THE GOD WHO LOVES YOU, by Peter Kreeft

THE GOD WHO LOVES YOU, by Peter Kreeft

Br Barry Coldrey

by Peter Kreeft
(Ignatius Press, 2004, 226pp, $25.95. ISBN 978-1-58617-017-1. Available from Freedom Publishing)

The God Who Loves You was first published 20 years ago and in view of the work's importance, Ignatius Press more recently re-released an unrevised edition for a new generation.

Peter Kreeft is an American citizen of Dutch extraction and a convert to Catholicism from the Dutch Reformed Church. Most of his professional life was spent in the Philosophy Department at the Jesuit University, Boston College. Professor Kreeft has written around fifty books during his long career and is now retired.

Many of his books, including the present title, are written in, or influenced by the genre of Catholic apologetics, namely they explain and defend the Catholic faith to a variety of intelligent inquirers. In centuries past, Catholic apologists directed their work to non-believers and other separated Christians.

More recently, orthodox Catholic apologists find themselves defending Catholicism from a variety of census or 'pick-and-mix' Catholics with an 'a la carte' approach to Catholic teachings. They appear to be regularly in dissent about core doctrines of the Faith.

In this book, Peter Kreeft explores the love of God from a variety of angles: The History of God's Love, Scripture as Love Story and God's Love in Political Theology: Why God's Love is neither Right nor Left!

The tone is upbeat, enthusiastic. However, this reviewer feels that Kreeft might profitably have added chapters on the perennial and tough issues: how the God of Love allows evil; how the God of Love punishes His people to correct sinful, wayward tendencies; and how bad things happen to good people!

But this does not detract from the overall quality of the book.

As with all of Kreeft's writings, the language and style are accessible to the non-specialist reader, being direct, matter-of-fact, vigorous and with plenty of aphorisms.