 - Books: Abortion And Martyrdom, edited by Aidan Nichols, Tracey Rowland
In relation to the first element a number of contributors acknowledge that it is a common place of Catholic theology that infants in the womb who are killed from odium fidei hatred of the faith may be regarded as having undergone a baptism of blood.
2202 - Aug 2002 - Books: Dynamics Of World History, by Christopher Dawson, Michael Lynch
Available from AD Books) As Catholics face the onslaught of the media in this country over abuse allegations a book just republished by ISI Books can engender new hope and optimism not only about the outstanding intellectual and cultural insights of a great Catholic historian but also because of the main theme of his work.
2203 - Aug 2002 - Letters: Shakespeare (letter), John A. Rayner
Now the landed gentry in Lancashire (especially the Blundells) were almost entirely solidly Catholic despite Elizabeths persecution.
2204 - Aug 2002 - Letters: Theological accuracy (letter), Jan Chalmers
Inclusive language a direct legacy of the feminist movement has intruded into every aspect of Western culture and sadly into the Catholic Church where it has at times mutilated our liturgy.
2205 - Aug 2002 - Letters: Beyond 2000? (letter), Mrs Peg Santamaria
The whole Catholic population needs to rethink and act.
2206 - Aug 2002 - Letters: 'New Catholicism' (letter), Richard Congram
To remain a practising orthodox Catholic today one needs various attributes including a prayer life an unshakeable faith the patience of Job and a rather thick skin.
2207 - Aug 2002 - Letters: Dissent (letter), Clair Tieppo
There has never been and is no licit dissent as Pope John Paul II has confirmed: It is sometimes claimed that dissent from the Magisterium is totally compatible with being a good Catholic and poses no obstacle to the reception of the sacraments.
2208 - Aug 2002 - Letters: Value for money? (letter), L.L. Booth
There have been letters in your correspondence columns on the subject of adults being short-changed when as children they were taught religion at their Catholic schools.
2209 - Aug 2002 - Letters: Women and the Church (letter), Maureen Federico
Congratulations to the Perth Record for publishing the topical issue by Anne-Marie Langdon on Humanae Vitae (13 June) which was an address to the Commission for Catholic Women and the first positive reaction to that recently formed body that I have yet seen.
2210 - Aug 2002 - Letters: Church architecture (letter), Tom King
At some time in the future a gifted individual will evaluate the absolute cost of support for the Catholic Church in followers lost as a consequence of the vandalism that masqueraded as Vatican II reform.
2211 - Aug 2002 - Letters: Experts? (letter), Jerome Gonzalez
AD2000 (July 2002) states in The Church around the World that one Thomas Groome widely quoted in Australian Catholic educational circles as a catechetics expert has declared (among other gems) that those who hope for a systemic overhaul of priestly ministry know that when celibacy is taken off the table the same surely follows for womens ordination.
2212 - Aug 2002 - New study of US seminary formation exposes fundamental flaws, John S. Webster
Goodbye Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church by Michael S.
2213 - Aug 2002 - Helping Catholic school students to love the Church, Br John Moylan CFC
A Catholic school has a duty to assist its students to love the Church.
2214 - Aug 2002 - Sexual abuse, celibacy and vocations: a response to the Church's critics, Fr Paul Stuart
Myths These scandals have given rise to a plethora of media articles that argue the rule of celibacy for Catholic priests is the main culprit for causing priests to offend sexually.
2215 - Aug 2002 - New program to apply Papal teachings in Melbourne Archdiocese, Michael Gilchrist
A new two-year program or pastoral focus for the Melbourne Archdiocese based on Pope John Paul IIs Apostolic Letter Novo Millennio Ineunte (2001) was launched on 24 May with the release of a pastoral letter by Archbishop Denis Hart and his celebration of Mass in St Patricks Cathedral preceded by a 24 hour prayer vigil organised by Catholic Youth Ministry.
2216 - Aug 2002 - Education: Beliefs and practices of Catholic students: the decline continues, Michael Gilchrist
The just published findings of research conducted in 1998 on the religious beliefs and practices of Year 12 Catholic students indicate that the decline of the past 30 years continues.
2217 - Aug 2002 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Father Fessios new appointment To head orthodox Catholic university Father Joseph Fessio SJ who was ordered by his Jesuit superiors to leave San Francisco in what was generally recognised as a disciplinary move in March has received a new assignment as Chancellor of Ave Maria University Detroit.
2218 - Jul 2002 - Books: New Titles from AD Books
First Comes Love: Finding Your Family in the Church and the Trinity Scott Hahn Scott Hahn in First Comes Love uses the idea of family to explain Catholic thought about the Trinity.
2219 - Jul 2002 - Books: The Modern Rite, by Mgr Klaus Gamber, Fr Peter Joseph
Fr Nichols observes: Certain themes predominate: the fact that worship is God-centred and Christ-centred not assembly-centred us-centred; that its liturgical expression must develop naturally gradually not by massive ruptures and remakes; that Western Catholic worship should move closer to the Christian East with its liturgical richness and amplitude rather than to Protestantism with its truncations of the mediaeval rite.
2220 - Jul 2002 - Books: A Pope and a Council on the Sacred Liturgy, by Aidan Nichols OP, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
Does this question the Catholic concept of development?
2221 - Jul 2002 - Catholic Truth Society in Brisbane, B. Massey
The Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Truth Society was founded in Brisbane in 2001 with the aim of preserving publishing and distributing the magnificent Catholic pamphlets that were available to Catholics of past years on Christian doctrine devotion biography and social questions.
2222 - Jul 2002 - Letters: Vatican II (letter), Peter D. Howard
The only real confusions in the Catholic Church after Vatican II to which Valentine Gallagher refers (June AD2000) have resulted from dissenting theologians and they have caused the crisis as Dr McInerny stresses in What Went Wrong with Vatican II.
2223 - Jul 2002 - Letters: Women's Commission (letter), Gillian Gonzalez
Mrs Geraldine Hawkes Chairman of the Commission for Australian Catholic Women which sat recently in Perth is quoted in an article in The Record Perths Catholic paper (30 May) as saying that feedback from women in the Perth diocese as well as others around Australia was that they felt the institutional Church was not open to their frustrations and pains.
2224 - Jul 2002 - Letters: Catholic chaplains (letter), Charles G. Jarrells
I am particularly interested in two RAAF Catholic chaplains Father Gregory Abbott and Father William Flynn who tended to the wounded both during and after the attack.
2225 - Jul 2002 - Letters: Teaching the faith (letter), Fr James Brasier
I was saddened reading the article by Mark Power in the latest copy of AD 2000 about how the faith was not being taught in many Catholic schools and I began thinking of my experience of this.
2226 - Jul 2002 - Letters: Short-changed (letter), Mrs Carol V. Phillips
Mark Powers article in the June AD2000 My Generation was shortchanged struck a chord with me because it remarkably coincided with a short article I recently sent to WAs Catholic weekly The Record.
2227 - Jul 2002 - Letters: Zero tolerance (letter), Alan A. Hoysted
As the father of three grandfather of three and a life-long practising Catholic may I express my unending fury at the sickening activities of pedophiles within the Church?
2228 - Jul 2002 - Vatican II, church architecture and "reform of the reform", Sidney Rofe
After the close of the Second Vatican Council nearly forty years ago many Catholic churches around the world suffered from the debilitating impact of liturgical reform gone wrong.
2229 - Jul 2002 - Cardinal Avery Dulles: US Jesuits need 'wake-up call', Michael Gilchrist
Some of these Jesuits believe the Council had renounced the high claims previously made for the Church and put Catholic Christianity on a plane of equality with other churches and religions.
2230 - Jul 2002 - Chavagnes International College for boys, Paul Russell
The Vendeacute;e region in France south west of Paris and bordering the Loire Valley is an area steeped in Catholic history.
2231 - Jul 2002 - Interview: George Weigel: the impact of John Paul II's pontificate, Zenit News Service
However one measures the magnitude of the Holy Fathers achievement it seems clear that the Catholic Church and the world will be living with the intellectual spiritual and pastoral effects of this pontificate well into the third millennium of Church history.
2232 - Jul 2002 - Tablet article prompts critical response from Archbishop Pell, Michael Gilchrist
The Tablets article consisted of an attack on the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Dr Peter Jensen described as part of an extremely uncompromising and anti-liberal evangelical grouping within the diocese and his unlikely alliance with his Catholic counterpart Archbishop George Pell .
2233 - Jul 2002 - '60 Minutes': Archbishop George Pell puts the record straight, Archbishop George Pell
Ballarat in the 70s I was appointed junior assistant priest to Ballarat East - a busy parish with five Catholic schools and a Catholic teachers college early in 1973.
2234 - Jul 2002 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
Statistics for Catholic Church 1978-2000 New Yearbook due for publication soon With publication due shortly of the Statistical Yearbook of the Church - prepared by the Churchs Central Statistics Office and containing information up to the year 2000 - a communique was made public in May illustrating variations on all continents between 1978 the year in which John Paul II began his pontificate and 2000.
2235 - Jul 2002 - Editorial: Archbishop Pell: the '60 Minutes' beat-up, Michael Gilchrist
In the case of Dr Pell one could add the fact that as an articulate spokesman for Christian principles in a secular culture he is a target of hostility from groups inside and outside the Catholic Church.
2236 - Jun 2002 - Books: New Titles from AD Books
Daniel Driscoll encourages dads to pass on their Catholic values and share in their childrens sense of discovery.
2237 - Jun 2002 - Books: The Travels of Friar Odoric, 14th Century journal of Blessed Odoric of Pordenone, Anthony Cappello
His accounts of his adventures are full of fascinating details both geographical and cultural making real the people he describes as he notes their customs with a combination of tolerance and curiosity - even if his own Catholic convictions remain to the fore.
2238 - Jun 2002 - Books: 'Socrates Meets Jesus', by Peter Kreeft, Arthur N. Ballingall
Ballingall is a Melbourne-based Catholic writer.
2239 - Jun 2002 - Books: 'Right And Reason: Ethics in theory and practice', by Fr Austin Fagothey SJ, Michael Casanova
It has been widely used in Catholic colleges and is undoubtedly the clearest and easiest to read ethics text ever published.
2240 - Jun 2002 - Letters: Radio apostolate (letter), Maureen Federico
I read with interest a letter from Catholic Broadcasting Ltd expressing disappointment that it was not granted a community radio licence among the recent allocations granted to Kooris students and gays.
2241 - Jun 2002 - Letters: Good example (letter), Paul Foster
It was refreshing to read in the edited text of Archbishop Harts address on The rights and responsibilities of laity in the Catholic Church a reference to leaving the Church to do our thinking for us.
2242 - Jun 2002 - Events: Talks on the Faith at Thomas More Centre, AD2000
The Confraternity of the Holy Name of Jesus is sponsoring a series of six weekly talks on aspects of the Catholic Faith at the Thomas More Centre 582 Queensberry Street North Melbourne from 12 June until 17 July 2002 from 7.
2243 - Jun 2002 - Letters: Heroic fantasy (letter), Hal G.P. Colebatch
As for the claim that there is not one shred of evidence to indicate Shakespeare was Catholic the evidence is nigh-overwhelming.
2244 - Jun 2002 - Letters: Father Fessio (letter), P.A. McKenna
My nine years of Jesuit education was a solid foundation for vigorous tertiary and adult Catholic education.
2245 - Jun 2002 - How John Paul II's 'new springtime' came to an American parish, Elizabeth A. Wittman
A weekly Holy Hour format provided the time for adult catechesis in the form of a series on the Catholic Catechism and a Bible study.
2246 - Jun 2002 - Following our baptismal calling takes courage - Chrism Mass homily, Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett
Present among us is the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church whose origin is in Jesus Christ the anointed of the Father chief cornerstone of the whole structure which he founded on Peter the Rock whose successor is our Holy Father Pope John Paul II.
2247 - Jun 2002 - Moral leadership of American hierarchy under scrutiny at Rome meeting, Philip Lawler
One scandal involved the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests.
2248 - Jun 2002 - A post-1968 Catholic's view of R.E.: 'My generation was shortchanged', Mark Power
The biggest problem in the Catholic Church in Australia during my lifetime has been the constant search for relevance.
2249 - Jun 2002 - Sydney initiative to strengthen Catholic influence at university, Robert Haddad
This year the Archbishop of Sydney Dr George Pell has embarked on a new initiative for students at Sydney University - the Catholic Chaplaincy Team.
2250 - Jun 2002 - Neocatechumenal Way setting up its second Australian seminary, Richard Egan
Rather the Neocatechumenal Way is seen as an itinerary of Christian formation for contemporary man offered within the context of a parish to bring adult Catholics particularly those who have been baptised but who have had little formation to discover the significance of being Christian.
2251 - Jun 2002 - News: The Church Around the World, AD2000
The introduction explains that the doctrinal relevance and ecclesial importance of Dominus Iesus are certainly undebatable not only because of the subjects analysed which constitute the principal nucleus of the Catholic faith but also because of their importance in the current theological debate.
2252 - Jun 2002 - Editorial: Corpus Christi: at the core of the Faith, Michael Gilchrist
The feast of Corpus Christi (2 June) reminds us once again of the Scripture account so central to the Catholic Faith: Now as they were eating Jesus took bread and blessed and broke it and gave it to the disciples and said Take eat; this is my body.
2253 - May 2002 - Books: New Titles from AD Books
Demons and Democrats: 1950s Labor at the Crossroads Gavan Duffy An inspiring book about dedicated Catholics in Australia who took on the Communists in the unions to protect Australia from totalitarianism.
