Thomas & Patricia Watkin

Joe Lopez (February AD2000) delights in the leadership given in the Victorian Bishops' letter, Your Vote Your Values, Bishop Fisher's statement on euthanasia and Bishop Elliott's sermon at the conclusion of the Christus Rex Pilgrimage.

Nonetheless, Joe finds it somewhat disconcerting that "one priest" even informed his congregation that euthanasia was "a matter of conscience", and left it at that! A paradox?

A paradox is an apparent contradiction that really contains a prodigality of meaning. Indeed, it does when the faithful are confronted with the written word of priests, imprimatur and all, that state: after deep prayer and consultation with clergy (a Catholic priest) a man or woman finds that as they are in the "utmost good faith", albeit "in error", they must give preference to the primacy of conscience and do what their conscience tells them to do: "error has rights".

It seems this twintruth solution can also be applied to contraception, abortion, same sex love, etc. It is all "a matter of conscience".

Camberwell, Vic