Women priests

Women priests

Robert Prinzen-Wood

Kathleen Wood's reply to my letter entitled 'Complementarity' (December-January AD2000) mentions that the Church no longer holds the view that women are unilaterally subject to men. In fact the Church has never taught this.

Complementarity does not mean unilateral subjection to men. This is a feminist interpretation of complementarity. Complementarity is about equal dignity with different though complementary roles.

Tradition, the Church Fathers, Holy Scripture and recent popes have all promoted complementarity regarding male and female roles. God has established reality in this way.

It is the principles behind 1 Tim 2:11-12, 1 Cor 14:34-38, Casti Conubii and Ordinatio Sacerdotalis. It wasn't simply 'a fact of sacred history' as Kathleen Wood states.

Priests are spiritual fathers over both men and women. Women, because of complementarity and not because of any 'unilateral subjection to men' (something the Church has never taught), can never be priests.

Regents Park, Qld