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AD2000 Article Index - 2005


Volume 18 Number 1 - February 2005 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Year of the Eucharist: a time to get serious, Michael Gilchrist
Appeal: Missionaries' vital role in helping tsunami victims, Peter Westmore
News: The Church Around the World
The Church in Australia 2005: can the tide be turned?, Michael Gilchrist
Timor Leste: Australia and East Timor: a Timorese Salesian Brother's impressions, Br Marcal Lopes
Education: State Aid: answering the critics' arguments, Fr Matthew Kirby
Religious Life: Faith and Reason: for a true renewal in religious life and the Church, Sr Mary Augustine OP
Events: Thomas More Centre to host US publisher dedicated to Catholic social teachings, Anthony Cappello
Marriage: Why gay marriage is a self-contradiction, Peter Reynolds
Letters: Religion inquiry (letter), Jeff Tan
Letters: Missal translation (letter), Norman Wilkinson
Letters: Revival of faith (letter), Errol P. Duke
Letters: Fiji example (letter), Tom King
Letters: Catholic youth (letter), Jim Brown
Letters: Society of St Pius X (letter), Anthony Bono
Letters: Eternal destiny (letter), G. Mahoney
Letters: School leavers (letter), Mrs M.A. Ross
Letters: Numbers of priests (letter), Frank Mobbs
Letters: Abortion (letter), Frank Bellet
Letters: Changes in Liturgy (letter), Valentine Gallagher
Letters: The New Mass (letter), Fr G.H. Duggan SM
Letters: Ten Commandments (letter), Arthur Negus
Letters: Message from India (letter), Fr S. John Joseph
Letters: Books wanted (letter), Edwin McGrath
Letters: Inspiration (letter), Brian Harris
Books: Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way, by John Paul II, reviewed by Richard Egan
Books: Turning Towards the Lord: Orientation in Liturgical Prayer, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: A Christian Apocalypse:The Sexual Abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, 1884-2004, reviewed by David Williams
Books: Books to read in 2005
Reflection: Archbishop Hart: Pope John Paul II and the Year of the Eucharist, Archbishop Denis Hart


Volume 18 Number 2 - March 2005 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Pray for John Paul II ..., Peter Westmore
Vocations: Australian diocesan seminary numbers continue to increase, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Cinema: Hollywood's Kinsey whitewash, reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Moral divisions among the Christian Churches threaten ecumenism, Archbishop Barry Hickey
Dissent: Notes from a theology unit at Australian Catholic University
Church's future lies with orthodoxy, not dissent, Fr Paul Stuart
Culture: Secularism, not religion, is threatened with extinction, David Quinn
Events: Holy Week Celebrations - Classical Roman Rite
A young Catholic's encounter with Latin at Chavagnes International College, Alexander Morrison
Adult Education: Sydney Centre for Thomistic Studies continues a great teacher's legacy, Audrey English
Letters: Priestly celibacy (letter), Barbara Chigwidden
Letters: Overseas priests and racism, Fr Peter Joseph
Letters: Reporting abuses is not spying (letter), Fr Edward P. Evans
Letters: Mangled hymns (letter), Michael Apthorp
Letters: Orthodox young priest (letter), John David
Letters: Abortion (letter), Fr Austin Kenny CP
Letters: Leadership needed (letter), Tom King
Letters: AIDS prevention (letter), Dr Arnold Jago
Letters: Bible and Church (letter), Frank Bellet
Letters: Layman saint Bob Santamaria (letter), J.W. McMahon
Letters: Convert (letter), Jeff Harvie
Letters: Information sought on Kathleen Cecilia Butler (letter), John G. Brown
Letters: Latin Mass (letter), Alan Freckelton
Obituary: The passing of a holy, many-talented Jesuit - Fr Victor Ian Falconer SJ, Michael O'Callaghan
Books: DOLLFUSS: An Austrian Patriot, by Fr Johannes Messner, Alice von Hildebrand
Books: THE CASTLE OF HEAVENLY BLISS, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: Books to read in 2005
Reflection: The Holy Trinity and the Church: the truth will set you free, Fr John O'Neill


