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'The One Minute Philosopher' by Montague Brown

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 Contents - Oct 2001AD2000 October 2001 - Buy a copy now
Editorial: Liturgy: light at the end of the tunnel - Michael Gilchrist
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Education: Mass attendance: a key measure of Catholic schools' effectiveness - Br John Moylan CFC
Eternal Word Television Network's missionary outreach - Michael Daniel
Letters: Liturgy translation (letter) - Jack R. Nyman
Letters: Church leadership (letter) - Mary Daly
Letters: True picture (letter) - Christine Slagter
Letters: Homosexuality (letter) - Arnold Jago (Dr)
Letters: Papal teaching (letter) - John Young
Letters: First parents (letter) - Scot Chaston
Letters: Non-Christian gods (letter) - Jane Wilks
Letters: Cult (letter) - Wal Maggs
Books: 'Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine', Archbishop Sheehan, Fr Peter Joseph - Br Christian Moe FSC (reviewer)
Books: 'The One Minute Philosopher' by Montague Brown - Catherine Sheehan (reviewer)
Books: 'The Spirit of the Liturgy' by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger - Christopher Quinn (reviewer)
Books: Tales Without Reason: Forgotten Heroes of the Apostolate in 1840s Australia - Michael Daniel
Books: Seeds of Life: Early Christian Martyrs; Martyrs of Lyons and Vienne - Michael Daniel (reviewer)
Poetry: Feast of St Francis of Assisi (4 October) - A. Muir
Reflection: Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharist - Bishop Kevin Manning

(Sophia Institute Press, 2001, 207pp, hardback, $39.95. Available from AD Books)

In today's world we are faced with a torrent of rhetoric from politicians, academics and the media. The Catholic faith is constantly coming under fire from different sections of society and for a variety of reasons. It is therefore important that we have a precise understanding of the terms that are used in order to make our own decisions and to put forward our own point of view and beliefs.

Often two words are thought to have similar meanings. Sometimes we know they are two quite different concepts yet it is difficult to articulate why this is the case. For example, what are the differences between "power" and "authority", "happiness" and "pleasure", "individualism" and "egoism" or "impartiality" and "indifference"? The list goes on and on.

The One Minute Philosopher is a collection of such terms. Listed alphabetically, each term is coupled with another term that is often confused as meaning the same thing or something similar.

Each concept has a one-sentence definition followed by a brief three-paragraph explanation using simple and clear language. There are also quotes from several different well-known people in relation to the topic and a short question for readers, to apply the concept in question to their own life experiences.

The One Minute Philosopher is an invaluable tool for anyone studying philosophy, as a concise understanding of words is vital to formulating arguments, which is the basis of philosophy.

In defending or explaining the faith to others this book would be extremely helpful. Misunderstandings often occur because we are unable to explain what we mean sufficiently or quickly enough when someone challenges our beliefs.

It is also a valuable resource for students, teachers, and basically anyone who would like to have a clearer understanding of the meaning of the terms often used in everyday conversations and discussions.

Catherine Sheehan is a Melbourne Catholic writer.

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 14 No 9 (October 2001), p. 17

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