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AD2000: looking towards the future

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 Contents - May 2013AD2000 May 2013 - Buy a copy now
Editorial: AD2000: looking towards the future - Damian Wyld
Francis: pope of paradox - Damian Wyld
News: The Church Around the World
Youth: Reasons for Hope retreat for young adult Catholics - Barry Coldrey
Legacy: An Act of Faith: AD2000 after 25 years - B.A. Santamaria
Church unity and the Anglican Ordinariate - Archbishop Gerhard Müller
Abortion: confused pain in a confused society - Anne Lastman
The plight of Egypt's Christians - Youssef Sidhom
History: The Church in the Middle Ages: the role of bishops - Frank Mobbs
Order of Malta: 900 years young (Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium) Pauperum. - Damian Wyld
Ancient Greek contributions to Western Church music - Christopher Warner
Letters: Holy Land visit - Julie-Ann McLoughlin
Letters: Jesuit legacy - Ken Bayliss
Letters: What is Heaven? - Winsome De Jong
Letters: Hypocricy - Arnold Jago
Letters: Letters of thanks to Michael Gilchrist - Various
Books: SAINTS, SACRILEGE AND SEDITION: Religion and Conflict in the Tudor Reformations - Michael Daniel (reviewer)
Books: SIXTUS V: the Hermit of Villa Montalto, by W.T. Selley - Michael Daniel (reviewer)
Books: Order books from
Reflection: Pentecost: opening our minds to truth and our hearts to love - Bishop Arthur Serratelli

It seems timely to introduce myself as AD2000's new Associate Editor as this publication reaches its 25th anniversary. That it has reached such a milestone is no doubt due in part to Providence, but also in no small part to those who have contributed to its pages and, perhaps most importantly, to those who read it.

Particular thanks is owed to Michael Gilchrist, who, having guided AD2000 since shortly after its inception, is now enjoying a well-earned semi-retirement. I am sure he will not mind my saying that his shoes will be difficult ones to fill. Meanwhile, over the next few months I will continue to work together with him to bring you the end result.

Coming from a younger generation – and having never personally met Bob Santamaria, the founder of this journal – I suspect I bring an interesting perspective. Indeed, I was fortunate to have attended Mass as a boy in places largely untouched by the chaos sweeping through the Church of my youth.

Thus, the challenge to maintain orthodoxy takes on a slightly different form among younger churchgoers, many of whom are far more orthodox than their forebears to begin with. They are the generation of social media like Facebook and Twitter, but (despite what some might say) are not adverse to meetings and gatherings of orthodox Catholics – as any regular at 'Faith on Tap' or 'Pub Theology' will attest.

The challenge for AD2000, then, is to appeal across demographics and by means of different media, to inform, to support and to disseminate the timeless teachings of the Church.

To close with something briefly of myself, I am married with three young sons and reside in Adelaide. I have worked for the National Civic Council for nearly a decade and currently serve as its South Australian president. Those familiar with the NCC's magazine News Weekly may have seen my contributions there over the years.

I look forward to continuing this great venture, building on the past and looking towards the future.

Damian Wyld, Associate Editor (

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 26 No 4 (May 2013), p. 2

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