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AD2000 Article Index - 2014


Volume 27 Number 1 - February 2014 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: In defence of marriage, Peter Westmore
Evangelii Gaudium: The Joy of the Gospel: Pope Francis' challenge, Peter Westmore
Victorian Inquiry: First report into clerical sex abuse released, Peter Westmore
News: The Church Around the World
Pope Francis repeats world peace plea
Protecting the family: building the home, Carmen Pavia
iWitness 2013 retreat: another young Catholics success story, Br Barry Coldrey
Art: Interview with Tommy Canning: art in the service of truth
The Holy Spirit: "Lord and Giver of Life", Anne Lastman
The transforming power of Eucharistic Adoration, Fr Joel Wallace
Letters: Protecting the unborn, Bob Hogarth
Letters: Religious instruction, Mrs Rowan Shann
Letters: Spirit of Vatican II, Murray Cook
Letters: Religious freedom, Keiron Long
Letters: Climate propaganda
Books: MANALIVE by G.K. Chesterton, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: THE IMITATION OF CHRIST by Thomas a Kempis, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: TO BONEGILLA FROM SOMEWHERE, by Wanda Skowronska, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Support: Fighting Fund ends on high note!
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Reflections: Australia Day: A time for thanks and commitment, Cardinal George Pell


Volume 27 Number 2 - March 2014 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Lent 2014 and its practical application, Peter Westmore
Holy See responds to unfounded UN Committee attack, Peter Westmore
News: The Church Around the World
Pope Francis puts indelible mark on College of Cardinals, Peter Westmore
Whither religious education in Australian Catholic schools?, Peter Finlayson
The violence of abortion, Anne Lastman
The McCabe affair in context, Lucy Sullivan
Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Association: a new force for good, Br Barry Coldrey
Private revelations: Are they reliable?, John Young
What Jesus teaches us about prayer, Audrey English
None so blind: refusal to see the obvious, Fr John O'Neill
Books: TEN AFRICAN CARDINALS, by Sally Ninham, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: THE WORLD OF ST PAUL, by Joseph M. Callewaert, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: WHERE WE GOT THE BIBLE: Our Debt to the Catholic Church, by Henry G. Graham, reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
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Reflection: Archbishop Chaput's homily on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput


Volume 27 Number 3 - April 2014 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Ukraine: blessed are the peacemakers, Peter Westmore
Cardinal Pell appointed to senior Vatican post, Peter Westmore
News: The Church Around the World
Russia: the rebirth of religious belief, Peter Westmore
Ukraine: Bishop Peter Stasiuk: Ukrainian people want peace and justice, Bishop Peter Stasiuk
Marriage: Don't trust media reporting of Synod on marriage, Philip F. Lawler
Vocations: Australia's flourishing seminaries 2014, Br Barry Coldrey
Communicating the Faith with C.S. Lewis, Fr. D. Longenecker
Depression: Charlotte Dawson: she died of a broken heart, Anne Lastman
Radicalism in Islam: the Christian response, Father Samir Khalil Samir SJ
Conversion and confession, Cedric Wright
Letters: Asylum seeker statement, Richard Congram
Letters: Appreciation for Anne Lastman, Errol Duke
Letters: Private Revelations, John Young
Passover: Jesus last words: 'It is finished', Anne Lastman
Books: Pope Francis, Our Brother, Our Friend, by Alejandro Bermudez (Editor), reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: Jorge Mario Bergoglio: Francis, Pope of a New World, by Andrea Tornielli, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: WHEN HITLER TOOK AUSTRIA: Memoir by the Chancellor's Son, Kurt von Schuschnigg, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Events: Holy Week 2014 - Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (1962 Missal)
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Reflection: Lent: our preparation for Easter, Bishop Anthony Fisher OP


Volume 27 Number 4 - May 2014 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: April 27: Canonisation of two great popes, Peter Westmore
Slavery: Churches join forces to launch anti-slavery campaign, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
Friday abstinence gains support among Australia's bishops, Matthew Biddle
Vatican Library to digitise archives
Missionaries of God's Love: Vatican recognition lifts status, Br Barry Coldrey
US bishop discusses his new pastoral letter on contraception, Kathleen Nabb
Sister empowers northern India's women with education
A new cathedral in the Muslim world
Poetry: KOKODA a poem, John O'Neill
Apps: Check out religion apps for smartphones!, Peter Westmore
After the turbulent years: the Church renewed, Fr John O'Neill
Cardinal Burke: The Gospel of Life in the defence of freedom, Cardinal Raymond Burke
Letters: The perils of materialism, Fr Bernard McGrath
Letters: Christianity persecuted, Robert Bom
Priestly Fraternity of St Peter: progress report, Fr Damonn Sypher, FSSP
Books: SCRIPTURE AND TRADITION IN THE CHURCH, by Patrick Madrid, reviewed by Carmel Westmore
Books: HOW THE WEST WON: The Neglected Story of the Triumph of Modernity, Rodney Stark, reviewed by Father John Flynn LC
Books: CULTURE AND ABORTION, by Edward Short
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Reflection: Will you wait a while?, Anne Lastman


