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Moral decline

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 Contents - Aug 2009AD2000 August 2009 - Buy a copy now
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Now that the furore surrounding the Sharks' rugby league sex scandal has subsided to some extent, it's worth examining some of the transparently shallow suggestions offered as solutions for future behaviour. In no way am I making excuses for the behaviour of all those involved, on both sides I might add, but the proverbial elephant in the discussion room was obviously invisible.

Leading the charge was the ABC, who curiously ran a news story on the seven-year-old scandal on the 7 May 7am news, four days before the airing of their Four Corners expose and on a Thursday, the same day of the airing of the less than intelligent Footy Show on Channel 9, on that night.

This was pointed out by the well-known and respected former media personality Geoffrey Luck in the Weekend Australian (23 May). To my knowledge, this was unprecedented with the airing of similar Four Corners shows, so apparently the ABC wanted total impact.

The point I am making about the elephant in the room is that not only the ABC, but most other media, came out with much finger-pointing and both guns blazing, totally ignoring the fact, as we'd expect, that for at least two generations, most of the media, including women's magazines, have worked overtime to systematically change the attitude of the general public on moral issues, particularly in relation to sexual matters.

They have done this by a system of gradualism, two steps forward to test reaction and then one step backwards when it emerged. Opponents were constantly ridiculed and often silenced.

Is it any wonder that as a result of a lifetime of faulty indoctrination on morals, we experience the emergence of a minority of overpaid louts in most forms of sport, with no respect for women and more than enough women who have no respect for themselves?

Petrie, Qld

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 22 No 7 (August 2009), p. 15

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