Climate change

Climate change

A.R. (Tony) Grieve

Now is it science?
Or is it a religion?
Is it a bit like evolution?
Missing links and cows a-belchin'
Heaven knows what we're believin'.

Well where are the facts?
And who are the sceptics?
Are their minds quite like septics?
Two thousand furious shovels and picks
Dig dirt up on carbon and get big ticks.

What can we be really sure of?
That the culprit truly is carbon?
Didn't an ice age have more concentration?
Scared-silly school kids around the nation
Most logic lost: carbon pollution reduction.

Can we think outside the square?
Just what could be warming the sea?
The effect of a sea-floor volcano e.g.?
Scientists could well be looking to see
Lava spewing monsters in an ocean or three.

Lilydale, Vic