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AD2000 Article Index - 2007


Volume 20 Number 1 - February 2007 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: The Church and globalisation, Peter Westmore
Education: Australia's Catholic school systems: the case for radical surgery, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
East Timor: priests threatened with execution, Peter Westmore
Fr John Speekman: Vatican orders reinstatement of wrongly removed Sale Diocese parish priest, Michael Gilchrist
Priesthood: Orthodox priests in a divided Church, Fr John Trigilio
The Church and the environment: address the moral pollution first, Wanda Skowronska
Salesians help rebuild post-tsunami Sri Lanka, Br Michael Lynch
Why we need holy days of obligation, Joanna Bogle
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach and the heavenly choir, Fr Finbarr Flanagan
Letters: Shared guilt, Errol Duke
Letters: Lost!, Moya and Leo Morrissey
Letters: Truth and love, Chris Hilder
Letters: Root Cause, Marie Kennedy
Letters: Safe-sex?, Jack Blair
Poetry: Gender-Bender Autos, Bruce Dawe
Letters: Limbo?, Lawrence R. Hurley
Letters: Manipulating language, Carol V. Phillips
Letters: Obedience, Matthew Buckley
Letters: Latin Mass, John Gariano
Letters: Religious materials, J.W. Smith
Letters: Catholic dolls, Anne Cramer
Books: TREASURE IN CLAY: The Autobiography of Fulton J. Sheen, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: BEGINNING AT JERUSALEM: Five Reflections on the History of the Church, reviewed by Sr Mariana Handley
Books: SPIRITUAL DIRECTION: Who Is It For and What Are Its Benefits?, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: B.A. Santamaria's correspondence published by MUP
Books: New Titles from AD Books
Reflection: Why the Church must continue to uphold priestly celibacy, Fr Pat Stratford


Volume 20 Number 2 - March 2007 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: How we can help young East Timorese, Peter Westmore
WYDSYD08: Salesian provincial urges parishes to sponsor Timorese to World Youth Day 2008, Peter Westmore
News: The Church Around the World
Sandhurst: Goddess worship at Victorian education conference?, Michael Gilchrist
Formation: Continuing growth of Sydney's Catholic Adult Education Centre, AD2000 Report
Catholicism flourishes in South Korea, Richard Stokes
Leadership: The scandal of Australia's anti-life Catholic politicians, Marcel White
'Professional', a l carte Catholicism and its papier mch schools, Andrew T. Kania
Survey of Catholic teachers
The changing panorama of Victoria's historic 'Rupertswood', Michael Moore
Catholic religion courses and the challenge of relativism, Audrey English
Letters: Reform needed, T. Kalotas
Letters: Catholic schools, Kevin McBride
Letters: Null and void, Fr. G.H. Duggan SM
Letters: Presumption, John H. Cooney
Letters: Suitable wedding attire, Tom and Barbara Phillip
Letters: Modesty of dress, Greg Byrne
Letters: Ten Commandments, Arthur Hartwig
Letters: Abortion counselling, Frank Bellet
Letters: Leadership needed, Anne Lastman
Letters: Human embryos, Rebecca Soares
Letters: Ecumenism?, Peter Davidson
Books: The Glory of These Forty Days, by Fr James Tolhurst, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: LISTEN MY SON: St Benedict for Fathers, by Dwight Longenecker, reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
Books: SEEKING THE ABSOLUTE: The Founders of Christian Monasticism, reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
Media: The Rosary of the Virgin Mary - 4 DVD or 4 CD set, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: Order Books from
Reflection: The Holy Trinity - source of true Christian unity, Fr John O'Neill


Volume 20 Number 3 - April 2007 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Benedict XVI's document on the Eucharist, Michael Gilchrist
Book Launch: B.A. Santamaria and Australian Catholicism: Cardinal Pell's tribute, Cardinal George Pell
News: The Church Around the World
'Equal opportunity' legislation threatens Christian teachings, Babette Francis
Catholicism and secularism in Britain: a test of strength on same-sex adoption, Joanna Bogle
History: How much do Catholics know about ecumenical councils?, Frank Mobbs
Vocations: New survey of successful US dioceses: lessons for Australia, Michael Gilchrist
Rockhampton Lenten program: 'whatever that might mean', AD2000 Report
St Faustina: The Divine Mercy apostolate: a spirituality to transform the world, Eva Kimnes
Belief: Christian-Muslim dialogue: major stumbling blocks, Fr Richard Umbers
Letters: Liturgy: what next?, Franklin J. Wood
Letters: Church leadership, P.W. English
Letters: Money talks, Richard Stokes
Letters: Saints needed, Arthur N. Ballingall
National Church Life Survey clarification, Bob Dixon
Letters: Catholic schools
Letters: Catholic atmosphere, Stuart Paterson
Letters: Free and fair markets and the Church's social doctrine, Chris Hilder
Letters: Capital punishment, John Gallagher
Letters: Scourge of the West, Kevin McManus
Letters: African prisoners seek correspondents, Len Clark
Letters: Contraception, Tim Coyle
Books: The Way of Love: Reflections on Deus Caritas Est, Livio Melina and Carl Anderson, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: Catholic Thought Since the Enlightenment, by Aidan Nichols OP, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: Aspects of Authentic Church Teaching, by Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM, reviewed by Michael Gilchrist
Books: Books available from AD2000 and Freedom Publishing
Reflection: Benedict XVI on the transforming power of the Resurrection, Pope Benedict XVI