2254 - May 2002 - Books: Father Ian Falconer's Latin Course, Ken Bayliss
Ken Bayliss is a Brisbane Catholic writer.
2255 - May 2002 - Books: Prove It! Church, by Amy Welborn, Bill Muehlenberg
However there are also more particular kinds of apologetics such as Catholic apologetics.
2256 - May 2002 - Books: Pedophiles and Priests: Anatomy of a Contemporary Crisis, by Philip Jenkins, David Ross
Available from AD Books) If we can believe the six oclock news there has been an epidemic of sexual abuse among the clergy and especially among the Roman Catholic clergy.
2257 - May 2002 - Books: Beyond Gay, by David Morrison, John S. Webster
His decision to live a chaste life was soon followed by a decision to enter the Catholic Church.
2258 - May 2002 - Books: The Forty Four: The Martyrs of the English College Rome, Christopher Quinn
Its student-priests knew well that when they returned to Protestant England as Catholic priests martyrdom was highly probable.
2259 - May 2002 - Books: Demons and Democrats: 1950s Labor at the Crossroads, by Gavan Duffy, Anthony Cappello
Available from AD Books or any bookshop) Demons and Democrats is a history of the Catholic Social Studies Movement (Movement) - later to become the National Civic Council - and its influence in the Australian Labor Party until it was forced out in 1955.
2260 - May 2002 - Letters: Harry Potter? (letter), John F. Doherty
In conclusion I would like to point out as I have done before in AD2000 that there is not a shred of evidence to indicate Shakespeare was a Catholic.
2261 - May 2002 - Letters: Transubstantiation (letter), Fr G.H. Duggan SM
If anyone shall say that in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist the substance of bread and wine remains together with the body and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ and shall deny that wonderful and singular conversion of the whole substance of bread into body and of the whole substance of wine into blood (the species of bread and wine alone remaining) a conversion that the Catholic Church most aptly calls transubstantiation let him be anathema.
2262 - May 2002 - Letters: Christian principles (letter), Errol P. Duke
Its leader is the former Australian leader of the Assemblies of God Church Andrew Evans and one of the three key players behind the Party is the prominent Adelaide Catholic laywoman Dr Toni Turnbull.
2263 - May 2002 - Letters: Decline of the faith (letter), Brian Carter
Why is it that we Catholics are rather reticent to talk about our faith in contrast to discussions of our favourite football team.
2264 - May 2002 - Letters: Farewell Mass for Fr Des Byrne (letter), Barry O'Brien
Totally opposed to the modernistic trend invading the Church since Vatican II and also to the inroads the fundamentalist churches have made among young Catholic school leavers over recent years he has been deeply concerned that the younger members of his flock know and understand their religion.
2265 - May 2002 - Letters: Hymns (letter), David Schutz
Previous to my conversion to the Catholic faith I spent 13 years on the national liturgical and hymnody commission of the Lutheran Church and helped to publish a wide range of worship resources so I have some idea of the long and winding road taken by texts before they appear in the hymn books bulletins and overhead screens in our parishes.
2266 - May 2002 - 'The Resurrection in the university' - IMCSA National Conference in Sydney, Nicholas Rynne
Among these young people are many Catholics who will be expected to lead the Church in this new millennium.
2267 - May 2002 - Gregorian Chant's new lease of life in Brisbane, AD2000 Report
Many are surprised to learn that Gregorian Chant is the official and authentic music of the Catholic Church.
2268 - May 2002 - US research puts clerical sex-abuse in perspective, Philip Jenkins
Dr Jenkins is not a Catholic.
2269 - May 2002 - US Jesuits' action against Father Fessio sparks worldwide protests, AD2000 Report
A protest letter dated 21 March and signed by 155 prominent Catholics among them academics editors authors and clergy from around the world expressed serious concern at the disciplinary action taken by the Society of Jesus against Father Joseph Fessio and declared that thousands of faithful Catholics are shocked and dismayed by the action against Father Fessio who has forthrightly and consistently defended the Catholic faith.
2270 - May 2002 - Catholicism in Australia: facing the challenges of Western secularism, Archbishop George Pell
The Catholic Church throughout the world today is a bit short on well-known theologians especially in comparison with the period during and after the Second Vatican Council (1962-65).
2271 - May 2002 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Neocatechumenal Way successful in Japan Emphasis on the Incarnation rather than inculturation Japan has long been regarded as a tough country to evangelise - but not impossible as an Italian missionary has learned.
2272 - Apr 2002 - Books: New Titles from AD Books
An Adolescent Journey to Adult Faith James Penrice James Penrice is a popular American sports writer who is also a devout Catholic.
2273 - Apr 2002 - Books: For Youth and the Poor - De La Salle Brothers in Australia, PNG and NZ 1906-2000, Michael Bohan
Michael Bohan is a Melbourne Catholic father of six and was educated by the Brothers at DLS Malvern in the early 1970s.
2274 - Apr 2002 - Books: Engaged to be Married - A Giftbook for Engaged Couples, Michael Daniel
This short but excellent book covers the major topics that those who are preparing to celebrate a Catholic marriage should consider.
2275 - Apr 2002 - Books: Bound To Forgive: The Pilgrimage to Reconciliation of a Beirut Hostage, Michael Daniel
Fr Jenco who was working for Catholic Relief Services had been assigned to Lebanon for only a short time before he was abducted on 8nbsp;January 1985.
2276 - Apr 2002 - Books: The Clash Of Orthodoxies: Law, Religion and Morality in Crisis, David R. Oakley
Oakley is an American Catholic writer.
2277 - Apr 2002 - Books: 'The Church In The Dark Ages' by Henri Daniel-Rops, Michael Lynch
Along the way this work helps us to understand that while these Dark Ages were traumatic and destructive they were as the English Catholic historian Christopher Dawson had earlier noted in The Making of Europe the very foundation of European and Western culture.
2278 - Apr 2002 - Letters: Bare churches (letter), Ned Haliburton
The tabernacle at the side of the church and a small portable crucifix by the lectern are the only sacred objects inside the church identifying it as a Catholic place of worship.
2279 - Apr 2002 - Letters: Harry Potter (letter), Christine Slagter
I was disappointed that the Catholic Churchs teaching was not reinforced.
2280 - Apr 2002 - Letters: Evangelisation (letter), Mavis Power
When I think of all the young Catholics - 90-95 per cent - who have left the Church since the 70s to the present day I ask myself why?
2281 - Apr 2002 - Letters: Reforming the reform (letter), Valentine Gallagher
Alluding to changes in the Mass after the Second Vatican Council Cardinal Ratzinger calls for a return to tradition and to reform the reform (Catholic Weekly 20 January 2002).
2282 - Apr 2002 - Letters: Ambassador (letter), Tom King
How wonderfully refreshing was this effective disciple of Christ for those of us who languish for positives among the publications that dominate the profile of Australias Catholic Church.
2283 - Apr 2002 - Letters: Gem of a priest (letter), Patrick Nathan
Having been privileged to serve as a reader especially during the Lenten season I witnessed one who never took a backward step in teaching the doctrines of the Catholic Church.
2284 - Apr 2002 - 'Victims of Abortion' founder appeals to Catholic priests, Anne Lastman
She is currently circulating Australias Catholic priests with the latest edition of her organisations bi-monthly newsletter Broken Branches Mrs Lastman told AD2000 that unless we start getting some very real and overt clerical help I cannot see how the abortion issue will ever be overcome; nor would those who suffer as a result of their abortion decision know about Gods mercy and forgiveness and healing.
2285 - Apr 2002 - A fresh way for children to learn the faith - Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Anne Delsorte
An innovative approach to teaching young children the essentials of the Catholic faith based on the methods of acclaimed educationalist Maria Montessori is catching on in Australia.
2286 - Apr 2002 - The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and Star Wars, Hal G.P. Colebatch
So are The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings written by a very devout Catholic.
2287 - Apr 2002 - Melbourne TMC: The rights and responsibilities of laity in the Catholic Church, Archbishop Denis Hart
This has always been the faith of the Church but it is fair to say that it was one of the 20th century Churchs greatest achievements to breathe new life into this idea of the lay apostolate - and it has of course been the overwhelming desire of Pope John Paul II to have every Catholic understand this and to live out their Christian lives to the fullest.
2288 - Apr 2002 - Adelaide Thomas More Centre address: The key elements of Catholic Action today, Archbishop Philip Wilson
This vision he said was modern because it was about how Catholic lay people could be formed to become engaged in the society in which they found themselves so that their values and vision would inform the way they behaved and contribute to and influence the life of their communities.
2289 - Apr 2002 - Events: Carnivale Christi 2002 - Young Catholics restoring Sydney's Christian culture, Helen Ransom
Young Catholics will again combine their artistic talents to celebrate the richness of Christian culture through drama music poetry and art when Carnivale Christi 2002 opens in Sydney this month.
2290 - Apr 2002 - Documents: John Paul II on the Catholic Faith in our region, Pope John Paul II
In this way the faithful will be more confident in their Catholic faith and less susceptible to the allure of certain groups and movements.
2291 - Apr 2002 - News: The Church Around the World
The global Catholic population grew in 2000 to 1.
2292 - Apr 2002 - Melbourne 'Sexuality Directives' put parents first, Anthony Cappello
The document was a collaborative effort between the Catholic Education Office Vicar for Religious Education and members of the archdiocesan Council for Marriage and Family who together formed an advisory committee.
2293 - Mar 2002 - Reflection: John Paul II: St Joseph's renewed significance for the Church, Br Christian Moe FSC
Similarly according to another great Catholic writer Jacques Maritain: It is reasonable to think that Jesus revealed progressively to Joseph and to Mary absolutely all the mysteries of God which He had come in order to announce.
2294 - Mar 2002 - Books: Fr Werenfried - A Life, by Joanna Bogle, Michael Daniel
Available from AD Books) This short well-written biography by well-known British Catholic writer Joanna Bogle tells the story of Fr Werenfried van Straaten a Norbertine monk who founded and has since 1947 tirelessly directed the international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need.
2295 - Mar 2002 - Books: Fatima Handbook, by Leo Madigan, Catherine Sheehan
Catherine Sheehan is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2296 - Mar 2002 - Books: Living The Catholic Faith, by Archbishop Charles Chaput, Anthony Cappello
Living The Catholic Faith by Archbishop Charles Chaput (Servant Publications 2001 159pp $22.
2297 - Mar 2002 - Letters: Teaching position, Robert Anderson
I am writing to request any short-term or casual work in the secondary area in Catholic schools.
2298 - Mar 2002 - Letters: Indian appeal, Kevin L. Fernandes
While I wish to thank you for so kindly and regularly sending us copies of AD2000 I want to especially thank you for publishing our appeal for good Catholic magazines.
2299 - Mar 2002 - Letters: Parish libraries?, Bob Cotterall
Indeed our Catholic world is marred by so-called Catholics who do not really believe and by too many chattering dissidents.
2300 - Mar 2002 - Letters: Forgotten teachings, Mrs Hiske Deschepper
Those who deliberately fail in this obligation commit a grave sin (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2181).
2301 - Mar 2002 - Letters: Sunday obligation, Leo Willems
I refer to the letter from Fr John Speekman (November AD2000) in which concern is expressed about the majority of Catholic secondary school students who are ignoring their obligation to assist at Sunday Mass.
2302 - Mar 2002 - Letters: Courage Needed (letter), Frank Bellet
I know of one instance where a non-Catholic girl attending a school Mass fronted up for Communion took the consecrated host home in her pocket somehow knew she shouldnt have and ended up throwing it in the rubbish bin.
2303 - Mar 2002 - Letters: Human Rights (letter), Sr M.B. Eanswythe OSB
Such sentiments lend a false credibility to the belief that traditional Catholics have the defects of their virtues - that is firmly held religious beliefs go hand-in-hand with harsh judgments against disadvantaged people.
2304 - Mar 2002 - Letters: Last straw (letter), Justin Kearney
A family member who still attends the parish advises me that the Feast of the Holy Family warranted a favourable mention of the homosexual advocate Rodney Croome a fierce critic of the Catholic Church.
2305 - Mar 2002 - Letters: Apology, Fr M. Shadbolt PP
The news that an anti-Catholic group intends to help the Aborigines sue the Vatican at the International Court in Belgium based on the Popes recent apology (The Australian 5 January 2002) should surprise no one.
2306 - Mar 2002 - Letters: Testimonies, Raymond de Souza
She has encapsulated in a few words what most Catholic parents who care about their childrens salvation believe.
2307 - Mar 2002 - Thoughts of a recent convert to Catholicism, Rett Peaden
At the Saturday Vigil for the Baptism of the Lord Mass I was confirmed as a Roman Catholic into the one holy catholic and apostolic Church.
2308 - Mar 2002 - The Benedictine medal: a long history of devotion, Fr Fabian Duggan OSB
With the possible exception of the Miraculous Medal there is no other medal in Catholic piety with such a long history of devotion as the medal of St Benedict.
2309 - Mar 2002 - 'Liturgiam Authenticam', ICEL and the need for improved Mass translations, Anna Silvas
The following is the shortened text of a talk given at the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars conference in Melbourne last November.
2310 - Mar 2002 - Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration spreads throughout the world, Fr Douglas Harris
South Korea with its rapidly growing Catholic population has 70.
2311 - Mar 2002 - Former Anglican Bishop of London explains why he became a Catholic, Monsignor Graham Leonard
While in Madrid last November to attend a congress organised by the Path to Rome association of converts to Catholicism Monsignor Graham Leonard the former Anglican Bishop of London who had been received into the Catholic Church in 1994 was interviewed by the Zenit News Agency.
