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Greens and Church

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 Contents - Dec 2009AD2000 December 2009 - Buy a copy now
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In his article on Father Rue's talk on climate change (November AD2000), John Morrissey argues that Catholic institutions continue to be penetrated by the ideas and ideologues of the man-made global warming brigade who seek to use the authority of the Church to consecrate their agenda.

Penetration has taken place with the support of church leaders. Catholic Earthcare Australia (CEA), an ecological agency of the Bishops' Conference funded by ordinary Catholics, has had as its adviser Senator Christine Milne, Deputy Leader of the extremist Greens, the vanguard of Australia's man-made global warming brigade.

Milne has been viewed by CEA associates as the messiah on ecological matters. She has spoken at meetings of church groups and no doubt, in the past at least, assisted CEA with the preparation of environmental material for Catholic schools, a major work of CEA.

A past CEA Executive Director told a CEA conference that, not surprisingly, many of Australia's conservation and environmental groups have invited Earthcare to join forces for particular projects and campaigns with new found friends including the Australian Conservation Foundation, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace.

Many religious orders eagerly embrace the green religion. The deep penetration of the extreme green movement into religious orders is clear from the content of their web site The site advertises books such as Sparks of the Cosmos: Rituals for Seasonal Use; Sparks of Life Rituals for Children and Celebrating the Great Mother: A Handbook of Earth Honoring Activities for Parents and Children.

Teachers are invited to a residential program in Victoria organised by EarthSong to examine principles for living out ecological responsibilities. Trained educators in Earth Literacy and Spirituality will lead the program.

With the withdrawal of religious orders from our schools, funds contributed to religious orders by generations of Catholics to further Catholic education are now being used to promote the green religion.

Children are terrorised by climate change propaganda prepared with Church resources while the Church appears powerless to prevent the misuse of funds intended to promote the true faith in Catholic schools.

Garan, ACT

(Editor: We understand there is no longer any connection between Christine Milne and CEA)

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 22 No 11 (December 2009 - January 2010), p. 14

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