Evil laws

Evil laws

Ken Bayliss

We start 2010 with Archbishop Hart still courageously resisting draconian abortion laws in Victoria. While His Grace can't unfortunately protect all public hospitals in Victoria he has resolutely refused to allow such evil laws to enter any of his Catholic hospitals.

Added to Victoria's date of infamy, 10 October 2008, the Rudd Government revealed its decadence in mid-2009 by granting $15 million foreign aid to Third World countries providing exclusively for contraceptives and abortions.

To the feminists in the Australian Parliament this mere administrative decision was long overdue to free Third World women from the tyranny of unwanted pregnancy!

Let us not forget that abortion will not be a single issue to be fought in the Victorian elections in November and in the Federal elections whose timing is at the PM's discretion.

Tied to the success or failure of the abortion issue in these two elections is the raft of legal but quite immoral medical services, rarely mentioned, but in place long before 2008.

In The Australian between January and May 2007, the then National President of the AMA, who left to take up a position in World Health, and the then shadow Minister of Health, the present incumbent, attacked Catholic hospitals for receiving public funding while refusing to provide all legal medical services - contraception, abortions, vasectomies, all stem cell research, and IVF, as available in public-funded hospitals.

Now if Queensland Premier Bligh had her way in February her personal promotion of benevolent surrogacy would be legally added to medical services in public-funded hospitals.

Providentially for DLP and all other pro-life supporters, the Holy Father has just elevated Pius Xll to Venerable, the first of many steps towards eventual sainthood.

He was like his great predecessor Pius XI, who had a genius for adapting new leisure inventions, like radio, motion pictures and air transport, for the education and edification of man, and who gave us the doctrine of Christ the King (Quas Primas, 1925).

Both these great pontiffs in succeeding reigns exhorted the laity never to rest as long as any secular law offended natural or divine law.

Abortion and every other legal but immoral medical service - without exception - must be removed from the statutes.

At a time when Australia is drowning in a socio-economic culture of death, there is no excuse for any Catholic of voting age not to become an Aquilifer (standard bearer) for the Faith and Australia.

Holland Park West, Qld