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AD2000 Article Index - 2015


Volume 28 Number 1 - February 2015

Editorial: A request for your assistance, Peter Westmore
Consistory: Pope Francis names twenty new Cardinals, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
The survival of the Church, Fr John O'Neill PP
Vatican report lays bare problems in US religious life, AD2000 Report
Martyrdom: Would I have had their courage?, Cardinal George Pell
The Pope and the Holocaust: why did Pius XII not speak out?, Robert A. Graham SJ
The family and the Church in 2015, Archbishop Mark Coleridge
Brisbane: powerhouse of Catholic young adult ministry, Br Barry Coldrey
The Eighteen Benedictions of Judaism ... and Christianity, Andrew Sholl
What Pope Francis really said to the Roman Curia, AD2000 Report
Letters: Catholic education, Allan Choveaux
Letters: Smartphone apps 'very suspect', Elizabeth Afribo
Letters: A rejoinder to Anne Lastman, Charles M. Shann
Letters: Mary in St John's Gospel, Dr Frank Mobbs
Letters: The Church in China, Paul Simmons
Letters: Homosexuality, Anne Lastman
Books: AUSTRALIANS AND THE CHRISTIAN GOD: An historical study, by Hugh Jackson, reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
Books: MY BATTLE AGAINST HITLER, by Dietrich von Hildebrand, reviewed by Kate Veik
Books: Order books from
Reflection: Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, Anne Lastman


Volume 28 Number 2 - March 2015

Editorial: AD2000 to be available online only, Peter Westmore
Synod: AFA calls for Synod to strengthen support for families, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
Rediscovering the spiritual dimension in modern psychology, Wanda Skowronska
Liturgy and mystery in the Mass, Audrey English
Challenging radical Islam, John A. Azumah
The parish priest and parish school, Fr John O'Neill
The linen cloth and the Second Coming, Andrew Sholl
The person and mission of St Joseph, Pope St John Paul
Seventh iWitness Retreat: another youth ministry success, Br Barry Coldrey
Apps: Smartphone apps to bring you closer to God, Peter Westmore
NACF: National Catholic Families Conference attracts 400 to Albury, Kathleen Horsfall and Marie-Louise Fowler
Letters: Persecution in China, Christopher Rule
Letters: Abortion, Brian Coman
Letters: Mary's knowledge, Carmel Ford
Letters: Anne Lastman replies ..., Anne Lastman
Letters: Synod of Bishops, John R. Barich
Books: MODERN MORAL PROBLEMS: Trustworthy Answers to Tough Questions, William B Smith, reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
Books: NOT ALL NUNS MAY DO THIS, by Erika Lorenz, reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
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Reflection: Hail Mary, Full of Grace, Anne Lastman


Volume 28 Number 3 - April 2015

Editorial: Welcome!
Vocations: Australia's seminaries flourishing in 2015, Br Barry Coldrey
Designer babies: Dolce&Gabbana versus Elton John, Fr Dwight Longenecker
Tu es Petrus: From John XXIII to Pope Francis: Four recent stages of Catholicism, Patrick Morgan
Contemporary challenges facing Catholicism: Interview with Cardinal Robert Sarah, Élisabeth de Baudoüin
Today's prophets: where are they?, Anne Lastman
Our homeland is in Heaven, Audrey English
Pilate's inscription on the Cross, Andrew Sholl
Religious schools may teach the faith: Canada's Supreme Court, AD2000 REPORT
Palliative care protects human dignity, Pope Francis
EWTN's new app for smartphones and tablets, Peter Westmore
Letters: The Holy See's relations with China, Francis Vrijmoed
Letters: Critique of secular psychology, Eileen Cronin
Letters: Put not your faith in electronic gadgets!, Anne Lastman
Letters: Jesus words from the Cross, Robert Bom
Letters: Mary in Scripture and history, Allan Choveaux
Letters: Children's rights, Arnold Jago
Books: MARY: A CATHOLIC-EVANGELICAL DEBATE, Dwight Longenecker & David Gustafson, reviewed by Michael E Daniel
Books: INSIGHTS FROM GRECO-ROMAN TIMES: A Christian Response, by Rex Dale, reviewed by Peter Westmore
Books: THE MASS OF THE EARLY CHRISTIANS, by Mike Aquilina, reviewed by Paul Simmons
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Reflection: Good Friday Reflection, Fr Raniero Cantalamessa