2312 - Mar 2002 - North American vocations summit overlooks orthodox success stories, Zenit News Service
A summit of Catholic vocations leaders in North America will be held in Montreal Canada between 18-21 April 2002 ostensibly to find new ways to attract people to the priesthood religious and consecrated life.
2313 - Mar 2002 - 'Conservation Plan' recommends changes to Toowoomba's Cathedral, Michael Gilchrist
This is as well since the Liturgical Commission refers extensively in support of its radical proposals to an American liturgical document Environment and Art in Catholic Worship (EACW).
2314 - Mar 2002 - News: The Church Around the World
A week earlier on 31 January it was announced that Fr Brian Finnigan who had been Secretary of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference since 1998 was appointed an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Brisbane.
2315 - Mar 2002 - St Thérèse's relics make Australian pilgrimage, Mother Teresa OCDM
2316 - Mar 2002 - Editorial: Selecting and forming future priests, Michael Gilchrist
The Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski cautioned that the admission of candidates to seminaries should not depend entirely on the judgment of psychologists or psychiatrists.
2317 - Feb 2002 - New Titles from AD Books
95 Catholics amp Fundamentalists Fr Martin Pable Here are the straightforward and practical answers that Catholics need along with wise guidance and suggestions for reaching out and evangelising Protestant fundamentalists in a spirit of Christian charity and clarity.
2318 - Feb 2002 - Centre for Thomistic Studies, Sydney, to offer degree courses, John Young
It is unswervingly loyal to the philosophical principles of St Thomas Aquinas and the teachings of the Catholic Church.
2319 - Feb 2002 - Books: 'The Martyrdom Of Blessed George Haydock:' by Barry Coldrey and Leo Griffin, Catholic Weekly
During penal times in Elizabethan England the principal stronghold of the Catholic survivors of persecution and repression was the county of Lancashire where a cluster of reasons guaranteed the survival of the Old Faith.
2320 - Feb 2002 - Letters: Book search, Grace O'Hara
The series contains true stories of peoples conversions to the Catholic Faith.
2321 - Feb 2002 - Letters: Real Presence, Philip Robinson
The pivotal point of the Catholic Faith is the Eucharist.
2322 - Feb 2002 - Letters: Crisis of faith, Mavis Power
The bishops and priests need to know the truth - how the Church and our Catholic Schools have contributed to this situation.
2323 - Feb 2002 - Letters: School Masses, Br Con Moloney CFC
Father John echoes sentiments that I have long held when he writes: I have found it increasingly more difficult over the 17 years of my priesthood to continue the practice of class and full school Masses in Catholic secondary schools.
2324 - Feb 2002 - Letters: Liturgical abuses, Michael Baker
We attended the local Catholic church for Mass on the Tuesday.
2325 - Feb 2002 - Letters: Remarkable man, Elizabeth Gilmour
Toms passing on 20 October was widely mourned by his ex- students who realised that his death was indeed the death of a great Catholic educator (December-January AD2000).
2326 - Feb 2002 - Catholic schools and 'youth spirituality', John Kelly
When I see some Catholic educators urging youth spirituality as a substitute or alternative to formal religious teaching and practice I wonder whether such people really appreciate the extraordinary provision God has already made for us in the revelation and self-giving of Christ; and because of Christ in the Church.
2327 - Feb 2002 - The Church in South Korea: dynamic and fast-growing, Pat O'Brien
In great danger but with great enthusiasm they set up the Catholic Church the only example in history where lay people introduced Christianity into their own country.
2328 - Feb 2002 - Homily: Most Rev Geoffrey Jarrett installed as new Bishop of Lismore, Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett
The installation of Most Rev Geoffrey Jarrett a former Anglican priest as the fifth Catholic Bishop of Lismore (NSW) took place on 12 December 2001.
2329 - Feb 2002 - US Conference: 'Newman's Idea of a University', Msgr Michael J. Wrenn
His report on a recent Newman Conference also draws attention to the important role of the late Msgr James McMahon in promoting Catholic higher education in the United States.
2330 - Feb 2002 - Into the Deep Forum: young Catholics meet Australian bishops, Helen Ransom
Last November around 100 young Catholics from across Australia participated in an Into the Deep forum with members of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference at the University of NSW.
2331 - Feb 2002 - Melbourne Archdiocese: positive trend in priestly vocations continues, Fr Paul Stuart
A stronger and more enduring understanding of the nature and uniqueness of the Catholic priesthood based on who and what the priest is and not just what he does functionally was at the base of the Pelline reforms and John Paul IIs Pastores Dabo Vobis was the map for the reforms.
2332 - Feb 2002 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Media blind spot on bioethical issues Archbishop Foley cites stem cell research and euthanasia Medical breakthroughs are not always respectful of human life and journalists need to say so warned an international conference on Health and Power last November an initiative of the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers.
2333 - Feb 2002 - Archbishop Philip Wilson sets out his agenda for Adelaide, Michael Gilchrist
On 3 December 2001 the Most Rev Philip Wilson - the former Bishop of Wollongong - was installed as the new Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide.
2334 - Dec 2001 - New Titles from AD Books
00 The Catholic Way: Faith for Living Today Bishop Donald W.
2335 - Dec 2001 - Books: Daily Gospel 2002, Bible Diary 2002, Anthony Cappello
00 Claretian Publications 2002 both available from AD Books) The Holy Father constantly reminds us to pray and meditate on the Scriptures while the Catechism of the Catholic Church states: The Church forcefully and specifically exhorts all the Christian faithful .
2336 - Dec 2001 - Books: AD Books 'Top Ten'
Installation of Archbishop George Pell - Video Catholic Communications Sydney 7.
2337 - Dec 2001 - Books: 'Thomas More On Statesmanship' by Gerard B. Wegemer, Michael Casanova
Wegemer (The Catholic University of America Press Washington DC 1996 262pp $39.
2338 - Dec 2001 - Books: 'Meaninglessness: The Solutions of Nietzsche, Freud and Rorty' by Michael Casey, Anthony Cappello
Its author Dr Michael Casey is a sociologist on the staff of the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney and Permanent Fellow in Sociology and Politics at the Australian Campus of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family.
2339 - Dec 2001 - Letters: Huge response, Dolores Lightbody
Just a short note to thank you for your support in publishing the review by John Miles on our recording of Traditional Catholic Hymns from the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit in your July issue.
2340 - Dec 2001 - Books: De Lubac's writings in English translations, Tracey Rowland
They believed that the Thomist tradition although of great value for the Church had become ossified into rigid categories that principles which were thought to have been formulated by Aquinas were in fact 16th century revisions that the interpretation of the grace-nature relationship in 16th and 17th century scholastic thought had given rise to unhelpful dualisms in Catholic thought and practice that the insights of the Patristics had been neglected in the focus upon scholasticism and that the intellectual formation of seminarians was all too often limited to parroting scholastic maxims.
2341 - Dec 2001 - Obituary: Thomas Kendell (1929-2001) R.I.P. - The passing of a great Catholic educator, Nicholas Kendell
During his long period as Principal of Sacred Heart College Oakleigh it became one of Australias outstanding Catholic schools by virtue of its religious ethos moral tone academic standards and sporting achievements.
2342 - Dec 2001 - East Timor: how the Church is rebuilding a shattered nation, Peter Westmore
Two years after departing Indonesian troops and their militia allies implemented a scorched earth policy in East Timor the Catholic Church is playing a key role in rebuilding the nation.
2343 - Dec 2001 - Church leaders say 'No human cloning', AD2000 Report
A press release issued by the Catholic and Anglican Archbishops of Sydney Dr George Pell and Dr Peter Jensen; together with the President of the Uniting Church of Australia Professor James Haire; President of the Baptist Union of Australia the Rev.
2344 - Dec 2001 - News: The Church Around the World
Zenit News Agency Rapid increase in British Muslim worshippers Due to overtake practising Catholics says Christian Research Muslims who worship regularly in mosques will soon outnumber Catholics who go to Sunday Mass in Britain according to new projections.
2345 - Nov 2001 - Bookstore: New Titles from AD Books
The Catholic Way: Faith for Living Today Bishop Donald W.
2346 - Nov 2001 - Books: 'STICKY THE DOG', by Robert Wheeler, Catherine Sheehan
Catherine Sheehan is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2347 - Nov 2001 - Books: 'The Glenstal Book Of Prayer: A Benedictine Prayer Book, Mary-Jane Donnellan
Mary-Jane Donnellan is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2348 - Nov 2001 - Tapes: Thomas More Center Brisbane Winter School, July 2001
The tapes include: The Human Genome Project (Dr Amin Abboud) Being Catholic in a Hostile Culture (Dr James Hitchcock) Progress in Reforming the Liturgy (Helen Hull Hitchcock) The New Evangelisation (Fr Anthony Mastroeni) Nothing can come from Nothing: Philosophy of Nihilism (Martin Fitzgerald) Novo Millennio Ineunte (Br Chris Pritchard) Will S11 go to Heaven?
2349 - Nov 2001 - Books: 'Pardon And Peace: A Sinner's Guide to Confession', by Fr Francis Randolph, Christopher Quinn
Available from Ignatius Press PO Box 180 Sumner Park Qld 4074 (07) 3376 0105) There is little doubt that in the past 30 years the Sacrament of Penances importance has diminished in the practice of the faith of many Catholics.
2350 - Nov 2001 - Books: 'The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish Origins of Christianity', Carsten Theide, Anthony Cappello
Some have also argued that the delay in translating the scrolls was due to a Catholic cover-up as the scrolls would undermine traditional Christianity.
2351 - Nov 2001 - Obituary: Lew Bennett R.I.P.
Dr John Billings described Mr Bennett as a solid Catholic and a saintly man.
2352 - Nov 2001 - Letters: St Thomas Aquinas, Valentine Gallagher
Father Robert ODonnell Ph D Professor of Philosophy at the New York Archdiocesan Seminary writes: In 1879 Leo XIII (in Aeterni Patris) declared the philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas to be the official philosophy of the Catholic Church and required that all candidates for the priesthood be schooled in it (Hooked on Philosophy p.
2353 - Nov 2001 - Letters: Catholic teaching, John Schmid
I have never said evolution can or cannot be compatible with Catholic teaching.
2354 - Nov 2001 - Letters: A response on the Creation of Man, Gerry Keane
Mr Sungenis a rigorous Biblical scholar with a strong interest in ancient languages was one of fourteen speakers at the First International Catholic Creation Conference held last June in Manassas Virginia.
2355 - Nov 2001 - Letters: Catholic women, Errol P. Duke
I refer to Richard Egans article (September AD2000) concerning the Commission for Australian Catholic Women.
2356 - Nov 2001 - Letters: Forgotten teachings, Fr John Speekman
I have found it increasingly more difficult over the 17 years of my priesthood to continue the practice of class and full school Masses in Catholic secondary schools.
2357 - Nov 2001 - Opinion: Catholics before and after Vatican II: separating fact from myth, John Young
A mythology has developed with surprising speed concerning the Catholic world before the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s.
2358 - Nov 2001 - Winter school: Evangelising in a "post-pagan" culture, Fr Anthony Mastroeni
Most people do not know that hospitals are the invention of the Catholic Church; and in fact the little caps that some nurses wear are the diminished religious habits of nuns.
2359 - Nov 2001 - Pastoral letter: Taking up John Paul II's concerns about the Sacrament of Penance, Archbishop Barry J. Hickey
Catholic people are urged to appreciate again the extraordinary power of this Sacrament and to make it an integral part of their journey as followers of Christ.
2360 - Nov 2001 - Brisbane liturgy director calls Vatican document "a betrayal", Michael Gilchrist
In a tribute written by Fr Bill OShea for the archdiocesan weekly Catholic Leader (12 August 2001) Fr OShea said Archbishop Rush expressed his deep disappointment that Vatican behaviour in recent years had largely nullified what was intended to be Vatican IIs greatest achievement its theory of the collegiality of bishops with greater autonomy for the local Church.
2361 - Nov 2001 - A young Catholic's views on the state of the Church in Australia, James Connolly
The following are some observations about the state of the Church in Australia from a 22-year-old Catholic who has a Bachelor of Theology degree has spent time in a religious order and has been active in parish life.
2362 - Nov 2001 - News: The Church Around the World
Liturgy needs a profound sense of the sacred John Paul II addresses Congregation for Divine Worship The liturgy of the Catholic Church must never be reduced to a merely aesthetic exercise nor should liturgical ceremonies be seen as instruments toward pedagogical or ecumenical ends Pope John Paul II told the members of the Congregation for Divine Worship who met in Rome in September.
2363 - Nov 2001 - Tenth Synod of Bishops: Bishops called to courageous witness to the Faith, AD2000
Indeed the most striking contributions - particularly from the viewpoint of Catholics in Western countries - dealt with a bishops specific responsibilities in his own diocese.
2364 - Nov 2001 - Editorial: Synod of Oceania document imminent - 'Ecclesia in Oceania', Peter Westmore
Among issues raised were the corrosive secular culture a crisis of faith affecting both Catholic schools and universities a decline in the sense of sin stemming from the deeper reality of a crisis of faith and having grave repercussions for the sacrament of Penance abuses in parish liturgies and concerns over the doctrinal soundness of the theological formation given either in departments of theology in Catholic universities or in other theological centres.
2365 - Oct 2001 - Reflection: Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharist, Bishop Kevin Manning
In calling this presence of Christ in the Eucharist Real the Church does not exclude other types of His presence as if they could not be understood as Real (Catechism of the Catholic Church n.