Volume 20 Number 4 - May 2007 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: AD2000: accentuating the positive, Michael Gilchrist
Documents: Benedict XVI's new document on the Eucharist - Sacramentum Caritatis, Michael Gilchrist
Education: How to fix Australia's Catholic schools and colleges, Br Barry Coldrey
News: The Church Around the World
Catechesis: Sydney RCIA conference in June on forming new adult Catholics, Joanne Zwaans
Cinema: New movie offers an authentic representation of monastic life, reviewed by Rosina Gordon
Vocations: New religious communities flourishing in the United States, Fr James Lloyd
Culture survey shows moral divisions in the US
The importance of 'holy things' for one's Christian faith, Andrew Kania
Letters: Teachers' conference, Ron Munro
Letters: Marital fidelity, Br Con Moloney
Letters: Conscience, Msgr F. Hickey PE
Letters: Priest shortage, Dr Frank Mobbs
Letters: Ecumenical councils, Peter D. Howard
Letters: Debating euthanasia with facts, Rebecca Soares
Letters: Scourge of euthanasia, Brian Harris
Letters: Thank you from India, Fr. A. Joseph
Letters: Capital Punishment - with Apology, John Gallagher
Books: The Catholic Church and the Counter-Faith, by Philip Trower, reviewed by John Morrissey
Books: The Heresy Of Formlessness: The Roman Liturgy and Its Enemy, by Martin Mosebach, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: Liturgy, Life of the Church; The Modern Rite; Pope and Council on Sacred Liturgy, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: AD2000 Books
Reflection: Teaching children about the Eucharist, Audrey English


Volume 20 Number 5 - June 2007 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Sacred music: an integral part of worship, Michael Gilchrist
New Missal translation: light at the end of the tunnel, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Obituary: A tribute to natural family planning pioneer, Dr John Billings, RIP, Msgr Peter J. Elliott
Tsunami: Salesians help Solomon Islanders
New Zealand Catholic college's intellectually challenging RE program, Bernard Moran
Verbicide: 'Happy' or 'Blessed'? How faith can be drained of meaning, Arthur Ballingall
Youth ministry active in the Melbourne archdiocese, Barry Coldrey
Sigrid Undset: Revived interest in a remarkable Norwegian Catholic novelist, Michael Daniel
The Caroline Chisholm Library: Melbourne's hidden treasure, John Young
Obituary: Bill Daly RIP: fearless defender of Catholic orthodoxy in Australia, Fr James Tierney
Letters: Vatican II (letter), Francis Vrijmoed
Letters: Parish amalgamations (letter), Eilenn A. Gomm SFO
Letters: Judas rethink (letters), John Schmid
Poetry: A Glimpse of My Glory, Maureen Bidess
Events: Archbishop Chaput in Australia - Melbourne 4 July 2007
Books: IN THE LIGHT OF CHRIST: Writings in the Western Tradition, by Lucy Beckett, reviewed by Francis Phillips
Books: EDITH STEIN, WOMAN OF PRAYER: Her Life and Ideals, by Joanne Mosley, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: THE SONG OF BERNADETTE, by Franz Werfel, reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
Books: AD2000 Books
Reflection: Pentecost, the Holy Spirit and the Eucharist, Fr Dennis Byrnes