Volume 18 Number 3 - April 2005 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Pope's suffering a potent Easter witness, Michael Gilchrist
Australia prepares for World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
'Flying bishops' consecrated for orthodox Anglicans, Fr Nigel Zimmerman
Exploding myths about the 'pre-Vatican II' Church, John Young
Vocations: Why some new religious orders are attracting recruits, Fr John Hogan
Events: Carnivale Christi returning to Sydney with an Easter theme, Liz Arblaster and Anthony McCarthy
Cardinal Ratzinger: Liturgy should be God-centred, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
Letters: Dissent, Fr John Speekman
Scripture: So, what else did Jesus say?, Gavan O'Farrell
Adore 05: Sydney's successful Eucharistic Youth Congress, Nicole Osmak
Letters: ACU, Sabina Sannen
Letters: Chavagnes International College, Raymond De Souza
Letters: Teaching the faith, Rosanna Sherman
Letters: Stations of the Cross, D.T.S. Moorhouse
Letters: Religious habit, Fr G.H. Duggan SM
Letters: Practice of faith, Br Con Moloney CFC
Letters: Confession, J.G. Wilson
Letters: Talking in Church, Judith McRae
Letters: Christ the Creator, Gerard J. Keane
Letters: Good news, Geoff Storey
Letters: Pregnancy Assistance, Brian A. Peachey
Books: The Path to Rome: Modern Journeys to the Catholic Church, reviewed by Michael Casanova
Books: Love Alone Is Credible, by Hans urs von Balthasar, reviewed by Kerrie Allen
Books: Mass Without a Congregation: A Sign of Unity or Division?, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Poetry: A Centurion Reflects, Bruce Dawe
Books: Religious resources for 2005
Reflection: Pope John Paul II: 'In the risen Christ all creation rises to new life', Pope John Paul II
Marian Valley Shrine of Our Lady Help of Christians, Canungra


Volume 18 Number 4 - May 2005 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Challenges facing John Paul II's successor Benedict XVI, Michael Gilchrist
'Santo Subito': the impact of John Paul II, Peter Westmore
News: The Church Around the World
Year of Eucharist: Religious education: Catholic youth have their say, Shannon Donahoo
Catholic beliefs and practices: the challenge ahead for Australia, Michael Gilchrist
The Da Vinci Code and the itching ears syndrome, John Young
UK survey: why church pews are emptying
St Patrick's Church, Soho Square, a spiritual oasis in London, Tess Livingstone
Bioethics: IVF and embryonic stem cell research: the social and ethical issues, Kerrie Allen
Letters: Appeal to the young, Justin Lynch
Letters: God's Champion, Robert Garrett
Letters: Theology at ACU, Henk Verhoeven
Letters: Overseas priests, Jenny Bruty
Letters: Priest shortage, Jeff Harvie
Letters: Heroic virtue, Bob Denahy
Letters: Catholic education, Geoff Storey
Letters: Private revelations, Anne Boyce
Letters: Sex before marriage, Dr Arnold Jago
Letters: Society of St Pius X, Stephen McInerney
Letters: Ecclesial unity, Meg Fennell
Letters: Correcting pastoral blunders, Kevin McManus
Letters: Catholic hymns, Dolores Lightbody
Letters: Latin Mass Times in Hobart, Kevin Tighe
Letters: Corpus Christi Procession in Brisbane, Josie Mangano
Books: Sacred and Secular Scriptures / The Catholic Revival in English Literature, reviewed by David Birch
Books: A GENTLE JESUIT: Philip Caraman SJ, by June Rockett, reviewed by George Russo
Books: Remembering Pope John Paul II
Reflection: Pope John Paul II and the redemptive power of suffering, Fr Paul Stuart