2366 - Oct 2001 - Books: Tales Without Reason: Forgotten Heroes of the Apostolate in 1840s Australia, Michael Daniel
Available from AD Books) The Catholic faith was nurtured largely due to the tireless work of missionary priests and religious who left all to bring the faith to immigrants and natives.
2367 - Oct 2001 - Books: 'The Spirit of the Liturgy' by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Christopher Quinn
A further part of the answer is to be found in the liturgical state of the Catholic Church as we enter the third Christian millennium.
2368 - Oct 2001 - Books: 'The One Minute Philosopher' by Montague Brown, Catherine Sheehan
The Catholic faith is constantly coming under fire from different sections of society and for a variety of reasons.
2369 - Oct 2001 - Books: 'Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine', Archbishop Sheehan, Fr Peter Joseph, Br Christian Moe FSC
APOLOGETICS AND CATHOLIC DOCTRINE by Archbishop Michael Sheehan (newly revised by Fr Peter Joseph) (The Saint Austin Press 2001 664pp $39.
2370 - Oct 2001 - Letters: Cult (letter), Wal Maggs
One of the MMMs recent teachings via its founder Debra Geileskey is that normal Catholic Masses are invalid and that those who attend them commit a mortal sin!
2371 - Oct 2001 - Letters: Non-Christian gods (letter), Jane Wilks
If your correspondent is correct that the Commission for Australian Catholic Women is praying to the goddesses Gaia and Sophia then I question whether this body can adequately represent the needs of Catholic women who believe in and worship the One True and Triune God.
2372 - Oct 2001 - Letters: Papal teaching (letter), John Young
But I strongly disagree with his contention (September AD2000) that the teaching of the Catholic Church obliges Catholics to reject human evolution.
2373 - Oct 2001 - Letters: Homosexuality (letter), Arnold Jago (Dr)
Perhaps Catholics and other Christians should support the companys stand by purchasing their products e.
2374 - Oct 2001 - Letters: True picture (letter), Christine Slagter
Thank you for your article on BECs in the Adelaide Archdiocese and Archbishop Faulkners response which contradicts articles which have appeared in the SA Catholic Newspaper - Southern Cross.
2375 - Oct 2001 - Eternal Word Television Network's missionary outreach, Michael Daniel
A couple of days later however my wife called out in excitement Come here I think Ive found something Catholic.
2376 - Oct 2001 - Education: Mass attendance: a key measure of Catholic schools' effectiveness, Br John Moylan CFC
Some highly positioned and influential leaders in Catholic education have claimed in reputable journals that it is inappropriate to use regular Eucharistic worship as an indicator of the effectiveness of Catholic schools.
2377 - Oct 2001 - Archbishop Hart opens Thomas More Centre Bookroom, Catherine Sheehan
The Archbishop spoke of his admiration for the work done at the Thomas More Centre and his confidence in the quality of the material to be available at the new bookroom saying he knew that it would be soundly Catholic.
2378 - Oct 2001 - Can US bishops enforce Papal teaching on Catholic universities?, Zenit News Service
The US Catholic bishops last June adopted guidelines for safeguarding the authenticity of doctrine taught at Catholic universities and colleges.
2379 - Oct 2001 - Cardinal George of Chicago sacks leading 'progressive' liturgist, Michael Gilchrist
In a move of considerable significance for the future direction of the Catholic Churchs liturgy Cardinal Francis George of Chicago last July (2001) relieved of his duties Gabe Huck long-time director of one of the major American publishers of liturgical materials based in Chicago.
2380 - Oct 2001 - Anglican General Synod 2001 - moves towards women bishops delayed, Nigel Zimmermann
For those members (and particularly younger Anglo-Catholics and Evangelicals) of the Anglican Church of Australia who have been struggling to hold on to the sacredness of the Scriptures and Tradition they received in that same Church the Bill that was passed offered a small (but perhaps temporary) reprieve until the next General Synod.
2381 - Oct 2001 - Events: Gerry Matatics Visit / Catholic Homeschooling Conference, Parramatta, AD2000
Well-known US Catholic apologist to visit Australia Professor Gerry Matatics to address key topics on Faith Former Presbyterian minister and Catholic convert Professor Gerry Matatics will explain and defend the key beliefs of the Catholic Faith and their Biblical basis at a number of Australian centres.
2382 - Oct 2001 - News: The Church Around the World
The bishops are spending $250000 in Philadelphia hoping that regional Catholic dioceses will be inspired to use the materials in their communities.
2383 - Sep 2001 - Reflection: Saint Catherine of Siena: how to receive the Eucharist more worthily, Sr Mary Jeremiah OP
Its gentle warm glow is an image rich with meaning for Catholics because every tabernacle in the world is indicated by a burning candle.
2384 - Sep 2001 - Books: 'Lamentations Of The Father', by Ian Frazier, Mary-Jane Donnellan
Mary-Jane Donnellan is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2385 - Sep 2001 - Books: 'The Holocaust, Never To Be Forgotten', Avery Dulles SJ, Rabbi Leon Klenicki, Anthony Cappello
It also wrote about the role of the Church during that period and the Catholic understanding of the Holocaust in Jewish and Christian history.
2386 - Sep 2001 - Letters: Mind of the Church (letter), Mrs Carol V. Phillips
Mr Schmid then claims evolution can be compatible with Catholic teaching thus promoting Theistic Evolutionary Theory.
2387 - Sep 2001 - Letters: Church teachings (letter), Gerry Keane
Teachings defined in Tradition - and thus obligatory upon Catholics to believe - include: Official declaration against human evolution.
2388 - Sep 2001 - Letters: Formidable mind (letter), Mrs V. Mulligan
He has been noted for his terse scholarly defense of both the doctrines and the teaching authority of the Catholic Church.
2389 - Sep 2001 - Letters: Adelaide protest (letter), Pauline Pascoe
The report on a pro-women priests demonstration outside Adelaides Catholic Cathedral (June AD2000) distressed me and has prompted this letter in defence of my Faith and earlier Dominican nuns who along with my parents educated me at Rosary School Prospect South Australia.
2390 - Sep 2001 - Kenneth Bruce Dowding, Australian Catholic hero: his brother's tribute, Rev Keith Dowding
I think Bruce found what he was looking for as he visited the great cathedrals of Europe and I do not wonder that when he had the opportunity he sought admission to the Roman Catholic Church.
2391 - Sep 2001 - Why today's secular culture is anti-Catholic, James Hitchcock
Dr James Hitchcock is Professor of History at the University of St Louis and author of numerous books on the Catholic Church.
2392 - Sep 2001 - Commission for Australian Catholic Women: Executive members' feminist views, Richard Egan
Speaking at a Womens Dinner organised by Holy Family Parish Gowrie ACT on 23 February 2001 Mrs Geraldine Hawkes Chairperson of the Commission for Australian Catholic Women expressed her view on the ordination of women.
2393 - Sep 2001 - Feminism's broad agenda within the Catholic Church, Donna Steichen
The demand for womens ordination highlighted by a recent conference in Dublin of Womens Ordination Worldwide with its New Age-style liturgies focuses attention on the broader issue of Catholic feminism.
2394 - Sep 2001 - Ballarat Thomas More Centre Winter School report
The Winter Schools theme was addressed in the afternoon with a vision of faith action in the history of the Catholic Rural Movement.
2395 - Sep 2001 - Successful Thomas More Centre Winter School in Brisbane, Sidney Rofe
Dr James Hitchcock tackled the concept of Modernism in his talk on Being Catholic in a Hostile Culture (see pp 10-11).
2396 - Sep 2001 - The John Paul II Cultural Centre opens in Washington DC, Alex Sidhu
The John Paul II Cultural Centre Washington DC is the most recent attempt by the Catholic Church in the United States to present the rich history and traditions of the Church through both age-old and contemporary means.
2397 - Sep 2001 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic-Muslim statement on globalisation Benefits and dangers recognised A joint Catholic-Muslim statement from a conference in early July agreed on the benefits of globalisation but also warned of its dangers.
2398 - Sep 2001 - Archbishop Hart's reception at St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne - Homily, Archbishop Denis Hart
In his letter Evangelium Vitae which he addressed not only to the Catholic Church but to every person of good will John Paul spoke of the high stakes involved.
2399 - Aug 2001 - Events: Victorian Thomas More Winter School 2001 in Ballarat, 3 - 5 August 2001
Victorias Thomas More Winter School to be held on 3-5 August 2001 has a Catholic Rural Movement type theme: Bringing Christ to the Land and the Land to Christ.
2400 - Aug 2001 - Books: The Christian Travellers' Guides: France, Britain, Italy, Germany, F.T. Long
Long is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2401 - Aug 2001 - Books: Learning to Pray, by Julie Keleman, Anthony Cappello
It is an ideal gift for that child or grandchild whose exposure to the Catholic faith is limited.
2402 - Aug 2001 - Books: Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God, by Scott Hahn, Catherine Sheehan
Available from AD Books) The place of Our Lady in Gods redemptive plan is often a sticking point for people who are returning to the faith or converting to Catholicism.
2403 - Aug 2001 - Books: The Cross of Anzac, by Tom Johnstone, Mark Posa
Mayne Catholic Military Ordinary of Australia describes it thusly: It is a record of the ministry and dedication of all Chaplains - of ecumenical co-operation and treasured fellowship.
2404 - Aug 2001 - Books: Genetic Turning Points, by James Peterson, Bill Muehlenberg
Conversant with the latest medical and bio-medical trends and practices Dr Peterson is also well-versed in the Christian literature - both Catholic and Protestant.
2405 - Aug 2001 - Letters: St Thomas Aquinas (letter), Valentine Gallagher
Father Robert OConnell writes: In 1879 Leo XIII declared the philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas to be the official philosophy of the Catholic Church and required that all candidates for the priesthood be schooled in it.
2406 - Aug 2001 - Letters: Evolution/Original Sin (letter), John Schmid
I would urge people to read: Catechism of the Catholic Church sections 388-390; Humani Generis Pope Pius XIIs encyclical sections 35-38; In the Beginning by Cardinal Ratzinger Third Homily (Creation and Evolution) and Fourth Homily (Original Sin); Questions People Ask by Rev Dr Leslie Rumble MSC section 28.
2407 - Aug 2001 - Letters: Finding more priests (letter), Theo Silvas
As a subscriber and practising Catholic I must congratulate you on the continuing high standard of AD2000 as regards content and publishing qualities.
2408 - Aug 2001 - Letters: Balanced presentation (letter), Denis O'Leary
Surely it is also time now for liberal opponents of AD2000 in the Adelaide Archdiocese and elsewhere to reconsider their hostility to this robust defender of Catholic orthodoxy.
2409 - Aug 2001 - Australian scholarship for African priest
The war-ravaged Kinshasa (Congo) may be very distant from Australia but a number of Sydney Catholics are supporting the education of its clergy.
2410 - Aug 2001 - Appreciating the Mass: a successful new publication, Fr Robert Egar PP
Earlier generations of Catholics in Australia were strongly catechised through the late Monsignor John McMahons Steps of the Mass.
2411 - Aug 2001 - US bishops implement papal teaching on Catholic universities, Charles E. Rice
The constitution on Catholic higher education Ex Corde Ecclesiae issued by John Paul II in 1990 went into effect in the United States in May.
2412 - Aug 2001 - Denver Archdiocese: the future of Catholicism, David Scott
The Archdiocese of Denver Colorado under the leadership of Archbishop Charles Chaput and his predecessor Cardinal Francis Stafford - who now works in the Vatican - has become one of the most vibrantly Catholic in the United States pointing the way to a new springtime of Catholicism in the third millennium.
2413 - Aug 2001 - After 14 years: why does AD2000 continue?, Michael Gilchrist
Mr Santamaria unapologetically said that AD2000s purpose was to defend and promote religious orthodoxy at a time when a deep and long-term crisis had created widespread confusion effectively dividing the Catholic Church into two churches - one liberal and the other orthodox.
2414 - Aug 2001 - News: The Church Around the World
John Paul IIs visit to Ukraine Asks Orthodox forgiveness for past Catholic errors Commenting on John Paul IIs visit to Ukraine between 23-27 June former Prime Minister Victor Yushchenko said the Holy Father could be an example to the Ukrainian people as they consolidated their democracy with his message of tolerance forgiveness and patience.
2415 - Aug 2001 - Melbourne's new Archbishop receives Pallium from John Paul II, AD2000 Report
Welcome news Since his ordination to the priesthood in 1967 the Melbourne-born 60-year- old Dr Hart has served as a hospital chaplain assistant and parish priest in Melbourne parishes Prefect of Ceremonies for the Archdiocese Advocate and Notary of the Regional Matrimonial Tribunal and Executive Secretary of the National Liturgical Commission of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (1975-1990).
2416 - Jul 2001 - Reflection: An Australian World War II hero, Ron Cowban
It was my duty as Roman Catholic priest at the prison to prepare the Roman Catholics for their end.
2417 - Jul 2001 - Corpus Christi Seminary Inquiry Day
Members of the local Catholic community are welcome as spectators and supporters.
2418 - Jul 2001 - Music: From the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit:, John Miles
From the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit: A Heritage of Traditional Catholic Hymns by the Cantabile Singers (The Cantabile Singers Inc Brisbane 2000 CDs or tapes $20.
2419 - Jul 2001 - Books: The Gift of the Rosary: How to make and How and Why to Pray, by Brian Peachey, Barry Morgan
Available from Catholic Bookshops and 48 Carrick St Woodlands WA 6018 tel (08) 9446 3266 fax (08) 9446 3260) Of all the religious books written those on our Blessed Mother and the Rosary would have to be among the most numerous.
