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Finding more priests (letter)

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 Contents - Aug 2001AD2000 August 2001 - Buy a copy now
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As a subscriber and practising Catholic, I must congratulate you on the continuing high standard of AD2000 as regards content and publishing qualities. I regret that the magazine could not be made available to all practising Catholics so they could appreciate better the many riches of our Faith and be alerted about the continuous assaults of the modernists against it.

It is almost trite to say that our Catholic publications and remaining priests never fail to lament about the paucity of vocations, but offer no solutions to this persisting problem. Instead we are being coached on how to have priestless parishes as the ultimate in the practice of our sacramental faith.

Yet the Holy Spirit will blow where He will and He seems to avoid some parts of Australia, where some of the priests die off and there are no replacements, while in other dioceses and nations, there are vocations aplenty. It would seem that some applicants for priestly formation are rejected for various reasons including a surfeit of vocations or lack of finances.

However, we live in a world of instant communications that makes it possible for the very best of professors to lecture on theological subjects to a worldwide class of students intent on becoming priests for our universal Church. Their lectures could be translated and could be recorded on video cassettes for refresher viewing.

For the final stage in the formation, seminarians should have one year of practical "In House Training" and/or to learn the language, laws and customs of the country where they may be ultimately appointed as priests.

As for the movements of those priests to the countries of their ministry, the solution appears obvious in having a Vatican passport as employees of our universal Church.

I feel sure that the Australian Bishops' Conference would endorse such a program and am surprised that they have not thought of it already.

Kincumber, NSW

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 14 No 7 (August 2001), p. 14

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