Volume 18 Number 5 - June 2005 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Corpus Christi - the Body of Christ
Habemus Papam: Benedict XVI charts course as successor to John Paul II, Michael Gilchrist
He was my Pope, too: a Lutheran's appreciation of John Paul II, Uwe Siemon-Netto
News: The Church Around the World
The Catholic Church's dissenters miss the boat, Chris Hilder
Benedict XVI and liturgical reform, Dom Alcuin Reid OSB
Mother Teresa's legacy continued at Georgetown University, Peter Reynolds
Papal awards for WA Catholic politicians, Hugh Ryan
The previous Pope Benedict and his quest for world peace, R.J. Stove
Letters: John Paul the Great?, Patrick Ryan
Letters: Papal election, Frank Bellet
Letters: New Pope, Deidre Lyra
Letters: Unchanging teachings, Greg O'Regan
Letters: A true shepherd, Lynn Wise
Letters: Another Parish, Peter Gilet
Letters: Pre-Vatican II myths, Douglas V. Boyle
Letters: Chavagnes College, Pascale Cotterill
Letters: Outstanding education at Chavagnes College, Br John Moylan CFC, MA, MEd
Letters: Revolt manifesto, P. Gartland
Letters: Sanity?, Tom King
Letters: Catholic schools, Kevin McBride
Letters: Sponsorship request from Uganda, Joise Nasuna
Letters: Kathmandu school, John E.J. Fetz
Events: Solemnity of Sts Peter and Paul, Fraternity of St Peter
Events: Juventutem WYD 2005 Cologne Pilgrimage, FSP
Books: John Paul the Great, edited by William Oddie, reviewed by John R. Barich
Events: Catholic Doctors' Association Mass and Dinner
Poetry: Sonnet on the Election of Pope Benedict XVI, Bruce Dawe
Books: More Good Reading from AD Books
Reflection: Cardinal Nguyen van Thuan: witness to the priesthood and Eucharist, Fr Dennis Byrnes


Volume 18 Number 6 - July 2005 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Can Catholic "salt" flavour the secular culture?, Michael Gilchrist
Christianity: Church challenges secular culture of Europe, Peter Westmore
News: The Church Around the World
Year of Eucharist: The Eucharist: heart of our faith, Cardinal George Pell
Society: Catholics must play an active role in public life, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput OFM Cap
Rockhampton: Year of the Eucharist: a time for clear thinking, AD2000 REPORT
Evangelisation: Why many Catholics join fundamentalist sects, Frank Mobbs
Vocations: John Paul Il's Milwaukee connection, Fr John Walter
Man of the Year: How John Paul II converted a 'Time' journalist,
Living Stones: Church architecture: can a sense of the sacred be recovered?, Christian Xavier
Science: God, physics and Stephen Hawking, Fr Matthew Kirby
Letters: Courageous example, Raymond De Souza
Letters: Silent apostasy, Fr. G.H. Duggan SM
Letters: Hard teachings, Dr Arnold Jago
Letters: More priests needed, Jenny Bruty
Letters: Reverent silence, Rosemary Chandler
Events: St Patrick's Cathedral Latin Mass 16 July
Letters: Ecumenism or Indifferentism, Edgar Bremmer
Letters: Confession 'Sin bin', P.W. English
Letters: Need help with home education?
Letters: Latin-English Hymnbook and CD, Veronic Brandt
Books: Letters To a Young Catholic, by George Weigel, reviewed by David Birch
Books: The Catholic Community in Australia, by Robert E. Dixon, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: More Good Reading from AD Books
Reflecton: The soul: what reason and revelation tell us, John Young


