Same-sex 'marriage'

Same-sex 'marriage'

Robert Prinzen-Wood

It is a cause of concern, indeed frightening, to see the mass media giving great respect and air space to arguments in favour of same-sex "marriage" as if error has equal rights to truth.

I remember back in the 1970s the Catholic Church arguing against state toleration of sodomy when governments wanted to repeal the laws against 1t.

Those governments were at pains to say that the change was not to be seen as condoning homosexuality. But ten years later they brought in anti-discrimination laws that went further than toleration, into approval.

Now it is clear that the governments at that time were not speaking the truth given that today same-sex "marriage" has widespread support in government circles. Indeed, we have gone full circle from criminal act, to toleration, to legitimisation, and now to outright approval of sodomy.

Any government that destroys marriage by expanding its definition to something that is the opposite of life-affirming has lost its legitimacy and credibility.

Heritage Park, SA