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AD2000 Article Index - 1999


Volume 12 Number 1 - February 1999 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Tackling the Church's problem areas, Michael Gilchrist
John Paul II throws down the gauntlet to Australia's bishops, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
'Absolute Truth': another media 'job' on the Catholic Church, Michael Gilchrist
Liturgy: Cardinal Ratzinger on the old and the new Mass, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
Brompton Oratory: London's liturgical oasis, Joanna Bogle
Bob Billings (1915-1999): outstanding Catholic layman, Peter Westmore
Reflection: Catholic identity and 'reading the signs of the times', John Kelly


Volume 12 Number 2 - March 1999 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: After the Statement of Conclusions, Michael Gilchrist
John Paul II's successful fourth visit to Mexico, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
Changing church interiors: what is at stake, Fr G.H. Duggan SM
Charles Chaput: a remarkable American Archbishop, Louis Power
Vocations: The Brothers of St Francis: a sign of renewal in religious life, Fr Christopher Sharah FSF
Pilgrim Statue Of Mary Help Of Christians welcomed in Brisbane, Patrick Quirk
A Polish priest's story: how I survived the Nazi occupation, Fr Marcel Pasiecznik
How a parish priest reinforces the Church's moral teaching, Fr Michael Butler
Reflection: Being a disciple of Christ: no soft option, Archbishop George Pell


Volume 12 Number 3 - April 1999 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Many matters in need of attention, Peter Westmore
Adelaide Archdiocese on the brink over general absolutions, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
What the census statistics on religious affiliations reveal, Michael Gilchrist
How an American diocese promotes individual confession
Bishop Heaps' book: a mistaken view of the Catholic Church, Stuart Rowland
Presenting Catholic apologetics to a wider Australian public, AD2000 Report
Bringing the Faith to life for children, Matthew Greenrod BSJ
Extending general absolution: why such a move is out of the question, Fr Peter Joseph
A new R.E. consultancy service for the Church
No living together before marriage: new research supports Church teaching, Mary Kenny
1999 Thomas More Summer School: another resounding success
Why modern Biblical scholarship affirms the Resurrection, Richard Dunstan


Volume 12 Number 4 - May 1999 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Ensuring the future of the priesthood, Michael Gilchrist
Vocations: Confronting today's vocations crisis, Fr Paul Stuart
News: The Church Around the World
Vatican launch of book highlights Pius XII's World War II role in saving Jews, Zenit News Service
The 'Statement of Conclusions': how can religious education be reformed?, Michael Daniel
US Dominican nun brings the 'New Cosmology' to New Zealand, Bernard Moran
Victoria's Governor pays tribute to Dr Mannix, Sir James Gobbo
Historic Marian statue brings joy to Perth's Italian Catholics, Rocco Loiacono
Association of Catholic Families: meeting challenges to today's family, Chris and Mary Clare Meney
Reflection: John Paul II: Christ provides the answer to the mystery of human suffering, Pope John Paul II


Volume 12 Number 5 - June 1999 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Bishops address the crisis of faith, Michael Gilchrist
Bishops Conference resolves crisis over 'Statement of Conclusions', Michael Gilchrist
Pope John Paul II denounces 'ethnic cleansing', rejects war in Yugoslavia, Catholic World News
Sydney public forum on 'Statement of Conclusions' a non-event, Frank Mobbs
News: The Church Around the World
Archbishop Weakland finds defects in the post-Vatican II liturgy, Michael Daniel
Fr. Frank Andersen's new book on the Eucharist: how Catholic is it?, Des O'Hagan
The challenge for religious educators in a secular culture, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput
The Rosary for Youth
St Thomas Aquinas: philosopher for our time, Fr G.H. Duggan SM
New Missal a 'decided improvement' concludes US Archbishop Elden Curtiss, Archbishop Elden Curtiss
Reflection: The spirit of poverty of Francis of Assisi, Fr Christopher Sharah FSF


Volume 12 Number 6 - July 1999 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: An appeal that deserves our support
General absolutions to continue in Adelaide, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
Ecumenism: New ARCIC document on Papal authority, Peter Westmore
Statement of Conclusions: a 'politically correct' interpretation, Pastor Agnosticus
Religious education reform in the Melbourne Archdiocese under attack, John S. Webster
Liturgy: An American parish's formula for success, Judy Trajanyi
Catholic universities and academic freedom, Fr Daniel Callam
A successful French seminary that follows the Curé of Ars tradition, Francis Davidson
Jacques Maritain: modern philosophy in the tradition of St Thomas Aquinas, E. J. Borich
Reflection: John Paul II: how the arts and Christian faith nourish each other, Pope John Paul II