2420 - Jul 2001 - Books: Testimonies to the Glory of God: World Youth Day Pilgrimage AD2000, Catherine Sheehan
Available from Catholic Youth Ministry Melbourne Archdiocese (03) 9926 5677) In August last year 400 young Melburnians set out for World Youth Day 2000 in Rome.
2421 - Jul 2001 - Letters: Church land (letter), Charles Haber
Yet the Catholic community of Aireys Inlet is very much in need of a church in which to worship and the land was donated 35 years ago for church purposes.
2422 - Jul 2001 - Letters: New Testament books (letter), Fr G.H. Duggan SM
Finally one may ask if it was fair of the editors to impose their private opinion on the Catholic reading public few of whom would feel competent to question or challenge it.
2423 - Jul 2001 - Letters: Mass media (letter), Errol P. Duke
Why didnt it complete a full good reading story by stating that no Catholic - homosexual heterosexual or whatever - may receive Communion while in a state of serious sin?
2424 - Jul 2001 - Letters: Ambiguities (letter), Philip Robinson
Here we find three versions of the very hinge on which the Council turns: how Catholic truth without attenuations or alterations but at the same time in such a way that the minds of our contemporaries are aided in their duty of assenting to it.
2425 - Jul 2001 - Letters: Ballarat Diocese (letter), Peter Jenkins
Some priests give the impression of being no longer Catholic in their Eucharistic beliefs while some bishops have succumbed to the demands of the feminist nuns and the paid chancery change-agents closely in attendance upon them.
2426 - Jul 2001 - Letters: Australia's Patroness? (letter), Rev W.J. Robley Adm
Mary Help of Christians has been our Patroness the Patroness of Australia for 150 years since 1844 to be precise and has been honoured by Australian Catholics proudly all that time.
2427 - Jul 2001 - First Tetum-language New Testament for East Timor
The international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need funded this unique project with a grant of $35000.
2428 - Jul 2001 - The case for more Church History in Catholic schools, Michael Lynch
The Catholic school needs not only to be involved in these debates but also to be aware of the danger of providing its students a watered-down and secular view of history which leaves no place for the religious factor in the development of our society.
2429 - Jul 2001 - Report on Marins BECs workshop in Ballarat, Peter Finlayson
au From the Adelaide Archdiocese BEC website: The Church in your street I would concede that Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) could have a role in Australia provided they operate within guidelines set out by a bishop within the framework of Catholic orthodoxy subject to the direction of the parish priest and are used to spearhead parish missionary activity not to take over the running of the parish with or without a priest.
2430 - Jul 2001 - Basic Ecclesial Communities, Archbishop Leonard Faulkner
How can we not be concerned about the 80 per cent of baptised Catholics not experiencing the joy of belonging to our Church community and especially the joy of receiving the Eucharist?
2431 - Jul 2001 - Carnivale Christi: an inspiring display of Christian culture, Angela Smith
Excerpts from a range of religious plays were presented by 20 teams from both Catholic and Christian high schools across Sydney.
2432 - Jul 2001 - Education: National Catholic Education Conference: but who chose the guest speakers?, Michael Gilchrist
The National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) based in Canberra is to hold a conference in Brisbane from 23 to 27 September 2001.
2433 - Jul 2001 - Thomas More Centre Winter Schools 2001 for Ballarat and Brisbane
Ballarat - Bringing Christ to the Land and the Land to Christ Ballarats Thomas More Centre Winter School titled Bringing Christ to the Land and the Land to Christ will be held on 3-5 August 2001 at the Mulkearns Theatre Australian Catholic University 1200 Mair Street Ballarat.
2434 - Jul 2001 - AD2000 makes impact on the Internet, Francis Young
The proliferation of Catholic websites over the past five years has enabled many formerly isolated individuals to deepen their faith meet new Catholic friends study Church teachings and often discover new apostolates in evangelisation and apologetics.
2435 - Jul 2001 - News: The Church Around the World
She said she had been surprised at being invited to speak because of the Catholic Churchs apparent litmus test regarding elected officials views on a womans right to choose.
2436 - Jul 2001 - New Vatican guidelines call for sound, accurate liturgy translations, Michael Gilchrist
It also arrives near the end of an ambitious ten-year project of re-translation and revision of the major liturgical books used by the Catholic Church in English-speaking countries.
2437 - Jun 2001 - Books: 'Praying The Psalms: A Commentary' by Fr Stanley L. Jaki, Anthony Cappello
For anyone looking for a thoroughly Catholic interpretation of the psalms this volume from the author who also wrote Newmans Challenge and The Saviour of Science would be a very worthwhile addition to ones books of Scripture commentaries.
2438 - Jun 2001 - Books: 'The Doctors of the Church' by Bernard McGinn, Angela Joseph
Angela Joseph is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2439 - Jun 2001 - Books: The Turin Shroud: Past, Present and Future, International Scientific Symposium, Anthony Cappello
Gospels Regarding areas of correspondence between the the Shroud and the Gospel accounts Professor Giuseppe Ghiberti of the Catholic University of Milan concluded there were exceptional coincidences.
2440 - Jun 2001 - Letters: Altar (letter), Stuart J. Blackwood
He affirmed from his association with the Pope that the purpose was to have the Catholic liturgy conform as closely as possible to the Protestant Lords Supper .
2441 - Jun 2001 - Letters: Indian appeal (letter), Kevin L. Fernandes
Earlier this year we wrote to you asking if you would be kind enough to publish our appeal for good Catholic literature.
2442 - Jun 2001 - Letters: Encouragement (letter), John F. Doran
He does not use the CCDs Joy for Living program because it is so lacking in specific Catholic content that a modern minimalist Protestant would be quite comfortable with it.
2443 - Jun 2001 - Letters: Archbishop Pell (letter), Godwin Brown
Of the eight persons (including two anonymous clergy) dug out to give comment all but one (non- committal in response) dissented from the Archbishops promotion of orthodox Catholic teaching.
2444 - Jun 2001 - Light to the Nations 2001 - Young Australian Catholics celebrate their faith, Mary-Jane Donnellan
On Thursday 12 April 900 young Catholics from all around Australia Papua-New Guinea the Philippines Malaysia and Botswana made their way to St Clements Retreat Centre in Galong to the place which would be transformed into a tent city.
2445 - Jun 2001 - How a small rural parish survived against the odds, Paul Newton
As has always been the case many isolated Catholic communities are struggling simply to survive.
2446 - Jun 2001 - Anglican defence of Catholic inter-Communion ban, Fr Geoffrey Kirk
Pressures have been mounted from inside and outside the Catholic Church in recent years for a relaxation of its ban on inter-Communion with other Christian Churches despite the lack of agreement reached at ecumenical gatherings on the respective Churches understandings of the Eucharist and the priesthood.
2447 - Jun 2001 - US missionary risks death in Colombia, Zenit News Service
The Catholic Church the only institution present in the whole of the country of 39 million people has had difficulty finding religious capable of going to areas marked by violence and isolation.
2448 - Jun 2001 - Denver document addresses challenges to Catholic marriage teachings, AD2000 Report
the Archdiocese of Denver sets out the ideals of Christian marriage as taught by the Catholic Church while addressing the pastoral challenges associated with widespread shacking up prior to marriage - a virtually universal situation in Western world dioceses.
2449 - Jun 2001 - Annual women priests protest in Adelaide, AD2000 Report
The protest liturgy sheet which was headed Womens Ministries: Affirming and Lamenting contained generous doses of New Age and Green spirituality and as such offered a foretaste of the brand of Catholicism envisaged by certain progressive elements in todays Church.
2450 - Jun 2001 - Basic Ecclesial Communities: Adelaide's 'new model of church', Michael Gilchrist
Some Australian Catholics might wonder what relevance BECs could possibly have for the Church in this country.
2451 - Jun 2001 - News: The Church Around the World
Priest and seminarian numbers rising worldwide Figures from latest Vatican yearbook The latest Vatican yearbook was released on 9 April with statistics covering aspects of the Catholic Churchs life.
2452 - Jun 2001 - Archbishop Pell installed in Sydney, Michael Gilchrist
Outside the Cathedral representative groups of Catholics welcomed Dr Pells arrival with songs dances and applause - interrupted briefly by a small collection of demonstrating feminists anarchists and gays.
2453 - Jun 2001 - Editorial: Church reform: from Stage One to Stage Two, Michael Gilchrist
This editorial is not strictly about Bishop Harts appointment or about who succeeds to Melbourne but about the general direction of the Catholic Church in Australia signalled by Archbishop Pells move to Sydney.
2454 - May 2001 - Books: Stations Of The Cross (CD), Perth Catholic Productions, Colleen McGuiness-Howard
Stations Of The Cross (Perth Catholic Productions).
2455 - May 2001 - Books: 'A Vacation With The Lord' by Fr Thomas H. Green SJ, Catherine Sheehan
Available from AD Books (03) 9326 5757) Participating in a retreat once or twice a year is quite common nowadays amongst practising Catholics.
2456 - May 2001 - Books: 'Becoming Fire' by Fr Ken Barker mgl, Peter Westmore
The approach taken to this theme is to offer a deeply Biblical approach to the spiritual life in the Catholic tradition.
2457 - May 2001 - Letters: Scripture truth (letter), Mary Beaumont
Some feminists both within and outside the Catholic Church appear to think that it is not a good idea to rely on the truth of the Gospels because the Apostles being mere men may have got it all wrong and misinterpreted what Christ said.
2458 - May 2001 - Letters: African reader (letter), Fr Stephen B. Muchemwa
I am a Catholic priest aged 31 and I am the parish priest of St Theresas Church.
2459 - May 2001 - Letters: Queensland Bishops (letter), Dr Tim Coyle
The Catholic high schools in Cairns rarely if ever see a priest because of short supply.
2460 - May 2001 - Letters: Destruction (letter), John D. Pratt
How curious that nothing comparable has been expressed regarding the orgy of destruction of the sanctuaries of Catholic churches throughout the world following the supposed dictate of the Second Vatican Council.
2461 - May 2001 - Letters: Objectionable cover (letter), Fr Edward P. Evans
I protested about this cover to both the Catholic Weekly (Sydney) that published a cover picture with its review (23 October 2000) and to St Pauls Publications that printed the book.
2462 - May 2001 - Letters: Elizabeth Anscombe (letter), Edward Clarke
Not only was she an intellectual defender of Catholic morality but was also to be found praying outside abortion clinics with some of her children risking arrest and harassment from our over-zealous police force.
2463 - May 2001 - Letters: Racism (letter), Helen Daniel
As a consequence of a then prevailing teacher shortage many of my teachers at the Catholic secondary school I attended in Ballarat were from overseas.
2464 - May 2001 - Letters: Different Church (letter), Frank Smith
Where Paul Collins sees spiritual aridity obsesses needlessly over the exercise of Papal authority and scandalously attacks the Churchs truly liberating teachings as a young Catholic I daily witness precisely the opposite: a Church already experiencing the blessings of what Pope John Paul has called the new evangelisation.
2465 - May 2001 - A Melbourne artist's labour of love, Michael Gilchrist
It was in the course of rescuing religious statues that he met one of the Mattei Brothers who had produced most of the statues to be found in Catholic churches throughout Australia since the 1920s.
2466 - May 2001 - Why John Henry Newman converted to Catholicism, Michael Davies
Michael Davies himself a convert to the Catholic Church from the Church of England is currently writing a new biography of Cardinal Newman.
2467 - May 2001 - US professor defends papal teaching on universities, Charles E. Rice
Australian Catholics continue to await a response from Australian Catholic University to John Paul IIs 1990 Apostolic Constitution on Catholic Universities - Ex Corde Ecclesiae.
2468 - May 2001 - New WA Catholic schools document stresses orthodoxy
Western Australias bishops have approved a new 27-page Mandate and Terms of Reference document for the future directions of Catholic education in that State until 2007.
2469 - May 2001 - The Church in Germany: John Paul II expresses serious concerns, Catholic World News
Pope John Paul II has written a personal letter to all of the cardinals of Germany warning them in unusually blunt language about the condition of the Catholic Church in their country.
2470 - May 2001 - News: The Church Around the World
Vatican Information Service New Indian Cardinals address Unity with the universal Church all important Cardinal Ivan Dias Archbishop of Bombay gathered with a great number of Catholics in India after returning from Rome where he was created cardinal by Pope John Paul II.
2471 - May 2001 - 'Systematic instruction in the faith' program to be launched in July, Bishop Luc Matthys
In it he outlines a bold initiative to re-evangelise through the schools and parish churches using the Catechism of the Catholic Church as the point of reference.
2472 - May 2001 - Vatican signals continuation of reform process, AD2000 Report
Archbishop Pells appointment to Sydney The announcement at midday 26 March Rome time that Archbishop George Pell of Melbourne had been chosen to succeed the 77-year-old Cardinal Clancy as Archbishop of Sydney was one of the most momentous in the history of the Catholic Church in Australia.
2473 - May 2001 - Editorial: A crucial appointment to Sydney, Michael Gilchrist
The first reactions of many Australian Catholics at the unexpected announcement of Archbishop George Pells transfer from Melbourne to Sydney may well have been surprise - given that the Archbishops work of reform in Melbourne while considerable was still in its early stages.
2474 - Apr 2001 - Books: 'The Atonement Child' by Francine Rivers, Mary-Jane Donnellan
Mary-Jane Donnellan is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2475 - Apr 2001 - Books: The Apostles' Creed, Defend the Faith and other apologetics topics, Michael Daniel
org) In recent years there has been a revival in the art of apologetics through the republication of works such as Sheehans Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine.