Volume 20 Number 6 - July 2007 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Church intervenes in NSW cloning bill, Peter Westmore
Pastoral Plan: Cardinal Pell's blueprint for the future in the Sydney Archdiocese, Michael Gilchrist
Interview: He could no longer explain why he wasn't Catholic, Tim Drake and Francis Beckwith
News: The Church Around the World
Letters Section
Events: Archbishop Chaput in Australia - Melbourne 4 July
Education: New Wagga Wagga schools take their 'leap of faith', Bill Andrews
Events: Canberra 6-8 July - Australian Catholic Students' Association 2007 Conference, Patrick Giam
Why truth and charity are inseparable, Alice von Hildebrand
Marian magazine from Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate
Poetry: A legacy of virtue: the remarkable Craig sisters, Fr John Lea McDaniels FSSP
Priesthood: Praying for priests: The Society of Christ Priest and Victim, Barry O'Brien
Books: A Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins, by Thomas Crean OP, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: ILLUSTRISSIMI: Letters of Pope John Paul I, by Albino Luciani, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: The Seven Capital Sins, by Fulton J. Sheen, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: AD2000 Books
Reflection: Bishop Robert Finn on what it means to be a Catholic priest, Bishop Robert Finn


Volume 20 Number 7 - August 2007 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Census 2006: 'No religion' up, Christians down
Lex orandi: Benedict XVI's liturgical armistice: 'Summorum Pontificum', Fr Glen Tattersall
Events: LATIN MASS CELEBRATIONS - Melbourne and Sydney
University: Australian Catholic students' conference: 'an inspiring experience', Br Barry Coldrey
News: The Church Around the World
World Congress of Families: grass roots ecumenism at work, Babette Francis
Society: Defending faith and reason in public life, Eamonn Keane
Catholics and the pornography epidemic, Bishop Robert Finn
Why Catholic parents choose home-schooling, Leslie Sammut
Obituary: Death of distinguished Australian philosopher John Ziegler, John Young
Catholic students' joyful encounter with the Church's sacred music treasury, Gabrielle Walsh
Letters: Vatican II infallible?, Frank Mobbs
Letters: Stem cell 'debate', Chris Hilder
Letters: Breath of hope, Terry and Rosemary McDonnell
Letters: Catholic politicians, Patricia Halligan
Letters: Truth and courage, Errol P. Duke
Letters: 'Staunch' Catholics?, Frank Bellet
Letters: Study leave, Eamonn Keane
Poetry: Shrapnel, Bruce Dawe
Letters: Combating AIDS, Franklin J. Wood
Letters: Education campaign, Henry Erftemeyer
Letters: Fixing the schools, G. Brian Bibby
Books: Jesus of Nazareth: Baptism to Transfiguration, by Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: The World's First Love, by Fulton J. Sheen, reviewed by Michael Daniel
Books: Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality, reviewed by Michael E. Daniel
Books: AD2000 Books
Reflection: The Assumption: how the Christian arts honour the Virgin Mary


Volume 20 Number 8 - September 2007 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: How to ensure AD2000's continuing impact, Michael Gilchrist
Pastoral Letter: NSW and ACT Bishops call for a shake-up in Catholic education, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
A successful quest for vocations in Melbourne, Br Barry Coldrey
Rome reaffirms Vatican II's teaching on 'one true Church', Frank Mobbs
New Age: Centering Prayer and other spiritualities: are they Catholic?, Wanda Skowronska
'Thought that has been thought out', John Haldane
Rediscovering the real history of Australian Catholic education, Eamonn Keane
Catholic education must be 'unashamedly Catholic', Bishop Robert Finn
Laity: How the Legion of Mary can benefit parishes, Fr Hugh Thwaites SJ
Letters: Vatican II, Peter D. Howard
Letters: Infallible?, Francis Vrijmoed
Letters: Dr Mobbs' response, Frank Mobbs
Letters: Extraordinary?, Mark Szymczak
Letters: Lapsed Catholics, Robert Garratt
Letters: Preaching, Kevin McManus
Letters: Religious attire, Tom King
Letters: African prisoners, John Evans
Poem: A poem for Mary's Birthday, Brian Joseph Mulligan
Books: THE BEAUTY OF THY HOUSE, by Mark Alessio, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: FAITH AND CERTITUDE, by Thomas Dubay SM, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Events: Silent Retreat 9-12 November 2007
Books: Books available from AD2000
Reflection: An informed conscience: what the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches, Bishop Luc Matthys