Volume 18 Number 7 - August 2005 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Liturgy: opportunity for bishops to take control, Michael Gilchrsit
What the Church can teach the secular world, Archbishp Barry Hickey
News: The Church Around the World
Campus Life: Cardinal Pell's program for a Catholic culture at Sydney's universities, Stephen Lawrence
International poll underlines growing secularist challenge, Michael Gilchrist
Media: Our Lord's name: responding to media blasphemy, Andre Van Der Linden
Feminist translation: Inclusive language and the Trinity: the latest from Brisbane, Michael Apthorp
Benedict XVI's pontificate: the possibilities, Damian Thompson
London's Balham parish, 'an icon of liturgical hope', Joanna Bogle
John Paul II: a Jewish appreciation
Anglican update: an orthodox fight-back, Fr Christopher Seton
Letters: Dissenter's manifesto (letter), Imelda Aslett
Letters: Origins of the Bible (letter), George Simpson
Letters: Lay-led liturgies (letters), M.T. Kennedy
Letters: An Islamic Holland? (letter), Henk Verhoeven
Letters: Sacrifice (letter), M.A. Ross
Letters: Abortion breast cancer link (letter), Dr Tim Coyle
Letters: Real Presence (letter), John Schmid
Letters: Small Catechisms available (letter), Fr Edward P. Evans
Letters: Stem cells (letter), Brian Harris
Letters: Government review of RE in State Schools (letter), Maureen Federico
Letters: Brisbane Archbishop bans weekday Latin Mass (letter), Tom King
Letters: The Mass (letter)
Letters: Appreciation from Nepal (letter)
Poetry: A Heavenly Surprise
Books: More Catholic Than the Pope, by Patrick Madrid and Pete Vere, reviewed by Fr Glen Tattersal FSSP
Books: More Good Reading from AD Books
Reflection: How we will overcome the shortage of priests, Fr John O'Neill PP


Volume 18 Number 8 - September 2005 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Support the 2005 Fighting Fund!, Peter Westmore
Events: Sydney to host World Youth Day 2008, AD2000 REPORT
News: The Chuch Around the World
Canadian Bishops' cave-in to 'renegade Catholicism' under fire
Priesthood: America's 'vocation rich' dioceses: latest success stories analysed, AD2000 Report
Can reverence at Mass make a comeback?, Michael Ryan
Interview: Benedict XVI and the power of the Eucharist, Fr John Corapi
Education: Catholic schools of the future, Br John Moylan CFC
Cinema: The Church under Nazism: a sensitive film portrayal in 'The Ninth Day', reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
BOOKS: The Myth of Hitler's Pope: How Pope Pius XII Rescued Jews from the Nazis, reviewed by Thomas E. Woods Jr
A religious response to evil ideologies, John Rego
Letters: Liturgy, John Daly
Letters: Liberal manifesto, Dr Peter Gilet
Letters: Fatima and Benedict XVI, Paul MacLeod
Letters: Society of St Pius X, Fr Kevin Robinson
Events: C.S. Lewis Seminar - Sat 17 Sept 2005 2pm-9pm
Letters: Ethical medicine?, Dr A.W. Hartwig
Letters: Latin Mass, Richard Congram
Letters: Simple Catechisms, Rosanna Sherman
Letters: Gnosticism
Letters: Good reading, E. Pickering
Books: GOING AGAINST THE STREAM: Ethical Aspects of Ageing and Care, by Peter Jeffery, reviewed by Kerrie Allen
Books: THE ART OF GIVING by Francine Black, reviewed by Kerrie Allen
Books: THE PATH OF LIFE: Benedictine Spirituality for Monks and Lay People, reviewed by Gabrielle Walsh
Books: STAIRWAY TO THE UPPER ROOM: Daily Meditations on the Gospel Readings, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: The Holy Shroud, by Antonio Cassanelli, reviewed by Gabrielle Walsh
Books: More good reading from AD Books
Reflection: Benedict XVI: how to make the new evangelisation more effective, Fr Dennis Byrnes PP