2476 - Apr 2001 - Books: 'Contraception: The Hidden Truth' by Christine de Stoop, Katie Forster
Katie Forster is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2477 - Apr 2001 - JESUS - Jubilee Edition Video, Johanna O'Farrell
Johanna OFarrell is a Melbourne Catholic secondary school student.
2478 - Apr 2001 - Books: Keeping The Faith: Making a Difference by Wilson D. Miscamble, Michael Daniel
Keeping the Faith would make an ideal gift for a young adult as well as being a useful basis for young adult discussion groups since major topics relating to Catholic belief and practice together with issues that specifically interest young people are covered in this series of reflections.
2479 - Apr 2001 - Review Article: A 'silly book' from ACU professor of theology, Frank Mobbs
Problems associated with theology teaching at Australian Catholic University are highlighted in the latest book - Australian Theologies - by Dr Gideon Goosen a professor of theology at ACU.
2480 - Apr 2001 - Letters: Dress code (letter), Raymond de Souza
Probably aware of the ways in which many Catholics dress to attend Mass on Sundays the writer of the announcement added a very diplomatic paragraph on the required dress code for the Synagogue.
2481 - Apr 2001 - Letters: Stations of the Cross (letter), Charles Bignold
Now I thought that the Protestant Churches were Bible-based and the Catholic Church Apostolic and that the Church herself passed on the full Christian teaching the Bible as well as tradition and the wisdom of the ages.
2482 - Apr 2001 - Letters: ACU Syllabus (letter), John Kelly
Michael Gilchrist (March AD2000) instances anomalies in the Australian Catholic Universitys syllabus and alerts readers to their implications for the formation of future Catholic teachers and their students.
2483 - Apr 2001 - Letters: Ambiguities (letter), Valentine Gallagher
In his review of Professor McInerneys book What Went Wrong with Vatican II Michael Daniel states that the Professors thesis is that the crisis in the Catholic Church of the last few decades cannot be blamed on Vatican II but has been caused largely by the actions of dissident theologians in their response to Humanae Vitae (March AD2000).
2484 - Apr 2001 - Letters: Inaccuracy (letter), Fr Michael Kalka PP
During the Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Bishops held on 24-27 January 2001 in Lviv Ukraine His Beatitude Lubomyr Cardinal Husar was elected as head of this Catholic Church.
2485 - Apr 2001 - Letters: Legal action (letter), Chris Joseph
Based on Fr Pacwas view that the Enneagram could cause psychological harm to those who embrace it (Br Moloneys letter in March AD2000) one wonders how long it will be before people who have been subjected to such workshops decide to take legal action against any Catholic diocesan authority around the country promoting this modern pop psychology due to mental trauma and distress etc.
2486 - Apr 2001 - Tanzania's Father Winfried makes return visit to Australia, Martin Sheehan
Around 60 per cent of the people of Fr Winfieds town are Catholic.
2487 - Apr 2001 - How to avoid banal, superficial liturgies, Bishop Kevin Manning
Many of the hymns which carried our tradition and Catholic culture have given way to infantile superficial banal and utilitarian substitutes.
2488 - Apr 2001 - Thomas More Centre Summer School 2001: "Building a Culture of Life", Michael Daniel
It took place at the University of Melbourne with its overall theme Building a Culture of Life which took its impetus from John Paul IIs call for Catholics and others of goodwill to resist the culture of death - as manifested in euthanasia and abortion on demand.
2489 - Apr 2001 - US parishioners more outspoken about church "renovations", Zenit News Service
We were just devastated Shimmons told the US weekly National Catholic Register.
2490 - Apr 2001 - Archbishop Curtiss on implementing the theology 'mandatum', Archbishop Elden Curtiss
The following is an edited transcript of Archbishop Elden Curtiss of Omahas contribution to a discussion on the mandatum for Catholic theologians during the US bishops conference on 15 November 2000.
2491 - Apr 2001 - News: The Church Around the World
UK Bishops to screen Catholic societies Commitment to Catholic teaching and practice required The bishops of England and Wales announced in February a stricter process for organisations claiming to be Catholic and therefore entitled to a listing in the official National Catholic Directory.
2492 - Apr 2001 - John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family to open in July 2001, AD2000 Report
Perhaps the most important event in the recent history of Australian Catholic higher education is set to occur in July 2001 with the official opening of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Melbourne.
2493 - Mar 2001 - Reflection: Liturgy in the true spirit of Vatican II, Ralph McInerny
For most Catholics the Council simply is those changes - the priest and altar turned toward the people the Liturgy of the Word and the Canon of the Mass in the vernacular and an indisputable diminution of reverence as participation by the faithful has become understood in exclusively active and outspoken ways.
2494 - Mar 2001 - Books: The Pange Lingua Hymnal, compiled by Paul Newton, Fr Gregory Pritchard PP
The young editors hope is that the immense wealth of Catholic hymnody remain available and used by the worshippers of the third Christian millennium.
2495 - Mar 2001 - Books: Why I Am A Priest: Thirty Success Stories, ed. Boadt, Hunt, Katie Lindorff
Katie Lindorff is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2496 - Mar 2001 - Books: Why the hopes of the Council Fathers of Vatican II are yet to be realised, Michael Daniel
What Went Wrong with Vatican II: The Catholic Crisis Explained by Ralph M.
2497 - Mar 2001 - Books: Streams of Living Water: Autobiography of a Charismatic Leader, Anthony Cappello
For many young people in the Church who belong to Covenant and Catholic Charismatic Communities this autobiography should be of particular interest.
2498 - Mar 2001 - Books: Come To The Father: An Invitation to Share the Catholic Faith, Aidan Nichols OP, Christopher Quinn
Come To The Father: An Invitation to Share the Catholic Faith by Aidan Nichols OP (St Pauls 2000 pp.
2499 - Mar 2001 - Letters: Catholic education (letter), Daniel Bryce
Yet your correspondent Gregory Kingman describes something different in what has happened to him in Catholic education.
2500 - Mar 2001 - Letters: Appeal from India (letter), Kevin L. Fernandes
We are a group of Catholics including a Catholic priest who was the Rector and still is a professor at the diocesan seminary.
2501 - Mar 2001 - Letters: Vocations and orthodoxy (letter), John Schmid
The article by Larry Carstens February AD2000) raised many good points on the connection between plentiful vocations and orthodox bishops who ensure the Catholic faith is taught in its entirety in their seminaries.
2502 - Mar 2001 - Letters: Old liturgical books (letter), Frank Carleton
For a catalogue with details about these and many other traditional Catholic publications please send a SAE (45c) to F.
2503 - Mar 2001 - Letters: Church doctrine? (letter), Frank Mobbs
Readers may have been given the impression it is a doctrine of the Catholic Church that there is a place or state called Limbo.
2504 - Mar 2001 - Letters: Enneagram workshop (letter), Br Con Moloney CFC
In the November AD2000 mention was made of an Enneagram Workshop promoted by the Toowoomba Catholic Education Office.
2505 - Mar 2001 - The surprise Cardinal: Fr Avery Dulles SJ, Zenit News Service
The son of former US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and a distinguished Catholic theologian Fr Dulles has had to cope with many challenges in his long life including giving witness at a time of agnosticism.
2506 - Mar 2001 - New Catholic radio program to start in WA
Its host Raymond de Souza is the founder and director of St Gabriel Communications which is an educational initiative specialising in promoting Catholic apologetics.
2507 - Mar 2001 - What we must teach our children: Archbishop Chaput, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput
Chaput of Denver Colorado was in Melbourne during April 2000 and in a keynote presentation to the National Catholic Family Gathering offered some good advice to parents on what to teach their children.
2508 - Mar 2001 - How monastic life can reinvigorate the Church, Fr Peter Knowles OP
Within the milieu of the American Greek Catholic churches there is a growing number of houses dedicated to the traditional pattern of the Eastern monastic rule in all its uncluttered simplicity.
2509 - Mar 2001 - Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter ordinations
This was in line with the Ecclesia Dei document which recognises and provides for the rightful aspirations of all those Catholic faithful who feel attached to some previous liturgical and disciplinary forms of the Latin tradition and grants permission for the continued celebration of the traditional Latin liturgy.
2510 - Mar 2001 - ACU theology: how orthodox, how accountable?, Michael Gilchrist
Unit outlines and books of readings for several theology units taught to student teachers at a Sydney campus of Australian Catholic University raise questions about their orthodoxy and accountability.
2511 - Mar 2001 - Elizabeth Anscombe, R.I.P., Robert P. George
Her impact on academic philosophy was matched by her influence in Catholic intellectual circles.
2512 - Mar 2001 - How Archbishop Pell will implement Statement on Women in the Church
Archbishop George Pell has indicated the line to be followed in the Melbourne Archdiocese regarding the Australian Bishops Social Justice Statement on Women in the Catholic Church.
2513 - Mar 2001 - Seminary numbers up in orthodox US dioceses, Michael S. Rose
Rose an American writer is editor of the St Catherine Review and author of The Renovation Manipulation a study of questionable alterations made to Catholic churches since Vatican II.
2514 - Mar 2001 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Philadelphia Priest Call New program to promote vocations Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua of Philadelphia announced recently that the Archdiocese will dedicate the year 2001 to the promotion of vocations to the priesthood.
2515 - Mar 2001 - New cardinals to continue John Paul II's agenda, AD2000 Report
The weeks delay in announcing an additional seven to the original 37 names presented on 21 January had hinged on the appointment of the newly elected Archbishop of the Ukrainian Rite Catholics of Lviv.
2516 - Mar 2001 - Editorial: ACU theology: prompt action needed, Peter Westmore
Australian Catholic University is responsible for training a large proportion of the teachers who staff Catholic primary and secondary schools around the country and therefore the theology courses provided to its students inevitably will be of general concern to the Catholic community.
2517 - Feb 2001 - Reflection: The essential role of the Catholic priest, Fr John A. Hardon SJ
But in the Catholic Church the priest exists for one main purpose: to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass.
2518 - Feb 2001 - Books: 'Pope Pius XII: Architect For Peace' by Margherita Marchione, Michael Daniel
Furthermore many Catholic bishops throughout occupied territories urged Pius XII not to make statements lest the Nazis use these statements as an excuse to unleash further persecutions.
2519 - Feb 2001 - Books: 'The Essence Of Feminism' by Kirsten Birkett, Catherine Sheehan
Catherine Sheehan is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2520 - Feb 2001 - Letters: Christian art (letter), Kim Portelli
I am a 27-year-old Catholic who is serious about her faith.
2521 - Feb 2001 - Letters: Anti-Catholicism (letter), Kevin Tighe
His latest effort is particularly vicious and deeply insulting to Catholics.
2522 - Feb 2001 - Letters: Sermons (letter), Bernie Lewis
A priest once told the writer that homilies replaced sermons (November AD2000) by order of bishops because radical priests were preaching their own ideas often not in line with Catholic teaching.
2523 - Feb 2001 - Letters: Recipe for decline (letter), K. Logan
Polls tell us that Catholics reflect almost exactly the secular community views on contraception abortion and acceptance of sterile homosexual unions.
2524 - Feb 2001 - Letters: 'Creating Our Future' (letter), Mrs Jeanette Joseph
It is a lengthy politically correct all-inclusive document that says very little and tells nothing of Catholic beliefs or truths.
2525 - Feb 2001 - Letters: Vocations (letter), Mrs Irena Nagy
Like myself all committed Catholics are saddened by this as we know that our whole faith our whole raison detre centres on the Eucharist for which the priest is essential.
2526 - Feb 2001 - Letters: Waste of resources (letter), Shane Dore
Well as a young Catholic I certainly havent found this to be the case.
2527 - Feb 2001 - Letters: Church in China (letter), Angela Martello
For example he states that to function freely all Catholic churches have to be state-controlled.
2528 - Feb 2001 - Archbishop Pell opens drug rehabilitation centre, Dr Joseph Santamaria
This initiative of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne is the outcome of the work of a taskforce that had been established to propose recommendations for a Catholic response to the grave problem of drug abuse in Australia.
2529 - Feb 2001 - A former heroin addict's personal testimony
Curing drug addiction: a spiritual approach Late last year a religious order brother brought a former heroin addict to the Thomas More Centre to meet and speak to office staff about how her return to the Catholic Faith brought about a cure in her condition when all else had failed.
2530 - Feb 2001 - Successful Thomas More Spring School in Wagga, Paul Sheehan
His story is a fine example of what can be achieved by Catholics in their everyday working lives.
2531 - Feb 2001 - The "priest shortage": natural or artificial?, Larry A. Carstens
Over the past two decades or so Catholics in the US have grown accustomed to hearing about a vocations crisis in their Church.
2532 - Feb 2001 - Religious persecution continues in Vietnam, AD2000 Report
A quarter century on the government continues to impose controls over the training and appointment of priests a cause of frustration for the Catholic community of about 8 million.
2533 - Feb 2001 - Liturgy: when will the 'Statement of Conclusions' make an impact?, Michael Gilchrist
The booklets contents seemed guided as much by New Age ideas and political correctness as the Catholic Churchs liturgical directives.
2534 - Feb 2001 - The finest RE texts produced to date, Anthony Cappello
Having supplied religious education texts to schools and parish catechists for the past five years one thing has been abundantly clear to this writer: that faithful and culturally relevant Catholic primary school resources are hard to come by.
2535 - Feb 2001 - New RE texts launched in Melbourne's Catholic schools, Michael Gilchrist
In one of the most important initiatives in Catholic religious education in Australia since Vatican II the Melbourne Archdiocese is this year introducing a new series of religion texts into schools and colleges within its boundaries.
