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 Contents - May 2010AD2000 May 2010 - Buy a copy now
Editorial: Abuse of minors: why the Church is targeted - Michael Gilchrist
Anglican: Anglicans and Christian unity: progress report - Bishop David Robarts
News: The Church Around the World
Culture Wars: Christians uniting to take a stand: the Manhattan Declaration - Bishop Julian Porteous
Liturgy: Reform of the reform: a 'shift in liturgical culture' - Archbishop Mark Coleridge
Culture: The vocation of Christians in public life - Archbishop Charles J. Chaput
Parish life: A youth apostolate that works - Fr John O'Neill
Obama Health Bill: how liberal nuns undermined US bishops' opposition - Babette Francis
Foundations of Faith: The Mass: early centuries to Vatican II - Br Barry Coldrey
Conversion: 'Strangely and suspiciously tall': an Evangelical meets the Mother of God - Terri Kelleher
Letters: Child abuse - Arnold Jago
Letters: Non-Christians - Fr Brian Harrison OS
Letters: Correction
Books: BE TO ME A FATHER AND A PRIEST, by Fr Peter M. J. Stravinskas - Michael Daniel (reviewer)
Books: NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR, by George Orwell - Michael Daniel (reviewer)
Books: INSIDE THE NEW AGE NIGHTMARE, by Randall N. Baer - Br Barry Coldrey (reviewer)
Books: Order books from
Reflection: Our prayers and God's silence: what Scripture says - Arthur Ballingall

Walk softly, O man, past an acre of wheat,
With awe in your heart and your face.
Walk humbly, O man, and with reverent feet,
For strength slumbers here - Can't you feel its heart beat?
And beauty's own couch is an acre of wheat,
And holiness dwells in this place.

* * *

Breathe gently, O breeze, on the grain-heavy ears,
That drank long and deep of spring rain.
O breeze, ripple gently the yellow-tipped spears.
Our little ones, caught in the rush of the years,
Need growth that is stored in the wheat's golden ears
All mother-ripe now with smooth grain.

* * *

Sing sweetly, O birds, as you skim the rich field,
And sprinkle your hyssop of song,
For here in each silken-caped kernel is sealed
The secret of living. The liberal yield
Will strengthen and quicken, O birds of the field,
And comfort the earth's hungry throng.

* * *

Shine kindly, O sun, keep it warmly alive.
On this field lay a tender caress,
For here is the reason men struggle and strive
And strain, sweat and anguish and battle and drive.
And life's spent for wheat just to keep men alive.
O sun, let your rays kindly bless.

* * *

Walk softly, O man, past an acre of wheat,
O birds, mute your silver-splashed mirth!
O breeze, hold your breathing! O sun, shed your heat!
For here is the food that God gave us to eat ...
The Body of Christ comes from sanctified wheat,
Twice-blessed be this fruit of the earth!

Author unknown

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 23 No 4 (May 2010), p. 15

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