Volume 27 Number 5 - June 2014 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: The significance of Pentecost, Peter Westmore
Saints John XXIII and John Paul II canonised, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
Chain of generosity from Australia to Nigeria, Madonna Brosnan
Frassati Australia: dedicated young adult ministry, Br Barry Coldrey
UK Bishop speaks out on secularism's debt to Christianity, CNA REPORT
Societal violence and the murder of children, Anne Lastman
Fr Des Byrne: priest and catechist extraordinary, Bishop Peter J. Elliott
Missions: Salesians appeal for Solomon Islands emergency
US Catholic school embroiled in dispute over Church teaching, Kirsten Andersen
Why England's churches are empty, Nick Hallett
Religious freedom and same-sex 'marriage', Fr John FLynn LC
Sisters of St Paul of Chartres and their global impact, CNA REPORT
Letters: Smartphone apps on the Mass, A. Erskine
Letters: What about the Roman Missal smartphone app?, Harry O'Regan
Letters: Mr Westmore: please put your thing away!, Anne Lastman
Letters: Modern slavery report, Laurie Sheehan
Letters: Triple J Radio, Arnold Jago
Books: HANDING ON THE FAITH IN AN AGE OF DISBELIEF, by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: A CATHOLIC ETON? Newman's Oratory School, by Paul Shrimpton, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: THE CAMPION SOCIETY: Lay Catholic Action in Australia, by Colin H. Jory, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
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Reflection: Eucharistic adoration: path to union with the Holy Trinity, Bishop James Conley


Volume 27 Number 6 - July 2014 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: NSW child sex abuse report released, Peter Westmore
Middle East: Pope Francis cuts through divisions in the Holy Land, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
Pauline Fathers: Opening of Mercy Valley in Mareeba, North Queensland, Garry O'Brien
Youth: Young adult ministry flourishing in Australia, Br Barry Coldrey
Nigeria: Oka Obulu Uzo: leading by example, Madonna Brosnan
Dubai: is this the largest parish in the world?, Patrick Byrne
Summorum Pontificum: Growth of Latin Mass parishes and chaplaincies in Australia, Michael E. Daniel
Life: a gift of inestimable value, Anne Lastman
Apps: Smartphone Catholic apps for all purposes, Peter Westmore
Boko Haram: Christians and Muslims unite against Nigerian terrorists, CNA-EWTN REPORT
Egpyt: Bishop sees hope for Egypt's Christians
Letters: Faith the solution, Tim Coyle
Letters: Divine Office on PC, John Rayner
Letters: Human rights priorities, Richard Congram
Books: RACE WITH THE DEVIL: My Journey Racial Hatred to Rational Love, by Joseph Pearce, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: HE LEADETH ME, by Fr Walter J Ciszek SJ, Michael Daniel
Books: Order books from
Reflection: The Pope meets ICEL: a bishop's reflection on Vatican II, Bishop Arthur Serratelli


Volume 27 Number 7 - August 2014 - BUY A COPY HERE

Wilcannia-Forbes: An unusual but welcome ordination, Peter Westmore
Culture: US Supreme Court's landmark decisions support faith, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
Factors in the success of Australia's young adult ministry, Br Barry Coldrey
Fatherhood: mirror of God's relationship with the Son, Anne Lastman
Uncovering the ideas behind the 'culture of death', Donald DeMarco
Pope Francis condemns 'Gender ideology' as 'demonic', Patrick Byrne
Eyewitness to history: the canonisation of St John Paul II, Wanda Skowronska
Pope Francis discusses the Church's moral teachings, LifeSiteNews
Miracle on death row, Cedric Wright
War of words: changing society through language, Audrey English
Letters: Use of iPhone at Mass ..., Audrey English
Letters: Still at it, Mr Westmore!, Anne Lastman
Letters: School chaplains, Arnold Jago
Letters: Naming a lost baby, Robert Bom
Books: IN SEARCH OF CARDINAL STEPINAC: A Complete Biography, by Fr Zvonimir Gavranovic, reviewed by Fr Steven Ledinich
Books: RICH IN YEARS: Finding Peace and Purpose in a Long Life, Johann Christoph Arnold, reviewed by Michael E Daniel
Books: PRAY FOR ME The Life and Spiritual Vision of Pope Francis, by Robert Moynihan, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: NEW OUTPOURINGS OF THE SPIRIT, by Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: Order books from
Reflection: The Assumption: Mary leads us to Heaven, Bishop Anthony Fisher