2536 - Feb 2001 - News: The Church Around the World
In his address to the bishops before they departed for home John Paul II said regarding the Statement Your meetings with some of the Congregations of the Roman Curia have focused on questions of doctrine and morality the liturgy the role of the Bishop evangelisation and mission the priesthood religious life and Catholic education.
2537 - Feb 2001 - Bishop Wilson of Wollongong to be the future Archbishop of Adelaide, AD2000 Report
A highlight of the event was the celebration of Mass in two of the Eastern Catholic Rites - Ukrainian and Melkite.
2538 - Feb 2001 - Tasmanian priest to be Lismore's new bishop, AD2000 Report
Like Bishop Luc Matthys who was appointed to Armidale in northern New South Wales in 1999 Father Jarrett has been an active member of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy an organisation noted for its strong support for the Holy Father and Church teachings.
2539 - Feb 2001 - Editorial: New religion texts for Melbourne schools, Michael Gilchrist
In a historic move the first of a series of new religion text books are to be used in Catholic primary and secondary schools of the Melbourne Archdiocese from the start of the present school year.
2540 - Dec 2000 - Summer School of Evangelisation 2001
It is a member of the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Communities whose statutes were recognised by the Pontifical Association for the Laity in 1990.
2541 - Dec 2000 - Books: 'Anti-Catholicism in American Culture', edited by Robert Lockwood, Michael Daniel
Anti-Catholicism in American Culture edited by Robert Lockwood (Our Sunday Visitor 2000 221pp plus appendix $42.
2542 - Dec 2000 - Books: 'John Paul II's Book of Mary', compiled by Margaret R. Bunson, Anthony Cappello
Anthony Cappello is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2543 - Dec 2000 - Books: 'Biblical Holy Places: An Illustrated Guide' by Rivka Gonen, Catherine Sheehan
Catherine Sheehan is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2544 - Dec 2000 - Books: 200 Years of Faith: A Multimedia Tour of the Holy Land, Catherine Sheehan
Catherine Sheehan is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2545 - Dec 2000 - Letters: EWTN programs (letter), John Lovegrove
They certainly follow the Scriptures the Pope and the Catechism in every way and telecast the real Catholic faith.
2546 - Dec 2000 - Letters: Hell? (letter), P.J. Jones
Before Vatican II numerous Catholic priests made reputations through their frequent Dantesque descriptions from the pulpit of the eternal fire awaiting unrepentant sinners.
2547 - Dec 2000 - Letters: Misguided (letter), Joyce Pearson and Marie Kennedy
We attended the initial meeting of the project Participation of Women in the Catholic Church in Australia at its Canberra hearing in May 1997 and found that it was controlled by feminists both lay and religious.
2548 - Dec 2000 - Letters: Women's ordination (letter), Dr Frank Mobbs
Would the ordination of women as priests in the Catholic Church give the Church greater appeal?
2549 - Dec 2000 - Letters: Remembrance services (letter), Richard Grant
I strongly endorse Ron Edmonds suggestion that the Catholic Church introduce liturgical funeral and remembrance services for children lost through miscarriage abortion or stillbirth (October AD2000).
2550 - Dec 2000 - Letters: The Church in China (letter), Francis Vrijmoed
As a frequent visitor to China I would like to comment on the article Religious persecution in China continues (July AD2000) from Catholic World News.
2551 - Dec 2000 - Letters: Positive response (letter), Geoff Taylor
The local Catholic newspaper would not advertise it.
2552 - Dec 2000 - Letters: Rainbow Serpent (letter), Hans Klaver
We all know this is an important story to the indigenous people of Australia but do Catholic primary school pupils when they are presumably taught from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and learn the prayers of the Mass have to be told the Rainbow Serpent stirred from the land and set off to create .
2553 - Dec 2000 - Letters: Serious duties (letter), Myles M. Kehoe
Some people have told me they have given up reading AD2000 because it is too depressing even as it faithfully chronicles the progressive disintegration of the Catholic Church in much of Australia.
2554 - Dec 2000 - Letters: Toowoomba Diocese (letter), Maria Lossberg
This decline is inexorably linked to the overall crisis of faith due in part to poor teaching of our Catholic beliefs and truths in Catholic schools and institutions.
2555 - Dec 2000 - Letters: 'Creating Our Future' (letter), Patricia Byrnes
What I find most disturbing is that Creating Our Future purports to present the wisdom and concerns of all Catholics in the Toowoomba Diocese.
2556 - Dec 2000 - Letters: Priest shortage (letter), Bernard O'Connor
The 29 October edition of the Catholic Leader ran a story about two Polish priests arriving in Armidale (NSW) to help relieve a shortage of priests in the diocese.
2557 - Dec 2000 - New Australian women's religious order, Sr Carmel Doherty
As proclaimed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church we will sincerely adhere to decisions made by the reigning Pontiff and indeed we will be seen to do so.
2558 - Dec 2000 - Australian Foundation to back new Pontifical University
A group of Australians has established a Foundation to help support and raise the profile in Australia of one of the Catholic Churchs newest and fastest growing pontifical universities in Rome - the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.
2559 - Dec 2000 - The 'new breed' of orthodox seminarians, Carter H. Griffin
Griffin who was baptised a Presbyterian converted to Roman Catholicism while attending Princeton University.
2560 - Dec 2000 - G.K. Chesterton: fresh and accessible today, Dale Ahlquist
Chesterton the National Catholic Register a US weekly recently interviewed Dale Ahlquist President of the American Chesterton Society.
2561 - Dec 2000 - C.S. Lewis: Christian apologist, Sarah Macdonald
With acknowledgement to The Irish Catholic.
2562 - Dec 2000 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News South Korean President wins Nobel Prize Catholic faith a major influence on his policies South Koreas Nobel Peace Prize-winner President Kim Dae-jung is a devout Catholic whose faith has motivated his overtures of reconciliation to North Korea.
2563 - Dec 2000 - ACU - when will the 'Statement of Conclusions' be implemented?, Michael Gilchrist
An uphill battle is likely if Australias Catholic bishops are to implement their agreed reform document the Statement of Conclusions as regards Australian Catholic University (ACU) to judge from a recent report in The Australian (18 October 2000).
2564 - Dec 2000 - Editorial: At the end of the Year of Jubilee: an audit, Michael Gilchrist
As the Year of Jubilee draws to a close it is appropriate to consider the overall state of the Catholic Church - an audit as it were - and to look realistically to the future.
2565 - Nov 2000 - Reflection: Brother Andrew (1928-2000): returning to spiritual basics, Brother Andrew
I briefly call to mind observable symptoms of deep malaise in the Catholic Church: The well known decline in church attendance in interested young people in the number of priests nuns and non-salaried church workers.
2566 - Nov 2000 - Books: Martyrs And Saints In Catholic Liturgy by K.G. Mortensen, Michael Daniel
Martyrs And Saints In Catholic Liturgy (From Advent to Lent) by K.
2567 - Nov 2000 - Books: Hungry For God: Practical Help in Personal Prayer by Ralph Martin, Michael Daniel
The suggestions contained therein are the reflections of the author Ralph Martin a Catholic lay evangelist and author of numerous works.
2568 - Nov 2000 - Books: Casta Meretrix: An Essay on the Eccesiology of St Ambrose, Cardinal Biffi, Michael Daniel
In his study of the ecclesiology of St Ambrose Cardinal Giacomo Biffi Archbishop of Bologna and member of the Sacred Congregations for the Clergy Catholic Education and Evangelisation of Peoples responds to this assertion.
2569 - Nov 2000 - Books: A CD-ROM 'Virtual Tour' of St Peter's Basilica, Catherine Sheehan
Catherine Sheehan is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2570 - Nov 2000 - Books: 'Lourdes: The Original File by a Skeptic Turned Believer' by J.B. Estrade, Katie Lindorff
Katie Lindorff is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2571 - Nov 2000 - New lay apostolate: Confraternity of the Holy Name of Jesus, Barry O'Brien
It was about August 1998 that a Catholic lay apostolate to become known as the Confraternity of the Holy Name of Jesus was formed with ecclesiastical approval in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.
2572 - Nov 2000 - Fr Francis Harman RIP: bioethicist of distinction, Dr Joseph Santamaria
Dr Joseph Santamaria who knew Father Frank Harman personally for over 30 years shared many of his interests and worked closely with him in the fields of bio-ethics and health care pays tribute to an outstanding Catholic priest who died late last September.
2573 - Nov 2000 - Irish missionary sisters combat AIDS in Africa
Sr Duggan spoke recently about her work promoting chastity to Cian Molloy of The Irish Catholic.
2574 - Nov 2000 - Toowoomba's 'Creating Our Future' - or a recipe for further decline?, Michael Gilchrist
These programs - with catchy titles such as Tomorrows Church - failed to make inroads on falling Mass attendances and individual confessions disappearing priestly and religious vocations and chronic religious illiteracy in Catholic schools.
2575 - Nov 2000 - News: The Church Around the World
Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo the Colombian-born prelate who is president of the Pontifical Council for Families said this celebration was an opportunity to send a message that involves the human family not only Catholics.
2576 - Nov 2000 - Canonisation of 120 Chinese martyrs: has much changed under communism?, AD2000 Report
Beijing currently requires Christians to worship only in state- controlled associations including the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association which eschews any connections with the Vatican or the Pope.
2577 - Nov 2000 - Editorial: Pope John Paul II on the Eucharist, Michael Gilchrist
This is timely given widespread ignorance of the Churchs Eucharistic teaching thanks in large measure to weak or inaccurate catechesis in Catholic schools and colleges over many years.
2578 - Oct 2000 - An authentic Christian spirituality grounded in objective revelation, Michael Daniel
With acknowledgement to ideas in Fr Aidan Nichols article In the Catholic Tradition Priests and People July 1997.
2579 - Oct 2000 - How language transforms a Christian society into a secular society, Audrey English
Differing forms of it are offered in assorted courses in Catholic circles: aboriginal creation body mind and spirit Buddhist - each intended to appeal to different needs.
2580 - Oct 2000 - How orthodox are Australian Catholic University's professorial staff?, Eamonn Keane
Earlier this year AD2000 reported on the results of a survey conducted by Professor Denis McLaughlin into the beliefs values and practices of student teachers at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) which revealed that a large proportion of the students did not accept the Churchs teaching on abortion contraception the male-only ministerial priesthood and the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.
2581 - Oct 2000 - Archbishop Pell: social justice for today's family, Archbishop George Pell
Catholic religious practice in particular as measured by regular Mass attendance has declined from about 55-60 percent in the 1950s and early 1960s to 18 percent nationally.
2582 - Oct 2000 - Contentious Social Justice Statement on women's participation published, Michael Gilchrist
If Woman and Man inflated the complaints of an unhappy dissenting minority at the expense of a generally satisfied majority of practising Catholic women so the Social Justice Statement offers an equally inflated set of policy decisions to cater for that unhappy minority.
2583 - Oct 2000 - 'Call to Change' in Tasmania: but whose 'vision of Church'?, Michael Gilchrist
The Hobart Archdiocesan periodical The Standard headlined its September 2000 edition: Call is now to ACTION while its editor Ms Penny Edman declared enthusiastically The Catholic Church in Tasmania again has a clear and purposeful direction.
2584 - Oct 2000 - News: The Church Around the World
New president for Steubenville University Dynamic spiritual environment to continue The Franciscan University of Steubenville (Ohio) regarded by many observers as the most vibrantly Catholic university in the United States last August announced the name of the man to succeed the president of the university who brought it from near closure to international acclaim.
2585 - Oct 2000 - 'Dominus Jesus' reaffirms Catholic Church's claims to truth, AD2000 Report
A new doctrinal statement - Dominus Jesus - authorised by Pope John Paul II affirms the Catholic Churchs teaching that it is the one true Church of Jesus Christ.
2586 - Oct 2000 - Editorial: The Church at the crossroads, Michael Gilchrist
Teachers in Catholic schools must be properly formed in the faith especially principals and those who teach religion.
2587 - Sep 2000 - Reflection: Religious life: death or re-birth?, Fr Benedict Groeschel
There are other eminently worthy apostolates such as the desperate need for authentic Catholic education.
2588 - Sep 2000 - Ensuring our schools are truly Catholic, Br John Moylan CFC
The fundamental aim of Catholic education is to help students follow Christs first and greatest commandment - You must love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your mind .
2589 - Sep 2000 - The 'Statement of Conclusions' and liturgy: what needs to be done, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
The question of the authentic promotion of the liturgy in paragraph 41 focuses on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
2590 - Sep 2000 - Why singles should not have access to IVF, Peter Westmore
The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference intervened in the case and was heard as friends of the court.
2591 - Sep 2000 - News: The Church Around the World
Delegates from the most important Catholic youth groups movements and associations were also present.
2592 - Sep 2000 - Editorial: East Timor: a privilege and an opportunity, Peter Westmore
As the Timorese Salesian Brother Marcal Lopes has observed during his current visit to Australia the overwhelmingly Catholic people of East Timor continue to suffer the effects of the destruction perpetrated by Indonesian- backed militias after the people voted overwhelmingly for independence just a year ago.
2593 - Aug 2000 - Reflection: Re-discovering holiness will lead to more priestly vocations: Cardinal Daly, Cardinal Cahal Daly
The majority of Catholic celibates have always been and still are consecrated women.
2594 - Aug 2000 - A tribute to Cardinal John O'Connor, Msgr Michael J. Wrenn
As Catholic citizens of New York City and the upstate counties salute you on your birthday and thank you for your years of service to the people of God throughout the Archdiocese and the Ecclesiastical Province of New York my fellow priests and parishioners pledge you their love and genuine affection.
