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New Age spirituality (letter)

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 Contents - Feb 2001AD2000 February 2001 - Buy a copy now
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The Toowoomba CEO and other diocesan authorities have conducted workshops and courses on "Celtic Spirituality," "Coming to Our senses" - concepts from the Lomi Workshop of the Esalen Institute in California (this being an integration of Western psychological and bodywork perspectives with Eastern spiritual disciplines), Christian Meditation through Yoga and the Enneagram.

I wrote a five-page letter to Bishop Morris detailing concerns about the Enneagram. I enclosed an article by Father Mitchell Pacwa outlining the Enneagram's occultic roots, Gnostic theology and its lack of scientific support for the psychology it promotes. I also expressed to the Bishop my doubts about the theology of Sister Delphine O'Shea who runs the Enneagram workshop. While Jesus tells us "Be ye perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect, Sister Delphine is advocating we develop "an at-homeness with our compulsions."

The Bishop's response was to tell me he had "noted its contents."

I wrote again to ask him for his views on the Enneagram and in his reply, the Bishop said that if "used correctly, " the Enneagram "can be a helpful tool," but if "abused ... it can be destructive."

Following a third letter, the Bishop advised me to write to Sister Delphine O'Shea for further enlightenment.

Toowoomba, Qld

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 14 No 1 (February 2001), p. 14

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