Volume 18 Number 9 - October 2005 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Health of Church and health of family connect, Michael Gilchrist
Benedict XVI speaks out on the crisis of faith in Australia, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Books: The Incredible Da Vinci Code falsehoods exposed, Frank Mobbs
Juventutem: Young Latin Mass Catholics attend World Youth Day, Fr Glen Tattersall
Youth: The lasting impact of World Youth Day, Sannon Donahoo
Society: The latest marriage statistics: implications, Zenit News Agency
Dies Domini: Armidale Diocese promotes Sunday observance, Bishop Luc Matthys
Conference: C.S. Lewis: defender of objective truth, Adam Glyn Cooper
Culture: How the Catholic Church built Western civilisation, Thomas E. Woods Jr
Priesthood: Christ's call to priestly celibacy, Fr Thaddeus Doyle
Letters: Reverence?, P.R. Smith
Letters: Blasphemy, Alan Onraet
Letters: A sense of sin, Henk Verhoeven
Letters: Contraception, Anne Lastman
Letters: Watered-down faith, Paula Gartland
Letters: A treasured priest: Fr William Ross, Tom King
Letters: Anti-Christian media, Frank Bellet
Letters: Sacrifice of the Mass, A. Bono
Letters: New hymn lyrics for Come As You Are
Books: Your Life is Worth Living: The Christian Philosophy of Life, by Fulton J. Sheen, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: What is Opus Dei?, by Dominique le Tourneau, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: A Beautiful Story to be Told: The Legion of Mary in Oceania 1932-2005, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Events: Who's Afraid of Vatican II? Seminars October-December 2005
Books: More good reading from AD Books
Reflection: What the early Church tells us about the celebration of Mass, Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM


Volume 18 Number 10 - November 2005 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: A remarkable Catholic parish
National Press Club: Cardinal George Pell on the dictatorship of relativism, Cardinal George Pell
News: The Church Around the World
Sister Miriam Duggan: the Church's response to AIDS, Anh Nguyen
Synod of Bishops on the Eucharist: areas for remedial action identified, Peter Westmore
Thomas More Centre: Fifty years from Shadowlands: Childhood memories of the world of C. S. Lewis, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
Call to Holiness: Contemplating the Eucharistic Face of Christ, Christine McCarthy
Letters: Myths exploded, Nola Viney
Letters: Church Music, Chris Wilson
Letters: New Zealand visitor to Brisbane, Leo Leitch
Letters: Gnostic gospels and the Da Vinci Code, Fr G.H. Duggan SM
Letters: Example needed, Betty Griffin
Letters: Basic differences to overcome, Dr Arnold Jago
Letters: SSPX response, Timothy Hungerford
Letters: Vatican II and Benedict XVI, Jim Howe
Books: The Incredible Da Vinci Code, by Frank Mobbs, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: Philosophy 101 Meets Socrates, by Peter Kreeft, reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Books: Stem Cells, by Norman M. Ford and Michael Herbert, Kerrie Allen
Books: More good reading from AD Books
Reflection: The concrete character of Christianity, John Young


Volume 18 Number 11 - December 2005 - January 2006 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Christmas: time for Christians to stand up!, Michael Gilchrist
Synod on the Eucharist sets agenda for Benedict's pontificate, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
PRAYER: Melbourne initiative: a spiritual approach can defeat drug addiction, Anh Nguyen
Episcopacy: Archbishop Chaput of Denver: America's plain-speaking Pope's man, Peter J. Boyer
Formation: St John Vianney's blueprint for the priesthood back in favour, Fr John Cihak
The Eucharist: gift of an interventionist God, Chris Hilder
Cinema: New movie's balanced presentation of exorcism: The Exorcism of Emily Rose, reviewed by Shannon Donahoo
Letters: Medical research, Maureen Federico
Letters: Enneagram, Br Con Moloney CFC
Letters: Vatican II myths, Peter D. Howard
Letters: Stem cell therapy, Brian Harris
Letters: Evangelisation, Michael Dunlea
Letters: Church architecture, Barry Ireland
Letters: Priestly celibacy, Philip Holberton
Letters: Catholic journal
Letters: EWTN tapes, Daphne Thorose
Books: The Cube and the Cathedral, by George Weigel, reviewed by John Ballantyne
Books: Good News About Sex And Marriage, by Christopher West, Kerrie Allen
Books: In Memory of Me / Come to Me, My Children, by Christine McCarthy, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: Christmas reading from AD Books
Reflection: Journey of the Magi and the search for truth, Cardinal George Pell