Volume 12 Number 7 - August 1999 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Feast of the Assumption: 15 August, Peter Westmore
'Morning after' pill: the London 'Tablet' debate, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
Catalyst for Renewal: or is it a catalyst for extinction?, Edward Thornton
Cardinal Basil Hume (1923-1999), Archbishop of Westminster, R.I.P., Christopher Quinn
Order of Australia for pregnancy counselling centre's founder, AD2000 Report
How a Canadian church was saved from destruction, Paul Likoudis
Vatican II and "Signs of the times": a call for a democratic Church?, Fr G.H. Duggan SM
Archbishop Pell celebrates traditional Latin Mass in St Patrick's Cathedral, Gerard McManus
'Veil of Veronica' rediscovered in Italian abbey, Zenit News Service
The pipe organ and Catholic liturgy: an expression of Church teaching, Jeremy Fletcher
Reflection: Hymn In honour of Our Lady's Assumption, Fr Ramsey Williams SSC


Volume 12 Number 8 - September 1999 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: 1999 Fighting Fund launched, Peter Westmore
Heroin injecting room in Catholic health centre?, Dr Joseph Santamaria
News: The Church Around the World
Religious Life: The crisis of women religious not confined to the United States, Sr Kathleen Dalton
Cardinal O'Connor's tribute to noted priest-author, Cardinal John O'Connor
Spirituality: West Australian Rosary tapes: a growing international success story, Colleen McGuiness-Howard
Social Justice: Father Winfried's Tanzanian Water Project appeal, AD2000 Report
Education: Teaching the right values: a challenge for Catholic schools, Greg Craven
Assisi frescoes' restoration, Zenit News Service
Scripture: The call to conversion in the early Church: lessons for today, Rev Dr Peter Waters
Reflection: A spirit of poverty and the level of vocations: how they connect, Fr Fabian Duggan OSB


Volume 12 Number 9 - October 1999 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: The Church and the future of East Timor, Peter Westmore
Catholic objections to the 'morning-after' pill, Maria Luisa Di Pietro
News: The Church Around the World
Australian bishops' report on women: majority supports orthodoxy, Michael Gilchrist
Pope Pius XII's efforts to avert World War II, Zenit News Service
The UN's war on population confronts religious principles, Stephen Hitchings
Bishop John Myers of Peoria on the meaning of teaching authority, Bishop John Myers
Catholic counselling support group, Peter Watt
Spanish academic revives speculation about authenticity of the Holy Grail, Zenit News Service
Apostleship of the Sea: the Stella Maris Seafarers' Centre, AD2000 Report
Reflection: A Kolbe Quartet, Msgr Peter J. Elliott


Volume 12 Number 10 - November 1999 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Individual confession: Rome 'gets serious', Michael Gilchrist
The Church's vital role in future of East Timor, Peter Westmore
News: The Church Around the World
St Vincent's drug injecting rooms: 'monumental spiritual blindness', Fr John Walter PP
New international Catholic university opens Internet campus, AD2000 Report
Piers Paul Read on the future of the Church, Piers Paul Read
Religious Education: 'Gospel of life' in Melbourne's new RE curriculum, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
The Jesuits: 150 years of ministry in Australia, Elizabeth Ledlin
Reflection: How unconditional is God's love?, Fr G.H. Duggan SM


Volume 12 Number 11 - December 1999 - January 2000 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Christianity: a new millennium's challenges, Michael Gilchrist
Stress Christianity's uniqueness says Pope, Father Bernardo Cerveller
News: The Church Around the World
Church art and architecture: 'sacramental role' is central, Msgr M. Francis Mannion
Catholic Church Life Survey's shock findings, AD2000 Report
The Enneagram: recipe for apostasy?, Rick Kephart
'Woman and Man' document poses challenges, Frank Mobbs
The Holy City: recent impressions of old and new Jerusalem, Desmond Piggin
History: The Crusades: separating myth from reality, Zenit News Service
On the Highway to Heaven: Wagga priest's trucking apostolate, Fr Thomas Casanova
Reflection: Christmas: John Paul II's thoughts on the eve of the Jubilee, Pope John Paul II