2595 - Aug 2000 - 'We Shall Overcome': 'liberal' Catholicism after Vatican II, Norm Yodgee
A noteworthy feature of Catholicism particularly in Western countries over the past 30 years has been the existence of liberal Catholic establishments in key sectors of the local churches - in the leadership of larger religious orders diocesan bureaucracies numerous areas of education publishing and communications and so on.
2596 - Aug 2000 - Eucharistic Congress in Wollongong: 'a time of blessing', Fr Mark De Battista
A highlight of the congress was the celebration of Mass in two of the Eastern Catholic Rites.
2597 - Aug 2000 - Rockhampton: shuffling deck chairs on the 'Titanic', AD2000 Report
Rockhampton (Queensland) continues to underline its well-deserved reputation as one of Australias most progressive Catholic dioceses as priestly numbers and practice of the faith continue to decline.
2598 - Aug 2000 - Religious violence continues in Indonesia, Zenit News Service
Fr Agus Ulahaiyanan the missionary responsible for the Ambon Catholic diocesan crisis centre told the Misna agency that at present there are 200000 people on the island in a state of emergency: The lack of food resources has become oppressive; innumerable people have lost their homes and property in the incidents.
2599 - Aug 2000 - Church of England to consider women bishops, Zenit News Service
More than 470 male clergy left the Anglican ministry as a result of whom 58 subsequently returned as Catholic priests.
2600 - Aug 2000 - News: The Church Around the World
Catholic World News Supreme Court upholds partial-birth abortion US Catholic bishops attack decision Several US bishops expressed their disappointment and rejection of the Supreme Courts decision in June to strike down the State of Nebraskas ban on partial-birth abortion.
2601 - Aug 2000 - Divorce and remarriage: Vatican reaffirms Church teaching
The former Congregation in an October 1994 letter to the worlds bishops had insisted that - contrary to the suggestion of some theologians and pastors especially in Western Europe - divorced and remarried Catholics should not be admitted to receive the Eucharist.
2602 - Aug 2000 - Archbishop Hickey on Perth's priestly vocations success story, Archbishop Barry J. Hickey
Among Australias larger dioceses it has the most seminarians in proportion to Catholic population.
2603 - Jul 2000 - Family Mission Novena: Australian response to Jubilee 2000
However the following report written by a grateful Sydney parishioner indicates that thoroughly orthodox missions remain alive and well - even if the approach is no longer the one that older Catholics may recall.
2604 - Jul 2000 - Educating Catholics in a secular culture: a Canadian Internet initiative, J. Fraser Field
Vatican IIs Declaration on Christian Education directs Catholic schools to integrate the Christian faith into the whole pattern of human life in all its aspects.
2605 - Jul 2000 - US historian criticises 'Hitler's Pope' book
MARTIN DOORHY a World War II specialist historian has commented on John Cornwells much-publicised book Hitlers Pope in an interview for Chicagos Catholic New World weekly.
2606 - Jul 2000 - Italians in Australia: Celebrating cultural and Catholic identity, AD2000 Report
Santamaria wrote: Whether he is a Catholic who practises the Faith or a Catholic who does not .
2607 - Jul 2000 - US bishops' new art and architecture document, Charles M. Wilson
The following article examines the draft document on church art and architecture which was presented for discussion at the plenary session of the Conference of US Catholic Bishops last November.
2608 - Jul 2000 - New Zealand bishops endorse register of same sex couples, Richard Egan
In line with Catholic teaching the bishops stated that same-sex couples should not be able to marry because marriage was a specific kind of relationship and its specificity is based on sexual differentiation.
2609 - Jul 2000 - Australian bishops' response to 'Woman and Man' report, Michael Gilchrist
Social Justice Statement on womens participation due in September The Australian Catholic bishops Social Justice Statement for 2000 will focus on womens participation in the Catholic Church in Australia.
2610 - Jul 2000 - News: The Church Around the World
Cardinal Danneels warns on Europes crisis of faith Lack of priestly vocations means loss of sacraments Belgiums Cardinal Godfried Danneels has warned that the Catholic Church in Europe is facing extinction.
2611 - Jul 2000 - New campus of John Paul II Institute set to open in Melbourne, AD2000 Report
In the US there are over a dozen Apostolic Catechetical Institutes which provide qualifications to teach religion in Catholic schools.
2612 - Jul 2000 - Editorial: Orthodoxy the 'wave of the future', Michael Gilchrist
If the Catholic Churchs crisis of faith in Australia is to be addressed - along the lines set out in the Statement of Conclusions - then fundamental reforms in the formation of priests teachers and Church professionals must be undertaken.
2613 - Jun 2000 - Shedding further light on the English Reformation under Edward VI, Michael Daniel
In Edwards short reign (1547-1553) the religious life of the English people was to undergo one of the most dramatic and lasting shifts it has ever undergone from what was essentially a Catholic form of Christianity to one that was akin to reformed-style Protestantism.
2614 - Jun 2000 - How Catholics can help rebuild Christian culture, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput
Archbishop Chaputs Melbourne address Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver Colorado was a keynote speaker at the National Catholic Family Gathering Melbourne on 29 April 2000.
2615 - Jun 2000 - One of the great bishops of modern times, Michael Gilchrist
He was the oldest US bishop one of the countrys most distinguished and prominent Catholic prelates and a fearless consistent defender of Church teachings.
2616 - Jun 2000 - New Primate: Anglican divisions intensify, Rev David Robarts
Fr Aidan Nichols OP a long-standing friend and historian of Anglicanism believes the Anglican Communion has three souls - catholic evangelical and liberal - contending for mastery within one bosom.
2617 - Jun 2000 - News: The Church Around the World
ICEL Psalms translation to be withdrawn Publication and distribution to be halted The National Catholic Reporter in its 7 April issue has published the text of a letter dated 14 January from Archbishop Francesco Pio Tamburrino secretary of the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments to ICELs chairman Bishop Maurice Taylor of Galloway Scotland.
2618 - May 2000 - Books: 'The Legacy of Pope John Paul II' ed. Geoffrey Gneuhs, Anthony Cappello
THE LEGACY OF POPE JOHN PAUL II: His Contribution to Catholic Thought Edited by Geoffrey Gneuhs (Crossroads Publishing Company 2000 127pp RRP $24.
2619 - May 2000 - Books: 'The Wisdom of Adrian Fortescue' ed. Michael Davies, Michael Daniel
(Roman Catholic Books 1999 420pp.
2620 - May 2000 - Books: 'Three Inns of Everlasting Happiness' by Fr Fabian Duggan, Catherine Sheehan
Catherine Sheehan is a Melbourne Catholic writer.
2621 - May 2000 - Letters: Year of the Lord (letter), Fr Chrysostom Alexander
The degree of dismay deepened considerably however on the accidental discovery that a number of Sydney Catholic schools have been promoting this concept for some time now.
2622 - May 2000 - Letters: Archbishop Pell defended (letter), Fr Kevin Ryan
I have been a Catholic priest for over 50 years and have celebrated and been present at countless mixed marriages and have not seen any celebrated behind the altar.
2623 - May 2000 - Letters: Mixed marriages (letter), John Schmidt
The Catholic Weekly (22.
2624 - May 2000 - Letters: God's love (letter), Justin Ford
Catholic teachings exist in a certain tension with one another and error often results from emphasising one aspect of the truth to the point of denying some other aspect which at first sight seems incompatible with it.
2625 - May 2000 - Letters: Reply to Fr Frank Brennan (letter), Richard Egan
Fr Frank Brennan (April AD2000) holds that in Catholic teaching abortion is not the moral equivalent of murder and that in a pluralist democracy it is wrong to have a law prohibiting all abortions.
2626 - May 2000 - Letters: 'Day of Pardon' (letter), Paul MacLeod
The media (including some Catholic media) have referred to the Day of Pardon at St Peters on the first Sunday of Lent as an apology by the Pope and/or the Catholic Church.
2627 - May 2000 - Letters: Women in the Church (letter), Marie Kennedy
The Participation of Women in the Church project appears to have been instigated by a feminist lobby wishing to establish its own agenda in the Catholic Church.
2628 - May 2000 - Letters: More on Adelaide (letter), Margret E. Mills
A few facts relating to the Noarlunga Catholic community: It is currently burdened with a debt of approximately one million dollars.
2629 - May 2000 - Letters: Nothing to do? (letter), Frank Mobbs
They are superiors of religious orders chief administrators of Catholic hospitals directors of Catholic Education Offices professors of theology in Catholic universities and seminaries canon lawyers chancellors of dioceses principals of some of the largest schools in the nation.
2630 - May 2000 - Letters: Women's report: a reply (letter), Dr Marie McDonald
Stapelton (March AD2000) states that the report Woman and Man: One in Christ Jesus is not a true reflection of the majority of Catholic womens viewpoints but is indeed the manipulated concoction of the groans and grievances of a minority wishing to hold positions of power in the Queensland/Australian Church.
2631 - May 2000 - Books: Francis Thompson: author of 'The Hound of Heaven', Michael Daniel
In February 1887 Wilfrid Meynell the editor of Merry England a Catholic literary monthly magazine received some untidy manuscripts accompanied by the following covering letter: In enclosing the accompanying article for your inspection I must ask pardon for the soiled state of the manuscript.
2632 - May 2000 - Understanding the Incarnation, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
As Catholics we may take this for granted because it is the Churchs own understanding of Johns language.
2633 - May 2000 - What are the foundations of a good Catholic education?, Dr. John J. Haldane
Briefly stated the main point of a Catholic education should be to lay down the foundations of a good life and of a good death.
2634 - May 2000 - The priesthood: John Paul II's Holy Thursday Letter sets guidelines, Pope John Paul II
In his Letter to Priests for Holy Thursday 2000 Pope John Paul II restates orthodox Catholic teachings on the meaning and role of the priesthood and Eucharist that have been de-emphasised in some quarters of the Church.
2635 - May 2000 - How do we know whether a sacrament is valid or not?, Fr Peter Joseph
To the conscientious Catholic nothing is more upsetting than to receive a sacrament invalidly or to have a doubt whether the grace was given or not.
2636 - May 2000 - News: The Church Around the World
There were 404626 priests serving the Catholic Church in 1999.
2637 - May 2000 - Australian Catholic University student survey, Michael Gilchrist
Research involving experienced Australian Catholic principals concluded that these principals had a practical tolerant view of Catholicism that was more about establishing relationships through service and less on law.
2638 - May 2000 - Editorial: Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference, Michael Gilchrist
Commenting on the lack of Eucharistic orthodoxy among student teachers at Australian Catholic University (see page 3) Professor Denis McLaughlin quotes from Bernard Cookes The Future of the Eucharist (1997) that over the past twenty-five years Catholic theology concerning the Eucharist has offered challenging insights that are very different from previous formulations.
2639 - Apr 2000 - Reflection: The message of the Resurrection teaches nothing is impossible for God, Fr Ronald Rolheiser
This article first appeared in The Irish Catholic.
2640 - Apr 2000 - Coming Home Network: a Catholic apostolate for converts, Marcus Grodi
The following quote from a Protestant minister on the journey home to the Catholic Church best describes the reason the Coming Home Network International exists: I am a Protestant minister with a family of five.
2641 - Apr 2000 - Indulgences and the Millennium Jubilee Year, Neil Coup
In presenting these new guidelines Cardinal Baum explained how Catholic doctrine on indulgences is based on very precise theological assumptions and on well-documented historical precedents of Tradition.
2642 - Apr 2000 - Eichmann's diary reveals Catholic Church's assistance to Jews, Zenit News Service
At that time my office received the copy of a letter that I immediately gave to my direct superiors sent by the Catholic Church in Rome in the person of Bishop Hudal to the commander of the German forces in Rome General Stahel.
2643 - Apr 2000 - John Paul II calls for recovery of the true spirit of Vatican II, AD2000 Report
As sections of the Catholic Church - including Australia - continue to suffer from excesses perpetrated in the spirit of Vatican II the recent congress in Rome on the proper implementation of the Second Vatican Council was timely.
2644 - Apr 2000 - News: The Church Around the World
Like the latter he is an expert in the Catholic-Anglican dialogue.
2645 - Apr 2000 - Should the Church apologise?, Fr Colin Barker
Whilst I firmly believe that the recognition of wrongs done is good and necessary - after all Catholic Christians do not have the Sacrament of Penance for nothing - Christians seem to be expected to apologise to everyone for everything as if they are the only ones on this earth that have made mistakes and been foolish.
2646 - Apr 2000 - Editorial: For what should the Church apologise?, Michael Gilchrist
The recently released Vatican document titled Memory and Reconciliation: The Church and the Faults of the Past represents the long-awaited apology from the Catholic Church.
2647 - Mar 2000 - Reflection: Does Lent retain its spiritual meaning today?, Mary Kenny
I guess gays have just as much a right as anyone else to enjoy the traditional Shrove Tuesday celebration which has been part of the universal Catholic culture but I find it incongruous to be told how absolutely fabulous Sydney Mardi Gras is by a secular ignoramus who has no notion that it is the revel before the shriving.
2648 - Mar 2000 - Books: 'Building Family Prayer and Traditions' by Steve Givens, Catherine Sheehan
Religious tradition once a natural part of Catholic family life with regular Mass Rosary Confession Benediction Grace before meals holy days of obligation and no meat on Fridays is nowadays generally a thing of the past.
2649 - Mar 2000 - Biography: Fulton J. Sheen: prophetic inspiration for today's new evangelisation, Archbishop Barry J. Hickey
Now twenty years later the Catholic world i