Volume 28 Number 4 - May 2015

Exhibition: Exposition of the Holy Shroud of Turin, AD2000 Report
Vocations: The Call of Young Men to the Priesthood, Bishop Robert McGuckin
Centenary: Armenian genocide must not be forgotten, Pope Francis
Today’s invisible Holocaust, Anne Lastman
Translation: Understanding God’s word in the Scriptures, Andrew Sholl
The situation of Catholics in China is worsening, Lina Chan
Television: "Jesus: Rise to Power" - flawed account of early Christianity, AD2000 Report
Books: RESURGENCE: Revitalising Western Catholicism, by Fr James Grant, reviewed by Peter Westmore


Volume 28 Number 5 - June 2015

Canonisation: Pope Francis canonises four heroic nuns, AD2000 Report
Cardinal Pell, Archbishop Fisher respond to Ballarat allegations, AD2000 Report
Life issues: Reflections on the death penalty, Anne Lastman
Sacred Heart: Burning appeal of the Heart of Jesus, Archbishop Julian Porteous
Jesus: the extra-Biblical evidence, Andrew Sholl
Family: Pope Francis upholds Church teaching on the family, Fr Ken CLark OLSC
Letters: Using e-Readers at Mass, Gerry van Hees
Letters: "Our homeland in heaven": a rejoinder, Dr Frank Mobbs
Letters: Sexual abuse of children, Arnold Jago
Books: THE ENVIRONMENT, by Pope Benedict XVI, Paul Simmons
Books: THE CHURCH AND CREATION, by Luis Colomer, reviewed by Paul Simmons
Books: THE UNICORN IN THE SANCTUARY: New Age and the Catholic Church, Br Barry Coldrey
Reflection: Faith: dialogue of mind and heart, Audrey English


Volume 28 Number 6 - July 2015

Laudato Si: Pope Francis’ call for “dialogue” on environmental challenges, Peter Westmore
Family Synod: African bishops pledge to uphold Church teaching on marriage, AD2000 Report
Culture: Magna Carta and Christianity: the inseparable links, Dr Augusto Zimmermann
Religious freedom: Gay lobby targets Tasmania’s Archbishop Julian Porteous, AD2000 Report
Marriage: The slippery slope to same-sex “marriage”, Anne Lastman
Scripture: Ephphata! Be opened! (Mark 7:34), Andrew Sholl
Turin and Manoppello: “He has risen as he said ...”, Paul Badde
Letters: “Our homeland is in heaven”: a response, Audrey English
Letters: The Pope and “climate change”, Charles M. Shann
Letters: Capital punishment: another view, Brendan Scheiner
Letters: The Church and liberalism, Peter Gilet
Letters: Don’t create a new stolen generation, Robert Bom
Letters: Sexual abuse of children: a response, Anne Lastmen
Books: THE MYTH OF HITLER’S POPE, by Rabbi David G. Dalin, reviewed by Paul Simmons
Books: THE CREED IN SCRIPTURE, by Stephen J. Binz, reviewed by Paul Simmons
Books: Contemplative Prayer: a New Framework, by Dom David Foster, reviewed by Patrick Nolan
Reflection: Benedict XVI acknowledges debt to St John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI


Volume 28 Number 7 - August 2015

Pope Francis’ rallying call for the poor
Obituary: Fr Greg Jordan: an exemplary Jesuit, AD2000 Report
Confraternity of Christ the Priest’s Diamond Jubilee, Fr Thomas Casanova
Marriage: We must stand up for marriage and the family: Archbishop Fisher, Archbishop Anthony Fisher
5: Greek Orthodox Church’s Encyclical on marriage, AD2000 Report
Africa: Nigerian bishops decry “propagation of the homosexual lifestyle”
Abortion: Pervasive effects of abortion on women and society, Anne Lastman
The Holy Land: Believers in Israel, Andrew Scholl
Letters: Help Myanmar flood victims, Brother Michael Lynch
Letters: The death sentence cannot be justified, Anne Lastman
Letters: “Same-sex marriage”: how much support?, Arnold Jago
Letters: Don’t watch the ABC News!, Dr Tim Coyle
Letters: Helping children with gender identity issues, Gillian Gonzalez
Letters: Planned Parenthood scandal, Peter Callinan
Books: THE EAR OF THE HEART: An Actress’ Journey from Hollywood to Holy Vows, reviewed by Michael E Daniel
Books: THE 33 DOCTORS OF THE CHURCH, by Fr Christopher Rengers, reviewed by Paul Simmons
Reflection: The doctrine of the Assumption, Pope Pius XII