Volume 27 Number 8 - September 2014 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Don't pigeon-hole Pope Francis, Peter Westmore
Vatican: Cardinal Pell unveils Vatican financial reforms, Edward Pentin
News: The Church Around the World
Euthanasia: Britain's euthanasia bill faces mounting opposition
Facing up to the problem of sexual abuse, Anne Lastman
Is the US vocations crisis finally over?, Fr Dwight Longenecker
Pope meets Meriam Ibrahim
Association of Hebrew Catholics: its role and mission, Andrew Sholl
Art: The new mural in Sacred Heart Church, Griffith, NSW, Tommy Canning
Christian witness in a secular world, Fr Paul Rowse OP
Students: ACSA Conference: 'an inspiring experience', Br Barry Coldrey
Transmission of the Catholic faith in crisis, Peter Finlayson
Letters: Fifth Commandment!, Richard Congram
Letters: Sola Scriptura, Cedric Wright
Books: A CIVILISED DEBATE ABOUT RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, by Arnold Guminski & Brian Harrison, reviewed by John Young
Books: ON HEAVEN AND EARTH: Pope Francis on Faith, Family and the Church in the 21st C, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: JOURNAL OF A SOUL (John XXIII) and POPE JOHN, BLESSED JOHN XXIII, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: Order books from
Reflection: The Christian life: more than Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly, Audrey English


Volume 27 Number 9 - October 2014 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Let's help desperate Middle East Christians, Peter Westmore
Pope Francis' pastoral focus in visit to South Korea, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
Do we construct the Church in our own image?, Fr Ken Clark
The implications of Anglican women bishops, Fr Dwight Longenecker
Hebrew Bible and the Septuagint: What's the difference?, Andrew Sholl
Art: Sacred art: window into eternity, Tommy Canning
Dissent: Bishop Bill Morris: gone but not forgotten, Peter Westmore
'The Mother of Jesus' in St John's Gospel, Anne Lastman
Students: Young adult ministry on Australian tertiary campuses, Br Barry Coldrey
Letters: Using the missal at Mass, Charles M. Shann
Letters: Use and misuse of language, Anne Lastman
Letters: Evangelii Gaudium speaks to Victoria, Pat Shea
Support: Support the Fighting Fund!
Books: INTRODUCTION TO CHRISTIANITY, by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, reviewed by Helena Pasztetnik
Books: PRAYER FOR BEGINNERS, Peter Kreeft - WAYS OF PRAYING, John Edwards SJ, reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Books: A POSTCARD FROM THE VOLCANO: A novel of pre-war Germany, by Lucy Beckett, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: Order books from
Reflection: The Lord hears the cry of the poor, Fr Paul Glynn SM


Volume 27 Number 10 - November 2014 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: The Extraordinary Synod on the Family, Peter Westmore
Episcopacy: Bishop Anthony Fisher OP appointed Archbishop of Sydney, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
Anglican: The Ordinariate in Gippsland: the first year
Human Life: Surrogacy: what the Biblical precedent tells us, Anne Lastman
Family: The global attack on religious belief and moral values, Alejandra Fabris
Law: What is the separation of church and state?, Frank Mobbs
Formation: 'I used to be a Catholic', Audrey English
Youth: Ignite Conference fires up 1,200 young Catholics in Brisbane, Br Barry Coldrey
Why be a priest?, Fr John O'Neill
Why we make the Sign of the Cross, Cedric Wright
Scripture: Is the Hebrew Bible incomplete?, Andrew Sholl
Letters: Eucharistic Prayers, Franklin J. Wood
Letters: China and the Holy See, Francis Vrijmoed
Letters: Suicide prevention, Murray Cook
Letters: Rally for peace in the world, Bev Thomas
Support: Thank you! Fighting Fund passes $12,000
Books: EASTERN CHRISTIANITY: The Byzantine Tradition, by Laurence Cross, reviewed by Paul Simmons
Books: HIDDEN PAIN: An Insight into Childhood Sexual Abuse, by Anne R. Lastman, reviewed by Peter Westmore
Books: Order books from
Reflection: The meaning of life and death, Archbishop Julian Porteous


Volume 27 Number 11 - December 2014 - January 2015 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: The Coming of Christ, Peter Westmore
Family Synod: Synod reaffirms Church teaching on marriage and family, AD2000 Report
News: The Church Around the World
Dissent: New controversy erupts in Toowoomba, Peter Westmore
Vocations: Young Men of God Retreat for 2014 another success, Br Barry Coldrey
The Long View: Catholicism today and the lessons of history, John Young
Economic justice: The Catholic Church explains sexual mores - with economics, Emma Green
Cardinal Pell: Synod rebuts 'secular agenda', Catholic News Service
The after-life: Why pray for those who are no longer with us?, Audrey English
Separation of church and state: the position outside Australia, Frank Mobbs
Obituary: Fr Benedict Groeschel, aged 81, dies in New Jersey, Peter Westmore
Letters: Toowoomba trouble, Tristan Ross
Letters: Synod of Bishops, Arnold Jago
Letters: Language, Frank O'Connor
Letters: Last man standing!, Anne Lastman
Books: IN THE HOUSEHOLD OF THE SPIRIT: Guide to the Sacraments in the Byzantine Church, reviewed by Paul Simmons
Books: AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC YOUTH MINISTRY, by C. Fini and C. Ryan (Eds), reviewed by Br Barry Coldrey
Support: 2014 Fighting Fund Progress
Books: Order books from
Reflection: The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light, Pope Francis