Volume 20 Number 9 - October 2007 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Australian Catholicism in the balance, Michael Gilchrist
Catholic Life: Sydney's Pastoral Plan ready for implementation in 2008, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Events: Book Launch: Advancing the Culture of Death, by Rev Dr Peter Hung Tran
More of the same: Retired Sydney bishop calls for a radical overhaul of the Catholic faith, Michael Gilchrist
Queensland: Liturgy in Brisbane and the rights of the laity, Michael Apthorp
Sacred space: Sydney seminar promotes improved church architecture and art, John O'Brien
A Christian sceptic's challenge: why atheism has no answers, Babette Francis
Sacred language: New US liturgy head endorses revised Missal translation
Truth: And the Light shines in the darkness: the meaning of true ecumenism, Andrew Kania
Protect Our Children: New organisation to tackle doctrinal and moral child abuse, Fr John O'Neill PP
Letters: Bishop Robinson, Fr Edward P. Evans
Letters: Moral standards, Don Gaffney
Letters: More on Vatican II, Peter D. Howard
Letters: Catholic education, June See
Letters: Mass attendance, John Schmid
Letters: Nonsense, Frank Bellet
Letters: Teaching position available in France, Br John Moylan CFC
Letters: St Therese Church Torquay demolition threat, Charles Haber
Poetry: Mother to Son, Bruce Dawe
Books: JOHN HENRY NEWMAN: In His Time, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: SPANISH ROOTS OF AMERICA, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Events: Cardinal Pell to celebrate Latin Mass - 3 November 2007
Books: Books available from AD Books
Reflection: Archbishop Hickey on the Christian concept of marriage, Archbishop Barry Hickey


Volume 20 Number 10 - November 2007 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: East Timorese to attend World Youth Day, Michael Gilchrist
Democracy: Religious leaders must have freedom to speak, Cardinal George Pell
Australia's Missionaries of God's Love congregation continues to grow, Mary Pidcock
News: The Church Around The World
Liturgical Abuse: Trinitarian language lost in Brisbane Scriptures, Michael Apthorp
Ora et labora: How monastic hospitality can strengthen one's faith, Br Barry Coldrey CFC
Latin is still the universal language of Liturgy, Bishop Arthur Serratelli
World Youth Day: Wagga Wagga priest's 'fly-a-thon' project to aid East Timor
Architecture: How a Sydney parish church was restored, John O'Brien
Poetry: A poem on the priesthood - Among the Apostles, John O'Neill
Letters: Bishop Robinson, Eric Carman
Letters: Teachings rejected by Bishop Robinson, Kevin McManus
Letters: Modern saints and traditional liturgy, Seamus Mahady
Letters: Petition
Letters: True Church?, John Frey
Letters: Clerical attire, Fr G.H. Duggan
Letters: Infallibility, Jerome Gonzalez
Prayer: John Paul II and the Rosary, Fr. M. Durham
Books: Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating: essential reading in apologetics, reviewed by Valerie Renkema
Books: ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN by Dale O'Leary, reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg
Internet 'Singing Catechism': catechesis for the 21st century, Fr James Tierney
Music: Cherished Hymns of the Forefathers - 2DVD and CD set, reviewed by Peter Donald
Books: Books available from AD Books
Reflection: Benedict XVI on Sunday Mass: 'not a command, but an inner necessity', Pope Benedict XVI


Volume 20 Number 11 - December 2007 - January 2008 - BUY A COPY HERE

Editorial: Liturgy: light at the end of the tunnel, Michael Gilchrist
Liturgy: Australian archbishops report progress with new English Mass translations, Michael Gilchrist
News: The Church Around the World
Schools: The state of Catholic education: teacher and student experiences, Br Barry Coldrey
Catechetics: Religious education in Catholic schools: the role of parish priests, Michael Gilchrist
Church History: Interesting aspects of ecumenical councils, Frank Mobbs
Britain: British Catholicism: the salt has lost its flavour, John Haldane
1962 Missal: Australian bishops support Benedict XV's liberalising of the Latin Mass, AD2000 Report
Architecture: Did Vatican II recommend the removal of altar rails?, M. Cassey
Letters: Dissent, Brian Bibby
Letters: Far-sightedness of Father Purcell, Fr Brian Harrison OS
Letters: Response, Don Gaffney
Letters: Narrow way, F. Thims
Letters: Latin Mass, Carol V. Phillips
Letters: Pope's Masses, Paul Martin
Letters: True Church, Peter D. Howard
Letters: Homosexual 'marriage', Arnold Jago
Letters: Unbaptised infants, Lawrence R. Hurley
Letters: Archaeology, Ann Marie Streda
Events: Latin Masses for Christmas in Caulfield and Kew
Books: JESUS, THE APOSTLES AND THE EARLY CHURCH by Pope Benedict XVI, reviewed by Tim Cannon
Books: THE CATHOLIC PRIESTHOOD AND WOMEN by Sara Butler MSBT, reviewed by Paul Woodbury
Books: Books available from AD Books
Reflection: May we deepen our longing for the Lord's coming, Bishop Arthur Serratelli