Volume 28 Number 8 - September 2015

Refugees: Give priority to Syria’s persecuted Christians: Archbishop Fisher
The Americas: Pope Francis’ challenge to American Catholics, AD2000 Report
The Americas: Cuba: new centre for evangelisation, AD2000 Report
Preview: Mercy and compassion: focus of Synod of Bishops, Peter Westmore
Apostolic Letter: Pope Francis proclaims Year of Mercy, AD2000 Report
Concordat: Catholic Church signs concordat with East Timor, Peter Westmore
Hebrew: The Sign of the Cross, Andrew Sholl
Letters: Victoria stops class-time religious instruction, Arnold Jago
Letters: The nature of Heaven, Frank Mobbs
Letters: Media bias on “same-sex marriage”, Robert Bom
Books: YEAR OF THE LORD’S FAVOUR: A Homiliary for the Roman Liturgy, Aidan Nichols OP, reviewed by Paul Simmons
Reflection: The proper celebration of the Mass, Cardinal Robert Sarah


Volume 28 Number 9 - October 2015

Pastoral statement: Marriage Reinvented?, Bishop Michael Kennedy
Call to action: Call for urgent action on Religious Education
Pastoral visit: Pope Francis’ subtle challenge to Barack Obama, AD2000 Report
Pastoral visit: Positive outcome of Pope Francis’ visit to Cuba, AD2000 Report
APREL: Wake up the world - Religious Life back on the map, Anne Reeves
Russia: Church and State in contemporary Russia, Fr Lawrence Cross
Hebrew Catholics: “Salvation comes from the Jews” (John 4:22), Andrew Sholl
The Rosary: The Luminous Mysteries explained, Audrey English
Letters: Audrey English responds to Dr Mobbs ..., Audrey English
Letters: A further response to Dr Mobbs ..., Anne Lastman
Letters: What is eternal life?, Francis Vrijmoed
Letters: The rights of children, Robert Bom
Books: ABORTION AND MARTYRDOM, edited by Aidan Nichols OP, reviewed by Paul Simmons
Books: HOW THE REFORMATION HAPPENED, by Hilaire Belloc, reviewed by Paul Simmons
Books: THROUGH THE YEAR WITH POPE FRANCIS: Daily Reflections, ed. Kevin Cotter, reviewed by Paul Simmons
Reflection: Fruit of the Garden, Anne Lastman


Volume 28 Number 10 - November 2015

Synod: Synod reaffirms Church teaching on sexuality, marriage and the family, AD2000 Report
Synod: Pope Francis confirms Synod guided by the Holy Spirit
Anglican Ordinariate: Radical ecumenism – the Ordinariate’s new Catholic Missal, Fr Ramsay Williams
Marriage: SSM will threaten religious liberty in Australia: Archbishop Fisher, AD2000 Report
Marriage: Sydney Anglicans reaffirm church teaching on marriage, AD2000 Report
Miracle: St Charbel cures Muslim toddler in Lebanon, From ASIANEWS
Abortion grief: Life written In tears – the impact of abortion, Anne Lastman
Salvation: "All Israel will be saved": Romans 11:26, Andrew Sholl
Unity and Beauty: The genius of Vladimir Soloviev, Fr Lawrence Cross
Letters: Religious freedom?, Arnold Jago
Books: BEYOND LITERAL BELIEF, by David Tacey, reviewed by Brian Coman
Reflection: We are all called to be saints, Archbishop Julian Porteous


Volume 28 Number 11 - December 2015 - January 2016

Religious freedom: Catholic bishops face more than prosecution over marriage leaflet, Pat Byrne
Education: Religious education: parents' responsibility or school's?, Fr Pat Stratford
Apostolic voyage: Pope Francis supports Catholic church during Africa visit, AD2000 Report
Genocide: US religious leaders condemn ISIS genocide against Christians, Nahal Toosi
Germany: Pope Francis deplores decline of Catholicism in Germany, AD2000 Report
China: New clampdown on believers in China, Bernardo Cervellera
Religious freedom: Am I My Brother's Keeper? (Genesis 4:10), Anne Lastman
Has the Messiah come or returned?, Andrew Sholl
Ordinariate Missal: "Divine Worship: The Missal" preserves Anglican patrimony, Fr James Bradley
St Clement's revealing Letter to the Corinthians, Peter Westmore
Letters: Euthanasia: letter to a PM, Arnold Jago
Letters: Synod outcome "led by the Holy Spirit"
Letters: Support religious freedom in India, Scott Schittl
Reflection: Christmas: a time of light, peace and joy, Archbishop Mark Coleridge